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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 25, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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thanksgiving. >> and recent smash and grabs now causing concern for the biggest shopping day of the year. how stores are making sure shoppers stay safe. >> on black friday. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we appreciate you joining us for kron 4 news tonight at 8. i'm pam moore and i'm dan thorn on this holiday. many local nonprofits like there with care are working hard to make sure every family has a warm meal on the table. however, the redwood city based nonprofit is doing much more than that. it provides individualized support to low income families with children who are critically ill kron four's taylor to sack explains how they've been helping the lives of nearly 130 families in the bay area, not just today but every day. >> as we give thanks on thursday. many others are also giving back specifically for thanksgiving. we're making sure. >> that families have a warm meal on the table and we're also making sure they have beautiful celebratory settings as executive director sarah alexander explains.
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>> a bay area nonprofit there with care doesn't just assist families for the holidays, but it's something they do on a daily basis throughout the year. we are providing direct support to families that have a sick child at the hospital. >> and most nearly all of the families that we're working with are in financial distress. so what we do is we make regular calls or texts to families, many of whom are bedside with their child and we try to do what we can to make their life a little bit easier. most of what we do is providing and deliveries of purse trees, baby items, cleaning supplies and transportation assistance. >> there with care started helping families across the entire bay area. nearly a decade ago. however, they say these last couple of years have been especially challenging research has shown that families on average spend anywhere between. >> 5,000 to $17,000 and out of pocket expenses. just getting their child to him for medical treatment. so for families that we're working with that. many of whom fall below federal poverty line. it is
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really difficult to just make it day to day at let alone think about how to care for your sick child together. the pandemic and mounting medical bills. >> put a huge financial stress on families they serve so much that they say referrals from social workers at children's hospitals increased 150% since the beginning of the year showing the need is deep and the need is growing as i mentioned, all of the families we're serving are in financial distress. so. >> to be able to get food on the table is really difficult over the last couple weeks. alexander says. >> they were able to get out food, groceries and more to ensure that each one of their families had a warm meal on the table. this thanksgiving. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> well, making sure that nobody goes hungry on thanksgiving is also the goal for homeless advocates in the south bay. well, for us. rob fladeboe goes behind the scenes to share a few of the stories of those who make all of those holiday meals possible.
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>> hard at work since 02:00am leading the kitchen crew here at san jose city team ministry's is executive chef reynolds stuart, i'm giving back to others from lifting them up. >> i'm able to do that because all the people around me are helping do that working alongside stuart in cooking 60 turkeys and all the sides are volunteers like james knows what it's like to be homeless and hungry on thanksgiving. when we show up, i mean, we show him the love. >> know we care know that and san jose community cares about them and, you know, try to give them some i was raised, you know. >> in a way by my family to give back whatever you can, your main across town. meanwhile, here at saint james park. but he sealed windy and showed up with 200 homemade chili their tea and turkey just trying to help these people. they're hungry. yes. >> everybody need these. you know.
