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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 19, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. the family also want to express. >> they do not wish to see anymore. he's kind of killing. >> now. it's 6 a heartfelt farewell for 23 month-old. jasper. wu the toddler was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland nearly 2 weeks ago. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne jasper was killed when he was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shootout along interstate 80. >> his mother was behind the wheel as they were driving home to fremont kron four's phillipe djegal shares. how jasper is being remembered.
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>> 23 month-old jasper wu mourned by family and friends at mountain view cemetery in oakland following chinese tradition after the funeral loved ones gathered out front burning. some of jaspers toys and other itees that made him happy with the belief. the flame will deliver his belongings up in heaven family just couldn't stop crying. the traditional buddhist ceremony ended with jaspers cremation, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. karl chan speaks for family. he was cole's part of jaspers grandfather speech. >> detailing how much harm has been done by one senseless act. important not only hitting just but also hitting him as a grandpa. but basically could anti a committee. it has been nearly 2 weeks since jasper was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland. well, he was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related gun fight along interstate 8.80. his family
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was headed home that day to fremont just. >> unnecessary violence unprovoked violence that's impacting our communities. leads to this pain. oakland police chief leronne armstrong says his department is working with the california highway patrol in its investigation. >> but at this time there are no suspects more about people making better decisions. >> it's about people not taking these type of actions in our community that caused tragedy. think that's the real statement. chief armstrong says he would support adding cameras on freeways to assist in investigations. >> meanwhile, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says it hopes to increase its $10,000 reward for information that will help solve this case in the coming weeks in oakland believe should all kron 4 news. >> we now know the name of the woman who was killed in yesterday's deadly freeway east freeway shooting during the morning commute on interstate 80 near the bay bridge toll plaza. officials with the alameda county coroner's office say the
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victim's name is a money morris on forces eecm a dune talk to a close friend. morris who says she was a devoted mother of her 2 children. >> the alameda county coroner has identified the woman killed in thursday morning's deadly freeway shooting on westbound. i 80 on the approach to the bay bridge as 29 year-old monte morris of union city, california highway patrol, investigators say morris was in the passenger seat of this vehicle when she was struck by a bullet fired by an unidentified suspect traveling in another car. >> only thing i have to say is that she was like a to me. she has a child my husband's sudden i spoke by phone to la donna had ller who describes having a motherly relationship with the money morris for the past 4 years from a previous relationship with her stepson. >> beautiful, beautiful person inside. she took very good care of her children. she chart to work as much as she
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to care for to water to go to school for social there you know, a better mother for donna headline says she and her husband do not know the man who was driving the vehicle with the money morris and her 2 children. the day of the shooting. that man and both children were uninjured. >> just talked her a day before that she was working. she was working so we could talk longer us. she said show called me back. she never got the chance to this is not wearing. >> officials with the california highway patrol have not released a motive for the shooting nor have investigators described any suspects or a description of the shooter's vehicle. anyone with information is asked to contact the california highway patrol. has it been you kron. 4 news. >> an investigation is und police officer shot and killed
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a man today happened about 08:00am police had a call about a man with a knife on folsom street near 5th street when officers arrived and made contact one of the officers ended up shooting that man who later died at a hospital. police told reporters the suspect is well known to them. >> he said he's known to police. he is known say why is we're not able to as the state how we eat. how is no. our officers. build relationships and no individuals throughout the neighborhood. and i can state that he is no. >> police say they're going to hold a town hall meeting to talk about details of what happened and that could be scheduled within the next 10 days. one is tonight after almost 4 full days of deliberations. the long anticipated verdict has come down. kyle rittenhouse is a free man the now 18 year-old rittenhouse said he was using self-defense and that the
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deadly shootings that became a flashpoint in the nation's debate over guns and racial justice reporter kelsey kerns teen has a recap and the reactions are pouring in. >> have read house has been found not guilty on all 5 counts the moment he received that news. he fell to the ground and then his attorneys having to bring him back up. he hugged both of them. he was taken by a private team to a location to keep sgfe and we've spoken to kyle rittenhouse's spokesperson who says that is their main concern right now is keeping kyle safe. also wendy rittenhouse grabbing her daughter's hand running up the stairs and tears of joy. and we saw the victims and the courthouse as well. the victim's family as well. and they were very distraught and upset by the news walking out of the courthouse. very slowly in some of the counts that kyle has been found not guilty on those charges are homicide attempted homicide reckless endangerment after killing 2 men and wounding another on
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august 25th of twenty-twenty during protests here in kenosha. the judge saying that his main concern right now is keeping the jurors safe. the jurors did not have a statement, but anthony huber, anthony huber's family putting out a statement saying they are heartbroken and angry that kyle has been acquitted on all 5 counts. they say they could not sit in the trial because they could not watch their son. the murdered. they also said that they will continue to hold those responsible in full force. the governor of wisconsin also making a statement that we must move forward. it is time to heal and to stand united. kenosha county district attorney also making a statement saying we respect the jury's verdict and we ask all members of the public to to act peacefully at this time. now, ben crump also made a statement that is jacob blake's attorney. he said that
