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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 22, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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lot of people have a lot to do before the big dinner or lunch. if you have an early and it is chilly out there is going to stay that way. cold this morning. staying that way today. in fact, for getting to some 70's this afternoon. so we're looking at quite the temperature swing from your monday morning to your monday afternoon. >> right now it's just cold out there. so you want to dig out that extra layer and stay as cozy as possible as you are venturing outside your look outside right now at the coastline is showing you half moon bay with some clear skies overhead. we're not going to be looking at a foggy morning, especially at the coast, although our inland areas, especially out towards the central valley. back to some to leave fog highway for could see an impact all over again from some of that dense fog forming again, that's well closer to the central valley. otherwise radar is looking clear and dry and quite a wide range of temperatures this morning. it's 50's for areas like alameda and san francisco. well, dublin fairfield petaluma and santa rosa, just to name a few spots that are down in the 30's this
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morning. so do bundle up as you venture out there and look forward to a really nice afternoon. will stay this way through the holiday, though, all those details in the rest of your forecast. john, thank you for right. hitting the roads on this monday morning. a little under 8 minutes for your drive time. >> as you're traveling 5, 8080, no major scene at this hour. so things are moving along pretty nicely. the san mateo bridge. you heading across towards the peninsula a little under 30 minutes. no issues along one o one slowing you down in the south bay along one o one 85 to menlo park 27 minute 2 3785 in 82. no issues and a little under 8 minutes as you're traveling out, a ridge across tore sanner felt. all right, james, back to you. thank you, rae. now let's get to the breaking news. an wisconsin 5 people are dead and more than 40 injured because a driver plowed through a holiday parade in is near milwaukee. this happened just outside children are among the victims. and today we are expected to learn more. >> from authorities week. and there's video the car going by carlos standing by with the
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latest. >> shock and horror at christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. >> red suv plowing through unsuspecting marchers and parade goers. vehicle struck. >> more than 20 individuals. some of girls were children and are some fatalities as a result of this incident. >> city officials confirming that 5 people were killed. one more than 40 people were injured. it was just before 4.40 local time when authorities say the driver of the vehicle storms through police barricades and barreled through the crowd. >> some of those injured transporting themselves to area hospitals. the city of waukesha department and its partner, its partners and made this. >> transported a total of 11 loving adults and 12 pediatric patients. >> to 6 area hospitals. the speeding car just narrowly missing a toddler dancing on main street. >> it's not long before other start realizing the gravity of
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what's unfolding before their eyes and deeply saddened to know that so many in our community. >> went to a parade but end up dealing with injury. and heartache. >> as the suv broke through the barricades. a police officer fired his gun to stop the suspect. it's unclear if the driver was hit were no longer looking for suspect vehicle. we do have a person interest in custody at the moment. but this is still a very fluid investigation. is unknown at this time whether the incidents and nexus to terrorism. >> police right now trying to obviously figure out a motive. they're going to holding a news conference this morning at about 11 o'clock our time and we'll carry that on our 24 hour. news streaming service kronon that's a free app. so if you haven't already download it, make sure you do that. >> 5? '03, and the big story here in the bay area this morning is what happened at north from and walnut creek it. we've got video. there were like 50 to 80 people that ran into the stores first in
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san francisco a little on friday night. yes. yeah. and then sorry. i know walnut creek at nordstrom. yeah. he's mob wraps. >> yeah. and at one point they just they police try to stop the robbers got away in their cars. one of the store's robbed was obviously at high-end retailers. in fact, take a look at a map and the sort of lays out where all this has been happening a little bit on robbery happened on friday. and san francisco high police also ransacked as daryn mentioned, or should say at the robbers people firms walnut creek. that was saturday night and then most recently was last night, a group of thieves stole from a lulu lemon in san jose sick ward unaided or is it coincidental robbers. camila barco is live in san jose. >> at the lulu lemon with an update there. good morning. camilla. >> good morning, you guys see ad is lulu. lemon is the latest or looters hit this weekend behind me. you can see that the windows are not smashed. however, police say that a group of people went
