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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at retail robbery crackdown bay area. prosecutors announced charges. >> against people accused of several brazen theft. good evening, everybody. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm ella sogomonian in for grant lotus tonight. just one day after san francisco's district
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attorney announced felony charges. >> for 9 suspects. 3 more charged over in contra, costa county bay area retailers have been dealing with swarms of people wiping the shelves clean and in some cases the crimes have gotten violent tonight we're learning more about what goes into the organizing of these retail theft and what's being done about it. it's what everybody's talking about. proffers. dan thorn hearing from a. >> local da and an expert on organized crime. he joins us now live from the newsroom with what they have to say than that. >> well, la and vicki, the widespread criminal activity is drawn. several bay area. prosecutors together to combat retail theft. prosecutors are telling us the level of these crimes is unlike anything they've seen before and experts are also weighing in saying that the staffs can be complex and there's a number of factors as to why they're happening. >> the storming and robbing of several bay area. retail stores has had communities on edge. the brazen and sometimes violent deaths are not random but organized crimes says san
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mateo county prosecutor steve wagstaffe. and we never seen anything like this at all. it's a mob and rg and unacceptable and the only way it stops is if it's not allowed to occur. the san mateo county da has joined 6 other bay area prosecutors to fight organized theft, a key component to the joint action is the exchange of information. but we certainly have learned in san francisco walnut creek san jose stanford shopping center and the like. is that the people committing this often are moving between counties. one example, wagstaff points to is the arrest of 9 people in connection to the theft of a san francisco louis. but on at least one of those suspects was wanted for a crime in san mateo county with that information available. the punishment can become harsher. but these swarms of thieves might be a part of something much bigger. i think the people doing the shoplifting for the looting, whether tip of the iceberg. michael anderson is a retired fbi agent and expert on organized crime. he says the
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organizations can be small or large but usually have a chain of command anderson believes the law's lack of toughness on. that's the growth of 3rd party online retailers and the pandemic have contributed to the recent explosion of these crimes. a combination of a lot of things are affecting this and in effect of prosecutions incentivize these type crimes wagstaff along with other bay area prosecutors plans to hold people accountable. this is pure greed. and the only way to deal with the greed like this. he has to have a consequence and that means more charge them to the maximum and you see real punishment. >> well, today felony charges were filed in the large scale retail theft of a nordstrom in walnut creek. the contra costa county district attorney says 30 year-old dana dawson, 32 year-old joshua underwood and 19 year-old rodney robinson are all right now facing charges all 3 of them are expected to be formally charged before a judge next week. reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn kron 4
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news. >> thanks, dan. and staying in the east bay mayors in 3 cities are now teaming up to deal with the escalation of crime, including those dangerous smash-and-grab incidents. >> our progress. theresa explains now what they plan to do to try and keep shoppers safe. as the holiday season gets into full swing. >> we can't let them win. we can't let them feel intimidated shopping around town and we need to push back. and that's that's how we're going to. >> concord. mayor tim, the galley and tackling the issue head on that issue being this brazen smash-and-grab iceberg diamonds at sun valley mall in concord last week. nearly a dozen criminals armed with hammers cracked open security glass cases and stole thousands of dollars worth of jewels and it isn't an isolated case. >> and so why did we might have that one incident from sun valley mall. we also know that other incidences could have happened and we have been able to not allow other incidents that happened over
