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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 24, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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our morning hours that you've got to watch out for. as that's when we're going to be looking at some really cold temperatures outside right now it's beautiful. and crystal clear. look at this morning as you venture out to enjoy it. just keep the jackets close a hand. we're still under frost advisories for parts of the inland east bay as well as across parts of the in the north bay through 09:00am this morning. these areas right here are seeing some temperatures down in the 30's. still. conquered. you just move down to the 30's or at 41 degrees. but san anselmo novato in petaluma right at 36 novato. just moving up to 39. so the sun is already doing a number on some of our temperatures already upwards a bit and that means, well, we've got some 60's on the way. not too long from now. i'll tell you more about those. still ahead. breana john, thank you for that. traffic has been really light for the most part as a traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes as you're traveling. let's head over get a look at
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the richmond sandra fell bridge traveling at a richmond a little under 9. the only accident i see out there this morning. if you're traveling along in the nation. this is 7 80 westbound in terrain and military west street. it looks like there is a traffic collision and an overturned vehicle. so we're going to keep a close eye on that. but 20 minutes we have the golden gate bridge from the north bay into the city james. all right. let's get back to our holiday travel story. that is the big story this morning. one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> with more than 50 million people expected to take to the skies for thanksgiving. yeah. a lot of people fly in today is going to be one of the busiest at the oakland airport. and that's we're camila. barco has been live all morning talking to travelers. everyone hopefully excited to be heading out to see their loved ones come to light. >> we get excited is an understatement since we've been here this morning at oakland international airport we see waves of people just come in and check for their flights. and here you're looking tsa people going
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through tsa. this morning. the line, as you can see study officials tell me right now, however, is the busiest time for them. and i want to emphasize this is the line for tsa for southwest airlines. only now officials expect nearly a 170,000 passengers to travel through oakland airport during the thanksgiving period between today and sunday. they're going to see twice as many people check in for flights compared to last year. and these numbers are fairly close to what they saw before the pandemic started, but they're still covid protocols in place. so employees are wiping down the most touch places airport and everyone is required to wear a mask. now many people stayed home last year because of covid. i know some people can relate thanksgiving is looking different for a lot of people across the country. however, as last year they said. but this time around melanie hayward resident tells me it's going to be best thanksgiving ever. and here is
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>> it's really exciting. and my sister keep that should never see me again. that's how she felt because of the i said i don't know what you felt like that because, you know, you have to have faith that. well, so we're really close. but we both live along. so now we'll be together for the first time in a money is headed at to idaho to go see her sister. as you can see she is very excited to be with her sister once again and rayna. james, i want to put some things into perspective. >> last year. 900,000 people went through tsa on november 22nd now one year later this past monday alone. 2 million people went through tsa. so everyone is headed that not everyone. but most people are headed out for the holidays are going to spend it with their loved ones. as you can see, melanie smith is visiting her sister after a very difficult year for many
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people. but as you can see, many people are excited to travel once again for thanksgiving to you and camila. got to ask you to because we've been talking about for look at what do you typically look forward to most on the thanksgiving plate. nobody's look at what you've taken. second helpings >> well, i look forward to turkey, of course, but i think being in this industry, a lot of people know that we work it during the thanksgiving. so appreciate any hope it's i will take very much. and hopefully everybody enjoy nice. >> tomorrow depending on where you're going. and if you're driving. >> you're going to be well, you're going to be whole lot of others to on the lot of people. a lot of people, more than 48 million people are expected hit the roads and drive over this thanksgiving to see their loved ones. they are long time since we've seen. yeah, you're going to pay a little more get there because obviously here in the bay area. we're dealing with record high gas prices and is part of our team coverage. we've got to talk about that too. prefers the only 7 live
