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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 22, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news is that we're tired of talking. >> we're tired of paying high insurance rates, 50 to 80 people like ski mask crowbars night like a bugch of weapons. i'm really not sure what the answer is.
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>> now 10 criminals striking bay area businesses in a wave of smash-and-grab robberies just as the holiday shopping season is starting to take off. authorities now vowing not to tolerate this anymore. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken white and i'm pam moore for 3 days in a row large mobs of thieves and robbers targeted bay area businesses leading police and city leaders questioning what to do about this map behind me shows what we're talking about are all the major retailers were hit. it began on friday when a group of robbers targeted. >> the louis store in union square in san francisco. then on saturday the nordstrom and walnut creek was hit and a dispensary in oakland. also targeted and then last night the southland mall in hayward was hit as well as santana row and valley fair mall in san jose were all hit back by thieves groups of thieves and it's still not clear is. >> any of these thefts are connected or whether the suspects will likely strike again, some retailers say
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they're not taking any chances a number of stores and broadway plaza in walnut creek closed early tonight. >> over concerns of a possible repeat performance that happened there. and that's where we find kron four's. jonathan mccall has been monitoring the situation in walnut creek and he has the latest for us. jonathan. pam, ken, good evening. the doors here at the nordstrom store broadway plaza in walnut creek closed, probably at 5 o'clock today. >> there are still some concerns over whether or not other businesses will comply with these early closing hours. it's especially concerning, as you mentioned, because we're now approaching the busy holiday shopping season but nordstrom did as well. and so do the number of other businesses here in broadway plaza close their doors as well. caught off guard. >> yeah. and returns on stocks their clothes the price. >> shoppers trying to get inside the nordstrom store in walnut drive to fund the store closed. why did 5 o'clock monday evening workers locked
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the doors and lowered the games management said it was done out of an abundance of caution after a wild scene saturday night. that's when walnut creek police say as many as 80 people swarmed inside of the store taking off with this much as $200,000 in merchandise. 3 people were arrested. 3 workers were hurt, including one who officers say was pepper sprayed some of nordstrom's neighbors at broadway plaza taking the same route monday evening we found as many as 10 stores turning off the lights. you what covid precautions? i'm not hear about. >> paint i might even go there. so i just was wondering what the caution >> this family tells me they were simply trying to return an item to nordstrom and had no idea about the chaotic scene from saturday. i think it. >> shakes your sense of security, but it's unfortunate for all the people working inside. you have to go through i'm sure it's now. they say they'll be thinking twice about heading out for holiday
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shopping this year. >> we think this is going to be some serious thought considering that we have, you know, kids, family. i don't think we'll will be will be looking at news of more often you know, as the holidays get closer and closer walnut creek. police are now stepping up patrols in the area to prevent a repeat performance. >> mayor kevin wilk says the city is now reviewing video to try to identify even more suspects. >> as we mentioned, it's still unknown right now. if all of the stores here in broadway plaza in the nordstrom store will continue to close their doors early over the concerns of having those folks come back in and loot and still more items from their store. another thing as we mentioned, walnut creek has stepped up their police presence here. there is an officer that is down the street from where we are. but a few months ago back in the month of august. the walnut creek city council approved more than $230,000 to make sure that a uniformed
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officer was patrolling this area to prevent and deter moving in large scale thefts like the one we saw saturday earlier today. we learned that the that an officer was not station there saturday night at the time that this happened. kron 4 has reached out to the city of walnut creek to find out exactly where that uniformed officer was at the time as soon as we learn more information about that will let you know. we're live tonight in walnut creek. jonathan mccall kron 4 news sun us. and thank you for that means time. there was a big police presence at san francisco's union square today after groups of criminals robbed and vandalized. >> more than a half dozen stores in that area friday night, including the louis baton store. you now need a reservation just to get inside that store while some shoppers say they still feel safe despite this recent crime wave. some businesses own us some business owners tell us are considering whether or not it's time to leave san francisco. everything's on the table right now and we love
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the city. gump's has been part of san francisco and part of union square for over 150 years. >> we help build this vibrant area. it would be extremely disappointing for us to have to pack up and leave. >> san francisco. police say the robberies at union square were coordinated. as of tonight 9 suspects been arrested in connection to the crimes. but police say they're continuing their investigation. police in san jose say 2 different robberies at 2 malls across the street from one another may have been can coordinated. they say that. >> a group of robbers still about $40,000 in merchandise from the lululemon store on santana row last night about same time. police say at least 2 people hit the valley fair mall across the street. they still roughly $7,000 worth of goods from a sunglass hut. >> whoever was waiting outside and multiple vehicles. let me add that it was just wasn't one or 2 cars, you know, as 4, 5, cars. they're planning to load all these cars fully with merchandise. who knows. i
