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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 19, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> now 9, group of protesters in oakland tonight trying to make their voices heard after the kyle rittenhouse guilty verdicts were read in wisconsin. people have gathered this evening at the federal building in oakland. you see them marching this demonstration so far peaceful organizers say they are standing in solidarity with kenosha where the killing said then the court case where good evening, everybody. welcome kron. 4 news at 9 on friday night. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. kyle rittenhouse found not guilty. >> of all charges in a murder trial that captured the nation's attention, the 18 year-old claim self-defense for shooting and killing 2 people and injuring a 3rd during protests in kenosha in august of 2020 reporter kailey be sun has the highlights from the trial. >> it's red house not guilty. kyle rittenhouse with an emotional reaction to the verdict. the jury weighing 2
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weeks of testimony for 3%and a half days, ok, folks you're you john, this time rittenhouse was charged with homicide attempted homicide and recklessly. endangering safety for killing 2 men and wounding a 3rd. he was found not guilty today on all 5 counts. last summer. protests erupted in kenosha after the shooting of jacob blake by a police officer. kyle rittenhouse as he came to the protest to protect private property and provide medical aid. the night of august 25th. he shot and killed 2 men and injured a 3rd with a semiautomatic rifle during the trial. he took the stand in his own defense. at one point breaking down. >> its front row the case has divided the country over whether rittenhouse acted as a patriot. >> or a reckless vigilante show you the motion yesterday. >> but he didn't seem
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remorseful to me that kid. that is the kind of kid can grow up and have a moral core prosecutors portrayed rittenhouse as the instigator of the violence while rittenhouse claimed on the stand. he was acting in self-defense to didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. >> those kaylee be sun reporting for us tonight. bay area. legal experts now weighing in the rittenhouse verdicts of you have been as controversial. maybe as the trial itself, one side claiming victory. well, the other says lawless the vigilantism is being rewarded our current for santorum live for us in the newsroom tonight. he joins us now with local reaction. dan, what are people saying? well, vicki and grant attorney john burris joined others within the social justice community saying. >> he's not surprised by this verdict, but he is disappointed. this was a politically charged trial with a racial undercurrent in for burris and others. the concern is what this verdict might be saying about people taking the law into their own hands.
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>> find the defendant. kyle a great each red house not guilty. >> the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse who shot and killed 2 men last year during a racial protest in wisconsin is getting reaction in the bay area. the oakland-based anti-police terror project calling the justice system a system that rewards and prioritizes unaccountable white violence, civil rights attorney john burris says this verdict raises the question, if dangerous vigilante is being condoned. i was i'm disappointed that he wasn't convicted on some of those charges. but i'm not surprised given the man with the evidence was presented with a judge conducted the trial and the overall atmosphere that was. >> center in about that. rumsfeld burris also points to a biased judge in this case the brazen with me. i have no idea why you would do something like that. that's basically it's been basic law in this country for 40 years. 50 years. >> the demeanor judge bruce schroeder had toward
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prosecutors burst believes had a powerful impact on the jury's decision. this was generated by the judge who like that was horrible. >> and shows you how a judge can direct jurors can see. >> what do it with judges with a direct a try. >> ultimately the jury spoke in this case and found rittenhouse not guilty of the charges, including first-degree intentional homicide, a frightening lesson that could be taken away from this berry says is rittenhouse's behavior will influence others to take these actions if you have to take from will keep moving forward social progress in this country. case. the question is if r one - somebody of another moves taking place in the country. >> well, the president of the naacp said the verdict showed there is a system within a system that consistently slaps other communities on the wrist. supporters of rittenhouse maintained his actions were self defense rittenhouse's attorney says his client wishes this never happened reporting live in the
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newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 thank you, dan. and we have continuing coverage on the rittenhouse trial on our website. you can scan the qr code. it's on your screen. >> you'll be directed to the special section of our website. investigation is underway after a san francisco police officer shot and killed a man today around 08:00am. police say they got a call about a man with a knife on folsom street near 5th street in when officers arrived. they may contact with a person. one of the officers ended up shooting the guy who later died at a hospital. police telling reporters that the suspect is well known to them but not saying anything about what actually led up to the shooting. >> he said he's known to police. he is known say why is we're not able to as the state how we eat. how no. our officers. build relationships and no individuals throughout the neighborhood. and i can state that he is no. >> san francisco police saying
