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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 25, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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really just about 15 more they expire at 09:00am this morning for the inland east bay as well as the north bay. and it's kind of easy to see why. because we are starting to see temperatures climbing under all that sunshine we've had. we started the morning. the 30's for palo alto in fremont. now it's solid 40's the same was the case for the inland east bay in the in the north bay. now, we've only got one 30 left on this map. and that's for you and say only that 38 degrees temperatures wasting no time climbing this morning. that's going to set us up for an afternoon in the 60's and even low 70's. james marina, thank you for that. john. okay. so happening today. we've got the salvation army doing what they do. great every year. there. >> helping and this time around, they're delivering meals to seniors. yeah, it's really nice to see this. that's happening right now. volunteers are going to be practicing social distancing are still in the pandemic. prop 4. sarah stinson. >> live in san francisco this morning. you've been talking to volunteers. sarah. how's everybody feel out there today.
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>> a lot of people giving back to their community on this thanksgiving a day when you feel grateful and you want to get back. it's 500 volunteers. they take these boxes and then packed them into the various cars that pull up and we're here at the harbor light center of salvation army. joining us now as danielle and jorge, they are their first time doing this with salvation army. are you excited? and i am. i am. and made you want to come out on this thanksgiving, get i think it's been a difficult year for everybody. and i think that it's important to get back. and i think it's important to show our daughter that. >> you know, giving back is, you know, the way to show that you're thankful for what you have fun. >> you know, you want to help people who don't have as much your whole the she she's for. she just turned 4. >> so for her 4 years old and everyone at home. why is it important to give back. >> because. we have to help each other. i mean, right now the world is still in this
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turmoil. and i think we have to get back and we have to help each other and that's the only way we're going to this. >> yeah. it's so true. and you guys have food in the back. you got a list here that shows all locations are going to are you excited to see a senior who may not have seen anyone today or even within the last week. and i just don't know exactly. yeah. what do you think the reaction will be. >> i hope helpful i hope, you know, grateful and i hope that, you know. >> we can put a smile on somebody's face end. that's i mean, that's what we're doing yeah, that's what it's all about. thank you so much for joining us on this thanksgiving. and it's people like to know and already there are a 500 volunteers coming to do this, to volunteer. >> the boxes are right there. joining us to give us more information is major appears here. hey, hey it going see again. tell us again what it's like to have these volunteers out here. there's 4,000 homebound seniors getting the benefit of the when you talk about the spirit of the day
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just being out here. you can pick up on the energy. the sense of enthusiasm happiness and joy as people are coming and delivering there's meal. so we couldn't ask for a better perfect weather. >> so true. i mean, it's a little crisp in the morning, but it's getting warmer by the men. absolutely. well, yes, it's getting a little warmer. but when you're being of service, you don't really mind such things. you just a little yes. and what kind of food or people get into a great thanksgiving dinner. so it's turkey stuffing cranberry some of vegetables and then they're going to get fruit cup and then there's going to be a cookie, a little dessert. you know, in the little of the chinese to go along with that. and what does this mean to you to be a part of this on thanksgiving. >> well, this would be my night. i'm doing it. so when i first got here, i didn't realize why are we doing something that thanksgiving. you just got up and have a dinner. and after that first time i realized the importance of such an event not only for the community but for those individuals we now have 4 generations of volunteers and new people. we've got people that fly into san francisco just to do this event. that's
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incredible. yeah. it's fantastic. what would you like to say to those at home. i we reminded them last hour about the bell. they see that bell ringing why it is so important to donate, if you can or maybe those contributions are going to be utilized throughout the entire year because that meal is going to only last for a day or 2. >> that needed that human being that person is going to go on to every time someone sees a red kettle. we utilize those fines to find our southeastern the programs within the city within the state within the nation and that goes to help those families throughout the course of the year. the salvation army does its very best to maximize those incomes to utilizing it, to serve the individual, the with the best service possible. >> yeah. and that's such important work. so thank you so much. good to see it yet. happy thanksgiving thanksgiving. was a show you a little bit more down the line before we leave you guys because why not so down here we show you this box. you can see some of the food. it's all packaged up. it's nice and safe for them. they package it up and then they put it into the cars here that lineup. it's very covid friendly. everybody's wearing mask and