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tried to stop him, but they indicated they were willing to run me over. so back off. >> no arrests have been made in either of those robberies. there is no information on possible suspects yet either. there is largest security presence along santana row ahead of black friday shopping in the east bay. this dramatic video shows a group of 9 people fleeing the samson jewelers inside the southland mall. this happened last night about 5.30 police say the group use hammers to smash open the display case before fleeing the scene in 2 different vehicles. >> police say the jewelry store was the only location in the mall that was targeted. no arrests have been made. this is the 3rd time though, in the past 2 weeks that a group of robbers has used hammers to steal jewelry from a bay area mall similar crimes have also happened in concord and in fairfield, it wasn't just jewelers and designer stores that were robbed over the weekend in video from oakland, you'll see only on kron 4. >> a group of robbers broke
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into the blunt and more dispensary near the coliseum. the owner tells us he believes the burglars came from a side show. those happening nearby around 5 o'clock in the morning. people started scaling the fences. you can see her before storming and rating display cases just 7 minutes later, security arrived to finally chase them off with these recent attacks on marijuana-related businesses owners say they're getting fed up with paying very high taxes and not getting much in the way of a police response. >> extra security. and the taxes. we talk about tax strike, potentially we're talking a pick in the mayor's office. we don't know what we can do, but its top action would kind of talk. >> this was just one of several violent incidents that took place in oakland over the weekend. oakland police chief leronne armstrong held a news conference today to talk about the violence again, our grant lodes is here now with more on that grant. he's exasperated and rightly so you know, i grew up here and he's only been the chief since february.
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i think so. feels like he's been here in that position a long time. we're talking a lot pleading you know, the citizens of oakland to help him help his staff. and it was just a all around another violent weekend in oakland. but especially during this 10 hour period on saturday when there are more than 2 dozen incidents. most of which are still being investigated. all started around 3 o'clock saturday afternoon when police were called to an armed carjacking and robbery chief armstrong says his officers followed the suspect across the city. at one point they say the suspect shot at officers. it came to an end on ocean view drive. >> the suspect then exited the vehicle armed with a firearm officers gave the suspect commands drop the gun. opd officers discharged their duty firearms. the suspect was struck. >> a suspect taken to a local hospital and has since died from their injuries to officers who fired their guns. both are on paid
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administrative leave while that shooting is investigated. and this was just one of more than 300 calls officers received over the weekend. those calls, including robberies looting. hundreds of vehicles involved in side shows like this. there was also a shooting that left a 17 year-old dead oakland's 124th homicide of the year. chief armstrong says he is stepping up patrols this upcoming holiday weekend. but he adds, as he has said before, his officers alone cannot stop this level of violence. >> amassing council members to step up and start having a conversation about the loss of life in this city beyond the politics with the support police are not. there is a clear problem in this city. i don't care if you could if you drive a public works truck. i don't care if you if you pick up litter, everybody has to be invested in making this community safer. >> basically begging people at this point. the oakland police department continues to have staffing problems. the chief
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says one night recently 11 of the 35 seats in the city were uncovered. so he had to move some officers around, extend some shifts to try to fill in those gaps but not an ideal situation. not even close. ken and pam, back to you. grant. thank you, governor newsome address the rampant rise in retail crime during a visit to the bay area today. coming up tonight at 1030. >> how he is planning to use chp officers to address the issue and what that could mean for your holiday shopping plans. 3 people have been arrested in connection to the shooting of retired oakland police captain or c joyner. >> the shooting happened last month at a chevron gas station in west oakland when joiner was approached by several people who tried to rob him joyner shot and killed one man he was joyner was then shot in the others got away. police say one suspect was arrested in houston, texas. the other 2 arrested near sacramento. joyner was critically injured
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in that shooting and he is still recovering. >> nearly 2 dozen illegal guns as well as drugs have been taken off the streets of san francisco. as you can see in this picture, this video, the bust was the result of a joint operation between police, the district attorney's office and federal authorities. well, for dan thorn is learning more about the work that went into this operation. he's live in san francisco tonight and has more for us. dan. >> well, pam, as we've been reporting, gun violence has become a major problem nationwide and san francisco is no exception. gun traffickers are using social media to sell these dangerous weapons and the city was able to keep 20 illegal guns from getting into the wrong hands and this is just the latest action against gun runners in san francisco. >> 21 illegal weapons along with ammunition high capacity magazines and drug czar netted in a joint operation in san francisco. the atf sfpd in the
