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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 25, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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noticed during last year's castle fire in the castle fire. we lost between 7,510 1600. >> sequoias over 4 feet in diameter. that's a lot that's 10 to 14% of the entire population. the change in the trees ability to survive a surprising since the sequoia is built to coexist with fire. >> that sounds hollow. >> in part due to its thick bark that insulates it from the fire and in part due to its size since in most cases for a fire to kill a sequoia. it would have to get all the way up into the canopy. a tall task indeed. >> they're adapted to fire. look how far off the ground. the branches are. >> in addition sequoias need fire to reproduce and seeing the base of a tree blackened by fire can actually be a good thing since it means the seeds
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which sit inside the cones high up on the trees may have gotten the heat they needed to be released. the radiation from the heat. >> opens up the cones and then they drop their seeds and they'll drop thousands. so right after the fire. this was a carpet. a little tiny giant sequoias. >> well, touring an area burned by this year's windy fire sequoia national forest stretching fitzgerald also showed us how the trees heal themselves after the fire passes. you know, it got a little injured from the fire and the. >> you can actually see itns trying to put out some sap try and heal some of the wounds. ideally in normal times. this burn and he'll cycle would repeat itself every 10 to 20 years. >> but these are not normal times. this is an alarming time for giant sequoias. >> and for for us all throughout our sierras coming up in our next report. we look
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at what's caused the change and at some of the extraordinary steps firefighters and forced workers have taken to try and save the sequoias during recent fires. for now on the western slopes of california sierra nevada mountain range. i'm chip yost. >> as just mention in his next report. he will be looking at was cause the sequoia national forest a change and that is coming up tonight on kron, 4 news at 8. so we hope you join us then. >> thanksgiving dinner is in the dark for thousands of socal residents because power had been shut off because of the dangerous winds and fire risks on this holiday. the santa ana winds are so powerful this massive tree crashed down on to a home in north hollywood. in other areas of the valley. trees brought down power lines. the public safety power shut-offs, of course, are meant to prevent the electric system from sparking a wildfire at us and said that it will restore the power as soon as the weather conditions permit and crews have inspected the power lines. but for more on this
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fire danger in southern california. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. yeah, we called the gold offshore flow here. they called the santa ana winds in southern california and they've been whipping. we had gusts. >> or 50 miles per hour across some of the mountain tops there causing some the winds likely to continue tonight. maybe not as strong as what we had last night. but that offshore wind is already in place to see the santa ana blowing now just off the coastline. we've got red flag warnings up until 6 o'clock in the evening tomorrow night. so thanksgiving plan probably ruined there because they have the power shut offs. but you can see the winds very dangerous. fire conditions and extremely dry humidity levels dropping down to about 10% or less in some parts of southern california. that is dangerously dry. those kind of conditions and they have the through a rainfall that we have in northern california that really and did our fire season. so they're dealing with the fires. we're looking at more fair weather around the bay area, high clouds
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begin to drift and now we have a weak cold front that's running in or ridge right now. that will bring a few more clouds. maybe drop our temperatures a degree or 2 tomorrow. but that's about it. otherwise. yeah. the ridge is going to kind of hang in there. the passing clouds through the night tonight. and then tomorrow we start out the day. well, if you're headed out for black friday should be a nice day. lots of sunshine, a little cool start. so bring a jacket then by the afternoon couple need looking clouds are going to come in make for a beautiful sunset by tomorrow night. temperatures break down like this about 61 downtown san francisco 60 in the sun sets 63 in daly city, 64 degrees in half moon bay 66 and sunny in millbrae 66 also burning game as high as 70 degrees in san carlos parts of the south bay 60's 70's going to be warm there east bay after a cold start to the day. a little hazy into the tri valley. but 69 degrees in pleasanton, 66 in hayward, 65 degrees in san leandro 69 and sunny and walnut creek. a chilly start in the north bay. and again, you're going to see those temperatures as zooming up in the 60's and low 70's by the afternoon and that's the