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for us in burlingame with a look. >> at the pump there and yoli. yeah. pushing 5 bucks or higher and a lot of states. >> yeah, that's right. this is the is the chevron over in burlingame and there's really never a whole lot of cars in this just because look at the prices, as you said, for 99, you know, for supreme 5.29 that a of money. it became for which is a record high here really nationwide. it's a it's a record high of. so let me just give you an idea of what you're going to be facing if you're going out on the road and at all across california. this is according to triple a. >> they gave us some numbers. now, this is the average in all the different cities, not in san francisco. the average is ranking as the top dollar of for 88 oakland for 79 and you have san jose at 4.80, in samara fell up for 88. so there are only like maybe 8 or
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$0.10 difference. if you get anything cheaper than san francisco. this hit south. so if you go down to los angeles. it's also for 71 not that much different from here reading that to me was more surprising because usually when you go up north usually see lower prices in gas. but this is still up for 71, which is still really high. and of course, you can see all the other once in 7 pews in sacramento, everything quiet. hi. you know, i've tried talking to some people about, you know, these prices in their travel. and tell you, people are occupied. they do. they weren't very friendly this morning to talk to because they have so much on your mind. and i know that the holidays kind of stresses people out. so they just have to surrender to some of these prices because if they want to get to where they want to get too. they're just going to have to pay for the gas. but there >> and that is. because we did
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we actually plateau on the high prices. so that means that prices will start to go down. >> you know, it's not going to be significant, but you will see over the weeks coming weeks that it will go down and also with biden releasing 50 barrels of crude oil that's supposed to help out a little bit too. which is again, it's just going nudge it just a little bit. and we're talking maybe about to be to $0.20. you know, a gallon cheaper. but every little bit >> a little bit of good news that you will be seeing some prices go down. maybe making it a little easier for you when it comes to christmas because that's when we'll start really seen the different prices. back to you guys. he only has to ask you this question. you know, you have to drive from story to story. so where's the best place to get some gas where you've got to fill up or use it for the love >> well, you know, i i everywhere. yes. you know, hit
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me everywhere. so i just tried to look for the cheapest gas around me and just across the street from the is at their act for for 49. so, you know, we see some people coming in on have there's already quite a few people there to get, you know, because it's at 4.49. and when you compare it to 2 for 19 i i mean, that's you know, a $0.50. they say least, when you've got a 30 gallon, you know, tank. that's going to that's going to be significant. wow. all right. and then before we go, what you're gonna have on the thanksgiving plate. what are you looking forward to most tomorrow. >> love give her a second school. the only thank you very much. thank you for and of course, if you are going to be a planning on driving today. well, you want to leave early. that's the rule of thumb because triple a says the worst time.
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>> to drive today here in the bay area is between 04:06pm, and the worst section of roadway. the worst commute is going to be eastbound 80 between the 5, 8, emerge and san dam road aaa saying traffic there's going to be about 300% worse than normal. so 3 times as bad aaa also says that overall the best time to drive to days after 09:00pm. so if you can see it leave later. that's best tomorrow. the worst time is between noon and 3 with the best time being before 11 and then friday. you want to avoid any time between one and 04:00pm again before 11:00am is the best and over the weekend just get out before noon. otherwise you're going to be stuck in a lot of traffic. some solid advice there. james. >> another big story we've been following. police in fremont say they're stepping up police patrols and retail centers. this comes after the recent smash-and-grab robberies at stores all across the bay area. city officials say they've been in contact with several businesses and people can expect to see more
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patrol cars in certain areas. so if you see that, that's why the 9 people charged in connection to a series of smash-and-grab robberies in san francisco could be a rain in court as early as today. well, investigators say all 9 people are connected to break-ins and robberies. it. the louis baton store dispensary in a walgreens has said pd says as many as 40 people smashed windows at the louis baton store on friday night. this was one of several locations targeted that night. we've also learned areas in the soma district were also targeted friday night as well. >> we cannot we will not and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. the charges we everything from looting, grand theft burglary, possession of stolen property firearm possession commercial burglary and more. >> district attorneys from across the bay area met yesterday to discuss that that's happening across the area and whether that these in these incidents could be connected to other thefts.
