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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 24, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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off, we've got camila barco sent by live at oakland airport were today is their busiest day. and you can certainly see all the commotion behind her. so we'll get the update there. yulia 7 covering the roads for us with the high gas prices as well. and john trouble, the forecast. everybody wants to know how is thanksgiving day going to shape up. it's looking good with the weather. the easiest part of the whole thing this year. if you're taking on the task of the turkey. that's going to be much more challenging than just getting out there on those roads will be because it's definitely dry and aside from some chilly conditions this morning. >> it's actually going to be pretty comfortable this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon as well. a view outside right now shows you will part of san jose. at least the part that matters which is the sky and that is nice and clear. we just saw are frost advisories expiring about 28 seconds they expired at 09:00am this morning. we're still pretty chilly, but temperatures are beginning to warm under what is all that sunshine conquered. you were in the 30's. now you're at 49 dublin at 50 and no more 30's
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in the north bay sunshine doing a number on us really resulting in temperatures moving up. excuse me pretty quickly here. let's get a look at some of our bridges. not that we really have to because they are pretty empty this morning. the bay bridge, for example, love to see it like that, which was like that every day when all of us had to go to work, going to take you just a few minutes to get across it a few more cars search. certainly on 92 crossing the san mateo bridge. but things are moving along just fine and as compared to yesterday, the richmond center fell bridge is an easy go. this was our problem yesterday right there at the toll plaza as you're heading westbound. obviously no issues this morning and the golden gate just for fun because it's so pretty this morning, hardly a car on a really smooth ride either north or south james. all right. thank you very much, john. it is 9. oh, one. and today, as we said, one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> across the country with more than 50 million people expected to travel at some point this holiday weekend today for us is going to be
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one of the busiest out at oakland international airport and that's why crawford's camila barco is there for us live this morning. you've been gauging all of the traffic out there. camila. has it ever been floaters of stay pretty busy. >> it's been staying pretty busy james throughout the entire morning that we've been here. we've just seen groups of people check into their lives and make their way down tsa. so we're going to give you rundown as to what we're seeing here at oakland international airport people headed all over the country. take a look at this. people are headed to las vegas. los angeles phoenix nashville. you name it. everyone is headed out for the holidays from oakland international airport any you take a look over here, you can see the commotion happening at southwest airlines. this check in right now and you can see people are using the kiosk people are going to the counters and there they are getting ready to board their flights. and officials here at oakland international tell me that they expect nearly a 170,000 passengers to travel through
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open international airport during the thanksgiving period now between today and officials are going to see twice as many people check in for flights compared to last year. and those numbers are fairly close to what they saw before the pandemic started. now they're still covid protocols in place. employees are wiping down the most touch places in the airport and everyone is required to wear a mask. many people stayed home last year because of covid that thanksgiving is looking different this year. for mellon easement. my hayward resident tells me that it's going to be. >> the best thanksgiving ever. and here is why. it's really exciting. and my sister keep that should never see me again. that's how she felt because of the i said i don't know what you felt like that because, you know, you have to have faith that. >> well, so we're really close. but we both live along. so now we'll be together for the first time in a smith
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isn't the only one meeting up with family this year. a lot of people that i've spoken to here at oakland international airport tell me that they are also flying out to spend time with. >> their loved ones. now, again, you are taking a look checking here at southwest airlines. james, i just probably about 10 or 15 minutes ago that there were some technical difficulties here. they are trying to get that fixed. but you can see it at the line is actually backed up right now. so if you're headed to the airport, expect some delays we forget about that. we just think we're going to check in and make our way to our flight. but sometimes there are some technical difficulties. that's southwest airlines. but they're getting it under control. and people will head to their flight very shortly. but again, many people are headed out to see their loved ones. and as you can see here at oakland international airport is busy as the thanksgiving weekend back to you. oh, yeah. let's hope they get that technical problem sort of out. we don't need that the last any longer than his.