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they will be holding a town hall meeting to talk about the actual details of what occurred. they say that will be scheduled within the next 10 days. our weather time here on a friday night. a live look here at the bay bridge toll plaza and depending on where you are in the bay area. we're getting reports of at least drizzle. yeah, you can tell right there in the shot. i don't think go your eyes are full. laurent's. looks like roadways are slick. yes, still very slick out there seeing some drizzle, especially as you approach the bay. >> and the coastline. love that leftover moisture from that front that moved through today. just kind of fell apart as it moved on by, but left all that moisture behind so here we sit this evening even out toward the golden gate bridge looking lands out there. you see some of that drizzle on the lens out there right now. so a little bit slick out there on the roadways. but things are going to change quite a bit overnight tonight as far as to rain this what we havo for amounts around the bay area. 500 of an inch of rain in santa rosa for hundreds in mill valley for hundreds. also
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in petaluma, san francisco. just one one-hundredth of an inch of rain to hundreds in the berkeley and san jose won 107 inch. we did have as much as 2 tenths of an inch of rain, though, over the north bay mountains. but this storm system really just kind of fall apart as it came through run, right. the back, a ridge of high pressure and that slow down and then here it kind of sits right now over the bay area. the front now is gone. the moisture still sticking around. we're getting those reports of the drizzle out there right now. but things are going to be changing overnight. and we're starting to see a bit of a change in the wind pattern. you can see right there, too. a little bit of an offshore wind beginning to pick up now. we'll see that throughout the night tonight. that's going to usher in some much drier air here in the bay are going to clear out your skies overnight tonight. by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. talking lots of sunshine and much warmer weather ahead. forecast model overnight tonight you'll in the north. they start to see those colors picking up first. those winds start to gust over the mountain tops a size 30 plus miles an hour across across the mountains and you
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see the arrows here all start to come off shore. that will continue as we head through the night tonight and tomorrow, too. in fact, a little blustery as we head toward the middle of the day in the north bay. all that will be those downslope winds that northerly wind that tends to bring some nice warm temperatures. the bay area is going to stick around for the weekend. maybe even stronger gusty winds as we head into saturday night. a little more widespread around the bay area. i think that all adds to what looks like a fantastic weekend with temperatures soaring as much as 10 degrees warmer compared to what we had today. still, the bay area mainly in the 50's almost across the board. very uniform. temperatures outside right now. that's because that cloud cover once that cloud cover begin to mix out. we know some changes so cloudy there any part of this evening with some drizzle out there now. but then mostly clear by tomorrow morning, mostly sunny going to be a whole lot warmer by the afternoon and plenty of sunshine continuing into sunday as well. so numbers looking good. i think by tomorrow afternoon. here we go. sunny all the way to the coastline 60's out toward the beaches. we've got 60's and some 70's even inside the bay lot of 70's showing up in the
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valleys. this couple is going to be spectacular lots of sunshine through sunday, monday. we'll start to pick up a couple high clouds, then tuesday. there's a slight chance of some showers return to the bay area. laurent thanks, lynn so let's look like 2019 at san francisco international airport is people. >> travel ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. many folks just, you know, getting their thanksgiving holiday under way. >> earlier this year and right now in this moment as we look live at sfo, it feels like 2021. because it airport they're getting busier and busier and that's. >> great news for folks who work there. kron four's. dan kerman reports from sfo. >> it's been a long time since we've seen lines like this sfo will be doing last year at this time last year we were at home alone. we have all our family and denver with us. but no one came over because of covid. now that covid vaccinations are plentiful and case rates are down in many regions people are taking to the skies again, we are going
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to kona who why very excited. we're going to aruba or heading to barcelona we booked this about in february at sfo friday is the busiest travel day of the 12 day thanksgiving holiday week and the busiest since the pandemic began. >> we knew for a long time that there was pent-up demand. people want to travel. we just had to remove the barriers that were preventing them from being able to travel. and i think we're seeing that here today. more than 50,000 people are departing the airport on friday alone. >> so great to see everyone out about and getting together with family. and so it definitely is a different feeling this year. >> thanksgiving week travel overall is still just 2 thirds of what it was pre pandemic in 2019, but that could improve over christmas. >> thanksgiving is such a domestic focus travel, period whereas we're very excited about the biden administration relaxing entry restrictions for foreigners. we think that's going to help our international activity to recover. and i think we'll probably see that play out a little more in december as
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officials still recommending you show up 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. >> and don't forget masks are still required inside the terminal at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news and of course, thanksgiving less than a week away and a lot of folks traveling as we've been pointing out, it was a busy day at san jose's. >> airport where roughly 400,000 passengers are expected over the 11 days around thanksgiving before and after our levels not seen since before the pandemic. well, now that many people are vaccinated. the pandemic is easing up a bit more folks are willing to travel, although some travelers are still a bit anxious. >> i think it was a little bit stressful. more stressful. this my first time flying since the patdemic. i was very much hesitant to go out. but vaccines that have and booster feeling much more confident going out visiting people. i mean, and now going for a wedding for a friend. so i'm feeling a pretty good now. >> and make it a little easier