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>> well, legal analysts say that all bay area prosecutors are going to argue the same thing that these well organized thefts amount to a felony conspiracy charges. like what we're seeing temperatures could be chasing dean do because there is a law in california that says that anything that is less than $950 in value is only treated as a misdemeanor. >> a lot of these retail theft crews have become emboldened by it. decriminalization in our property crime laws. and i think that's why you're seeing this spring up all over the bay area because they recognize that at this point the prosecutors are a step behind them. >> and many business owners say that they're hiring extra private security now they're calling for a larger police presence during the holiday shopping season. we are seeing some changes in san francisco as a result of the smash and grab robberies. the city is now limiting car traffic around union square as just one measure to try and at least stop potential criminals from parking near their intended targets. the city is doing this every day from 6 in
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the from 7 in the evening entil 6. the next morning, mayor london breed says this change might even stay in place pass the holidays. y> trying to look at ways in order to makes it a downtown shopping experience more safe for pedestrians because this is not just about stolen goods having the ability to shop without concern about a vehicle hitting you is really important. yes, san francisco police right now are stepping up patrols in union square city officials say that they're hoping. >> but last weekend smash-and-grab robberies won't detour people from coming out and getting their holiday shopping done. all right. also in the news. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news health officials in the east bay are preparing now for a possible surge in covid cases. but they're hoping the vaccine will help prevent that. we'll talk about efforts try to get more shots out to people. plus president joe biden wants to tap into the country's 12 reserve to make gas prices a little bit cheaper. we talked
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about that a bit yesterday. today we're hearing from some
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>> well, here we are with the holidays are here and you might have to pay a little more money for your christmas tree this. yeah. >> both kinds the fake trees because shipping delays and then the real but you can blame the price hike on that for the weather and the cost of labor, right. that's right. nguyen has that story for us. i think everyone's feeling some of the.
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>> price crunch in our economy right now and randall repaired is no exception. he's one of the owners at repeating farms in apple hill. we've had a labor shortage and i've had to pay a lot more money to get these young people who work for me this year because of that, he says he had to do something he hasn't done in the past couple of years. we have to try recoup those cost somewhere. and so we have to raise the price little bit for the trees. probably about 15%. yeah. but the cost of labor isn't the only problem or petty is running into this spot right here near boavista in apple hill who has got the worst smoke anywhere state of california. repented tells me he has a few variety of trees here at this farm. but it was these douglas firs right here. >> that he noticed had the most effect from the caldor fire this past summer. i noticed some interior blight to some of the trees and scene before some of that could be drought. and but i do think some of it was smoke to the wildfires in oregon this past summer are also to blame for
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tree shortage. many of the farmers up. there are. >> not selling their nobles in organs because of the south burned back that occurred. all of this combined, many farmers say they had no choice but to raise the price of their trees. i think if you look around. >> you'll still find some great values. but most the prices are going to be up at least a little bit. >> encouraging families to be patient this year as they go out to pick their trees. >> we're just asking, are you doing i'm doing a fake tree have been for a while because we have a whole families got allergies to. yeah. that's reason we didn't connect the dots until after a good number of years of just haven't colds coincidently every it will grocery outlet has like a little tree right now. it's a living tree. i will take a look it comes with a little ornaments. so you to do is take him a little pack it done. but on it's a real tree done 3 but it's still alive. i like always do a plug for haha
