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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 23, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news news at 6. we will do whatever it takes to keep san francisco safe to ensure that you can go about your life. >> now. it's 6 district attorney chesa boudin announcing charges in the union square retail staffs. this comes just ays after the downtown shopping area was hit by a group of robbers. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne. and i'm pam moore. the weekend robbery started in san francisco on friday night
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about 8 o'clock videos of the chaotic scenes posted on social media showed police officers dragging one suspect from a waiting car and people running with merchandise in their hands. the school right to kron four's dan kerman. he's live in san francisco tonight with more on how the district attorney's office is trying to tackle this issue >> well, that's right. the district attorney has now filed charges against the 9 people who were arrested, all receiving. >> multiple felony charges. he says this is what's needed. he said this is not an issue of petty theft. this he said was no petty theft. >> san francisco district attorney chesa is filed felony charges against 9 people in connection with a string of burglaries friday night in and around union square that saw the suspects breaking into stores and running down the streets with items. >> we cannot we will not and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. looting and burglaries at multiple different stores in
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union square cannabis dispensaries, a walgreens on market street were all hit by groups of organized criminals. >> similar mob style, break-ins and burglaries occurred all over the bay area this weekend. san francisco responded by flooding union square with police officers. these charges are the next step. >> the charge. we everything from looting. grand theft burglary, possession of stolen property firearm possession commercial burglary and more. 2 of the suspects had firearms in their possession when the police arrested them. and so those individuals are facing felony gun possession charges. in addition to some of the other charges that i mentioned. >> the teen also had a word for those who live and shop in san francisco who now feel unsafe. >> we stand here today, united in solidarity. and we that. we will do whatever it takes to keep san francisco safe to ensure that you can go about your life. that you go shopping that you can go out
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into the community that you can go about all of your daily business in safety and confidence law enforcement to hold people who you accountable? >> the suspects are expected to be arraigned as early as tomorrow afternoon. we should mention that there have been a dozen protesters are calling for the da's recalls him to follow him around any time he has a public event they are here as well. be in a nod to them made it clear during the news conference that of all of the theft cases. police applaud him. he has charged. 72 1% of them basically feels like he's getting a bad rap for this. he wanted to make it clear he is not letting cases go by the wayside. but anyway, back to this case again, multiple felony counts against the 9 people arrested. he is indicated just like police that there should be more arrests to come and likely more charges live in san francisco. kerman kron 4 news that we have team coverage continuing tonight on how the city is responding to the
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recent crime. kron four's. catherine. he joins us live from the newsroom tonight with more on what mayor london breed had to say today. catherine yet mayor breed hammon can along with the san francisco police chief bill scott. >> they held a joint news conference today. part of an effort to calm nerves as people do their holiday shopping. >> the chief says he's confident more people will be arrested as investigators review surveillance video and mayor breed says changes are coming to the downtown shopping area in an effort to help people feel safer. this holiday season and beyond. we're trying to. >> look at ways in order to makes it a downtown shopping experience more safe for pedestrians because this is not just about stolen goods. this is about in the process of getting away and how someone can get hurt and so i'm having the ability to shop without concern about a vehicle hitting you is really important. and so we're we're currently working with it mta to have those discussions.
