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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 24, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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center in mountain view and the home cooked meals made from scratch or free and good times. they workers going to view. it is more on mound for the meals unfortunately. now they are not able to do it and we are so happy be able to support a ban maria not is the executive director of the non-profit a lifeline for the day. labor community which is struggling to make ends meet. the past 20 months off thing. we have people even in cars. we've got for a bit break launch with their home finally is heartbreaking. but what lifting its the gratitude extended by those who stopped by his for owners that if had like last year, the non-profit provided more than 23,000 meals. many of those being served lives nearby on the streets pour in there are fees. >> worry a lot of says food insecurity is a year-round problem, not just during the holidays. i know it's hard finds know that people want to sell our gaze to the people
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time. >> but is the only way that we can succeed. that's like you might think the day worker center preparing to distribute meals for up to 40 families on thanksgiving. >> in mountain view, fully all kron 4 news. turning now to our covid coverage, new analysis by the la times shows that california's coastal communities are getting their children vaccinated against covid at a higher rate while inland communities remain more hesitant. the analysis as marin county leads the state with 46% of children between the ages of 5.11 having received their first dose of the vaccine marin followed by san francisco where 30% of those kids have gotten a dose. that is a stark contrast to places like san bernardino county in southern california where only 5% of kids of that age group are partially vaccinated in los angeles county just 12% of kids ages 5 to 11 have gotten their first shot. and it is that time of year again when you know, a
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stuffy nose or sinus issues might be flaring up and many are wondering whether it is okay and safe and wise to get a covid vaccine or booster shot while you're feeling under the weather and the simple answer. experts say is yes, it's okay if you have a mild cold symptoms congested well sore throat stuffy nose. they say you could still get a covid vaccine or a booster. if you're up for it. but. if you have a fever above 101 degrees. they say you might want to hold off and reschedule that vaccine appointment. doctor peter chin, hong with ucsf says if your symptoms are more severe trade. the vaccine appointment for a covid test and with. >> covid it repaired traditionally right. you wake up in morning. you can smell your coffee. you have a fever and you feel short of breath. that's kind of like the
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classic covid. you probably don't have alterations in taste and smell. you may also get a fever, but muscle aches and probably more of the game. if you're vaccinated, you have breakthrough covid. it's going to very very similar. so that's why you can tell and you need to get tested to really sorted out. the directive is the same for kids and adults to hogs says if you have. >> active cold symptoms, the over the counter tests from cvs and walgreens are pretty good at picking up whether the symptoms are in fact covid not perfect, but. pretty good. hopefully they'll get better. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid info that includes finding the vaccine for your kids along with finding yourself booster shots. you can scan the qr code here on your screen and you will be directed to the special section on our website. that's kron 4 dot com. >> try to fish. ali. it is a rush hour on the busiest travel day of the year. so we want to get a quick look at the conditions out there and the bay bridge really looking
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light. i was on it earlier this afternoon not not so nice. so if everybody was trying to get out of dodge. they have a apparently already done so. and now let's get a look at things heading north on the golden gate bridge show once again. actually both directions. reasonably light. >> one talk about the weather. if you were gone east on 80, though. that you can see those tail lights on the upper right hand corner of the screen that's we're going carry a inching along. at you know, the weather is good for travel. lawrence is back with us now. and here we are large final day before thanksgiving. yeah. i can't believe guys these days just kind of roll in one after the next. but here we are looking at a beautiful sunset on the bay area on this thanksgiving eve. and we've got some great weather ahead maybe up to whether you'd like to see, especially if you want to head up the slopes little skin, but they add a little roadways or stay nice and clear. right now
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the temperatures running well above the average. you're looking at 50's and 60's outside right now. 64 degrees in hayward, 61 in san francisco. 52 cooling off in petaluma. the winds going to be interesting tonight. it will pick up over the mountain top. but down the valleys below it will start to calm down that allow those temperatures drop down probably below freezing at least in the north bay valleys and frost even showing up in parts of the east bay overnight tonight stay mostly clear that tomorrow, you know, should start out very nice and then the clouds begin to move in. i think as we head toward the latter part of the day. you get inside enjoy your thanksgiving day dinner. those clouds are going to be moving overhead. but staying dry high pressure overhead and that is going to make for a beautiful thanksgiving day. a good day to get out there and go for a walk before you enjoy that big meal temperatures of 68 degrees in pacific about 6 to 2 and a half moon bay inland. you're looking those numbers into the 60's and low 70's about 69 degrees in san carlos 66 amount to the south bay 60's and 70's and warm into the afternoon. the east bay. very nice temperatures. well 60's and plan on a few 70's out there, too. so nice and
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sunny, early on the clouds start to roll in little windy over the mountain tops and the east bay to start off today. but then begin to calm down and the next few days. we keep very nice, right. the weekend and dry for the next 7 days, at least. all right, lawrence, let's go ahead take a live look right now at palisades. ski resort in >> you can see way they along with sugar bowl heavenly and northstar. they've all had to postpone their reopening dates because, you know. as you can see there, just is not enough snow up in this year has been cold enough to make it but boreal hopes to capture some. >> holiday crowds with a tentative friday opening dennis shanahan has the story. >> the temperature dropped into the 20's and the snow making team at boreal fired up the machine. orioles marketing director tells fox 40 the resort is hoping to open the
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day after thanksgiving depending on conditions and he encourages people to check for eels social media for updates on the resort would have loved the open. steve clarke is the owner of clark snowsports. we stopped by the roseville shop on our way up the mountain even during drought. steve stays optimistic, knowing the resorts always end up having a season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know resorts. we're going to open, he says last year ended up being one of the shops busiest ever. despite the pandemic or perhaps because of it because everybody was all cooped up and wanted to get start going to some fun in the snow that fell in october was enough that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and boreal opened for a few days until the weather warmed up in the snow melted away. so there was a lot pre season purchasing going on from customers that we're coming in and not able to find what they wanted at the end last season. now with the holidays approaching
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resorts are watching the forecast hoping for the best. even if the best for now is simply a temperature cold enough to allow for snowmaking. great for snow. >> and hopefully get a good snow season so much a product and that help fund with it. >> coming up, we're going to take a look at which part of the holiday season. americans like the least is that the travel if you're wrapping gifts or. perhaps being forced to attend the things you don't to attend the things you don't want to attend with your when a truck hit my car, to attend the things you don't wthe insurance companyur wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible.
