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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 24, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. on wednesday. it is 05:00am i'm james fletcher. and i'm brian harvey in for darya folsom just a day before the holiday. >> we're just talking before we came on one more day before we can eat. >> all the food, all the for all the food, all the food that john with our pre thanksgiving day forecast. we want to just some of us have already been cole and you know why? because you're professional you train. i do well. got to be ready. you have to be ready. and tomorrow traders were just going to be ready. the audi threats to be a sign looking at some good weather today to get outside. maybe do that last minute prep before thanksgiving or i know it's going to be busy travel day to see your travels are going to be pretty easy going. for your wednesday looking outside right now. berkeley hills looking beautiful.
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crystal clear. it is cold out there, though. we have frost advisories in effect for the inland. the east bay as well as across the inland, north bay through 09:00am this morning. you can see a lot of cities being affected by this, including one o ones corridor and 6 80's corridor through the east bay. all these areas at least temperatures falling below freezing, especially in rural areas. we'll a few 30's on the map to start this morning, including in concord, petaluma as well as nevado in san anselmo. just another morning to bundle up as you've gotten used to the past few mornings breanna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's start of the bay bridge to tracking your traffic this morning. it's pretty light. >> a little under 9 minutes to make your way into the city at this hour. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes as you're traveling there along highway 24 westbound west of the called a caught lane in oakland. that is where i do see an accident there. so we'll keep a close eye on that doesn't like. it's causing much of a delay richmond. sandra fell bridge to traveling across their little under 9 minutes. and
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the golden gate bridge. about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up. for now, let's get back to the top story. speaking of traffic, 48 million more than 48 million people are expected to hit the roads. >> and drive during this thanksgiving holiday. that's a whole lot of people whole lot of people. i can say we're not going to be those people. this is bay area drivers deal with near record high gas prices kron four's. the seven's is live in burlingame with the details. good morning, ali. >> yeah, good morning. what you know, even though we got that announcement yesterday president biden that they'll be releasing 50 million barrels of oil. it's really not going to affect the gas prices quite yet for this for this holiday will help out in in the future in week. so you can see here at the at the chevron. it is for the cheapest gas and then 5.29 at the highest in burlingame. so
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that is kind of where we're going. but we do get we do have some graphics for you so you can see what the average for ice in some of the cities around us. and of course, san francisco has the top billing up. >> $4 and $0.88 a gallon but other, you know, cities like oakland, san jose in sandra fell not too far behind. just maybe $0.10 difference possibly on the average there. we also in los angeles being for 71, is reading, of course, up north. it's going to be the cheapest which is that for 67. and you can see the rest for 77 in for 72. so really making that the average around here in the bay area is around $4.77. so if you have like a tank of gas. you might wanna. >> drive a further away to see if you can save at least a quarter here and there it might help just a little bit. i know at 1, one time where i on driving up one time. i was
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able to find. gas for 3.99. so that was a really big savings says sometimes you can get lucky and and hit a gas station that's going to be a little cheaper. quite a significant cheaper just outside the bay area. but in the meantime, this is the prices that we are dealing with. it's just kind of like that we have to deal with because right now it is really a worldwide kind of a problem where there's like a whole lot of the man and not a whole lot of supply. and this is why prices are so of so high right now. but. you know, go electric. i have an electric car says sometimes i don't even have to worry about i feel i have a full tank of a every morning just plugging in and it is a little cheaper than gas. so. but the for the for those who have gassed. cars vehicles. these are the prices you're going to be
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dealing with. but hopefully that will start to decline in the future weeks back to you guys. and these prices are more than push more people to go electric just like you. you know, thank you very much. >> and if you're planning driving today. well, you're going to want to leave early because according to triple a the worst time to drive in the bay area is between 4, 06:00pm today and the worst commute will be on the 80 eastbound right between the 5.80 split and dam road triple a says the traffic on that route is going to be nearly 300% worse than normal. so 3% increase in congestion. triple a says that overall the best time to drive today is after 09:00pm. if you can do that and then tomorrow the worst time to drive will be between noon and 3 is everybody's trying to get to their last-minute destinations. the best time to drive. it is 11:00am and then on friday you want to avoid driving between one and 4 and then try and hit the road if you can before 11:00am basically the earlier the better and over the weekend, the best times to hit the road or all before noon. so keep
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that in mind. maybe can plan around that all in addition to the traffic. another big story we've been following. police in fremont say. >> they're stepping up patrols and retail centers across that area. this comes after the recent smash-and-grab robberies at stores all across the bay area. city officials say they've been in contact with several businesses and people can expect to see more patrol cars in certain areas. if you're al and you're wondering that's why now the 9 people charged in connection to a series of smash-and-grab robberies in san francisco could be a range. could be arraigned in court as early as today. investigators saw on 9 people connected to those break-ins and robberies at the louis baton store. the dispensary in the walgreens. sfpd says as many as 40 people smashed windows at that louis the talks to on friday night. this was one of several locations targeted in the same night. we've also learned areas in the soma district were also targeted friday night.