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the girl i just talked to daniel, she said what a way to volunteer because it is so safe and then they're wearing their masks as they enter the door of the seniors, the homebound seniors and just say happy thanksgiving, you know, just a simple act of kindness, which is exactly what my mask says. act of kindness air. check it out. it's it's all that's what it's all about. so james and what a day right. absolutely. and it is it just comes down to just. >> being kind to one another, even if for one day. thank you very much, sara. >> make a lot of things. a lot right. also happening today glide in san francisco. they're going to be serving thanksgiving brunch to those less fortunate. this is video of volunteer setting up this morning. covid protocols will be in place to ensure social distancing. now the event's going to be held and an outdoor dining room under tents. klein will also be delivering meals to homeless encampments across the city as well. >> and they will be didn't
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carving hammond, turkeys and getting all of our meals ready for service and also be serving breakfast and lunch today we'll have a team of volunteers that are going we have a roving vaccine is going to moving vaccinations. this after i think happened this morning and also have a set of volunteers coming in to help celebrations services that yes, we have a lot of going on today. >> lot officials say there's going to be fewer volunteers this morning because they're trying to limit the number of people inside building. also happening now chp is out in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers agency kicked off its holiday maximum enforcement period yesterday. all available chp officers are going to be on patrol at least until sunday at midnight. >> well, we're also still a working with the police to try and find a gunman who is on the loose this morning after a private security guard who was on assignment with kron. 4 was shot in oakland. police say it was an attempted robbery. he's
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now recovering in the hospital and you'rt actually looking at video from the citizens app showing the scene that guard underwent surgery for his injuries were told this morning he's in critical but stable condition. shooting happened near the intersection of 14th and harrison, which is right near the 12 street bart station. officers say the robbers were trying to steal our reporters camera equipment. at least 5 shots were fired. well during this whole incident. our reporter was not hurt. thankfully. but this, you know, it's a common practice for bay area television stations. kron 4 included to send reporters and photographers out into the field. sometimes with private security guards while covering stories in the past. a number of bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment. there is a reward of more than $17,000 right now on offer for any information leading to an arrest in this case, if you can help out contact police absolutely no crime has been an ongoing problem in oakland. so far there have been a 124 homicides. >> this year alone even more shootings. we have the latest crime numbers from opd. you
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can see in general violent crimes have increased 11% from last year. homicides have went up 22%. those armed assaults, 28. well, robberies have increased 16% and carjackings by 85%. police chief leronne armstrong spoke to the media just the other day after very violent weekend in the chief says his department needs help fighting crime is called on the city council to hold an emergency meeting on the matter. councilmember loren taylor says a special meeting is planned for early december. this weekend. chief armstrong says police are going to be using tactical teams to address the rolling gangs that are expected to come into the city and he says he will be increasing staffing to address the violence in general mayor libby schaff released a statement which reads in part, quote, at the next city council meeting. our administration will propose adding additional police academy to continue our effort to properly staff. the oakland police department oakland is carly at 680 officers. the lowest in a decade. our
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residents and our local businesses deserve safety properly staffed police department to respond to emergency calls and to prevent burglaries before they occur. well in the north bay. police say 4 teenagers burned the rise and apple store this is in santa rosa. well, this comes following a string of retail robberies in the bay area this holiday season. police officers responded to a smash-and-grab theft yesterday morning in the santa rosa plaza. well, these are surveillance images we're showing you from the store released by police. police say the teens took more than $20,000 worth of merchandise. >> well, now to some big developments in the bay area's crack down on those organized retail crimes just a day after san district attorney announced felony charges for 8 suspects. 3 additional suspects have been charged now in contra, costa county. and we've got dan soared to explain what they now face. >> the storming and robbing of
