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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 19, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> now to our top story at 06:30pm tonight the verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. a jury found him not guilty on all counts. and to help us understand how the jury might have reached that decision criminal defense attorney paula canny, thank you, paula, for your time. the prosecutors was a pretty high bar. they had to disprove self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt. what was your reaction. >> it's fairly predictable result timing. kyle rittenhouse testified. i did it in self-defense under wisconsin law. the da's office had the burden of proving some
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part you know, saying that something in that self-defense defense failed and the prosecution failed to meet its burden. >> so there is no recourse. this is over. as far as a criminal case is concerned because he was found not guilty. there's nothing that can be appealed. this is the end of it. is that how it works. >> i mean, basically under state law when there's an acquittal the prosecution doesn't have the right to appeal. the one issue could have been that the judge dismissed the misdemeanor firearm charge. but i don't think that the prosecution has the right to appeal that dismissal. it's a highly technical thing and it's only a misdemeanor. so no, this is it a less somebody could think of some federal charges to bring against him. but i don't think that that i don't think there's a federal jurisdictional basis. so, yes, it's over. >> paula, you mentioned the his behavior considered an
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orthodox. some people thought he seemed to be signaling some empathy for the defendant. what did you think of his behavior. >> i think he did say and to say for the defendant, i thought it was an interesting thing. i think that the judge is dismissing the misdemeanor charge right before it was the case was going to be. our gut is a pretty big signal that he was sympathetic to the defense because i think it has to be a misdemeanor for a 17 year-old to carry and 8 k 47 in a public place under wisconsin law. i mean, under california law and adult isn't allowed to carry a gun that nature loaded in a public one of the other things that's important to think about is the tension between open carry laws and self-defense. you know, so in
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california, this would happen. but kuz a 17 year-old can't walk down the street with the loaded. a case 47 and interfere with a peaceful protest. >> so again, the criminal side is over. but what do you think could happen as far as civil lawsuits are concerned. >> well, i suppose each of the families of the people that kyle rittenhouse shot could file a lawsuit against him. i mean, he raised more than 2 million dollars for his legal defense fund. i'm not sure if kyle has any of that money or it all went to the lawyers who clearly did a great job for him. but kuz he's, you know, walking away scot-free. but in terms of it could use or the other people that he was with to the person who bought the gun. maybe. i mean, the thing that i do find remarkable about this case is the prosecution didn't do a very good job. i mean, the
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prosecution did have a burden to disprove one of the elements of self-defense and what i find remarkable is what 17 year-old knows, too, and drop weapon, basic land put their hands up and surrendered to the left unless they receive instruction on what to do after they've shot somebody. it will play. i just i just think it's remarkable that the prosecution didn't do a better job cross examine him well before get back to that, what do you mean? who are you suggesting more. what are you suggesting in terms of >> he was instructed to behave the way he did it. well, believe that that that that this was that there was a lot of discussion. >> he wasn't the only digital and see that went kenosha to stop the protesters. so, you know, all of the vigilante
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groups talk along one another and i'm sure he read their if you're involved in a shooting, make sure you. >> cooperate with the police. be friendly to the police because again, this whole reaction was because the a police officer and shot a black man in kenosha. so it's a super complicated. they even though he's arguably just committed a crime. he was arguably committing a crime to defend the police. so it's just complicated. and again, it just goes backstage areas. you know open carry. i'm glad i live in california where you can oakland like carry a loaded, a k 47 and walk down the street all about 35 minutes ago protest was scheduled to get underway in to protest this verdict. >> and i'm just wondering how you think in the future we might see. are we going to see
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more feeling emboldened to carry guns to stand up to people that they >> you know, they just don't agree with. >> it's hard to predict what this verdict mean. this was an extraordinary back situation that was a 17 year-old to actually testify pretty compellingly and somewhat sympathetically, a super kind of an odd sort of. and on judge and and in theory or prosecution. so i don't know any average case the circumstances could put to gather that many weird things to have a result like a not guilty in this case. i mean, now, i certainly hope not. but we're going to have to calm us a society. what we're going to do about our gun laws and do we want people to openly carry guns loaded guns in public places and some states think it's ok.
