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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 24, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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thanksgiving forecast. and it's a really nice when john. yeah, who needs the thanksgiving day parade kron 4 out in the back basically love it. love and we are going to be on tomorrow torning. so we'll be on from 7 to 10:00am. we'll take the holidays year. >> it's good to let them know tomorrow. 7 to 10. so if you like to wake up at 4 with us. you can sleep in just it's okay to be up at 04:30am. but this morning you if you made the right decision we are looking conditions this morning that are cold very cold. in fact, cold enough for some frost advisories to be in effect for much of our inland areas across the bay viewing outside from the embarcadero. we are seeing clear skies and a little bit of a northerly wind. and you can see some of our spots that are under the midst of this frost advisories that includes the north bay this morning starting along the one oh, one corridor from mill valley on up through sonoma county. >> frost advisory remains through 09:00am and that is also true for the inland, east
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bay. we're from discovery bay antioch on over towards conquer down through walnut creek into the tri valley and even signal. we are being affected by those frost advisories right now. pretty easy to see why taking one looking at temperatures conquered, you're sitting at 39 degrees. same for you in novato and san anselmo while petaluma at 36 a couple of low 50's in areas like san francisco timber on then further inland towards fairfield pittsburgh. and brett, what where we're still seeing an impact of some to leave fog and version keeping temperatures a bit warmer out that direction 60's for your highs later on. it will be another comfortably cool afternoon with plenty of sunshine. good chance to get out there and enjoy another day before thanksgiving, maybe to get some of those. aaron staton. >> reyna. john, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge traveling out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes to make your drive across heading out of the golden gate bridge to get that from the north bay into the city. a little under 20. we'll have more weather and traffic.
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coming up, the families get back to the news. sequoia trees. they're known for being one of the most resilient organisms on earth and they're also one of the biggest experts say just one tree can weigh more than a 100 elephants can buy. but as chip yost reports for us, the future of these giants in the forest have been threatened in a way once thought unthinkable. this is just a giant sequoia tree and the black mountain grove. >> this all burned in the pier fire in 2017 in and around sequoia national forest in central california. experts are studying the changing relationship between sequoia trees and wild fires. the only place in the world where sequoias grow naturally is on the western slopes of the sierra nevada mountain range with most of them located and then narrow 60 mile stretch of forest. >> just east of fresno. the sequoia trees, you'll find there. we're considered the largest trees on earth. many
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are thousands of years oldvand have survived countless fires during their lifetimes. but recently their fire survival rate has taken a hit. >> it is getting scary, especially to see one of the most fired opted organisms on earth being burned up in fire. that's a very scary change. christy brigham is the chief of resources management and science. >> for sequoia and kings canyon national parks. she says the change was especially noticed during last year's castle fire in the castle fire. we lost between 7,510 1600. >> sequoias over 4 feet in diameter. that's a lot that's 10 to 14% of the entire population. the change in the trees ability to survive a surprising. >> since the sequoia is built to coexist with fire. >> that sounds hollow.
