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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 25, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning, everybody. happy thanksgiving. i'm james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey in for daryn and it is a beautiful morning. it is all be a little chilly that i notice that would stick to its side. so if you're waking up early to get the turkey in the oven. >> the house might have a little chill. yeah. we've got john also sporting some holiday edition burgundy color theme going on all by accident. that the middle bashing the past couple but that thanksgiving spirit in full force. and you know, hopefully those ovens will be
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turned up full force to warm the house up so you don't to worry about the heater because it is cold outside. get the turkeys in there, if you haven't done so just yet. and we're going to be looking at a nice and comfortable afternoon. but it is indeed a very frigid start to this thanksgiving looking behind me at the bay bridge, beautiful clear, not even a lot of cars on the bridge, but that's what you'd expect at this time on a holiday viewing outside from the berkeley hills cameron. nice glow over the east bay we are really talking fog this morning. but hey, what we are talking is some very cold temperatures. we are seeing a frost advisory in effect through 09:00am today for the inland, east bay valleys as well as across those north bay valleys to same spots as yesterday. just very cold out there to get this one started. look at this palo alto fremont, livermore, brentwood, dublin conquered. and i could name all the cities in the north bay. but you can see above the map all down in the 30's this morning. some of us just above freezing in those
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cities. you head out to rural areas. it's going to be even cooler yet with some temperatures falling below freezing thus the frost advisories. so bundle up this morning for all those errands and enjoy what will eventually be a comfortable afternoon. i'll get to it. still ahead, back to you. thank you very much, john. so happening today. we've got the salvation army delivering meals. 2 seniors today. something new every year. yeah. this is happening in san francisco in volunteers. >> are going to be staying safe because we still are very much in covid times. the practice saying that social distancing kron 4. sarah stinson is live for us in san francisco now with more on those good works being done today. good morning, sarah. >> good morning. that's right. everything's outdoors here at the salvation army. the harbor light center. it's on 9th in harrison. >> we were here last year to well oiled machine where cars pull up on the side of ealvation army and they come pick up these boxes that are behind us right here these boxes are full of food and they will be delivered to
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those in need specifically seniors in my right major pierce. that's absolutely senior citizens homebound residents of san francisco that are looking for a really good thanksgiving meal and also being treated with some good thanksgiving chair. yeah, that's always the best part. you get a hot meal, a warm smile. maybe the pull down the the smile. absolutely. we incurred smile smiles. what a better way starting today as some stranger coming up and smiling at you for change right now. and a lot of these people, they don't see pretty much anybody all day and imagine they're probably some senior citizens that are so concerned about getting covid or what's going on in their neighborhood that they're just staying in. we all need a human touch. someone just to tell us, you know that life is good and there were appreciated and remembered and that's what you guys do best. and speaking of covid talk about the precautions in place right now. you still have. >> hundreds of volunteers coming through here to make sure the job gets done for the job cuts unsafely. oh, absolutely. everybody is kind of adjusted since last year to covid. so we wear a mask. those that are coming are making sure their temperature checked. actually the really
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fun part of it all is that we're having over 600 volunteers, 500 from the community and a 100 from our center here supporting making this event happened in the city. well, that's amazing. and tell me about the need you've seen in the last year. it grown since the reporter was looking well, it has grown. so we're serving 4,000 meals to the city that we have. our residents are going to get thanksgiving meal of 200 people throughout the agencies and san francisco, everybody's recognizing that need to continue to do more to represent to be of service to demonstrate compassion humanity empathy to other people. now let's you and i step over here. william can pan over and show kind of how will well oiled this machine really is the boxes over there and you can explain to us what's inside the box is so inside the box is a meal at a nice thanksgiving dinner done in a tv dinner style. so it's very easy to warm up enjoy and then comes along with some sundry items that should get some fruit cop some cookies
