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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 21, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at a u.s. probably saw 50 to 80 people like ski mask, crowbars night like a bunch of weapons. they were looting the north. rain here and there's all these. usually it's really busy. there's always cars part. >> now at 8 smashed stolen and dozens of suspects are still not caught almost 100 voters ransacked a major department store taking off with items from broadway plaza in walnut creek. and tonight there are concerns that that group could come back this evening. thank you so much for joining us here. during kron, 4 news in
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prime time tonight. i'm justine waltman of jonathan mccall walnut creek. police today say as many as 80 people flooded the nordstrom store in walnut creek last night. >> so far 3 people have been arrested. but officers say they plan to monitor that area throughout the night after receiving more information that the same group could strike again tonight. kron four's taylor bisacky is in walnut creek with the very latest. >> a handful of officers in patrol. cars are still monitoring the area. many of the shops nearby, including the nordstrom's closed early after saturday night's chaos now, i'm also standing in the road broadway plaza because this is still closed down the cars to deter thieves from coming through despite all these precautions, though notions did have an incident earlier sunday afternoon. >> it was pretty shocking we had made an appointment at the apple store here and we find to be a safe place to come because we live in stockton says we want to go home at creek and so we're like, oh, maybe not after dark shoppers and locals living in walnut
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creew on edge sunday. >> after a mob of 80 looters stormed the nordstrom store on saturday. witness threatened there and who also manages a restaurant across the street described the chaotic scene from saturday night have the tables were up at the windows looking to see what's going on with the lock the front door i to lock the back door. the whole restaurant just kind of stopped for a minute and was just watching because there was a mob of people. the police are flying and it was a scene out of the movie isn't walnut creek. police say. >> it happened around 09:00pm while the store was open with employees and shoppers inside started receiving calls that there were tons of cars putting into broadway plaza area. >> then we received reports that people dressed in mask and dark clothing were running into nordstrom. they were clogging the streets with their they had crowbars and we're running out with property and getting into the vehicles and fleeing the scene. police say. >> 2 employees were assaulted and one was pepper sprayed, but their injuries are minor.
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so far. they arrested 3 people 30 year-old dana dawson of san francisco. 32 year-old joshua underwood of san francisco and 18 year-old rodney robinson of oakland charges include robbery burglary, conspiracy possession of stolen property. illegal possession of a firearm by a felon and carrying a concealed weapon. mayor kevin wilk says these brazen thefts will not be tolerated. our police department. >> we'll have made and will make arrests. we're going to be working with the da's office to have the most serious charges that we can possibly have and we will be eneouraging the da's office to charge them with the highest crimes possible on sunday. >> police stepped up patrols in this area and put up barriers to cut off car access on broadway plaza. one of the entrances to the store is located despite the increased police presence a witness says other thieves were back at it on sunday. >> i sighed nordstrom employee run out of the building notify the police that 2 people had ran out of the back with items
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and as i kind of followed a woman. the coroner said she saw and then about 2 or 3 police suvs, lights and sirens when chasing down the street after them. police confirmed there was an unrelated grab and run incident sunday afternoon. >> and say they caught an individual involved. walnut creek. police say they'll continue to monitor this area after receiving intel that the same group that storm that nordstrom saturday night are considering to do it again and abundance of caution, they learned all the nearby businesses, which is why many of those businesses closed early sunday night in walnut creek calif the psac ii kron 4 news to try and curb the problem of looting and smash-and-grab thefts back in august. the walnut creek city council approved more than $230,000. >> to have a uniformed officer at the store. the city would be reimbursed by nordstrom every 4 months. right now it's unknown if an officer from walnut creek was working last night when that incident took place. >> new tonight at 8 o'clock and staying in the east bay