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>> paula, just quickly kyle rittenhouse did obviously, as you said, testify was how much of a factor might that have been in the jury decision. i think it was a really compelling factor. >> he raise the specter. i did this because i was scared out of my mind. that's why i did. and that is self-defense and ironically, some of the evidence that the prosecution presented itself sort of underscored that they were coming after him. you know, in a way. so he was believed by the jury. i don't think, though, that we should think of. this is a vindication of what he did was right. i think that we should look at that. the prosecution failed to meet its burden to disprove an element of self-defense. so i i don't think it's a vindication all. and again, it was orchestrating his sat behind in the entire trial and
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everybody knew what was is longer. so i think that there is somewhat of a scent that big factor and he was 17 in california. it's not necessarily true that he would have been prosecuted as an adult. so there are all these weird fact. what's going to be interesting to see what happens with the rest of his life. he's only 18 and now he's marked forever. >> by this trial. so, you know, he's he's got a lot of things ahead of them. that could be good or bad or or whatever is going to fade from views are going to be a spokesperson. we're going to see what happens baller at a time. thanks for your time. we appreciate it. and we'll see you next time. thank you. >> by 5 thank you. coming up for the first time in a long time san jose residents will have to pay more for their water. we'll have details on the new surcharge. but first. >> cash chaos looked like something out of a movie. the mad dash to scoop up some money scattered
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at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected, so even a routine appointment can save your life. and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? a leader in the prevention, early detection and treatment of cancer. little freeway frenzy in southern california. 2 people have been arrested. others are facing charges after picking up some money that spilled onto a san diego freeway from an armored truck. this happened on interstate 5 around 9 o'clock this morning. video from the scene shows money scattered across the freeway. people getting out of their vehicles to pick it up. it caused traffic to come to a complete standstill on that very busy freeway. the chp held a news conference remind people that if you find money on the freeway there. it's not
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yours. it belongs to the bank and it needs to be returned. exactly how this stacks of cash wound up tumbling out of the armored vehicle was not immediately clear. >> next in sports. the short-handed warriors trying to fight off the pistons and to fight off the pistons and the motor city [ding dong] what are you doing? what? just reminding him i serve my breakfast sandwiches all day and all night. ...with freshly cracked eggs! try my 2 for $6 double bacon breakfast sandwiches. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas.
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tried to dispute the prosecution's portrayal of her as a greedy fame obsessed swindler. she's accused of bamboozling investors, patients and business partners into believing that her startup would reshape health care holmes walks through her background at stanford decision to drop out and pursue her start-up idea if convicted holmes a new mother now could face 20 years in prison. trial resumes on monday. the south bay's largest retail water provider has been given the green light rates for people who overuse water. >> kron four's, rob fladeboe reports that people who do not cut back. well, now face a drought surcharge. >> more than a million south bay residents will soon be under the most restrictive water conservation measures in the state as reservoirs across the valley are now down to just 11% full. this week. the california public utilities commission approves san jose water company's request. >> to add a drought surcharge
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to the bills for those customers who failed to cut back their water use by 15% says the company's leanne wallboard ski. it's a way it's that we have basically no choice where we'ra in a terrible drought and we don't know what this winter will bring. there's the possibility of lightning. you're forming in the pacific. >> which could mean a drier winter northern california. we don't know under the program. residential customers are required to cut water use by 15% from 2019 levels. >> or pay $7.13 in surcharges for each unit of water above that amount impacted are as many as a million people in san jose cupertino. campbell, los gatos saratoga and money serino of the way it works is let's say your allocations for december 2021 his 15 minutes and each unit is 748 gallons of water. >> and you 16 units will be charged $7.13 for that additional san jose water says the new rules actually reward people already cutting back by setting a minimum monthly
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amount. >> if they use the minimum or less know surcharge. the new rules are in response to the june 9th water shortage emergency declared by wholesaler valley water which called on water retailers to reduce consumption by 15% in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. time now for our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at a much quieter golden gate bridge as compared to the bay bridge where people are. >> they're going with bunch of we're going somewhere. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with for fun things to do that. yeah, there get ready. i mean, a the lot of stuff to do around the bay area this weekend. how about this? it's going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise want to get out enjoy small farm activities. how about some fun at the farm that is going to be in sam ramon. that's a free event. started 11 o'clock to go into making bread and some jelly out there. you learn to can some things. it will be mostly sunny temperatures. they're going to be in the mid 60 should be very nice to light breeze in the afternoon. well,
