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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 24, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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you're watching kron. 4 news 2 is taking toll on oaklanders. it does have to stop. we have to step up and do more. >> now at 10 a gunman still on the loose tonight after another act of violence in the city of oakland. this incident hitting close to home for us here at kron. 4, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. earlier today a private security guard on assignment with a kron 4 news reporter was shot in what police say was an attempted armed robbery. he is now recovering in the hospital. and now tonight we're learning that there are more victims from that same shooting kron four's, jonathan mccall standing by with new details that are just coming in. jonathan, we've been following the story for you since kron 4 news at 3 pam and ken in just the last 5 minutes. >> we have learned that there are now 2 additional victims from the shooting earlier today. one of those additional victims taken to highland hospital in stable condition.
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tonight. we do not know the extent of their injuries. as for the guard to side with our reporter. he underwent surgery for his injuries after being shot in the abdomen. he was now recovering at highland hospital and is listed in critical but stable condition. here's how the shooting all wind down this afternoon. it happened just before 1230 near the intersection of 14th and harrison streets near the 12th street bart station and lake merritt police say that those crooks were trying to steal our reporters camera equipment a reporter who we are not naming in the story was an oakland to cover another story involving a business recently targeted as part of those recent rash of smash-and-grab break-ins. we do know at least 5 shots were fired in the incident and it did draw a large police response so far investigators have not released details on a suspect video from the citizen app shows another angle of the shooting and it is common practice for a number of bay
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area television stations, including us right here at kron. 4 news to send our reporters and photographers out with private security guards while our crews are out covering stories in the past. a number of bay area news stations have been targeted for their camera equipment. again, that guard is now recovering at highland hospital in oakland. our reporter was not hurt. but the breaking news tonight, 2 additional people now injured as a result of the shooting that happened this afternoon. tonight. a $17,500 reward now on the table for information leading to an arrest in this case. we'll be staying in contact with oakland police to learn more details as soon as they become available. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. jonathan, thank you for that. it is no secret crime has been an ongoing problem in oakland, particularly this year. the oakland police chief has addressed his community time and took his community time and time again. pleading. >> pleading for the violence to stop some city lawmakers are now calling for a special
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meeting to address the issue head on kron four's alice of money and standing by with that part of the story l a. >> well, ken, so far there have been a 120 for homicides this year and even more shootings. if you take a look at the latest crime numbers from opd. you can see in general violent crimes have gone up by 11% from last year. homicides have increased by 22%. armed assaults have increased by 28% and robberies have gone up 16% carjackings increased by a whopping 85%. police chief leronne armstrong spoke with the media just the other day after a violent weekend and he asked for more help from city leaders regardless of their job. the chief says that his department cannot stop the violence alone council member lauren taylor, who is running to be mayor of oakland tells us that there needs to be a bigger investment in both the police department as well as non police responses such as violence intervention programs. the oakland police
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officers association has routinely criticize the city council for voting to sa call a defund the police. we asked taylor whether he agrees with that movement. >> the defund it movement in and of itself was about taking away an unfortunate. we have to look at how we add and increase safety. we build stronger safety net and support networks. and so it's important that we continue some of the things that have come out of the d fun conversations around alternatives to police response and putting in place violence prevention. but we cannot take away from the response that we have on the streets and that includes our law enforcement officers. >> taylor notes gun violence has been declared a public health emergency in oakland but adds it will take real action for there to be change his goals include doubling the resolution rates of violent crimes and cutting the numbers of unanswered 911 calls by half city council president shannon tao has scheduled a special meeting for the council as well as oakland police and the city staff to
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discuss this rise in gun violence and that meeting is set for december 7th in anticipation of another violent weekend. chief armstrong says that his officers will be using tactical teams to address a roving gangs that are expected to come into the city and he says that he will be increasing staffing to address the violence in general. we also heard from oakland mayor libby schaaf today and she points out the oakland currently has 680 officers staffed. that's actually the lowest number in a decade. she will propose adding additional police academy to bolster their ranks in the studio. ella sogomonian kron 4 news. ellen, thank you. we'll wait and see what happens with that reaction. >> now 2 big developments in the bay area's crackdown on organized retail crime just a day after san francisco's district attorney announced felony charges for 9 suspects. 3 additional suspects have been charged in contra. costa county we are also learning more about how these criminals are organizing in the first