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can for of that shot behind you. i know for just so nice for a to b to the grocery store a little breezy out there. just bundle up in this morning. later on today, though, we're going to see things warming back up so that cold mornings comfortable afternoons that's been the trend lately. all this under clear skies, golden gate bridge. it's been beautiful clear. but yeah, definitely blowing and that breeze that you noticed yesterday. a northerly wind keeping its way on into the bay area and keeping temperatures on the mild side, you can see the high pressure ridge built up to our south and west in general wind direction is out of the north. we will have enough sunshine this afternoon that it's really already resulting in temperatures climbing a lot less of us in the 30's right now than we were even an hour ago sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow mostly sunny skies for your thanksgiving. maybe you can take that early afternoon lunch outside with the fam before the sun goes down around 04:00pm these days. you
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remember. then we work our way into friday. a few more clouds and friday will be the cloudy us to the forecast, although still a very nice we are going to be seeing highs today right around the same as yesterday's mid 60's for sf low 60's at the coast and then a range of low to mid 60's elsewhere to whether you're along the bay shore with those mid 60's are further inland. mostly in the low 60's. it's just going to be a light jacket kind of day and otherwise pretty easy going. i know it's going to be a busy one as far as travels go as far as all that shopping is concerned, too. everyone getting prepped for the big meal tomorrow or just heading in the direction to in someone else's big meal tomorrow. now tomorrow's temperatures will right around the same as today is a little cooler for a couple spots friday. temperatures start to warm. and by the weekend ahead of us could see a few 70's back in your 4 zone forecast. great job. thank you for that. conditions have been nice and life for you out there on your roadways as wednesday morning. i don't see any delays on bart. >> a little under 2 minutes heading from the east bay into
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the city to that fremont street exit the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 13 for your drive time as you're traveling there at a richmond across the war. sandra fell. wow. pretty light. nice and under 10 minutes we had an accident in the last hour. all of that is clear off of the richmond. sandra fell bridge. you have an accident. this is in the nation. 7 80 westbound in terrain at military wes tree looks like an accident overturned vehicle. so we're watching conditions along not seen any major delays, though, and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city. james. >> alright national headlines this morning. the white house, as we've reported, has said they're going to dip into the national reserve of oil to try to lower gas prices for millions of americans. >> this holiday season. a lot of happy people to to try the price is going if they decide to finally inch. there. the democrats are praising the effort. republicans are blaming the president for that price surge. raquel martin has the latest from washington for us. good morning. what many
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experts say in the next one to 2 weeks, consumers could see the price of gas drop about 10. >> to $0.15. but they're also saying there's no guarantee the biden administration, however, says they remain optimistic. their strategy will work. >> i told you before that we're going to take action on these problems. that's exactly what we're doing in an effort to combat surging prices at the pump. the white house says it's releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to help balance out a supply shortage sparked by the pandemic and will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight. and we'll make a difference. we have to do everything in our power tuesday, department of energy secretary jennifer granholm said the effort should give americans temporary relief last month. gas prices reached their highest level since 2014, oil production is lagging behind. granholm says the current supply problem underscores the need for america to diversify its
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energy resources add more clean energy. relying upon. >> fuel from countries that may not have our best interests at heart hurts the american people in the long. and but republicans say the biden administration's policies are making things worse, not better joe biden is clueless florida republican senator rick scott says releasing oil will help americans. now, that's going to be nice, but we've got to do is we've got to figure how to become energy independent. we don't. you don't do it by shut down pipelines ensure that shut down drilling and he wasn't the only country tapping its reserves, japan and china in the uk are among the countries who agreed to also tap their reserves in an effort to bring down gas prices globally. >> for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> all right. thank you for that recount. >> coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news, some workers at sfo say they're going on strike. we'll tell you why coming up after the break.
