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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 22, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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2 big breaking stories that we're following this morning. first 5 people are dead and 40 others injured after an suv rolls through wisconsin, christmas parade will have the latest developments there. and here in the bay area bands of robbers hit high-end stores in san francisco, walnut creek end last night in san jose. we're live with what police know this morning. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the
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kron 00:00am morning news at 7. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. on a monday, not just any monday. the monday before thanksgiving. i'm darya and i'm down. the days to thursday people are leaving. people are coming very busy time of here is how we're manning. you know, they they roadways. >> of >> why do i want to say the where all airports we have a live report from sfo steve travels picking up there and we're at the grocery stores to crisis. keep going up. got your turkey yeah. >> prices in years going down. this is a gorgeous kevin in the control room. our director giving us this beautiful shot of the sunrise this morning. john, it looks than it is to think, oh, yeah, it looks warm, but it this morning. we know it's a super sunny beautiful morning that you have to step outside prepare for to be cold and clear. >> and that is exactly what we've got this morning. it is beautiful out there and you probably want to get out there and enjoy that. but you want
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to make sure to get that extra puppy jacket on because it is lly. a look outside at san francisco. not quite as pretty as that perspective across mount tam, but it is nice and bright over the city right now. we are seeing dense fog out towards the central valley. but the bay area's pretty free of it and the city under those clear calm and a really cold temperatures right now. areas like double in palo alto as well as almost all the north bay are solidly down in the 30's. so we're off to a very chilly start alameda berkeley and san francisco, on the other hand, are obvious exceptions on the warmer side in the 50's regardless of where you're at, bundle up this morning and get ready for a really comfortable afternoon. i'll let you know about any chances of rainfall. we may have in this forecast all the way up through the holiday all still ahead, tom, thank you for that. right. things. for the most part of in light. but we have some areas that we have problems. >> like here in hayward, southbound, 8.80, north and west winton avenue. so you've got an accident there are starting to see some delays along 8.80, traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 20 minutes. they
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turned the metering lights off about around 5 o'clock. so we gradually been slowing down there heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes for you to make that drive time out of richmond. a little under 12 and in the south bay along to 3785 82. no major issues just a little slowing along one-on-one. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot a 7 o 3. and we're starting with breaking news. they're still trying to figure out why this suv went ramming through people at a holiday parade in wisconsin. we had what upwards of 40 people hurt more than 5 miles. yeah. 5 killed this morning. investigators are looking into whether the driver. >> may have been fleeing from a crime when he crashed into this parade in here. we're going to freeze the video right before he started striking some of the parade marchers. carla says saito has the details. >> shock and horror at christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. >> red suv plowing through
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unsuspecting marchers and parade goers. vehicle struck. >> more than 20 individuals. some of girls were children and are some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> city officials confirming that 5 people were killed, more than 40 people were injured. it was just before 4.40 local time when authorities say the driver of the vehicle storms through police barricades and barreled through the crowd. >> some of those injured transporting themselves to hospitals. the city of waukesha department and its partner, its partners and made this. >> transported a total of 11 love an adult and 12 pediatric patients. >> to 6 area hospitals. the speeding car just narrowly missing a toddler dancing on main street. >> it's not long before other start realizing the gravity of what's unfolding before their eyes and deeply saddened to know that so many in our community. >> went to a parade but end up dealing with injury. and
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heartache. >> as the suv broke through the barricades. a police officer fired his gun to stop the suspect. it's unclear if the driver was hit, will no longer looking for suspect vehicle. we do have a person interest in custody at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation is unknown at this time whether the incidents and nexus to terrorism. >> and police as they continue trying to figure out a motive. they're going to be holding a news conference this morning at 11 o'clock to give everybody an update. we're going to carry that for you on our 24 hour news app kron on because it will be after our broadcast ends at 10. so make sure you download kron on and get the latest. >> the big story in the bay area right now. mobs of robbers hit high-end stores around the bay groups of thieves targeting 3 stores over the weekend. yeah, they ran into this. louis baton in san francisco's union square on friday. you can see him running out with. >> armfuls of merchandise. police also arrived on scene fairly quickly. and in a