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san francisco district attorney's office are working to crack down on gun crimes is just one example. >> of the many proactive approaches. we are taking to get guns out of the hands of criminals before lives district attorney chesa boudin says 4 people are now facing charges after the weapons were found at 2 locations in the city last week. johnson bruneau economy, ryan and kelly mean are accused of trying to sell the guns online through social media posts like this me definitely a key networks communicate sell stolen goods. >> illegal firearms and so, increasingly become a tool for law enforcement to disrupt dismantle and hold accountable those groups that are committing crimes and increase in fatal gun violence has been happening across the country as well as across the state. california's department of justice released numbers in july showing gun-related killings in twenty-twenty accounted for nearly 3 out of 4 of the more than 2200
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homicides in the state while facing a spike in shootings. san francisco city leaders decided in september to ban untraceable firearms, also known as ghost guns. last summer. the district attorney's office also sued 3 california based ghost gun makers to build it yourself weaponry has flooded the city's streets. i know that through getting guns off the streets, preventing illegal guns from entering our communities. we can make significant strides towards safety and justice for all. in san francisco last year. police seized more than a 160 ghost guns, which is a 2600% increase. >> from 2016 when only a handful were confiscated by sfpd. the atf reports that more than half of the guns that they seized in twenty-twenty came from here in california reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron dan, thank you for that report. will san francisco
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police are investigating 2 homicides that took place over the weekend. the first. >> happened just before 10 o'clock on friday night on connecticut's treetop trail hill not far from the patrol recreation center. police say when they arrived on scene, a 25 year-old man had been shot. he died at the scene. the second homicide happened just after 1045 last night on geary street. that was just one block away from union square. police say a 30 year-old man was stabbed several times. he was also pronounced dead at the scene. no arrests have been made in either of these cases, officers have not released any suspect information either. >> now to a wisconsin community that says stunned and still in mourning tonight, suv right through a holiday parade. there are prayers for the victims, families and for those still fighting for their lives as kareen wynter tells us, the suspect was let out of jail just a few days before the tragedy. time. what do
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pace of the investigation. a holiday gathering turned into a scene of horror. >> at this christmas parade in wisconsin after the driver of an suv plowed into a crowd of people causing mass casualties. >> the waukesha, wisconsin police chief identified that suspect as 39 year-old darryl brooks. at least 5 people were killed and dozens injured, including children who attended the festivities doctors from the pediatric trauma center at children's hospital of wisconsin describe some of the injuries of the 18 patients brought to their facility, their ages range from 3 to 16 years old. >> injuries range from facial abrasions to broken bones to serious head injuries. 6 these patients were sent to the operating room last night and 2 additional patients are undergoing surgeries today according to physicians, 6 patients were listed in critical condition. 3 in serious and one in fair with 8
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other patients in fair condition who were not in the icu but another unit of the hospital. there's $0.3, a siblings that are currently hospitalized with in children. >> and this is unique in truly demonstrates the devastating effects of this on our chief thompson said brooks was involved in a domestic disturbance right before the tragedy. graphic video recordings showed the red suv speeding through barricades before approaching the parade route where that driver rams into dozens of victims attending the event according to witnesses brooks appeared to swerve from left to right. as if you were deliberately trying to hit as many people as possible. >> chief thompson also refuted claims that officers were pursuing brooks before the deadly incident that he confirmed was not a terrorist attack last that great big in nightmare. >> last he was severely injured. last lost during should have been a celebration. >> law enforcement officials did not confirm how they caught that suspect or provide details on a possible motive. among those hurt in the
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rampage. a roman catholic priest and some catholic school children. also members of the asked fired and center studio which had about 70 participants in the parade, including kids as young as 2 and we're being pulled and wagons. >> that was kareen wynter reporting. police say the ages of the victims who died ranged from 52 to 81 the waukesha school district canceled classes today and tomorrow and said extra counselors will be on hand for students and staff. >> closing arguments today in the trial of the 3 georgia men charged with the murder of amount arbery the district attorney will get one more chance at a rebuttal before the jury begins deliberations. greg mcmichael, his son travis and william bryan are all charged with shooting arbery in february of 2020 near brunswick, georgia. arbery was unarmed. he was jogging through that neighborhood when the men followed him claiming they thought he had committed a crime. the defense maintains the shooting was in