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the last few weeks medallion says that he is in talks with neighboring mayor such as pleasant hill and walnut creek. >> we're similar smash-and-grab cases of happened. walnut creek. police say 90 criminal storm didn't nordstrom stealing nearly a quarter million dollars in goods a few days. this had an opportunity to talk with the mayor. but i would to help the mayor of walnut actions are being taken. >> one action more police specifically dedicated to shopping centers. also the california highway patrol launching a task force aimed at putting more patrols near on-ramps and off-ramps. is it helps keeps eyes and ears. different places. >> so everybody is able to kind of be able to move resources in the right place at the right time. >> in the meantime, he has a message to shoppers been able to respond accordingly, making sure that nothing continues to happen. >> and there's a lot of eyes on on our shopping district right now and they're usually are during the holidays anyway. so we just encourage people still coming out. please patronize their businesses again, these are
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isolated incidents that we know frustrating to recess stasio kron 4 news. >> violence on the streets of oakland is hitting close to home for us here at kron 4 news a little earlier private security guard on assignment with the kron 4 news reporter was shot. what police say was an attempted armed robbery. our conference on the recall is here in the studio with us with the latest on the investigation jonathan, things are. >> businesses have surveillance camera. the cameras will have surveillance videos. officials will be able to provide more clues. >> to get back to we picture microphone here. okay. we'll get back to jonatha . this is a very important story. thank you. >> in the meantime, san francisco police have released
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new details and video tonight of a police shooting that killed a man last week on friday had officer said that they were responding to a 911. call of a man holding a knife threatening people inside of a residential hotel on folsom street. when it happened. the video shows that they later shot at the suspect 41 year-old i small amani who charged at officers while. >> holding a knife. our first taylor joins us now live san francisco with more on this case. >> well, police released this new information during a public town hall tonight in efforts to provide full transparency. the events that unfolded that evening. >> francisco police body camera footage and building surveillance video show 41 year-old. i money holding a knife charging officers john quinlan and danny de leon garcia. >> officer juan hills fans to stay as mister money charged at the officers officer to
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also yelled for adult man as mister money approached. as mister money ran towards the officers brandishing the knife. the officers quickly back to it down the hallway away from mister mind. as mister money, close the distance officer one and officer to fire respective weapons striking mister as germany fell to the ground. but the night here by him on the floor. san francisco police commander paul yep says. >> the money who has a history of mental illness later died from his injuries at san francisco general hospital. police explain what led up to these tense moments playing the 911. call reporting a person with a knife and a residential hotel and the 900 block of folsom police quickly responded and say they found 2 building employees. >> one of them who called 911,
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still have is just can to serve all out the body cam footage shows police continue down the hall in search of the money hoop use from a corner feeling it officers. he then disappears into his room. but reappears about a minute later. >> charging officers holding the same knife officer shot him with a gun and extended range impact weapon, also known as a bean bag. and we recognize that our as law enforcement officers. >> and pose no more a publication on us and to honor and respect the sanctity of human life. we also know that as police officers where sometimes required to use force, including deadly force at times and the of our duties. >> now this case is still under investigation by
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multiple independent agencies which is standard practice for all officer-involved shootings. now live in san francisco. i'm telling second reporting kron 4 news. >> would you know that >> i is yes, he will now rest in grand >> the mother of ahmad arbery speaking out after a jury convicted the 3 white men charged in her son's death today. arbery was chased and fatally shot while running through their neighborhood in an attack that became part of the larger national reckoning on race to racial justice. >> the convictions for greg mcmichael, his son travis mcmichael and neighbor. william roddie. bryan came after jurors deliberated for about 10 hours. >> our countries can wane joins us now live in the studio with more reaction and details of what's ahead for the man convicted. >> they are going to maybe the rest of their lives behind bars so they face minimum sentences of life in prison. it's up to the judge to decide whether that comes with a possibility.
