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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 23, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> i'm james fletcher. we've got john trouble standing by in the wings as we take a quick live look outside. you can see there's some the sun sunshine behind me. we're waking up to some pretty nice conditions albeit a little cool, john. yeah, definitely. on the cool side this morning. not quite as cold as yesterday was. we're talking some 30's across the north bay barely hanging on for a couple cities. but as james noted that sunshine pretty hard to ignore. nice way to start the morning again as long as you're prepped with that jacket in hand. the embarcadero looks really nice looking outside there. some sunshine region its way down into the bay. we have seen some low lying cloud cover across the south bay as well as across the east bay and especially into the central valley that is starting to clear lift now becoming less and less of an issue. most of us, though, at least here in the bay area are sitting under some brighter skies 40's and 50's for our current temperatures. nice way to kick up the morning as long as you're prepared for it in a pretty nice afternoon as well. getting a look at some of our bridges things should start to calm down in the coming days as we do near the holidays thanksgiving usually not the
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busiest time for morning commute. the bay bridge is definitely nice and calm right now still a decent amount of traffic on the san mateo bridge. 92 is a smooth go, though, as you make your way east or westbound and a little bit further to the north. we are looking at the richmond center fell bridge westbound. we do have some debris on the roadway there, which has been holding up traffic. and you can see that traffic is still backed up beyond the toll plaza. it looks like we actually do have maybe a truck trying to get through there to clean up some of that debris. but that is going to be the rough bridge to make your crossing on this morning. james. all right, john, thank you very much. happening right now. police in union city are looking for a missing 13 year-old. >> his name is there's his picture. he was last seen around 8 o'clock last night on union city boulevard last seen wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and black shoes. if you see him. police call police. there are trying to find him and parents want to back. 9, 1, is the
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time. another big story this morning, major changes coming to downtown walnut creek after the recent smash-and-grab robbery that we saw at nordstrom. we're also bit more about what was taken for all of this. let's get out there to kron four's camila barco in walnut creek right there at broadway plaza camilla and this this is going to some big changes to that area walnut creek, right. as people are trying to get all their holiday shopping done. >> yeah. james, the city's mayor tells me that all hands are on that path to what happened saturday is going to be more police officers in the area actually is already one stationed right here on this road. stores are closing earlier and police officers have also placed these barricades to avoid traffic from going inside from driving through broadway plaza and the mayor says that this is going holiys. ake a look a tha oadwaplaza is downtown walnut creek. this trip is full of stores,
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including nordstrom. but on monday about 10 stores closed before their normal times. employees say it was for the safety of customers and then sells after the wild scene that played out on saturday. police say about 25 cars drove up to nordstrom on broadway plaza about 80 people ransacked the store jumped back into those cars and then drove away. police say they ran off with up to 200 $1000 in merchandise now walnut creek's mayor says officers are working over time. the city has more of them on duty throughout the shopping district. he's closed off broadway plaza to traffic at least through christmas and stores are also cutting back their hours now. the mayor tells me that he is working with other mayors and police departments across the region on how to coordinate. he's also calling on the district attorney to prosecute these criminals. he doesn't want them to get a slap on the wrist. the mayor wants to ensure that people can shop peacefully here in walnut
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creek. >> every shopping center and every city is aware of this. the brazen issues that have happened. we are working to ensure that people feel safe when they come to walnut creek where they live here work here are or or just visiting and shopping and they will see more presence of police. they will feel more secure. they we are welcoming community and we're going to ensure that everybody feels as safe as possible when they were in walnut creek. it's open for shopping and all the stores are working with our police department closely to ensure the safety of everybody that comes downtown. >> now looters her 3 employees in north from on saturday. police arrested 3 people but doesn't scott away. officials are still reviewing video and are trying to find the people responsible. but james, like you talked about, this is a busy for any store across the
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country. black friday is approaching. but after these robberies. >> stores are changing their hours. some are cutting the back. so if you are planning on going shopping in the next few days, especially here in walnut creek call ahead. >> back to you, james. all right. thank you. camila some big changes there. we also saw big changes in san francisco as well. big police presence at san francisco's union square yesterday because of the robberies that we've seen recently groups of people who may have heard robin vandalized. more than a dozen or half a dozen stores in the area friday night that included the louis baton store. you now need a reservation. as a matter of fact, to go into that store. that's one of the new policy changes they've implemented. we did talk to some shoppers who say they still feel safe there despite the recent crime, some business owners, though, tell a different story. there. even thinking about maybe pulling up stakes and leaving san francisco altogether. >> everything's on the table right now and we love the city. gump's has been part of san francisco and part of union square for over 150 years. we help build this