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minute, you're going to see them there. they are rushing up to one of the getaway vehicles and the got that person. yeah, they unrest in 8 people there. and then in walnut creek 80 people you heard me 80 swarmed in north from saturday night. >> and then last night a group of robbers hit a lululemon store and santana wrote, in fact, let's go to san jose. right now we're crawford's camila barco is standing by live at the scene of that latest. >> robbery and then a recap of all the others camila. good morning. >> good morning you guys see out looters didn't vandalize this 11 behind me. as you can see, the windows are not shattered. but police say that a group of people went inside the store wrapped the merchandise that they could find and ran away with it. but by the time police got here, the looters. they were gone. this happened at santana row here at san jose around 6.30, last night. the store normally closes at 7 on sundays. but it seems like they stole the merchandise while the store was open. now, i did contact police to see if anyone was
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inside the store or employees were working. however, police say that the investigation is ongoing. but just 24 hours before this incident. 80 people rushed into a nordstrom emptying the shelves and ran away with thousands of dollars in merchandise and that happened at broadway plaza in walnut creek about 10 to 15 minutes before they were going to close. now investigators say looters assaulted 2 store employees and pepper sprayed, another one. they found one gun and arrested 3 people. but doesn't got away. now, police feared the same group of people were going to strike again and they blocked off broadway plaza to traffic as a precaution. but take a look at this video. looters took over union square in san francisco on friday. the video of this bold heist has gone viral. these were seen running from the live a tonn store. some ran into a car. but police chase them down so rounded
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that car and started smashing their windows. now the san francisco police chief says people burglarized and vandalized 10 high-end stores on friday alone. they arrested 8 people, but they are still searching for more now it's unclear how much these looters stole from the stores across the bay area. but police are investigating all of these scenarios that norström in walnut creek. they're cutting back their hours today after what happened this weekend as far lulu lemon. it's unclear when if they're going to open today. i have reached out. but i haven't gotten the word james, back to you. all right. thanks a lot of camilla. >> 7. '08, is the time now. let's talk smash-and-grab robberies at jewelry stores. there was another one sam's jewelry and the southland mall was hit. that's the 4th jewelry store robbery in the bay area this month. it was around 5.30 yesterday. 8 to 10 people with sledgehammers went into the store smash the cases and got away with jewels. they
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left in several getaway cars and then remember a week ago today is when a group of 9 thieves descended on iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall in concord. we have video of that. here. they are on the surveillance camera smashing the double display cases and no rest their they pretty much emptied the place out in fairfield though 3 teens were arrested for this smash-and-grab robbery in the slot. a town center in fairfield. this one happened last wednesday they got away with 50 grand worth of jewelry. but again, they did make those 3 arrest. and then there was the other one in san francisco's chinatown where robbers broke into long boat jewelers and they got away with $250,000 worth. jewelry, but no arrests have been made in that case. let's head to the north bay now where police up in solano county are looking for a man who they say shot at another man after getting into an accident. >> chp says that they were responding to this hit and run on interstate 80 right near
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highway one, 13 and dixon yesterday evening. they say apparently that's where 2 men got involved accident. then got into a fight. that's when one of them started shooting at the other chp says the man who fired the gun then left the scene in a white toyota camry. nobody was hit by any of those bullets. but there obviously looking for the shooting this morning. 7 tennis time right now and going to be across the traffic again at the airport as a whole looking nice. now. >> that's going to get busier and busier. i think it is. yeah. travelers heading out this week. kron four's gayle ong has more on what you'll expect when you get there. >> where holiday travel season is in swing at san francisco international airport. the busiest day began friday and the rush did not lose momentum over the weekend. we're coming back from a 40th birthday of a spending some time case and some wind up in napa going to maui his first time we've gone on in egypt with our family and longtime us. a mom could not be more excited. there are
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other first-time travelers since the pandemic. i didn't do any traveling last year. it's amazing. i mean, to have your first trip after a couple years when you're used to being able to go wherever you want, right. worrying that it went well. it's a great there's like so many precautions. but like everything feels really, really safe on the sunday before thanksgiving almost 50,000 passengers are departing from sfo. that's 60% down from the prepandemic thanksgiving travel in 2019 with vaccinations up and international travel mandate ease. >> airport officials project more traffic over christmas thanksgiving is such a domestic focus travel, period. >> whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> and since it's a lot of people's first time traveling since the pandemic masks are still required inside airports and on flights and it is advice to get here early as we head into the holiday travel season. 2 hours before
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domestic flights. at least 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo. gayle on kron. 4 news. >> still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news blows. another violent weekend in oakland. there were shootings robbery sideshows broke out. we're going to hear from community leaders about what they want police to do more of. and officials in washington. give us some guidance on how we can celebrate this holiday amid the pandemic turns out you don't have to wear a mask will tell you why. there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity.