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>> everybody nearby. tom lee and his crew from k the noodle. we're back for the 8th straight year. we 14 and we see that something lot of people than not fortunate, you know, to have food every day. sleeping on the cold hard ground last night and grateful for the hot meals. a very hungry richard off the lot. it's it's it's special with special day. >> with thanksgiving just like christmas. 2 special. we think. everybody that you know, and it supports homeless. >> back at city teen reynolds stewart and company were getting ready to serve dinner to some 300 people and they'll be back at it again tomorrow. >> when they say sheriff, thank you. when they tell them. and thank you. that's the big win. >> in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news lows in fishes family. kitchen has been providing prepare nutritious meals free of charge to the hungry and homeless. >> for more than 40 years. and this thanksgiving. they've continued their mission earlier today kron four's
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amanda hari stop by one of their mobile locations. >> i'm told loaves and fishes family kitchen delivered and distributed more than 6,000 meals. this thanksgiving. i have an example of one of those meals here. you can see it's a traditional thanksgiving meal. it has turkey stuffing and mashed potatoes. >> like any donation today. >> jonathan valais with loaves and fishes spent part of his afternoon giving out thanksgiving meals 100 never working on thanksgiving. i don't really look at it as a work i just look at it as going back to the community. heawas in one of loaves and fishes all a carte perfect rated trucks. they recover and redistribute prepared meals throughout santa clara and san mateo counties at no cost to people facing food insecurities. the truck was stocked with thanksgiving meals. you know, anybody let them know that this isn't just a thanksgiving event for loaves and fishes. >> they're in this parking lot at los altos high school every
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thursday afternoon handing out meals. i can help somebody out just. >> just one person. it put a smile on their face. that's rewarding enough for me. the organization provides more than 1.5 million meals annually. >> he says they always need more assistance all year round, but they would like to help. they can visit our website. there's many ways many opportunities to help us out, whether it's with resources or volunteering blay who has worked with lows in fishes for 3 years. >> he says on this thanksgiving he's grateful for rewarding job. i pledge to you have a lovely guy, ok. >> i'm told none of the extra meals go to waste. they'll be delivered to a shelter. the all a card program runs all year round and they give meals out no questions asked in those out to us. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> well, a new study suggests that other rather a survey suggests that the pandemic may have left a permanent mark on the holiday season. this all
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from one poll of 2000 americans surveyed about 60% said the pandemic caused them to re evaluate the holidays with 68% saying the way they celebrate has changed forever when it comes to food. 44% of people said they cook a holiday meal by themselves for the first time last year and 58% of them say that they plan to do it again. this year, more than half ditched the turkey and instead went with pasta stake pizza and fast food last year. scientists in south africa say they've detected a new coronavirus variant that is concerning because of its high number of mutations. the world health organization is meeting rome to discuss the variant currently identified as b 1. one 5.29, scientists say they've detected more than 30 mutations to the spike protein. some associated with increased antibody resistance along with some that generally make it more contagious. south africa's health minister says the new variant appears to be
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driving a surge in cases there. and it has also been found and botswana and hung com. >> well, if you have already had covid-19. there is a good chance that you will not get it again any time soon. at least that's according to a new study. researchers from cutters say that re infection from covid is rare with severe disease from bree infection. even more rare. the study is published in the new england journal of medicine found re infections of covid are 90% less likely to result and hospitalizations or death. researchers are working to determine if and when children and teenagers will need coronavirus boosters infectious disease expert doctor anthony fauci says it is less likely that adolescents will need an extra shot because of their robust immune systems. officials say pediatric studies are now underway. more information should be available next year. >> a gunman is still on the loose tonight after a private security guard who was on assignment with kron 4 was shot in oakland at $25,000
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reward is available for any information leading to an arrest in this case, police say the incident was an attempted armed robbery to steal camera equipment. the guard is now recovering in the hospital. and this is video from the citizen app showing the scene he underwent surgery for his injuries and at last check was in critical but stable condition. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th and harrison just before 1230 yesterday afternoon. that's near the 12 street bart station. police say at least 5 shots were fired officers later found an additional victim involved in the incident berkeley man who was also transported to highland hospital for treatment. the man was hit by bullet shrapnel. and that's according to police kron 4 can confirm that he has since been released from the hospital. our reporter was not injured. it is common practice for bay area television stations, including us here at kron. 4 news to send our reporters and photographers out with private security guards. well covering news stories.