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way it's going to hold next few days. here we go. tomorrow maybe watch those temperatures come down just a little bit. i think on saturday and sunday high pressure strengthens again, just a little. that will be enough to bump those temperatures back up and low 70's and steady as she goes dry weather in through the middle of next week. thank you, lawrence. >> this thanksgiving, the salvation army stepped up to help deliver food to hundreds of home-bound seniors all across the bay area kron 4. sarah stinson was at the salvation army earlier today in san francisco as volunteers packed up their cars and took off of their special deliveries around the bay. >> 500 volunteers came out here to the harbor light center of the salvation army taking these boxes, putting them into the cars. then the volunteers in the cars drive off, bringing the food to homebound seniors about 4,000 of them who will not only get a hot meal on thanksgiving. some food for later and a warm smile. i hope that, you know. >> we can put a smile on somebody's face. if covid
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taught us anything. it's the power of community and a city like san francisco. when we come together, there's nothing we can't accomplish. >> they're volunteers of all ages, including a 14 year-old. i think it's a really great that i'm a lot of can help a lot of people, through a specially after during the pandemic. >> and a family trying to show their young 4 year-old the good of giving back a few giving. we have to help each other. i mean, right now the world is still in this. >> turmoil. and i think we have to get back and we have to help each other and that's the only way we're going to this. >> the work you're seeing right now comes from the salvation army. you may see them during the holidays with these bells. and prince, the money you put into those red kettles goes to helping people all year long. that meal is going to only last for a day or 2. >> that needed that human being that person is going to go on to every time someone sees a red kettle. we utilize those fines to find our southeastern the programs within the city within the state within the nation and
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that goes to help those families throughout the course of the year on this thanksgiving. all these volunteers decided to donate their time. but if you don't have time to donate, maybe few dollars. >> to donate. when you hear that bell this holiday season reporting in san francisco. sarah stinson, back to you. >> still ahead, hundreds of fedex packages found thrown into a ravine where this happened and how police are working to get the gifts back into their mailboxes. holiday shopping season in full swing. how you can find the best deals. and we had an overtime thriller in dallas, a raiders fans. breathe easy sports director jason dumas says the full highlights when we come back.
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but our here, we are just getting started. around the dinner table to celebrate this thanksgiving holiday. there is one thing that you need to be aware of in order to keep yourself and your family safe. >> and food safety is that issue, whether it's seconds leftovers tomorrow. doctors say foodborne illnesses around thanksgiving can have very different kinds of bacteria, including one of the most common culprits salmonella symptoms of food poisoning can include diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramping health. experts say if you do come down with food poisoning. the best thing to do is to stay hydrated and let your body handle the rest. >> we see pretty much one courts and the body is just
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trying get rid of the talks in. so you don't really want to take medicines to stop the or stop the diary of because you want that to go ahead and clear out your system. however, if it continues for more than a couple of days or you are king symptoms of being dehydrated, then you need go ahead and seek medical attention. >> some things to do to reduce the risk include refrigerating food within an hour to prevent bacteria growth. cooking your turkey. in fact, all needs to an internal temperature of 165 degrees using a meat thermometer and not washing the turkey to prevent cross contamination. >> well, the grinch may have gotten an early start on ruining holiday happiness by package shipment interference in alabama. about 300 to 400 fedex packages have been found dumped in a ravine in blount county, alabama, the sheriff's department there says that the boxes were tossed into the ravine and they were of assorted sizes and it's unknown how long they have been there or who may be responsible for the parcel dump and exactly why fedex and
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multiple trucks and drivers to retrieve these packages. facebook messages were posted by the sheriff's department to alert anyone looking for a package. fedex says it's cooperating with law enforcement and will transport the parcels as soon as possible. >> coming up next. turkey troubles will take a look at some of the most comment, thanksgiving sale
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for your money tonight. the holiday shopping season is in