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on you. the san jose airport is now offering reserved parking spots which can be booked online. >> high gas prices are going to make a road trips this thanksgiving extra expensive, of course. take a look at the average gas prices here in the bay area. san francisco, the most expensive says it almost always is, though down at the bottom of santa rosa about the same for 88 for a gallon of regular oakland, $4 and $0.79 san jose for 80 on average across california. the average cost for a gallon of regular is $4.70 a gallon. according to aaa, some 48 million people will be hitting the roads for thanksgiving. that's an 8% increase from last year. but some drivers we spoke to say they've change their holiday plans. >> no, that's part of those and take it right up to my cabin, but i figure it's a few bucks. not go up there. >> i actually do plan on going to tal and i cannot believe how much that gas is going to cost me. >> the drivers also told us
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that gas prices may cause them a pretty penny but, you know, if you're going to go ahead and do the trip anyway. the reason usually is because they say family time is priceless as the holidays come up and anticipated winter covid surge has set a cruz county re implementing an indoor mask requirement. >> yeah, public spaces are not the only ones affected as it also applies to guests who are visiting your own home. the county hasn't yet stated just how it's masking will be enforced in the settings. the county officials plan on monitoring hospitalizations, local cases virus variants and vaccination rates to determine when it's going to be safe to lift this mandate. the mask mandate will go into effect sunday at 11:59pm. the big story we're following for you tonight. the fda and the cdc now recommend that anyone over the age of 18 who wants a covid-19 vaccine booster shot
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should be able to get one both decisions came down today as public health officials sought to simplify eligibility requirements. any adult who is at least 6 months past their second shot can get boosted with either the pfizer or moderna vaccine. california has already moved to allow all adults to receive a booster shot ahead of the fda and cdc's decision. health officials say that all of this is an effort to ward off a winter surge of covid-19 in the state. parker's amanda hari talk to a vaccine official about why this is so significant. >> the state of california had already recommended booster shots for everyone over the age of 18. but the doctor i spoke to said the messaging was confusing because it was different from what the cdc was saying. he says now that everyone is on the same page i think should be more clear all persons who are over 18 years of age can receive a covid-19
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booster shot millions of more americans are now eligible for an extra dose. >> of the covid-19 vaccine. this new policy was adopted by the center for disease control and prevention late friday afternoon santa clara county vaccine officer marty fenstersheib that says with the holidays around the corner. >> it's time to get your booster the boosters takes at least 7 days to kick in. >> so, you know, now's the time to do it. he says, although california had already adopted this policy. having the entire country on the same page is important. we don't live in an island here. and so we travel outside our area and people come into our area. it will also make it easier to schedule a booster appointment. i find the retail pharmacies. >> i'm having adopt those guidance is because they follow directly from the cdc national guidelines of people when they go on the web sites shouldn't have any barriers from getting their vaccine. anyone who has received an mrna vaccine can get a
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booster. 6 months after their second dose. >> if you received the johnson and johnson vaccine. you can get a booster at 2 months. he says these boosters are important for everyone. but especially those over the age of 15 after 6 months. the level of your protection which are the antibodies that your body makes begins to drop. >> i asked the doctor if 6 month boosters will become routine. we'll see what happens. after the booster after another 6 months to see what the levels are. >> with the numbers of cases. are that are that in the country right now. so i think with time will tell. in addition to the covid-19 booster. the doctor recommends that everyone gets their flu shot. he says. >> you can do that at the same time that you get the covid-19 booster and everyone over the age of 6 months is eligible for the flu shot in san jose amanda hari kron 4 >> in national news tonight democrats are one step closer to passing their sweeping climate change and social
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safety net package. the u.s. house approved the measure. this morning. >> kron four's, washington correspondent alexandra limon tells us what's in the package and now what happens next. >> good evening. democrats say this package will make big investments in low income and middle class families and democratic leaders say they do believe the package has enough support to pass in the u.s. senate in the coming weeks to build back better. bill is passed. democrats rejoiced after passing the nearly 2 trillion dollar bill that better at in the house this after months of deliberating within their own party and a record setting all night speech on the house floor by republican leader mccarthy to try to block it. >> house republicans will always fight for you. fight for your family. and fight for a country. this bill will speak for itself to millions and millions and millions and millions of americans.