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inside and ran away with merchandise from the store and this happened at santana row here in san jose around 6.30, last night. the store normally closes at 7 on sundays. so it seems like looters went inside just before the store was scheduled to close. now there's limited details as to what happened before and after the scene. but police say that they rushed here as soon as possible. but the people involved. we're gone now 24 hours before this incident, 80 people rushed into a nordstrom started emptying the shelves and ran away with merchandise that happened at broadway plaza in walnut creek about 10 to 15 minutes before this store was scheduled to close investigators say looters assaulted 2 store employees and pepper sprayed another one. they found one gun and arrested 3 people. however, dozens got away now out of an abundance of caution officials closed off broadway plaza traffic after officers thought
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that letters would hit the streets again. but it didn't happen. now the series of burglaries started on friday in san francisco. take a look at this video thieves were running from the louisville tonn story in union square. some are seen getting into a car officers surrounded that vehicle and started smashing the windows in a matter of 4 hours. police responded to several burglary calls in union square and surrounding areas. the san francisco police chief says that 10 at that people burglarized and vandalized 10 high end stores. they arrested 6 men and 2 women. so darya james, it was a busy weekend for several police departments across the bay area. nordstrom reopened yesterday. they say that they will stay open until 05:00pm today as far as lulu lemon it's unclear if they will reopen their doors today. back to you guys, ok. thanks a lot. >> 5. '06, is the time hayward
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police are investigating a smash-and-grab robbery at sam's jewelry in the southland mall. and that's the for the jewelry store to be here in the bay area this month just before 5.30 yesterday about 8 to 10 people carrying sledgehammers went into the jewelry store smash cases and ran off with jewels. the robbers left in several getaway cars. it's not clear exactly what they got away with money wise, you know how much all that stuff was worst worth. but here we go. and you can see that was the 4th one a week ago today. that's when this 9 people ran into iceberg diamonds in the sun valley mall and did the same thing with hammers and got away with everything just empty the case is no arrests have been made and that one. and in fairfield 3 teens were arrested for this smash and grab that happened in the town center and fearful. this was last wednesday at this jewelry store. they got away with that
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$50,000 worth of stuff and police tracked the teenagers down and arrested down. and in san francisco's chinatown robbers broke into the long boat jewelers and they got away that $250,000 worth of jewelry that was last tuesday. no arrests have been made in that case. well, in the north bay. police in solano county are looking for a man who they say shot at another man after getting into an accident. >> chp says they were responding to a hit and run on interstate 80 eastbound right near highway one, 13 and dixon. this was yesterday evening. they say the man involved in the accident got into a fight and then one of them started shooting at the other chp says the man who fired the gun left the scene in a white toyota camry. they say nobody was hit by that gunfire. but they're looking for that person this morning. >> time now is 5. '08. let's get to thanksgiving you probably need to get there. if you're not staying in the bay area that mean airports are there going to be busy. yeah. today is expected to be another very busy travel day out of sfo. we've got kron four's, gayle ong with more on what's happening there.
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>> holiday travel season is in swing at san francisco international airport. the busiest day began friday and the rush did not lose momentum over the weekend. we're coming back from a 40th birthday of a spending some time case and some wind up in napa going to his first time we've gone on in egypt with our family and longtime us. a mom could not be more excited. there were other first-time travelers since the pandemic. i didn't do any traveling last year. it's amazing. i mean, to have your first trip after a couple years when you're used to being able to go wherever you want, right. worrying that it went well. it's a great there's like so many precautions. but like everything feels really, really safe on the sunday before thanksgiving almost 50,000 passengers are departing from sfo. that's 60% down from the prepandemic thanksgiving travel in 2019 with vaccinations off and international travel mandate ease airport officials project more traffic over christmas thanksgiving is such a domestic focus.