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>> in part due to its thick bark that insulates it from the fire and in part due to its size since in most cases for a fire to kill a sequoia. it would have to get all the way up into the canopy. a tall task indeed. >> there are adapted to fire. look how far off the ground. the branches are. >> in addition sequoias need fire to reproduce and seeing the base of a tree blackened by fire can actually be a good thing since it means the seeds which sit inside the cones high up on the trees may have gotten the heat they needed to be released. the radiation from the heat. >> opens up the cones and then they drop their seeds and they'll drop thousands. so right after the fire. this was a carpet. a little tiny giant sequoias. >> well, touring an area burned by this year's windy fire sequoia national forest
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stretching fitzgerald also showed us how the trees heal themselves after the fire passes. you know, it got a little injured from the fire. you can actually see it's trying to put out some sap try and heal some of the wounds. ideally in normal times. this burn and heal cycle would repeat itself every 10 to 20 years. but these are not normal times. this is an alarming time for giant sequoias. >> and for for us all throughout our sierras coming up in our next report. we look at what's caused the change and at some of the extraordinary steps firefighters and forced workers have taken. >> to try and save the sequoias during recent fires. for now on the western slopes of california's sierra nevada mountain range. i'm chip yost. >> well, governor gavin newsom is named his choice to lead the california public utilities commission. alice reynolds, the governor senior adviser on energy policy has
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been appointed to be the president of the utilities regulator. the cpu see is tasked with holding utility companies accountable. this includes pg and e and other electric utilities struggling with wildfire safety. reynolds appointment must be confirmed by the state senate. >> i'm very concerned. and in parts of the country that winter has already started the northern part of the country that they are seen surges. >> the bay area. health officials are bracing for a possible winter surge in covid cases that is more people are hitting the road and planning large gatherings for the holidays. kron four's. phillipe djegal has more on that. >> as more of us are taking to the skies were hitting the road for the holidays. contra costa health services health officer doctor chris farnitano says we are in better shape locally to prevent a repeat of last winter's surge in covid-19 cases. he points to the availability of the vaccine in contra, costa
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county more than 74% of the population is fully vaccinated outpacing the rest of the country and kids 5 years of age and older have been eligible for weeks. still, he says the county's population is not projected to reach the 80% full vaccination threshold until the end of the year. he says it is essential all eligible adults also received their booster shots. wayne's especially in older adults. but even in younger adults. >> it's still in younger healthy people. it still gives very, very good protection against severe disease and hospitalization. but we also want to prevent spread in the past 2 weeks. hospitalizations resulting from the virus are down nearly 4 and a half percent and active cases are down nearly 20%. >> numbers doctor for nintendo expects will increase with more indoor large gathering. some vaccine definitely makes a big difference. and i think that will keep us from as
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severe as surges. we have last winter regardless of your vaccination status. doctor for nintendo suggests getting tested for the virus before and after your holiday trips. >> in contra, costa county fleet all kron. 4 news. >> well, the white house says the covid-19 booster shot campaign is going well. 3 million americans reportedly received a roosters between friday when the extra shot was officially authorized for adults and sunday officials say at least 36 million people have gotten a booster since it was first ordered in september. more than a 135 million people are now eligible for booster shot. it's open to all adults who have their second pfizer or moderna doses 6 months ago or 2 months since getting the johnson and johnson vaccine. and we're following up with state leaders after california health officials reportedly trouble covid testing lab of any sanctions. the state says it's going to continue its 1.7 billion dollar contract with the southern california lap. ashley zavala explains why.
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california's 25 million dollar covid-19 testing lab in valencia will not face any consequences. >> this comes following an investigation into what state health leaders called significant deficiencies at the lab run by diagnostics company perkinelmer whistleblower said earlier this year, those issues threaten the accuracy of covid-19. test results from the lab used by essential workplaces like clinics, churches and more than 1000 schools. the california department of public health which regulates the labs spent 10 months looking into complaints that included mishandling specimens, mismanagement, destroying documents and data and reports of workers sleeping on the job in their investigation. findings released monday. cdph said it could not substantiate claims that documents and data were destroyed and that the lab had corrected. other deficiencies, california, auto renewed its 1.7 billion dollar no-bid contract with perkinelmer lab weeks ago, state officials clarified since the labs launch in october of 2020 california has