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>> whose lives will be made more secure. white house deputy communications director kate berner says the package makes historic investments in families. families will no longer in more than $35 for insulin products. pre k will be free under the president's plan premiums for an average family will be around $3,000 last year. democrats also reintroduced provisions for paid family leave and to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices and more than half a trillion dollars will go toward tackling climate change by investing in clean energy, manufacturing and providing tax incentives to americans. things. house democrats like california congressman jimmy gomez say the senate must leave intact. we have some senators in the senate. >> that don't agree with the climate change provisions. we want to make sure that that stays in as well. >> still, democrats say they do believe president biden negotiated closely enough with
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key senators so that this package or one very similar to it will pass in the senate. the package only needs democrats to support it in order to pass reporting in washington. alexandra limon. vice president kamala harris today became the first woman in u.s. history to serve as. >> acting president. it was only for about an hour and 15 minutes this morning while president biden was placed under anesthesia for a routine procedure. he underwent a colonoscopy at walter reed medical center in bethesda in a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi. president biden said he temporarily transferred powers and duties to the vice president. laid to rest. >> i'm a heart break and be with little jasper. wu's family members put in his casket today, as they said, goodbye to the one year-old was killed in an east bay freeway shooting. >> plus fos the local community wants to happen after people there say their mail is ending up in the wrong hands and as the nation reacts
9:20 pm
to the trial in kenosha. ahmad arbery's trial is starting to wrap up with the judge had to say today about black pastors outside the courthouse. there. >> and what a defense attorney called them.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> a judge in the ahmaud arbery murder case denied the defense's motion for a mistrial today. the defense had claimed that black pastors outside the courthouse where a
9:23 pm
quote left mob that influence. the jury in the trial of 3 white men accused of killing arbery some 200 pastors gathered after the controversial defense lawyers previous comments in court that he didn't want any more black pastors in the courtroom. the defendants have all pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of 25 year-old arbery closing arguments in the case are expected on monday, the new at 9. the supreme court could soon as soon as monday on texas's ban on abortion after roughly 6 weeks. the justices are planning to issue at least one opinion and there's no guarantee the 2 cases over the texas law will be resolved monday. those cases were argued november 1st in the court also is working on decisions in the 9 cases. the justices heard back in october. >> next. a warning for holiday shoppers why where you get a gift card could matter. plus, we've learned who was killed in that car while riding along
9:24 pm
interstate 80 yesterday. another freeway shooting. the victim was trying to help her family before her life was taken and speaking of this epidemic of gun violence. an east bay roads. we say goodbye today to jasper who was about to turn to when he was hit by a stray bullet with the oakland police chief is saying tonight about some ways to
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>> the east bay a heartfelt
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for a farewell for 23 month-old jasper. wu toddler was hit and killed by a a stray bullet in oakland nearly 2 weeks ago. so so sad the shooting happened while he was caught in the crossfire of a gang related to gun fight on 8.80. >> his mom was behind the wheel as they were just driving home to fremont. our first fully to call shares how jasper is being remembered. >> 23 month-old jasper wu mourned by family and friends at mountain view cemetery in oakland following chinese tradition after the funeral loved ones gathered out front burning. some of just first toys and other items that made him happy with the belief. the flame will deliver his belongings up in have been family just couldn't stop crying. the traditional buddhist ceremony ended with jaspers cremation, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan speaks for families the polls, part of jaspers grandfather
9:28 pm
speech. >> detailing how much harm has been done by one senseless acts. important not only hitting just but also hitting him as a grandpa. but basically to high a committee. it has been nearly 2 weeks since jasper was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland. well, he was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related gun fight along interstate 8.80. his family was headed home that day to fremont just. >> unnecessary violence unprovoked violence that's impacting our communities. leads to this pain. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says his department is working with the california highway patrol in its investigation. >> but at this time there are no suspects more about people making better decisions. >> it's about people not taking these type of actions in our community that caused tragedy. think that's the real statement. chief armstrong says he would support adding cameras on freeways to assist in investigations. >> meanwhile, the oakland
9:29 pm
chinatown chamber of commerce says it hopes to increase its $10,000 reward for information that will help solve this case in the coming weeks in oakland believe should all kron 4 news. >> the alameda county coroner identified the woman killed in yesterday's freeway shooting on westbound interstate 80 near the approach to the bay bridge headed to san francisco as 29 money morris of union city investigators say morris was in the passenger seat with a man and 2 children. also in the car when she was shot by someone traveling in another vehicle, a close family friend tells us she was a great mother. >> beautiful, beautiful person inside. she took very good care of her children. she chart to work as much as she care to take care of her challenger to water to go to school social there you know, a better mother for current shelter. >> the man and the 2 children in the car were not hurt chp.