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vibrant area. it would be extremely disappointing for us to have to pack up and leave. >> san francisco. police say the burglaries at union square were coordinated in fact, this morning. we're told that the police have arrested 9 suspects so far connected to that. we'll see if they arrest more. meanwhile, in the south bay police in san jose are now saying the 2 different robberies at 2 malls across the street from each other may have been coordinated as well. in fact, they say a group of robbers stole about $40,000 worth of merchandise from the lululemon store on santana row. that was sunday night, then right around the same time, police say at least 2 people hit the valley fair mall across the street. in that case they stole roughly $7,000 worth of goods from the sunglass hut. >> whoever was waiting outside and multiple vehicles. let me add that it was just wasn't one or 2 cars. it was 4, 5, cars. they're planning to load all these cars fully with merchandise. who knows. i tried to stop him, but they indicated they were willing to run me over. so. >> backed off.
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>> and no arrests have been made in either robbery and there's no information right now on any possible suspects there is a larger security presence, though, at santana row ahead of upcoming black friday sales. >> meantime, in the east bay, dramatic video showing a group of 9 people fleeing the sam's jewelers inside the southland mall. >> this happened sunday night, right around 5.30, police say the group used hammers to smash open the display cases and grab whatever they could. police say the jewelry store was the only location in that mall that was targeted. no arrests have been made. but this is the 3rd time in the past 2 weeks that a group robbers has used hammers to steal jewelry from a bay area mall. similar crimes also happened in concord and also in fairfield. well, governor newsom in response to all this is stepping in to try and help bay area stores. the governor announced that he's going to be directing the highway patrol to increase its presence near major retail centers across the bay. the increased chp patrols are going to continue through the holiday season. the governor
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says that it's been in there that his office has been in contact with local mayors and police departments and various stores as well trying to come up with a plan to help stop these thieves. real accountability. >> we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. >> newsom also announced a proposal to increase next year. state budget truck to try and combat retail crime. we'll see if that passes in the meantime with the rise that we've seen in theft. you may be thinking about. possibly changing how you shop this holiday. local security experts say that how you shop in fact, could be the difference in whether you're a target or not. kron four's terisa stasio explains. >> watching this video as a shopper moves into a photo booth to hide as criminals ransack a jewelry store in fairfield. it is quick thinking like this security experts say that could protect you as a bay area faces a recent an alarming rise of smash and grabs. >> but i was still my family
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specifically in my friends will close ones is the first thing you need to do is be aware of our surroundings, which means get your head out of the sand or in this case out of your phone as you're walking around shopping or going to dinner or walking simply down the street at this point, evan fraser, a former police officer now in private security. >> says that these bold crimes will probably continue especially as a holiday season cranks up. >> with more shoppers out in the mix to buy high-end goods. with that in mind, he has several tips to stay safe. starting with keeping alert such as that woman hiding in the booth, you should be aware of. >> where the nearest exit is so obviously the first plan, if some incident like or should incident a couple days ago. getting out of the store is your best option. to gain as much distance as you can from the people who are committing crimes and also put items in for a hard you know. lots of you know, whatever the
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case is, what every type of furniture they have in this particular star, those type of things. give you a little bit of concealment in terms of hiding you from them seeing you really want to be aware that he had that poll that is attached to the closing 3 feet from you. you might have to grab that thing. you know, snap it off and use it to defend yourself. obviously you want to. that goes back to where it is right. you want to be a personally aware what's going on around you, including items to use as self-defense worst-case scenario. >> and lastly frazier says don't think about playing hero just get out of the way of the criminals. you know, they're they they are coming to steal and its property that the store will handle and the police will hand over your life or your your physical. >> being is not important in terms of where it is more important, obviously put it in terms of what they're taking. >> to recess. stasio kron 4 news. >> 9.10, is the time also in the headlines today out in the
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east bay there was an attempted robbery at the blog dispensary in san leandro. it happened early yesterday morning and like all the other retail thefts that we've seen recently police say in this case, multiple people pulled up in several cars and they tried to go in as well, though, this time when they tried to force their way in. they actually got into a shootout with the store's security. luckily, nobody was hurt, although the. thieves did get away. so police still looking for him this morning. meanwhile, it wasn't just jewelers and designer stores that were robbed over the weekend. we also have video showing a group of burglars that broke into the blunt and more dispensary. this is near the coliseum in oakland. the owner tells us that he thinks the burglars came from a side show that was happening nearby. people started scaling the fence before storming in rating. the display cases 7 minutes later, security arrived in chase them off. new this morning. hear about this. a big rig hit. a train in san pablo. his buddy 15 last night on chelsea avenue near rumrell