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you know, napkins a beverage that the things to help make the dinner more us a supplement and then a warm wish from the salvation army. that's awesome. and i know we're here every thanksgiving tish to highlight your work. but tell me what you guys do year round. >> so you're around here on our campus, we provide housing for 150 homeless families. then our treatment program consists of a 136 people from varying backgrounds needs an assessment. so we serve almost 236 people daily here for drug and alcohol services and then we go out in the city every week and are helping homeless persons in the bart that's incredible. that's a lot of work that needs to be done. daily this other organizations. but we need more than we have. tell me anything else. you want to tell people home about today. today is the day about. >> being bank full. and i think honestly a day about kind of giving back. and that's what the volunteers here doing. absolutely really is. i was thinking about that today. abraham lincoln in a paraphrase was time out. >> being bar being driven by our better angels. you know what, let's just be kind and loving to one another were
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honor such a short period time. let us leave a legacy of love and care for one another and not missouri hurt. let's just the kind love one another. >> i agree completely. that's a perfect message to leave off with. that's major peers with the salvation army here at harbor light center 9th in harrison. >> where it's about to be a pretty chaotic it's fun, though. the cars drive out the girl. the boxes in runoff and then they are hard at work. james and to go in. and as you said, they provide the food. and then, of course, with a smile i my mask this to be considering a bid to get close to people back doors. and i'm just so glad to hear that the seniors are going to be able to get that smile and that food. but happy thanksgiving to you guys in the studio. wish i could see your faces. they're a great work being done out there. thank you so much for sharing their story with us this morning. we are thankful for
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>> also happening today live in san francisco will be serving thanksgiving brunch to those less fortunate. this is video of volunteers setting up this morning in the early morning hours. covid protocols are going to be in place to ensure social distancing. the event will be held in an outdoor dining room under tents. klein will also be delivering meals to homeless encampments across the city. >> and they will be didn't carving hammond, turkeys and getting all of our meals ready for service and also be serving breakfast and lunch today we'll have a team of volunteers that are going we have a roving vaccine they're going to moving vaccinations. this after i think happened this morning and also have a set of volunteers coming in to help celebration services that as we have a lot f going on today. >> plot officials say there's going to be fewer volunteers this morning because that want limit the number of people inside of the building. also happening now, the chp is out in full force this weekend looking for dangerous drivers
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agency kicked off its holiday maximum enforcement period yesterday. all available chp officers are going to be on patrol until sunday at midnight. >> well, we do have to tell you that a gunman is still on the loose this morning after a private security guard who was on assignment with kron. 4 was shot in oakland. police say was an attempted robbery that security guard is now recovering in the hospital. this is video from the citizens app showing the scene from above the guard underwent surgery for his injuries. and at last check this morning, we understand he is in critical but stable condition. our thoughts are with him and his family this morning. the shooting happened near the intersection of 14th and harrison. that's right near the 12th street bart station. police say the robbers are trying to steal our reporters camera equipment. at least 5 shots were fired. there. a reporter was not injured, but it is common practice for bay area television stations, including ours here. kron 4 news to send our reporters out and photographers with private security guards while covering stories when it's appropriate
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in the past. a number of bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment. this is us. but there is now $17,000. $500 fine group reward, i should say, for any information that will lead to an arrest in this case. if you have any information, please contact police. >> and while we're on the topic of that crime has been an ongoing problem in oakland. so far there have been a 124 homicides. >> this year and even more shootings. take a look at the latest crime numbers from opd. you can see in general violent crimes have increased 11% from last year. homicides have increased. 22% on the salt. 28%. robberies have increased 16 and carjackings have increased 85%. police chief leronne armstrong spoke to the media just the other day after a violent weekend in oakland. the chief says his department needs help. finding crime is called on city council to hold an emergency meeting on that matter council member lauren taylor says a special meeting