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self-defense boy's mother spoke about the trial outside the courthouse. >> feel very confident we get a guilty how best to get it. i don't know. but i think the state in a very good job for evidence and with founding of justice from my. >> supporters of the arbery family have gathered outside the courthouse to hold daily prayer vigils. the 3 defendants are also facing federal hate crime charges. former raiders wide receiver henry ruggs will remain on house arrest that's after nearly missing the required alcohol test. he is required to take 4 tests a day since his involvement in a deadly car crash earlier this month and which he was suspected of being drunk ruggs appeared in court today because he missed a warning to take the test. he says he did not hear a signal which informs him that it was time from here on out. ruggs will have to wear a gps ankle monitor and another device to monitor his alcohol level. >> in our coronavirus coverage tonight, the deadline has
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passed for 3 and a half million federal workers to get vaccinated against covid. the white house says more than 90% of federal workers have g% received at least one dose. the mandate does not include an option for regular covid testing but workers can request to religious or medical exemption. federal employees who are neither vaccinated or exam to will now have to begin a counseling process that could result in termination. there are some concerns over how the vaccine mandate would affect the holiday travel season but tsa officials are telling travelers not to worry and that operations will not be affected. the agency says 93% of its staff has complied with the mandate we heard from some travelers who say they agree with the new rule. >> people who don't want to get vaccinated shouldn't be in positions where they deal with the public so closely. so they have to get a different job. i think people should have a choice. but, know, we are in the pandemic saugus. you know, we're working with the public to do it. you have to do.
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>> the tsa says it estimates that more than 20 million people will be screened over the thanksgiving holiday. >> well, travel season is already in full swing for this thanksgiving holiday week. we're looking live at sfo tonight where things look clear and quiet and there's always that concern about the weather when the holidays are approaching. let's check in with rebecca storm. strong rather as there's no storms out there rebecca. sorry about that. i know it should be storms. sometimes feel like it would fit this job just perfect well, yes, no storms in the forecast for the bay area. so that is the great news. if you're going to be a heading out because of thanksgiving weekend. >> in fact, clear skies that we're seeing around the bay area right now and of course dry conditions on the road, but a gorgeous shot overlooking a much of the bay area. this is our east bay camera on top of the berkeley hills here and really clear all the way. you can see into a san francisco across the bay looking ahead. yes, we're going have a couple scattered clouds throughout the overnight hours temperatures are going to drop into the
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40's for the most part. and then we're going to wake up to some breezy conditions tomorrow morning and then things should clear out a lot of sunshine, but it's still going to be cool a lot cooler than what we saw today. we're going to topping out into the 60's. tomorrow. the rest this week, lots of sunshine and we're going to see a overnight lows, get really chilly. in fact, we're dropping into the 30's, especially for some of the inland valley locations. so make sure the and bundle up. that's for sure. temperatures right now starting to drop just a bit. right now we're mostly in the 40's and 50's 48 degrees in palo alto right now. 57 and alameda 55 in berkeley 45 in napa, petaluma also coming in at 45 degrees. some very chilly outside right now and it looks like thanksgiving holiday set to be dry around the bay area. all the wet weather steering clear the bay area and sticking to the far north of us over the next couple of days. so if you're going to be out and about shopping on black friday. it looks like the road should be quite nice for you. so far.
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winds are going to be picking up the like. i was mentioning. it's going to start early tomorrow morning. so just keep that in mind. the temperatures are going to be cooler. of course. but because of the winds picking up, things are going to start to feel a lot cooler. so you want to bundle up ken and pam, it's going to start getting very chilly like ours mention we could see some frost maybe waking up on wednesday and thursday because those temperatures dropping down into the 30's overnight with the fear snow not this week. maybe possibly next week, though, slight chance of rain and possible snowfall next week. okay. all right. thank well, governor newsome to it. a vaccine clinic. in san francisco's mission district today. he was urging people to get their booster shots. now that every adult can get one. >> the governor says california has the lowest covid pouitivity rate in the nation. but yes, there's still work to do. so we hear to celebrate. >> that success of sorts. but soberly and humbly and reminding people of the importance not to let their
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guard down. >> the governor says 91.3% of all adult californians have received at least one covid vaccine dose with thanksgiving just 3 days away. the biden administration says vaccinated families can safely gather for the holiday without masks. white house chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci is still urging caution. this holiday season as covid cases rise across the u.s. however, now she says families where everyone is vaccinated can enjoy thanksgiving safely vaccines along with boosters remain the best way to stop the spread of the virus. new data also show boosters can increase a person's immunity significantly and quickly. >> the vaccines themselves still highly effective, but you want to make sure the durability of that protection is longer and that's the reason why you get boosted because we know know vaccine last forever. so the the protection starts to wane a bit and that's with the boost is all about.