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>> the mayor and the police chief say that they're also working on expanding the city's surveillance camera network. >> hammon can. all right. katherine, thank you for that. and we continue our team coverage tonight. san francisco's union square has and obvious increase in police presence it's a way to try to deter another smash-and-grab. yeah, but. >> how safe do the shoppers actually feel kron four's. rob nesbitt joins us live tonight with what the shoppers are saying as well as the response of the union square alliance. rob. >> holiday shoppers in san francisco are having to deal with to seize covid and crime masks are required indoors in the stores in union square and police badges are on every corner outside. >> boarded up windows and officers everywhere you look, i feel like we're at war. tiffanie carpenter was shocked at the police presence in union square. she saw the video of this smash-and-grab outside believe that on friday night and decided to bring her
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family to the square to support the businesses affected it's fantastic. i think i've ever felt so safe at union square san francisco police chief bill scott says the patrols are a way to prevent another theft in the area. it's the same reason why the streets will be closed to non city vehicles in union square each night starting at 07:00pm. we're trying to make it more difficult people pull up in front of a business, particularly one that we. >> i've seen some patterns that are getting hit across our region. law enforcement is visible the locals like reza to bash still have questions feel safe right now. sure. >> but is really sustainable. >> i don't think executive director of the union square alliance. marisa rodriguez doesn't have an answer to that but says the response from the city was necessary. retail theft is not a victimless crime. >> it hurts the community. it hurts business and it certainly impacts jobs. she says the public should not be deterred by friday smash-and-grab and encourages them to visit the square for their holiday shopping businesses open. you might see
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boards on some of the windows that's measure. >> it is that they're open for business. chief scott says that his department is utilizing support from their federal partners at the fbi and the u.s. attorney's office. >> live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 thank you for that report. of course, is not just san francisco. all corners of the bay area have been hit by what amounts to organized crime amid worries that the brazen crimes will put a chill on holiday shopping law enforcement may be looking into conspiracy charges as a way to stop the madness or dropped out brings us up to date on that from san jose. >> around the corner from where thieves ransack to leaven apparel on sunday here at santana row vintage wine merchants in other shops have their guard up. they're worried customers might fear getting caught up in violence in stay away says owner harry
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to think of a mob coming around breaking windows looting causing just not the place you want to put your family in response to the recent rash of organized shoplifting, law enforcement is looking at a regional approach but has his work cut out for us is former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark them a lot of these retail theft crews have become emboldened by it. decriminalization. >> in our property crime laws. and i think that's why you're seeing this spring up all over the bay area because they recognize that at this point the prosecutors are a step behind them to get around a state law that treats up to $950 is a misdemeanor. prosecutors may have to raise the stakes by alleging the well organized on 2 felony conspiracy. >> and send a strong message says clark. >> you need the conspiracy law so that if you can show that these organize crews are communicating and planning out the steps you can use the felony statutes to get much
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stiffer punishment. one santana row merchant tells kron 4 news that management has pledged extra private security and regular visits by police. >> another says these are criminal street gangs and should be treated as such. there's not a moment to lose. is the all important holiday shopping season is already underway. police got hope for the best and hope these >> comes better senses and realize that they're they're they're hurting real families and. >> there there there's nothing good can come out what what they're doing in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in the east bay after nordstrom and several other stores in walnut creek were targeted this weekend. things will look a lot different in that area. the main street on broadway plaza is now closed to vehicles at least 10 stores have also announced they're closing their doors early to try to avoid in a scene like we saw on saturday. the mayor of walnut creek also announced
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an increase in police officers in the area at all times of day. but despite these changes, some air says walnut creek cannot do this on its own. >> isn't all regional problem. this is not an isolated city incident. we're seeing these kind of brazen robberies throughout the region and so working with fellow mayors to make sure that we are doing all we can throughout all the different cities and encouraging and insisting that the da's office charge and prosecute every one of these criminals to the fullest extent of the law. we cannot let them out. we cannot let people think they can get away with this in walnut creek or anywhere in air. >> the mayor says these new changes are expected to be in place through christmas at the very least. as for the robbery that took place on saturday. 3 people have been arrested but dozens more got away. officers are still reviewing security video to try to attract those suspects down smash grab test are also plaguing southern