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>> 17. all right. so i actually broke down and turn down the heat. not for me but for the dogs because i can wear a coat. but i mean, a little tie for coca but you know, i'm where to cut my house and it's cold. yeah. and i for the first time turned on my seat warmers. because it was was like an ice box getting into the car delightful that see i ever. i actually close my window to my
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room. i know everybody is making adjust 30 degrees and you time to time because that window. >> get a little chilly out it really is a cold morning. guys were in the 30's for areas like dublin on up to concord across the north bay, even a couple spots on the peninsula down into the upper 30's. so we are very cold to kick off this morning. also very clear and beautiful look at this view from berkeley. nice and sunny, we are going to see sunshine well, throughout the course of the day today. very foggy for the central valley still holding on to that to leave fog out that direction. bay area. we're not tap into that as much unless you're out clear antioch with that fog is trying to drift its way your direction, dry skies not just today but as we push through this forecast tonight. we'll see a weak frontal boundary passing through during overnight hours. you see those clouds right there. a couple sprinkles up towards mendocino county. but the bay area stays dry. the only thing that front's going to do for us is drop temperatures into tomorrow. so tomorrow stays just a sunny. but we're not
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going to be looking at the 70's like we have today for many areas. so if you really want some warm weather. today is the day to enjoy bringing the warmest of temperatures in this forecast. we're either in the upper 60's or the low to mid 70's for most areas foster city at 71 today. we've got areas like campbell in los gatos at 75 are very warmest spots. well solid low 70's from fremont hayward through oakland berkeley inland, east bay as well as the north bay mostly in the mid to upper 60's some of cooler spots will be areas like antioch right along the coastline in stinson beach at 62 degrees tomorrow's daytime highs fall into the 60's. that cold front tonight leaving us just a little bit more seasonable. today's easily the warmest of your forecast. thursday is going to be mid 60's. lots of sunshine and just a few clouds for turkey day, friday for black fridhy shopping right around the same as your thursday and then saturday and sunday getting just a touch warmer into the weekend after the holiday rain. don, thank you
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for that. all right. so we do have an accident this time it's on the bay bridge. >> right near the toll plaza there. so now we're looking at a drive time up to about 21 minutes traveling from the east bay into the city headed across towards the peninsula. no issues along one o one. so a little under 15 minutes to make that commute for you out of richmond. if you're traveling right now about 13 minutes making it across towards san rafale and in the south bay along one oh, one to 37 to 8085 not seen any major issues down in san martin. there is an accident there. if you are traveling 30 minutes long highway for one 62 to 42 and this is what i was talking about. northbound 1. one north of east. san martin avenue in san martin. so you have that little slowness, a stretch as you're traveling through morgan hill have more coming darya and james. i'll send it back to you. thanks a lot a 7.18 for your money. supply chain problems are showing signs of the easing and the bay area leads the nation in electric vehicle adoption jane king is live at the nasdaq with those tricks. oh, i
7:19 am
adopted the electric vehicle. is that what you mean? >> yes, i mean, you know what year way ahead of new york and the east coast in general for this san jose and san francisco number one. and number 2 cities for electric storage cafe. it's a self storage marketplace ring city. some things like the number of registered elector fickell's charging station. the cost of eat gallon as well. and san jose. number one, there were global supply chain was are beginning to recede. but shipping manufacturing retail executives say they don't expect to return to normal until some time next year. now the wall street journal says these executives are also worried about an outbreak somewhere of the bomb had one recently. and that's one of the reasons why we have the supply chain issues. so they do expect nothing to happen really dramatically before the holiday shopping season. but some time next year for things to that bottleneck to ease up a little bit. oil has launched its biggest weekly drop since august as europe's worsening covid crisis renew the
7:20 am