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>> health officials say unvaccinated people should keep wearing masks limit. the sizes of their thanksgiving gatherings and avoid travel if at all possible santa cruz county health officials have reinstated and indoor mask mandate in anticipation of a winter surge. people are required to wear face coverings in public places offices and even people's own homes when others are visiting, even if you're fully vaccinated, this renewed mandate will remain in effect indefinitely. >> still ahead tonight at 10, it was called one of the greatest miscarriages of justice from america's jim crow era even decades later, a judge has officially exonerated for black men accused falsely of a white woman. how their families are reacting to the ruling. plus someone boarded a plane in san jose at the airport there and left in handcuffs. what they are accused of doing on board the plane and how much they will be fine and the new year means a new minimum wage for some federal workers but not
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all those details and a lot more coming up. stay with us.
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> a committee investigating the january 6 insurrection at the u.s. capitol has issued subpoenas to 5 additional people. among them. former president trump's ally roger stone and conspiracy theorist
10:29 pm
alex jones, the subpoenas include demands for documents and testimony from stone and jones as well as 3 others accused of organizing and promoting the 2 rallies that preceded the deadly attack on the capitol. the committee has already interviewed more than 150 people across the government, social media and law enforcement including some former trump aides who lawmakers say have been cooperative. meanwhile, former president trump's attorney michael cohen is out of prison and promising to cooperate with investigators today marked the end of his 3 year sentence for tax fraud lying to congress and other federal crimes. >> my released today give no way. negates the act donald j trump. >> cohen has spent the last 18 months under house arrest in new york after he was released from federal prison because of covid concerns. cohen says he plans to continue to work with law enforcement to quote,
10:30 pm
ensure that others are held responsible for their dirty deeds. new at 10 justice may have come too late for them. but the families of 4 black teenagers wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a young white girl. 72 years ago. finally have some closure of florida judge has exonerated the so-called groveland 4 who were convicted of the girl in 1949 even though there was no physical evidence against them all. the men have since passed away. one was executed. all of them were pardoned 2 years ago. relatives of the 4 say they hope something good comes from their story. 2 members of an american missionary group kidnapped in haiti. more than a month ago have been freed. they're ohio based church organization christian aid ministries says the released missionaries are safe and in good spirits, but they're not revealing their identities or why they were freed. 15 people are still being held captive. 4 million dollars ransom each.
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next at 10. elizabeth holmes takes the stand again amid accusations. he lied to get money for her blood testing startup. why she says the charges could not be true. >> plus the giants made some offseason noise today sa resigned to the starting pitchers. >> jason dumas. so have the details coming up later in sports and-governor newsom has strong words for the thieves who ransacked a number of bay area stores his pledge to crack down on that crime spree. coming up.