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boulevard. this big rig was carrying cars when it was hit. so this was a big accident those cars went flying several 100 yards. as a matter of fact, part of that rain even came off the tracks as for the driver of the truck and the train engineer. they both had minor injuries. but nothing worse. there were 30 passengers on board that train. luckily though nobody was hurt. more breaking news this morning. jury deliberations are beginning now in the trial for the murder of ahmad arbery in georgia. about half an hour ago, the judge finished reading the jury. their instructions and now they're behind closed doors. deliberating arbery was shot and killed last year when he was jogging through his georgia neighborhood, father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor. william bryan are charged in that murder. we'll take a break. 9.12. is the time. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news new details about the man accused of plowing into a crowd at a christmas parade in wisconsin. >> we'll tell you what we're learning about his past. and
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also this morning we're following the latest from washington and the biden administration taking a big step now in helping lower gas prices. well, details on that coming up just ahead.
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when a truck hit my car, the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. take advantage of lowe's black friday deals early. full of savings to make the season twice as nice, let our injury attorneys help you and twice as merry. buy online and pick up in store today. >> we are back at 9.15. we've got john standing by with our check of the forecast on this tuesday where the skies out there look really blue john yet. nice nother. nice beautiful blue sky day for sure. james, you can see the sunshine over san jose. we had
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seen some cloud cover above san jose. but that is lifted and broken right above the santa clara valley and now we're going to be looking at this through the rest of your afternoon. you look in the distance there, there is some gray evident across the inland east bay out to the central valley. that's where the dense fog has been seen some to leave. fog really been plaguing the valley lately as some rain and snow have been plaguing the western coast of canada northern washington. they've been getting well, too much of that. the jet stream just continually sending rain to our north. we love to have it share down here further to the south. but even with a weak cold front pushing through last night. we didn't see anything from it aside from a cool down for your daytime highs today. bit of a brisk feel to it as well. today's daytime highs are going to be cooler than yesterday. still comfortable enough as long as you've got your jacket on. but no 70's anywhere in sight just yet for the day today. we're mostly talking some low to mid 60's for your daytime highs this tuesday for the south bay. that's a solid 10 degrees
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cooler than yesterday's mid 70's were hayward. one of our warmer spots, at least tied for that. mark with san leandro and a few other spots each at 66 degrees for today's daytime highs. now today, tomorrow and thanksgiving for that matter, all staying fairly cool with some low to mid 60's for highs will start to warm things up a little bit into the weekend after the holiday. good for your shopping or your travels back home. speaking of travels, let's get a look at the roads. first of all, the bay bridge here is looking really, really light. that's good news because the richmond, sandra fell bridge is not so much. there's some debris on the upper deck there heading westward. so this is the good option. if you need to get on to the peninsula or even out to marin county. time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us as always. >> looks like europe and this morning. rob, good morning. >> yes, little thanksgiving off time before i have to spend time with family. so distressing for stress. very good. all right. so let's
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start off with what we always like to do, which is gauge the market's he was shaken out there. >> looking at the major indices and have it's red were negative nasdaq off by almost 200 points, i guess tech stocks get a little beat up. we think. >> and they deserve to be beat up. they've been big winners and with trump, how been renominated by biden. there's a likelihood that will raise interest rates next year. meaning the future earnings of companies like apple and amazon will be deluded because of the stronger dollar tough to explain. but just go with me. so diplomatic for good reason. today. biden said he's going to release the strategic oil reserves try to cut inflation his presidency is being criticized by the republicans as a year, the cost for inflation, even though that's not possible, but he needs to change that image fast zooms down 20% and the pandemic is over. no, it's not over. europe is reporting record cases again huge surge death. we surge the minister of health said you're either
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going to be recovered from covid you to be vaccinated or you'll be dead by the end of the year. it's a big words. best buy said they had a good quarter in sales, but they didn't make as much money because shipping costs went up and they're eating the shipping cost james. so there is a lot of inflation corporate profits are being eaten until they want to use lose you the consumer. >> you know, you just mentioned best buy just saw an article about a half hour ago say best buy target. i costco like a handful of other stores. not going to be open on thanksgiving thursday there. in fact, targets not going to be open on thanksgiving thursday ever again. they're going to continue that trend. but i guess that's not going to stop shoppers at all. you're talking about how people this year. i've got the urge to splurge, right. people are ready to whether it's on thanksgiving or beyond. >> going to different direction with the whole of best buy angle that. so holiday spending on average for us consumers to be about $762 per person. i'm scrooge.