prospect of lockdowns, the worry is that his country's worry is that his country's lockdown again, the trave demand will fall. and of course, that will drive oil lower and we all know we're going to pay more for christmas trees this year. but now we're getting closer to christmas. we can have a sense of just how much more we're going to be paying so experts say expect 10 to 30% more us both for real and artificial trees and christmas tree farm say they're selling out of talk about 48 hours, a set of what typically would be a week and people are picking younger trees as well this year live from the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. back to thanks, jane. we'll see later. >> well, the biden administration is giving the green light now for fully vaccinated families to go ahead and gather this thanksgiving. even if you haven't gotten your booster shot yet. doctor anthony fauci says that those who are fully vaccinated don't have to wear a mask while they're indoors with family. we have raquel martin from dc with the latest on all of us. >> good morning. well, doctor anthony fauci says americans who are fully vaccinated are
7:21 am
safe to gather with family indoors maskless this thanksgiving. but the news does come with only steal about 59% of americans fully vaccinated and with the majority of states showing a rise in infections. >> white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci is giving millions of americans. the green light to enjoy this thanksgiving together few a vaccinated and hopefully you'll be boosted to and your family as you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving on abc's this week. fauci said for fully vaccinated americans. that means indoors and with no mask is no reason not to do that. but the announcement did come with a warning. the thing we're concerned about his the people who are not vaccinated according to cdc data. that's nearly a 3rd of the country or 83 million americans. fauci says those levels are still too high, especially considering transmission rates of the more infectious delta variant the higher the level
7:22 am
of dynamics of infection. the more everyone is at risk. it's also why the white house is encouraging but not yet requiring americans get their booster shots on friday. the cdc okayed the extra jab for all us adults. we see clear evidence of declining immune protection it from the vaccines after 6 months on cbs face the nation former fda commissioner doctor scott gottlieb set the site shows the extra shot could help. i think eventually this will be consider the 3 dose vaccine. but i i would be hard pressed to believe cdc is going to make that any time soon. >> already taken the step to redefine being fully vaccinated as getting all 3 of those shots. >> the white house, however, is not yet taking those steps for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. 7.22. and coming up on the kron 4 morning news google has some know features. >> that might be handy for the holidays. the santa near issue and around the state.
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>> well, there's a movie channel on youtube tv just in time for the holidays just in time. yeah. plus, there are some helpful new shopping features on google maps. we've got rich demuro breaking it all down in today's tech smart. here's what's happening in the tech world. google maps has a few new tools to help you out during the holiday season. they can now help you avoid crowds and find what you're looking for. one new feature is called area
7:26 am
buisiness. it helps you see if a neighborhood or shopping area is busy in real time. >> you can also check to see the times when it's less busy. google says this can be helpful for avoiding crowds or finding a lively area of a town. you're visiting. google is also adding an easy way to search mall. direct rescind its maps app so you can instantly find out if there's a set of on site or whatever else you're looking for. the hallmark channel is now available on youtube tv just in time for the holidays to other channels are also now included in the lineup hallmark movies and mysteries and hallmark drama. the deal comes just in time for the channel's countdown to christmas and miracles of christmas programming. aka, the predictable movies. we love to cozy up on the couch to watch this time of the year. all 3 of the home are channels are now available for youtube tv subscribers with no monthly price increase. and finally an autonomous robot has made the world's first needle list injection. the
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kobe robot was created by a company founded at the university of waterloo. the robot can be programmed handle various tasks by itself. founder showed how the robot could administer an interim muscular injection like a vaccine without a needle. and without the need for a nurse. the company says the tech could protect and free up health care workers. in addition to health care creators of the robot say it could be used in clean tech and hospitality. also take the real human, especially for that little prep. swab got to make sure you get the right area. i'm rich demuro and you are tech smart. >> yeah, you're a kid. and you see that robot coming at some of friday that that i'm a all right. be back with more in a minute here. we've got a lot of news to cover today, including what happened at a parade in wisconsin. >> a lot of people shock and in mourning this morning.