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>> of parole. this case came to light back in may last year when video surfaced showing the mcmichaels pursuing are very. >> after seeing him running in their neighborhood near brunswick, georgia. their neighbor. william roddie bryan joined the pursuit his pickup and recorded cellphone video of travis mcmichael shooting and killing arbery prosecutors argue that the defendants provoked a confrontation with arbery and defense attorneys said their clients are acting in self-defense. but after jury deliberations all 3 defendants were convicted of felony murder. the man who shot and killed arbery travis mcmichael was convicted of the top charge malice murder. >> verdict is as follows. in the spirit court of glynn county, state of georgia, the state of georgia versus travis mcmichael. case number cr, 0, 0, 0, 4, 3, 3, jury verdict form. count one malice murder. we the jury find the
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defendant. travis mcmichael guilty. >> well, that brief celebration you heard came from marcus arbery senior. a mob arbery's father. the judge asked him to leave the courtroom after all, men were convicted. arbery's mother wanda cooper jones, thank the gathered outside the courtroom. >> i just want thank each and every one of you. >> despite with that. a long hard but god is good. early. i never thought i would tell i never saw state. back in i never thought this day would but god is to see. >> all 3 men have also been indicted on separate federal hate crime charges which include interference with rights and attempted
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kidnapping travis and gregory mcmichael were also charged with using carrying brandishing and discharging a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence. all 3 men pleaded not guilty to the federal charges which that process has yet to begin. reporting live. i'm ken wayne kron 4 news. thank you. can. now back to a story we were reporting on at the top of the newscast earlier today. >> a private security guard who is on assignment with the kron 4 news reporter was shot. and what police say was an attempted armed robbery in oakland are conference. jones mccall here with the latest on the investigation jonathan. that's right. tonight. vicki oakland police hoping businesses could have surveillance cameras that could provide more clues. >> $17,000. 500 reward is being available for information that leads to an arrest. here's what we do know about this investigation. we know that one of our reporters on assignment in oakland this afternoon when that shooting happened. it happened near the intersection. a 14th and harrison just around 1230 this afternoon that reporter doing
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what she would normally be doing gathering information for a story when this all happened. the guard that was shot was assigned to her as she went to that story. he was shot in the lower abdomen rushed to the hospital. highland hospital where he underwent surgery. now out of surgery and is recovering in stable condition tonight at the hospital. we know that the war of that our reporter was on the scene of an area. covering a story that involved a businesses involved in this recent series of smash and grab break ins there in oakland when. the shooting happened. as many as 5 reported from the scene as well. this is video of the scene. also from the citizen app as you can see, police, they're swarming that area, making sure that they could do whatever they could to try and find the suspects in together. more clues as part of this investigation. so far no information has been released about details on a suspect or
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information about a getaway car, anything like that from oakland. police. we are staying in contact with them to try to learn more information. but the report are our kron. 4 reported involved in this story was not hurt in the event of the shooting, the guard, as we mentioned, is a private security guard hired by kron 4 to assist that reporter with her story today was injured rushed to the hospital and is now in stable condition tonight. and we do know that once again a $17,500 reward now on the table for information leading to an arrest in this case. jonathan mccall kron 4 news. thank you, jonathan. >> well, the travel rush is on as millions of people are taking to the skies this year for the holiday air travel at san francisco international airport is almost at pre-pandemic levels this week. kron four's gayle ong is live at sfo and she's been talking with travelers. gayle, what are they saying? >> ella overall just excited to travel again. you can see
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here at the drop-off at terminal 3 quite busy here and workers say it has been busy since early this morning, but the lines are moving quickly as people rush home for the holiday. >> passengers fresh off a flight from vancouver, canada are thankful thanksgiving. american thanksgiving feels good to be out of our homes and be in a different country for sure to visit family after i haven't seen them for. amy sullivan had to skip plans with family last year because of the pandemic that see my niece who was born at the beginning of covid. so feels very these newlyweds are going somewhere. warm over the holiday. we're off to hawaii celebrating our honeymoon we got engaged at the end of 2019. and then we were just a little delayed and planning so we just waited until it would be. >> a good time. millions are jetting off this year for thanksgiving. i was busy. it's not the same right. with all the covid restrictions. it's kind of not fun to fly anymore, but we do it anyways. tsa is estimating that when the holiday week is over,
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they'll have screen some 20 million travelers nationwide. san francisco international airport is seeing up to 50,000 travelers departing a day. airport. officials say the last 5 days here have been the busiest since the pandemic began their port notifying travelers wednesday morning that parking is almost full. >> and advising those who phaven't already booked parkin for thanksgiving day to consider taking bart a taxi or rideshare. >> and thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday travel period. airport officials say you should get here early 2 hours. if you're flying domestic 3 hours for international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >> thanks so much, gail. well, earlier today food service workers at sfo held a protest on one of the busiest travel days. this holiday season. a spokesperson there says that they are calling for better health care benefits. airport officials say they're confident that the protest will not impact people's travel plans. >> i weather now with our 4