9:20 am
i love skirts. greatest movie ever to last 10 minutes. and then it kind of got really by his. his heart and spending money on his workers and his neighbors. 29%. americans are still paying off last year's christmas spending. that's not purchases are up 18% year over year. inflation on things that we're buying for. christmas is up 12%. so we're spending more. we're buying more and pain, more. retailers this year will eat about 223 billion in extra cost shipping mostly and we started shopping at halloween time because we know there's going to be some supply issues and that didn't really turn out to be trail cummings like tj maxx and macy's say we've got plenty of goods. come on in. not a lot discounts this year. if you want to buy, this is the week to do i'm going play, but i would call discount chicken and wait for prices to fall. the week so far they haven't needed to do it this year. interesting. okay. >> and then lastly, i haven't been able to see this movie up. it's one i want to see red notice on netflix. you're
9:21 am
saying it's a huge hit for netflix. but. >> sort of explain sort of write ruler. okay. see. i got my notes here. households of watched it. okay. that's impressive. if you do that during the summer and it may be there's you're talking record box office kind of numbers. that's awesome. the downside is no one really seems to care. there's no cultural impact from that. we're not talking about a lot of cool not say. did you see that county kick ryan reynolds in the face. but larry, us. so it's a sort of we're talking more about squid games in the new one that's coming out the money heist coming out on netflix of their cultural phenomenon since be doing with tv shows from foreign markets. this is big hollywood blockbuster. a lot of big hollywood studios wanted this movie for the summer. you know, gal godot the rock ryan reynolds. that's a summer blockbuster kind of movie really is. you know, we made a million dollars in movie
9:22 am
theaters and its weekly so it's just not really catching on. what's interesting, though, to me his tiktok. it's cringey you dwayne the rock johnson promote the film on it's they have a fake out, you know who kind of looks like a well, my life. a camera. a fake driver and kind of looks like me. have the rock n it's cheap. it's it's done. and marketing. i'm freaking out because a 180 million eyeballs and watch that on tiktok and hollywood's change. i don't think the big blockbusters as important as it used to be going for it all ok. we'll see what ripple effect that has for the. >> theater industry. all right. thank you very much, rob is all we are going to see you tomorrow. you off. yes, i'll be tomorrow. okay. so we'll see. rob tomorrow. let him know what you want to chat about here before we lose in for the holidays. facebook twitter e-mail direct robber, a black dot com and we'll chat with him once again as he' we're
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9.25 national headlines this morning. we're learning more about what happened at a holiday parade and the suspect accused of driving his suv through a crowd in that parade. 5 people were killed, dozens more were injured. kelsey current scene has the very latest. >> police tell us that brooks is playing a domestic disturbance call just minutes prior. we're also learning has an extensive criminal history. in fact, he was released from jail just 3 days before the crash. new details surrounding the criminal history of the man police say was behind the
9:26 am
wheel of the red suv driven through the waukesha christmas parade. darryl brooks faces 5 counts of intentional homicide for the deadly incident. we actually had a squad and barricades up. >> and he drove right through the barricades officers when officers tried to engage and stop the threat. he still continued through the crowd. >> but documents provided to news nation show brooks was released from jail just 3 days before the incident posting a $1000 bond brooks was previously jailed on charges of resisting arrest battery domestic abuse and reckless endangerment earlier this month. brooks was also charged in another incident involving a car allegedly running over a woman with a vehicle in a gas station parking lot. brooks also has 2 pending felony cases against him. in addition to the recent arrest, brooks lengthy criminal history leading some to question how he was able to secure such a low bond a statement from the milwaukee county district attorney john chisholm reading the state's bail
9:27 am
recommendation in this case was inappropriately low and let the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against mister brooks investigators are also still working to find out what specifically led to the incident. police chief dan thompson says he does not believe the crash was domestic terrorism but wants to keep the focus on the victims and the 5 victims who died. several of them members of milwaukee dancing grannies 79 year-old virginia sorenson 52 year-old camera deer and and 71 year-old lillyhanna owen also among those killed 81 year-old hospital and 52 year-old jane kulyk. >> and we do know here in waukesha, a large attendance and the last night's vigil. and we're right here in front of a memorial. you can see the candles, teddy bears and posters. people showing their condolences. and today at 04:00pm brooks is due in back to you. >> all right. 9.27 is the time. next up on the kron
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00:00am morning news, another police from the oakland police chief urging the community to stop the violence in the city. we'll tell you how the police plan to step up. their patrols will be right back. 9.30 the