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>> thank you camila. and of course today a lot of folks are going to be on the roads as well. aaa predicting 48 million people driving this thanksgiving weekend. this as bay area prices are hitting record levels. funny how that works out proffers nearly 7 following that part of the story for us is our team coverage continues here in burlingame morning l a. >> yeah. good morning, james. yeah. you're going to pay a pretty price to get to your holiday destination. just even at the chevron here. it's above some of the average is have been reported it for 99 just for regular and you can also and then for supreme goes way beyond $5. 5.29. so that is. >> with the expensive. but that's what people are going to have to deal with. so let me just show you some of the averages. >> throughout california. so san francisco in samara fell there at the top of right for dollars at $0.88. a gallon and then you have oakland and san jose, they're not too far behind only by like cheaper
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and then if you go down south in los angeles. you have for 71 up north. the reading to be this kind of seem pretty surprising. cuz usually up north. you know, prices are a little cheaper, but even up for 67 that is really quite high and then again, you have santa cruz in sacramento since are closer to the bay area. that kind of go back up. so for 77 and for 72. this could get pretty and just to add to your stress. i know that a lot of there's been a couple of but they were just so much on the mind. they just said i just got to pay what i got to pay. >> but there is a little bit of good news on the horizon and that's since crude oil has reached a plateau. >> that that it's going to start going so than the next couple of weeks. coupled with. you know, announcement of releasing some of our crude oil supply. it looks like that prices will be going down in the following coming weeks making it a little bit cheaper for you to travel for
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christmas. so there is a little bit of good news, although they do say that it's going only be anywhere between 3 to $0.30, cheaper in the following weeks. but hey, every little bit helps right. it's all right. james. so absent we can look forward to some of that happening. >> well, what and what i like was going to say what i like about where you're located is you don't have to travel far to find a little better price, right. like right across the street. a much bigger discount. >> yeah, absolutely. so this is the chevron right here in burlingame and just across the street, you have the arco and there's a car that's blocking the sign. but you can see a little bit right there and see if you pay with a credit $4 m $0.59 and if you pay with cash or debit card. it's going to be $0.10 cheaper than that for 49. you just a look at your neighborhood and what is the cheapest one. and that's how most people deal with it. in
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fact, you know, this has been busy all morning long. it's only because some of the pumps have a given out that they're now like you only 3 >> you know, pumps around it. so that's why you're starting to see more people go across the street because they're just in a rush. >> to get to work or just to hit the road. yeah. because everyone knows it's going to be pretty busy on the freeways is today and tomorrow. no doubt. and to that point. thank you. you only to that point. >> there are some times of the day want to avoid because traffic's going to be awfully today. leave early. that's the tip for you because triple a says the worst time to be on the road today is going to be 04:00pm to 06:00pm and the were section of bay area roadways going to be eastbound 80 between the 5.80, split and sample dam. road is a lot of folks are taking that to get up towards sacramento in fact, they say traffic on that section of roadway is going to be 3 times worse. 300% worse than normal. triple a also saying that overall the best
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time to drive today is after 09:00pm. so if you can leave in the evening. all the better tomorrow. the worst time to be on the road is between noon and 3 leave before 11. if you can friday, the worst times between one 4 again, leave before 11. if you can and then the weekend of the best time to be on the road is any time before noon because once you get past that point, the roads get pretty jammed up. now to other headlines happening today we have 9 people charged in connection with a series of smash-and-grab robberies in san francisco. they could be arraigned in court as early as today. investigators say that all 9 are connected to break-ins and robberies at the losis baton store and dispensaries in at walgreens. sfpd says as many as 40 people smashed windows there at the louis store friday night and this was one of several locations targeted that night. we're also learning that areas in the soma district were also targeted friday night as well. >> we cannot we will not and we do not tolerate that kind
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of behavior in our city. the charges we everything from looting, grand theft burglary, possession of stolen property firearm possession commercial burglary and more. >> yeah. district attorney jason with dean actually all district attorneys from across the bay area met yesterday to discuss these thefts that we've been seeing and whether the thieves in these incidents could be connected to other sets. well, you know how that plays out. meanwhile, legal analysts say that prosecutors from across the bay area are going to have to agree and argue that these well organized thefts out to felony conspiracy charges as they're doing in san francisco because there is a california state law that treats thefts of items, less than $950 in value as simply misdemeanors. >> a lot of these retail theft crews have become emboldened by it. decriminalization in our property crime laws. and i think that's why you're seeing this spring up all over the bay area because they recognize that at this point the prosecutors are a step