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taylor says a special meeting is going to be plan for early armstrong says police will be using tactical teams to address the rowling gangs that are expected to come into the city. he says he will increase staffing to address the violence in general mayor libby schaff released a statement. it reads in part in oakland. our police department increase staffing throughout this busy shopping weekend. also at the next city council meeting. our administration will propose adding an additional police academy to continue our effort to properly staff. the oakland police department alton is currently at 680 officers. the lowest in a decade. our residents and our local businesses deserve safety properly staffed police department to respond to emergency calls and to prevent burglaries before they happen. also in the north bay. police say 4 teenagers burglarized and apple store. that's in santa rosa. this all comes following a string of retail robberies in the bay area this
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holiday season. police officers responded to a smash and grab that yesterday morning in the santa rosa plaza. these are surveillance images from that store released by the police. police say the teens took more than $20,000 worth of birch and ice. >> well, now to some big developments in the bay area's crack down on those organized retail crimes just a day after san francisco's district attorney announced that felony charges for 9 suspects. 3 additional suspects now been charged in contra. costa county proper stance or and has more on the story. >> the storming and robbing of several bay area. retail stores has had communities on edge. the brazen and sometimes violent deaths are not random but organized crimes says san mateo county prosecutor steve wagstaffe. and we never seen anything like this at all. it's a mob and rg and unacceptable and the only way it stops is if it's not allowed to occur. the san mcteo county da has joined 6 other bay area prosecutors to fight organized theft, a key
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component to the joint action is the exchange of information. but we certainly have learned in san francisco walnut creek san jose stanford shopping center and the like. is that the people committing this often are moving between counties. one example, wagstaff points to is the arrest of 9 people in connection to the theft of a san francisco louis. but on at least one of those suspects was wanted for a crime in san mateo county with that information available. the punishment can become harsher. but these swarms of thieves might be a part of something much bigger. i think the people doing the shoplifting for the looting, whether tip of the iceberg. michael anderson is a retired fbi agent and expert on organized crime. he says the organizations can be small or large but usually have a chain of command anderson believes the law's lack of toughness on. that's the growth of 3rd party online retailers and the pandemic have contributed to the recent explosion of these crimes. a combination of a lot of things are affecting this
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and in effect of prosecutions incentivize these type crimes wagstaff along with other bay area prosecutors plans to hold people accountable. this is pure greed. and the only way to deal with the greed like this. he has to have a consequence and that means more charge them to the maximum and you see real punishment reporting in san francisho. dan thorn kron 4 news. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a verdict has been reached in the ahmaud arbery murder trial. but the men convicted are still facing more charges. at that next. and after the break, new apps geared towards helping children learn how to save money. we'll be right back after the break. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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on select models. >> we're back. 7.16 is the time and millions of people took to the skies this thanksgiving as we take a live look here at san francisco international airport where air travel is almost at pre-pandemic levels this week, which is good news. was a lot of people getting those flight kron four's, gayle ong spoke to last minute travelers about their plans. this holiday. >> passengers fresh off a flight from vancouver, canada are thankful thanksgiving american thanksgiving feels good to be out of our homes and be in a different country for sure to visit family after i haven't seen them for. >> amy sullivan had to skip plans with family last year. because of the pandemic that see my niece who was born at the beginning of covid. so feels very these newlyweds are
7:17 am
going somewhere. warm over the holiday. we're off to hawaii celebrating our honeymoon we got engaged at the end of 2019. and then we were just a little delayed and planning so we just waited until it would be. >> a good time. millions are jetting off this year for thanksgiving. i was busy. it's not the same right. with all the covid restrictions. it's kind of not fun to fly anymore, but we do it anyways. tsa is estimating that when the holiday week is over, they'll have screen some 20 million travelers nationwide. san francisco international airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers departing a day. airport. officials say the last 5 days here have been the busiest since the pandemic began their port notifying travelers wednesday morning that parking is almost full. >> and advising those who haven't already booked parking for thanksgiving day to consider taking bart a taxi or rideshare and thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday travel period. >> airport officials say you should get here early 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international reporting from sfo gayle ong