9:30 pm
investigators have not released a motive for the shooting nor have investigators described any kind of a suspect or a description of the vehicle where the bullets came from. anyone with information is asked to contact the california highway patrol. >> the san francisco community is frustrated after repeatedly having its mail stolen residents gathered. more than 200 signatures to petition for individual mailboxes as a solution but were denied by the postal service. but first, rob nesbitt talk to homeowners who say that they want the stress of mail delivery solved. and he also talked to a postal service inspector about the federal crime. >> the u.s. postal inspector i spoke to says that male crimes are growing problem in the bay area to homeowners in san francisco's bayview neighborhood say their security camera footage proves that master keys. other reason the break ins are happening. >> this is footage captured in june outside candlestick cove townhomes in san francisco.
9:31 pm
the suspects pulling up in a car motorcycle and then walking over to the mailbox where president of the at candlestick cove. tony west of felt says everyone's male was swiped. >> one person pop some open. one person stays in the car and then the 2 of those other individuals take all the mail and packages and throw him into a garbage bag, then drives away. kristen to skate has lived here for 12 years and says the mailbox break-ins have happened 3 times this year alone. this is where the post office puts in their master key. she says this surveillance video taken early thursday morning of another mailbox break and proves that the thieves are using a master key. we want the locks changed out. somebody had their immigration documents were taken driver's license. you know, there's packages that are obviously. >> delivered. i reached out to the u.s. postal service to find out about these crimes. united states postal inspector matt norfleet told me over the phone that bay area mail carriers are being robbed of their keys more often. his advice to those experiencing mail theft is to not leave your mail in the mailbox for longer than needed. have your
9:32 pm
mail held if you're traveling or away for long periods of time. and if you're not home to receive a package, have it delivered to another address, not helpful to say the least. and it's limited people. you can't go out of town because you have to be home to get your mail. west elder abuse they both have contacted their local postal inspector for more to be done to protect their mail. frustrated over lack of action. if somebody is being affected and we know we can prove that the master key is being stolen. they need to take responsibility because it's our mail. postal inspector norfleet says that the postal service relies on public information to solve these federal crimes. he says if you have your mail stolen or have any information about a male break-in. you should go to the website u.s. p. i s dot gov to report it reporting in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron 4 news. >> thank you, rob. if you started your holiday shopping, there is a warning from scam experts who say this is the time of year. it's important to be vigilant because it is prime time for thieves to steal from you. they're all
9:33 pm
sorts of scams in-store purchases. but this especially online. >> so the things we have to be watchful for fake advertisements online. e-mails with links texts with links your best bet choose the retailer. you want to visit online. go to your web browser and type that exact web address in. >> if carts. also a big go to for so many shoppers. experts say make sure if you're getting them at the store. they say that's a good idea because if you don't get them at the actual store. sometimes they may have been manipulating it. for your money tonight. california officials are offering another opportunity for pandemic. unemployment benefits that for about a 100,000 people who were previously denied. >> eligibility has been expanded under federal rules. it now includes workers who refuse to work for an employer that violated covid safety standards, workers who are laid off or who had hours
9:34 pm
reduced because of covid school employees whose usual work schedule was affected. people initially denied are being encouraged to check whether they're now eligible for these benefits. the university of california system is sticking with its decision to abandon steps. >> standardized testing for admission. the uc says just couldn't find an alternative exam to the s a t after it determined last year. the s a t results were biased. the uc system has spent more than 3 years researching whether to and standardized testing admissions officers. now look at other factors including students, high school gpa, the difficulty, of course, is taken in high school. special talents essays and extracurricular activities still ahead, startling new details about the stabbing of this student at a locke high school. >> in his first interview. the team talks about how he survived. >> thanksgiving right around
9:35 pm