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>> we cannot we will not and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. the charges we everything from looting, grand theft burglary, possession of stolen property firearm possession commercial burglary and more. >> district attorneys from across the bay area met yesterday to discuss that that's happening across the area and one of the thieves in these incidents could be connected to other thefts. >> well, legal analysts say that all the bay area. prosecutors will have to argue that these well organized theft. some out to felony conspiracy charges at san francisco dha somebody did. and that's because there is a california state law that treats less than $950 as a misdemeanor. >> a lot of these retail theft crews have become emboldened by it. decriminalization in our property crime laws. and i think that's why you're seeing this spring up all over the bay area because they recognize that at this point the prosecutors are a step behind them.
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>> and many business owners say that they're hiring extra private security and they're also calling for a larger police presence during the holiday shopping season. well, the city of san francisco is limiting car traffic around union square in an attempt to try and stop potential crimes from our criminals from parking near their intended targets. the city is doing this every day from 7 at night until 00:00am in the morning. the following day. mayor london breed says this change could even last be on the holiday season. we'll have to see how it works out. trying to. >> look at ways in order to makes it a downtown shopping experience more safe for pedestrians because this is not just about stolen goods having the ability to shop without concern about a vehicle hitting you is really important. >> as temperatures go. police is also stepping up patrols in union square and city officials say they hope that last weekend smash-and-grab won't keep people from coming out and doing their holiday shopping.
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>> in the south bay. 2 people were arrested for trying to steal from the women's macy's at the valley fair mall. police say the 2 were caught trying to steal $2000 worth of merchandise. they tried to run from the scene. but a patrol officer caught them and arrested him. also in the east bay, police in oakland are investigating a burglary at a business. it happened on tuesday. it happened on the 300 block of 14th street police several people got out of the cars broke into the businesses and stole several items. they then got in their cars and they do trove off. no information has been released yet. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news health officials in the east bay are preparing now for a possible surge in covid cases. we'll tell you why they say the vaccine is key to preventing that surge. plus, president joe biden wants to tap into the country's oil reserves to make gas cheaper. we talk about that now. we're going hear from some lawmakers who think it's a bad idea. and after the break, dry weather is pushing
5:10 am
back the start of ski season. we'll tell you how one resort plans to attract customers during thanksgiving despite the fact there's no snow, john. and it is a busy travel day. james sfo has looked relatively calm right now. i'm sure it's not so much. >> inside those gates right now temperatures in the 60's later on today. so can travel conditions for such a busy day for so many about your forecast ahead.
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>> 5.13, is the time and sugar bowl heavenly northstar and palisades have all had to postpone their reopening dates now because it is is enough snow up there in the sierra. exactly. there are a lot of people that are upset about that. but for yao they hope to capture some holiday crowds with a tentative friday opening dennis shanahan has that story for us.