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place. four's. dan thorn is live in our newsroom tonight to bring all of this down for us. dan. >> well, pam is widespread criminal activity has drawn together several bay area prosecutors to combat retail theft. prosecutors are telling us the level of these crimes is unlike anything they've seen before and experts are also weighing in saying that that's can be complex. and there's a number of factors that play into why they're happening. >> the storming and robbing of several bay area. retail stores has had communities on edge. the brazen and sometimes violent deaths are not random but organized crimes says san mateo county prosecutor steve wagstaffe. and we never seen anything like this at all. it's a mob and rg and unacceptable and the only way it stops is if it's not allowed to occur. the san mateo county da has joined 6 other bay area prosecutors to fight organized theft, a key component to the joint action is the exchange of information. but we certainly have learned in san francisco
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walnut creek san jose stanford shopping center and the like. is that the people committing this often are moving between counties. one example, wagstaff points to is the arrest of 9 people in connection to the theft of a san francisco louis. but on at least one of those suspects was wanted for a crime in san mateo county with that information available. the punishment can become harsher. but these swarms of thieves might be a part of something much bigger. i think the people doing the shoplifting for the looting. tip of the iceberg. michael anderson is a retired fbi agent, an expert on organized crime. he says the organizations can be small or large but usually have a chain of command anderson believes the law's lack of toughness on. that's the growth of 3rd party online retailers and the pandemic have contributed to the recent explosion of these crimes. a combination of a lot of things are affecting this prosecutions incentivize these type crimes wagstaff along with other bay area
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prosecutors plans to hold people accountable. this is pure greed. and the only way to deal with the greed like this. he has to have a consequence and that means more charge them to the maximum and you see real punishment. >> well, today felony charges were filed in the large scale retail theft of a nordstrom in walnut creek. the contra costa county district attorney says 30 year-old dana dawson, 32 year-old joshua underwood and 19 year-old rodney robinson are all now facing charges. all 3 are expected to be formally charged before a judge next week. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news, thank you dan. well, 5 people who were arrested in connection to a crime spree at san francisco's union square made their first appearance today in court. they are all charged with multiple felonies for their alleged involvement in a smash and grab robbery at the louis baton store on friday night. >> all of the suspects entered not guilty pleas. a judge set bail for 2 of the suspects at
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$5,000. the other 3 were denied bail. palo alto. police have arrested these 2 women in connection to a massive retail theft in palo alto. officials say kiyana jones, any money barnes out allegedly involved with a group of 30 to 40 suspects who attempted to break into the real real store on university avenue. it happened on sunday night while the store was closed. police say officers arrested 2 women after they tried to leave the scene. they were found in possession of $15,000 worth of stolen items. police are also still investigating other potential suspects. our coverage of the rise in retail crime in the efforts to stop the criminals continues on our website. kron 4 dot com there. you'll find information such as where the crimes of happens, where there are extra police patrols. >> and how you can shop safely this holiday season. >> developing tonight, some tense moments leading up to a fatal encounter between san francisco police and a man armed with a knife. police
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released details of the shooting. in a news conference today. they say the man was threatening people inside a residential hotel on folsom street video shows. they later shot at the suspect who charged at officers while holding a knife kron four's, head of the sec. he joins us now live from the city with more on this case. taylor. >> well, police released all these dew details during a public town hall tonight in efforts to provide full transparency on the events that unfolded that evening. >> francisco police body camera footage and building surveillance video show 41 year-old. i money holding a knife charging officers john quinlan and danny de leon garcia. >> officer juan hills vermont fans to stay as mister money charged at the officers officer to also for a bill to as mister money approached. as mister money ran towards the officers brandishing the
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knife. the officers quickly back to down the hallway away from mister mind. as mister money, close a distance officer one and officer to fire respective weapons. striking mister as germany fell to the ground. but the night here by him on the floor. san francisco police commander paul yep says. >> the money who has a history of mental illness later died from his injuries at san francisco general hospital. police explain what led up to these tense moments playing the 911. call reporting a person with a knife and a residential hotel and the 900 block of folsom police quickly responded and say they found 2 building employees. >> one of them who called 911, still have is just hurricane