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>> again, no person it was for. >> 7.30, and check out this live shot of the golden gate bridge. what stands out to me is that flag? it's reno in breezy and it's a cold wind blowing out there this morning. brace yourself for it. we've got john in the weather center on this monday with good morning, joe. get cold dry wind from the north just makes it sound cold and that is indeed the case. a lot of 30's on the map this morning. >> so one of our coldest mornings that we've seen so far this season. so be bundled up as you're venturing outside a lot of us still working on this monday, even with the holiday just around the corner. you look outside at financial district right now looking at abundant sunshine
7:31 am
on the sunny and relatively calm days is often times when you do see those really cold temperatures. we have dense fog returning to the central valley. another dose of tooley fog out that direction. bay area, though, really quiet really clear and just really chilly right now palo alto dublin, concord and then almost all the north bay is down in the 30's with petaluma just above freezing at 34 in fairfield at a pretty cold 35 degrees right now. so do bundle up rain. i think a lot of people as they wait in traffic and have the seat warmers and the heaters. yes, i wish my car had see wars. i would be nice. >> all right. as you're traveling into the city from the east bay. we do have an accident right near the toll plaza there. so drive times went up a little bit and then they went back down a little under 19 minutes were up to about 21 minutes for your commute. heading across towards the peninsula. little under 60 minutes, not seen any issues along one o one that can contribute to that slowing here in the south bay along to 37 85 in 82. i'm not seeing
7:32 am
any issues. while we have been seeing a couple hazards contribute to that delay along highway for traveling from one 62 to 42 about 28 minutes for you. there. and our richmond, sandra fell commute. as you head out of richmond. a little under 13 darya james, back to you. >> thank you, ray. 7.31 and we want to get back to the breaking news nationwide, which is in wisconsin where 5 people were killed and more than 40 injured. >> when an suv plows through a crowd at a christmas parade. yeah. this was in waukesha, wisconsin. children are among those injured in this a person of interest is also in custody, though there are no details as to why. >> the person did what they did. investigators are looking into perhaps maybe he was fleeing earlier crime when he crashed into parade goers. you see the suv going there across the screen. all of this recorded in the city's live stream of the parade as onlookers were helpless to just watch it all play out. yeah. and when the car first went through the police barrier. >> a police officer fired at
7:33 am
the car and luckily didn't hit anybody in the crowd. so that's good but didn't stop the car. and so again, they have arrested the person they think was the driver as a person of interest. let's listen to somebody who saw the whole thing happened. >> well, i sought strike and just passed my apartment complex and plowed into at least 3 people running over 2 of them. one of the 2 got off the other. did not for quite some time. it kept going all the way down the block too. people's park to stop playing and continued straight through it. and that's all that i saw it continue district people along the way. >> today. our community face for tragedy. what should have been a community celebration. i'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community when to a parade but ended up dealing with injury. and heartache. >> yeah. the white house has been a touch now with wisconsin officials. president biden, we're told, has been briefed on what happened.