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paid about 716 million dollars. total in monthly invoices. in a statement cdph officials said, quote, the state chose to allow the auto renew provision in the contract with perkinelmer to take effect to ensure that we have the capabilities in place for a potential surge. the contract still include strong termination provisions that allows the state to terminate the contract without cause with a 45 day. notice republican state senate majority leader scott wilk said in a statement newsome failed to meet the moment on the state funded labs criticizing the administration for taking 10 months to release the findings. the lab so far has processed more than 5.5 million tests on samples from 4,700 test collection sites. the lab is still under a federal investigation in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> well, bay area leaders say they are more ready to use the federal money that coming in from the new infrastructure bill over the next 5 years. the bay area will receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars for roads. bridges, public transit as well as internet
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access. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area members of congress to talk about those funds. a portion of that money go towards implementing new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay one and a half billion dollars is going to be set for airport infrastructure with some of it to set to build up the levees at sfo and congresswoman jackie spear says a 100 million dollars is going to go towards broadband to help close the gap on internet access across our state. why is that important? >> fi people in california doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in fact, all parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. >> in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> other money will go towards
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electrification on caltrain and they say there's also money earmarked for good-paying union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers to keep of access to clean drinking water. coming up next on the kron 4 morning news klay thompson is back. practicing with the lawyers were going here is. >> expectations for this season. after the break. well,
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news at say holiday
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edition the day before thanksgiving. and i really hope you and your loved ones are able to spin some much needed time together because it's been a rough past couple of months. well, we are tracking your forecast for the next couple of days. also, your traffic this morning and keeping you updated john tribal has been doing that and tells me we have stuff to look forward to right. yes, we definitely do. at least mother nature is making it a little easy on us this week. i know that we've seen a lot of rainfall recently at least in october really exceeding those expectations. >> but we take it a step back recently and for any sort of travels are areas that you need to be doing before thanksgiving. things are looking calm for it in fact, we've got a shipping container. hopefully bring in your christmas presents a little bit early right below the golden gate bridge right now. we are going to be seeing conditions today that stay nice and dry. lots of sunshine out there. and even after such a cold start to this morning with our current temperatures as low as the 30's and some frost advisories out there this afternoon. we really tap into some nice sunshine and
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some mild 60's tomorrow will bring more of the same. a few clouds later in the day for your thursday. setting us up for a partly cloudy friday for black friday temperatures today up into the mid 60's oakland hayward and san jose each at 65 wall san francisco in fremont at 64 for your highs. tomorrow is right around the same as will be the case on friday too. the weekend does get a little bit warmer with highs climbing into the upper 60's and likely a few 70's on the map and now the last 2 days of november. our insight monday and tuesday and not a whole lot of change we unfortunately do stay dry would love to see some rain at some point. we're ending this month on right now. >> reyna john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at the bay bridge. any from the east bay into the city a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there heading across towards the peninsula. look a little under 30 minutes, no major issues staying on top of your traffic and weather. we'll have more on that for now, let's get back to our top stories because happening today, hundreds of workers plan to go on strike. it as f o well,
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union officials say they're striking for affordable health care benefits. the strike is scheduled from 10:00am at 03:00pm at terminal 3. what is one of the busiest travel days of the year. the workers going on strike include cashiers food service employees along with people who repair the food and drinks that are served during flight airport. officials say they're confident the strike won't affect people's travel plans at all. and national news. the white house says it's dipping into a national oil reserve in an attempt to lower gas prices for millions of americans this holiday season. democrats are praising the effort while republicans blaming the president for the price surge. raquel martin has the latest from dc. good morning. what many experts say in the next one to 2 weeks, consumers could see the price of gas drop about 10. >> to $0.15. but they're also saying there's no guarantee the biden administration, however, says they remain optimistic. their strategy will work.
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>> i told you before that we're going to take action on these problems. that's exactly what we're doing in an effort to combat surging prices at the pump. the white house said it's releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to help balance out a supply shortage sparked by the pandemic and will not solve the problem of high gas prices overnight. and we'll make a difference. we have to do everything in our power tuesday, department of energy secretary jennifer granholm said the effort should give americans temporary relief last month. gas prices reached their highest level since 2014, oil production is lagging behind. granholm says the current supply problem underscores the need for america to diversify its energy resources add more clean energy. relying upon. >> fuel from countries that may not have our best interests at heart hurts the american people in the long. and but republicans say the biden administration's policies are making things worse, not better joe biden is