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>> well, let's switch gears just here as we look live picture of the golden gate bridge that is such a gorgeous shot. every time we see it did just that. inspires good feelings in you. anyway is a clear night out there get a full and chilly out there kron 4 chiefmeteorologist lawrence karnow joining us now with a look what we can expect a yeah. hey, gorgeous evening out there tonight. something else to be thankful for. lots of clear skies today, sunshine and temperatures running a bit warm out there as well. a they out there in a nice night tonight. but feeling the season you're going want to bundle up those temperatures getting a little chilly outside already. in fact. >> see the area shaded in blue are map. now those showing up now in the 40's 47 degrees. now and the more 48 to double 48 in conquer those numbers dropping down the 40's in the north bay to maybe not quite as cold as it was last night, but likely going to see some patchy frost around parts of the valleys at least to the north bay overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we're still seeing a bit of an offshore flow. but you also see some of the clouds begin to move in. that's probably going to be just enough to
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provide con the blanket effect. hold the temperatures up slightly from what we had last night that said it is still going to be chilly out there. the clouds continue to move through tonight and into tomorrow morning. and then they're gone. if you're getting up and doing some shopping. what a day to do it. lots of sunshine. a chilly start to the day. grab that hot chocolate. if you're headed out the door early in the morning and then late in the day looks like those clouds begin to move back in. but temperatures tomorrow up in the 60's and low 70's. >> all right. thanks a lot. coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8. the doors are about to open the for shoppers in the bay area. recent smash and grabs are raising concerns san francisco's historic glide memorial church never stops giving today volunteers manned the kitchen once again to continue the tradition of creating a happy thanksgiving for those in need. >> but first, the new push from the department of justice to prioritize cases of air rage. how they plan to prosecute these unruly passenger.
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>> well, here's a live look at san francisco international airport tonight. much quieter. there. been yesterday. in fact, the tsa screened a total of 2.3 million passengers across the nation as travelers headed out to celebrate the thanksgiving holiday with their loved ones. the agency says that number is about 88% of the travelers who were screened on this same day back in 2000, 19 last year. the tsa
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screened just one 0.1 million passengers the day before thanksgiving. the latest figures bring the total number of passengers screen since monday to more than 6.6 million as compared to just over 2.9 million in 20 27.3 million in 2019. well with the increase in travel crowded airplanes often filled with anxious holiday travelers. well, that has a lot of people worried about the potential for an increase in airline violence. evan lambert has more on what the doj is doing to crack down. >> on these unruly passengers. >> the department of justice is doing this because we are seeing more of these unruly passenger incidents and more of them are turning to physically violent a reminder here breaking any kind of rule from a flight crew on board a plane is a violation of federal law. from flight attendants taking punches to passengers taped to their seats during wild in air rants.
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>> this holiday season. it's possible you'll witness a case of air rage on your flight. just this week, the department of justice announcing a crackdown in a memo. wednesday. attorney general merrick garland directing us attorneys to prioritize prosecutions of federal crimes involving on board threats and assaults. it reads in part, quote, when passengers commit violent acts against other passengers in the close confines of a commercial aircraft. the conduct and dangers everyone on board. >> 2 punching taking biting shoving and spitting. it is disgusting as of tuesday. the faa says it's gotten more than 5300 reports of unruly passenger incidents since january about 80% of them nearly 4,000 are masked related this month. the agency said its proposed more than $200,000 in civil fines for 10 passengers accused of violent physical assaults. >> noting that since it announced a 0 tolerance policy on really incidents are
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slightly down since november. 37 of the most egregious cases have been turned over to the fbi for criminal investigation. what we're dealing with now is the airline's basically saying and the flight attendants and the pilots. hey, let's get real here referred to the doj let's prosecute and air travel experts point to alcohol and mask mandates fueling this kind of behavior. some airlines have already stopped serving alcohol. there also is talk among airports and possibly cutting people off at a certain point before they board their flight. >> happening tomorrow the cta will be hosting a virtual vigil. it is to mark 6 months now since 9 co workers were killed there in the deadliest mass shooting in the bay area's history. the event will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning on friday over zoom and then again at 4 in the afternoon there will be music. a virtual candle lighting ceremony to honor those who were killed and those who were
