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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 19, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news. we want to tell you about police officers swarming the streets of san francisco. you're looking at the scene union square after the show. so the louis store were cleared out. police are now telling people to avoid this area specifically stockton and geary a lot of police officers and a number of emergency crews are now on the scene. as you can see in the video by sent to us by one of our viewers officers chased down and appeared to smash the windows of a silver. >> mustang and the glass of the louis store has been shattered. it's not clear if there's a direct connection between the officers at the vehicle and what happened at the louis baton story store. in this video from the other view or you can see that
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someone was fleeing the scene here carrying an arm load of closing. and that's just seconds before police officers swarm that silver mustang. the officers eventually pull someone out of that vehicle and we can see them taking somebody into custody. we have reached out to san francisco police for more details. we have yet to hear back and we'll continue to monitor the situation and bring you any updates throughout tonight's news cast. but we are seeing this video as you are for the first time. it's just coming in. you can see somebody on the ground surrounded by police officers there at the scene. and of course, you know, this has been an ongoing problem in san francisco in particular at union square with the number of high-end retailers being targeted by these smash-and-grab robbers. it's made headlines across the country and there's look at the louisville times story lot of frustration from chin, customers in san francisco and merchandise just cleared out can in many cases coming in with things like garbage bags and just.
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>> cleaning out the shelves. and again, this is the most recent example when you're seeing people who are trying to get a better look at what happened inside that store. this after the place rushed to the scene to try to get those suspect. we have been hearing from in the recent past that they were going to step up efforts, including with plainclothes officers to try to the more progressive or as active in trying to catch these people in the act. and this may be the first example we're seeing of that paying off. of course, we're still waiting for details on exactly what happened here tonight. that is where we begin tonight on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. we are monitoring that story, but also the protests that happened earlier tonight in oakland. >> this after kyle rittenhouse was found not guilty today of all charges against him.
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>> demonstrators gathered near the federal building in you're looking at the scene this began before 6 o'clock tonight, organizers say they're standing in solidarity with kenosha worthy killings happened in the protests or and there are reports of nearby bus spots being affected. the protest otherwise last we heard it has remained peaceful. this is the rittenhouse trial became a flashpoint in the nation and in the debate over guns vigilantism and the definition of self-defense. family and friends of the victims are outraged over the verdicts. while the ritaenhouse defense team says. >> it believes they prove that the teenager acted in self-defense. and we've got team coverage beginning with grant lotus. he's here with more on the verdict and what comes next. great. well, catherine and ken the child more than 2 weeks for 15 days. all eyes were on the courtroom in kenosha, wisconsin for the
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murder trial of kyle rittenhouse the jury deliberated for roughly 3 and a half days before delivering that not guilty verdict. many calling the result of this trial. an indictment on our current legal system. but for others they say they feel vindicated. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle a great kyle ph red house not guilty. >> acquitted on all counts. kyle rittenhouse overcome with emotion after learning he is a free man. the now 18 year-old was charged with killing 2 white men and wounding a 3rd in the summer of 2020 during a tumultuous night of protests over police brutality just days after jacob blake was shot multiple times in the back by a kenosha police officer. blake's uncle was outside the courthouse when the verdict was read. how many cases do you need to see. pop. so other people walking out the door out the murder, people that were either african-american or supporting african
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>> reaction to today's verdict was mixed rittenhouse said he went to kenosha to protect property from rioters. he took the stand claiming self-defense shooting a man after he said he was bashed in the head with a skateboard. a second man allegedly tried to take rittenhouse's gun. a 3rd man admitted to pulling a gun first on the then 17 year-old. that's when rittenhouse shot wounding the man and running from the scene. he walked towards officers hands in the air told them what happened and an officer told him to go home. he later turned himself in at a police station in kenosha. the prosecution arguing rittenhouse was an active shooter in tents on unleashing violence that night. but rittenhouse's attorney says he had faith. if the jurors follow the law, this would be the outcome if you're that state, you correctly and over. thought i was crazy. if you read the statue correctly. >> he was legal. >> and having that firearm
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just nice to our individual mandate defend themselves. >> with system in this country. or recognize your and back. >> but not everyone agrees that justice was served we demand the federal government and charge kyle rittenhouse with federal violations words actions. the parents of one of the men killed by rittenhouse in kenosha in twenty-twenty released a statement after the verdict saying, quote, we're heartbroken and angry that kyle rittenhouse was acquitted in his criminal trial for the murder of our son, anthony huber. there was no justice today for anthony or for mister rittenhouse's. other victims. joseph rosenbaum and gaige grosskreutz. under wisconsin law. a person is permitted to use deadly force in self-defense. if the threat here she is facing is equally deadly, but if you provoke the attack, you are barred from using deadly force unless you have exhausted every other alternative. so this case was on the prosecution to prove to