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time. and we're back here on the kron 4 morning news our final half hour of the broadcast this morning on this tuesday. john's been tracking the weather for us. let's get another update from him on what we'll expect as we head outside john. yeah. mother nature keeping things calm for
9:31 am
us this thanksgiving week, james, which works in our favor as far as travels preparations for thanksgiving dinner. concerned. >> not too much to worry about as you're getting outside as long as you've got the jacket on hand viewing out there this morning. at downtown san francisco skies are beautiful crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky closer to the coastline. you are seeing some low clouds further inland across the bay and we've had this return of tooley fog as we've talked about so much lately in the central valley as for current temperatures, they are starting to rise. we started the morning in the 30's, especially up north. now it's 40's and 50's on the map with san mateo. our warmest spot at this very moment at 59 degrees about to be in the 60's for not just san mateo but across the rest of the bay this afternoon. now, as far as our bridges are concerned, things are likely going to be coming down in the days to come. but we have had some issues with their commute this morning. obviously not so much on the bay bridge, which is actually one of your best options considering things just to the north on the richmond center fell bridge aren't so good. make this crossing expect smooth travel
9:32 am
all the way over to the peninsula this the richmond sandra fell bridge and it's going to take you around 30 minutes to make that crossing. we have some debris ys westbound that are strewn across the roadway and that has resulted in this back up that as you can see is still well past the toll plaza there. so this is not your greatest option. if you do have that option for taking the bay bridge. that's just certainly an easier. go. some of our other bridges this morning are also looking okay. golden gate bridge looks great and certainly as fog free this morning and moving along just fine both north and southbound there along highway one. oh, one, james. all right, john, thank you. ny 32 is the time. >> to breaking news this morning. and just in time for the holiday travel. we've got gas prices. hopefully now soon getting cheaper thanks to a move by the white house. they made a major announcement this morning. and raquel martin has the very latest from dc. >> good morning. well, president biden today will announce plans to dip into oil
9:33 am
reserves in order to balance out the current supply and demand challenges. now the announcement comes as last month we saw the highest gas prices since 2014. with the busy holiday travel now here prompting millions of americans. they hit the roads. >> the biden administration is scrambling to lower the price of feel at the pump. we know it's tough for families to keep up with the rising cost tuesday president joe biden will announce new steps to bring prices down. the white house says it will now direct the department of energy to release 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic petroleum reserve for weeks now the administration has hinted at the announcement aboard air force one white house press secretary jen psaki said the president is in ongoing conversations with a range of countries the importance of. >> making sure that the supply out there meets the demands. a worldwide problem to make it easier for americans. but it's a worldwide problem. the white house says the release will be done in coordination with
9:34 am
countries like china, india, japan. >> and the u k. president biden will be delivering his remarks at 02:00pm eastern time for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. >> and for your money this morning as people hit the road before thanksgiving california as we know has some of the highest prices in the country. maybe what they did in washington will help out because our state average is $4.70, a gallon. we did speak to a driver this morning in burlingame about what they thought about this white house plan to lower prices. if it's going to affect them in any way. >> well, every little bit helps health specially for the holidays for families and and for travel help saw a little bit we appreciate it. >> goes down. we'll will it affect you to change them. what you've been doing lately. >> if it goes down just actually. yes, but right now i'm still working in wait and see. >> and so here's a look at current prices for gas in the bay area. we've got san francisco at $4.87. oakland
9:35 am
for 79 for 80 in san jose. it's all really expensive. sandra fell, even more so for 89 that top san francisco's average. hopefully like we said, the move they made in dc to introduce more oil into the system will help bring these prices down. back to some news now in the bay area. nearly 2 dozen illegal guns as well as drugs have been taken off the streets of san francisco police work with the district attorney's office and with federal authorities to perform this bust. we've got kron four's. dan thorn with more on what happened. >> 21 illegal weapons along with ammunition high capacity magazines and drug czar netted in a joint operation in san francisco. the atf sfpd in the san francisco district attorney's office are working to crack down on gun crimes is just one example. >> of the many proactive approaches. we are taking to get guns out of the hands of criminals before district attorney chesa boudin says 4