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injured and everyone is welcome to join in. we have shared the zoom link on our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. >> ahmaud arbery's mother is speaking out the day after the 3 men who shot and killed her son were convicted. wanda cooper jones says she's thankful for justice but says the murder convictions of the men won't bring back her son cooper jones says the loss of her son leaves a huge hole in her family. not only did she lose a son, but her children lost a sibling and our grandchildren lost an uncle. >> i'm thankful because this is the first thanksgiving. they will happen. saying that we haleigh and justice for my but again, i mean, heart still having that businesses. thanks my babies. thank you. >> the men all face a mandatory sentence of life in prison. the judge will decide whether their sentences are served with or without the possibility of parole going to be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. a live look over downtown san francisco,
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beautiful clear night from our sutro tower cam clear and lawrence is a cold night and you've been talking about all that dry air. and that's why it's going to get so cold out there tonight. it's going to be chilly. >> around parts. the bay area cold enough likely see some patchy frost out there once again tonight. not as extensive was this morning, but you'll see some of that, especially in the north bay looking toward the golden gate bridge. nice and clear right now that are so dry and that's going to see the fog either. but we're going to see some high level clouds moving in overhead overnight tonight, temperatures today. not bad at all. how about this for thanksgiving, the right about the average of 62 in san francisco 64 in oakland. almost 70 degrees today in san jose and beautiful 63 in lemore 61 in concord, 64 degrees in santa rosa. see the jet still carry most that rain well to the north of pacific northwest. they're seeing in the seattle and portland for today. but you can see kind of trailing indoor ridge to the south and that is beginning to break apart as it moves on by that means we're left with a few clouds, but staying dry
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offshore winds continuing at least for now. and i think overnight tonight. and so that means we're going to keep that dry air in place. but by tomorrow afternoon, all of a sudden you're watching is begin to switch as we head toward the latter part of the day. little bit of sea breeze kicking in by tomorrow afternoon. i think they'll be just enough to knock down the temperatures, maybe a degree or 2, but very similar to what we had today. high pressure that's going to restore itself after this. a front moves through that front bumps on by kind of falls apart and that ridge takes over. that is going to keep us dry over the not only tomorrow but i think right to the weekend, probably well into next week, too temperatures tomorrow. going to be very nice if you're out there, some black friday deals temperatures running up the 60's a couple low 70's out there as well in the next few days. think the weekend looking good if you're traveling anywhere around the bay area. in fact, anywhere around the state except for southern california. you're looking at some great weather ahead. and as you know, pam, we talked about this before that dry air just allow the temperatures to drop off in a hurry so bundle up tonight and you dressed appropriately all right. talk to you later. ok.
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>> all right. still ahead, we've got the dish on black friday deals ready to go and what to look for to score the most savings, especially if you're shopping online. >> plus the bay area giving back. how one organization is working to make sure no one is without a meal on without a meal on thanksgiving. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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but our here, we are just getting started. say this time of year is not for celebration for them. but instead a time to mourn the genocide of their ancestors. >> waves of colonizers. they say brutally forced them to assimilate and abandoned their cultural ways and their languages. this morning indigenous people of a number of different tribes gathered in san jose to commemorate the 10th annual on thanksgiving sunrise ceremony that emphasize healthy relationships which require confronting truth and giving back land. >> they said we yeah. you're not a human because of the struggle. >> the street and the resilience of arkansas first. are here together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters from different nations celebrating this very
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day. >> members of wecoma alone. each. i've led a land acknowledgment. they made a commitment to preserving local natural resources such as water as they demand that city leaders do the same. >> continuing our thanksgiving coverage volunteers at glide memorial church in san francisco served meals to those less fortunate. they also delivered meals. the homeless encampments across the city kron four's. gayle ong reports. >> it's about thanksgiving. thanksgiving is about giving and this is when we get our most joy, just seeing the smile seeing everyone cheerful joyful and food brings people together jasen and josh ross have been volunteering at live memorial church for the last 16 years. they are 2 of almost 100 volunteers who put together thanksgiving feast for those in need. just happy to have you. all >> they they're needing and where we're helping people like diana buell i'm very thankful for this mail like
8:26 pm
the stuff. a survey that part of the thanksgiving dinner fallen tears spent the early morning hours preparing meals for an outdoor breakfast and brunch volunteers also offered covid your near london breed help prepare meals to go for the homeless encampments across the city are back that are going out to people. the port call it year. and hopefully pollen. >> this is what thanksgiving is about. it is about giving things. it's about giving back and it's about being with the community that we serve. >> and light is always looking for volunteers, especially after the holidays. the church just reopened its volunteer program. you can find out more details on our website on kron. 4 dot com reporting from san francisco. gayle ong kron 4 news. >> next. tonight on the news at a customer's hoping to