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>> 25 the time. also happening today. if you are traveling through sfo, you might notice there are a few protesters out there. >> this is a live look, obviously operations are going smoothly for now. but that might change later we have the union representing hundreds of food service workers at the airport saying that their members do plan on striking a little bit later this morning as they're calling for better health care benefits. so
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that's their main main thrust of what they want. better health care and obviously better pay as well. and it's going to be happening today between about 10 o'clock this morning is when it starts and then 3 o'clock the afternoon as one it'll end pretty much all staying out of terminal 3. the airport says a pretty sure it's not going affect your travel plans, but give yourself a little extra time and just know that some of the services in the airport may be disrupted as a result. >> bay area leaders say they are more than ready to use of federal money that's coming in from the new infrastructure bill over the next 5 years. the bay area's going to receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars for roads. our bridges, public transit in our internet access. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area. members of congress to talk about those funds now. portion of the money will go towards implementing new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay. one and a half billion dollars is also set for airport infrastructure with some of its set to build up the levees at sfo. also
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congresswoman jackie spear says 100 million dollars is going go towards broadband to help close the gap on internet access across the state. why is that important? >> fi people in california doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> well, other money is going to go towards completing electrification on caltrain and they say there's also money earmarked for good-paying union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers to keep of access to clean drinking water. >> it is 8.27 and we'll take a quick break. but up next on the kron 4 morning news bart trains are going to get an upgrade. we'll tell you how that might help protect you
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from covid-19. we'll be right back.
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ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through! ugh! and then...the present. and finally, ebenezer...the future!
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introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. 8.30, as we take a quick live look outside another gorgeous shot here. san francisco hub of amazing. and you can see everyone. >> sleeping in and prepping their thanksgiving meals. i can smell that yeah. we've got to borrow this time tomorrow smell of roasting turkeys
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going to be permeating throughout the entire bay area. second helpings of it. i think yeah. of mashed potatoes greens. all of lamb graham jon. the king the second helpings. getting everyone else's food. second helpings of cookies we had yesterday. did you have second helpings of the high today take today. so they didn't get second helpings of the pumpkin, but today. but i want just be honest. this is not just a bright. if you're watching and maybe back up safe and sound. >> might be up there. it is nice and sunny out there across the bay area today. i know so many of us are going to be running those errands today trying to avoid any sort of hassle tomorrow. but it is going to be a busy one. you can be sure that at least mother nature is making it easy for us. we've got clear skies all across the bay area, including right at the coastline in half moon bay beautiful start to the morning out there. our inland areas are among our coldest. that's where we do have frost advisories through 09:00am
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this morning for parts of the inland, east bay as well as across parts of the inland, north bay too. if you're in these spots, just be mindful. it's going to feel a little extra frigid concord. you were in the 30's. now you're back in the low 40's. a couple of holdouts though. san anselmo, petaluma and santa rosa still in the upper 30's right now in the meantime, san francisco brentwood, livermore and bodega bay among areas that are actually pretty mild hanging out in the low 50's right now. john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic today. it's been light for the most part traveling from the east bay. >> into the city a little under 11 minutes for your drive time there. san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 13 to make that commute heading out to richmond a little under 9 and traveling along the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city. now there is a traffic collision of the nation. this is 7.80 westbound injuring at military west street keeping a close eye on that doesn't like. it's causing much of a delay will have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to our top stories.