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the jury beyond a reasonable doubt that rittenhouse provoked his victims. the jury did not buy that argument. ken. catherine, back to you. all right, grant, thank you very much. you're at home bay area attorneys are weighing in on the rittenhouse verdict and the long-term legal ramifications that could have the results are forcing a lot of people to look more broadly at the legal system as a whole. >> kron four's. dan thorn is live in the newsroom with that part of the story. >> gathering county attorney john burris joining with others within the social justice unity saying that he's not surprised by this verdict, but he is disappointed. this was a politically charged trial with a racial undercurrent and for burris and others. the concern is what this verdict might be saying about people taking the law into their own hands. the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse who shot and killed 2 men last year during a racial protest in wisconsin is getting reaction in the bay area. the oakland-based anti-police terror project calling the justice system a system that
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rewards and prioritizes unaccountable white violence, civil rights attorney john burris says this verdict raises the question, if dangerous vigilante is being condoned. i was i'm disappointed that he wasn't convicted on only some of those charges. but i'm not surprised given the man with the evidence was presented the way to judge conducted the trial and the overall atmosphere that was. >> on center in about that. rumsfeld burris also points to a biased judge in this case the brazen with me. i have no idea why he would do something like that. that's basically it's been basic law in this country for 40 years. 50 years. >> the demeanor judge bruce schroeder had toward prosecutors burst believes had a powerful impact on the jury's decision. this was generated by the judge who like that was horrible. >> and shows you how a judge can direct jurors can see. >> what do it with judges with a direct it right. >> ultimately the jury spoke in this case and found
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rittenhouse not guilty of the charges, including first-degree intentional homicide, a frightening lesson that could be taken away from this berry says is if rittenhouse's behavior will influence others to take these actions if you have to take from keep going and social progress in this country isn't stopping other one case. the question is if somebody. >> of another moves taking place in the country. >> vice president kamala harris who once served as san francisco's district attorney and the state's attorney general reacted to today's decision saying, quote, i've spent a majority of my career working to make our criminal justice system more equitable. it's clear there's still a lot more work to do and president biden said today that he stands by the not guilty verdict saying that the country's jury system works and it must be respected. catheri e, thank you, dan. >> dan thorn reporting live for us in the newsroom. and we have continuing coverage on the rittenhouse trial on our website. you can scan that qr code on your screen. you'll be
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directed to the special section of our website. now to our coronavirus coverage and a big decision from the fda and cdc this today on booster shots. >> just as the holiday travel season gets started. the bottom line is this. if you're at least 18 years old. you can get a booster shot if you're over the age of 50. authorities say doctors say you should get a booster when you get the extra dose will depend on which vaccine you got and how long ago kimberly chain has more. >> people are going inside more groups next week happens to be the largest travel. >> week of the year. the fda move to open up covid-19 booster shots to all adults in an effort to get ahead of rising cases that health experts fear could snowball into a winter surge as millions of americans travel for the holidays. it's a really good time to do it. cases are going up and they're going up rapidly. they're going up nationwide. >> about a dozen states already started offering
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boosters to all adults on their own, including california. the fda decision means on a national level. >> anyone 18 and older can choose the pfizer or moderna booster 6 months after their last dose. anyone who got the one-dose johnson and johnson already can get a boost after 2 months during a public virtual meeting. cdc scientific advisors supported the move friday afternoon after a lengthy discussion on safety and efficacy. so in summary booster, doses of the pfizer vaccine effective in preventing fda vaccine chief doctor peter marks talked about rare side effects that they considered some but not all. >> studies moderna and pfizer. these are real world data and real world evidence studies. suggest but the rate of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart which has been relatively mild, but it's still a side effect is somewhat higher with moderna than it is with pfizer what went into our consideration of boosters. is that the rates
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after a 3rd dose, a booster dose appear to be then after the second dose and in fact, much closer to be rates after the first dose. >> experts say the vaccine continues to offer strong protection against severe illness. hospitalization and death, even without the booster that protection can weigh in with time. >> that was kimberly chang reporting in the holiday travel season is in full swing at bay area airports. on this day alone. more than 50,000 people flew out of sfo. the airport spokesman tells us it's the busiest day since the pandemic began. >> we knew for a long time that there was pent-up demand. people want to travel. we just had to remove the barriers that were preventing them from being able to travel. and i think we're seeing that here to date. >> it has been quite a while since we've seen lines like this at the airport. officials recommend you show up 2 hours before domestic flight 3 hours before international flights. and remember, masks are still required at the airport and on the plane.