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behind them. >> yeah, many business owners say that they're hiring extra private security and there calling on police to have a larger presence during the holiday shopping season. we are seeing san francisco make some changes in the wake of the smash and grab properties. for instance, they are now limiting the amount traffic at union square in an attempt to at least stop potential criminals from parking near their intended targets. the city is doing this every day from 7 at night until 6 in the morning. mayor london breed says this change could last even beyond the holiday season. trying to. >> look at ways in order to makes it a downtown shopping experience more safe for pedestrians because this is not just about stolen goods having the ability to shop without concern about a vehicle hitting you is really important. >> san francisco police are also stepping up patrols their union square and city officials say they hope that last weekend's smash-and-grab robberies will keep people from. you know, doing their holiday shopping and helping local businesses. we'll take a
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break and 9.11. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news health officials in the east bay are preparing for a possible surge in covid cases. we'll tell you why it's all the more important now to get vaccinated ahead. >> of that. meanwhile, dry weather is pushing back the start of ski season. we'll tell you how one ski resort, though, plans to still
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ho ho ho! not again. oh no. for the gifts you won't forget. the mercedes-benz winter event. get a credit toward your first month's payment on select models. >> we're back. time now 9.15,
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we've got john in the weather center. keeping an eye on our forecast for today as we're heading into turkey day tomorrow. john, good morning. hey, good morning, james. turkey day just around the corner. now many people probably already off to work. if you are still working today, it hasn't been bad to be getting outside just a little on the cool side. >> this is san francisco right now sitting under some sunshine, just as the rest of the bay area is beautiful. clear skies expected through the afternoon about the only place you're going to see some crowding probably is going to be later on today trying to get out of the city and then also as you're heading to those grocery stores across the region is everyone's prepping for thanksgiving. we are going to see clear skies into the afternoon. this is definitely good news for travel conditions do expect rain and snow across the pacific northwest up into western canada. that's because the jet stream is sending all the moisture that we've been missing out on to our north. so we're going to remain clear today and tomorrow for thanksgiving itself tomorrow remains similar temperature wise as yesterday and today
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are about to be. so if you remember that feels kind of light jacket kind of stuff you could probably take thanksgiving dinner out to the backyard. just make sure to keep the jackets on hand for it thursday night into friday morning. some cloud cover increases, but friday you'll see a good dose of sunshine still as for temperatures today, i mentioned very similar to yesterday. it's low to mid 60's along the coastline in pretty solid mid 60's for bayshore cities saying carlos at 66 today, san jose at 65. as for fremont, you'll be at 64 little cooler inland livermore at 61 degrees. well berkeley and oakland each at 65 today. warm spot only by degree sonoma at 67 tomorrow's highs right around the same as today. same for friday. after that, we will start to see temperatures budging a little bit into the weekend climbing into the upper 60's by saturday, sunday and monday just shy of 70 degrees for most areas but expecting a few low 70's mixed in there as well. overall some really great weather for your travel or for your last-minute shopping. let's get a look at
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some of our bridges. what we are seeing this morning is a really easy drive bay bridge looking like a dream. hardly anyone on it this morning. that's the way to start off this commute. we will be looking at that one picking up later today. but right now from the maze to fremont street only going to take 8 minutes. san mateo bridge 13 minutes to make that crossing under what is beautiful. sunny skies yesterday's issues were on the richmond. sandra fell bridge today. it's looking a lot clear. let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge. and you can see that conditions out there. our beautiful only going to take you 7 minutes and we are also looking at the golden gate bridge which does have a few cars on it. people probably just leaving the city more than actually getting on the roads to head to work. james. all right, john, thank you very much. time to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us from tahoe this morning. >> oh, i love the sweater. what we see in >> is that will start as a to alright given star wars and grogu little this morning.