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smash-and-grab thieves have struck again this evening. this time is that the southland mall that's in hayward. police are saying tonight about 9 people went into sam's jewelers with hammers and smashed the cases. this happened about 05:30am tonight. it's unclear how much jewelry was taken. but the suspects, according to police got away in 2 cars. no arrests have been maybe don't have any information right now to pass along from police about what the suspect looked like. but as soon as new details come into our newsroom. we will be sure to bring them to you. >> even amid the surge of violence in oakland street saturday definitely push things to the brink shootings robberies and hundreds of folks gathering at sideshows oakland. police say it has been yet another weekend of unprecedented crime across the city. harry talking to city leaders today about what. >> they need to be doing now. she joins us now live from the newsroom. good evening, amanda. good evening. the leaders i spoke to tell me that there needs to be more action to try and stop these types of crimes from happening
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again. and again. but they say it's difficult to do that with the oakland police department being so understaffed. >> it absolutely hurts as a 3rd generation over to see all of this happening in my town. >> in my city. another crime filled weekend in the city of oakland. police department says there were shootings robberies looting and illegal sideshow activity. this is citizen video of one of those sideshows you can also see crowds of people watching and supporting the activity, oakland city council member and candidate to lauren taylor says although these people aren't committing a crime. they're encouraging it just by being there and providing you know, likes and support for these activities. it's encouraging. >> it's a continuing. unfortunately that puts oakland residents in harm's way saturday afternoon. a carjacking resulting in officer shooting the suspect. >> that suspect died from
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their injuries. there's also an armed robbery and shooting on pendleton way overnight. one person was arrested and the 123rd homicide. my understanding is that. >> we did have a younger person involved in the homicide the shabaab jackson with acts full gospel church. >> says the city needs more help from california highway patrol and the alameda sheriff's department because the police department can handle this level of crime on their own is down to 680 officers the stand and the next 2 months. it will be down 650. we need a minimum of 850 to really protect the citizens here in the city of oakland. and i was just doing the shooting and the criminals out there. i think they know all that. so as a consequence, they know they can do things like this get away with it. the jackson says when he talks to members of the community. they're scared and tired. >> he says something needs to
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change or things will get worse. though concerned about is that the citizens of oakland. >> may pick up guns and start protecting themselves and then it's going to be really all and i hate to see that. the oakland police chief will be addressing all of this violence in a media conference tomorrow. >> he'll also be talking about some arrests. we don't have an exact time for that press conference just yet. but stay with kron. 4 news for all of the details live in the newsroom. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> another night of sideshows in oakland. this one posted to the citizens app shows what appears to be a large sideshow downtown. there were also reports of a shooting at this sideshow. but that has not been confirmed right now by oakland police at this point. the second one was reported last night in the arrowhead marsh area. according to video posted to the citizen app. police responded to a crash
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around 4 in the morning after some vehicles believed to be involved crashed into one another. no other information has been released by oakland police at this time. we'll keep you posted. >> kron 4 staying on top of a developing story from wisconsin tonight where more than 20 people were hurt when an suv plowed into that crowd marching in a christmas parade. this is a live look at the scene tonight from waukesha, wisconsin. where officials say there are indeed fatalities associated with this instant children are among the victims. it happened in the milwaukee suburb this afternoon. this is video of the suv at the center of this investigation seen speeding through the parade. officials say they do have a person of interest in custody and have now recovered that suv. officials say 11 adults and 12 children were taken to the hospital for injuries. >> this first time we've gone on in egypt with our family and long time. >> the holiday travel season is now in full swing at bay area airports. it's almost feeling like pre pandemic