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score big with holiday shopping despite the hurdles they've been facing lately the security concerns ahead of black friday shopping. plus, when is the best time to buy and where can you find the best deals will have the answers to that. and the busiest season is here for the postal service. how the service i ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> well, we're just hours away from the doors, opening for black friday. but just how safe are shoppers in the bay
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area and the recent uptick in smash-and-grab robberies is really raising a lot of concerns about security and keeping a lot of people at home this year. kron four's rob nesbitt has more from san francisco on how an increase in crime is affecting retail. black friday. typically means long lines and hordes of people rushing into stores. but smash and grabs are changing people's black friday plans. >> and as i was going back, i heard glass being broken. >> what was supposed to be a nice day at crissy field wednesday for stephen w turned into witnessing the smash and grab parked car. it saw him a distinctly take 2 bags of luggage out of the back of the smashed up vehicle. >> increase of smash and grabs outside cars and inside stores makes him question just how busy black friday will be. >> but area mayors including concord mayor, 10 medallion say that shopping safety should not be a concern. i mean, there's a lot of eyes on. >> on our shopping district right now and they're usually are during the holidays anyway. so we just encourage people still coming out.
8:31 pm
please patronize our business as a sense of security that people seem to be trusting with an increase in crime. you know, deter you from going out to do your shopping. sara lee kaling says that she always has to be aware of her surroundings in san francisco. >> unsettled by the videos of smash and grabs at retail stores during business hours don't think targeting people perhaps. >> guess that would be a scary situation to be in the store when it happens. locals. i spoke to one thanksgiving feel safe knowing where to go and where to avoid. it's tourists. they worry about embarrassed by what has become an unsettling norm. and when something like this happens in middle of dates. even more shocking. some people stop yesterday night. is this normal. i guess this is this is what we do. >> most of the people i spoke to say that they plan on avoiding shopping in stores altogether, not just on black friday choosing to do their holiday shopping online in san francisco. rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> depending on what you are looking for. some days and times this weekend, maybe more
8:32 pm
financially favorable than others when looking for a bargain. according to a study by the deal website promo bit. if you're looking for clothing, especially women's fashions, the best time to get a deal is tonight and tomorrow at 09:00pm smartphones peak between 11:00pm and 02:00am and you can get a good discount on a computer between the hours from now until 02:00am friday. if you're in the market for a new tv your best that will be around 10 o'clock. >> tonight if you do not want to shop in person. some websites are working to try and help you find the best deals which tomorrow explains how consumers can use what's called slickdeals to find the best bang for your buck. >> everyone wants a deal and with the holiday shopping season in full swing. a little research online can go a long way. >> slick deals is all about shoppers helping shoppers seeking is a deals expert with the website which has been helping shoppers since 1999. we have a community of
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millions of users who are constantly vetting and voting on the best deals online at any given time. king rounded up some of the hottest deals users have been seeing recently. just don't expect discounts on the biggest gaming consuls. they're going to be difficult to find. you're probably not going to see deals on them. if you want to get into virtual reality oculus is on sale. many retailers have it for $50. last plus a $50 gift card to a $100 in savings for probably the best vr headset. the thing it if you've got your eye on a new fire tv streaming device now is one of the best times to buy amazon devices. many are at taeir lowest prices of the year like the cube at $80 and the 4 k stick at half price. this is my personal favorite tv deal this year. it's the samsung frame tv. typically $1500 down to 9.99 normal tv as he hit the power button and just turns off this one, we have the power button. it switches over to frame mode looks like a picture on the wall. and yeah, exactly. watch for discounts on air pods as
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low as $159 for the pros at walmart. this is the best deal that we've seen on a pair of airpods pro. and finally a fantastic deal on a kitchenaid mixer makes it nearly 50% off. he didn't mind. these are normally over $400 for mixer. so you're getting. really, really great deal on them. >> well shopping on amazon tomorrow might be as employees could go on strike a coalition of workers and labor group says that amazon employees want better pay and improve workplace conditions among other issues. they also want the company to be more proactive on things like climate change. those groups are calling on employees at the warehouse is data centers and factories to go on a black friday strike. amazon says it has already made headway on those issues going to be taking a look now at our 4 zone forecast. a live look over the. >> hayward. san mateo bridge. there are a lot of traffic out there on the roads. >> a lot of traffic and a lot
8:35 pm