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clueless florida republican senator rick scott says releasing oil will help americans. now, that's going to be nice, but we've got to do is we've got to figure how to become energy independent. we don't. you don't do it by shut down pipelines ensure that shut down drilling and he wasn't the only country tapping its reserves, japan and china in the uk are among the countries who agreed to also tap their reserves in an effort to bring down gas prices globally for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. all right. thanks to that raquel now on to sports. klay thompson is back on the court practicing in a full team practice for the first time since he tore his acl and achilles and saint mary snag, a spot in the final round of the maui invitational. >> kron. 4 sports director jason dumas has the latest for us in sports. >> it is a great time to be a warriors fan. would you look at this. if this doesn't just make your heart happy. you're not a does fan or you're not a warriors fan in general klay thompson is back at practice
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going full speed. no limitations. it's the final step in his comeback. it's been 2 and a half years, which president. it. no one has come back from an acl tear and a ruptured achilles back-to-back, just like clay. of course, that's a long time away from the core. so we will have to temper our expectations. steve kerr said it's our job make sure the public's expectations are tempered, but clay is motivated and guess what, he wants to win another ring. tune into. that's a great indicator of and our defense. i think it's topped the league as well as offense. and i'm not even out yet. think about that. really think about that. i'm more motivated than ever as well. and. i want to championship so bad. more than anything. i want to be on that. i want some recognition
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and get it. that's fine. get recognition going so. >> i just want to win again. i want to win a force ring and not being able compete again. i just feel that. i mean, the last 2 years. feel like i have a lot of pent-up energy to go out there. and prove not to anybody else to put to still one of the best. so. we got court. we have a finals mvp 2 time mvp dpo. i champions. we've got the core. we've got to use. players who are showing why we went after a man. i just really want to win a championship again. i want to. the u.s. it. what a sound bite. alright college hoops saint mary's host in oregon. >> maui invitational we pick it up in the second had killed by night. >> tommy kuz hand down, man down it. >> saint mary's leading by 14 dan fotu. what they want to
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just tough line right here, 16 off the bench for him. gals win. 62 to 50. >> that's what saint mary's. they're undefeated exactly all right. we had a wild finish down in san jose. the spartans taking on northern colorado. college. are you more time running down. how about a poster dunk for the win. moore had 20 points. they win 75 to 74. let's take one more look. big e tries to take a charge with the game on the line. that's what happens. you get landed on a poster all righty that is your look at sports. >> thank you for that, jason. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back 4.55 on this wednesday morning probably feels more like a friday for lot of you because maybe you've got thanksgiving off tomorrow. either way, we're going to be looking at conditions today that are really good for any sort of preparations you may be doing for the holiday tomorrow. you just got to avoid those morning hours. a little bit because we are in the midst of some really chilly conditions looking outside right now at san francisco's downtown skies are clear where fog free. and at the coast we will remain in the low 60's towards the afternoon. coastal areas are some of our most mild spots to start our mornings because our inland areas have been getting
4:56 am
cold. the 30's and low 40's to start this morning with frost advisories through 09:00am for many inland valleys. but by the afternoon it will be mild all over again with highs returning to the mid 60's for a lot of us areas like hayward, oakland and san jose up to 65 today. nevado santa rosa at 66. well, fremont san francisco in concord each at 64 degrees for our daytime highs. rain. >> they are getting read t the final rehearsals are underway in new york city for the 95th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. this year's parade is going to feature 15 giant helium balloons. 28 floats crowds are being welcomed back after last year's remote viewing. adding some extra layers of of precaution. >> just to ensure that we can have a safe and healthy parade and make sure everyone comes out enjoy.
4:57 am
>> well, the blues for the parade are going to be inflated to day. and coming up in the next hour. there's an expected surge in travelers at the open air for today for the holidays. what you need to know before you. >> can out in a live report. plus, high gas prices are not stopping people from hitting the roads. it's more than 48 million people plan to drive today. thanksgiving destination. we'll have more details on that in a live report.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> good morning, everybody. thank you for joining us. on wednesday. it is 05:00am i'm james fletcher. and i'm brian harvey in for darya folsom just a day before the holiday. >> we're just talking before we came on one more day before we can eat. >> all the food, all the for all the food, all the food that john with our pre thanksgiving day forecast. we want to just some of us have already been cole and you know why? because you're professional you train. i do well. got to be ready. you have to be ready. and tomorrow traders were just going to be ready. the audi threats to be a sign looking at some good weather today to get outside. maybe do that last minute prep before thanksgiving or i know it's going to be busy travel day to see your travels are going to be pretty easy going. for your wednesday looking outside right now. berkeley hills looking beautiful.


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