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several bay area. retail stores has had communities on edge. the brazen and sometimes violent deaths are not random but organized crimes says san mateo county prosecutor steve wagstaffe. and we never seen anything like this at all. it's a mob and rg and unacceptable and the only way it stops is if it's not allowed to occur. the san mateo county da has joined 6 other bay area prosecutors to fight organized theft, a key component to the joint action is the exchange of information. but we certainly have learned in san francisco walnut creek san jose stanford shopping center and the like. is that the people committing this often are moving between counties. one example, wagstaff points to is the arrest of 9 people in connection to the theft of a san francisco louisville time. at least one of those suspects was wanted for a crime in san mateo county with that information available. the punishment can become harsher. but these swarms of thieves might be a part of something much bigger. i think the people doing the shoplifting
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where the looting, whether a tip of the iceberg. michael anderson is a retired fbi agent and expert on organized crime. he says the organizations can be small or large but usually have a chain of command anderson believes the law's lack of toughness on. that's the growth of 3rd party online retailers and the pandemic have contributed to the recent explosion of these crimes. a combination of a lot of things are affecting this and in effect of prosecutions incentivize these type crimes wagstaff along with other bay area prosecutors plans to hold people accountable. this is pure greed. and the only way to deal with the greed like this. he has to have a consequence and that means charge them to the maximum and you see real punishment reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a verdict has been reached in on murray murder trial. but the men convicted are still facing. more charges will have that next. and after the break, new
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>> we're back at 9.15, millions of people took to the skies this thanksgiving holiday. this a live look at sfo travel. there was almost
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at pre-pandemic levels. a lot of people out there catching flights. even today we saw one month for is gayle ong spoke to last minute travelers about their plans. this holiday. passengers fresh off a flight from vancouver, canada are thankful thanksgiving american thanksgiving feels good to be out of our homes and be in a different country for sure to visit family after i haven't seen them for. >> amy sullivan had to skip plans with family last year. because of the pandemic. they could see my niece who was born at the beginning of covid. so feels very these newlyweds are going somewhere. warm over the holiday. we're off to hawaii celebrating our honeymoon we got engaged at the end of 2019. and then we were just a little delayed and planning. so we just waited until it would be. >> a good time. millions are jetting off this year for thanksgiving. i was busy. it's not the same right. with all the covid restrictions. it's kind of not fun to fly anymore, but we do it anyways. tsa is estimating that when the holiday week is over, they'll have screen some 20 million travelers
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nationwide. san francisco international airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers departing a day. airport. officials say the last 5 days here have been the busiest since the pandemic began their port notifying travelers wednesday morning that parking is almost full. >> and advising those who haven't already booked parking for thanksgiving day to consider taking bart a taxi or rideshare and thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday travel period. >> airport officials say you should get here early 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >> right okay. well, let's find out what the weather is going to be like if you're doing any last minute traveling perhaps just driving around the bay area getting to family and friends for. thanks cold or warming up a little bit. we're getting there. we're getting there definitely still chilly, though. you definitely want the jackets on this morning. but no more 30's anyways. those frost advisories that we had this morning expired about 16 minutes ago and with temperatures climbing back into the 40's for those areas
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that were coal dust. you're noticing some changes and that sunshine is really the thing that's warming us up already. you can see out there this morning on the embarcadero got some people getting their jobs in before feasting later on today. maybe good for you because there's some of us that are just going to eat without the work out. i radar shows you the clearsskies that we do have from the coast all the way inland high pressure is built back in now as we've talked about for so long now. this is just going to continue to keep us dry. i guess if there was a week to be dry. this is a convenient one as there's so much going on between the travels between all the errands today. no issues with that whatsoever. a few clouds tonight, tomorrow. clears right back out, though, for black friday, the weekend after thanksgiving actually getting only warmer with highs climbing into the low to mid 70's for your saturday and your sunday. so it's only help hill from here for the rest of the month 60's for your highs in sf today and some 60's solidly right along the coastline as well. nearing the 70's in a few spots on the
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peninsula like saying carlos woodside in mountain view and actually into the 70's for the south bay today. campbell and san jose. you're our warm spots today at 71 degrees each well upper to mid 60's across the east bay oakland at 66 castro valley and san leandro, a pretty nice 68 each the you'll be at 63. well, santa rosa and petaluma at 66 getting your lookahead. our next 7 days offering up a lot of 70's starting on saturday and really all the way into the start of december, which is on wednesday of next week. today, a beautiful one for thanksgiving, maybe even take that feast outside as weather will certainly be nice enough. raymond james. all right, thank you very much, john. 9.18 is the time. let's turn our attention to washington. congress has a very busy schedule ahead when lawmakers come back to work after thanksgiving holiday on monday. a lot of work to be done. democrats still have to get the president's build back better. bill. >> to the senate and without any republican support. and plus congress don't forget only has until december 3rd to pass a government spending