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zone forecast as we get a live look at the golden gate bridge kind of quiet out there tonight. i can't believe that there's no like what we usually see. >> but apparently it's really going to be chilly in the morning hours. kron four's chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to give us a look at what you can expect. yeah. some of the coldest temperatures of the season. kind of we're sitting here and by day we're looking at 60's even maybe some 70's. but yeah, it is going to get very cold. in fact, those temperatures already dropping off. >> around a good part of the bay area now still high pressure building in overhead. we've got that offshore wind blowing, but that offshore wind is bringing in some very dry air. and that's allowing the temperatures to drop off in a hurry out toward the golden gate. we're looking good. clear skies there. no fog to speak of numbers wise. yeah, it's going to get cold inland, especially in the north bay valleys. we're going to see some of those numbers down the maybe the upper 20's, the mid 30's there. so frosty start your day tomorrow. parts of the east bay to get a little pleasanton dublin. san ramon into concord. yeah, maybe couple patches of frost there. early on, the
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temperatures dropping down into the 30's also but elsewhere around the bay area get inside the bay. not quite as cold but still chilly maybe down the upper 30's in the san jose about 40 for low amount you and about 45 in oakland. you can see the coldest part of the bay area in the north bay down to 31 degrees below freezing in santa rosa. all right. you get a forecast for you out toward the airport tonight. yeah, it's nice out there right now in clear, no delays being reported at sfo oakland or san jose. hey, if you plan to head to the monterey bay tomorrow. what a gorgeous day it is going to be. yeah, a little chilly start to see the areas shaded in blue here. that is a frost advisory. also available in that area. also way down the sleeves valley. but by day these numbers almost 70 degrees in carmel. 72 in carmel valley. 71 degrees in monterey, southern california dealing with some other issues. the areas shaded in red red flag warnings going up. look at the temperatures 70's 80's watch out for some gusty winds, especially going
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on. i as you head toward the great find some very blustery conditions there. and of course, the high looking up. they're staying dry. they love to get a little snow there making some tonight. temperatures are cold enough up there tonight. they're going to drop him right down around freezing. so least by night pretty chilly out there. but by day temperatures, there in the 50's. so a lot of folks getting out and about not only here but around the bay area. the rest of the state looks like the weather is going to hold look very nice through the weekend. you're out tonight may i recommend a puffer coat. there we go. it is a little all right. thanks alert. all right. and we're just hours away from thanksgiving. well, it's really nice. enjoy this time with your family, friends. >> the number of food and secure families. well, that is magnified during the holidays. yeah. but for some nonprofits to solving. the problem is, of course, a daily mission for his reports now from mountain view where one group never takes a day off. >> every day during the pandemic breakfast and lunch are served at the day worker center in mountain view and
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the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are not able to do it and we are so happy be able to support a ban. maria not is the executive director of the non-profit a lifeline for the day. labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing we have people even in cars will for a bit break launch their own finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the gratitude extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if i am. i have like last year the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets or in there are fees. >> worry a lot of says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i know it's hard finds know that people want to sell our gaze to the people time.
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>> but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think the day worker center is preparing to distribute meals for up to 40 families on thanksgiving. >> in mountain view, fully all kron 4 news president biden and first lady help to local food kitchen prepare thanksgiving meals for the needy today. and vice president kamala harris and her husband doug emhoff join them and serving food at the district of columbia. central kitchen. president biden doled out turkey, the first lady scoop sweet potatoes. vice president harris was on green being duty and her husband, little gravy. the biden spent about an hour there and then took off for nantucket, massachusetts, where they're going to spend the thanksgiving holiday. >> for the indigenous community. thanksgiving is a day of mourning. the genocide of their people. one elder in the south bay tells me that he hopes as americans gather with family and friends that they take the time to acknowledge the atrocities committed by settlers his group is welcoming everyone to their 10th annual on thanksgiving, multicultural sunrise ceremony
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and land acknowledgment tomorrow in san jose. >> so for us, it's a day of mourning in the day to remember the history at the same time to celebrate our existence and resilience as needed. people still here, you know, land 526 years of invasion. >> sunrise ceremony starts at 05:00am. it goes on till 9. it's going to be taking place at the school of arts and culture at 1700 alum rock avenue in san jose. there will be native drums, dancers and guest speakers. it's free to attend. >> coming up, thieves target a holiday store in northern california twice in less than 24 hours. we're going hear from witnesses right after the break. >> plus all adults can now get their booster shot. the what if you're not feeling well, when your appointment rolls around, we'll get some advice around, we'll get some advice from a doc the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> new tonight at 9 police arrested 2 women in connection to a massive retail theft and palo alto. police say the key on e jones and emani barnes are allegedly involved with a group of 30 to 40 suspect who tried to break into the real real over on university avenue. it happened on sunday night when the store was closed and police say but officers arrested the 2 women after they tried to leave the scene. they found $15,000 worth of stolen items. police are asking anyone with information to contact them.