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kron 4 news. >> ok, well, let's find out about the weather than if you are going to be heading out today for a short little dry. and that's where you need to go for your thanksgiving num num from john with the weather is yes, i love thanksgiving. num numbers. all of those leftovers, as we've been talking but hey, really nice morning to be getting out there as long as you don't mind the cold. just bundle up and you'll be good to go. obviously it's another crystal clear. one golden gate looks absolutely beautiful this morning, sunshine beaming down on the golden gate and you look really closely. there are plenty of people on the roads. i'm sure everyone's and to get those numbers as we speak. we are going to be seeing some clear skies into the afternoon, too, which is nice, maybe even take that thanksgiving meal outside. if you're eating around one to 03:00pm your best times to be out there will be dry, sunny. and that's when also be our warmest futurecast shows a couple of clouds passing at times today. we'll see an increasing cloud cover overnight tonight and tomorrow will be a mostly sunny one for
7:19 am
black friday. saturday will also be pretty nice. in fact, temperatures are going to be warming into the weekend. so today we're tapping into a few low 70's. just barely most of us are saying in the 60's, as you can see, we're gonna have a lot more 70's on the map just a little bit later on, burlingame 67 for the high today. mountain view right up next to 70 degrees. well, in the south bay, we've got san jose and campbell at 71 degrees each. some of our most mild spots and really comfortable day for you. oakland 66 today sonoma right there as well. at 66 degrees. well, looking at 66 in petaluma and santa rosa. so again, another day with a lot of uniformity as far as their daytime highs. tomorrow will be similar to today and then we warm up a little bit further into the weekend. lots of 70's through the weekend and into your final days of november monday and tuesday. back to you. very nice. okay. back to the headlines now 7.19 and congress has a very busy slate ahead when lawmakers get back from the thanksgiving
7:20 am
holiday next monday we got a lot of work ahead of them. democrats still have to get the president's build back better, bill through the senate. >> and without any republican support. plus, congress only has until december 3rd to pass a government funding bill. take a listen. >> quite a few really pressing issues that deal with the very functioning of our government. i'm concerned about something like raising the debt ceiling for anything that looks like the build back better plan. >> well, the 50 50 split in the senate means democrats are going to need every vote to pass the bill. >> well, for your money this morning. a growing number of financial startups are developing child-friendly tools to teach kids. good money habits. it's a skill that a lot of people need that is awesome. has the details in today's business report for us. >> many kids are not top financial literacy at all. the words just giving the kids an allowance but a host of new technologies can teach children how to handle money better. one is the missoula out from riga payments solutions which was recently recognized as a best in tech
7:21 am
by the national parenting products awards. here's head of strategy and marketing dan after. >> we're dressing kind of that in tech gap for those 70 plus million gen z kids and teens. many of whom are just getting involved with mobile commerce. >> the mobile wallet virtual debit cards faces worth about 800 billion dollars in the u.s. alone. that means it's also right for hackers but missoula also protect child's identity cyber security expert and former fbi unit chief don coddling says the kids data can be hacked and they may not even realize that for years the whole idea that you hope to have some privacy as you grow up. >> and not have your data protected is impossible. you have to have both of those things simultaneously. >> chief mom, ambassador of moms meet any douglas as the apps can not only teach kids budgeting but also independents example. my teenage daughter wants to buy holiday gifts you know, for our friends and she wants to.
7:22 am
>> and have more independence on that. and now she she is is this app to earn her her allowance and she can use the app, the digital wallet to purchase things on our own. >> give nation. also tackles kids and money. but on a global scale and with a particular focus on charity. here's founder saint paul. so that's why give mission. here has a purpose really. >> and all to really connect positive impact of money. >> many researchers agree that young children, even as young as 3 can grasp the basic idea of money and research shows that by age some and many of the money habits are already set mainly influenced by their parents from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king with your thanksgiving day business report. >> thank you, jane. all right. coming up after the break. >> some slick deals in saving shoppers money this holiday season. we're going to tell you what items are trending on their site will have that their site will have that coming up in a moment. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo?