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>> well, it is not unusual for celebrities have their own clothing line and now a giant panda cub at the national zoo is getting in on that action just in time for the holidays. you have chow sheekey having a limited edition collection bearing his likeness. and they say sometimes sneaky panda is not letting this go to his head. however, they say he still enjoys spending time. get this with his non celebrity panda friend and munching on bamboo wherever he can find it. don't forget where you came from. and is illogical society of london is now welcoming its newest resident. this is sheila and she's a magna be monkey. this birth is especially important because mega be monkeys. are considered to be some of the most rare and endangered
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monkeys honor. still ahead tonight, we're going to go live to the chase center as the warriors get ready to take on the 76 ers and step. >> and seth curry get ready to go head to head sports director jason dumas. as all you need to know
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>> lawyers back in action tonight, taking on the philadelphia 76 ers at chase center. it is been a great early season for the deaths.
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so far they have the league's best record and could be getting reinforcements back soon. crowd for sports director bus is courtside at chase. >> so that video of clay heard him talking yesterday. jason. boy, what energy around this team right now. >> yeah. grant. it's a great time to be a warriors fan. i've been here. this is my 4th season here covering this team. and you can just realey feel the energy this year. something special. it's brewing now coming into the year. i knew the warriors were going to be improved. but if you told me 15 into best record in basketball. i would've told you you're crazy. i've been taken aback and as klay thompson has famously coined. i even out there yet. think at that that's what clay said yesterday after his first full practice in over 2 and a half years. so the rich is getting
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richer that that practice. i watch klay move. he looked great. he looked like usual spry. so the one paying that steve kerr did mention he can tell clay is getting tired quicker than usual. but that's not surprising when you haven't played in an nba caliber game in over 2 years. now, this is something that nobody has ever come back from a torn acl torn achilles those are 2 very traumatic injuries to come back from. and steve kerr is tempering everyone's expectations. he doesn't want people to get too ahead of himself. given the context. good thing for the warriors. they aren't in a rush and tonight at chase it will be a family affair seth curry and the sixers are in town, of course, at the younger brother staff, then you've got damian brother and along with staff and seth and then to make matters even better. the
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sixers head coach doc rivers it's seth's father in law. so i think maybe the currys colluded with the nba to have a nice little family reunion just in time for turkey day. talked to earlier today at 6 shoot around and found out what it means to him to play with his brother against brother in law and we also heard from steve before the game talking about evolution as a player. it's always fun to come back here to pay it and playing it. the lawyers. >> little bit of action. but buzz in arena we play against each other. getting to those guys >> on the can't wait. it's great to see the last couple years really establishing himself a. the really excellent player in this league. obviously runs in the the shooting part of it, it's crazy to think seth was here
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in santa cruz. i think 7 years ago great, great run. another last couple years. it's all paid off for happy for him. >> and the curry family got some good news. just 5 minutes ago, sixers head coach doc rivers cleared seth curry to play tonight. he didn't play the other night in sacramento is speaking of set. he's right janet up with some people courtside. he's out here getting ready like he said he loves being in the bay area. lay for the santa cruz warriors big bro grew up here. you've got to watch a lot so it's always on set. he's back in the building. the curry family they're like nba royalty. so it's a very cool story line to follow and they've all been very successful. but that's all ahead. of course i will have more at 6.45 leading up to tip-off 6 areas warriors in
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popping. we've got the jd shot right here on the one's it's going to be a fun night grant. let's get it. all worlds are colliding jason dumas brothers was fathers and was family affair. okay. >> appreciated jason have fun tonight. thanks, jason. >> yeah, we're going a lot of calories before thanksgiving. taking a live look outside right now. the transamerica pyramid to beautiful sight. >> clear night in the bay. lawrence showed us that gorgeous earlier in the you know, the view from the east bay hills. man. that is just special. now it's dark now it's dark now it can be a cold out there. some folks still travel in, though, out there on the roadways if you're getting about to head to your family or friends for thanksgiving. and we're looking at some pretty good conditions out there. no travel issues at any of our bay area, airports, san francisco. no delays, no delays in oakland. >> or san jose either. how about the monterey bay. if
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you're headed there tomorrow should be a gorgeous day. look at carmel valley 71 degrees. 76 is lena 68 monterey. 72 in watsonville about 66 degrees in santa cruz and 69 in carmel. we see the area shaded in blue, though, that is a frost advisory for the early morning hours. so watch out for that southern california. that's a red flag warnings up a look at these numbers. you've got some 70's in anaheim the up to 82 degrees and the high country roadways going to be open and clear. get those offshore wind up worry about into the central valley. so much show. i think we're looking good if you're heading that direction will be a little bit cool but not cold for this time of year at all. in fact, those highs tomorrow going to be in the 50's across the high country as well. and staying dry. it will continue that way. if you're going to be hanging out for the weekend to those temperatures are going to warm up a little bit, actually on friday and saturday staying dry not only on those days, but if you're hanging out for the weekend. i think staying dry right through the weekend as well.