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and a beloved san jose cafe was victim to a break in this morning leaving the front glass door shattered van a soul which has been open in downtown for a little more than a year now. was broken into at around 07:15am in the morning. according to san jose police on twitter. the small businesses said that. luckily no one in the store was there at the time when it happened and the businesses was closed at the time of the burglary. so the cash register were stolen and there's currently no suspect description. up next after spending more than 40 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. >> a missouri man is a free man. tonight we're going hear from him after the break. and a coastal communities. they're leading the way which bay area county has the most vaccinated. kids. that's after the break. plus with thanksgiving just hours away. covid-19 cases unfortunately are on the rise. we have those stories and much more on kron 4 news at 9.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪
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♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ year will be much different than last year but far from risk-free. >> more people are getting sick with covid-19 across the country while millions of americans remain unvaccinated, according to data from johns hopkins university. the daily case rate in the u.s. is about half of what it was this time last year. >> but the current pace about 95,000 new covid-19 cases each day it's up 9% from just a week ago. this is a map
9:31 pm
showing. illustrations of where those cases are more than a 3rd of new cases. our in midwestern states with michigan reporting more cases per capita than any other state in the minnesota not far behind. the new analysis by the la times shows that california's coastal communities are getting children vaccinated against covid-19 at a higher rate while inland communities remain hesitant. the analysis says marin county leads the state with 46% of children aged 5 to 11 receiving their first dose. the vaccine followed by san francisco at 30%. that's a stark contrast from places like san bernardino county where only 5% of that age group is partially vaccinated in la county just 12% of kids have gotten the shot. >> well, it's that time of year again, when a stuffy nose or sinus issues might be flaring up. many are wondering whether it's ok to get a covid-19 vaccine or booster shot even while feeling under
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the weather, the simple answer is yes. if you're having mild cold symptoms like some congestion sore throat where that stuffy nose, you can still get a covid-19 vaccine or booster 5 if you have a fever above a 101 degrees. you might want to hold off and reschedule your appointment. doctor peter chin hong with ucsf says if your symptoms are more severe trade. the vaccine appointment for a covid test. >> and with covid it repaired traditionally right. you wake up in morning uconn somalia coffee. you have a fever and you feel short of breath. that's kind of like the classic covid. you probably don't have alterations in taste and smell. you may also get a fever, but muscle aches and probably more of the game. if you are vaccinated, you have breakthrough covid. it's going to very, very similar. so that's why you can tell and you need to get tested to really sorted out. >> the directive is the same for kids and adults. doctor
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chin-hong says if you have active cold symptoms, though, over the counter test from cvs and walgreens are very good at picking up whether the symptoms are covid. >> and stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for your kids along with a booster shot. you can scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to the special section of our website. that's kron. 4 dot com. the suspect in that deadly christmas parade crash in wisconsin is expected to face a 6th homicide charge. according to the criminal complaint. police say that the crash appeared to be an intentional act. an officer says the suspected darrell brooks junior showed no emotion as his car move side to side hitting people. for now. he's facing 5 counts of intentional homicide, each of which carries a mandatory life prison sentence yesterday. 8 year-old jackson sparks died of his injuries. his 12 year-old brother who was also hurt is a recovering tonight according to the family, more
9:34 pm
than $600,000 in donations have been raised so far to support the victims of the parade tragedy. a man who served more than 42 years in prison for a triple murder. he did not commit is now a free man. a judge in missouri granted a motion to exonerate kevin strickland and ordered his immediate release strickland. now 62 years old, was arrested when he was 18 years old for a triple murder where a 4th victim survived. she picked him out of the lineup. but later said that she was coerced by police. she tried recanting many times but jackson county prosecutors would not reopen the case. dna evidence. finally exonerated strickland. real. real. >> do you feel, the other and disbelief. they knew from day it was easy i get to.