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with the holiday shopping season in full swing. a little research online can go a long way. >> slick deals is all about shoppers helping shoppers seeking is a deals expert with the website which has been helping shoppers since 1999. we have a community of millions of users who are constantly vetting and voting on the best deals online at any given time. king rounded up some of the hottest deals users have been seeing recently. just don't expect discounts on the biggest gaming consuls. they're going to be difficult to find. you're probably not going to see deals on them. if you want to get into virtual reality populace is on sale. many retailers have it for $50. last plus a $50 gift card to a $100 in savings for probably the best vr headset. the thing it if you've got your eye on a new fire tv streaming device now is one of the best times to buy amazon devices. many are at their lowest prices of the year like the cube at $80
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and the 4 k stick at half price. this is my personal favorite tv deal this year. it's the samsung frame tv. typically $1500 down to 9.99 normal tv as he hit the power button and just turns off this one, we have the power button. it switches over to frame mode and looks like a picture on a wall. yeah, exactly. watch for discounts on air pods as low as $159 for the pros at walmart. this is the best deal that we've seen on a pair of airpods pro. and finally a fantastic deal on a kitchenaid mixer makes it nearly 50% off. keep in mind, these are normally over $400 for mixer. so you're getting. really, really great deal on i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart all right. you'll be. >> a little fatter in the wallet by saving a little bit those i'd only in the that's - right. okay. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> we have some headlines to share with you, including some
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to learn more about cost, back at 07:30am in the morning. taking a live look outside at a beautiful shot there. the transamerica pyramid. it looks great out. there are also thinking about and dreaming about what we're going to eat. >> after we get off of but later today. absolutely. what i want to something warm because it is morning johnson
7:31 am
talking about temperatures kind of get real close to freezing. for some yeah. another frost advisory this morning, guys for thanksgiving morning. so all you have to do with that. the turkey outside last night. you would have kept nice and cool. we are looking at a warm afternoon, though, with some upper 60's to low 70's on the map. so quite the change of pace from morning to afternoon today looking outside right now. it is beautiful. crystal clear love this view over the east bay all the way out to the coastline you're free of fog as for day planner, we are looking at a cold start, but we will be looking at a pretty warm afternoon on tap. you can see those inland areas are definitely on the cold side, frost advisories last from 03:00am to 09:00am this morning for the inland east bay as well as across those hills and valleys of the north bay. so where are we sitting right freeman palo alto right along the bay shore in the 30's. most of the inland east bay and then almost all of the in the north bay in the 30's. some of those rural areas are
7:32 am
falling below freezing. that's the frost advisories. so bundle up and then get ready for a warm afternoon ahead. back to you. all right. thank you very much, john. so police in san francisco have released new video showing the moments leading up to a fatal police shooting. police say the man who was shot was threatening people inside of a hotel on folsom street. kron four's taylor is aqi. has that story for us. >> francisco police body camera footage and building surveillance video show 41 year-old eyes mall of money holding a knife charging officers john quinlan and danny de leon garcia. >> officer juan hills vermont fans to stay as an inch are said the officers officer to also yelled for man as mister money approached. as mister money ran towards the officers brandishing the knife. the officers quickly back to down the hallway away from mister mind. as mister money, close a
7:33 am
distance officer one and officer to fire respective weapons. striking mister as germany fell to the ground. but the night here by him on the floor. san francisco police commander paul yep says. >> the money who has a history of mental illness later died from his injuries at san francisco general hospital. police explain what led up to these tense moments playing the 911. call reporting a person with a knife and a residential hotel and the 900 block of folsom police quickly responded and say they found 2 building employees. >> one of them who called 911, still have is just hurricane that all out body. cam footage shows police continue down the hall in search of the money who peers from a corner at
7:34 am
officers. he then disappears into his room. but reappears about a minute later. >> charging officers holding the same knife officer shot him with a gun and extended range impact weapon, also known as a bean bag. and we recognize that our sworn as law enforcement officers. >> and pose no more a publication on us and to honor and respect the sanctity of human life. we also know that as police officers where sometimes required to use force, including deadly force at times and the farmers of our duties. this case is still under investigation by t agencies, epend which is standard practice for officer-involved shootings. >> and san francisco taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> all right. 7.34, let's go to the south bay now where this friday the vta is going to be hosting a virtual vigil to mark 6 months since 9 co-workers were killed in the deadliest mass shooting in the bay area's history events
7:35 am
going to be held at 10:00am tomorrow over zoom. and then again at 04:00pm there will be music and a virtual candle lighting ceremony. everyone is welcome to join and we share that zoom link on our website at kron 4 dot com. if you'd like to get it. >> well in national news. all 3 defendants in the ahmaud arbery trial were found guilty of murder. now the convictions carry minimum life sentences. we've got lauren lyster witt the story. >> cheers outside a georgia courthouse after a jury finds all 3 men charged in the killing of 25 year-old ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. arbery's mother reacting. >> a long hard but god is i never thought this day would come to this day coming after a 13 day trial. 11 hours of jury deliberations and following national outrage after the video of arbery's twenty-twenty shooting was made public and now dallas murder.