9:36 am
people are now facing charges after the weapons were found at 2 locations in the city last week. johnson bruneau economy. ryan chance and kelly meen are accused of trying to sell the guns online through social media posts like this social media. a key that was communicated sell stolen goods. >> firearms and increasingly become a tool for law enforcement to disrupt dismantle and hold accountable those groups that are committing crimes and increase in fatal gun violence has been happening across the country as well as across the state california's department of justice released numbers in july showing gun-related killings in twenty-twenty accounted for nearly 3 out of 4 of the more than 2200 homicides in the state while facing a spike in shootings. san francisco city leaders decided in september to ban untraceable firearms also known as ghost guns. last summer. the district attorney's office also sued 3 california based ghost gun makers to build it yourself weaponry has flooded the
9:37 am
city's streets. i know that through getting guns off the streets, preventing illegal guns from entering our communities. we can make significant strides towards safety and justice for all reporting in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news. in the east bay. 3 people have been arrested in connection with the shooting of retired oakland police chief earn >> or see joyner. we have surveillance video may remember this from october 21st. it shows at the chevron gas station in west oakland joyner being approach here by several suspects who tried to rob him and that's when the shootout occurred. now joyner shot and killed one person there at the gas station. the others got away. but now we've learned that one person has been arrested in houston and 2 others arrested in sacramento. joyner was critically injured in that shootout. but he's now recovering. i 37 the time and it swear in the east bay oakland police chief ron armstrong continues to plead
9:38 am
with the community to stop the violence. this as the police department now spread very thin trying to handle an uptick in crime that happened over the weekend during a 10 hour period on saturday. as a matter of fact, officers responded to more than 2 dozen incidences. they included an armed carjacking robberies looting and illegal sideshows chief armstrong says the department is already preparing for a possible surge in crime come next weekend. >> i want to be clear that we're not going to tolerate this type of activity in the city of oakland. we are going to respond amassing council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city beyond the politics with the support police are not. there is a clear problem in this city. >> yeah. the oakland police department continues to have staffing problems. the chief says that he has to constantly move officers around and approve over time to try to fill in these patrol ships. we'll take a break i 30 at the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news a turkey drive
9:39 am
under way this morning in san jose to help out sacred heart community services. >> we'll talk more about what they're doing and the message from governor newsom as he urges all californians to get a covid booster shot ahead of the holidays. we'll be right the holidays. we'll be right back. i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models when you finance through gm financial. we are professional grade. gmc
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i was injured in a car crash. when you finance through gm financial. i had no idea how much my case was worth. i called the barnes firm. when a truck hit my son, i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. your case is often worth more than insurance offers. call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ governor gavin newsome toward a vaccine clinic in san francisco's mission district urge people. >> to get their booster shots now that every adult able to get one that california
9:42 am
expanded their booster shot eligibility to all adults over the age of 18 even before the cdc and the fda authorized it and it's paying off. the governor says that the state now has the lowest covid positivity rate in the nation, but he adds there are still more to do. so here to celebrate. >> that success of sorts. but soberly and humbly and reminding people of the importance not to let their guard down. >> yeah. the governor says that 91% of all adult californians have at least one covid shot so far and he wants to get everybody up to a 100% soon. well, as millions of americans to get ready to fly this holiday season. there were some concerns over how the federal mandate would affect holiday travel at the airports. tsa officials at one point were worried that maybe they might not have enough to process everybody, but they say turns out they're not going to be affected by 93% of their staff of already comply with the mandate tsa estimating now more than 20 million people will be screened over the thanksgiving
9:43 am
holiday and hopefully all these lines. we'll move quickly. it's 9.42. we'll be right back. forth. 9.45 is the
9:44 am
9:45 am
time it happening right now. presentation high school in san jose is collecting hundreds of turkeys ahead of thanksgiving. they're hoping to get over a 1000. but they're in need of donations for sacred heart community services and property. only 7 has been visiting with him this morning in san jose and has this story.