of wind and lauren says we had a hold on to your hat yeah, at least in parts of california, southern california. they had some issues even yeah. cook some of their food today for thanksgiving. those fires. yes, certainly a concern in those winds blowing out there. so they shut the power. >> in southern california some very strong gusty winds highs. 50 plus miles an hour across some of the mountain tops a red flag warnings have been extended until friday at 6 o'clock in the evening expecting strong gusty winds overnight tonight and then it looks like after tonight things will begin to diminish. but you can see those santa ana's really blowing there and continue its tomorrow morning. and then it looks like by the afternoon. tomorrow. they'll actually begin to see a little bit of a sea breeze to so changes are in the air for them. what we love to get some rain coming back into california that would help us out again, it would certainly help southern california it in their fire season. but right now what's going on. we've got a big dome of high pressure along the west coast least to california parts of oregon. you see the focus here. all
8:36 pm
that rain up to 7 northwest. they're going hammered by storm after storm after storm. we're keeping things dry right now. and really the better part of november except for a couple storms moving through. not much activity through monday. staying dry temperatures probably running a little bit above the average and then that ridge begins to break down a little bit on wednesday only to hold on and rebuild once again, look at that. how strong it gets as we get in toward the following weekend, saturday and sunday. so that's going to keep us dry out there for now. in fact, it probably looks like we're not going to see any significant rain maybe until about the 10th round. the 14th of december. we've got a ways to go here. so still early in the rain season. of course we had that great start. the wet season and that has helped us out just tremendously. but here we go. next 7 days. going to keep things on the dry side. temperatures running up in the 60's and 70's in most spots. little chilly at night, though, down into the 30's. >> thank you, lauren. still ahead tonight, changing the way we think about protecting california's most unique why experts say wildfires now pose
8:37 pm
more of a threat to the sequoias than we once thanksgiving is almost over, which means it's time for christmas movies. but which one is the best. a new survey thinks it has the answer. friday sales may need to get some presence in the mail. how the postal service is getting ready for its busiest season. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me.
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>> the u.s. postal service says it is ready for the serves this holiday season after taking steps to prevent the problems that experience last year. the postal service expects 25 billion letters and cards and packages to pass through its system starting today through new year's day. covid did create some unprecedented issues for the postal service last year which led to major delivery delays. >> not only covid which created on increased online ordering. and it also created employee impacts with unemployment going bility. we competitors who. have the luxury of saying no, taking more and center through the post office. instead, we don't do that. we're here for you, whatever you give us. we're going to we're going to deliver when got home. >> in fact, the postal service says that it is possible it has over prepare this year. low product inventories port disruptions and supply chain issues are creating uncertainty that holiday
8:41 pm
shoppers will be able to get what they want. >> federal agencies are warning you to be ware of online scammers this holiday season ransomware and phishing attacks usually surge. this time of year. scammers will disguise themselves as fake charities or create fake businesses hoping to full online shoppers. the fbi and the cybersecurity and infrastructure agency. urge you to keep an eye out for suspicious links. we had an overtime thriller in dallas but raiders we need these. >> sports director jason dumas says full highlights
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>> california is the only place in the world where you can see the naturally growing groves of giant sequoia trees and experts used to think that the wildfires didn't pose a threat to their existence here. but as chip yost reports, they don't think that anymore. >> as huge flames started getting closer to giant sequoia groves in september. special teams of firefighters try to protect them taking special measures such as wrapping up protective foil around their bases. this here is the general grant, the second largest tree in the world. and one of the trees that firefighters and park workers used a very unique methods on in order to protect it during one of the recent fires, one of those methods involved setting up sprinklers next to the tree. firefighters were also taught what to do if the fire got inside the court
8:45 pm
say this heart what is way up top. >> this goes all the way up. they're going to get that hose, turn the pressure up and they actually stick the hose up into there. because really there's no other way you can get it from the top. can't get with tools. so they're just they're out there think outside the box on some of these fires. the extraordinary measures put in place after thousands of remarkably fire resistant giant sequoias were lost to wildfires in recent years. such devastation. >> 10 to 14% of the entire giant sequoia population was once unthinkable. that's been really disturbing because we didn't think that was possible for these trees have evolved with fire for thousands of years say the existing with fire for thousands of years. >> and something in the last couple years driven by changes in climate and hotter conditions. drier conditions. a difference in fuel loading all those things combined have created the conditions where these trees. are now struggling to survive.