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>> the temperature dropped into the 20's and the snow making team at boreal fired up the machine. orioles marketing director tells fox 40 the resort is hoping to open the day after thanksgiving depending on conditions and he encourages people to check for eels social media for updates on the resort would have loved the open. steve clarke is the owner of clark snowsports. we stopped by the roseville shop on our way up the mountain even during drought. steve stays optimistic, knowing the resorts always end up having a season. >> it will happen when it happens. you know, we always got to be optimistic. we buy all the stuff back in january going into last year. we didn't even know the resorts. we're going to open, he says last year ended up being one of the shops busiest ever despite the pandemic or perhaps because of it because everybody was all cooped up and wanted to get start going to some fun in the snow that fell in october was enough that some resorts, including palisades tahoe and boreal
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opened for a few days until the weather warmed up in the snow melted away. so there was a lot pre season purchasing going on from customers that we're coming in and not able to find what they wanted at the end last season. now with the holidays approaching resorts are watching the forecast hoping for the best. even if the best for now is simply a temperature cold enough to allow for snowmaking. great for snow. >> and hopefully get a good snow season so much a product and that will help fund with it. >> if you're going to get any snow. it's going to be the fake stuff there. exactly not snowing for in the spirit of snow. but, you know, not much i can do about it. no, not much. john can do about it either. all he does is provide the forecast. good morning to the fake stuff still works sure. and it is cold enough for at least snowmaking to occur because, you know, mother nature. she is offering up any of the new natural stuff. this is a tea this morning as you're heading up donner summit right here now 80 is about to be very, very
5:16 am
busy today. mother nature is at least giving us good weather for your travels across 80 if you're heading up to reno to see family, maybe just an escape up in tahoe. do expect some relatively warm afternoons. but cold cold nights and at least 80 and other routes heading up into the sierra are nice and dry just as you're also seeing here in the bay area. we still do have a foggy impact out towards the central valley. and we have frost advisories for the inland, east bay and inland north bay as well. high pressure is in place from lee. now, this is really going to keep us dry in the days to come. no chance of rainfall today, tomorrow on into the weekend after thanksgiving, all of it looks great for traveling not so great considering we're in a very deep drought. even with our excessive october rainfall behind us. you can see that today we remain nice and sunny tomorrow. mostly sunny for thanksgiving in friday. just a few clouds passing overhead. nothing. really. that's going to hold you up as you're venturing outside for shopping or for your travels, 60's for your highs. in sf today in
5:17 am
60's, right along the coastline to most of our bayshore cities will also be in the mid 60's right along with where we were yesterday saying carlos at 66 campbell san jose each at 65 east bay temperatures low to mid 60's for you with hayward and oakland right at 65 degrees as well. a little cooler further inland antioch in pittsburgh. you'll only be in the low 60's central valley has definitely been on the cooler side and the foggier side as we have seen that inversion set up shop out that direction tomorrow will be a nice and clear one for the bay area. we've got mid 60's for thanksgiving highs and for black friday. some mid 60's as well. temperatures rise into the weekend close if not to the low 70's reyna. john, thank you for that. right. checking the traffic this morning. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city via the bay bridge. >> a little under 10 minutes. traffic really light. but along 13 northbound north of redwood road in oakland. we do have a one of the lanes are blocked. looks like there's a downed tree right there.
5:18 am
slowing us down a little bit, but i'm not seeing any delays along 5.80, or 80. also, let's get a look at the san mateo bridge and across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes. we're going to have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's go back to our top stories. all right. and on the national front this morning. the white house says that the as reported is dipping into the national oil reserve to try and help lower gas prices for the millions of americans that are going to be traveling this holiday season. hopefully that can help you at home. get to where you need to go. >> democrats praising for republicans blaming the president for that price surge. we have raquel martin who joins us live from washington with the latest. good morning. workout. good morning. will experts say that release of oil could bring down gas prices tend to $0.15. >> in the next one to 2 weeks. but they also say there is no guarantee. however, the biden administration is confident their strategy will work. >> i told you before that we're going to take action on these problems. that's exactly
5:19 am
what we're doing in an effort to combat surging prices at the pump. the white house said it's releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to help balance out a supply shortage sparked by the pandemic and will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight. and we'll make a difference. we have to do everything in our power tuesday, department of energy secretary jennifer granholm said the effort should give americans temporary relief last month. gas prices reached their highest level since 2014, oil production is lagging behind. granholm says the current supply problem underscores the need for america to diversify its energy resources add more clean energy. relying upon. >> fuel from countries that may not have our best interests at heart hurts the american people in the long. and but republicans say the biden administration's policies are making things worse, not better joe biden is clueless florida republican senator rick scott says releasing oil will help
5:20 am
americans. now, that's going to be nice, but we've got to do is we've got to figure how to become energy independent. we don't. you don't do it by shut down pipelines ensure that shut down drilling. >> of course, the white house pushing back against that criticism. it's also important to note that the u.s. isn't the only country tapping into its reserves. other countries like the u k and india, for instance, have also agreed that happened to their reserves in an effort to try to bring down gas prices globally for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you guys. all right. thank you very much, rick l 5.20. is the time. lots more still coming up, a lot coming up, some workers at sfo say they're going to go on strike. we're going to tell you. >> why they made that decision. once we get back.