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bill. we've got more. take a listen. >> it's a quite a few really pressing issues that deal with the very functioning of our government. i'm concerned about something like raising the debt ceiling for anything that looks like the build back better plan. >> yeah. the 50 50 split in the senate, of course means that every single democrat will have to vote in favor of this bill if they want it to pass. >> for your money this morning. a growing number of financial startups are starting to develop child friendly tolls to help teach kids good money have. yeah. it's never too early to start learning that jane king has details in today's business report. >> well, many kids are not top financial literacy at all. the words just giving the kids an allowance but a host of new technologies can teach children how to handle money better. one is the missoula out from riga payments solutions which was recently recognized as a best in tech by the national parenting products awards. here's head of strategy and marketing dan after. >> we're dressing kind of that in tech gap for those 70 plus
9:20 am
million gen z kids and teens. many of whom are just getting involved with mobile commerce. >> the mobile wallet virtual debit cards faces worth about 800 billion dollars in the u.s. alone. that means it's also right for hackers but missoula also protect child's identity cyber security expert and former fbi unit chief don coddling says the kids data can be hacked and they may not even realize that for years the whole idea that you hope to have some privacy as you grow up. >> and not have your data protected is impossible. you have to have both of those things simultaneously. >> chief mom, ambassador of moms meet any douglas as the apps can not only teach kids budgeting but also independents example. my teenage daughter wants to buy holiday gifts you know, for our friends and she wants to. >> and have more independence on that. and now she she is is this app to earn her her allowance and she can use the app, the digital wallet to
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purchase things on our own. >> give nation. also tackles kids and money. but on a global scale and with a particular focus on charity. here's founder saint paul. so that's hy give mission. here has a purpose really. >> you know, to really connect positive impact of money. >> many researchers agree that young children, even as young as 3 can grasp the basic idea of money and research shows that by age some and many of the money habits are already set mainly influenced by their parents from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king with your thanksgiving day business report. >> well, coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news thanksgiving dinner may cost you a little more this year. lawmakers in washington are debating who is to blame will be back. get your gifts early. during kohl's black friday super deals! earn $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent! and, take an extra 15% off!
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i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too.
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yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc >> well, you may have noticed that your thanksgiving dinner a lot more this. hold it. >> and if you, you know, want to who to blame. you go to washington. you republicans blaming the biden ministration for not doing enough to keep prices down. and of course you have some democrats blaming the poultry industry. but it's one fan or bankers. anna wiernicki has that story for us this morning. >> this year's thanksgiving feast is costing americans more according to the american farm bureau, a dinner for 10 is up 14% compared to last
9:25 am
year and the most expensive item on the table the turkey cost of frozen turkey is the highest in history. >> things like potatoes, butter. pumpkin pies. even saul cost more than they did a year ago. republican senators john cornyn and john kennedy say americans are paying more for nearly every ingredient like gravy with your with your turkey. >> well, get ready to pay 7% more for gravy. kennedy says the biden administration isn't taking the issue seriously enough white house officials perch and inflation. if you ask it's just temporary. it's just temporary. problem camper area, ranch where we are and there are abundance of turkeys available. white house press secretary jen psaki says while any price jump is a concern for the president. the average turkey is only costing americans roughly $0.5 more per pound there are about one dollar more for a 20 pound bird, which is a huge bird. if you're feeding a very big
9:26 am
family. the white house as supply chain congestion caused by covid-19. is the reason consumers are seeing higher prices. but massachusetts democratic senator elizabeth warren accuses the poultry industry a foul play through quote, excessive consolidation and price-fixing ahead of the holiday. she's calling on the justice department to investigate in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. >> well, coming up as you get ready to cook your thanksgiving meal. we've got some safety tips from experts on how to do properly will be packed with that in a moment.