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travel, taking us the way back to 2019 this year. it has been a really busy weekend at san francisco international airport as people are traveling for the thanksgiving holiday. that's where we find kron four's. gayle ong live from sfo with a look at what folks are doing right now. bill. >> jonathan and justine it's starting to pick up here. when i last saw you at 6 o'clock. people are making their evening fights. but overall, it has been busy, which has been a stark contrast from last year. this time we're airports are virtually a ghost town but travelers. i spoke with say they are fully vaccinated and are ready to take off. >> holiday travel season is in full swing at san francisco international airport. the busiest day began friday and the rush did not lose momentum over the weekend. we're coming back from a 40th birthday of a spending some time case and some wind up in napa going to maui his first time we've gone on any trip with our family
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and longtime us. a mom could not be more excited. there are other first-time travelers since the pandemic. i didn't do any traveling last year. it's amazing. i mean, to have your first trip after a couple years when you're used to being able to go wherever you want, right. worrying that it went well. it's a great there's like so many precautions. but like everything feels really, really safe on the sunday before thanksgiving almost 50,000 passengers are departing from sfo. that's 60% down from the prepandemic thanksgiving travel in 2019 with vaccinations off an international travel mandate ease airport officials project more traffic over christmas thanksgiving is such a domestic focus travel, period. >> whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december. >> and since it's a lot of people's first time traveling since the pandemic masks are still required inside airports and on flights and it is advice to get here early as we
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head into the holiday travel season. 2 hours before domestic flights. at least 3 hours. if you're flying international reporting from sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. >> well, here i am again. so just as i was definitely a lot of people's first time. so you want to get here early as we head into the holiday season. >> you want to get here at least 2 hours before domestic flights were 3. if you're flying international. and as you can see, masks are still required inside the terminal. and on flights live at sfo. gay e ong kron 4 news we'll take your stunt double as well. gayle, thank you. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight is gail mention a live look at sfo folks coming in going on this. >> sunday night as we get ready for turkey day in just a
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few days. and it doesn't look like the weather is going to give any. >> headaches this week. if you're flying in and out of any of the bay area airports nice and clear. yeah. and not only that, but we're tracking warmer temperatures along the coast bringing us to seasonal averages just in time for thanksgiving. so we do have one more day of warm temperatures to start out shorter workweek for those of you heading back to work on monday. but airport delays nonexistent all clear for local airports here in the bay area not only oakland san jose, but also san francisco international airport. no delays to report there and even throughout the east coast as well. and temperatures low to mid 60's for your thanksgiving thursday. mostly sunny skies a few breezy winds, but overall it's going to be a very pleasant thanksgiving holiday, especially if you do plan any outdoor events specifically very plan on having a lunch or dinner outside to celebrate your thanksgiving feast throughout those covid precautions for families. there still a little bit
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uncertain with vaccinated or unvaccinated guests at the table but temperatures out there right now 60's and 70's for daytime highs. so we're in the low 70's for oakland and san jose. nearly 10 degrees above average for those of you in oakland. you should be in the low 60's this time of year. instead, milder temperatures warming up into the low 70's with above average temperatures expected for your work week monday as well. calmer conditions wind speeds easing up a bit for your sunday night. that trend is going to continue through your monday as well. temperatures as you head out the door 60's for downtown san francisco, mid 50's for oakland. but check out cnn. nearly 10 degrees cooler 46 degrees petaluma in the upper 40's with santa rosa in the mid 40's. so make sure to bundle up there in our north bay valleys because of those southerly winds. but taking a look ahead at your extended outlook warm day on monday. into a gradually start to cool down through your thanksgiving thursday morning. your full forecast coming up in just a few minutes. just seen. and jonathan, back to you.