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we're looking at some cold temperatures developing around the bay area tonight, a frost advisory posted in the north bay and also the east bay, the coldest temperatures going to be in the north bay valleys. that's where some of these temperatures probably dropping down the upper 20's about probably the mid 30's in spots. so very cold there and then you've got mid to some upper 30's in the east bay. so frost, real possibility across a good part of the bay area away from the coastline and the bay lows looking like this overnight tonight about 31 degrees in santa rosa 34 in the napa valley. 37. and livermore for a cold morning, 38 degrees and talking about 35 in antioch inside the bay. not quite as cold. but you stuff. some upper 30's and some low 40's for lows. high pressure setting the jet stream. well to the nor that is keeping us very, very dry out there. and that's the way it's going to hold on. we're seeing that offshore wind kicking into. and with that offshore wind, that dry epconditions continuing around the bay or just a week offshore wind right now. but this is likely to ramp up overnight, especially over the mountain tops but 1000 feet or so some gusty winds developing
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over there overnight tonight. so it will be blustery in spots. but then down below fairly calm. and after those cold temperatures going kind of settle in for the night by day tomorrow, though, we're looking at 60's and 70's around much of the bay area. some gorgeous weather and then it looks like that will continue to be the case as we take you the next few days. high pressure in control and that ridge does not want to break down thanksgiving day looks fantastic. that nice warm weather going to continue in the week ending 70's to the weekend, the warmer spots and well into next week 2 and a nice christmas present would nice christmas present would be right. work on that one. after my car accident, nice christmas present would be right. work on that one. i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. at the barnes firm, our injury attorneys work hard to get you the best result possible. call us now and find out what your case could be worth. you might be surprised. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪
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>> well, these little shelter dogs in north carolina. were treated to a very special thanksgiving feast with all the trimmings this video was posted to social media by the onslow county animal services workers say they wanted to treat the dogs. it will still likely the in the shelter on thanksgiving. crews were hard at work today setting up the menorah on 5th avenue and 59th street near central park just in time for the upcoming hanukkah celebrations in new york. the giant menorah part of a campaign launched in 1973 to bring more awareness of hanukkah. organizers say this year's hanukkah message. we'll focus on joy hanukkah begins sunday night. september 28th and it lasts 8 days. but we promise this a little earlier. so we're going to deliver
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question what your favorite parts of the holiday season. the the food might seeing family and friends are getting gifts. everybody has a different answer. there. but a new study reveals what people like. to dislike most about the holidays that thing you like to apparently it's having to wrap gifts. i'm with you on 2 1% of americans polled vicki was among say they take it happening. and 51% say they would rather pay to get gifts wrapped professionally. another thing people apparently do not like about the holidays secret they they hate being roped into the gift exchange because they never know what to get their designated person. more than half of the people who responded also said they're concerned about product shortages, shipping delays and rising costs. and i guess they've been watching kron 4. yeah. all of that because a lot about yeah, we just give
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well, i don't me give you a little love. but make by hand. i guess that's it for kron 4 that the but we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6 and more and winner here. >> stocks. a tie. >> what would you like full we'll figure. they can grant. thank you very much. >> and coming up tonight at 6 o'clock. the holiday travel rush kicking into high gear. millions of californians heading out of town where live is. people are hitting the roads and the skies crime. of course, you've been hearing about is surging in oakland and elsewhere. today. it hits close to call home here at kron 4, the kron 4 security guard was shot while on assignment. we have all the details on this frightening incident
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at 6. >> now at 6 oakland police are searching for yet another shooter in the city's latest act of violence video posted to the citizen app shows the same where it happened this afternoon. good evening, everybody. welcome to kron. 4 news at 6. i'm pam moore. i'm ken wayne. gun violence has touched so many lives and families here in the bay area over the years. but especially recently and tonight it has touched us the kron 4 family, a security guard company. one of our reporters. >> was shot while out


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