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>> well, bay area health officials right now bracing for the possibility that we might see a winter surge of covid cases as more people are, of course, getting together for large gatherings for the holidays. yeah, exactly. is cross forcefully to call takes a look at that. we learn more and what could be behind that. >> as more of us are taking to the skies were hitting the road for the holidays. contra costa health services health officer doctor chris farnitano says we are in better shape locally to prevent a repeat of last winter's surge in covid-19 cases. he points to the availability of the vaccine in contra, costa county more than 74% of the population is fully vaccinated outpacing the rest of the country and kids 5 years of age and older have been eligible for weeks. still, he says the county's population is not projected to reach the 80% full vaccination threshold until the end of the year. he says it is essential all eligible adults also received
8:34 am
their booster shots. wayne's especially in older adults. but even in younger adults. >> it's still in younger healthy people. it still gives very, very good protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but we also want to prevent spread in the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations resulting from the virus are down nearly 4 and a half percent and active cases are down nearly 20%. >> numbers. doctor for nintendo expects will increase with more indoor large gathering stepback scene definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as severe as surges. we have last winter regardless of your vaccination status. doctor for nintendo suggests getting tested for the virus before and after your holiday trips. >> in contra, costa county fleet all kron. 4 news. >> well, a troubled covid testing lab in southern california will not be facing sanctions after all. this after claims of significant deficiencies at a lab run by
8:35 am
the company. perkinelmer officials spent 10 months looking into complaints about mismanagement and the mishandling of specimens. even workers sleeping on the job in the final report, though state investigators say they couldn't confirm all of these claims, although the ones that could confirm have since been corrected so far. perkinelmer is lab has processed more than 5 and a half million covid tests across the state and california renewed its 1.7 billion dollar contract with the lab weeks ago. >> well, all bart trains in service are now equipped with newly upgraded filtration systems to fight against the spread of covid-19 the filters are stronger and more dance. each car has for filters that recycles outside air every 70 seconds. the upgrades are supposed to provide more protection against the virus. engineer. charles friend says that the filters have a higher minimum efficiency reporting value or bird number. i mean that the new filters are more efficient because they're going to remove more particles from the air barr hopes the changes reassure customers
8:36 am
that the transportation agency is ready for more riders as we head into the holiday season. >> they can rely on a safe ride on part and that they're breathing very fresh air that we're taking as many steps as we can to mitigate the coronavirus risk. >> bart says it's going to change or replace the filters. every 2 months just to stay on top of >> in the east bay charges have been filed now in connection with the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner police accuse of the men that you're seeing here on your screen of the murder. again, this is marlon king and are king. their kids are confronting joyner gunpoint threatening to shoot him in. still his property. investigators say the joyner pulled out a gun and fired shots killing the 3rd suspect, the sonic gardner now, you may remember the surveillance video that was captured back on october 21st in west oakland. police say a 4th suspect joshua hayes was driving the getaway car in the other side of the pumps. he
8:37 am
was arrested in texas and he's being extradited back to california. joyner was also critically injured. he's recovering now. all 3 defendants have been charged with the murder gardner and second degree robbery of joyner marlon king and come. andre king are also facing one count of assault with a deadly fire. in the south bay san jose. police say 2 men were injured in a shooting on story road just about 2 blocks away from the one-on-one off-ramp. investigators say they arrived on scene. that's where they found these 2 men again with gunshot wounds both taken to the hospital. one of them, we're told, has life-threatening injuries. >> police in milpitas have changed their story about what led to an october shootout between officers and 42
8:38 am
year-old michael nelson detectives were investigating a possible stolen vehicle parked in the milpitas square shopping center originally detectives said they fired their weapons after nelson started shooting at them. but now investigators say was the other way around. it was the detectives who fired first, the santa clara county district attorney's office is now conducting an independent investigation. >> we'll take a break. it is 8.38. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news nasa launches a new mission into space and one aimed at protecting earth from we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673,
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or live chat at today.
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call 833-317-4673, we're back at 8.40 happening today with jury deliberations continuing for a second day now in the trial of the 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. greg mcmichael, his son travis and their neighbor. william bryan, they're all charged with shooting arbery back in february of 2020. they say they were making a citizen's arrest because they thought arbery was committing a crime. but it wasn't. it was simply out for a jog attorneys for the men claim the shooting was in self-defense. however, they did admit while on the stand that. arbery was walking away from them when they confronted him and pointed a gun at his chest. >> and less on son 8 year-old boy injured in sunday's waukesha christmas parade has died. police say jackson sparks was seriously hurt. he underwent brain surgery. but passed away yesterday welder out brooks. he's the man
8:42 am
accused of driving that suv into a crowd at the parade was charged with 5 counts of first-degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say they intend to file another intentional murder charge following the 8 year olds death. more than 60 people were injured during all of that chaos will be right back after the break. a free
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thanksgiving dinner. this sounds good. there's an app for that. and tim cook is talking about apple's love of los angeles. in a new interview, ktla is rich. demuro has details in today's tech smart. >> here's what's happening in the tech world and have called i bought a is offering a free thanksgiving dinner. the shopping rewards app has a deal that gives you 100% cash back on holiday dinner favorites. this includes $15 cash back on the turkey. plus, cash back to cover the cost cream of mushroom soup. frozen corn mashed potatoes stuffing and gravy. new users can redeem the offer instantly. but existing about app. users need to refer a friend to get the deal. the offer runs through november 24th and the items must be purchased at walmart. the new apple store at the grove is now open. the store is twice as big as a location. every places. and it's one of apple's most popular stores. i had a chance to speak with apple ceo tim cook at the grand opening.