9:35 pm
>> strickland endure, the 7th longest known wrongful imprisonment in u.s. history. but under missouri law he will not on a terribly compensated in any way. >> shoplifters hit a store and the roseville galleria twice in less than 24 hours. the manager of the hallmark store tells us that those responsible have not been arrested. reporter melanie townsend explains what they stole. >> tis the season to shop for discounted prices and festive holiday. next for the young and old. but for hallmark store manager lou winds, though it's also the season for catching shoplifters in the act, not just once but twice in 24 hours, the first happening on monday when a stranger walked to the back of the store. one of our employees was at lunch and she came in through our back door and found coming out of pharr.
9:36 pm
>> background. she said what are you doing back carries to go. i was using your bathroom and she says our bathroom is here not over there in less than 4 minutes. the man stole 2 employees wallets. he was professional. he had watched us obviously before. so i said, you know what, i need another camera the next day. winds, though installed another camera overlooking the store in toward dismay captured 2 young women stuffing dozens of key chains and a music box into their jackets by walked around the corner. she pulled it out immediately. said can i help you with that. and no, i'm gonna put it back in and they took off. i walked back to get my drink. and when i did, i looked at the display that i had just fill the night before. >> and it was in d. >> winds, though, believes that women still $1000 worth of key chains who have caught could face felony charges. it's like this is what i can see. but what did i not see shoppers say while it's unfortunate to see a rising
9:37 pm
number of these brazen thieves this year. it's not surprising. >> i think the work. despite losing hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise from her story and witnessing other stores deal with shoplifters winds, though, is still confident in the ramped up security here at westfield galleria since i made them aware. i had issues they are they're always popping their head and everything, ok. >> the security people always, you know, check and see if we're doing okay. as mall security in roseville pd. make sure 0 shoplifters make it in or out ahead of black friday. >> winslow has a message for the grinches who stole from hallmark. i turn people in and stay away from me. >> that was melanie townsend reporting tonight. tom ricks matter says the most retail stores don't know how bad they have been hit by shoplifters until the spring when they do those inventor each x.
9:38 pm
>> well, it is clear it is getting cold around the bay area. but tomorrow is going to be a nice day. we'll have your thanksgiving day forecast coming up next. and in sports, the warriors hosting the 76 ers at steph versus seth curry brothers battling it out. but you know what? somebody else stole the show. >> i show us how the lawyers fared coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports.
9:41 pm
>> the warriors looking to improve to 16 into when hosting the 70 sixers tonight, the sibling rivalry was real in this game amongst the curry brothers as well. stuff and little brother seth squaring off his opponents one day before coming together at thanksgiving table. 1st quarter staff. let's guarding him to. this is awesome. throws up the 3 pointer. it's good stuff of 14 in the 1st half but said it did him 3 better scoring 17. this layup gave philly a 19 point lead and of the half. guard, jordan poole. is tabled drop of staff asked shot from half court at the buzzer. it's in for 3. fight back to trail by 9 at the half. >> 3rd quarter. steph. in transition. kicks it out gets it back. and that's what one thing and that 3 ties the game at 63 all time. but you see him. he thanked curry finds
9:42 pm
draymond looks for his to find andrew wiggins in the corner warriors lead by 3 after that tray wiggins with 9 in the 3rd. the past 2 months. this team is really impressive. 4th quarter staff now to want to anderson for the tough bucket inside and he's fouled wears retake the lead by 3 jta was not done either. take it to the rack for the huge slam. he is pumped up dubs up by 8 jta stole the show in that last quarter. a couple of minutes later, great ball movement by the warriors. pull misses the 3. you saw who followed it up again to anderson, huge 4th quarter for him. he had 11 points off the bench. steph. with that. all of us had loving it. the game just went final. one 1696 warriors. the final score, the forty-niners back to work today at levi stadium riding a two-game win streak into the weekend. looks like san francisco may have turned a corner since destroying the rams home and then dominating the struggling jaguars on the road. however,
9:43 pm
head coach kyle shanahan says his team can't complacent. the vikings come to the south bay on sunday. minnesota is also 5, 5, and fighting to stay in the nfc playoff race. >> you have an idea of the other team charters stuff like that going into it. but no, i think they've been battling back to the season just like we have 2 teams are probably playing better ball of the year right now and so i think our players are very well aware of from the film from what they've been doing on their numbers in a bunch areas could be real tough game. >> on to college hoops. cal taking on 21st rank seton hall in the consolation game of the fort myers tipoff forward grant to was on fire for the bears scored 10 straight points in the 2nd half putting the bears of 3 with 5 minutes left to 15 in the game too. 10 seconds left county. one anticipates have 3 from deep just wouldn't fall seton hall made their free throws from there pirates win 60 to 59 cal host fresno state on sunday.