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>> travel, period. >> whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry, restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> and since it's a lot of people's first time traveling since the pandemic masks are still required inside airports and on flights and it is advice to get here early as we head into the holiday travel season. 2 hours before domestic flights. at least 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >> 5.10, is the time. and still ahead here on the kron 00:00am morning news, another violent weekend in oakland with shootings robberies and dangerous side shows we'll hear from community leaders who want police to do more. and a food bank in the south bay is working overtime to feed families for thanksgiving. we'll tell you how they're preparing and what you can do to help. also officials in washington are giving their recommendations for celebrating the holiday
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amid the pandemic will have the latest in a live report and a busy busy week for travel ahead of us skies. nice clear and dry for all of it, which is definitely some good news. if you have some things you need to get done. look at this afternoon highs well into the 70's for a lot of the bay area. >> i'll be talking about the rest of the week to in your forecast. >> and conditions starting off like this morning. but you have an accident to tell you about in south san francisco. we're looking at your roads on this monday morning. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> 5.14 in the east bay. the generous holiday spirit is in full force more than 250 free turkeys in grocery boxes were handed out to people in need ahead of the holidays. all possible by the people's program, which pan african
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disorganization and oakland rapper offset jim, this is the second annual folks giving the event was held at garfield elementary in east oakland organizers say it's to give back in the spirit of serving people popularized, they say, by the black panther party when jim. >> hit me a couple weeks ago. he said he wanted to make it in the spirit of the panthers. and so you again, you saw us increase our will pose giving right here in the heart of that. on this list as this. >> give for a win. few years ago get bigger and bigger and >> immediately a move in. right. you can a party without the music. in a statement, the people's program said they are seeing growth in what they're able to do event. organizers say they gave away more than a 100 turkeys last year. so more and more. yeah. and in related news in the east bay as well. we've got happening today in
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oakland, the alameda county community food bank will be hosting a special thanksgiving chicken giveaway. >> the food bank says they have about 900 chickens to get out as well as fresh produce the giveaway starts at 9 and it will be held at 7,001 oakport street. it's a drive-thru event so you don't need to get out of your car. just pull up and they've got a chicken. and remember whether explain why the with chickens, right. because nobody knows how to cook a turkey. i mean. >> yes. so, you know, it's lot more approachable check is year. is speaking of cooking cookie monday. yeah. all right. taking a producer, jason, this time making one of these will kind. these are hot chocolate cookies does all that with melted marshmallows that right race. and it's all right. so that's a gift. and is my monday. and by friday. so because heading later with the family. i would like to. i would like the forecast for the bay area and for new hits are super like don't try to confuse but it is a maybe a
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friday for a lot of people because we do have a holiday just around the corner. now at least a short week. hopefully for you. in which case we've got good weather for getting outside. just enjoying it. general, you can see outside this morning at the embarcadero. we have clear skies overhead and just some really nice conditions. whether you're heading into work or maybe whether you do have some travel plans. what we do have across the region is not necessarily clear skies for all of us. >> there's some dense fog form back out in the central valley. again this morning that to leave fog is going to try its best to get its way on in through the carquinez strait that could impact some travel along highway 4 points from antioch over the concord high pressure is built up keeping us dry for a time if we need to have a dry spring of weather. why not have it during a holiday week when so many of us have so much to do so. mother nature is making things easy as you're getting out there today, clear and dry tonight we will see a week passing frontal boundary that will result in a couple of sprinkles in mendocino county. but for the rest of us nice
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and dry. this is going make for a cooler day tomorrow. so from some 70's for your daytime highs today to just some 60's around the corner for your tuesday and on through thanksgiving that's still going to be okay though, today we're in the 60's to 70's for your highs. half moon, bay right at 70 degrees, burlingame at 71. and that's really just the start here. mountain view. you'll be at 72 along with san carlos and are too warm spots to their los gatos in campbell at 75 degrees this afternoon and solid low 70's from freeman through hayward on up through oakland and berkeley concord 67 for the high believe when i 68 degrees and some just below 70 degree numbers in santa rosa down through center fell. i promise you that tomorrow is going to be a little cooler. and you can see that in your seven-day forecast from the low 70's today that the low 60's tomorrow and we're going to stay that way through thanksgiving. just a few clouds for turkey day. otherwise. really, really nice friday, saturday and sunday we start to see temperatures bumping up a few degrees and