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>> very similar. story of san jose airport. a very busy there as well. roughly 400,000 passengers expected to pass through the san jose over the next 11 days. and again, these are levels not seen since before the pandemic of course, a lot of people have vaccinated pandemic aziz. so more people are willing to fly a low. some traffic are still bit anxious. >> i think it was a little bit stressful. more stressful. this my first time flying since the pandemic. i was very much hesitant to go out. but with the vaccines that have and booster feeling much more confident going out visiting people. i mean, and now going for waiting for a friend. so i'm going up pretty good now. >> something different this year. the san jose airport is offering reserved parking spots which can be booked online. and whether you are flying or driving or even staying at home. we are. we're hoping for good weather. >> and the man with the plan. chief meteorologist lawrence karnowoyeah. things a little
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bit dreary around the bay area today. of course, a lot of clouds leftover moisture from that cold from the kind of move through and that looks like still some lingering clouds with things are starting to improve just a little bit. now we're starting to see a whole transition in the atmosphere that should make for a fantastic weekend weather wise out of the golden gate bridge. you can see things moving along there. still some drizzle being reported out along the coastline rainfall totals over the last 24 hours. yeah, this was huge storm. but there you go. 5, 100's in the santa rosa for hundreds of mill valley. also petaluma san francisco. only one one-hundredth berkeley yet to hundreds. and in san jose, 1, 1, 100th of an inch of rain. so not much. in fact, maybe get a little more from the drizzly can see it moving by right there that frontal system kind of just falling apart and sitting over the bay area. so here we are now. and so you're still some low level moisture hanging out along the coastline even though doppler radar not picking it up. a lot of that drizzle has occurred along the coastline, continue to see a little bit of that now. but overnight tonight the overall pattern is going to start to change. in fact, we're going
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to see more of an offshore wind kicking in tonight as that offshore wind kicks in, you'll notice the colors begin to fill up in the north bay. first just after a 2 3 o'clock in the morning, getting some gusts maybe to 30 miles an hour across some of the mountain tops and that's that northerly wind and that will fill in overnight tonight into tomorrow morning and that throughout the bay area. not as blustery down below. many of the urban areas. but we're going to see enough of wind that it's going to be that nice downslope wind. so that means we've got some much warmer weather around the bay area expected tomorrow. fact these temperatures could jump as much as 10 degrees. we're looking a lot of 70's tomorrow. we'll have more on that forecast coming up. few minutes lawrence. now to a heartfelt farewell for 23 month-old. jasper. wu. >> the toddler was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland about 2 weeks ago. police say he was caught in the crossfire but gang-related gun fight along interstate 8.80. his mother was behind the wheel they were driving home to fremont at the time kron four's phillipe to go shares. how jasper is being
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remembered. >> 23 month-old jasper wu mourned by family and friends at mountain view cemetery in oakland following chinese tradition after the funeral loved ones gathered out front burning. some of jaspers toys and other items that made him happy with the belief. the flame will deliver his belongings up in heaven family just couldn't stop crying. the traditional buddhist ceremony ended with jaspers cremation, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan speaks for family. he was cole's part of jaspers grandfather speech detailing how much harm has been done by one senseless act. important not only hitting just but also hitting him as a grandpa. but basically again tie a committee. it has been nearly 2 weeks since jasper was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland. well, he was caught in the crossfire of a
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gang-related gun fight along interstate 8.80. his family was headed home that day to fremont just. >> unnecessary violence unprovoked violence that's impacting our communities. leads to this pain. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says his department is working with the california highway patrol in its investigation. >> but at this time there are no suspects more about people making better decisions. >> it's about people not taking these type of actions in our community that caused tragedy. think that's the real statement. chief armstrong says he would support adding cameras on freeways to assist in investigations. >> meanwhile, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says it hopes to increase its $10,000 reward for information that will help solve this case in the coming weeks in oakland believe should all kron 4 news. >> the alameda county coroner has identified the woman killed in yesterday's freeway shooting. it happened on westbound 80 on the approach.