8:46 pm
>> experts say one big reason for the unprecedented losses is decades and decades of fire suppression. let's explain for centuries. researchers say small to moderate fires sparked by lightning or other causes. >> would burn through the forest. every 10 to 20 years. clearing the ground of smaller trees, brush and forest debris and providing fertile spots for sequoia seeds to landing grow. but in 1935 the u.s. force service adopted the 10:00am policy. that is it would try to put out every fire by 10:00am the day after it started that policy. however, allow the density of those for us to grow unchecked for decades combined with the drought and hotter temperatures. all that dry forest buildup can now turn small to moderate fires into infernos. big enough to reach the top of giant sequoia trees and killed them. the fire gets
8:47 pm
off the ground gets into the canopy. a 100 to 200 feet off the ground. >> and incinerate these ancient trees. these 1000 to 2000 year old trees turns them into the world's biggest blackest toothpick. >> in our next report will talk about efforts now underway to try and fix those problems before they get worse. for now on the western slopes of california's sierra nevada mountain range. i'm chip yost. parents around houses. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. kron 4 sports. >> football and thanksgiving goes together like peanut butter and jelly. they can to make salt pepper catch-up in fried onions on a cheese steak. all right. up probably lost everyone. they're that the philly think. let's head to jerry's world. the raiders. they were taken on the dallas cowboys. trying to help the
8:48 pm
raiders snap a four-game losing streak end. this should help 3rd play of the game for the raiders car to dish on jackson's we've seen that before, especially in jerry world, 56 yard, touchdown catch. he's still fast. all righty. then josh jacobs, he gets the touchdown 3rd quarter we go raiders up 17 13. look at marcus mariota get some runs. he scores on the keeper. the raiders looking good. but on the ensuing kickoff. you just can't lit this happened. tony pollard, 100 yard. >> house call. >> 2719 after the missed pa ti. all right. to the 4th quarter. we go, this is when things got good. asked prescott fines don't shots. now. the great looking ball 32 yard touchdown were tied at 30 after a successful two-point conversion after raiders field goal that the cowboys. they tied up right here and they forced overtime and guess
8:49 pm
what, we have extra football in ot. after a cowboys 3, an out 1318 for the raiders and the quarterback never turned his head as a jones gets it, that leads to that overtime field goal. guess what? the raiders. they when darrell carlson walk-off, they snap a three-game skid. they going to jerry's world. they beat the cowboys on thanksgiving. let's head out to the dea. lions hosting the bears lousy teams if we're being honest coming straight to the 3rd jared goff, the marine catholic kid finds tj hockenson for the 17 yard. grab i'm getting a scowl by pam right now. home hometown of pam chicago their teacher. no no, no. but the field goal right there. i know you're from detroit tampa, 1614 bears. >> they win this one. all righty. we all have our thanksgiving traditions and
8:50 pm
everyone is different. so who am i to judge. you for eating your green bean casserole. anyway, let's hear from some of the forty-niners and find out their favorite thanksgiving dishes. >> thanksgiving. this would be. the macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes and growing up. my mom always made this noodles to show is really good. and my wife thinks it's really good. green bean casserole stuffing guy personally stuffing cranberry sauce to go to >> underrated. i'd say green bean casserole. because you're not going anywhere else something is good. so sweet potato pie. >> like fried turkey. >> timmons. and years. but i'll take a few out take taken takes on. >> shetland arden key. he went to louisiana state university chitlins man and i've never had to green bean casserole kind of take pride in that all
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
sitting around the table for thanksgiving with friends and family is something many look forward to, including dolly part of the country superstar chatted with alex tan shared what's on her menu this holiday. >> dolly dolly parton. for all her glitz and glamour. dolly
8:54 pm