the corner. lot of folks traveling down about we've got your getaway forecast coming up next. >> who steph and dray when you've got jordan poole and andrew wiggins. well, i mean, the warriors need the first 2 guys but not too nice and draymond feeling it on the bench their staff that this is a bench game and the fellas delivered kylen mills has delivered kylen mills has highlights. when we come back. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another,
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> guest up in the motor city tonight, 4 players route injuries. the dubs game against the pistons, including steph curry and forward draymond green that didn't seem to matter, though head coach steve kerr looking deep into his bench. and this one used all 10 players who were available tonight late in the 1st half. say by 4, 1, to scott anderson, the ball rotates back to jordan poole. he knocks down the tray. he had 22 in the 1st half dubs lead at the break by 5 3rd quarter. now gary pay the second with his first start of the season tonight fighting underneath for the board wrestles it away and the put fact gp 2.12 points were asleep by 8 with the steel going coast to coast. how about a he finished with 27 points dubs up by 13 4th quarter pool. watch this. this is pretty up-and-under layup to put the ducks up 12 full
9:39 pm
had 32 points a green and curry having fun on the bench to the pistons would not go away, though. 3 point game with time running out pistons scrambling to get the offensive board. check this out. i thought this shot just in. i mean, seriously just in and out and they still get one last chance. it was after the buzzer missed any way. the warriors survive. one o 5, 1, or 2 there in toronto on sunday after the game, kerr talked about polls explosive performance full played at michigan and grew up in the west in milwaukee. >> this year college coaches coach. you were to try it so one trip the year here. so there's a big night for great to see him play. >> if forty-niners running back elijah mitchell was downgraded to doubtful for sunday's game in jacksonville, meaning a familiar face will likely pick up the extra workload running back. jeff wilson junior is back for the second straight week after returning from the miscue
9:40 pm
surgery. wilson played for the first time this season on monday night against the rams. he had 10 carries for 28 yards. now he's expected to start on sunday against the jags wilson torres les mis to start a locker room incident in may while attending an offseason practice last season. wilson was the forty-niners leading rusher with 600 yards and 7 touchdowns. he says he's ready to go guard list of what his role might be. >> whatever task. you know, that's been there's been things that they want. so whatever you call us. that's just got to point to do so if that was the case, should i do if it means for me to get only a couple carries bill black. and that's what i'll do. >> santa clara women soccer coach jerry smith told me the only thing harder than winning a national championship is winning it back to back the broncos one step closer to doing just that after beating georgetown today in the second round of the ncaa tournament, santa clara took home the 2 one victory over time for izzy to quell a scoring that golden
9:41 pm
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>> when i heard all the supervisors at school whatever don't get the bank says and millions, i even those going on. >> out of the hospital and back home. but her lack teenager sharing his story
9:44 pm
after surviving an attack from a fellow student. now the stabbing happened on that. her lack high school campus just a couple weeks ago reporter christy grosz spoke to the victim and his mom. they say they're now just focus on healing. >> they want to my nose. one on my bro. >> there's 2 in my head. i see kobe ruby us was stabbed 23 times while most of his visible wounds are starting to close the emotional scars from being attacked by a schoolmate may take longer to hill i don't know also what was going through my uses. those random, out the blue isaac says he wants a class that i like any other day when another student he says he only knows in passing attacks him with a knife i say is cowardly. >> just do all the like because you spoke up talk to me or like we could just threw hand, you know, isaac says there was a moment after that teacher stopped the attack and before he was airlifted to the
9:45 pm
hospital or he thought he might die when i was laying on the ground. >> when i heard all the supervisors at school whatever don't get the bank says. >> and millions, i even those going on. i was just focusing on. >> breathing. i heard the helicopter come inside off the worst. >> i was thinking the worse his mother, mary bell says she rushed to the campus but didn't see your son until she got to a hospital in modesto and i see him and he was. >> well, glad my from the support that i've been praying. for that try to stay strong for my kids. the suspect was arrested and booked into stanislaus county juvenile hall where he remains in custody for attempted homicide have really looks >> i just don't is his mother says what happened didn't just impact isaac. but the whole family as a single mother of 4. she hasn't been able to work as she cares for isaac my priority right now is my son my work both mother and son say they're leaning on their faith and their family to get them through this difficult time grateful i'm alive. know.