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the bay bridge, the victim, 29 year-old amani morse of union city. investigators say she was in the passenger seat. there was a man and 2 children also in the car and she was shot by someone in another car. a family friend says she was a wonderful mother. >> beautiful, beautiful person inside sue took very good care of her children. she chart to work as much as she care for to water to go to school for nursing social there you know, a better mother for her children. >> the man and the 2 children in the car were not hurt chp. investigators have not released a motive for the shooting. there's no description of any suspects. anyone with information is asked to contact to the chp, an investigation is underway after a san francisco police officer shot and killed a man officer say just after 8 o'clock this morning. >> they got a call about a man with a knife and folsom street
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near 5th officers arrived on the scene. they say they made contact with the suspect and they say during the contact, one of the officers ended up shooting the man he died at a hospital. earlier today. police told reporters the suspect was well known among officers. >> he said he's known to police. he is known say why is we're not able to as the state how we eat, how he is our officers. build relationships and no individuals throughout the neighborhood. and i can state that he is no. >> police say as part of their commitment to transparency and accountability a town hall meeting regarding this officer involved shooting will be held within 10 days. x there in us ceo elizabeth holmes testified at her own fraud trial today. this is video of her leaving. the san jose courthouse. she tried to dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her as a greedy fame obsessed swindler. she's accused of
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bamboozling investors, patients and business partners into believing that her startup would reshape health care holmes walks through her background at stanford and her decision to drop out and pursue her start-up idea if convicted homes. now a new mother could face 20 years in prison. the trial resumes on monday. >> let's take a live look at the u.s. capitol in washington. work after months of arm twisting and a lot of tense negotiations. the house did narrowly passed a roughly 2 trillion dollars, social spending package designed to fight things like climate change, too shore up the nation's social safety net. the centerpiece of president biden's domestic agenda now goes to the evenly divided senate where the bill faces a difficult path. alexandra limon has more on what the president calls the blue collar blueprint to rebuild america. >> the build back better. bill
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is passed. >> democrats rejoiced after passing the nearly 2 trillion dollar bill back better at in the house. this after months of deliberating within their own party and a record setting all night speech on the house floor by republican leader mccarthy to try to block it. >> house republicans will always fight for you. fight for your family. and fight for a country. this bill will speak for itself to millions and millions and millions and millions of americans. >> whose lives will be made more secure. white house deputy communications director kate berner says the package makes historic investments in families, families will no longer pay more than $35 for insulin products. pre k will be free under the president's plan premiums for an average family will around $3,000 last year. democrats also reintroduced provisions for paid family leave and to allow
10:22 pm
medicare to negotiate drug prices and more than half a trillion dollars will go toward tackling climate change by investing in clean energy, manufacturing and providing tax incentives to americans. things. house democrats like california congressman jimmy gomez say the senate must leave intact. we have some senators in the senate. >> that don't agree with the climate change provisions. we want to make sure that that stays in as well. >> still, democrats say they do believe president biden negotiated closely enough with key senators so that this package or one very similar to it will pass in the senate. the package only needs democrats to support it in order to pass reporting in washington. alexandra limon. >> still ahead, mail stolen in the middle of the night and happened repeatedly. what homeowners say needs to change and a wild pursuit of a carjacking suspect turns into a standoff and a dangerous game of cat and mouse in
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southern california. how it all ended next.
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ police chase in southern california with the driver even on the wrong. there's the driver there in the middle of your screen on the wrong side of the freeway. at least one point. >> police were trying things like spike strips and pit
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maneuvers to stop the man, but he kept going this chase finally ended in orange county, the driver it first refusing to get out of the car when he did officers shot at him with beanbags and then he tried to drive away again. he was stopped a second time. there was a long standoff. 2 and a half hours after the chase began. the driver was arrested. the effort to build the nation's first high-speed rail in california got a financial boost today. the department of transportation awarded to 24 million dollar grant to the high speed rail authority. that money will go for construction projects in and around the city of las co and the san joaquin valley. a lot of the money will be spent on lowering state road. 46 so trucks can safely pass under the rail route. >> near university of california system. is sticking with his decision to abandon standardized testing for
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admission. officials couldn't find an alternative exam to the s a t after determining last year. its results for biased. the uc system has spent more than 3 years researching whether to end standardized tests admissions officers are now look at other factors, including a student's high school gpa. the difficulty of the course is taken special talents essays and extracurricular activities. people living in san francisco's bayview neighborhood say they are fed up with their mail being stolen and they want some new mailboxes security video captured last june appears to show suspects pulling up outside the candlestick cove apartment complex and stealing mail from out of the front box. another video taken yesterday morning appears to show the thieves using a master key which is kept inside the mailbox. one person pop some open. one person stays in the car. >> and then the 2 of those other individuals take all the mail and packages and throw him into a garbage bag. we want the locks changed out.