7:34 am
police are going to hold news conference at 11 this morning. our time. so maybe we'll learn more. we'll bring that to you live as it happens. we'll do it through our 24 7 streaming app kron on. so download that and again, watch as that press conference unfold. >> it's 7.33 and breaking news from overnight police officers were shot at in oakland. they were responding to a robbery at a pot grow warehouse around 3 o'clock in the morning on macarthur boulevard. and when the police got there, the thieves got into their cars and took off. and one person in one of those cars shot at the officers hitting the patrol cars, but none of the officers was hurt. the thieves agd the shooter got away. and that shooting was the latest in what was a violent weekend in oakland police chief leronne armstrong is going hold a news conference to talk about the violent crime that has continued to plague the city. the police say there were shootings over the weekend. robberies looting and look at illegal sideshow again
7:35 am
in oakland. this is video of that. they can't seem to stop and contain this problem saturday afternoon. there was a carjacking that resulted in an officer fatally shooting the carjacker and there was an armed robbery and shooting on pendleton way where police arrested one person. also, there was a murder. that's the 123rd homicide of the year in oakland. now community leaders say the police just can't keep up. >> it's down to 680 officers the stand and the next 2 months. it will be down 650. we need a minimum of 850 to really protect the citizens here in the city of oakland. i have. >> called for increased resources for our investigation unit so that we can drain these folks to justice. >> the police chief again, is going have a press conference sometime today. we don't know exactly when. but when it happens, we will carry it on kron on kron 4 dot com. and if it's during our show will have a right here on the kron 4 morning
7:36 am
>> also happening right now. we have x raiders wide receiver henry expected to be in court in person today after missing a breathalyzer check in it was last week that he missed that breathalyzer check defense attorneys, though, for him say that he self-tested after he missed the official test. but the judge said that wasn't good enough and wants him back in court today at 7.30 to explain records course show that ruggs has to stay away from alcohol and has to be tested 4 times a day if you want to stay out of jail if he fails, they're going to put him back behind bars. ruggs faces 4 felony and misdemeanor counts for drunk driving accident that caused the death of a woman identified as tina tent or earlier this month. also happening today in the south bay, former theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will take the stand again to defend herself in a criminal fraud trial in santa clara county, the one-time darling of silicon valley is accused of misleading investors and patients and business partners into believing that her blood testing device would
7:37 am
revolutionize the healthcare industry in actuality. the device really didn't do anything that you promised last friday. she took the witness stand to try and dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her as a greedy fame obsessed fraudster holmes talked about her background at stanford and her decision to drop out and pursue her dreams of creating a start-up company. if convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison. >> its 7.37 happening now, the jury will hear closing arguments today in the trial of 3 men who killed ahmad arbery. they chased after him in a pickup truck. and ended up shooting and killing him on friday a motion for a mistrial was filed because there were demonstrators outside the courtroom and the attorney representing one of men on trial said that he thought that that was and his client was getting a fair trial. but the judge rejected that and the trial goes on. and so we
7:38 am
should wait to see what happens. the jury's going to get this case after those closing arguments are made. >> we'll take a break 7.37 coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the warriors at another when they got quite the street going. we're going to have highlights from last night's matchup. coming up. and a golf ball hits a car on one. oh, one in the south bay. we're going take a closer look at the dashcam video. we're going to hear from the driver. >> and we are looking at a nice day to be getting back outside maybe to do some travel ahead of thanksgiving, lots of sunshine above sfo, just as we're seeing for most of the bay area comfortable afternoon. really chilly start. i've got your forecast. >> and we've been following an accident on the bay bridge that increased our drive times. we'll get a look at that and we'll take a look other
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> it, anybody. >> we're all discussing what we do and it wasn't brings. it was another arm of bank truck. yeah, the doors fly open cash flies out. this is in carlsbad, california. and look at everybody stopping on the freeway, san diego stuffing their pockets. yeah. as quickly as they're stopping in the highway and just pull picking up the money. now the thing well and would you post on social media says a lot of people did. and so like the fbi anduauthorities are looking for those people that like you can't keep that money. that's the bank's money. and there's there's the truck. so that's the thing. that's the lesson. if you happen to be behind an armored truck. the bags full cash.
7:42 am
don't go posting on social media that you're doing that at that that don't live stream at. oh, gosh. what a joy. it would be it a dream come true ended up arresting by the way, of all the people stuff their pockets. yes. to people and what i had read was the 2 people that couldn't get away. their cars that they left the keys in the car. you imagine because they jumped out so fast, everybody else drove off like a ghost who are left behind. yeah. all >> another bizarre story on the roads to this time of the south bay so closer to home, a golf ball hit a car on highway one. oh, one in sunnyvale. there it is. you see the gulf on the right hand side bounced off the hood of the car. this was near the sunnyvale municipal golf course. the driver vladimir dabrowski says he heard a loud bang but didn't quite know what happened until he checked the dash cam video. and here's the damage. you can see the big dent there. he's working right now to get the golf course to pay for those damages. he's just happy did cause an accident. because when something like that hits people to panic be a swerve that could cause a chain reaction. so he's hoping the golf course, do the right
7:43 am
thing. at least pay for the damages. hopefully make some changes to make sure golf don't fly off the course at. well, you know what? if we're better golfers, that wouldn't happen now that would help. we'll be right back.