7:36 am
>> we the jury find the defendant. travis mcmichael felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. greg mcmichael guilty felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. william our brian guilty. >> a father and son and a neighbor found guilty of chasing and killing arbery as he was jogging in a neighborhood near brunswick georgia. the defendants claiming they were conducting a citizen's arrest of arbery believe he was responsible for local burglaries was shooter. travis mcmichael claiming self-defense. the verdict today was a verdict based on the facts. yes, based on the evidence. yeah. and that was our goal. was >> civil rights leader al sharpton welcoming the verdict of 11 and one come out in the deep good up court said that lives do matter attorneys for each of the defendants already saying they plan to appeal.
7:37 am
>> this is a very difficult day for travis mcmichael greg mcmichael. these are 2 men who honestly believe that what they were doing. was the right thing to do. >> that was lauren lister reporting for us. the men still face separate trials on federal hate crime charges and legal experts say that they'll probably not going to be sentenced in this case until that second trial is complete. we'll take a break at 7.37. still ahead on this thursday morning. why experts say wildfires now pose more of a threat to the sequoias. we once thought. >> and the warriors back in action but have highlights coming up in just a minute. and we are going to see lots of sunshine today, even though it is a cold start to the morning with many temperatures as low as the 30's with or were had later on today. some 60's to even low 70's.
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7:39 am
7:40 am
>> we're back. 7.40, is the time and thanksgiving staples. you know them turkey mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie cranberry but safety experts also say a fire extinguisher should also be on the menu this holiday season not to eat. but you've got to have test a new one. yeah. according to fema, roughly 2300 house fires. >> we're reporting on each thanksgiving resulting in an average of 5 deaths. this is 25 injuries in a whopping 26 million dollars. >> in property damage. yeah. and this year it's expected to be even more destructive. then last year. take a listen.
7:41 am
>> people traveling more this year and going to get back together in big groups which involves a lot of cooking. >> you've got a lot of people in the kitchen. things get a little crowded. and so that's why officials say make sure that you're trying minimize the number of people that are in the kitchen at any one time. it's good. actually bumping up against people are grabbing potholders and towels and that could catch on fire to get to close to the flame and of course, you've got the deep fryers to fry all sometimes over filled with oil. and as you see in the video, it can overflowed go bad in a hurry. >> we just want to be mindful of that stay say, yeah, your family enjoy some good food will be right back with more news in a minute.