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haha. >> all right. what are you seeing on this day before thanksgiving on the markets was picking your interest. >> the markets need something a little bit happier we've got higher rates this week because biden said let's stick with drone policy. fed reserve governor. so he's probably not to raise rates until next year. but he's going to great spice if that's the game plan. so the walk markets reacting to this this week. bad retail sales on a ad. retail stocks sales nordstrom county. retails not really working terribly well, right now. gap down 22% norton sound. 26 1% on that news. first-time unemployment claims came in and 199,000 its lowest since 1969, which tells you our labor market needs more labor were not firing people because we need more labor on top of home sales are up. but that's broken story at this point in time. and elon musk sells another, you know, million-plus just raise money capital gains tax. >> okay. good enough. and one of our big stories this morning has been the fact that this is the biggest travel day for the thanksgiving holiday
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out at oakland airport. we've been talking about driving in gas prices going up. seems to be up over last year and curious about your perspective as a wall street insider are we seeing this is a trend. is are we seeing nothing but good signs here. >> i'm not going on in that statement palms. let's go with it. real quick. the travel industry is looking at is glass half-full. all things considered even though covid upcases are spiking in europe and in the colder parts, the united states. no shutdowns here. talk about shutting down completely. so in 2 weeks we'll know if we're going to christmas or not. it's just blows my mind that we're talking about that again. by the big story will be getting through 2000. 19 tsa levels right now we're at about 80% of 2019 pre covid. it looks good for 2022 because there's casual interest from people like me want to go travel. there's this going well as i know, i'm sorry, business travel, casual as well.
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international long-haul travel. so all 3, though, should equal a good year for travel and short term. lot of question marks because of covid in europe right now. >> interesting. okay. and then lastly, i found this interesting we've been talking about crypto currencies. we've been talking about how that industry is really beginning to. >> grow. more millionaires are being minted through cryptocurrency than ever before. and i guess that's having an impact on. >> art sales. explain. >> well, stocks are at all-time highs. real estate at all-time highs creep as are close to all-time highs. that's a lot of wealth and that wealth is looking for. where do we put that money now. and the answer is and classic art fine art. so with all that money being created. christie. some of these insults had the best 2 weeks they've ever at 2.6 5 billion dollars while 32 for over 20 million 54 ares sold for over all brand new numbers. a group of crypto investors trying to buy the declaration
9:21 am
of independence but failed later get like seriously 3 million dollar they seriously tried to buy the declaration of independence. >> as for sale, a billionaire oil guy died. billionaire oil guy guy not to get that. became second. okay. and was a thing. >> yeah. stays on the van gogh to buy the constitution. people are looking to park money. let's now hot. it is right now. james, the 1989 1889 mango masterpiece caught up on step blau sulphur. 71 million dollars double the asking price. wow. so a lot going on there. >> people clearly have money to burn and don't care what the prices that's insane. and it was that is that all of these like crypto millionaires that are buying always things up. >> a there's a lot of people like myself who you know, looking for places to park money because he felt stock market higher real estate. i what am going to find are also going to be taxes on it. in immediate terms of people on
9:22 am
musk's probably like fine art. okay. i stop paying attention to what you're saying about 1015, seconds introduce those who is this? >> so while draft named zachary haha exact. nice to see you again, zach. and he's grown get so talk. back you live. >> i everybody across 4 behind add more haha. >> like a $100. you don't get paid nearly as much as you should will put in a good word for a thank great we're going to this year. you bet. you're not working tomorrow or friday. is that correct? currently at least you're okay. so we'll see you next week. rob. have a happy thanksgiving with the family up in tahoe. good that. and again said rob, a note he's a lonely guy chat with them. facebook, twitter sent him an e-mail asking questions and give him a topic. the like in the chat about here on the morning show robber, a black dot com. we'll right back.