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some you're not seeing in this forecast is any chance of rain staying dry all the way through your thanksgiving week reyna. all right. nice. john, thanks for that. >> we do have an accident. this is in south san francisco southbound one. oh, one at south airport boulevard. so we're keeping a close eye on that as we were seeing some delays. nothing to go ahead and hop over on 2.88 definitely stay on one. oh, one traveling into the city. the mineral lights are still off at this time. a little under 9 minutes to make your way there. 5, 1880, no major issues were delays a little under 13 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula and out of richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 9 minutes. let's check on conditions in the south bay. 2.37 traveling there no accidents, no hazard to an 85 are moving at the limit darya james, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. rain santa cruz, county's mask mandate is back as a way of trying to stop a winter surge. the mandate went back into effect at once again, people are required to wear face coverings in public
5:20 am
places offices and even people's own homes. when they're visiting others regardless of their vaccination status. now, this renewed mandate will remain in effect indefinitely. meaning that the timeline for when it will be rolled back. well, it's going depend on how the county does over the next few weeks and months. >> disney world is putting a pause on its vaccine mandate for employees. workers were notified about this change over the weekend. this as the biden administration suspended enforcement of its vaccination requirement for private businesses. the mandate would have required businesses with a 100 or more employees have the workers fully vaccinated or tested weekly a spokesperson for disney says that 90% of the florida based at disney workers are already vaccinated but not everybody is vaccinated for disney world yet. so they're giving it some time. 5.20, on the clock and the biden administration now giving the green light to
5:21 am
fully vaccinated families to gather this thanksgiving. >> booster or not. and doctor anthony fauci is saying that those who are fully vaccinated don't even need to wear a mask while they're indoors with family. yeah, we have a recall martin with the very latest from dc this morning. kaye raquel. >> good morning. well, that's right. doctor anthony fauci says that if you are fully vaccinated. >> you can gather with family and friends maskless and indoors. but this news does come with the still only about 59% of americans being fully vaccinated. and right now we're seeing an increase in cases and more than half of states. >> white house chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci is giving millions of americans. the green light to enjoy this thanksgiving together few a vaccinated and hopefully you'll be boosted to and your family as you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving on abc's this week. fauci said for fully vaccinated americans. that means indoors and with no mask is no reason not to do that. but the
5:22 am
announcement did come with a warning. the thing we're concerned about his the people who are not vaccinated according to cdc data. that's nearly a 3rd of the country or 83 million americans. fauci says those levels are still too high, especially considering transmission rates of the more infectious delta variant the higher the level of dynamics of infection. the more everyone is at risk. it's also why the white house is encouraging but not yet requiring americans get their booster shots on friday. the cdc okayed the extra jab for all us adults see clear evidence of declining immune protection it from the vaccines after 6 months on cbs face the nation former fda commissioner doctor scott gottlieb set the site shows the extra shot could help. i think eventually this will be consider the 3 dose vaccine. but i i would be hard pressed to believe cdc is going to make that recommendation any time soon. >> but a handful of states have gone ahead and made so
5:23 am
that if you are fully vaccinated that means you've gotten 3 shots. but again, the white house at this point. even ahead of the holidays is not taking that step for now in washington. raquel martin, back to you. thanks for cal. >> it is 5.22. and coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the supply chain backlog is making the price of almost everything. a lot more expensive. we're going to tell you how are how that's going to affect your holiday shopping. probably probably getting him.
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>> 5.25 right now. and we're talking about supply chain there's been a lot of trouble. >> from the retail shops and to the grocery store really just everything is costing more. absolutely. ahead of one of the biggest, you know, shopping holidays of the year. inflation has consumers feeling the pinch as we get into the holiday shopping season. we've got christina coleman now with more on the story. >> sticker shock is putting a damper on the holiday season where many americans were hoping to get back to normal costs are rising for groceries and gas and nearly everything in between. according to the labor department prices for consumer goods are up more than 6% compared to 12 months ago due in large part to increased cost to manufacturers. that's the largest one-year increase in over 2 decades. adding to the problem. a surge of post-pandemic demand and worldwide delays in production and shipping ports in trucking. companies have been working around the clock to address the backlog.