7:42 am
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at a delightfully different price. get your free quote at >> 7.44. is the time as we take a quick live look outside of the what looks like a nice clear. sunny. cold start this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. and we have some viewers at home that are sending us some really nice pitchers like. >> and, you know, wilson told me her family have this apple strudel recipe it's been in the town about 30 years. and my mouth is watering. and i hope i can say be a piece of this. he said any dissent you. the wilson will she didn't the i see. she wants to keep that
7:45 am
secret. but it's been in her family for 30 years. she just sent me this screengrab. she's watching this morning. so if you're willing to share the we wouldn't we wouldn't stop you from doing john has a joy because you actually brought us in some sweets this morning. yeah. john robinson sweet potato pie salt and joy. so we were doing that well. you do in the weather. i know you know the sweet potato pie has been a tradition here at kron. so i had to keep it going so it's actually pretty good grocery out. the sweet potato pie for 99 buy one get one free rides and that that is just my passion. >> i love it dari and i always talking about okay. so we are looking outside of some conditions this morning that are nice and clear. i know so many of us are going to be heading ut to the grocery stores, getting those pies, getting the last minute stuffing that you just need to be getting on the table and maybe something you forgot. it is cold out there this morning. so just bundle up as
7:46 am
you're venturing outside lots of sunshine overhead, get some birds out there already enjoying this brisk morning. otherwise it is going to be a really nice day. temperatures are going to rise swiftly here. we do have high pressure still in place much as we saw yesterday, keeping is a very, very dry still going to be looking at those cold mornings. those sunny and warm afternoons pretty much all through the rest of this forecast. not a lot changing here. so today's daytime highs, couple of degrees warmer than yesterday for a few spots. we're talking low to mid 60's and san francisco and but right along the coastline, bayshore cities among our warmest. we're getting very close to 70 from saying carlos down through mountain view it into the low 70's across most of the south bay, which is our warmest region in the bay campbell in san jose, for example, at 71 oakland, a comfortably cool 66 today. well, looking at some 60's across the north bay pittsburgh and allay each at 63 santa rosa down through center fell in the mid 60's. here's a look ahead at our
7:47 am
next 7 days. today and tomorrow. among the coolest, believe it or not. and it's already pretty mild. we get a really warm into thanksgiving are the post thanksgiving weekend. the solid low 70's for most of the bay area, keeping that around through the end of november and start of december. we need some rainfall at some point. but hey, for your travels for your shopping. it does look good for all of it in your next 7 days. back to you. all right. thank you very much, john. so california is the only place in the world where you can find naturally occurring groves of giant sequoia trees. it's one of the things that makes california special. it's so beautiful and experts. you something. >> wildfires did not pose a threat to their existence here. but they don't think that anymore. now chip yost explains. >> as huge flames started getting closer to giant sequoia groves in september. special teams of firefighters try to protect them taking special measures such as wrapping a protective foil around their bases. this here
7:48 am
is the general grant, the second largest tree in the world. and one of the trees that firefighters and park workers used a very unique methods on in order to protect it during one of the recent fires, one of those methods involved setting up sprinklers next to the tree. firefighters were also taught what to do if the fire got inside the court say this heart was way up. top. >> this goes all the way up. they're going to get that hose, turn the pressure up and they actually stick the hose up into there. because really there's no other way you can get it from the top. can't get it with tools. so they're just they're out there think outside the box on some of these fires. the extraordinary measures put in place after thousands of remarkably fire resistant giant sequoias were lost to wildfires in recent years. such devastation. >> 10 to 14% of the entire giant sequoia population was once unthinkable. that's been really disturbing because we didn't think that was possible for these trees have evolved
7:49 am
with fire for thousands of years say the existing with fire for thousands of years. >> and something in the last couple years driven by changes in climate and hotter conditions. drier conditions. a difference in fuel loading. all of those things combined have created the conditions where these trees. are now struggling to survive. >> experts say one big reason for the unprecedented losses is decades and decades of fire suppression. let's explain for centuries. researchers say small to moderate fires sparked by lightning or other causes. >> would burn through the forest. every 10 to 20 years. clearing the ground of smaller trees, brush and forest debris and providing fertile spots for sequoia seeds to landing grow. but in 1935 the u.s. force service adopted the 10:00am policy. that is it would try to put out every fire by 10:00am the day after it started that policy. however, allow the density of