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>> i wouldn't even characterize organized crime. that was domestic terrorism. >> the president of the california retailers association says law enforcement retailers and state and local leaders must all come together to try to find a solution to this recent governor newsom announced he is directing the california highway patrol to increase its presence near major retail centers in the bay area. >> well, for state of the psac ii has more. >> a crime ridden weekend rocked the bay area after thieves targeted stores in san francisco's union square on friday pulled by a team looters storming the nordstrom in walnut creek on saturday. burglars hitting many stores
10:35 pm
in between across several other cities. >> look, i have no sympathy, no empathy whatsoever. people smashing and grabbing stealing people's items crane havoc and tear on our streets. not governor gavin newsome calling in for backup on monday. >> saying he's now directed california highway patrol to increase their presence near busy shopping centers in the bay area. >> we want real accountability. we want people prosecuted and we want people to feel safe this holiday season. the increase chp patrols will continue through the holiday season as we expect more shoppers to visit the area since the weekend string of robberies and burglaries. >> governor newsom's office says it's been in contact with local mayors. police departments and retail stores to come up with additional ways to thwart this organized theft. this comes just 4 months after the state relaunched its organized retail crimes task force. >> so far the governor says it resulted in 773 investigations, 240 arrests and the recovery. nearly
10:36 pm
20 million dollars worth of stolen goods moving forward. newsom also announced a proposed increase in next year's state budget to combat this rampant retail crime. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. pleasanton police say a smash-and-grab may have been thwarted by a mall. security measures. police say 9 people were captured on surveillance video breaking into the stone ridge shopping center about one 30 sunday morning by pushing a sliding glass door office door track. >> they were spotted heading toward the area of a jewelry store. but immediately left once they appeared to see the metal security gate protecting that store police say the suspects did not gain access to any of the other stores at the mall. there were no other reported incidents of theft in pleasanton. with this rise in brazen thefts. you might be thinking about changing your holiday shopping plans. >> local security experts say how you shop could be the difference in whether or not you're a victim too. >> you should be aware of where the nearest exit is
10:37 pm
getting out of the store is your best option. gain as much distance as you can from the people who are committing the crimes and also put items in for a hard items that poll that is attached to the closing 3 feet from you. you might have to grab that thing. you know, snap it off and use it to defend yourself. obviously you want to. that goes back to where it is right. you want to be a personally aware what's going on? >> one example of being aware and this video taken last week. a shopper can be seen hiding in a photo booth was just a few feet away. 3 teenagers are stealing more than $50,000 worth of jewelry from a fairfield mall. experts do not recommend confronting the criminals or otherwise trying to be a hero. >> now to the south bay where elizabeth holmes was back on the witness stand today. the embattled theranos ceo focused on what she calls hoz that iv early test results for the company's blood-testing technology. prosecutors claim she misled both investors and
10:38 pm
patients into believing that she had invented a breakthrough but holmes argued today that she genuinely believed to results and that she was not intentionally trying to mislead anyone. if convicted homes could be set us up to 20 years in prison. the trial will pick up again tomorrow. >> of the 4 zone forecast as we give you an overview of downtown san francisco from our sutro tower camera. rebecca standing by. what's ahead for the morning. >> well, guys, we're going to see and the winds start to pick up and temperatures are going to be a lot cooler as you wake up tomorrow morning and even into the afternoon versus what we saw today. we saw 70's around that much of the bay area today not going to be the case tomorrow. so make sure that you dress. nice and warm because start to see a cool down around the bay area. but starting off with a gorgeous clear night around the bay area. or live shot of the downtown or rather san francisco international airport here. it's a not a cloud in the sky as of yet, but we are expecting a couple scattered clouds during the overnight hours. it's starting to really cool down, though
10:39 pm
lots of the 40's now that i'm tracking and 50's on the board. 48 in palo alto. 47 in the livermore valley right now. doubling, you're currently at 45 54 in temperament. 5045 in nevado and also in saint helene bundle up. if you're going to be out and about at all this evening and for the next week or so because those temperatures going to be chilly. but we will be dry futurecast for showing us no rain in sight for the bay area during your thanksgiving honiday week. so it's going to be a nice at least safe a week to travel. if you're going to be in and out of town and definitely shopping on black friday that should be dry for you as well. overnight lows tonight. going to be very chilly, low 40's in some spots the more you're going to drop down to 42 degrees conquered 43 40 degrees. and we're expecting in napa and then a couple of 30's in north bay zone as well. some very chilly tonight and then it's going to continue to get chillier and chillier over the couple of nights as well. you're going to wake up to breezy conditions like i was mentioning. we are going to
10:40 pm
see a winds pick up. they're much of the day tomorrow. so accompanying with the cooler temperatures and the winds. it is definitely going to cold around the bay area in some spots. so keep that in mind. we could see gusts of up to 25 miles per hour in some spots afternoon highs. not as high as today. we're topping out into the mid 60's 60 in san francisco, 64 in downtown oakland. 65 degrees expected tomorrow afternoon for the high in downtown san jose, your tenant 10. you can see a pretty steady forecast. ken and pam, we're looking at mostly 60's. >> even into next week. the good news is maybe a chance of rain next week. a slight chance to keep it tuned right here and help. we'll keep you posted when the cold at night the look at 9 a couple nights. there might some frost wednesday and thursday morning. so ok, thank to tonight. >> new at 10. the faa is proposing more than $160,000 in fines against 8 airline passengers over incidents
10:41 pm