5:27 am
>> a 24 7 opposite, long beach la where the sweeper ships that are picking picking up empty containers that are having an effect. and it's not just your holiday shopping that will cost extra as temperatures dropping the price of home heating is expected to rise. the biden administration announced that it plans to use some of the 1.9 trillion dollars in covid relief passed earlier this year to offset those costs republicans, meanwhile, blame the white house's push towards renewable energy. mark, my words. we are going to see this winter in the boston harbor. >> russian tankers delivering energy to the united states because of the policies of this administration. >> this by the high prices. a recent gallup poll found around 2 thirds of americans expect to spend the same amount on christmas this year as they did in 2020 e-commerce sales are projected to be up by 10%. >> and for those who still has not got a thanksgiving turkey and cost is nearly double what it was 2 years ago. pretty incredible are. we'll take a
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break. 5.27 is the time up next on the kron 4 morning news a holiday parade turns deadly in wisconsin will tell you how it happened. what police know so far. ho ho ho!
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allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. >> like 30 right now i thought was going to be christmas lights but not we have to wait right now the way it is to wait till thanksgiving. but the embarcadero center is all lit up. this was the first
5:31 am
morning a notice and wait. so is that the center buildings are all okay. like yeah, the holiday. all right. well, is that legal just before thanksgiving. i thought there was some sort its holiday lights. lot of us. it's just sort of a blanket for all the holidays. they light up the tower and i guess that week of thanksgiving. that's when they turned it off and put the music that nonstop holiday music on that radio station that switches. it started playing no. yeah. wow. 96.5 30 were there. i haven't heard he waited till thursday or friday. i am so in the mood. this okay. where to i think everyone's rear to go. just like let's get some holiday fields in here. and i think a lot of people are deadly rearing to go for thanksgiving plans, at least even if you're not in the mind set for december area. >> certainly do have a holiday just around the corner here in a couple of days and mother nature is working in our favor for this one giving us some good weather whether you're just heading outside whether
5:32 am
you are doing some traveling looking out there right now. we have clear skies over berkeley. beautiful, no fog whatsoever across the bay this morning. we do have fog out towards the central valley, though, and at times it is going to try to make its way out towards conquered in antioch right along highway 4. so do watch for that. otherwise radar is clear. we stay dry today in today's or warmest of the forecast may be hard to believe stepping outside this morning because double in nevado petaluma santa rosa and napa just to name a few spots are well down into the 30's. so we've got a cool morning ahead of a really comfortable afternoon. i've got all about that. still ahead, the rest of your forecast. it is monday. it's a holiday week. rain. where's traffic sitting there is monday. yes, all those things are true and for the most part, traffic is really light. we do have some accidents, though, like southbound one. oh, one south airport boulevard. thankfully the delay we saw here earlier is not still here currently so looks like roadways are starting to clear up a bit. >> heading into the city right now. little under 2 minutes for your drive time. they're
5:33 am
merely lights are still off 5, 1880, on see any delays or hazards as you're traveling through berkeley, emeryville traveling across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes to make that right. this morning, a little under 8 minutes heading out of richmond across towards sandra fell and in the south bay along one o one. if you're heading from 85 to menlo park a little under 29 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot, ray. it's 5.33 and let's get back to the breaking news that we're covering this morning, which was a disaster at a holiday parade. 5 people are dead and 40 or injured because an suv plowed through the crowd and scary situation. what christmas parade yeah, in wisconsin at what children were among the victims, a person of interest apparently is in custody. but there no details about. >> who this person is or what their motive was. the horror. that was played out during the seat capturing this video that's hard that went by slow motion that we're showing, you know, it's really going fast. and that's right through the parade. i mean, you can see the flag bearers. there's part of the parade walking.
5:34 am
>> towards left side of your screen. and we could also hear in the video one the sounds of what appeared to have been several gunshots. well, they say that a police officer fired his gun, trying to stop the vehicle and and nobody was hurt with the with the gunfire from the cop. but they did get the car and they did. >> reportedly arrest who they think was the driver. that's for the person are calling a person of interest >> not sure if this was an act of terrorism, not still looking into that one witness here describes the panic that played out. >> well, i sought strike and just passed my apartment complex and plowed into at least 3 people running over 2 of them. one of the 2 got off. the other did not for quite some time. it kept going all the way down the block too. people's park to stop playing and continued straight through it. and that's all that i saw it continued to strict conditions and people along the way. >> today. our community face for tragedy which should have been a community celebration.