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excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. 9.25 to time and happening today. if you are traveling through sfo, you want to be aware there are going to be some protesters out there today. they're not out there at the moment. here's a live look at the airport. but the union representing hundreds of food service workers. they're at sfo say their members are going to be striking this morning and into the afternoon to they're calling for better health care. that's what they're really pushing for. they want those benefits. the strike is scheduled from 10:00am until 3 o'clock this afternoon out of terminal 3 now core to the airport. they don't think this is going to
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affect your travel plans moving through sfo, but give yourself a little extra time and just know that some of your food services in the airport might be disrupted as a result. bay area leaders say that they are more than ready to use the federal money that's coming in from the new infrastructure. build. fact, over the next 5 years. the bay area's set to receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars for roads. bridge repair public transit internet, internet access, all of that house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area. members of congress to talk about those funds. a portion of which will go towards implementing a new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay one and a half billion dollars is set for airport infrastructure with some of it set aside to build up the levees at sfo. a congresswoman jackie spear says that 100 million dollars will go towards broadband to help close the gap on internet access across the state. take a listen. why is that important? fi. >> people in california
9:27 am
doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> yeah. other money will go towards completing electrification on caltrain and they say there's also money earmarked for good-paying union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers to keep up access to clean drinking water. 9.27 is the time. >> coming up next on the kron 4 morning news bart trains will be getting an upgrade, one that should help protect you from covid-19. we'll explain.
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>> 9.30 the time as we're. counting the minutes, really. it's built we start diving in on our thanksgiving meals. whatever you're having. wherever you are. hope you have a happy thanksgiving. we've got john with a look at our forecast morning, john, we've been spoiled here this week. james we had our e p bring us cookies on our floor director because yesterday out and to have pumpkin bundt cake. and kate. yes. >> getting some practice here. but yes, we are looking at some great weather to be doing some last-minute shopping maybe today ahead of what will be the big day tomorrow for so
9:31 am
many of our home chefs out there that are going to be spoiling us. today's conditions are just nice and clear cold to start pretty comfy to finish looking outside from berkeley hills cam. lots of sunshine out there across the bay area. we're going to be seeing that sunshine holding on into the afternoon and temperatures, a rising swiftly under all of it. we were in the 30's for many of our inland valleys to start like in concord, santa rosa nevado petaluma. all these areas are now in the 40's to 50's really haven't caught up with the rest of the bay. so after such a cold start areas like sfo are now just in for some clear smooth sailing later on today. now the airport is super busy. but your roads so far. will they are not we are looking at a really clear bay bridge right now. let's get a look at it. you can see the bay bridges really looking at some sunshine overhead and hardly a car, making your way to san francisco. everyone's going to be making their way the opposite direction here shortly. i'd recommend that early start is going to be a very busy commute eastbound on
9:32 am
the bay bridge. pretty much the rest of the day. san mateo bridge is looking great to 13 minutes from 80 to one. oh, one. as you make your crossing along 92 a few more cars on it. i think that's a lot of leisure travel people just getting to their destinations. richmond center fell bridge much better than it was yesterday. this was our problem spot around this time yesterday. today, it's only going to get 8 minutes really going either direction. both are looking good. the golden gate bridge extra golden this morning. lots of sunshine and 20 minutes from 37 to the tolls. james. all right, john, thank you very much. bay area. health officials are bracing for a possible winter surge in covid cases. >> that's as more people hitting the roads and planning to gather for larger get togethers this holiday with kron four's phillipe djegal with a closer look. >> as more of us are taking to the skies were hitting the road for the holidays. contra costa health services health officer doctor chris farnitano says we are in better shape locally to prevent a repeat of last winter's surge in covid-19 cases. he points to the availability of the
9:33 am
vaccine in contra, costa county more than 74% of the population is fully vaccinated outpacing the rest of the country and kids 5 years of age and older have been eligible for weeks. still, he says the county's population is not projected to reach the 80% full vaccination threshold until the end of the year. he says it is essential all eligible adults also received their booster shots. wayne's especially in older adults. but even in younger adults. >> it's still in younger healthy people. it still gives very, very good protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but we also want to prevent spread in the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations resulting from the virus are down nearly 4 and a half percent and active cases are down nearly 20%. >> numbers. doctor for nintendo expects will increase with more indoor large