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california just last night police say about 20 people were involved in a smash and grab incident at a nordstrom in the grove. that's a very popular los angeles shopping center. 3 people. there were arrested, although more than a dozen others got away. one of the getaway cars led police on a high-speed chase officers eventually took the driver and others in that vehicle into custody. barriers are being set up at the shopping center to try to keep thieves away. all right. well, >> switch gears a little bit and take a look at the 4 zone forecast with this beautiful picture looking out over san francisco. such a clear and lovely night. tonight. clear mean it's going to be a little bit chillier out there because fact is standing by to tell us without that cloud blanket overhead told it's going to be very cold. so bundle up tonight. i mean, we're talking 30's that we could be seeing in some spots around the bay area, which is why the national weather service skies as a frost advisory for our east bay interior valleys. so what it's going to be folks in san ramon pleasanton parts of
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walnut creek bright would antioch all these areas could be seeing temperatures near freezing and that schedules around 3 o'clock tomorrow morning last until about 00:00am in the morning tomorrow so make sure you have those plants covers because it is going to feel much colder. what we found over the last couple of weeks. and if you're going to be out and about definitely want to bundle up because temperatures are starting to drop much quicker. what we've seen over the last few days. but yes, nice and clear shot of the day. this is our camera in the er and berkeley east bay hills there overlooking a nice clear shot of the way over towards a san francisco. so not really any clouds in your way to get in the way there. and yes, of course not keeping anything warm. that's why we're going to see those chilly 30's tonight and also the breeze is going to start to pick up a little bit. we're going to see it mainly in some of the north and the east bay spots. middle of the week. thanksgiving. we're going to start to see get sunny and we're going to really start to feel the fall temperatures once again mid
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60's that we're going to be seeing through thanksgiving and black friday, but we could get near 70's as we get into the weekend ahead, my full forecast coming up in just a bit. pam. ken, thank you, rebecca. also coming up, a live look at sfo tonight as we get details on a protest planned for tomorrow. what you need to know on one of the busiest travel days of the season. >> high gas prices. this is a problem. >> president biden fighting high gas prices. how he's vowing to help americans keep their travel plans through the holidays and was it a mistake or a promotion. $0.45 for a gallon of where this low price station is located in california.
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see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight. >> president biden has just announced he's taking a major step to try to lower gas prices for the holiday travel season. and the white house says that the u.s. what happened to the nation's oil reserve stockpile in order to try and help with demand on the market. kron four's, washington correspondent reshad hudson joins us live from washington tonight with more on this was >> good evening as americans are paying more at the pump than they have in several years. the white house says it has a plan to drive down prices. >> today we're launching a major effort to moderate the price of oil. >> tuesday. president biden announced the u.s. is releasing 15 million barrels of oil from the nation's strategic petroleum reserve to offset the surge at the pump.
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>> this coordinated action will help us deal with the lack of supply, which in turn helps ease prices. >> according to aaa. americans are paying on average $3 and $0.40 per gallon. >> high gas prices. this is a problem. >> as the world exits the pandemic and increases demand. the president says he is working with other countries across the world to address the lack of supply. but the white house acknowledges these actions are only a short-term fix this. we just need to bridge for this time for people to know working families can't afford to pay i'm too much of the palm republicans like florida senator rick scott say the skyrocketing prices are a direct result of the president's that energy policies. he shut down pipelines all right. he should. he doesn't let you know. there's no drilling on federal land now. >> he says he wants to get rid of the entire fossil fuel industry basically scott says the white house needs to
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promote domestic oil production. we've got to figure how to become energy independent. and this is a short term solution. the white house says it is continuing to work with opec as well as oil and gas companies to continue to bring down the prices reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. thank you. earlier we talked with the driver in burlingame above what he thinks about this new plan from the white house designed to lower prices. >> well, every little bit helps health specially for the holidays for families and for travel help little bit we appreciate it. >> goes down. we'll will it affect you to change them. what you've been doing lately. if it goes down just actually. yes, but right now i'm still working in wait and see. >> right now. california has some of the highest gasoline prices in the nation today. state average is $4 and $0.71
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a gallon in san francisco. the average for a gallon of gas is $4 and $0.87 in alameda county $4.80 and santa clara county also for 80 in the north bay in marin county, $4 and $0.89 a gallon. look at this. a surprisingly low price for gasoline through a long line of cars to an arco station in southern california. this happened in the city of whittier. >> which is a suburb of los angeles, the price and unbelievable. $0.45 a gallon. $0.45 whether or not the owners meant to do this remains unclear. we don't know if it was promotion or a mistake. but people certainly lined up to get the gas. last night. one person fate a little over $7 for a 15 gallons of gasoline. the police even showed up at one point to see what the extra long lines are all about. wow. >> tomorrow. hundreds of workers plan to go on strike at san francisco airport. according to union officials are striking for affordable health care benefits. the