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you knew these were coming right holiday cooking decorating classes. my cookies never come out like that. i mean, look how fancy those are. well, they're going to start that that will redwood city that starts at 09:30am, in the morning temperatures going to be the mid 60's. mostly sunny skies on saturday just a little bit of a breeze in the afternoon hours. and if you want to check this out. the apollo 12 splashdown and splayed space exploration day. that's going to be at alameda on ship. there's we're going to see mostly sunny skies you're going to be running in the mid 60's. so very comfortable. if you'd like to check that out. and don't forget about this one. this was a classic this is thanksgiving celebration with snoopy. that's going to be the charles schulz museum in santa rosa that so opens up at 10:00am. i believe the festivities really kick off about 1 o'clock or so temperatures. they're going to be in the upper 60's mostly sunny skies. if you've never been there great place to take the kids if you'd like to go. of course, if you like, to give us some ideas for some, for fun things. you can e-mail
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me there. el karnal at kron 4 dot com all right. speaking of fun things about to get away. forecast for you into the monterey bay. we've got some sunshine look at that beautiful weather mid 60's and mostly sunny in the carmel 65 degrees monterey 66 in carmel valley in southern california got a pair. 6 is also in long beach. 73 a in pasadena. 72 in anaheim and the high country via sneaking up to the slopes. of course, they've got a little snow on the mountain tops there. but so cool temperatures to go along with this weekend and that some good news they can probably makes more snow temperatures. they're going to be the 40's you're looking at 50's in reno. for the rest, the bay area. we're enjoying lots of sunshine this weekend and some warm temperatures throughout. i think sunday just slightly warmer. there's a slight chance of showers on tuesday. right now. looks like thanksgiving day should be mostly sunny and dry. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the warriors deft tested in motor city tonight, 4 dogs
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player set out their game against the pistons including steph curry and forward draymond green. so could the warriors get it done without their star head coach steve kerr having to work some magic with this lineup, whatever he did tonight. it worked and wigan stepped up early hangs in the air here gets the finish warriors out to a 17 to 4 lead late in the half. i saved by jta flips it back the ball rotates back to jordan poole who knocks down the tray 3 of his 22 first-half points. in fact, does lead at the break by 5 3rd quarter. gary payton, the second with his first start of the season tonight, hiding underneath for the board, wrestles it away. isn't. the pup fact gp to a 12 points were asleep by 8 wiggins, the with the steel here goes the other way, an easy dunk. he finished with 27 points dubs up by 13 end of the 3rd chris chiozza down a couple of threes of his own in
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this quarter. they're he made this one that made 8670 warriors. in the background pumped up. he's loving it draymond also excited those 2 guys both and usually on the bench tonight. 4th quarter pool with the up and under layup to put the ducks up hole had 32 points again draymond and steph having some fun. the pistons would not go away, though. 3 point game with time running out the pistons. get up 1, 3, and they maintain possession of the ball. i thought that was going in. that was very close. one last ditch effort that that wouldn't go. it's in and out. the final shot before the buzzer missed the warriors survived. one o 5, one '02 there in toronto on sunday after the game, steve kerr talked about school who had a bit of a homecoming. he played college ball at michigan and grew up in the midwest at milwaukee. >> this year college coaches coach. you were to try it so one trip the year here. so
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there's a big night for great to see him play. >> today the forty-niners they're running back. elijah mitchell was downgraded to doubtful for sunday's game in jacksonville, meaning a familiar face will likely pick up the extra workload running back. jeff wilson junior is back for the second straight week after returning from in this case surgery, wilson size first action of the season monday night against the rams. he had 10 carries for 28 yards. now probably be the niners starter against the jags wilson torres left meniscus turn a locker room incident in may while tending offseason practiced last season. wilson was the forty-niners leading rusher with 600 yards and 7 touchdowns. he says he's ready to go regardless of what his role might be. >> whatever task. you know, that's been that's been think says they want. so whatever you call it up on the switch, too. that was kind of point to do so if that was the case, should i do if it wins for me to get only a couple carries bill black. that's what i'll do. >> santa clara women soccer
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coach jerry smith told me the only thing harder than winning a national championship is in a row. the broncos are one step closer to doing just that after beating georgetown today in the second round of the ncaa tournament. santa clara took home the 2 to one victory in overtime for izzy to quell a scoring that golden goal and the celebrations are underway that, well, french broncos outshot the 22nd ranked hoyas 13 to 4 head coach jerry smith said he was proud of the way his players grinded out this game in tough conditions. >> we're excited to be moving on for sure. georgetown at georgetown is a not an easy match at all for sure. proud of the team. our cameras and neutral because we're able to knock proud of our team and looking forward to the next batch. >> broncos next match, in fact, is on sunday against wisconsin there in georgetown again for that one on the road. so you just heard them talking about the breezy cool the team in the south bay not used to that jerry smith was
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: the verdict is an. >> not guilty. not guilty. not guilty. >> announcer: kyle rittenhouse shaking, buckling and relief. and the reaction outside. plus, moms reunion with her kidnapped 3-year-old boy. what they are saying today, and why are they are calling this woman a hero. and the outrage is growing. the young man who won't go to jail after sexually assaulting four teenagers. what this victim is telling only "inside edition." she was his sister's best friend. >> do you think he is


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