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5.23. is the time and happening today. if you're traveling through sfo, which many of you will be you might notice some protesters there at the airport. >> this is a live look out there this morning. operations are still moving smoothly. this is the union representing hundreds of food service workers at the airport and its members say they plan on striking today backed a spokesperson says are going to be calling for a better health care benefits and other things as well. now, this strike is scheduled from 10 o'clock this morning until 3 this afternoon out of terminal 3. so if you
5:24 am
see people with picket signs. that's what they're doing. officials with the airport say they're pretty confident that the strike would affect your travel plans but yourself a little extra time just in case. >> well, bay area leaders say they are more than ready to use that federal money that's coming in from the new infrastructure bill over the next 5 years. the bay area's going to receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars for roads. bridges, public transit as well as internet access. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area. members of congress to talk about those funds. a portion of the money is going to go towards implementing new low electric vehicle buses over in the east bay. now one and a half billion dollars is also set for airport infrastructure with some of to build up the levees at sfo and congresswoman jackie spear says a 100 million dollars is going to go towards broadband to help close the gap on internet access across the state. why is that important? >> fi people in california
5:25 am
doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. >> in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> other money's going to go towards completing electrification on caltrain and they say there is also money earmarked for good-paying union jobs, pipe fitters and plumbers to keep up access to clean drinking water. >> we'll take a break here. at 5.25. but coming up next on the kron 00:00am morning news bart train is getting an upgrade. we'll tell you how that upgrade could help protect you from covid-19.
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and small appliances are just $4.99 after rebate. kohl's! are back. 5.28. is the time as we take a live look coit tower and in some holiday treats this morning just got to give a quick shout out to our assignment editor brian brooks for bringing in. feis. but take a look at the day that we're all enjoying we were down in for a drink, some water. it is a really good
5:29 am
thank you, brian. hopefully we'll have some fun treats to enjoy for your thanksgiving, too. as we're sort of getting the party started a little early here on the thing on happy. are you a little practice. this is the time for day so right this. always important to stretch before you that before the big day. so that, the but a few sandwiches and they're ready to go for the main course. but yes, we're looking outside at some really great conditions today to maybe do some of that last minute shopping. you haven't got your hands on the whatever it is that you need to be serving up tomorrow. today. mother nature is going to be making it easy. i'm sure those crowds at the stores are going to be another thing entirely your view outside right now at a berkeley hills camera is looking nice. we've got clear skies. another fog free morning for most areas. we are also looking at some frost advisories, though we have been seeing temperatures down in the 30's at times the inland east bay. certainly one of those spots from the tri valley through conquered on
5:30 am
over to antioch oakley in discovery bay. we're in the midst of frost advisories through 09:00am this morning. the same is true for the north bay, especially along one o ones corridor as well as up into napa and sonoma valleys. all these areas affected by temperatures falling as low as the 30's concord. you're at 32 or 38 right now. at 36 degrees will nevado insane and each of 37 san francisco timber on pittsburgh and brett and are more mild spots each in the 50's. i'll be talking about what to expect this afternoon. and for thanksgiving tomorrow in the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic traveling from the east bay into the city traffic still pretty light. a little under. >> 10 minutes for your drive time there. the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes to make that commute. we're going to check out the richmond center fell bridge your head at a richmond. a little under 9 minutes for your drive time and about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city.