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that all out body. cam footage shows police continue down the hall in search of the money hoop use from a corner at officers. he then disappears into his room. but reappears about a minute later. >> charging officers holding the same knife officer shot him with a gun and extended range impact weapon, also known as a bean bag. and we recognize that our as law enforcement officers. >> and pose no more publication on us and to honor and respect the sanctity of human life. we also know that as police officers where sometimes required to use force, including deadly force at times and the of our duties. >> this case is still under investigation by multiple independent agencies which is standard practice for officer-involved shootings. now we're live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor, thank you for
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that. >> happening now, the peak travel day of the thanksgiving holidays winding down. as we look live at the traffic on the golden gate bridge which is very light right now. but the highway patrol will be out in force all weekend long. looking for dangerous drivers. the agency kicked off its holiday maximum enforcement period at 6 o'clock tonight. all available chp officers will be on patrol until sunday at midnight. they'll be out there looking for unsafe driving practices, including seat belt violations, speeding distracted, driving and signs of dui. and despite a record high gas prices here in california. experts say don't expect to see fewer drivers on the road. >> this is going to be the second busiest thanksgiving travel volume on record in in to submit about 7 million people traveling in of over 6 million of those are going to be packed into their cars and hitting the road. during last year's thanksgiving holiday period. the highway patrol made 868 arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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>> well, millions of people will be taking to the skies. this thanksgiving weekend. of course, this is a live look at tonight where air travel is prepandemic levels this week. our gail ong is there tonight. she's been talking with last minute travelers and has more for a scale. >> and people overall excited to fly again. and you can see here quite busy here at the drop-off at terminal 3 and workers say it has been busy since early this morning, but the lines are moving quickly as people rush home for the holiday. >> passengers fresh off a flight from vancouver, canada are thankful thanksgiving. american thanksgiving feels good to be out of our homes and be in a different country for sure to visit family after i haven't seen them for. amy sullivan had to skip plans with family last year. because of the pandemic. they could see my niece who was born at the beginning of covid. so feels very these newlyweds are going somewhere. warm over. the holiday off to hawaii
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celebrating our honeymoon we got engaged at the end of 2019. and then we were just a little delayed and planning. so we just waited until it would be. >> a good time. millions are jetting off this year for thanksgiving. i was busy. it's not the same right. with all the covid restrictions kind of not fun to fly anymore, but we do it anyways. tsa is estimating that when the holiday week is over, they'll have screen some 20 million travelers nationwhde. san francisco international airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers departing a day. airport. officials say the last 5 days here have been the busiest since the pandemic began their port notifying travelers wednesday morning that parking is almost full. >> and advising those who haven't already booked parking for thanksgiving day to consider taking bart a taxi or rideshare. >> and thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday travel season. it is advised to get here early to the airport 2 hours. if you're fine, domestic 3 hours for international reporting live
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from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. all right, gail, thank you for that. tonight, travelers passing through sfo earlier, might have noticed this protest. this was earlier today. the airport's food service workers held this protest calling for better health care benefits. >> the demonstrations did not appear to affect any of the operations at the airport. all right. so how's the weather going to be for this thanksgiving holiday. well, our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with the getaway forecast. laura. yeah. guys, looking good all around the bay are going to be chilly. start to the day. a little frosty around the bay area. but after that. >> well, the sun comes up. we're going to warm things up in a hurry. the atmosphere very dry. we're getting that offshore wind kicking in. it's going to make for one of those beautiful days all around. yeah. tonight you're looking at mostly clear skies and so far no delays being reported at sfo oakland or san jose this time of year. you can often see some dense to leave fog. that's not a problem right now. that is some good news for travelers in the monterey bay looking