9:44 pm
saint mary's taking on wisconsin in the maui classic championship head coach randy bennett there in his 21st season. 7 minutes left point guard tommy cousy on the drive in the layup. but the gaels up by 4. but the badgers were money late. johnny davis floats in the tear drop. that was pretty he had 20 points wisconsin win 6155 to take the maui classic title saint mary's host uc riverside on monday. that's it for sports front for news. we'll ersation]
9:45 pm
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>> welcome back. we're checking in on our 4 zone forecast to take a live look outside over the san mateo bridge and looks like we've got a little bit of traffic going on. people heading out for the holiday. of course, and graham on night. yeah, but it's going pretty cold early morning. let's get the turkey day forecast for the yeah guys. it is going to be chilly tonight. those temperatures already dropping off around the bay area. but. >> what a day it's going to be tomorrow. a lot of sunshine coming our way. some clouds rolling in late in the day. but otherwise it's going to stay dry and just now these temperatures running well above the average out there tonight, though, it's clear and we've got the offshore wind blowing. we're getting some very dry air working its way into the bay area now. and that means the temperatures, a lot of drop off in a hurry high pressure overhead right now. any chance of rain say well, to the north of the jet stream as that ridge really just the dominant feature here. almost a better part of
9:48 pm
november. those offshore winds, they will continue going to be gusty over the mountain tops above a 1000 feet or so pretty blustery out there that will continue overnight tonight. it's tomorrow morning. what that will do is it will bring that dry air across the bay area. and by tomorrow afternoon we're looking at some very warm temperatures out there to 46 degrees right now. follow up to 49 in fremont, 47 degrees and pretty chilly and free in livermore right now. 46 in dublin now beginning to see some 40's and some 30's start to pop up in the north bay. so here we go. these temperatures are going to be very cold, especially in the north. a frost advisory posted. there are some chilly temperatures early on by the afternoon. what a gorgeous day. it's going to be 60's in the san francisco mid 60's in oakland. all 70 degrees downtown san jose high pressure the dominant feature here and continue to send all those storms well, to the north, keeping us dry and that will be the case again for tomorrow. going to see that offshore wind developing throughout the night tonight and probably really just kind of stick with the bay area not only tomorrow but i think
9:49 pm
right on and off through the weekend. maybe the next 7 days here's your long range forecast for you as we head through time. all that energy headed over that ridge up in the pacific northwest and that ridge. that's a pretty strong ridge out there. so it's going to just break down, just slightly only to rebuild again said that next batch of moisture well to the north into monday, keeping us dry. it looks like for at least the next 7 days. there's a hint as we get toward the following weekend right around december so maybe we start to talk about some rain. but right now we're keeping things dry. so here we go. the next few days. yeah. tomorrow looking like a beautiful thanksgiving day. enjoy lots of sunshine. some clouds moving in late in the day. nice warm, low temperatures in the 60's. and how about that? some low 70's, nice california thanksgiving. so all right. totally welcome. think floyd. >> well, several resorts across the tahoe area. we're hoping to be open for thanksgiving. but warm dry weather has melted those plans mammoth this only california ski area that's actually open right now. and the snow that
9:50 pm
fell in october was enough that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and boreal open for a few days until the weather warmed up and the snow disappeared. the owner of clark snowsports in roseville says that he's staying optimistic, though, knowing that the resort's always end up having a season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know resorts. we're going to and pray for snow and hopefully get a good snow season. so a bunch of product and people go but fun with it. >> like his spirit with the holidays. approaching resort managers are watching the forecast and hoping for the best for now, the best is simply temperatures cold enough to allow for some snow making. up next, one car goes beyond 1 million miles. what the owner of the car says is the secret to keeping his ride running for 30 years. new