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strike is set go from 10:00am to 03:00pm at terminal 3. that's where united is on what is usually the busiest travel day of the year. the workers going on strike include cashiers and food service employees along with people who prepare the food and drinks served during flights. airport officials say they're confident the strike will not affect people's travel plans spot. if you do have a flight to catch. they say arrive at least 2 hours before boarding time for domestic flights and 3 hours ahead of time for international flights. airports are also urging travelers to pre book their parking. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we go back to the airport and show you how it looks right now on this said tuesday evening pretty calm and clear, which is good news if you're traveling certainly is rebecca's here. you have some travel advice for those who are getting away. >> well, the great news is guys going to be dry. so thanksgiving. what just a day away and time really flies right in front of can't believe it's thanksgiving
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already and yet no more rain in the forecast. unfortunately. but it's good for travelers. and it's also good if you're going shopping black friday is going to be dry for you as well. if you're going to be out and about getting us some goods of the stores in the shopping malls. and it's clear around the bay area right now. and of course it's going to be clear and cold. but our live camera network showing us a nice shot of the golden gate bridge from our sutro tower camera. not a cloud in the sky so far. but a frost advisory has been issued because we're going to see a real big drop in temperatures during the overnight hours, especially for east bay valley in locations parts of walnut creek. san ramon livermore. all those areas are going to be seeing temperatures in the 30 some very, very cold and it's going to set to expire. 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. so just keep that in mind. here are the temperatures. we're going to see a lot of 30's and even 40's. so no matter where you're going to be. it's definitely going to be cold in your neighborhood. 47 for the overnight low in san francisco as well as downtown oakland 39
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in concord. 38 were expecting livermore as well as in iraq and the north bay completely covered in 30's, napa, 36 degrees of otto 37 your south bay zone. the low 40's. so definitely chilly during those overnight hours and yes, like i was mentioning the cold is all things to this dry front that we're seeing going to be approaching the bay area bringing us the chilly temperatures. and yes, it's going to keep the rain away from the bay area as well over the week or so. so, yes, no umbrellas needed. not yet, though. we definitely need the rainfall. it is going to be dry around the bay area temperatures outside right now they're definitely dropping much quicker than what we saw in last night. we're looking at mostly 50's. 58 san jose 57 in oakland and 59 in san francisco. i'll let you know exactly what the temperatures will be tomorrow afternoon. coming up in just a bit. ken, pam, back to you. all right. rebecca. also ahead, we are learning more about how the new infrastructure bill will new infrastructure bill will help the bay area. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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>> more bay area news tonight, politicians lining up to fill a rare vacant congressional seat today. >> the president of the san mateo county board of supervisors. david cannabis launched his campaign for congress. he is among several people throwing their hats in the ring to succeed longtime peninsula representative jackie spear who announces she will not seek reelection next year. state assembly member kevin mullin also announced that he is running for the
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same position. the san mateo county native announced his candidacy with this video posted on twitter today in the video he calls spear a mentor and burlingame city council member emily beach also announced that she will seek spears she posted the news on twitter yesterday saying, quote, as an us army veteran mom of teens environment. champion business exact and pandemic mer. i am qualified and ready to lead. meantime, bay area leaders are more than ready to use the federal money that is coming in from the new infrastructure bill over the next 5 years. the bay area will receive a guaranteed 4.5 billion dollars for roads, bridges, for public transit internet access today. house speaker nancy pelosi was joined by bay area members of congress to talk about that money. a portion of the money will go toward implementing new low electric vehicle buses in the east bay. what a half billion dollars is set for airport infrastructure with
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some of its set to build up the levees at sfo and congresswoman jackie spear says 100 million dollars will go toward broadband to help close the gap on internet access across california. why is that important? >> fi people in california doesn't have access to the internet. that's why moms are sitting in banks parking lots with their kids to try and get them to be able do their homework. in addition for low income families in fact, 10 million low income families. they will have a $30 discount on their internet service. >> other money will go toward completing electrification on caltrain and they say that there is also money earmarked for good-paying union jobs for pipe fitters and plumbers in order to keep up access to clean drinking water. >> coming up next on kron, 4 news at 6 milpitas police just released body camera video of
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the shooting from october. why detectives are making a major reversal on the timeline of that shooting. plus, we're learning more about the suspects who shot retired oakland police captain percy joyner and the autopsy results for brian laundry, gabby petito's fiance. they've just been released. now, officials say he died.
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