5:31 am
>> so let's get back to the headlines here at 5.30 bay area. health officials are bracing for a possible winter surge in covid cases. that's the worry that that's because more people are going to hit the roads are going to be close to your loved ones gathering in large groups over the holidays. yeah. so that's the worry across forcefully to call that takes a closer look. >> as more of us are taking to the skies were hitting the road for the holidays. contra costa health services health officer doctor chris says we are in better shape locally to prevent a repeat of last winter's surge in covid-19 cases. he points to the availability of the vaccine in contra, costa county more than 74% of the population is fully vaccinated outpacing the rest of the country and kids 5 years of age and older have been eligible for weeks. still, he says the county's population is not projected to reach the 80% full vaccination threshold until the end of the year. he says it is essential
5:32 am
all eligible adults also received their booster shots. wayne's especially in older adults. but even in younger adults. >> it's still in younger healthy people. it still gives very, very good protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but we also want to prevent spread in the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations resulting from the virus are down nearly 4 and a half percent and active cases are down nearly 20%. >> numbers. doctor for nintendo expects will increase with more indoor large gathering. some vaccine definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as severe as surgeons. we have last winter regardless of your vaccination status. doctor for nintendo suggests getting tested for the virus before and after your holiday trips. >> in contra, costa county fleet all kron. 4 news. >> well, at 5.32. we have a troubled covid testing live in southern california. apparently not going to be facing any sanctions. this
5:33 am
comes following an investigation into what state health leaders called quote, significant deficiencies at this lab that was run by diagnostics company perkinelmer. now officials spent 10 months looking into complaints that included mismanagement and mishandling of specimens as well as workers sleeping on the job in a new report state. investigators say they could not confirm those claims or that certain issues had been corrected. the perkinelmer lab is well, so far has processed more than 5 and a half million covid tests from thousands of testing sites across the state. california renewed its 1.7 billion dollar contract with the lab weeks ago. >> and all bart trains in service are now finally equipped with newly upgraded filtration systems to fight against the spread of covid-19. the filters are stronger. more dense. each car has 4 filters that recycles outside air every 70 seconds. the upgrades are supposed to provide more protection against the virus. engineer. charles friend says the
5:34 am
filters have a higher minimum efficiency reporting value or number of number meaning that the new filters are more efficient because they're going to remove more particles from the air barr hopes the changes reassure customers that the transportation agency is ready for more riders as we head into the holiday season. >> they can rely on a safe ride on part and that they're breathing very fresh air that we're taking as many steps as we can to mitigate the coronavirus risk. >> well, bart says it will change and replace the filters every 2 to 3 months. >> in the east bay charges have been filed now in connection with the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner police accuse these men you see on your screen, marlon king and come on dre, king of confronting joyner at gunpoint and threatening to shoot him and steal his property. investigators say the joyner pulled out a gun and fired shots killing the 3rd suspect, the sunny gardner surveillance video captured that shooting on october 21st in west
5:35 am
oakland. police say a 4th suspect joshua hayes was driving the getaway car. he was arrested in texas and is now being extradited back to california. joyner was also critically injured in that shootout. but he is recovering all 3 defendants now been charged with the murder of gardner and second degree robbery of joyner marlon king and come. andre king are also facing one count of assault with a firearm. in the south bay san jose. police say that 2 men were injured in a shooting on story road about 2 blocks away from the 1, one off rent. investigators say they arrived on scene and found the 2 men with gunshot wounds. both were taken to the hospital. one with life-threatening injuries.
5:36 am
>> bill peters police make a major reversal on the timeline of an october shootout between police and 42 year-old michael nelson detectives made an enforcement stop of a stolen vehicle that was part of the milpitas square shopping center at the time police said detectives fired their weapons in response to nelson shooting. first. now police say the detective shot and nelson first the santa clara county district attorney's office is now conducting an independent investigation. >> all right. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news. the city of san francisco declares a water shortage and now they're asking people to conserve or they could see a price hike on their next bill. and after the break, an 8 year-old child is the latest victim now in that wisconsin christmas parade crash. now, the man accused of driving through that crowd of people could be facing even more charges and this morning we are seeing some really cold temperatures. but later on today, things get a lot more mild, some 60's up the coast as well as in our inland valleys. >> not a huge difference
5:37 am
between the 2. we do have some cold spots this morning though, and for some frost advisories at the full forecast from today through thanksgiving in the weekend. after all. still to come.
5:38 am
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>> 5.39 is the time happening today. jury deliberations continue for the second day in the trial of the 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery in georgia. greg mcmichael, his son travis and their neighbor. william bryan are all charged with shooting arbery back in february of 2020. they say they were making a citizen's arrest because they thought arbery was committing a crime. but he wasn't. he was just jogging through the neighborhood to get exercise attorneys for the men claim that shooting was in self-defense. however, they admitted during the trial that arbery walk away from them during the confrontation. >> wisconsin. an 8 year-old boy injured in sunday's waukesha christmas parade has died. police say jackson sparks was seriously hurt and underwent brain surgery. but passed away yesterday. they're all worlds. the man accused of driving an suv into crowds at the parade was charged. 5
5:41 am
counts of first-degree intentional homicide. prosecutors say they intend to fall. another intentional murder charge following the 8 year-old to death more than 60 people were injured during the chaos. there. >> we'll take a break here at 5.40. we'll be right back.