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fantastic. how about 71 degrees tomorrow in monterey. 69 in carmel, 72 degrees in carmel valley. even as high as 77 degrees leaves going to be warm there. see the area shaded in blue here. that is a frost advisory into this lioness valley as will see some very cold temperatures overnight southland dealing with some different issues. you see the red there. that is a red flag warning we had over the grapevine. watch out for some gusty winds. but a time to drop in los angeles. we're talking 70's, even some low 80's. and how about the high country if you want to head up, the tahoe should be a great time. as you make your way across the valley don't have to worry about in that dense to leave fog and headed up there. no storms of the roadways are open and clear. temperatures are going to be cool plan on some daytime highs in the 50's overtime lows dropping down in the 30's and that is some good news for making snow up across some of the ski resorts. so that's good news for them. but hey, we're going to see some temperatures staying fairly mild throughout the weekend as high pressure going to hold on. that means temperatures going to be running up in the 50's staying dry through saturday and sunday too. thank
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you for that. one out of brunswick, georgia. that's where all 3 defendants in the arbery trial. we found guilty of murder today and they could spend the rest of their lives behind bars. >> the convictions of the 3 men came after the jury deliberated for just about 10 hours over the course of 2 days. >> the convictions carry minimum life sentences. but the judge will decide whether or not that comes with the possibility of parole. lauren lister has more. >> cheers outside a georgia courthouse after a jury finds all 3 men charged in the killing of 25 year-old ahmaud arbery guilty of murder. arbery's mother reacting. >> a long or to i never thought this day would come to this day coming after a 13 day trial. 11 hours of jury deliberations and following national outrage. after the video of arbery's
10:19 pm
twenty-twenty shooting was made public and now dallas murder. >> we the jury find the defendant. travis mcmichael guilty. felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. greg mcmichael guilty felony murder. we the jury find the defendant. william our brian guilty. >> a father and son and a neighbor found guilty of chasing and killing arbery as he was jogging in a neighborhood near brunswick georgia. the defendants claiming they were conducting a citizen's arrest of arbery believe he was responsible for local burglaries was shooter. travis mcmichael claiming self-defense. the prosecutor today reacting to the trial outcome. the verdict today was a verdict based on the facts. yes, based on the evidence and that was our goal was do the right >> civil rights leader al sharpton welcoming the verdict of 11 and one black come out in the deep good up in the
10:20 pm
court said that black lives do matter attorneys for each of the defendants today already saying they plan to appeal. >> this is a very difficult day for travis mrmichael greg mcmichael. these are 2 men who honestly believe that what they were doing. was the right thing to do. >> that was lauren lister reporting for us tonight. the men still face a separate trial on federal hate crime charges. legal experts say the defendants likely will not be sentence for today's convictions until that second federal trial is complete. president biden responded to today's verdict in a statement saying in part, quote, nothing can bring mister arbery back to his family and to his community. but the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished while the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing its job. that alone is not enough. instead, we must recommit ourselves to building a future of unity and shared strengths where no one fears violence because of the color of their skin.
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>> this friday. the vta will be hosting a virtual vigil. it is to mark 6 months since 9 co-workers were killed there in the deadliest mass shooting in the bay area's history. the event will be held at 10 o'clock in the morning on friday over zoom and then again at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. that will be music and a virtual candle lighting ceremony. everyone is invited to participate and join in. we have shared the zoom link on our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. >> still ahead tonight on kron, 4 news at 10. the cost of turkey is the highest it's been in years. why one lawmaker says there should be a federal investigation plus, not everybody in the bay area will be celebrating this thanksgiving. how members of our indigenous community will be spending the holiday and how you can join them and thieves hit a california holiday store twice in 24 hours. up next, how the suspects got away with hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise in just minutes.
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10:25 pm
mall. but the thieves still have not been caught. san francisco police have made an arrest in connection to a fatal stabbing over the weekend near union square. police say on sunday night, 48 year-old kenneth lewis stabbed the man several times on geary street just a block away from union square. the victim who has not been identified died at the scene. police arrested louis last night on suspicion of murder. he's being held without bail. >> a 15 year-old boy is charged with attempted first-degree murder in a drive-by shooting at a park in aurora, colorado that wounded 6 high school students. police say on november 15th shots were fired from 2 cars driving by the park at least 2 people in the park fired back. investigators are looking for the other shooters and trying to determine a motive. the victims are all expected to survive. >> next to 10 thanksgiving is tomorrow. what bay area officials say you should and should not do when preparing your holiday meal. not
10:26 pm
everyone knows where that meal is coming from. why thousands of military families say they're struggling to put food on the table and a surprising report from the labor department by the number of new unemployment claims has fallen to the lowest level in more than 50 years and no rain, clear skies out there. chilly temperatures ahead tonight, a lot of day. it's going to be your thanksgiving day forecast. coming up next. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me?