5:35 am
i'm deeply saddened to know that so many in our community when to a parade but ended up dealing with injury. and her nick. >> yeah, the white house is in touch right now with wisconsin officials. president biden has been briefed on what happened. police are going to be holding a news conference at 11 o'clock this morning. our time and we will carry that for you on a 24 hour news app kron on again. that will be live when that begins. to more breaking news from overnight. police officers were shot at in oakland. officers are responding to a robbery at a marijuana grow warehouse around 3 o'clock this morning on macarthur boulevard and apparently that's when they arrived. and the thieves got into their cars and took off a person inside one of those cars then fired on the officers hitting one of the patrol cars. none of the officers were hurt. but the thieves and the shooter did get away. so they're still looking for in this morning. >> happening today in the east bay oakland police chief leronne armstrong is going to hold a media news conference
5:36 am
to talk about another violent weekend in oakland. the police department reported that there were a well, a number of shootings robberies looting and illegal sideshow activity. all throughout oakland over the weekend. this is video from one of the side shows saturday afternoon. a carjacking resulted in an officer fatally shooting the carjacker and there was an armed robbery and a shooting on pendleton way where police arrested one person oakland also had its 123rd homicide of the year. community leaders say that officers are spread thin and it's difficult to sa solve any crimes. >> it's down to 680 officers the stand and the next 2 months it will be down 650. we need a minimum of 850 to really protect the citizens here in the city of oakland. i have. >> called for increased resources for our investigation unit so that we can bring these folks to justice.
5:37 am
>> sounds like police just can't keep up with the demand for law enforcement. the oakland police chief is going to address all of this at a press conference today. we don't have an exact time. but whenever it happens. you can count on kron 4, dot com and chron on. >> also in the news this morning and happening today. we've got ex-raiders wide receiver henry ruggs. he's been ordered to make an in-person appearance in court. and this comes after he missed a breathalyzer check in last week. the defense attorney argued that ruggs has been, quote, completely due to full and that he self-administered a breathalyzer after missing his official test. the judge, though, still wants him to come back to court. that will be this morning at 7.30 ruggs records show that ruggs has to stay away from alcohol and get tested 4 times a day or will have to go back to jail. ruggs faces 4 felonies and one misdemeanor he's accused of driving drunk and causing a high-speed crash that killed teen a tent or earlier this month. happening today in the south bay x theranos ceo elizabeth holmes will take the stand again in her defense for
5:38 am
her criminal fraud trial in santa clara county, the fall in silicon valley star is accused of misleading investors patients and business partners into believing that her blood test device would reshape health care going forward. last friday she took the witness stand and tried to dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her as a greedy. same obsessed swindler holmes walked through her background of stanford and her decision to drop out and pursue her start-up idea. if convicted holmes a new mother could face 20 years in prison. >> it's 5.38 and another high-profile case is almost over today. the jury will hear the final pleas from prosecutors and defense and the trial that is are the 3 men who were on trial for killing ahmaud arbery. the 3 man, a father, a son and their neighbor face charges including felony murder for killing arbery after chasing him down in a pickup truck on
5:39 am
friday. another motion for a mistrial was filed after the issue of demonstrators outside the core was raised. kevin gough, the attorney representing one of the men were on trial say that that demonstration influence the jury he argued his client's not getting a fair trial. the judge dismissed that argument, however, dismiss the motion. well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news the warriors are adding another win to their streak will show you how it all went down. coming up. >> and a golf ball hits a driver's car on highway 1, 1, in the south bay. we're going to take a closer look at the dashcam video we're going hear dashcam video we're going hear from the driver, too. mrs. claus the shopping boss here to help you merry savers decorate with the best bargains ever! ross has savings on everything you need to get the party started. because who waits for shipping anymore? or guests?! i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross!