9:46 pm
>> i got a guy looking over me know. and that was kristi gross reporting for us tonight. x theranos ceo elizabeth holmes says to fight at her own fraud trial today she tried to dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her. >> as a greedy fame obsessed swindler. she is accused the bamboo losing investors patience and business partners into believing that her startup would reshape health care holmes walks through her background at stanford and her decision to drop out and pursue her start-up idea if convicted holmes a new mother could face 20 years in prison. that trial resumes monday. whether time on this friday night, as we say, cheers to the weekend. a live picture here along san francisco's embarcadero the camera on our studio and we're looking at the exploratorium. exploratorium is always fun to a visit with the kids chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here with other fun things to
9:47 pm
do. yeah. there are all kinds of things going on around the bay area. and i think that's going to be. >> a great weekend to get outside and enjoyed lots of sunshine coming our way, but still pretty damp out there. we've got a lot f clouds float across our skies. a leftover by cold front that kind of stalled out over the bay area kind of falling apart. see the cloud cover just beginning to break up. now, the atmosphere started to change gears now. and i think we're going to see some much improved weather even by tomorrow morning. still, it's a little bit slick out there on the roadways too. we have had a lot of drizzle approaching the coastline and just inside the things have been very, very throughout the evening hours and looks like these. we get to taper off a little bit now. and i think after midnight tonight to clock in the morning or so we're going to start to see that get much improved up toward sfo. you've got a lot of cloud cover rolling on by there as well. no delays being reported. if you're headed out about sfo oakland or san jose airport. we're all looking good right now. here's a good way. forecast. if you're planning to head the monterey bay should be a gorgeous day
9:48 pm
in the monterey bay. get some those offshore winds, those downslope winds in the santa cruz about 66 degrees, beautiful there. 71 it wants a bill 66 degrees in carmel about 65 degrees in monterey, southern california other the maybe a patch or 2 of some thick fog in the central valley southern california looks good. if you're headed that direction and the high country. of course, you've got some snow up over the sierra nevada, not a whole lot of it, but a little of snow over the mountain tops temperatures going to be chilly, though, if you're planning on some warm weather. nothing to find up in tahoe. least over the better part of the weekend numbers in the 40's expected for highs tomorrow in south lake tahoe, truckee. you're looking at about 48 degrees said maybe 54 in reno. well, stick around for the weekend in the high country. you see those temperatures staying john, the chilly side so plan for the cool weather feel great, though. get up there. that nice fresh mountain air the roadways. we're going to be wide open to no threat of any rain. all right. on the big picture, you can see this front just kind of stall out
9:49 pm
over the really behind all that moisture. so we've had a lot of fog out there this evening. reports of a lot of drizzle along the coastline even enough some puddles developing out there on the roadways to temperatures, though. pretty uniform. lot of 50's around the bay area and then in the north they begin to see some changes. i think we'll see more of that coming our way as we're going to see an offshore wind kicking him. so right now models picking up on all that moisture in the bay area. but watch what happens. we start to get a little northerly component to the wind. there you go. start to clear out your skies. so by tomorrow morning when you wake up, i think we're mostly sunny and looks like some very warm temperatures coming our way as high pressure really starts to take over. i think that will continue not only tomorrow but probably even a little bit warmer as we get into sunday, too temperatures around the bay area tomorrow 60's and much of san francisco along the coastline. you find some sunshine and some beautiful weather mild conditions out toward the coast about 65 in millbrae 63 south san francisco, 69 in san carlos dry weather around the bay area 60's and 70's and santa clara valley. lot of 70's inland by tomorrow afternoon. get the idea. looking at some
9:50 pm
nice weather out there. then couple patches of fog through this evening. i think by tomorrow morning we clear things out bringing lots of sunshine. it's a pretty comfortable temperatures. these numbers going to jump. maybe 10 degrees warmer what we had today and that will continue into sunday chance of showers rolling in on tuesday. that big turkey coming in on thursday. pretty happy turkey to lots of nice what? yeah. for now, the shelter to and that's was tail feathers even they get a little shake. yeah. fact he's getting jiggy with like that really is going good. all right. and as you know, part of the thanksgiving tradition in san francisco. mayor london breed says the city is going to donate more than. >> 5500 turkeys to families during the 15th annual turkey giveaway next week. the turkeys will be handed out at more than 85 sites throughout the city. the giveaway also includes hundreds of gift baskets with other food items. this is as we mentioned, the 15th year of very, very wonderful tradition. guess who can do the little.