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we're back. 9.30 is the time as are taking another wonderful outside of court. our looking at all the families, their sleep and nestled. >> into their turkeys are in the making the whole hopefully your house smells good this morning as well. we've got john with your thanksgiving forecast. see what's going to be like out there today. looking great so far john, it's looking great right. more sunshine gotten so used to this week. >> caring that all the way through thanksgiving, black friday tomorrow. the weekend after the holiday and all the way into the start of december. so this high pressure ridge is making it easy on us as you get those errands the last minute shopping and of course, maybe that turkey dinner outside today. your view outside at the coast is gorgeous. got a lot of people out here
9:30 am
enjoying the coastline this morning at half moon, bay love it. but it's just as nice everywhere else, too. as long as you've got your jackets on right now we're in the 40's and 50's with san mateo and san francisco each at 55 concord in pittsburgh. 46 while santa rosa are very cool spots still at 41 degrees later on today at a actually pretty quiet looking sfo this morning. we will have some 60's and 70's very nice day to, as i mentioned, maybe be taking that thanksgiving meal outside back to you guys. thank you for that. john. so let's turn our attention to san francisco police there have released new video showing the moments leading up to what ended up being a fatal police shooting that police say the man who was shot was threatening people inside of a hotel. >> on folsom street kron four's taylor was aqi. has that for us. >> francisco police body camera footage and building surveillance video show 41 year-old. i money holding a knife charging officers john quinlan and danny de leon
9:31 am
garcia. >> officer juan hills fans to stay as mister charter said, the officers officer to also over as mister money approached. as mister money ran towards the officers brandishing the knife. he also quickly back to down the hallway away from mister mind. as mister money, close the distance officer one and officer to fire respective weapons striking mister as germany fell to the ground. but the night here by him on the floor. san francisco police commander paul yep says. >> the money who has a history of mental illness later died from his injuries at san francisco general hospital. police explain what led up to these tense moments playing the 911. call reporting a person with a knife and a residential hotel and the 900 block of folsom police quickly responded and say they found 2
9:32 am
building employees. >> one of them who called 911, still have is just did change the to serve all out body. cam down the hall in search of a i- money hoop use from a corner at officers. he then disappears into his room. but reappears about a minute later. >> charging officers holding the same knife officer shot him with a gun and extended range impact weapon, also known as a bean bag. we recognize that our sworn as law enforcement officers. >> and pose no more a publication on us and to honor and respect the sanctity of human life. we also know that as police officers where sometimes required to use force, including deadly force at times and the of our
9:33 am
duties. this case is still under investigation by multiple independent agencies which is standard practice for officer-involved shootings. >> and san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> well, this friday the pta is going to be hosting a virtual vigil as it marks 6 months since 9 co-workers were killed in what's now the deadliest mass shooting in bay area history. the event is going to be held at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning over zoom and then again at 04:00pm there's going to be music virtual candle lighting ceremony and everyone is welcome to join in fact, we've shared the zoom link on our website kron 4 dot com if you'd like to participate. >> in national news. all 3 defendants in the ahmaud arbery trial were found guilty of murder. there were the convictions carry minimum life sentence is we've got lauren lyster with the story. >> cheers outside a georgia courthouse after a jury finds all 3 men charged in the killing of 25 year-old ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. arbery's mother reacting.
9:34 am
>> a long hard but god is i never thought this day would come to this day coming after a 13 day trial. 11 hours of jury deliberations and following national outrage after the video of arbery's twenty-twenty shooting was made public and now dallas murder. >> we the jury find the defendant. travis mcmichael felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. greg mcmichael guilty felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. william our brian guilty. >> a father and son and a neighbor found guilty of chasing and killing arbery as he was jogging in a neighborhood near brunswick, georgia. the defendants claiming they were conducting a citizen's arrest of arbery believe he was responsible for local burglaries was shooter. travis mcmichael claiming self-defense. the verdict today was a verdict based on the facts. yes, based on the evidence and that was our goal
9:35 am
was do the right >> civil rights leader al sharpton welcoming the verdict of 11 and one come out in the deep good up in the court said that black lives do matter defendants already saying they plan to appeal. >> this is a very difficult day for travis mcmichael greg mcmichael. these are 2 men who honestly believe that what they were doing. was the right thing to do. >> that was lauren lister reporting for us. now. when them and i should say still face federal hate crime charges and legal experts say they probably won't be sentenced in this most recent trial. until that second one is complete. we'll keep you updated. >> well, it is going to be another beautiful day getting a little spoiled this weekend. thanksgiving is no different. some low 60's at the coastline after a very cold start for inland areas. those frost advisories really just expiring a few minutes ago.
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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> well, thanksgiving staples include turkey mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie. man berry sauce were getting
9:39 am
hungry of the what's left in the kitchen that needs to be included fire something might not always think about. but they come in pretty handy, especially during the holiday say exactly. all according to fema, his roughly 2300 house fires reported on each thanksgiving result in an average of 5 deaths. 25 injuries and a whopping 26 million dollars in property damage. yeah. and this year they're expecting it to be even more destructive than last year. take a listen. >> people traveling more this year and going to get back together in big groups which involves a lot of cooking. >> and a lot of people in the kitchen probably things get bumped. maybe a hand towel gets left too close to a burn or things like that. so and deep get killed. 2 high. look at that, also the kettles that you know, are in the trying taste things reading. yes, to keep them out of here as well, down to some safety tips for you. 9.39 the time. we'll be right back.