9:34 am
gathering. some vaccine definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as severe as surges. we have last winter regardless of your vaccination status. doctor for nintendo suggests getting tested for the virus before and after your holiday trips. >> in contra, costa county fleet all kron. 4 news. >> at 9.34 a troubling covid test lab in southern california will not be facing sanctions after all. this after claims of significant deficiencies at a lab that's run by the company. perkinelmer officials spent 10 months looking into these complaints that included mismanagement accusations mishandling of specimens as well as workers falling asleep on the job in their final report. those state investigators say they couldn't confirm all of these claims and the ones they could a list of since been corrected so far. the perkinelmer lab has processed more than 5 and a half million covid tests across the state and california has just renewed its 1.7 billion billion dollar contract with them. well, all bart trains in service are now equipped with new. upgraded
9:35 am
filtration systems which officials say will better prevent the spread of covid a successful pilot launch. a is what we just saw happen here. bart leader saying they'll be ready for more riders. this holiday season and kron four's taylor sackey has more on what they're doing. >> fresh new upgrades for all bart trains here on the bottom. we have our or 14 a classification filters. you can see the tighter plea design. and on top years or older. merv 8 filter design art recently finished equipping all of its trains with stronger, more dense air filters providing more protection against the coronavirus as engineer. charles friends explains the higher the merv number, the more effective that filter is in preventing transmission but density. the allows us to capture much more articulate. >> 14 will capture particulate down to smallest 3 tenths of an for about 70 my plans. and so what that allows us to do is it's capturing a bacteria
9:36 am
he says each car is equipped with 4 filters. >> recycling outside air every 70 seconds as bart braces for the holiday season. it hopes to reassure customers. the transportation agency is ready for more riders. they can rely on a safe ride on that part. >> and that they're breathing very fresh air that we're taking as many steps as we can to mitigate the coronavirus risk. >> well, in the east bay, we have charges that have been filed now connection with the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner police accusing thing. these men now marlon king and come andre king of confronting joyner at gunpoint and threatening to shoot him as they tried to steal his property. investigators say joyner pulled a gun and fired shots, killing a 3rd suspect now identified as to sonic gardner. here's the surveillance video once again showing this interaction back on october 21st in oakland. police say there was a 4th suspect, a joshua hayes that was driving the getaway car. they caught up with him in texas and arrested him now
9:37 am
they're waiting for him to be extradited back to california. joyner was also critically injured in that shootout. he's recovering all 3 defendants now been charged with the murder of gardner and second-degree robbery of joyner marlon king and come andre, they're also facing one count of assault with a firearm. in the south bay san jose. police say 2 men were injured in a shooting on story road about 2 blocks away from the off-ramp. investigators say they arrived on scene to find these 2 men suffering from those gunshot wounds. both were rushed to the hospital. one of them apparently has life threatening injuries and we'll keep you updated on that person's condition. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the city of san francisco declaring a water shortage and now they're asking you to conserve or you might see a price hike in your next bill will explain. >> and after the break, an 8 year-old child. now the latest victim in the wisconsin christmas parade crash. now the man accused of driving through that crowd of people could be facing even more charges. and at the coast
9:38 am
today do expect low 60's and plenty of sunshine really not much different than that. further inland with low to mid 60's. >> after a very cold start with frost advisories early on. we are in for a comfortable afternoon. i've got your forecast ahead.
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>> 9 40's the time and happening today, jury deliberations are continuing now for a second day in the trial of 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. greg mcmichael and his son travis and their neighbor. william bryan are all charged with shooting arbery back in february of last year. they say they were making a citizen's arrest because they thought arbery was committing a crime, but he wasn't rt was just out for a jog attorneys for the men claim the shooting was in self-defense. however, they do admit in the trial that arbery was walking away from them during the confrontation when they approached him in pointed a gun at his chest. in wisconsin. an 8 year-old boy's in sunday's, i should say 8 year-old boys injuries have finally gotten the better of me died. police say that jackson sparks was seriously hurt and underwent brain surgery. but passed away yesterday. darrell brooks a man accused of driving an suv into crowds there at that parade was charged with 5 counts of first degree
9:42 am
intentional homicide. prosecutors say they intend to file another intentional murder charge following the 8 year olds death. more than 60 people were injured during that chaos. it's 9.42. we'll be right back.