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somebody had their immigration documents were taken driver's license. you know, there's packages that are obviously. >> delivered. >> we reached out to the u.s. postal service about these crimes. swat official tells us mail carriers are being robbed of their keys more often. they advise not leaving mail in your mailbox for longer than needed. have your mail held if you're going to be away for a long period of time. and if you're not home to receive a package. have it delivered to another address. next at 10, an update on that breaking news we brought you at the top of the hour with san francisco police are telling us about a smash and grab. >> at louisville in union square. >> also coming up at 10, a deadline looming for all federal employees to get vaccinated how many workers still have not gotten the shot. also, a new twist in the decades long mystery by the fbi has renewed search for the body of jimmy hoffa and some bay area residents are now facing some of the strictest water restrictions in the state. how high your water
10:29 pm
bill could get. >> a lot of clouds still lingering in the bay area overlooking just go right now. but this weekend is going to be something else. talk about your holiday week. you're 1010. is coming up next.
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>> new details tonight on that breaking news we've been telling you about in san francisco. police say multiple suspects have been arrested in connection to a smash and grab at union square officers say
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they received reports of possible looting and vandalism shortly after 8 o'clock tonight. and when they arrived on the scene, they say they quickly spotted several potential suspects. this is video from one of our viewers showing officers confronting at least one suspect. they're in a silver mustang and eventually taking at least one person from that vehicle into custody. >> and we have a video where you can see somebody running with a. >> arm arms full of stolen clothing. police say they are continuing to respond to other stores. vandalism and other words, not just at the louis store. but other stores apparently have been vandalized. police say it is a fluid and evolving situation which is police talk for the fact that it's still a mess. there are still problems and they continue to ask people to stay away from this area. we'll continue to monitor this situation and keep you posted. if we get any more new information before the end of this newscast. and of course. >> updates all night long at kron 4 dot com. now to other
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news, the conditions are getting drier in the bay area and all of california that's forcing some local water providers take some extreme measures more than a million south bay residents will soon be under the most restrictive water conservation measures in the state. that is because as kron four's, rob fladeboe reports reservoirs across the santa clara valley. >> are now just 11 per cent fall. >> this week. the california public utilities commission approves san jose water company's request to add a drought surcharge to the bills for those customers who failed to cut back their water use by 15% says the company's leanne wallboard ski. it's a way it's that we have basically no choice where we're in a terrible drought and we don't know what this winter will bring. there's the possibility of lightning. you're forming in the pacific. >> which could mean a drier winter northern california. we don't now under the program residential customers are required to cut water use by 15% from 2019 levels.
10:34 pm
>> or pay $7.13 in surcharges for each unit of water above that amount impacted are as many as a million people in san jose cupertino. campbell, los gatos saratoga and money serino of the way it works is let's say your allocations for december 2021 his 15 minutes and each unit is 748 gallons of water. >> and you 16 units will be charged $7.13 for that additional san jose water says the new rules actually reward people already cutting back by setting a minimum monthly him out. >> if they use the minimum or less know surcharge. the new rules are in response to the june 9th water shortage emergency declared by wholesaler valley water which called on water retailers to reduce consumption by 15%. seasonal rainfall is off to a good start. but some 80% of california remains an extreme drought. if south bay consumers can achieve that 15% cut back. >> restrictions will likely get tougher still by next
10:35 pm
summer in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> all right. let's take another look at the forecast as we look live at the golden gate bridge and still kind of damp up their tanks see the street as wet. let's check in with the or see what's happening. and it is friday night. yeah. friday night little just lot around the bay area tonight. the rain is coming to an end, but still seeing some wet the drizzle along the coastline, especially. but hey, if you're getting away, a lot of folks like to do that. they think the whole weekend enjoy lot of folks are getting out of town today. so get away forecast for you looking out toward the airport's. not too many problems with the cloud cover. no delays reported at sfo oakland or san jose tonight, how about the monterey bay. i think tomorrow we're waking up to some mostly clear skies and the monterey bay going to be beautiful. downslope winds could bring these temperatures up in the 60's in the santa cruz may be 70 in watsonville 72 salinas and about 66 degrees in carmel valley, southern california find similar temperatures about 72 in anaheim 73 in pasadena.