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>> holiday shopping season is in full swing and there's some websites that are working to help you find the best rich demuro explains in today's tech smart. >> slick deals is one of my favorite web sites. in fact, i visit a on a daily basis. people post deals and then others vote up the best ones.
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>> here are some of the hottest trending deals. they're seeing this holiday shopping season. >> everyone wants a deal. and with the holiday shopping season in full swing. a little research online can go a long way. >> slick deals is all about shoppers helping shoppers seeking is a deals expert with the website which has been helping shoppers since 1999. we have a community of millions of users who are constantly vetting and voting on the best deals online at any given time. king rounded up some of the hottest deals users have been seeing recently. just don't expect discounts on the biggest gaming consuls. they're going to be difficult to find. you're probably not going to see deals on them. if you want to get into virtual reality populace is on sale. many retailers have it for $50. last plus a $50 gift card to a $100 in savings for probably the best vr headset. the thing it if you've got your eye on a
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9:45 am
a lot of folks are probably going to be taking part in black friday sites and shopping over the weekend. john, what kind of weather we're looking for thursday and beyond. looking good just like we got a lot changes here. it is been smooth sailing. >> and that's the way we're going to stay for that shopping into black friday for today's eating and maybe the travel on saturday and sunday because i know it is a really busy next few days all across the bay area for so many people. now this morning seems pretty quiet out there. you obviously don't have the morning commute. but we do have a lot of people that are rushing to those grocery stores and other places in which case we are looking at good conditions for whatever you're doing had an outside temperatures are on the rise now with all the sunshine that we're looking at still just looking at this ridge of high pressure keeping us dry much as we have been seeing. you can see that today is going to be a nice mostly sunny one few clouds overhead tonight. tomorrow for black friday looking just as good saturday and sunday into the weekend, if anything just getting a little bit warmer come those weekend days for your travels
9:46 am
may be a good chance to get back outside and burn off some of those calories from today. now 60's to low 70's for highs today. a touch warmer than yesterday was the vast majority of the bay area's staying in the 60's pretty familiar territory. but the south bay. you do have a nice little warm up. campbell and san jose at 71 are very cities. fremont getting close at 69. well, oakland at 66 degrees north bay temperatures in the low to mid 60's until you have a right to the coastline. that's where you'll find a few 50's mixed in tomorrow's highs around the same as today for your black friday shopping. now saturday and sunday are going to be the warmest of this forecast. great days for maybe a little hike just getting outside and doing something with the famil. they're still here next week is going to be a really nice end to the month with tuesday being the last day of november in the low 70's wednesday schering in december with some more low 70's rain and james. all right. thanks for that. thanksgiving is meant to be a time for families to come together. a lot of people also rely on
9:47 am
food banks and donations just to get food on the table. exactly. it's defined as food insecurity in as nichole berlie reports, many americans are dealing with it. >> including some people you might not even expect. >> it's a hidden crisis in america. a problem that's existed for years inside one of the most well-funded institutions in the world long before the pandemic and despite a military budget of more than 700 billion dollars. thousands of active duty military families suffer from food >> michael, we have family. that was what how we definitely want to like santa carve unites low pay single income families single parent homes pandemic, job loss. there are many reasons american military families are struggling. according to feeding america, as many as 160,000 active duty service members have trouble feeding their families. sadly it's
9:48 am
we've been hearing for years that military families are struggling with food insecurity. and unfortunately the problem has only gotten over the past couple of years. it's been exacerbated by the pandemic has so many problems have the problem has become so widespread military adjacent organizations like the armed services ymc a and blue star families have set up food banks near major military bases and feeding america which coordinates the work of more than 200 food banks across the country. >> says roughly 30% of troops in the most junior enlisted ranks report facing food insecurity during the previous year. really depends on the time inside. >> only been there for 5 years. so. the longer we stay and obviously the more you get paid. so. when you're just starting out, it's a lot tougher. it's a problem that would be resolved. >> as the service member is promoting spent more time in the military the military spouses able to find
9:49 am
employment. for the military family experiencing it. it's a crisis in something that needs to be >> one solution can be found in the food stamp program, better known as snap but not all military personnel who need the program qualify. the benefits are administered by each state but eligibility for food stamps requires military families meet certain income requirements. >> and that everyone does their housing allowances are taking into consideration when calculating eligibility, puts most military above threshold for eligibility for snap benefits. according to the u.s. department of agriculture as recently as 2019 approximately 42 million americans were receiving snap benefits including 22,000 active duty service members, 213,000 national guard members reservists and more than