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>> 9.44 is the time in
9:45 am
california is worsening drought because for san francisco leaders now to declare a water shortage. mayor london breed and the san francisco public utilities commission voted to adopt a system wide reduction in water use by 10%. and that's effective immediately as for residents and businesses are being asked to cut their water use by 5%. other bay area agencies that buy water from the city are asked to conserve by 14% and customers can also expect to see a temporary drought surcharge of up to 5% on their water bill if they don't produce their water use governor newsome. you may remember called on all californians to reduce water usage by 15%. this last summer. but we're nowhere near close to achieving that goal. sugar bowl heavenly. we've heard from north star and also from palisades, tahoe they will postpone their reopening dates because there's just not enough snow on the ground but boreal is hoping to capture at least some holiday crowds with a tentative friday opening. they're doing their best to try to put something on the ground for you. dennis shanahan has the story.
9:46 am
>> the temperature dropped into the 20's and the snow making team at boreal fired up the machine. orioles marketing director tells fox 40 the resort is hoping to open the day after thanksgiving depending on conditions and he encourages people to check for eels social media for updates on the resort would have loved the open. steve clarke is the owner of clark snowsports. we stopped by the roseville shop on our way up the mountain. >> even during drought. steve stays optimistic, knowing the resorts always end up having a season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know the resorts. we're going to open, he says last year ended up being one of the shops busiest ever despite the pandemic or perhaps because of it because everybody was all cooped up and wanted to get start going to some fun in the snow that fell in october was enough that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and boreal
9:47 am
opened for a few days until the weather warmed up in the snow melted away. so there was a lot pre season purchasing going on from customers that we're coming in and not able to find what they wanted at the end last season. now with the holidays approaching resorts are watching the forecast hoping for the best. even if the best for now is simply a temperature cold enough to allow for snowmaking. great for snow. >> and hopefully get a good snow season so much a product have a platform with it. >> and hopefully have a good time up there. but yeah, no natural snow anywhere on the horizon for this thanksgiving weekend. we have john in the weather center, watching it all. you got a live picture there. all behind. you have this is diamond peak rate here. james and aside from just the white caps there on the mountains in the distance. you're not looking at any snow remaining on the deck here at diamond peak. remember that big storm that we had in october. the atmospheric river, one that dumped feet of snow on the decorate here that easily melted off a couple of weeks back now and now it's
9:48 am
just sunshine and really inviting looking conditions, but not exactly what skiers nor those concerned about the state's drought want to see and we are going to stay dry these next few days. this is great news for travel conditions. 80 over donner pass out to reno. it's going to be perfect travel weather for that. also good for your flights in and out of sfo. another local airports. this high pressure ridge is sending the jet stream as well as any moisture associated with it. well to our north. so we are going to continue on this dry trajectory for a while. lots of sunshine today, tomorrow is going to bring more of it for your thanksgiving dinner head outside have a light jacket on friday stays dry few clouds during the morning. but friday afternoon generally gets a little bit clear. as for today's daytime highs 60's across the board. doesn't matter where you're at with your at the coast in san francisco, right along the bay or further inland. all of us are going to be sharing a very
9:49 am
similar feeling range of numbers. so if you're heading outside for some shopping or maybe to do some of that travel just in to sup 8 some cool conditions this afternoon and otherwise. maybe a little traffic on those roads. and in those parking lots especially at the grocery store napa 65 degrees today. santa rosa at 66 tomorrow's highs right around the same as today's friday won't be that much different for that matter. saturday, sunday and monday will be some of our warmest of the forecast likely to see a few 70's on your 4 zone forecast on those days. we're talking about how just how busy it's going to be at the stores, but at least roadways this morning have been really cooperative your normal commute traffic has not been much of a thing at the bay bridge. it's only going to take you 8 minutes heading west on into the city. now, my concern is later today heading out of the city. eastbound on 80. that is where you're going to be hitting some major traffic, especially towards the mid-afternoon. everyone is going to be heading to their destinations. san mateo bridge 13 minutes. definitely a
9:50 am
decent amount of traffic. i think that's mostly people trying to get to their holiday destinations rather than to work richmond center fell bridge. 8 minutes much smoother than yesterday. this was a problem spot yesterday and as for the golden gate bridge just looking extra nice. it is taking you a bit longer. and i suspect that's because of some backups on some of our overpasses and exits as that's where we're going to be seeing a lot of people rushing to the grocery stores and trying to get their last minute items for thanksgiving. james. all right. thank you very much, john. it is 9.50 and who knows, maybe catching a movie as part of your thanksgiving tradition over this holiday weekend. if that is the case, then we've got dean richards with a preview of what's out. >> i've been a good show my life. it is an empire. you can have the family which is excites and everybody knows it currently stuck to my main suite. >> our main. sweet face. >> the story of one of the best known names in fashion plays out on the big screen this week in house of gucci.