9:46 am
>> turkey presentation high school has been a longstanding tradition. their goal is to get 1000 turkeys and then give those turkeys to sacred heart community services who then will give a thanksgiving meal to families in need in the community. this is a faculty and student driven fundraiser, something that a lot of the students here at presentation high school take pride in. in fact, back up to speak to one of them who told me what turkey day means to them. >> seeing the entire press community come out to go support sacred heart. it ties with my school community, but also my community and valley as i don't know. last night i we've got 30 frozen turkeys and we're like you freezer space. and so. >> i knew that like with how tight knit the press community is you're able to find creatures. >> all around willow, glen and ask people for i don't know. it makes feel really connected
9:47 am
to what it means to be a precedent and embody those values and what it means to be a part of this community. >> if you want to give back to the community and drop off a turkey, they will be here until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. it's really easy. there's plenty of parking in front of the school where you could pull up and one of the students will come over to help you unload the turkey or you can walk over and drop it off yourself in san jose yulius of as kron 4 news. now back to you. all right. thank you. only hopefully they get to their goal today. >> it's going to great weather. if you plan on heading out there. turkey. you've got nothing to worry about nothing but sunshine all around. john? yeah. great weather to be getting out there for that. probably the best thing you could be doing out under the sunshine today. but whatever you may be doing some traveling getting all those items for thanksgiving dinner. now, just a couple of days away. >> mother nature certainly cooperating at the coastline. half moon bay looks gorgeous. got the sunshine up above so many people out there walking along and enjoying it. see those jackets. and you know,
9:48 am
which is good because it is cooler and a bit brisk out there with a steady breeze coming on into the bay area today. we are seeing some spots of fog still hanging on in the central valley that dense to leave fog has resulted in some big issues for neighbors out that direction and the jet stream continually sending rain and snow to the north, up into western canada and washington has resulted in big issues for neighbors to the north with some flooding going on and continuing likely in this forecast for those regions back here at home. we love to tap into some of that moisture. but as we are seeing it all sent to the north of us. we continue to remain dry, at least that does work in your favor as we near the today, tomorrow and on into friday for your shopping as well. all of it looks really good to go. so not much to worry about in this forecast 60's for your highs across the bay today. oakland and san jose each at 65 hayward and nevado at 66. well, conquered and san francisco among other spots at 64 degrees. now, tomorrow will be our coolest
9:49 am
technically of the forecast pretty similar to what will be at today as well as on thursday for thanksgiving. we warm a few degrees on into friday and into the weekend. good travel weather as you reach your destination for thanksgiving. and as you travel back home as far as our bridges go, we have had one problem spot, but that's not been the bay bridge. the bay bridge looks great. the richmond sandra fell bridge on the other hand, that's still going to get 30 minutes to make that crossing westbound james. all right, john, thank you very much. night 49 the time in bay area sports, the giants moved pretty quick to resign to their pictures to multi year deals. >> and the forty-niners obviously get ready for their game against the minnesota vikings. this coming weekend. kron 4 sports director jason dumas has the latest. >> anthony and alex staying in the bay hanging out partying a little longer. signed a 3 year 36 million dollar extension while the lefty alex wood signed a two-year 20 million dollars extension he's slow friday finish the season 13 7.