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>> some rather stunning news from the labor department today. jobless claims have dropped to a level not seen in more than half a century. a 199,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last week. that happens to be the lowest number since 1969, 52 years ago. analysts believe the drop in claims could be a result of a tightening labor market during the pandemic. the news comes as inflation in this country is running at its fastest pace in 30 years. congress has a busy schedule ahead when lawmakers return from the thanksgiving holiday on monday and democrats still have to get the president's build back better bill through the senate if they can and without any republican support. >> plus, congress only has until december the 3rd to pass a government funding bill. >> quite a few really pressing issues that deal with the very functioning of our government. i'm concerned about something like raising the debt ceiling for anything that looks like the build back better plan.
10:30 pm
>> the 50 50 split in the senate means that democrats will need every single vote in order to pass that bill. president biden announcing that he will nominate 2 women of color to lead the office of management and budget, land. the young has been serving as the acting director for the past 8 months after biden's first selection for that job withdrew because several senators said they would not support that nomination if young is confirmed by the senate. she would be the first black woman to lead that department and any corlett a car. caller color reading was tapped as the deputy director, she would be the one of the highest-ranking asian american women in the administration overall. >> president joe biden and first lady jill help to local food kitchen prepare thanksgiving meals for the needy today, vice president kamala harris and her husband doug emhoff joined them and serving food at the district of columbia. central kitchen, mister biden doled out turkey.
10:31 pm
the first lady scoop sweet potatoes. vice president harris was on green being duty and her husband had the gravy job. the bidens spent about an hour there and then departed for nantucket massachusetts. that's where they'll be spending the thanksgiving holiday. and in new york city in manhattan. final touches are underway for the annual thanksgiving day parade. this year's spectacle is expected to be a special one because last year visitors weren't allowed. no doubt the crowds will cheer extra loud for their favorite new floats or perhaps are beloved classic ones tomorrow will mark the 95th year of the macy's parade and it's going to be chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by to tell us what the weather is going to be like in manhattan. you know, winds can always be a factor. you get those big balloons up there. those who is worried about that. but looks like everything is going to work out great. just some chilly temperatures there will be a few clouds rotating on through, but it's going to be a great day for a parade. not much in the way of wind may be winds, maybe about 5 miles per hour. that is hardly anything
10:32 pm
so. >> yeah. beautiful day temperatures there in new york about 48 degrees. it will be chilly, but a nice day for the speaking. a chilly back out here. we're going to be in for a cold night. maybe the coldest night of the season so far. temperatures overnight tonight, especially in the north bay going to be dipping down. maybe some upper 20's, maybe some mid 30's in the north bay getting cold out there already. but some of these valleys going to be very cold and even cold temperatures extending into the tri valley through conquer all the way down the pleasanton snow livermore go to see some very cold temperatures overnight in the 30's. so, yeah, these numbers may be down about 31 downtown santa rosa 34 in the napa valley. 36 in the bottle. 38 in concord. 37 in live more inside the bay. pretty chilly to maybe as close 38 degrees tonight in san jose. that is a cold night out there. and that's because we've got those nice clear skies that dry air that offshore wind kicking in and these temperatures start to drop off now 49 in half moon bay 46 now in san mateo
10:33 pm
getting chilly their get out the blake. it's 44 in dublin, 47 in livermore in the north bay. yeah. and now we're starting to see some 30's popping up in petaluma 39 degrees. 42 right now in santa rosa. and as we head through the night tonight. these temperatures getting colder frost advisories going up likely to see some patchy frost by tomorrow morning. high pressune overhead no threat of any rain for tomorrow. the spatter going to hold on to see all that rain headed up in the pacific northwest. given these dry here. but southern california. we've got the dry get those offshore winds, the santa ana winds. they call him in southern california. they're going to see some strong, gusty winds overnight tonight they're talking about power shut off for a thanksgiving day. can you believe that? that would be terrible. but we're going to see those winds continuing not only for tomorrow but probably into friday to then they'll subside a little bit, but well, they have not have much in the way of rain this season compared to what we've had. so they've got some fire issues already red flag warnings continuing through friday bay area, not seeing the red flag warnings fire danger, not a problem. but we're going to see some gusty winds overnight tonight,
10:34 pm