involving alcohol. the biggest fine is more than $40,000. it's for a passenger who boarded a flight at san jose airport officials say that person brought their own alcohol on the plane smoked marijuana in the laboratory and sexually assaulted a flight attendant. the past year was arrested when the plane landed in san diego airlines reported more than 5,000 incidents of unruly passengers to the faa since january. >> president biden is nominating jerome powell for a second four-year term as chair of the federal reserve. this comes amid concerns over inflation. the supply chain crisis and the debate by lawmakers over the president's build back better. bill. our washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. >> we're in a position to attack inflation from the position of strength not weakness. monday. president biden announced he is re nominating jerome powell, the man president trump picked to lead the federal reserve times like these. we need steady tested principal leadership
10:42 pm
the inflation hit just over 6% in october and with prices climbing because of the ongoing supply chain crisis. the president believes powell can help steer the country through we know that high inflation takes a toll on families, especially those less able to meet the higher costs central's. but on capitol hill, republicans like west virginia senator shelley moore. capito say president biden social spending bill. now that it's on its way to the senate will make inflation worse. the over 3 trillion dollar package that the president. >> has talked about on social infrastructure in in my view as a reckless spending and taxes and tax bill iowa. senator chuck grassley agrees that now is not the time to spend trillions of dollars on new government programs. >> he calls his program. building back better. this is a recipe for building back. >> but democrats like nevada
10:43 pm
congressman steven horsford argue the bill will actually bring economic relief. it's going to lower costs on everything from housing to health care to childcare the bill now heads to the senate where it faces challenges from moderate democrats and could see changes reporting in washington rashad hudson, back to you. >> well, you can. and christmas trees to the list of items suffering from shortages and higher prices this year. tree. lot owners say the problem goes back more than a decade when farmers struggling through the recession, planted fewer trees for several years and then wildfires and drought conditions along the west coast is certainly compounding the shortage problem for example, owners say normally $50. trees will likely cost closer to $75 this year. supply chain issues are raising the prices on fake christmas trees as well. hundreds of thousands of federal contractors will be getting a pay raise next year labor secretary marty walsh announced today that starting january 30th.
10:44 pm
>> his department will raise the minimum wage from $10.95 to $15 an hour wall says this will affect about 330,000 federal workers, including those who maintain federal buildings provide health care for veterans and build and repair roads and bridges so family can afford a home put food the table. a car in the driveway. live with dignity little respect and make sure we treat them the way that people should be treated. >> supporters say they hope the move will encourage higher wages at private businesses next year. california's minimum wage will rise to $15 an hour for all businesses with at least 26 employees coming up next in sports, the reeling sharks looking to bounce back as they host eastern conference-leading carolina hurricanes. >> first j is jason dumas shows us how they fared. plus, a live report from the shark tank coming up.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the sharks came into tonight's matchup with the hurricanes losers of 4 of their last 5. they got off to a great start to the season, but it's been kind of a drag as of late. what other time to turn around their misfortunes. then tonight booking their hoping to lead that like a suit after a scoreless first
10:48 pm
second period, tony de angelo. that's a slap shot right there. top shelf. hurricanes lead one, nothing early in the 3rd same quarter or i mean. leblanc ties it up for the sharks that would force overtime and the sharks capitalized on the power play thomas hurdle, the barman off. he lights the lamp that secures the victory sharks win 2 to one in ot. they're going crazy in the shark tank and before this game, kate rooney and i talk about how the sharks need to turn it around in k in live and sapd center is seen loud during the game. they've all cleared out how a vacate. >> i think they watched our pre-game reporter jason. but yeah, there are more than 10,000 fans here in attendance tonight and they were definitely loud. it had that old-school sharks 5. just real excitement here in the tank. you know why? because the sharks and not schooled scored
10:49 pm
a goal in 135 minutes prior to kevin labanc 3rd period goal there. so really exciting moment for this team. and then to be able to win it in overtime. alexander broad enough that golden goal just fantastic stuff. on the power play worse as another place the sharks have not been playing well, they were really able to take advantage of that tonight. they played well against the power play to they denied both those chances to the carolina hurricanes, which is one of the best teams in this league. this is only their 3rd loss of the season. so this is something of a statement win for the sharks. and i think it's going to give them a lot of confidence here going forward. in the season. here's above ear had to say after the game. >> we knew we had to get in our level lot and we knew it would. you know, you can't play at 80% or 75% against these guys thought it brought out some of our best you know, just and tensions tonight when it came to winning battles. i thought you know, we do a lot of good things offensively. we didn't get rewarded for it here in the game. we had some
10:50 pm
trouble in her own and at times. but we didn't panic and you know, we battled it out together as far as the 5 men connection so sometimes does and it's always pretty, it's 2 points. >> you could tell the sharks came out with a lot of energy tonight they are really rushing the puck playing very aggressive from the start of this game had some great chances in the second period and just finally able to convert in that 3rd period. so they snapped. >> their two-game losing skid and not have got a couple of winnable games coming up here. they're playing ottawa and chicago coming up soon. so hey, maybe they can go on a little run. >> at least that's what they're hoping for here out at the shark tank. jason, back to you. great stuff, kate. thank you. >> now the giants, they made a pair signings today bringing the gang back pitchers anthony desclafani and alex wood. they're staying here in the bay. the school friday signed a 3 year. 36 million dollar extension while the lefty alex wood signed two-year 20 million dollar extension these go fund me finish the season with a 13 7 record. he had a 3.1 7 er and 31 starts.