parton is still a country girl at heart to look forward to a warm meal on thanksgiving. we have good food, no doubt about it. surrounded by the ones she loves everybody bringing my sisters and all the different sister. lot people bring something they've made some deserved son. >> some covered asia, some con. but there are many years dolly couldn't make it home for the traditional meal off and we were gone at thanksgiving i travel a lot, we would make sure road manager, the people make sure that when we we wound up on thanksgiving, they had a thanksgiving. made for a save it for another country this year. dolly plans on continuing a tradition. her momma started one of us will make up like a big pot of chicken friends. big of you knows something that my mum used to make. as for the rest of the meal. we always have those traditional things like the head of the turkey, the dressing in trey and gravy and i'm getting hungry. enjoy alex denis.
8:55 pm
>> love that. dolly parton love this thanksgiving. the salvation army stepped up to help deliver food to hundreds of home-bound seniors across the bay area called for sari system was at salvation army earlier today in san francisco as volunteers are packing up their cars and taking off on their special deliveries around the bay area. >> 500 volunteers came out here to the harbor light center of the salvation army taking these boxes, putting them into the cars. then the volunteers in the cars drive off freeing the food to homebound seniors about 4,000 of them who will not only get a hot meal on thanksgiving. some food for later and a warm smile. i hope that, you know. >> we can put a smile on somebody's face. if covid taught us anything. it's the power of community and a city like san francisco. when we come together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. >> they're volunteers of all ages, including a 14 year-old. i think it's really great that
8:56 pm
i'm a lot of you can help a lot of people, especially after during the pandemic. >> and a family trying to show their young 4 year-old the good of giving back a few days giving. we have to help each other. i mean, right now the world is still in this. >> turmoil. and i think we have to get back and we have to help each other and that's the only way we're going through this. >> the work you're seeing right now comes from the salvation army. you may see them during the holidays with these bells. and prince, the money you put into those red kettles goes to helping people all year long. that meal is going to only last for a day or 2. >> that needed that human being that person is going to go on to every time someone sees a red kettle. we utilize those fines to find our southeastern programs within the city within the state within the nation and it goes to help those families throughout the course of the year. on this thanksgiving. all these volunteers decided to donate their time. but if you don't have time to donate. maybe few dollars. >> to donate. when you hear that bell this holiday season
8:57 pm
reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. >> and that does it for you here on kron. 4 news in 8, but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. >> celebrating thanksgiving by making sure everyone has food on the table to nonprofits who went above and beyond this holiday. >> plus thousands of people in the dark. this thanksgiving night where wild winds are sparking concern of a potential wildfire in california tonight. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will have more on those conditions. plus, black friday forecast. keep it here. the news at 9 is next.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
9:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 never working on thanksgiving. i don't really look at it as a work by just looking at is coming back to the thanksgiving. everybody. >> now at 9, making sure no one goes hungry. this thanksgiving. how nonprofits city leaders and more came together to served thousands of meals to those who need it the most. thank you for joining us tonight for kron 4 news at 9. happy thanksgiving. i'm dan thorn. >> and i'm pam moore on this holiday. there are a number of organizations around the bay area dedicated to making sure that nobody goes hungry. kron four's rob fladeboe takes us behind the scenes sharing a few of the stories of those who made all of these holiday meals possible.


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