10:36 pm
beautiful day in santa barbara 64 degrees. a lot of folks like to head up the high country. you're going to see some of that snow up in the mountains. of course not a bunch up there. a lot of ski resorts, a little bit disappointed. now after what looked like a very promising start to the season. things have kind of backed off a little bit. temperatures are going to stay chilly up there by day only in the upper 40's. there looking temperatures in the 50's into reno. all right. if you're sticking around all weekend long. it should remain dry throughout the weekend. but there is a hint that we might see a storm system moving in on tuesday that could affect your travel plans. if you're up in that direction, the meantime out there right now. we've got a weak cold front that just fell apart right at top of the bay area behind a lot of that moisture outside. so just beginning to start to the beginning of that offshore wind developing you start to see the arrows here. pointing back toward the coastline. still some partly cloudy skies around the bay area. but we'll clear things out. the winds going get a little blustery overnight tonight, especially over the mountain tops. you see that in the north. they are all of a sudden you start to get some gusty winds after
10:37 pm
midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. that will be the case that offshore wind is going to be a dry wind. so that will clear out that fog bring lots of sunshine throughout the day tomorrow. i think another round of those winds kicking up again by a saturday night. so pretty blustery the mountaintop. but down below. we are looking good as we'll see plenty of sunshine and some warm weather right now. the temperatures just kind of mild out there right now. mainly in the 50's almost just about everywhere you go, very similar temperatures. but as we mix out those clouds, everything's going to be in change was some cooler temperatures filtering in the north bay. but tomorrow going to be a gorgeous day. enjoy that sunshine, the temperatures are going to jump maybe as much as 10 plus degrees, especially inland. you got a lot of 70's their 60's 70's around the bay and or 1010, looks pretty good as we're going to see a lot of sunshine coming your way. there's a chance we could be talking about some showers come tuesday. i think thanksgiving looks dry, but i'm starting to see a trend in the long range models. we could start out december with a series of storms are going to be tracking that. of course we have the whole days. that's
10:38 pm
good news good news. thank all right. history was made this morning as president biden briefly transferred power to vice president kamala harris. >> making her the first woman to hold presidential power doing so for 85 minutes that transfer happened as the president was having a colonoscopy. his first a part of his first routine physical exam as president a day before his 79th birthday. >> the deadline for federal workers to receive the covid vaccine is monday. the white house is stressing the importance of the mandate. but his house in harris tells us the vaccination numbers for several agencies are liking. >> 4 million federal workers must be vaccinated by monday per the president's order. president biden in patients with the pandemic trying to get it under control once and for all. with 80% of the country vaccinated with at least one shot. but this morning reports reveal federal agencies falling behind was
10:39 pm
roughly 20% of customs border patrol agents unvaccinated about 20% of prison workers missing their shots and 40% of tsa airport screeners, not immunized against covid i not imagine. >> and the, you know, being in plays ari dealing with the pandemic. and, you know, having to navigate a personal choice that. you know, that could implicate their lives and the livelihood for their the white house responded thursday to the oklahoma governor telling members of the national guard. they don't have to listen to the pentagon and its vaccine mandate for military. we believe continue to believe that no leader should be getting in the way of any action that will. >> ensure prevent or hinder operational readiness for our military us. >> it's an issue that extends to navy seals that kishi russell represents. she says 35 navy seals are working with her to seek religious
10:40 pm
exemptions from the department of defense, evan grant to any religious exemptions which is pretty much an indication that they. >> don't want to do it and are not intending to. >> that was allison harris reporting for us. several of the groups representing federal workers have asked for an extension to the vaccine mandate pushing the deadline beyond the holidays. the vaccine mandate for large businesses. meantime, is in limbo after being halted by a federal appeals court. >> congress is on the verge of making women register for the military draft. this is part of the national defense bill which the house passed with bipartisan support in september. the u.s. is not enforced. the draft since the vietnam war. but this bill would require all us citizens between 1826 to sign up regardless of gender, some senators are opposed to the idea. >> women have every ability as a man to serve. and i support it being included in the final package. i'm going to try to force a vote to return the how
10:41 pm