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>> marissa, thank you. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 8 o'clock. we'll talk live with an oakland city council member about the surge in violence in the town of this weekend solutions that he believes could be on the way. >> also, the missing chinese tennis star just made a public appearance. the video call she had with the international olympic committee. this coming up. >> santa cruz bringing back mask mandates right before the holidays. the reason after the break. they were among the
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first counties to ditch mask mandates. but tell santa cruz county is bringing them back in anticipation of a winter covid surge. >> the new mandates are set to go into effect at midnight face. coverings will be required in public places offices. and even when visiting someone elsews home. regardless of your vaccination status. county leaders say the latest mandates will remain in effect indefinitely. >> developing news tonight, an ohio based church organization says 2 of the 17 abducted members of a missionary group have now been freed in haiti according to a statement that was released today. the 2 are safe in good spirits and being cared for the organization could not give the names of those released and how they were freed. a group of members from christian aid ministries were kidnapped by the 400 mile was gang in october. in the
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group. 16 people are us citizens. one is a canadian, including there are 5 children. there. their haitian driver was also abducted. x. there are no ceo. elizabeth holmes will take the stand in court tomorrow. the fallen silicon valley stars accused of ben blues, bamboozling investors patients and business partners into believing that her startup would reshape health care last friday she took the witness stand and tried to dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her as a greedy fame obsessed swindler holmes walked through her background at stanford and her decision to drop out and pursue her start-up idea if convicted holmes who is now a new mother could face 20 years in prison. >> in the north bay. the college of marin is offering free tuition for the upcoming spring semester. college leaders say they're helping to ease the burden on students during the covid-19 pandemic. students who are enrolled in
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more half units for the spring semester are eligible for the program. the money will be provided through the college's federal covid relief fund and we'll cover as many as 18 units parking and textbooks, not covered. but if you have already paid good news. you'll receive a refund. the spring semester set to get underway on january 22nd. now to the east bay were caltrans says it plans to close niles canyon road between fremont in seminole from december. 3rd, 2 december 6th. it's because of ongoing work for the 92 year-old bridge spanning alameda creek. the road known as part of highway 84 will be closed in both direction directions, i should say, between pelham airs road in fremont and main street in some old during the closing the construction contractors will work around the clock to replace existing bridge railings drivers are urged to use i 6 city as a another way to get around that weekend.
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let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight, a live look outside at the golden gate bridge is folks likely hitting the road to get to their thanksgiving day destinations gorgeous day today and it looks like. >> a repeat for tomorrow. our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is joining us now with a look ahead, we're going to flirt with 70. yeah, we're actually getting really spoiled right now for late november. hard to believe. >> thanksgiving right around the corner. we should be tracking storms around this time of year. instead, we're tracking 70's in our bay area forecast live look outside at city hall and you could see crystal clear skies out there and radar for. we're going to notice those clear sky conditions continuing through your monday as well. calmer winds speeds as well. still going to see winds out of the north and east tomorrow. but then we're going to see the return of that cool sea breeze by your monday night and that's going to usher in cooler temperatures. but from now until then, we're seeing widespread 40's 50's and yes, even 60's as you head out the door, 47 degrees for santa rosa. but check out half moon bay 62 degrees as you step
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outside for your sunday mother along the san francisco peninsula. but overnight lows tonight. once again going to be as chilly as it was last night low to mid and upper 40's a little bit milder for those of you in downtown san francisco only cooling down into the low 50's and daytime highs tomorrow. mainly for our north bay valleys and even right around the east bay shoreline extending into san jose low 70's to start out your monday. so not too bad. if you have a short work week this week downtown san francisco 68 degrees with concord flirting, with 70's. but 69 degrees. and we're going to see cooler temperatures all the way through your thanksgiving thursday. very seasonal outlook until we start to gradually warm up slightly by next weekend, but no rain in sight for the next 7 days. back to you. jonathan just seen. >> marissa, thank you. chinese tennis star puncture way has emerged after weeks of questions about her whereabouts. she held a video phone call with the
8:23 pm
international olympic committee. president thomas bach today. it's the first time that she's appeared publicly since accusing china's former vice premier of assault things disappearance has caused widespread criticism of china's communist party, including from leading tennis players. china's government has not yet said if it is investigating her claims of abuse. >> still ahead here tonight at 8 o'clock, a 13 year-old boy is dead after a stray bullet flew through his home and hit him while he was playing video games. details on the investigation after the break.