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>> 7.45 it's the day that we've been waiting for. i can bring out the big boy. it's cold in the bay area kay. so today. now here's what i wear.
7:46 am
so here's the this is the little boy. this is this is this is your normal bay area that i'm going to new york. i checked the high is going to , you know, i don't like stuff that i wear everything at the airport, you're going to double on a double a free kit. so this is a big boy. this is the big boy. this is like almost like michelin man that i talking about the person i want to say he actually find of wearing that to the airport. i want to wear it all on the plane. i wear everything. >> so because then a mormon new york. and i don't have to have. i just have karen back, you are the kerry okay. wow. it the difference in bexar. it coats vs. he's like we had what 30's this morning. what was and what do suppose think it's going to be are cold. >> i don't the knot at night will be 30 there. and during the day 40 for most which are evenings are actually just as
7:47 am
cold. but got the 70's today. hrghs is like a sleeping bag of it looks like wood and that actually matches your dog's checketts to vote. and so they work. you. jackets, though. but it's so cold. this so-called today. i know it yet. we're down in mid 30's. >> for a couple spots. just above freezing in areas like petaluma, santa rosa specially the north bay on the really cold side of things. lots of sunshine out there this morning. we will be looking at skies clear across the bay area. but we have some fog having returned to the central valley that to leave fog has been pretty dense the past few weeks and it does remain that way this morning. we stay dry not just today but all the way into thanksgiving today into tomorrow. some big changes, no chance of rainfall aside from a couple sprinkles along the mendocino coast line tonight. but this frontal boundary that pushes in tonight is going to drop temperatures from today into tomorrow taking us from the 70's into the 60's. by the
7:48 am
time we reach tuesday. we're going to stay in those 60's through thanksgiving 60's for your highs. in sf and then it's a mix of 60's to 70's elsewhere. today's easily the warmest of the forecast. if you want a nice warm data really venture outside. enjoy that sunshine to its fullest. today's the day. campbell, most gatos at 75 degrees fremont hayward up to oakland and berkeley each in the low 70's concord at 67 while the lay how at 68 and looking at those same numbers from santa rosa down through mill valley mid to upper 60's. tomorrow's highs take that dip as they promised and we stay that way, especially through thursday for thanksgiving. the weekend ahead. we start to warm things up a little bit. this is a dry forecast. easy for your travels and easy for any preps before the holiday inn need to get done reyna for that. we're to the year-ago just flew by. we do have a traffic accident. this is in 7th tale westbound money to just east of one-on-one north. so you are starting to see a slight delay. >> along the san mateo bridge.
7:49 am
look at that. about 18 minutes for your drive time. an accident just popped up. so that drive time could go up. we also had another one here right near the tolls on the bay bridge. to about 21 minutes who were still pretty slow because of that heading into the city from the east bay. a little under 20 for your drive time there in the south bay along one o one 85 to menlo park 40 minutes about a 10 minute uptick. 2.37, though 8582 not seen any major issues along highway for a little under 22 mingtes traveling from one 60 to 2.42 and the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 15 as you're traveling at a richmond darya. james, back to you. >> and then the stay with us. for all of us let's talk sports. they were heated up on the court last night. the four-game winning streak now steph curry didn't have much production, but that's because they kept double teaming him. but the rest of the and the niners be the jags. here's kron. 4 sports director jason dumas. the warriors. they were back to in the friendly
7:50 am
confines of chase center after a four-game road trip. >> the raptors were in the house. beautiful day for some hoops and mission bay. i like that. blue classic curry jersey wiggins. he came out firing that 3 put the dubs. by 9 points. 11 point math is hard. we've had 14 in the first they led by 12 after one. >> nearing the end of the half warriors by 14 chris chiozza. doesn't matter who's playing for them this year. seems they're going to step up 11 points for chiozza 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut to 9 weeks let me make a double digits real quick. that's his 6th 3 of the game finished with 32 golden state with a comfortable lead at the end of 3 4th quarter icing on the cake. gets the steal steals it. drive-in find his boy want tusk. i know, anderson, the
7:51 am
pride and joy of east oakland the warriors win one 19 1 o for the forty-niners looking to continue their momentum as they take on the jaguars in jacksonville and by golly, it works after a 20 play opening drive, making it 3 to nothing deebo samuels and the second drive with a score. he's having a heck of a season. hd led the team rushing yards of 79 next offensive play. for the jaguars. you can't do cough before ball up. fred warner. he recovers it. and guess what, that hurns of this jimmy g step back. brandon. i use. thank you for that. after a slow start i picking it up. it's 17 nothing 49. 3rd quarter 4th in goal for jimmy garoppolo. he finds his safety blanket that george kittle. 16 for 22 1.76 for jimmy g and. it will spike all right.