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action in some websites are working to try and help you find the best deals. rich demuro explains how. >> consumers can use slickdeals to find the best bang for their buck. everyone wants a deal and with the holiday shopping season in full swing. a little research online can go a long way. >> slick deals is all about shoppers helping shoppers peaking as a deals expert with the website which has been helping shoppers since 1999. we have a community of millions of users who are constantly vetting and voting on the best deals online at any given time. king rounded up some of the hottest deals users have been seeing recently. just don't expect discounts on the biggest gaming consuls. they're going to be difficult to find. you're probably not going to see deals on them. if you want to get into virtual reality oculus is on sale. many retailers have it for $50. last plus a $50 gift card to a $100 in savings for probably
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the best vr headset. the thing it if you've got your eye on a new fire tv streaming device now is one of the best times to buy amazon devices. many are at their lowest prices of the year like the cube at $80 and the 4 k stick at half price. this is my personal favorite tv deal this year. it's the samsung frame tv. typically $1500 down to 9.99 normal tv as he hit the power button and just turns off this when we hit the power button, it switches over to frame mode looks like a picture on the wall. yeah, exactly. watch for discounts on air pods as low as $159 for the pros at walmart. this is the best deal that we've seen on a pair of airpods pro. and finally a fantastic deal on a kitchenaid mixer makes it nearly 50% off. he didn't mind. these are normally over $400 for mixer. so you're getting. >> really, really great deal on them. >> that was rich demuro reporting what we could be seeing black friday spending. get back to prepandemic levels. a new survey reveals
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consumers plan to spend over $1700 this season and that 2% higher than 2019 is about. that's according to deloitte survey, all of that spending won't go to gifts alone. now a portion of that spending just over $700 will go towards experiences like broadway shows. and that's up 10% from 2019. >> well, this check on the thanksgiving night side. whether with a look outside from our camera atop mount tam up highs that looks clear and sparkly out there tonight, beautiful night. probably a little bit cooler out there. kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining with a look now at the lawrence. yeah. guys like see some patchy frost out there. some of the values if you're headed out of nola some folks like to sleep overnight out of some of these places. get ready for those black friday specials. >> yeah. bundle up. it is going to be cold out there tonight, especially in the interior valleys where from the coastline, some of those lows going to be dropping down into the 30's. right now, though, the pattern is holding steady, even though high-pressure breaking down just a little bit allow for a
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few more clouds to cruise across our skies for tomorrow. the temperatures may cool only a couple degrees. and that's about it. watch it happen. the ridge here that front rolls right over the top of that ridge kind of falls apart as it moves on by leave behind some clouds. but some dry conditions and there we sit for now in fact, the long-range forecast want to show this to you as we head through time you'll see that front make its way through their goals and high pressure builds in right behind it. that sets the stage for what looks like a very nice weekend ahead with above normal temperatures and a little bit of an offshore wind sending all that rain walloped the pacific northwest. nothing headed in our direction just yet. in fact, it just kind of breaks down from time to time. these fronts will come through, that ridge start to break down a little bit, then re amplify and build back in across the western coast really making things dry here in california for the foreseeable future. finally long-range there may be some changes to come. in fact, that's not going to happen. till about the middle of december. now right around the 10th to the 14th. now some of the models are painting at a substantial change in the
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weather pattern with a return to some significant rain will have to wait and see how that all works out overnight lows tonight will be chilly if you're headed out early death 30's and 40's some patchy frost to start out your friday. and then as we look toward the afternoon enjoying that sunshine and that will fall things out for you. well into the 60's. even some low 70's outside by tomorrow afternoon. next few days, highpressure stick around. and that means temperatures looking good running right about the average for this time of year and then warming up a little bit on saturday and on sunday staying dry with temperatures generally in the 70's inland 60's elsewhere right to wednesday and thursday of next week. by the way, wednesday of next week. december. 1st. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> football and thanksgiving goes together like peanut butter and jelly baking in a salt pepper catch-up in fried onions on a cheese steak. all right. up probably lost everyone. they're that the philly think. let's head to jerry's world. the raiders. they were taken on the dallas cowboys. derek carr trying to