some of those gusts over 30 miles an hour. some of the mountain tops especially above about a 1000 feet or so. but down below in the valley just stays relatively calm. so we end up having some very nice weather ahead for 6 those chilly temperatures tomorrow going to be a beautiful thanksgiving day numbers up in the 60's. even some 70's. well inland by tomorrow afternoon. next few days. yeah. going to stay nice and dry right on through the weekend. it looks like in those temperatures. but some 70's the warmer spots. but let's remind you that is still the season. some of those overnight lows dropping well down in the 30's. >> thank you. all right. well, while many people will celebrate thanksgiving. of course, tomorrow for the indigenous community. this holiday is a day of mourning. the genocide of their people. one elder in the south bay tells us that he hopes as americans gather with family and friends that they take the time to acknowledge the actions committed by their ancestors. his group is welcoming everyone to the 10th annual on thanksgiving multicultural sunrise ceremony and land acknowledgment. that
10:35 pm
event is tomorrow and san jose. >> so for us it's a day of mourning in the day to remember the history of the same time to celebrate our existence and resilience as needed. people still here, you know, land 526 years of invasion. >> the sunrise ceremony runs from 5 o'clock in the morning until 9 at the school of arts and culture that's at 1700 alum rock avenue in san jose. there will be native drums, dancers and guest speakers and it is free to a 10. the bay area air quality management district is asking everybody. they'll burn any would on thanksgiving day that's in order to help prevent air pollution from increasing to unhealthy levels wood burning is not banned. it is just being discouraged to this year. air quality is expected to be in the moderate category tomorrow. but excessive wood-burning could cause that to increase to levels which are unhealthy. with more
10:36 pm
people expected to gather this thanksgiving federal officials say make sure that you keep your kitchens clear crowds and do not leave any flammable items near your still they don't want to have to call the ems according to fema roughly 2300 house fires were reported in our previous thanksgivings. people find their turkeys and more averaging 5 deaths. 25 injuries 26 million dollars in property damage. experts recommend having a fire extinguisher handy too, just in case if you're cooking a thanksgiving meal this year. experts say it's going to cost you more with the most expensive item on the table. >> being the turkey department of agriculture says the average wholesale price of an 8 to 16 pound turkey is up 21% from a year ago. white house says supply chain congestion caused by covid is reason consumers are seeing higher prices. but democratic senator elizabeth warren is accusing the poultry industry of price fixing the meat ahead of the
10:37 pm
holiday. she is calling on the justice department to investigate. the growing number of food and secure families is magnified during the holidays. but for some nonprofits. >> solving the problem is a daily missions a day worker center in mountain view has been serving free meals to the community. for years in 2020, the nonprofit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served live nearby on the streets or in their rv son been hit hard by the pandemic. >> it's hard finds know that people when do sell through the people time. but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think. >> the day worker center is preparing to distribute meals for up to 40 families on thanksgiving. >> although thanksgiving is meant to be a time for families to come together and share a meal. a lot of people still rely on food banks and donations just to put food on the table. it's defined as food and security and as nichole berlie tells us.
10:38 pm
>> many americans are dealing with it, including some you might not expect. >> it's a hidden crisis in america. a problem that's existed for years inside one of the most well-funded institutions in the world long before the pandemic and despite a military budget of more than 700 billion dollars. thousands of active duty military families suffer from food >> michael, we have family that was able to how we definitely want to battle standard car a few nights low pay single income, families single parent homes pandemic, job loss. there are many reasons american military families are struggling. according to feeding america, as many as 160,000 active duty service members have trouble feeding their families. sadly it's we've been hearing for years that military families are struggling with food insecurity. and unfortunately the problem only gotten over
10:39 pm
the past couple of years. it's been exacerbated by the pandemic has so many problems have the problem has become so widespread military adjacent organizations like the armed services ymc a and blue star families have set up food banks near major military bases and feeding america which coordinates the work of more than 200 food banks across the country. >> says roughly 30% of troops in the most junior enlisted ranks report facing food insecurity during the previous year. really depends on the time inside. >> only been in for 5 years. so. the longer we stay and obviously the more you get paid. so. when you're just starting out, it's a lot tougher. it's a problem that would be resolved. >> as the service member is promoting spent more time in the military. and as the military spouses able to find employment. for the military family experiencing it. it's a crisis in something that needs to be