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>> in southern california. a stray bullet hit and killed a 13 year-old boy as he was playing video games inside of his own home. police say the shooting happened last night in pasadena. the boy identified by family members as iran ball banana, he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> it's crazy because it's been happening recently for i last past 2 weeks. >> this crazy. yeah. and stuff has been happening shootings. how many have you seen or heard about. i heard about 5 so far. >> we're looking at all the available video that we have do so much. we have to look at
8:27 pm
because there's hours and hours of it. you have to look we don't just look at the time it occurred. we go before and after we pull so much from so many places. it takes a lot of time. and so we still have to go back today and knock on doors and try to find more. >> officials say so far they do not believe that the little boy or anyone else inside of the home was the intended target. >> here's what's coming up tonight in prime time. amazon is now recalling more than 15,000 mattresses will tell you which product you need to return or avoid by also in southern california. a business owner was caught on video, making homophobic and racist slurs while on the job. well, now his customers want him to be held accountable. plus, it was weekend stained by shootings inside shows. what does oakland need to do to become a safer city. a council member is going to join us live to talk about his plans. that's next right here on kron. 4 new
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>> now to our 4 zone forecast tonight as we take a live look at san francisco. the transamerica pyramid and other buildings here in the city lit up. it is thanksgiving weekend. everyone getting ready for their des nations heading there. places getting ready to grab it up. >> feast. there's a lot to be grateful for, including this forecast. our meteorologist marisa rodriguez is here now with what we can expect. yeah, i wish i could serve up rain
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and snow showers for this thanksgiving week. but the good news is if you are planning any outdoor fee specifically on thanksgiving thursday. you're like it's going to remain dry, but we are seeing also your south lake tahoe forecast. those of you heading out of sfo. all clear. we are going to see that marine layer really just nonexistent, even low clouds and fog not in the picture for your monday radar for though. also tracking clear skies and at south lake tahoe temperatures already chilly in the low 30's out there right now for your sunday night. and we're going to start and end the day with plenty of sunshine for those of you in this year. you plan on heading out to southlake tower truckee mid 50's in the forecast into we gradually start to cool down tuesda and wednesday of this upcoming week mid to upper 40's but then gradually warming up on thanksgiving thursday, even through next weekend. but unfortunately no snow in the forecast and a lot of skiers and snowboarders. looking forward to a fresh round of powder. but not in the cards this weekend for bay
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area forecast also going to be on the drier side. but we are tracking some chilly temperatures out there right now for your sunday nights and in some 46 degrees. but pacifica and half moon bay in the low 60's out there right now. doubling cooling down into the upper 40's with berkeley 63 degrees. those of you in napa, 56 degrees. but petaluma also in the 40's. so make sure to bundle up out there, especially for those of you in the north and east bay valleys temperatures tomorrow warming up once again. after tonight's chilly overnight lows 60's and 70's in the forecast. hard to believe it's late november. but then we're gradually going to cool down to seasonal temperatures just in time for thanksgiving. back to you. jonathan. just seen. >> thank you resign for a lot of people. this thanksgiving is going to look a lot different than last year. a lot of people had to cancel their travel plans or limit their gatherings just a small group that's right. kron 4 washington correspondent anna wiernicki. >> reports that the health experts seem to be okay with
8:33 pm
normal. our return to normal as long as we've had our shots. >> good evening as we head into the holidays. experts say those big family gatherings are okay if you're fully vaccinated and for many americans, that means it's time to get your 3rd booster shot. to the millions of americans who plan to reunite with loved ones this holiday season. white house chief medical advisor, doctor anthony fauci has this message for the people. >> who are vaccinated, the people who can get boosted. enjoy your holiday season with your family indoors grandparents, children. >> do what doctor fauci said on cnn's state of the union that fully immunized americans can safely celebrate the holidays indoors and maskless. but he warns that full immunization for some may include the pfizer or moderna booster shot well to shots for rough time frame. >> means you fully vaccinated. when we started to see the immunity start to wane. we said people should get
8:34 pm
boosted. >> on friday, the cdc approved the pfizer and moderna covid-19 vaccine booster shot for all americans. 18 years and older, even those in good health. however, all this good news comes with a warning are in a better circumstance. but we're probably not as good as we should be. former fda commissioner doctor scott gottlieb told cbs face the nation that is states begin to lift mask requirements. i think we need to be mindful that when we lift these restrictions, we may have to really implement them if things worsen. gottlieb says that with the return of holiday gatherings and cooler temperatures health official will be watching closely for a surge in covid cases in the coming weeks. doctor fauci says parents should also start thinking ahead. he says if children between 5.11 start getting vaccinated now they'll be fully immunized by christmas. >> for now in washington. i'm anna wiernicki. back to you. >> meanwhile, the head of pfizer said that americans may need booster shots every year or every 6 months. today doctor anthony fauci said that he would follow the science before making any predictions.