9:51 am
it's a true story of colossal wealth and excess in power. the twists and turns like the lifestyles of the super rich reality show with one character. more over the top and interesting than the next. i think that's what i'd liked about house of gucci. it's a nighttime drum of the highest order only it really happened. lady gaga is back on the big screen in it playing a middle class social climber. we turner d law student adam driver who just happens to be the heir to the gucci fortune who wants nothing to do with his family's business a series of events and his very aggressive new girlfriend soon to be wife has other ideas. and here is where all the fun and tragedy began. >> the plot thickens as more of the gucci's are introduced each with their own agendas and wild personalities. thanks to a fantastic supporting cast of al pacino's jared leto, some hiking. jeremy irons it's and sometimes messy and reminded me of watching the antics of britain's royal
9:52 am
family or america's super rich. >> the story is a little long at just over 2 and a half hours. but it's interesting. stylish beautifully performed by dean's list. b plus only in for the family. there's the latest from the disney animation factory and condo. it's a magical story of a family that possess magical powers all except young mirabal believes her family's powers are waning. so she goes on a quest to find them in condo is uplifting fun and full of great messages. and even though it mostly doesn't break any new ground it does feature 8 original songs from hamilton creator lin-manuel miranda that adds to the positive vibes. it's a dean's list. b plus, only in theaters. and that screen is the origin story of the resident evil franchise in resident evil. welcome to raccoon city. a once thriving city is abandoned by its main employer. a giant pharmaceutical company when
9:53 am
zombie evil is unleashed from below the surface. hope you have a great holiday weekend in chicago. i'm dean richards.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 9.55 the time. and we are just about done here on the kron 4 morning news on this thanksgiving eve. but it never
9:56 am
stops on kron on and that's why kron four's noelle bellow, stand by the newsroom with a look ahead. good morning. good morning, james. happy almost thanksgiving today is considered one of the busiest travel days of the season as we know. but sfo. >> might be low on workers in just a few minutes. hundreds of workers are expected to gather for a protest there at the airport there demanding affordable health care >> we're going to bring you the very latest on their protest and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. go ahead and grab your phone. we do this to our code here. scan. it and it will take you straight to rob stores. you can download kron-on for free and spend your day before thanksgiving. with me. back to you guys. >> always a pleasure doing that. thank you very much, noel. and as we leave. let's give you a quick look at your seven-day around the bay forecast including your thanksgiving not a lot of change. what we've got is what we're staying news to today, tomorrow and friday. staying nice and comfortably. cool cold evenings comfortable sunshine in the afternoon and james good outdoor weather for
9:57 am
i know you're talking about tossing the ball with great weather for that shopping weather this weekend looks great to travel weather. all of it. pretty easy tuesday of next week is the last day of the month and are saying or i all the way through it just a really stable looking forecast for the week ahead. all right. thanks very much, john. and thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. >> for thanksgiving. 7 to that's right. that's right. ladies
9:58 am
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>> today on an all new "dr. phil" >> dr. phil: she's been posting videos about losing custody of her two children. >> i'm being gaslit by these people. when is it going to be enough? that's all i want to know. >> they want custody back. >> i admitted to my wrongdoing and it was used against me. >> you think cps is full of a bunch of narcissists. >> i tried to protect my son from the fall. >> was your daughter injured? how did that happen? where's the conspiracy? >> that's not all. >> you are saying i slapped him, he choked me, he threw a bowling ball through my windshield, but


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