9:50 am
yeah, 3.1 7 in 31 starts. he threw 2 shutout, which was actually tied for the national league lead and he had a 152 strikeouts. great years. meanwhile, would not too shabby either. 10 to 4 record 3.8 3 he struck out a 152 batters this season. let's hear from the gm after the game on his to lose >> beyond is individual stats. we were 21 in 10 games that he started so the team had a lot of success when he took the ball, which obviously is you know, the of the ultimate importance. we actually think we're going to get hit a sort of really comfortable and secure pitcher in anthony now that he's on a multi year deal. >> the forty-niners. they have one, 2 games in a row for the first time since september 19th when they beat the philadelphia eagles. now they sit at 500 and you're right
9:51 am
back in the thick of the nfc playoff race. but despite the recent success, we start to tighten up a whole lot next week. the minnesota vikings will come to town who are equally as desperate as the niners. both teams are 5 of 5 both teams also coming off a win and both teams had playoff goals heading into this season. >> there is some things that we did just the way we came out of both sides of the ball. you know, obviously the long drive off and started with just being able to throw the ball like that. ano make 3rd been a number of that we need to get better at that we're fortune on the last scored a kid. all i did that we were bit of a legal formation. there's things are up by no means was a perfect better this week out there. >> how about some college hoops mark fox and the cal golden bears taking on the 23rd ranked florida gators and this one was ugly. quick. the bears never got to go on that marion jones from uefa from
9:52 am
beyond the arc 13 point for him. gators role, 80 to 60 cal will stay down in florida in taking on seton hall wednesday there and some sort of holiday tournament down there. hopefully they can get a win before they come back to the bay area. all righty. that is your look at sports. >> and that was sports director jason dumas is reporting the forty-niners again are going play the vikings at home. this coming sunday afternoon and a basketball. don't forget the war's going to hosting the 70 sixers tomorrow night. make sure to tune in for that 9.52 the time. we'll be right back. want to save on fast, reliable home internet? switch to xfinity for a great low price of $19.99 a month for 12 months.
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>> 9.55 is the time we're moments away from wrapping things up here on the kron 4 morning news. but the news never stops. and so that's why there's kron on because it's always on. and so is bells and by the newsroom with a look ahead well, hey, james. yeah, following. >> quite a wild weekend of looting and robberies. mayor breed is expected to speak today. she's going to be encouraging folks to shop local. this season. but we're also going to ask her about safety not only for shoppers but for store owners as well. we're going bring you her remarks live at noon today to see that interview and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. grab your phone and scanned the qr code that you see on your screen. it will take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. you know, well and one
9:56 am
quick reminder, we do have another ski resort that's pushing back its opening because of the dry weather. if you had plans to head up the sugar bowl because you are expecting them to open this friday. they say i'm sorry, they're going to have to postpone that just a little bit. they can't really start ski and snowboard season just yet because there just isn't enough snow on the ground. they're not quite sure when they'll be able to reopen or at least open up for the season. but they'll make an announcement as soon as conditions are right. problem is right now. the conditions are right. if you're looking at all the snow that we get you know, the weeks pass leading up to this weekend. unfortunately, it's all gone. it's been pretty sunny pretty warm john's to talk about how that's been melting away. i kind of miss those views already. it's november. that was october. we saw so much snow. we really well above average temporarily it's been so warm. james. and that does make for views like this. at least though we are. >> looking at sunshine out there. and that's the way we're going to be staying as we work our way hrough this forecast here in the bay area.
9:57 am
good for your turkey. cooking. and where you're shopping and for your travels, all those things that we do have to get down this week which is nice for sure today. a little cooler feel to it. it's going to be breezy and out of the 70's back down in the sun. looks like we're staying in the 60's for what all the way into next week, all the way into next week and december 1st is on wednesday. so november ending on a dry note already. the end of november. this this year is going buy anyway. all right. thank you, john. thank you for joining us here on the kron 00:00am morning news. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning.
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