8:35 pm
>> that church shot with the mrna not only boosts to weigh up but increases the durability. so that you will not necessarily needed every 6 months or a year. we're hoping it pushes it out more if it doesn't. and the data show we do need it more often, then we'll do it. but you want to make sure you get the population. >> fauci says that with covid cases spiking by nearly 50% since october. he says as many people as possible need to get vaccinated. >> disney world has stopped mandatory covid-19 vaccines for its workers. the move is coming after a court order stopped the biden administration's mandate that would have required companies with 100 or more workers to have employees fully vaccinated or undergo weekly testing. a spokesperson says 90% of workers at the orlando theme park are already vaccinated against covid.
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starbucks is saying thousands of its customers may have been exposed to hepatitis a after a new jersey worker contracted the illness. the company is saying customers who visited the store gloucester from early mid november are at risk. so not here happening in new jersey but hepatitis a is a highly contagious liver infection that can leave people sick for months this weekend. health leaders hosted a vaccine clinic for anyone who needed a help vaccine and they're also urging anyone who may have been exposed to get a shot within 2 weeks. >> a team of cold case. investigators say they have located a trove of evidence connected to the zodiac serial killer last month. the team called the case breakers called the case breakers announced that that that they had identified the zodiac killer has a deceased man named gary post. they say post gave away thousands of pieces of evidence. things like guns, bullets and shell casings to his neighbors before he died. according to one person, many of these neighbors have kept those items untouched. the
8:37 pm
zodiac killer is believed to have committed 5 murders in the bay area between 1968 1969. >> still ahead here during kron 4 news at 8 o'clock tonight. a new study has found man's favorite spot to watch a movie and it's not in the theaters and it's not on the couch, but they are sitting down all tell you will tell you the findings next.
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with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. your money tonight. amazon is recalling more than 15,000 mattresses over a potential fire hazard. the consumer products safety commission says the amazon basics memory foam mattress. >> did not meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses. amazon is pulling 15,000. 300 units. they were sold online from april twenty-twenty through march of 2021 there have been no injuries or incidents reported regarding this recalled mattress, but amazon is sending customers a free cover to place over them. >> nike is getting involved in virtual reality. the sports brand is now teaming up with the online gaming platform. roblox. but let my son here this one that setting up a whole nike themed virtual world complete with buildings fields in special many games. roblox will even be able to track your movements while you
8:41 pm
play so how you move in real life will be how you actually move in the. >> just under half of all people in relationships are admitting now they have not been completely faithful to their significant other. when it comes to their shared finances. out of the 2000 adults surveyed 43% with shared bank accounts admitted to an active financial deception ranging from hiding cash to concealing a big purchase. experts say the best way to overcome financial infidelity is for couples to talk about how they plan to combine are not combined their finances before living together. how do you hide those amazon boxes from grant. >> i will never tell. >> all right. sports, the dubs come back home and host the toronto royer's. we will go to a chase center sports direct r jason dumas. we'll have the highlights. kate rooney is at chase center with. an update
8:42 pm
as well. >> yeah, just has the packages delivered here to the kron 4 studio. i've seen it in the mail room. guilty. >> in addition to that, i'm also going to shed light on your microclimate monday, forecast going to be a warm forecast going to be a warm any parent will tell you the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body, which means you never, ever stop worrying. that's why we got health insurance and for way less than we thought was possible. the kids' doctor and dental checkups are free and i get screenings for my cholesterol and my blood pressure and don't get me wrong, i still worry, just a little less. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at
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>> we got out of southern california where an argument over a bars mask policy has triggered a homophobic rant
8:45 pm
from a man in long beach. >> but to why. why would you because you're? >> well, it happened at a brewery in long beach. the man in the video says that he's were cast aside the owner of another bar in the area when he says that he was denied service for not having a mask. that's when he started yelling homophobic slurs to a worker at the bar. he was visiting folks familiar with the long beach food scene say they're not really surprised at his behavior. >> downtown long beach and long beach itself is a hyper gay-friendly city. doubly insulting and audacious that he goes on such a antique. we're rant. this is not his first time at this rodeo. there's multiple yelp reviews saying that he's called people racial slurs. >> other people have been to dozens bar say he's used racist insults against them and his own business partners.