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help the raiders snap a four-game losing streak end. this should help. 3rd play of the game for the raiders car to dish on jackson's we've seen that before, especially in jerry world 56 yard, touchdown catch. he's still fast. all righty. then josh jacobs, he gets the touchdown 3rd quarter we go raiders up 17 13. look at marcus mariota get some runs. he scores on the keeper. the raiders looking good. but on the ensuing kickoff. you just can't lit this happen. tony pollard, 100 yard house call. 2719 after the missed pa right to the 4th quarter. we go, this is when things got good prescott fines don't shots. now. the great looking ball 32 yard touchdown were tied at 30 after a successful two-point conversion after raiders field goal to tie the cowboys. they
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tied up right here and they forced overtime and guess what, we have extra football in ot. after a cowboys 3 and out 1318 for the raiders and the quarterback never turned his head as a jones gets it, that leads to that overtime field goal. guess what? the raiders. they when darrell carlson walk-off, they snap a three-game skid. they going to jerry's world. they beat the cowboys on thanksgiving. let's head out to the dea. lions hosting the bears lousy teams if we're being honest coming straight to the 3rd jared goff, the marine catholic kid finds tj hockenson for the 17 yard. grab i'm getting a scowl by pam right now. home hometown of pam their teacher. no, no, no. but the field goal right there. i know you're from detroit tampa, 1614 bears. they win this one. all
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righty. we all have our thanksgiving traditions and everyone is different. so who am i to judge. you for eating your green bean casserole. anyway, let's hear from some of the forty-niners and find out their favorite thanksgiving dishes. >> favorite thanksgiving. this would be. the macaroni and cheese and sweet potatoes growing up. my mom always made this noodles to show is really good. and my wife makes us really good green bean casserole stuffing guy personally stuffing cranberry sauce to go to >> underrated. i'd say green bean casserole. because you're not going anywhere else. something is good. so sweet potato pie. >> like fried turkey. >> timmons in them and years. but i'll take a few out take some takes on. >> shetland arden key. he went to louisiana state university chitlins man and i've never
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had to green bean casserole kind of take pride in that all kind of take pride in that all right. that (swords clashing) -had enough? -no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme.
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>> well, hosting the holidays with family is not an easy task between trying to juggle all of the cooking and the other hosting duties you're lucky if things go off without a hitch. a new survey is revealing the top things that go wrong on thanksgiving. most people agree that turkey is the main problem 56% say
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cooking. it correctly is one of the hardest parts of the meal. >> 31% say they ran out of time. while cooking 29% said not all of the food was ready to eat. at the same time. all right. now. this right here is a tragedy 28% say they ran out of wine. how do you do okay. well, other thanksgiving fails dropping a dish on the floor for getting an ingredient or of course, burning the turkey not surprising. 76% say that they would enjoy thanksgiving a lot more if they didn't have of as we wrap up thanksgiving is time to start looking forward to the next wave of holidays. and with that comes some classic christmas movies which one is best marcus theaters survey. more than 2400 of his reward members and they found the movie elf is considered the top holiday classic among those polled national lampoon's christmas vacation was second. then a christmas story. how the grinch stole christmas and the
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classic. it is a wonderful life is a wonderful life that's on my list of favorite chris yeah, i'm on the national lampoon's christmas vacation got myself. yeah. yeah. health is good. but and help que. yeah. i mean, i the 9 the preacher's wife that's the whitney houston movie lot of great singing and then make music miracle on 34th street. all original. yeah. oh, all right. i'm not the 90's and to the natalie wood. >> and everybody has their favorites will discuss more of it at 8 o'clock. hope you have a nice evening, everybody. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you
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♪ ♪ >> holiday porch pirates. are your deliveries safe the season? look on many packages this dude is swiping. and, gator versus drone. not so yummy! >> don't eat that! >> plus, turkey panic. >> i've never made a turkey before. >> how to make thanksgiving their number first-timers. >> thanksgiving dinner in under 30 minutes. >> and, how to avoid fire disasters in the kitchen this holiday. >> oh, my gosh,! >> then... >> a couple which has a lot to be thankful for the season. >> oh, my god, somebody's in there! >> the band of heroes who saved e


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