it has been, which is that women are not drafted against their will. >> a vote is not expected until after lawmakers return from the thanksgiving break. new at 00:00pm tonight, a four-day manhunt for former baltimore police officer and his 2 kidnapped daughters has ended in tragedy with both the girls found dead. the search ended when police spotted a stolen vehicle linked to fugitive. robert vicosa and gave chase the pursuit ended in a minor crash. but when officers approached the car, they found the cosa his girlfriend and daughters, 7, year-old gianna and 6 year-old amina suffering from gunshot wounds. all 4 died in what police are calling a murder suicide just hours earlier police pleaded with the man to turn himself in. at one time. you are a police officer. >> in your heart. you know that what you're doing is not right. your father, your father to these 2 young ladies. >> police say the and tia bynum kidnapped the girls over
10:42 pm
the weekend and robbed and carjacked people. the encounters. they tried to stay ahead of authorities. >> a man who admitted to sexually assaulting 4 girls inside his parents. new york state, home. well, not spend any time behind bars. christopher belter will spend the next 8 years on probation. he pleaded guilty in july to 2 counts each of felony and misdemeanor charges he admitted sexually assaulting the girls when he was in high school. this was during parties at his parents home an attorney for one of the victim says the sentence minimizes the severity of the crimes. >> where he is being sentenced as an adult appropriately. and for an adult to get away with these crimes without doing jail time. is unjust. >> one of the victims ran out of the courtroom and became sick after hearing the sentence. the case not over yet. beltre's parents are
10:43 pm
facing charges. they're accused of supplying alcohol and drugs to the girls as a way to groom them for with their son. the world's top tennis players are joining the growing chorus of voices asking where's punish way. the former world doubles champion disappeared from public view after accusing a former chinese government official of assault. the chinese media claims she's fine. they've been displaying what they claim is an e-mail that she sent to the women's tennis association recanted the allegations. but a lot of people doubt that she wrote that the un is calling now for an investigation. the decades long search to find the remains of jimmy hoffa. apparently now turning to land near our former new jersey lamp fell below a highway. the fbi says it obtained a search warrant last month. the latest effort appears to be tied to interviews given by a man named frank cupola.
10:44 pm
>> he says his father, paul explained how he buried hoffa's remains in a barrel in jersey city in 1975 both men have since passed away. but investigative journalist claims he was once given a tour of the burial site. >> father that gary cough up. >> in this age of 15 foot pole and then in plains drug 55 gallon trump, which is how he was shipped from detroit and then he put 15 to 30 steel drums on top of that, which were filled with toxic. if he sets and then he pulled the area flat and once again, it was that was paul who buried the body. the only person he told us his son frank and the only person frank told us pay and then i ended up passing everything out to the fbi. >> hoffa was last seen in 1975, when you supposed to meet with reputed mob figures at a suburban detroit restaurant. he was declared legally dead in 1982.
10:45 pm
>> still ahead of frenzy on i 5, 4, drivers were scrambling to pick up cash littered all over the road. next. in sports. the short-handed warriors trying to fight off the pistons in detroit. kylen mills is here with the highlights coming up.
10:46 pm
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>> the warriors death tested in the motor city for warriors player set out their game against the pistons including steph curry and forward draymond green could the dogs get it done without their star head coach steve kerr having to work some magic with this lineup, whatever he it worked. andrew wiggins stepped up early hangs in the air. check this out and the finish warriors out to a 17 to 4 lead late in the half. say if you're by want to anderson tomorrow teens back to jordan poole. he knocks down the tray 3 of his 22 first-half points by the way, dubs lead at the break wi-fi. 3rd quarter. gary payton, the second with his first start of the season fighting underneath for the board wrestles it away and the gp 2 had 12 points. 4 years leads by 8 wiggins, the with the steal goes coast to coast. how about and juncker rue he finished with 27 points dubs up by 13 end of the 3rd chris chiozza not got a couple of
10:49 pm
threes in that quarter. this one here made it 8670 warriors step in the background. you can see him there on the sidelines. loving it draymond green also excited they were getting hyped on the bench 4th quarter pool. watch this. pretty move the up and under will the staff asked 32 points in this game dubs up 12 at that point draymond and steph loving it again, the pistons would not go away, though. 3 point game with time running out pistons. get up with 3 here. i thought this was going in rolls around the rooms and again, another offensive board. they get the time to just throw one more shot it misses as time expires, the final shot was technically after the buzzer, though, we're survive one o 5, 1, or 2 there in toronto on sunday after the game head coach steve kerr talked about poole who had a bit of a homecoming. he played at michigan and grew up in the midwest in milwaukee. >> his year college coaches coach. you were to try it so