5:42 am
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we're back at 5.43 california's worsening drought has for san francisco leaders now to declare a water shortage. mayor london breed and the san francisco public utilities commission voted to adopt a system wide reduction in water use by 10%. and that's effective immediately residents and businesses are going to be asked now to cut their water use by 5%. other very agencies that buy water from the city will be asked to conserve used by 14% customers can also expect to see a temporary drought surcharge of up to 5% on their water bill. if they don't reduce their water use governor newsome has previously called on all californians to reduce their water usage by 15%. and up to this point, we still haven't met that goal is probably going to be even more difficult. you've got a lot of people coming into people taking showers and down that shower time. just have business past are all right.
5:45 am
5.44. is the time we got john in the weather center with our. >> thanksgiving eve forecast. good morning, john. get just have to apologize to showered in a while. little easy on the excessive water >> that's the heads up. give the we're looking outside of conditions out there that are going to be nice and clear today, unfortunately, mother nature not offering a sunday showers in the form of. >> any rain or snow falling. we have stayed dry all week long and we're going to stay that way through thanksgiving. the weekend after thanksgiving on into the end of november and early next week. so this is a dry forecast bodes well for your travels, though, golden gate bridge is beautiful in crystal clear this morning. you can see that is true on satellite and radar across the region as high pressure for lee builds in today. this is going to keep thing so nice and dry out there. great for your shopping plans today. all those last-minute errands that i know all of us have to get done today before tomorrow. now today is going to offer a lot of sunshine tomorrow is going to be mostly sunny one still a great day. even some
5:46 am
maybe a late thanksgiving lunch outside with the family that will be perfect for a lot of areas with some mid 60's friday. a few more clouds, but still remaining. nice and dry for your black friday shopping is first today is concerned right around the same as we were yesterday. so if you liked what yesterday brought us, you probably going to enjoy a lot of what today brings us to burlingame at 65 same for you in redwood city. woodside in palo alto, south bay temperatures in the mid 60's san jose santa clara and campbell also at 65 today, low to mid 60's across the east bay oakland. you guessed it. another 65 on the map. same for you in benicia as well as fairfield napa on bill and even on over towards the coastline, not much different than that. now. tomorrow's temperatures around the same as today's as well. also be the case on friday. the weekend does get a little bit warmer likely to see a few 70's come saturday, sunday and then into monday of next week. tuesday we round out the month of november with highs still in the upper 60's.
5:47 am
>> reyna. john, thank you for why we're checking new war. we're on wednesday today. wow of the week is just going by wednesday morning traffic. you're heading from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 2 minutes. i don't see any major issues or delays along that commute. san mateo bridge at it across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes for your drive time at this hour, heading out of richmond across towards center fell a little under 9 is traffic continues to move along and about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay to the tolls when the weather and traffic coming up. but for now, let's get back to our top stories. all right. and in sports, klay thompson back on the court practicing in full team practice for the first time since he tore his acl and his achilles couple years ago, lot of people got to see him back and say merry snags a spot in the final round and the maui invitational invitational was director jason dumas says the latest for us in sports. >> is a great time to be a warriors fan. would you look at this. if this doesn't just
5:48 am
make your heart happy. you're not a does fan or you're not a warriors fan in general klay thompson is back at practice going full speed. no limitations. it's the final step in his comeback. it's been 2 and a half years, which president. it. no one has come back from an acl tear and a ruptured achilles back-to-back, just like clay. of course, that's a long time away from the core. so we will have to temper our expectations. steve kerr said it's our job make sure the public's expectations are tempered, but clay is motivated and guess what, he wants to win another ring. tune into. that's a great indicator of and our defense. i think its top 3 league as well as offense. and i'm not even out yet. think about that. really think about that. i'm more motivated than ever as well. and. i want to championship so bad. more than
5:49 am
anything. i want to be on that. i want some recognition and get it. that's fine. get recognition going so. >> i just want to win again. i want to win a force ring and not being will compete again. i just i mean, the last 2 years of feel like i have a lot of pent-up energy to go out there. and prove not to anybody else to put to my cell phone. still one of the best. so. we got court. we have a finals mvp 2 time mvp dpo. i champions. we've got the core. we've got to use. players who are showing why we went after a man. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to. the u.s. it. what a sound bite. alright college hoops saint mary's host in oregon. >> maui invitational we pick it up in the 2nd half gales by night. >> tommy kuz hand down, man down later on.