10:51 pm
he threw 2 shutout, which was actually tied for the national league lead and he had a 150 strikeouts on the year. meanwhile, would 10 in for 3.8 3 he also struck out a 152 batters. oh, one 52 want to add to that, both will be shoring up that giants rotation with logan webb and kevin got it. all right. the forty-niners, they won 2 games in a row for the first time since september 19th when they beat the philadelphia eagles. now they 500. they're right back in the thick of the nfc playoff race. but despite their recent success, they still have to tie and a whole lot of things up next week the minnesota vikings will come to town there in the thick of the playoff race to equally as desperate. both teams. the 5 in 5 both teams coming off of a win and both teams have playoff gold heading into the season.
10:52 pm
>> i thought there was some things that we did just the way we came out of both sides of the ball. you know, obviously the long drive off and started with just being able to throw the ball like that. and make 3rd been a number of that we need to get better at that. we're fortunate on the last play. you know, scoring a kid audit that we were none of legal formation. there's things we got clean up by no means was a perfect lot better this week out there. >> how about some college hoops mark fox attention. the cal golden bears taking on a florida turned the corner. this wasn't that close the entire game florida right here. they knock down the 3 deaths myreon jones from beyond the arc. he had 13 gators role 80 to 60 state down in florida. they'll take on seton all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be your look at sports. we'll be righ hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att.
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>> firefighters in orange county now have a new tool to help them locate people during a house fire. they have been. he just signed a thermal imaging camera that can help firefighters see through the smoke and the darkness. it can pick up heat signatures from somebody who might be trapped and in need of rescue officials say the cameras help save a man from an early morning fire right here who did not wake up from a smoke alarm. >> if you've got a fired, only time you really see light is when you actually find the fire before that it is completely smoky. you know, i've had many a times where i can see my hammer and from my
10:56 pm
utilizing this, it picks up heat signatures of human being and actually guides us finding a person that may be trapped and there are a lot sooner than we. have in the past. >> the cameras can also be used if there's not a fire, for example, locating someone who might be trapped under a car wreck. >> that's a good tool for all firefighters all right. we're back is back to a close is out tonight. >> yeah, guys, we're going to see a clear skies, but it's going to feel cold tonight. so i definitely want to bundle up around the bay area. be out and about tonight. over the next couple of nights as well because we're going to temperatures really drop low into the 30's outside right now. clear conditions here at the golden gate bridge highs tomorrow they will feel cooler. what we felt today. no 70's on the board. we're just seeing 60's, very evenly spread across the bay area for the afternoon highs. but my seven-day around the bay forecast. we're going to see 60's through thanksgiving and even into the weekend with sunshine. but look at those
10:57 pm
overnight we're going to start to see chilly temperatures inland really all the way through friday dropping into the 30's. he says possible frost. we need to cover the plants or anything like that. i would do that just in coming up, lance make sure the pets are indoors because it is going to get cold. thank you, rebecca. thank you for being with us tonight, everybody have a good night and we'll see tomorrow.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> holiday parade horror. >> there is that people everywhere, you guys! >> the little girl in pink as the car zooms guy. prayers for the dancing grannies. and the desperate moments. >> announcer: plus, what we've learned about the suspected driver. he tried to escape through her backyard. >> you can actually follow the tire tracks through the yard. >> announcer: then come as a thieves. 80 of them swooping into the department store. then gone in 60 seconds. >>


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