8:46 pm
a bar representative says they will be issuing a statement on the incident in the next few weeks. >> a new study says that body odor can actually trigger aggression in women. researchers in israel say the main body chemical in question is called hacks as in put a spell on you. the study says large amounts of the chemical typically resigns on the baby's head. so the chemical is likely an evolutionary tool for mothers to protect their children. that same chemical is set to actually. >> call have you a new baby goan smell their head. no one's done only done that once with mine, that's it. it's like supposed to like make you like the so you don't i mean, i figured thank you. like 9 months to like. what the kid, you know, comes out. got to love it. all right. to smell the head. >> turns out a lot of guys are using their bathrooms as their home theaters. according to a
8:47 pm
survey out of the united kingdom. one in 10 men admit to watching movies while they're on the toilet. that's more than double the number for women. the study also found that 15% of men will watch movies while they're in the back compared to just 9% of women. the study also found that most people ignore movie critics in favor of. family and friends reviews. great video right there. great video. >> to make sure everything's extra clean when you when you come on now. that's how you got to disinfect your phone. >> wipe that down and everything else as well. that takes forever just watching a movie. maybe they're watching us. you never know that i can. or in front of. all right. let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight or on top all right. meteorologist chris rodriguez is here now with a look at what we can expect for this thanksgiving week. jonathan, do you do that.
8:48 pm
thank you for asking. yeah, going to do it. jonathan deal. >> watch movies in the bathroom. whole. jason, do you mom and i thank you for admitting that. i just do what i got to do a he's got to do what we gotta do. let's get out and try to spend all day. jonathan e-mails. instead all the words, you know, we get his in the that they're all right. let's take a look day for dust. >> it's a lot like at least like 50 a day. hey, he's like loading my inbox with e-mails. he doesn't have time for watching. movies taking up by weathertech. let's take a look at your microclimate monday forecast because we are tracking seasonal temperatures along the coast 66 degrees for downtown san francisco. i'm sorry, jonathan. he's like glaring at me right now. but i'm not yeah. daly city 69 degrees. and we're going to see winds out of the north and east 20 miles per hour less so
8:49 pm
slightly calmer tomorrow compared to today, but still in the low 70's for millbrae and burlingame so we're tracking temperatures about 5 degrees above average away from the immediate bay area coastline with san mateo and san carlos also in the low 70's widespread mid 70's. for those of you in san jose cupertino 73 degrees will pete even milder at 76 degrees. >> those of you love or war trying to flirt with 70's. but 69 degrees there and low 70's for renda and moraga richmond 71 degrees with oakland also adding that low 70 mark, enjoy these mild temperatures while they last napa 66 degrees. santa rosa and avato in the low 70's because we're going to see temperatures cooling down on tuesday, a storm to the north, not going to make its way south into the bay area. so we are going to see mostly sunny skies, though dry outlook, all thanksgiving week. but the good news is if you are planning your thanksgiving feast outdoors because of covid precautions.