5:50 am
>> saint mary's leading by 14 dan fotu. what they want to just tough line right here. 16 off the bench for him. gals win. 62 to 50. >> that's what saint mary's. they're undefeated exactly all right. we had a wild finish down in san jose. the spartans taking on northern colorado. college. are you more time running down. how about a poster dunk for the win. moore had 20 points. they win 75 to 74. let's take one more look tries to take a charge with the game on the line. that's what happens. you get landed on a poster all righty that is your look at sports. >> and that was sports director jason dumas reporting for us this morning. saint mary's, by the way, is going to be playing wisconsin today for the maui titles. tipoff is going to be at 2 this afternoon. be right back after the break.
5:51 am
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers find the best bargains ever! when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> i love this story. has the internet up in arms the other day because the dollar tree is transforming into the dollar. 25. tree next here at the dollar tree didn't know that prices going up the company
5:54 am
says going to raise prices on most items by colder because a coroner goes a long way to try to adjust for rising inflation and the change is going to be implemented in the 1st quarter of 2022 it's james lot of upset about that. they are. >> are store. all right. take a look at this. >> 4, 2, 1, >> now, that's the latest nasa mission underway space x once again with their falcon 9 rocket this time at a van berg, a air force base dart mission is now up and away. dart is short for double asteroid redirection test. basically they're going to be aiming this afternoon. bomb in essence at an orbiting asteroid just to see if they can collide with it can they alter the trajectory. the comes this asteroid. it's one of the things they're trying to study. you know what,
5:55 am
there's an asteroid that is coming early. how would we with maybe handy. so this is one of the tests they're doing to see now. how much can we change the direction of an asteroid the size now so the testing has begun to develop some sort of space asteroids defense system we've done in just about every move, actually be doing it. you have to realize all right. so for your money this morning we're talking about the california state lottery and they're warning players and retailers to avoid online to get ordering services. >> because lottery officials we are talking about how bad the services are which often offer ticket purchases through an app. they're not regulated in the stay and they could leave players vulnerable to scams and theft. the california lottery said it's not affiliated with a 3rd party ticket delivery service has oversight authority leaving then unable to ensure the security and integrity of these services. a lottery officials say anyone who wants to purchase lottery tickets to do so at a retail locations
5:56 am
just heard an ad for one of these companies on the radio the other interesting. okay. >> care that and don't get got. absolutely we'll take a break here. coming up on 5.56 in the next hour. it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. we'll have team coverage with everything you need to know if you're going to be hitting the roads or taking to the skies. >> this thanksgiving holiday. so stay tuned. we'll have that coming up in just a moment.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us on this wednesday the day before thanksgiving. i'm james fletcher. and i'm reyna harvey injured are in full sun today and it's beautiful outside. yeah, it today is going to be a very busy day for folks that are doing last-minute shopping for thanksgiving or traveling for thanksgiving fact. we've got team coverage with everything you need to know before you leave the house as you can see on your screen here. camila barco standing by live at oakland airport where they're expecting to have one of the busiest flying days today. exactly. we also have yulia 7 as who has you covered
6:00 am
if you're going to be out hitting the roads fields, gas incredible and then of course, john, with the weather. the all important forecast for thanksgiving morning job a little easier to stomach than the gas prices. guys forecast is looking good. we are looking at some good conditions for your shopping today. last minute errands that i know all of us got to get done on this day before thanksgiving and also for your travels, which is one of the busiest travel days of the year looking outside your berkeley hills camera is beautiful. crystal clear. we are in the midst of some frost advisories, though, just due to how cold temperatures are this morning. the inland east bay as well as inland portions of the north bay valleys. all falling into the 30's and 40's and that's frost advisories remain in effect for the spots shaded in light blue on this map until 09:00am. you can see a few 30's on the map right now, including in concord, petaluma novato san anselmo and santa rosa, quite the range of temperatures, though, because we're certainly not all in the 30's. a few 50's on the map as well. i'll be


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