8:46 am
here's what he had to say about apple's relationship with los angeles. >> we love la has been a home for apple for 20 years. we've got our apple fitness. plus team here. we've got her apple tv was got apple radio studio here. we've got our fantastic retail team. so it's great to be a part of this vibrant creative community. i'll have more of my interview with apple ceo tim cook in tomorrow's tech smart. >> if you want more information on that free thanksgiving dinner. go to my website. it is rich on tech dot tv. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. all right. thank you, rich. ok, so your tech smart now let's get you whether smart we're getting into the rest of this wednesday a place it does little chilly. what is it was looking outside jones, palm fronds blown around bit. so, you know, it's going to feel a little asked for a little extra brisk. >> we've actually got really wide range of temperatures this morning. a couple of spots like santa rosa and petaluma are still hanging on to the upper 30's concord. you
8:47 am
just work your way back into the low 40's. while some areas like alameda san francisco and brett would have been to the 50's all morning long. so just depends on where you're at regardless, though. i keep the jacket on hand. it is sunny, but just chilly out bay area, golden gate bridge looks absolutely gorgeous. not a lot of cloud cover to talk about today. fog certainly was not a thing. it was those frost advisories that we've been in the midst of for inland spots. high pressure is going to continue to keep us dry sending the jet stream well to the north sending any chance of rain and snow along with it towards the pacific northwest and western canada. that means those of us in the bay we're getting just the opposite that high pressure going to keep us nice and clear. good news for travel shopping errands that you need to get done. bad news for the state's drought. tomorrow will be another nice one warm comfortable afternoon cold cold morning, though friday will be similar to that mix for your friday ds in the g- temperatures today right around the same as they were
8:48 am
yesterday. some low to mid 60's ir sf and right along the coastline. mid 60's for the most part right along the bay shore. some of our most comfortable weather saying carlos at 66 moontain view at 64 south bay temperatures in the mid 60's. mostly for the inland east bay. it will be mostly low 60's while the east bay shoreline mid 60's oakland at 65. as for warmest spot only by one degree that goes to sonoma at 67 tomorrow's highs will be the same as today is really friday will be too after that, we see just a little movement into the weekend that will take us closer to the 70's, if not into the low 70's and great dry weather for any sort of travel home. you may be doing rain. tom, thank you for that. traffic has been nice in like this morning traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes. >> for your drive time san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. you can make that commute in a little under 13. i don't see any delays on bart either richmond center foe could be traveling at a richmond. a little under 9 minutes and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge as
8:49 am
you're heading from the north bay into the city. about 20 minutes for your drive time they will have more weather news coming up. but for now, let's get back to the top story. yes, and one of the big stories of sports fans are following here in the bay. the fact that klay thompson. back on the court participating in full team practices for the first time since he. >> tore his acl in his achilles. all those months ago. so it's great to see him exactly looks healthy as well out there. >> saint mary snagged a spot in the final round of the maui invitational kron sorts director jason dumas has the latest for us in sports. >> it is a great time to be a warriors fan. would you look at this. if this doesn't just make your heart happy. you're not a does fan or you're not a warriors fan in general klay thompson is back at practice going full speed. no limitations. it's the final step in his comeback. it's been 2 and a half years, which president. it. no one has come
8:50 am