7:50 am
those for us to grow unchecked for decades combined with drought and hotter temperatures. all that dry forest buildup can now turn small to moderate fires into infernos. big enough to reach the top of giant sequoia trees and killed them. the fire gets off the ground gets into the canopy. a 100 to 200 feet off the ground. >i and incinerate these >i and incinerate these ancient trees. these 1000 to into the world's biggest blackest toothpick. well, that was chip yost reporting for us this morning. >> all right. 7.50, let's turn our attention to sports. we've got basketball. of course, the warriors back at home taking on the philadelphia 76 ers and philly jumped out to an early lead. in fact, they dominated most of the 1st half. but the warriors, well, they came roaring back in the second steph curry leading the way for the dubs with 25 points. his brother, seth had 24 for philly and just wasn't enough in the end because golden
7:51 am
state walked away with this 1. one 16 to 96. the warriors. now 16 2 on the season still hanging on to the best record in the league. we're going to take on the portland trail blazers tomorrow night at the chase center. >> all right. well, meanwhile, the getting ready to take on the vikings that happens this sunday, both teams are looking to stay in the playoff picture. san francisco's looking for its 3rd straight win and it looks like the niners may have finally turned a corner after beating the rams at home and then dominating the jaguars on the road. the head coach kyle shanahan says the teen can't get complacent. >> have an idea of the other teams are stuff like that going into it. but no, i think they've been battling back to the season just like we have 2 teams are probably playing better ball of the year right now and so i think our players are very well aware of from the film from what they've been doing on their numbers in a bunch areas could be real tough game. >> kickoff for sunday's game is set for one 25 at levi stadium. >> it is 7.51. we'll be right >> it is 7.51. we'll be right back.
7:52 am
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7:55 am
daily mission. the day worker center in mountain view has been serving free meals to the community. for years in 2020, the nonprofit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served live many of those being served live nearby on the streets or in their arby's. and they've been hit hard. >> by this pandemic. >> it's hard finds know that people when do sell our game through the people time. but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think. >> yeah. the day worker center is planning to distribute meals for up to 40 families today and obviously with more help more donations, they can even more. obviously the need out there is really exactly. it is. and, you know, last year while still out in the field. >> got a chance to go to a lot of these food banks live shot. and it's the staff that works the air putting in their time every time meet day, every day, every day. it just it really warms your heart to see that it. the food banks, a lot of them still need help year
7:56 am
round. it's not just after the holidays out. and it's before, during and after. find a local bank and maybe donate your time some resources on this make sure to give all right. are coming up here in a minute with more on the kron 00:00am morning news including. >> more on those of organizations all across the bay are that are working to get back to people. this thanksgiving. we're going to have a live report coming up in just a minute.
7:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us here at 08:00am on thanksgiving morning happy thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. i'm reyna harvey in for daryn fulsome. yeah, we're thankful for you. >> absolutely. and you you and you and you are thankful for john is in the weather center right now with a look at our thanksgiving forecast morning. john, be thankful for the weather even though relaying the message. i'm the bearer of good news which is holiday for sure. we are going to be looking at some good weather this afternoon, maybe even for taking that thanksgiving dinner out to the back deck and doing with the family out there. we've got some upper 60's to low 70's for your highs later on. sounds great, right. looks great outside, but it doesn't feel so great just yet. it is cold. so beautiful, clear skies across
8:00 am
the bay. look at this, though. frost advisories for most of the inland east bay from the tri valley on up 6.80, to concord out to antioch it out discovery bay and then also up in the north bay for marine county along one o one all the way up to the mendocino and lake county lines. >> and then across napa and sonoma valleys to these will be in effect until 09:00am this morning. multiple frost advisories and one look at temperatures, it's easy to see why palo alto in fremont right along the bay shore in down in the upper 30's double and you're at 37 degrees. petaluma at 34 in santa rosa at a pretty chilly 35 degrees. so whatever you do, just bundle up as you're venturing outside definitely need those jackets this morning, maybe get the ovens fired up and form the house up a little extra early too. >> back to you. john, thank you for that. also happening today glide in san francisco. they're going to be serving thanksgiving brunch to those who are less fortunate. this is video volunteer setting up this morning in covid protocols are going to be in place to ensure


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