9:51 pm
>> turkey dance, peanut butter and jelly can breathe easy on thanksgiving. the 2 beautiful white turkeys were pardoned by president biden today. >> the power vested in president united states. heart you. i heart new this thank him. >> it's >> are they beautiful? we call the beautiful and the sur for turkeys for ok, so we have to yellow cab >> the birds are from the latest beneficiaries of a longtime white house tradition. it's been sporadic but goes back at least as far as presidents truman and kennedy. so wonderful tradition. now, if you're looking for a winter holiday staycation california's number one air bnb host actually is right here. >> in the bay area and they're offering a fairy tale. stay. it's in half moon. bay and the base price only $92 a night. the listing described it as a
9:52 pm
shared space inspired by nature. there are actually still a few nights available for this fairy tale house in december and in january have more details on kron. 4 dot com. we'll be right back. ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places.
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> was 5 years ago that kim kardashian had more than 10 million dollars worth of jewelry stolen from her apartment in paris. now after
9:55 pm
years of investigating a dozen suspects will be facing a jury. you may recall 20 16 in said she was tied up at gunpoint in a bathroom when armed robbers in paris forced their way into the unit. she had been renting suspects have been in jail ever since. longtime one of them wrote car dash in an apology letter from his jail cell. a texas woman is behind bars after throwing hot soup. >> in the face of a restaurant manager in a temple that is just north of austin. 31 year-old amanda martinez was booked into the bell county jail on wednesday for the attack. officials say martinez called the restaurant before showing up in person complaining the suit was so hot that it melted that the goal it manager says she tried to give the woman a refund. but the customer only responded within salt martinez was charged with assault if found guilty. she faces up to a year in jail. >> and older female coyote who was rescued from a car's bumper video of that. it was
9:56 pm
earlier this month was finally returns today to the wild authorities with the san diego humane society helped rescue the coyote who had to be removed after being struck. and then i guess stuck in the cars fender after impact the owner of the car said she didn't realize she had hit the animal and had left her car in a nearby shopping center. another shopper saw the injured animal alerted authorities and since then it's been recovering at a wildlife center and was finally released into the wild in southern california today where. it is believed to have come from so. there she goes or she goes off into the well looks healthy. that's it for kron 4 news at night. thanks for being with us. 7 great weekend. but stick around. one more hour because catherine and ken are here with a look at what we're working on for kron 4 news at 10. i just saw that video of the louisville right. francisco out the sounds my and we have breaking
9:57 pm
news to tell you about in san francisco appears there's another smash-and-grab robbery. san francisco police are involved. we have some video from the scene. this just happened. >> that's one thing we're covering. pluso also we have reaction from local lawmakers. it's pouring in tonight after a controversial verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial in wisconsin. >> and as americans begin hitting the road in airports for holiday travel. we're going take a look at the weekend forecast. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 10 coming up next.
9:58 pm
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and that breaking news. we want to tell you about police officers swarming the streets of san francisco. you're looking at the scene union square after the show. so the louis store were cleared out. police are now telling people to avoid this area specifically stockton and geary a lot of police officers and a number of emergency crews are now on the scene. as you can see in the video by sent to us by one of our viewers officers chased down and appeared to smash the windows of a silver. >> mustang and the glass of the louis store has been shattered. it's not clear if there's a direct connection between the officers at the vehicle and what happened at the louis baton story store. in this video from the other


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