back from an acl tear and a ruptured achilles back-to-back, just like clay. of course, that's a long time away from the core. so we will have to temper our expectations. steve kerr said it's our job make sure the public's expectations are tempered, but clay is motivated and guess what, he wants to win another ring. tune into. that's a great indicator of and our defense. i think it's topped the league as well as offense. and i'm not even out yet. think about that. really think about that. i'm more motivated than ever as well. and. i want to championship so bad. more than anything. i want to be on that. i want some recognition and get it. that's fine. get recognition going so. >> i just want to win again. i want to win a force ring and not being will compete again. i just feel that. i mean, the last 2 years. feel like i have a lot of pent-up energy to go out there. and prove not to
8:51 am
anybody else to put to still one of the best. so. we have to our court. we have a finals mvp 2 time mvp dpo. i champions. we've got the core. we've got to use. players who are showing why we went after a man. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to. the u.s. it. what a sound bite. alright college hoops saint mary's host in oregon. >> maui invitational we pick it up in the 2nd half killed by night. >> tommy kuz hand down, man down it. later on. >> saint mary's leading by 14 dan fotu and what they want to just tough line right here. 16 off the bench for him. gals win. 62 to 50. >> that's what saint mary's. they're undefeated exactly all right. we had a wild finish down in san jose. the spartans
8:52 am
taking on northern colorado. college. are you more time running down. how about a poster dunk for the win. moore had 20 points. they win 75 to 74. let's take one more look. the geek tries to take a charge with the game on the line. that's what happens. you get landed on a poster all righty that is your look at sports. >> all right. that was sports director jason dumas reporting, by the way, a saint mary's going to play wisconsin today for the maui title. tipoff. is it too. watch him you set your alarms, right. lot of people at home watching and we'll be right back after the break.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> 2, 1, >> how cool is that? the space x launch always thrilling to see we don't get to see him too often out of vandenberg. but that's where last night's launch was in southern california. this is nasa's dart mission, which is short for double asteroid redirection test, which is a fancy way of saying they're gonna try smack an asteroid. see if they can move it off
8:56 am
course, their one of the things they're trying to do in case there ever is an asteroid heading towards earth and we see it early enough. what will we do about it. well, this is one of the first experiments to see if maybe we can nudge it away. so that's what trying to do. this. a payload should reach the asteroid sometime next september, october, ish of next year. and then that will impact and then we'll see what the asteroid does. and hopefully they've been taking notes. okay. because we've seen it in just about every movie space sci-fi movie and ash towards and here it is happening in real life right keep you updated on their progress. we'll still to come in the next hour. it is one of the busiest travel days of the year. we have team coverage with everything you need to know. >> if you're hitting the road or if you're taking to the skies for the thanksgiving holiday. we'll be right back.
8:57 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> good morning. thank you for joining us at 09:00am here on wednesday. november 24th we are one day ahead of thanksgiving. we've got a lever, getting excited for a lot of people traveling for 2. in fact, that's our big story today. we've got team coverage
9:00 am
with everything you need to know before you leave. first off, we've got camila barco sent by live at oakland airport were today is their busiest day. and you can certainly see all the commotion behind her. so we'll get the update there. yulia 7 covering the roads for us with the high gas prices as well. and john trouble, the forecast. everybody wants to know how is thanksgiving day going to shape up. it's looking good with the weather. the easiest part of the whole thing this year. if you're taking on the task of the turkey. that's going to be much more challenging than just getting out there on those roads will be because it's definitely dry and aside from some chilly conditions this morning. >> it's actually going to be pretty comfortable this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon as well. a view outside right now shows you will part of san jose. at least the part that matters which is the sky and that is nice and clear. we just saw are frost advisories expiring about 28 seconds they expired at 09:00am this morning. we're still pretty chilly, but temperatures are beginning to warm under what is all that sunshine conquered. you were in the 30's. now you're at 49 dublin at 50


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