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
tonight at 9. so what's the longest period of time that you've owned or driven a car that's been the same one that whole chances are the st. louis county man. we're about to meet. has you beat reporter mike colombo shares his story. >> a lot has changed since 1991. jim o'shea car hasn't sounds like a sewing machine done that gyms volvo 7.40, gle
9:54 pm
isn't powerful. but it is practical. they made it so that the common man like myself can just replace palms. and you know, everything just pulled right out. >> 30 years maintenance on it. you know, on 2 engines the engine was replaced at 585,002 transmissions later, it's a mechanic street. the swedish sedans still runs despite its rust never been any accidents been hit 3 times by my wife in the driveway. looking back. jim remembers catching heat for buying the car in the first place. my dad, his brother was running a ford dealer and he said you can only buy 4. so i brought this home. didn't talk to me for a while. i said to him, i said i guarantee i will get a million miles out of his car. >> and i did. 30 plus years. >> friday on his way to work. jim o'shea became the million mile man. it didn't hit me
9:55 pm
until i, you know, thought about i told my dad and since he's no longer with us. i couldn't read it in his face. >> sentimentality aside. he's wondering if the miles and maintenance might pay off. >> back when i purchased the car from west county will will make a guy rolled in with a 1961. don't know the model number, but they get their foot in the keys to a new car can a million miles. a light bulb went off in my head. i'm like he can do it. i can do so. i did it. >> and with no signs, the car is closer to the junkyard than it may appear some may want to buy it. for 6. >> it's a it's a 91 with one mile what it says on the odometer. >> maybe much hasn't changed since 1991. >> built to last. that was micah lumber reporting for us tonight. vicki actually guess the make of the vehicle. well, i knew somebody who had a volvo.
9:56 pm
>> i'm connell gold colored volvo from that era. 400,000 maza that that was a but they don't make them like they used to. that's a commercial 5 or you know, a body styles haven't changed that so you don't even look like they're that old. you know, they make nylon stockings. also the don't run as well. to see that. but you know that it would buy so many. so maybe they start making cars they can replace the actually the engine. >> with the piston engine. you know, with the with electric engine. if you really want to keep the body, but they're all computerized now it is. yeah. it's not easy to do that kind of maintenance any more on your sure. exactly. >> thank you. thanks, happy thanksgiving eve. thank you. all right. so here we go this is what we're working on for you at 10 o'clock. another act of gun violence in oakland after a kron 4 security guard was shot. >> while on assignment. what one lawmaker who wants to be the city's next mayor says needs to be done to try to stop the surging crime. also
9:57 pm
tonight, cracking down on organized retail crime bay area. prosecutors now working together to try and prevent any more thefts. this holiday season. we'll tell you where felony charges have already been filed. stay with us. the been filed. stay with us. the news at 10 is next. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®,
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>> when fun time from the bay
10:00 pm
area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news 2 is taking toll on oaklanders. it does have to stop. we have to step up and do more. >> now at 10 a gunman still on the loose tonight after another act of violence in the city of oakland. this incident hitting close to home for us here at kron. 4, thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm pam moore. earlier today a private security guard on assignment with a kron 4 news reporter was shot in what police say was an attempted armed robbery. he is now recovering in the hospital. and now tonight we're learning that there are more victims from that same shooting kron four's, jonathan mccall standing by with new details that are just coming in. jonathan, we've been following the story for you since kron 4 news at 3 pam and ken in just the last 5 minutes. >> we have learned that there are now 2 additional victims from the shooting earlier today. one of those additional victims taken to highland hospital in


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