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when you have the world's longest list you go to ross so you can work that budget and get those savings. i love saying yes to more merry for less at ross. >> in the south bay. a driver was hit by a golf ball. well, as car was on highway in sunnyvale and it's you're going to see the video pretty fast. take a look. well, to slow it really do have to slow down to there you see the ball. >> you see the ball home. it bounced off the hood of the car. this was as the driver was by the sunnyvale municipal golf course. and there's the dent. that's a big one. >> and here's the driver. his name is vladimir dabrowski. >> but we got it would be and at the moment when i get home. >> i took yeah. i open the google and i saw that there is
5:43 am
a cult. of course, next to the you know that that we haven't evidence can present them and actions to prevent things like that. >> yeah. don't let me gulf over there. yeah. i mean, this is the thing. is people you is send the ball fly and you don't know what's going on with that wind up in here is a look at the map. you can see how close it is to the highway. have that dash cam video now he can submit a claim. he's got the evidence and maybe he'll get some this happened skip out to the golf. your spare damages paid for by the golf course right. instead of insurance company. >> you know judge on was just telling us that back in the day in montana his car while he was driving say thank luckily did hit the windshield and hit it hit the car while it's not lot of that golfers sorry. i'm sorry. one of high. 43.
5:44 am
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they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. was nice i ate the whole cookie. and so now i'm probably going to be like a 5 year-old in like a half hour be like completely sugar crash. i feel right all right. we'll look forward in the meantime, we'll go over to the weather john, good morning. the other hand, i like had a
5:47 am
bunch of turkey. this weekend. so you already had turkey my friend in the head with a little thanksgiving thing on saturday. >> i was too much of go flipped really to be all tricked out before turkey. still be in the mood for is of. if you're getting out there for any sort of thanksgiving plans this week ahead of us just know mother nature is making it easy for us to get the shopping done to get the cooking done. the errands or the travel. all of it is good to go under what will be clear and dry skies. your berkeley hills camera looking nice all the way out to the coastline. we don't have any fog. we do have some out towards the central valley, though. so if you are heading up 99 i 5 or 80 heading out this direction. that's where we should be watching lower visibility. as for the bay area, things are a-ok visibility wise high pressure is built in now and we are seeing dry skies because of it. we stay this way through turkey day on into the weekend after the holiday, too. certainly a nice thing because so many people are
5:48 am
traveling. you see all these clouds pushing through in the middle of the evening tonight. that's a weak cold front that is going make its way through. what is this going to do for us. well, if you overnight clouds and then cooler daytime highs tomorrow despite the fact that tomorrow does bring temperatures just as just are conditions just as clear as day is going to be just not going to be as warm of the day as today 60's for your highs in sf and for most coastal areas of fair share of 70's on the map, though burlingame at 71 foster city at 71 and the south bay some of our warmest spots. campbell, most gatos are 2 very set. 75 today. fremont hayward up through oakland and berkeley all in the low 70's in some upper 60's further inland, sonoma and napa. you'll be at 68 degrees while 69 in petaluma. really nice way to spend the afternoon. it's a cold morning. but a really nice afternoon today. tomorrow is going to be cooler. i mentioned that cold front that slides through that takes us back down into the 60's for warmest from tuesday. on into
5:49 am
thursday for thanksgiving itself. we see temperatures climb a few degrees into the weekend after the holiday. overall, we stay dry all the way through it. good travel weather to your destination and back from it this next weekend. reyna john, thanks to that. so they just turn the metering lights on here at the bay bridge. so. >> we're starting to see traffic slow down a little bit. a little under 11 minutes as you're traveling this morning. a lot 5 1880, no major delays as you're traveling reveal our berkeley heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes to make that drive this morning. richmond sandra fell commute a little as you're traveling out of richmond and the golden gate bridge from the north bay into the city about 18 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot a 5.49 and the warriors still have the best record in the nba they're on four-game winning stay are and the forty-niners beat the jaguars over the weekend. we have kron 4 sports director jason dumas us with the highlights. >> the warriors. they were back to in the friendly confines of chase center after a four-game road trip. >> the raptors were in the