7:52 am
here's the closing time nick bosa's held still get the sack. that's his second of the day. 3 overall for the forty-niners. they win 30 to 10. they are even on the season at 5 in 5 up next, they host the 5 in 5 vikings. and the raiders looking to snap their two-game losing streak hosting the bangles. 4th quarter cincinnati of 3 joe burrow to ja'marr chase in the end zone for the 6 yard touchdown. >> bengals extend that lead next drive for the raiders. can do this picked off by eli apple. the raiders come back slips away. car can't believe it. they're playing so well now look at a bay area native joe makes it. he was so good at oklahoma now. so good in the nfl 123 yards and 2 touchdowns. what a bay area kids 32 to 13 the raiders on
7:53 am
the right track. they've lost 3 in a row. >> and the words are going to be back in action at home tomorrow night. they are tip, although sorry, wednesday. it's day for true. chase center 76 ers in town tip off at 07:00pm. so. >> make sure you tune in for that. some 52. we'll be right back.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> well, we talk a lot about when they spot wildcats in the bay area. this is a tiger yeah. haven't seen him swing his golf club in a long time. in areas. he posted this on twitter yesterday and said making progress all say, i mean, he was pretty banged up by that accident. opening on the legs right. leg up. that's the one was injured. the crash. he is getting his getting his swing back. >> yeah, a compression sleeve. there must be it looks like it's doing job. that's amazing. we haven't seen him. i from since 2020. so people were wondering would we would he walk again, let alone golf again. and yeah. and and he didn't really care if you know, at the time just glad he was alive and recover salute le marais about that 7.56 on the clock. we'll take a quick break. but ahead here on the kron 4 morning news in our next hour. families are ready to celebrate thanksgiving. we'll tell you why officials in dc say. >> it's housing. that's impacted big boy. now pack
7:57 am
your big boy because you can the stretchy and also multiple stores throughout the period. you see this targeted by thieves. big huge robberies by multiple people will have video of how it all unfolded. >> and there was a disaster at a holiday parade in wisconsin will have the
7:58 am
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don't take xarelto® if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures and any kidney or liver problems. help protect yourself from another dvt or pe. ask your doctor about xarelto®. to learn more about cost, visit or call 1-888-xarelto ebenezer. to learn more about cost, ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through! ugh! and then...the present. and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. >> 2 big breaking stories that we're following this morning.
8:00 am
first 5 people killed, 40 others injured after an suv plows through wisconsin holiday parade. we're going have the latest developments and here in the bay area bands of robbers hit high-end stores in san francisco. walnut creek at san jose. we're live with what police know this morning. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> you're waking up right now. you maybe have to go to work it's a probably not a yeah. i i'm gonna go on vacation and miss you. yes, i will on our waking up this or 30 or roll over. not going john in the weather center. if you are going to be enjoying may be some time away or outside or if you've got family coming in, find out what the weather's going to be like this week. big boy weather. yes, that means the puppy is biggest co. you have exactly the one that's at the back of the closet because you haven't used in so long. it


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