10:50 pm
one trip the year here. so there's a big night for great to see him play. >> familiar face will likely be back leading the forty-niners rushing attack on sunday after running back elijah mitchell was downgraded to doubtful running back jeff wilson junior is expected to start against the jaguars. he just returned from an discuss surgery wilson size first action of the season on monday night against the rams. he had 10 carries for 28 yards. wilson torres left meniscus during a locker room incident in may while attending an offseason practice last season. wilson was the forty-niners leading rusher with 600 yards and 7 touchdowns. he says he's ready to go regardless of what his role might be. >> whatever task. you know, that's been that's been think says they want. so whatever you call it up on the switch, too. that was called upon to do so. if that was the case, should i do if it wins for me to get only a couple carries bill black. and that's what i'll do. >> santa clara women soccer
10:51 pm
coach jerry smith told me the only thing harder than winning a national championship is doing it twice in a row. the broncos are one step closer to doing just that after beating georgetown, the second round of the ncaa tournament, santa clara took home the 2 to one victory in overtime. ford, is he to quell a scoring that golden goal you just saw celebrations under way. the team is thrilled that. well, frank broncos outshot the 22nd ranked hoyas 13 to 4 smith said he was proud of the way his players grinded out this win in tough conditions. >> we're excited to be moving on for sure. georgetown at georgetown is a not an easy match at all for sure. proud of the team. our cameras and neutral because we're able to knock proud of our team and looking forward to the next batch. >> the broncos take on wisconsin in the sweet 16 coming up
10:52 pm
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christmas tree has arrived in washington, dc look how long this is such a beautiful big tree. >> this year. it is from the 6 rivers national forest in northern california. it is an 84 foot flight for it will be decorated with thousands of ornaments, all of them made by people in california. the tree will be on the west lawn of the capitol building and there will be a tree lighting ceremony next month. >> the power vested in president united states. i heart you. i heart new this
10:55 pm
thank him. >> i >> think he said thank you. you seem to just like that 2 turkeys named peanut butter and jelly are spared from becoming thanksgivings. main course after receiving the official presidential pardon president biden part in the 2 birds from indiana's part of an annual holiday tradition at the white house. a rare copy of the u.s. constitution has been auctioned off for 43 million dollars. a group of crypto currency investors assembled under the name constitution da over the past week and they quickly raised millions of dollars say apparently plan to put the document on display for the public for free, but they were outbid by hedge fund billionaire ken griffin, the ceo and founder of city hall, the crypto investors now say they will refund all of their can contributors minus fees. 2
10:56 pm
people have been arrested. other people are facing charges after picking up money that spilled onto a san diego freeway. it had. >> somehow fallen out of an armored truck. it happened on the i 5 freeway about 9 o'clock this morning. you're looking at video from the scene. people were running around after the money scattered across the road. they were trying to pick up people getting out of their cars to do that. and you're looking there at the law enforcement who arrived. they've got bags of the money. they got some of it back. but it was a mess that brought traffic to a standstill for a while. the chp reminding people. if you find money on the freeway like this. it's not yours belongs to the bank. you're supposed to return it but good luck. i think with and now, of course, the guards and the armored truck are probably in trouble. their boss is trying to figure out how this happened in the first believed you lock the door. i thought you're going to lock the door. haha. you know, the nice thing about for fun
10:57 pm
things. we don't need the money to do it right yeah. so most of these are free event. so if you want to go out there and enjoy this have of this fun on the farm. there you go. should be a great time. san ramon, mostly sunny skies. >> how about some holiday cooking and decorating classes. beautiful. there in redwood city. plenty of sunshine and the apollo 12 splashdown that is going to be an alameda should be a great time to check that out. and don't forget yeah. thanksgiving with snoopy that should be a fun event that's going to be in santa rosa, lots of sunshine. you can find more on the kron 4 website. >> for fun things to love them. thank you, lawrence. have a great weekend. we'll see lit.
10:58 pm
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the verdict is an. >> not guilty. not guilty. not guilty. >> announcer: kyle rittenhouse shaking, buckling and relief. and the reaction outside. plus, moms reunion with her kidnapped 3-year-old boy. what they are saying today, and why are they are calling this woman a hero. and the outrage is growing. the young man who won't go to jail after sexually assaulting four teenagers. what this victim is telling only "inside edition." she was his sister's best friend. >> do you think he is


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