10:40 pm
>> one solution can be found in the food stamp program, better known as snap but not all military personnel who need the program qualify. the benefits are administered by each state but eligibility for food stamps requires military families meet certain income requirements. >> and that everyone does their housing allowances are taking into consideration when calculating eligibility, puts most military above threshold for eligibility for snap benefits. according to the u.s. department of agriculture as recently as 2019 approximately 42 million americans were receiving snap benefits including 22,000 active duty service members, 213,000 national guard members reservists and more than 1 million veterans. >> meanwhile, the usda says it, quote, supports american heroes and aims to make certain our military members
10:41 pm
and their families have the assistance to meet their nutrition needs. we are currently reviewing our policy interpretations regarding basic allowance for housing to ensure that we're providing accurate access to snap for our dedicated military members and veterans. there's a lot of embarrassment surrounding this. the very people we rely on to protect and defend this country struggling to put food on the table as recently as last week, defense secretary lloyd austin announced plans to increase housing payments to many troops and increase ways to combat hunger across the force. according to austin troops have enough to worry about and basic necessities like food and housing should be one of them. very few jobs out there where you can say this. but if they're not fully focused on the job at hand. it can be the difference between mission or failure. >> and sometimes even lyford >> again. that was nicole burley reporting the national military family association has been a voice for military families for more than 50
10:42 pm
years and it tells it's hoping to work with congress to address the issue preventing military families who need help accessing snap benefits. you can find ways to support them at military family. dot org. still ahead tonight changing the way we think about protecting california's most unique why experts say wildfires now pose more of a threat to the sequoias them. we once thought and is force, the warriors hosting the sixers staff versus seth curry. >> brothers battling it out. but somebody else stole the show tonight island. no shows us how the warriors hold it out. coming up.
10:43 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the warriors looking to improve to 16 2 in hosting philadelphia chase center dubbed star steph curry is said you can never let your younger sibling one-up you. so he wasn't about to let his younger brother one-up him in this game. sibling rivalry on center stage. 76 ers guard seth curry off to a hot start this season averaging 15 points per game. there he is. he pushed deaf and this one 1st quarter staffed with guardian too hits the trey step at 14 the 1st half but said it did him 3 better
10:46 pm
scoring 17. this layup right here gives philly a 19 point lead the half warriors guard jordan's pools from half court at the buzzer. >> it's good for 3 points. the dup's fight back to trail by 9 at the break. 3rd quarter staff transition staff in traffic dishes. it again, takes a step. hear this 3 ties. the game after gets it back. 63 all then curry time. but you see finds draymond what a pretty pass to find andrew wiggins in the corner. his shot is good warriors lead by 3 wiggins with 9 in the 3rd 4th quarter staff. ball's in his hands. again, no shock. there tawanda anderson for the tough hoop inside and he's fouled. where's retake the lead by 3 jta was not done here takes it to the rack, the slammer around the world and he has dubs up by 8 a couple minutes later, ball movement by the warriors pool misses
10:47 pm
the 3, guess who's there to follow it up to anderson, a huge 4th quarter. he had 13 points off the bench staff. but the towel on his head is thrilled. now he's back in from 3. bring on the turkey step with 25 points set had 24 that's right. for years. when one 1696, they improved to an nba best 16 2, they host damian lillard and the blazers on friday. philly native and kron. 4 sports director jason dumas was in the house for tonight's game. he joins us now live at chase center. jason, how are the dup's able to turn it around in the 2nd half. >> thailand is just this team to go from down 19 to winning by 20 tonight was just another example of the potential of this team. i don't want to get ahead of myself as an 82 game season. but you just get special wives now before the
10:48 pm
game. steve kerr said, hey, no, joel mb know tobias harris know ben simmons. it doesn't matter. this sixers team does not beat themselves. they commit the least amount of turnovers in the nba. if the warriors don't come out with energy. they're going to get slapped in the mouth can guess what happened. they got slapped in the mouth and that 1st half they're down by as many as 19 points and it got really ugly. but then they go into the half. they get rejuvenated. jordan poole hit big shot going into halftime. they come out and a half on a 30 to 8 run. they needed energy and they got it from the hometown kid want to anderson. this kid just a pit in my xyz warriors basketball and he grew up here in oakland, as we all know, been well publicized. he scored all 13 of his points in the 2nd half. and guess what, he calls himself a junkyard dog and his coaching loves it. in fact, the word he used privilege.