5:50 am
house. beautiful day for some hoops and mission bay. i like that. blue classic curry jersey wiggins. he came out firing that 3 put the dubs by 9 points. 11 point math is hard. we've had 14 in the first they led by 12 after one. >> nearing the end of the half warriors by 14 chris chiozza. doesn't matter who's playing for them this year. seems they're going to step up 11 points for chiozza 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut to 9 weeks let me make a double digits real quick. that's his 6th 3 of the game finished with 32 golden state with a comfortable lead at the end of 3 4th quarter icing on the cake. gets the steal steals it. drive-in find his boy want tusk. i know, anderson, the pride and joy of east oakland the warriors win one 19 1. '04, and kron. 4 sports reporter kate rooney. she was
5:51 am
there to see all the action. when you have the best record in the nba. you're supposed to beat the 8, 9, toronto raptors at home. >> tonight. the warriors did just that and then some never trailing in their one 19 to one. '04, win here at chase center. but the best part of this one is that steph curry only went 2 for 10 with 12 points. maybe that isn't the best part. the best part is the fact that the team rallied around him on an off night for their superstar 5 different players scored in double figures. jordan, poole and andrew wiggins both had 30 point efforts in this one and players from the second unit really stepped up both chris chiozza and otto porter junior had incredible games. in fact, steve kerr told us that after the game, the players give a standing ovation to chiozza in the locker room on his birthday. that's part of what makes this team so special and has led them to their 15 2 record. here's what steve kerr had to say after the game. >> the scoring balance means that teams can throw everything at steps. you know,
5:52 am
that's what was happening last year. we saw that were, you teams were throwing every everything they had at stephon. it's it's continue this year. but we we you know more overall shooting this year and up. you know, i know i haven't mentioned. i thought he was fantastic made some big threes for us. just the overall spacing means that if teams are going to. you know, throw the kitchen sink at that stuff and they're going to they're going to >> now. you don't get too much credit for beating the raptors. after all, there are now 8 10 1 of the bottom teams in the eastern conference. but draymond green said tonight that the warriors want to make that the warriors want to make sure the their schedule and they've been doing just that at 15 2, they've got the league's best record and they've now won 4 games in a row. they're going to look to make it 5 when the philadelphia 76 ers come to town after a couple days off on wednesday at chase center. kate rooney kron 4 sports. thanks for that report. case.
5:53 am
the forty-niners looking to continue their momentum as they take on the jaguars in jacksonville and. >> by golly, it works after a 20 play opening drive, making it 3 to nothing deebo samuels and the second drive with a score. he's having a heck of a season. he led the team rushing yards of 79 next offensive play. for the jaguars. you can't do cough before ball up. fred warner. he recovers it. and guess what, that hurns the this jimmy g step back, brandon. i use. thank you for that. after a slow start i picking it up. it's 17 nothing 49. 3rd quarter 4th in goal for jimmy garoppolo. he finds his safety blanket that george kittle. 16 for 22 1.76 for jimmy g and. kittle spike. here's the closing time nick bosa's held
5:54 am
still get the sack that the second of the day. 3 overall for the forty-niners. they win 30 to 10. they are even on the season at 5 in 5. up next, they hope the 5 in 5 vikings. and the raiders looking to snap their two-game losing streak hosting the bangles. 4th quarter cincinnati of 3 joe burrow to ja'marr chase in the end zone for the 6 yard touchdown. >> bengals extend that lead next drive for the raiders. can do this picked off by eli apple. the raiders come back slips away. car can't believe it. they're playing so well now look at the bay area native joe makes it. he was so good at oklahoma now. so good in the nfl 123 yards and 2 touchdowns for the bay area. kids 32 to 13 the raiders on the right track. they've lost 3 in a row. >> it's in do much reporting. the warriors will be back.
5:55 am
>> at home on wednesday. plan, the 76 ers cannot wait to see him back to chase center will take a quick break. the week. we'll be right back. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable.
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5:58 am
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>> 2 big breaking stories that we're following this morning. first 5 people are dead and 40 others injured after an suv plows through wisconsin, christmas parade will have the latest developments in that story and thieves. ransacked high-end stores in san francisco, walnut creek. and last night in san jose. we're live with what police are doing right now to catch those roberts.


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