9:50 am
1 million veterans. >> meanwhile, the usda says it, quote, supports american heroes and aims to make certain our military members and their families have the assistance to meet their nutrition needs. we are currently reviewing our policy interpretations regarding basic allowance for housing to ensure that we're providing accurate access to snap for our dedicated military members and veterans. there's a lot of embarrassment surrounding this. the very people we rely on to protect and defend this country struggling to put food on the table as recently as last week, defense secretary lloyd austin announced plans to increase housing payments to many troops and increase ways to combat hunger across the force. according to austin troops have enough to worry about and basic necessities like food and housing should be one of them. very few jobs out there where you can say this. but if they're not fully focused on the job at hand. it can be the difference between mission or failure. >> and sometimes even lyford
9:51 am
>> that was the cold early reporting the national military family association has been a voice for military families for more than 50 years and they tell us that they are hoping right now to work with congress to address the issue preventing military families who need help accessing snap benefits. >> well, the growing number of food and secure families is magnified during the holidays. but for some nonprofits solving the problem is daily mission the day worker center and mountain view has been serving free meals. the community for years in 2020, the nonprofit providing more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served at live nearby on the streets or and there are v's and have been hit hard by the pandemic. >> it's hard finds know that people when do sell our game through the people time. but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think. >> the day worker center is planning on distributing meals up to about 40 families today. we'll be right back after the break.
9:52 am
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your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> now to basketball. let's get you caught up quickly on the warriors they were at home taking on the philadelphia 76 ers and it was a great game to watch. we struggled a in the
9:55 am
1st half. philly came out to the early lead there. but it's the 2nd half was all warriors and all staff to he led the way scoring 25 points in all the rest of the team came out big to dream on have some good assist. so this step, by the way. >> gold stay winning. final one 16 to 96 and this puts the warriors now 16 2 on the season. taking on the portland trail blazers tomorrow night at the chase center everybody still waiting for the return of klay thompson, which at this point still looks like it's going to be right around christmas time cited about. yeah. everybody thrilled. so we'll see what happens with that. that was great game to watch yesterday. of course, the next one will be tomorrow night. perfect friday night. so make sure to tune in all the families coming together watching that. meanwhile, the forty-niners are getting ready to take on the vikings that happens this sunday. >> both teams are looking to stay in the playoff picture. san francisco's looking for its 3rd straight win and it looks like the niners may have finally turned a corner after being the rams at home and then dominating the jaguars on
9:56 am
the road. but head coach kyle shanahan says the teen can't get complacent. >> you have an idea of the other teams are stuff like that going into it. but no, i think they've been battling back to the season just like we have 2 teams are probably playing better ball of the year right now and so i think our players are very well aware of from the film from what they've been doing on their numbers in a bunch areas. it's going to be real tough game. >> kickoff for sunday's game is set for one 25 at levi stadium and hopefully. >> we'll all be able to catch that. yeah. and again, i'm sure when the weather is going to be great down at levi's on sunday. yeah. i'm sure the vikings are very thankful. it's not because this is not minneapolis weather right now. this is bay area at its best. some upper 60's to low 70's out there. lots of sunshine today on into tomorrow for black friday shopping. look at the weekend low to mid 70's. the only thing to really think about is our evening lows to get kind of chilly into the 30's at times. but aside from
9:57 am
that, it's very dry. sunny and comfortable to i see the forecast change just a little clouds are gone. nothing but sunshine temperatures getting up in the low 70's forecast. we can all be thankful i think so in november we're talking about 7. i know. i know. only in california yeah. thankful for both of you over you. thank you for joining us. thanksgiving morning. enjoy your time with family and friends today. >> we'll see you back here tomorrow.
9:58 am
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>> today on "dr. phil." >> you don't do things right the first time! >> is she his wife or his boss? >> would you consider yourself bossy? >> i can become yes. >> dr. phil: a nag? let me know if i cross the line. >> i will tell you. >> dr. phil: i bet you will. >> when you walk over recyclables, huge box, seven days in a row... >> dr. phil: you feel like is really not competent? >> i don't know if i would say he's not competent. >> dr. phil: you said he was each time we go to break his coaching on what you need to say say. >> surely i'm not alone, can you just interact with me so that i don't feel so alone and get upset? >> dr. phil: let's do it. >> here we go. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> standby.


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