10:49 pm
>> it's so great as a coach to know you can always count on a player like one who you could he could be here. you know, manny could be your 12th man. but you always know what you're getting players love playing with them, you know, coaches love to have him out on the floor because of his energy, because of his brain just got a great feel great competitive desire for got to go. that rotation for a couple games to add the maturity to stay ready understand. >> you know, these things work in the league and especially here. issues and be ready to play 25 minutes and duty to deny so. he deserves a shot. >> a couple quick notes after the game staff, seth damion lee took a family photo. great pick. you can check it out on instagram. the nba tweeted it out and then another funny moment in the game. steph hit a 3. he did this weird and skyland. i think you called it an irish dance. i had no idea what the heck he was doing. he
10:50 pm
was asked about it after the game. he said it looked like that because i actually didn't think the shot was going in salt trying to willie in with my lower half and ended up going in. and that's what my reaction look like. so now as another funny moment and like you said, they hook up with the portland trail blazers on the portland trail blazers on friday. that's a homecoming oakland guy. but the warriors will want to take care of business before they go on the road and take on the clippers and then the suns who have the second-best record in the nba will have all that coverage leading up to all those games. but for now at all at oracle, she's at chase center adjacent to mask. i went back to you. >> thanks, jason. wrong here. we're back at chase center now and the president. thanks so much for that report. yeah, it looks like an irish jig it. but i guess it worked for stuff. the forty-niners putting in work at levi stadium looking to win their 3rd straight this weekend. it looks like san francisco may have turned a corner since destroying the rams home and then dominating the struggling jaguars on the road. however, head coach kyle shanahan says his team can't get complacent.
10:51 pm
the vikings come to the south bay on sunday. minnesota is also 5, 5, and fighting to stay in the nfc playoff race is you have an idea of the other teams are stuff like that going into it. but. >> no, i think they've been battling back to the season just like we have 2 teams are probably playing better ball of the year right now and. >> so i think our players are very well aware of from the film from what they've been doing on their numbers in a bunch areas. it's going to be real tough game. >> there's record the sharks host. the senators at the tank. it was 3, 3, in the 3rd in san jose exploded for 3 goals timo meier logan couture and jacob middleton hall scored to break it open. there's a pretty one for middleton. it was the first goal of his nhl career. a special night for him. sharks win 6, 3, they've now won 2 straight after losing 6 of 8, they host toronto on friday.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
>> california is the only place in the world where you can find naturally occurring groves of giant sequoia trees and experts use to think that wildfires didn't pose a threat to their existence. here. but as chip yost tells us, they don't think that anymore. >> as huge flames started getting closer to giant sequoia groves in september. special teams of firefighters try to protect them taking
10:55 pm
special measures such as wrapping up protective foil around their bases. this here is the general grant, the second largest tree in the world. and one of the trees that firefighters and park workers used a very unique methods on in order to protect it during one of the recent fires, one of those methods involved setting up sprinklers next to the tree. firefighters were also taught what to do if the fire got inside the court say this heart was way up. top. >> this goes all the way up. they're going to get that hose, turn the pressure up and they actually stick the hose up into there. because really there's no other way you can get it from the top. can't get it with tools. so ehey're just they're out there think outside the box on some of these fires. the extraordinary measures put in place after thousands of remarkably fire resistant giant sequoias were lost to wildfires in recent years. such devastation. >> 10 to 14% of the entire giant sequoia population was
10:56 pm
once unthinkable. that's been really disturbing because we didn't think that was possible for these trees have evolved with fire for thousands of years say the existing with fire for thousands of years. >> and something in the last couple years driven by changes in climate and hotter conditions. drier conditions. a difference in fuel loading. all of those things combined have created the conditions where these trees. are now struggling to survive. >> experts say one big reason for the unprecedented losses is decades and decades of fire suppression. let's explain for centuries. researchers say small to moderate fires sparked by lightning or other causes. >> would burn through the forest. every 10 to 20 years. clearing the ground of smaller trees, brush and forest debris and providing fertile spots for sequoia seeds to landing grow. but in 1935 the u.s. force service adopted the 10:00am policy. that is it would try to put out every fire by 10:00am the day after
10:57 pm
it started that policy. however, allow the density of those for us to grow unchecked for decades combined with drought and hotter temperatures. all that dry forest buildup can now turn small to moderate fires into infernos. big enough to reach the top of giant sequoia trees and killed them. the fire gets off the ground gets into the canopy. a 100 to 200 feet off the ground. >> and incinerate these ancient trees. these 1000 to 2000 year old trees turns them into the world's biggest blackest toothpick. >> that's amazing. have a good night, everybody. and happy thanksgiving the night.
10:58 pm
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