8:50 pm
you're in luck. you are going to have a safe thanksgiving this year. if you choose to do so with low 60's to mid 60's for the remainder of the next 7 days. jason, what movies are you >> and now kron 4 sports. we all need me time. you know that might want show him on the toilet. >> anyway. the warriors. there are finally back in the friendly confines of chase center after a four-game road trip. the raptors were in the house. beautiful day for some hoops down in mission bay start out in the 1st quarter. andrew wiggins. he came out on fire corner. 3 right there. had 14 in the first they led by 12 after one. nearing the end of the half warriors up by 14 chris chiozza from the arc. 11 points for him. anyone can step in on this warriors team 3rd quarter now warriors lead cut to 11 wiggins hits his 6,
8:51 pm
3, of the game. he finished with 32 points. golden state with a comfortable lead at the end of the 3rd. 4th quarter. steph. he gets the steal. he gets it ahead to jt a florida jt had a great community event this saturday. he gave away. >> thanksgiving fixin's his fellow east oaklanders on saturday on his off a great guy. one 19 one '04, warriors win. and guess what, the forty-niners there in jacksonville tonight. our very own kate rooney. she was hanging out at chase center. >> she joins us more now. kate, how did ago. >> never a dull sunday. jason either get to be at levi stadium are pretty much out here at chase center. so i really can't complain. tonight was a game. let's just face it. the warriors were supposed to win this one and they did that. but here's the good news. they did so in a pretty dominant fashion. they didn't just let the raptors hang around the best part of that
8:52 pm
best part is that it was an off night for steph curry. stay with me here. he was 2 for 10 with 12 points in the game. but the way the rest of the team rallied around. it took the pressure off him having a score having to have a 3040 point game was what makes this team able to win in a lot of different situations. 30 plus point knights for both andrew wiggins and jordan poole. the second straight game, the jordan poole has led this team in scoring. and then you look at some of these will players that second unit. chris chiozza coming in on his birthday having a great game auto porter junior having a fantastic game when guys like this can score. that just shows you how well rounded these warriors are. and that's something that steve kerr had more to say about after the game. >> the scoring balance means that teams throw everything at stuff. you know, that's what was happening last year. we saw that were, you teams were throwing every everything they had at stephon. it's it's continue this year. but we we have the you know, more overall shooting this year and
8:53 pm
you know, otto i haven't mentioned. i thought he was fantastic made some big threes. fours, bunch, just the overall spacing means that if teams are going to. you know, throw the kitchen sink. it that staff and they're going to they're going to pay. >> now. you don't get a lot of credit for beating the raptors who came into this game 8, 9, there near the bottom of the east. and there's been a lot of talk about the warriors haven't played anyone yet this season is draymond. green said tonight, though, that's just some of the schedule falls. they can't control that. all they can do is go out and beat the teams that are on their schedule. they've been doing exactly that. jason. they've now won 4 in a row. maybe they'll put together another little street here at chase center, kate rooney kron 4 sports, thank you, kate, for that report. last week, san francisco played its best game of the season against the rams. and today they were in jacksonville picking on the lowly jaguars. all signs pointed to a forty-niners win this sunday. but. >> you've got to play the game first before you go pencil in some winds and kyle shanahan
8:54 pm
preached all week do not have a let down. and by golly it work after a 20 play drive with the niners up 3 to nothing. >> they put it in the end zone here. their best player this year. let's be serious. deebo samuel continuing his best season as a pro led the team in rushing yards today. 79 yards 10, nothing san francisco next offensive play for the jag wires. you can't do this kid the rookie back. the rookie back the running back fumbles for the jags. fred warner recovery that on the 35 yard line. they turned that into stand in their way. but that brandon, i u he had a slow start to the year, but he's playing well 17, nothing niners. 3rd quarter now is 4th in goal. jimmy garoppolo, his safety blanket. george kittle. that makes it 20 to 3 and g like a little fight. jimmy g 16 for 22 a 176 yards in those 2 key 4th
8:55 pm
quarter. this is the closing time it bosa gets held. so what still get this act. that was his second sack of the day. the niners had 3 on the day total stay winds 30 to 10 share now 5, 5, on the year. up next, the minnesota vikings who are also 5. '05, battling out for those final playoff spot. all righty. that is your look at sports. we'll be right back after a
8:56 pm
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>> that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock kron 4 news at 9 will be right after this break.
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