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the rittenhouse case has pulled kirk curtain of profound cracks in the justice system. >> again, that was kelsey currents teen reporting for us tonight and happening in oakland right now. the demonstration just kicked off to condemn the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse several organizations are gathering to demand the justice department step in and prosecute him the group is meeting at 18th street near telegraph and broadway in oakland. this all started just a few minutes ago at the top of the hour or so expect delays if you're near the downtown oakland area. so far we have not heard if there will be demonstrations in other bay area cities. but the open organizers are calling on cities across the country to act in solidarity. >> thanksgiving is less than a week away. a lot of people are starting to travel and it was a busy day at san jose's airport. we're roughly 400,000 passengers are expected over the 11 days around thanksgiving. those are levels not seen since before the
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pandemic. now that a lot of people are vaccinated and the pandemic has eased. more people are willing to travel, although some travelers are still anxious. >> i think it was a little bit stressful. more stressful. this my first time flying since the pandemic. i was very much hesitant to go out. but with the vaccines that have and booster feeling much more confident going out visiting people. i mean, and now going for a wedding for a friend. so i'm feeling a pretty good now. >> something new this year. the san jose airport is offering reserved parking spots which can be booked online. at sfo. it almost looked like 2019 today as a lot of people again, are traveling ahead of thanksgiving highways and airports have been busy. it is especially noteworthy, though, at sfo and vhat's where we find kron four's. dan kerman. he joins us live. dan. >> well, right now, you wouldn't know that it was busy today, but it has been busy in and out throughout most of the day. a lot of people traveling for the first time in 20
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months. some also had traveled during those few weeks during the summer when everything seemed ok again, everybody. very excited to be back up in the sky. >> look at this long lines at sfo. it's been more than a year since we've seen this. what we don't last year at this time. i think my kids homeschooling and we're just waiting for another day to go by. so we're really excited to be actually traveling. they're not the only ones now that covid vaccinations are plentiful and case rates are down in many parts of the globe. people are taking to the skies again are headed to hawaii. this is the first big trip at least 8, 2, years. i think. yeah, 2 years. >> so we're looking forward to it. we actually can go feel like we so what makes that what what's making the difference this time. the thing they get vaccinations and just learning to live with the new normal. i guess at sfo friday is the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday week.
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>> but it actually has greater significance. today's probably going to be the busiest day for us since the pandemic began. >> we're expecting over 50,000 people to go through our security checkpoints. and that's really a new milestone for us since this pandemic began. so this is a number we've been chasing for a long time. overall, thanksgiving week. travel is still just 2 thirds of what it was before the pandemic back in 2019. >> but that could improve over christmas with the easing of international travel restrictions. this really continues a trend that began. it's spring break for us ever since vaccinations became widely available in the u.s. we've seen people starting to get back to the things that they always love to do. >> and especially around the holidays that means reconnecting with family and friends for thanksgiving and christmas. we're excited to see that playing out here at sfo. >> again. right now we're not seeing big crowds. so it has been on and off as you move through the afternoon sfo. so
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officials still recommending that you get here 2 hours before domestic trip 3 hours before an international trip. and don't forget that mask is still required both in the terminal and on the plane live at sfo. dan kerman kron 4 news. dan, thank you for that. it looks pretty calm out there of word and standing in looks the same out there at the runway area. >> as we take a look at sfo yeah. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow, since we're talking about all of that any weather-related delays. yeah. the good news is, you know, specially sfo, they can have trouble to get a little bit of fog. there always seems to be issues. but tonight good news is no delays being reported sfo or any reports locally around the bay area. you've got to open and clear conditions. even the cloud cover. >> outside right now. that is great for travelers that are coming in and out of the bay area. hey, how about that storm system that rolled through the bay area. we told you it was going to be much and certainly wasn't yet 500's of an inch of rain in santa rosa for hundreds of mill valley and petaluma just a 100 of an inch of rain in san francisco. 200's in the
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berkeley and 100's of an inch of rain in san jose. some of the mountain tops the north bay picked up as much as 2 tense. but really this just a broken system coming through today and as a rolled on through kind of falling apart as it went by. so we're left with a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. i think things are prime for a lot of fog, at least for the first part of the evening. then things are going to be switching gears. in fact, high pressure is going to start to build in going to start to see some offshore winds kicking in late tonight. so the first part of the night starting out cloudy tomorrow morning. i think become mostly clear. these temperatures often run about this to start out your saturday. we've got some 60's and 70's can be taught that on sunday. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> they coming up all new at 6 mail stolen in the middle of the night from a san francisco home not once but twice. we'll hear from the own a home owner and what the u.s. postal service is saying about the break ins. >> also californians are being given another chance to qualify for pandemic. unemployment money the new
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tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at the second you have a kid, it's like your heart is living outside of your body. that's why it's so important for us to have health insurance. and now, we can afford it. we've got a plan that covers the kids' checkups and my regular screenings. enroll by december 31st at >> new at 6, a san francisco community. very frustrated after repeatedly having its mail stolen. residents gathered. more than 200 signatures to petition for individual mailboxes as a solution. but they were denied by the postal service. kron
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four's, rob nesbitt talk to homeowners who say they want the stress of the mail delivery situation solved in. also. >> talk to a postal service inspector about the federal crime. rob joins us live to tell us what they had to say. rob. ken and catherine, the u.s. postal inspector. i spoke to so that mail theft is a growing problem in the bay area. to homeowners in san francisco bay view neighborhood say that their security camera footage proves that master keys are the reason the break ins are happening. >> this is footage captured in june outside candlestick cove townhomes in san francisco. >> the suspects pulling up in a car motorcycle and then walking over to the mailbox where president of the at candlestick cove. tony west of felt says everyone's male was swiped. >> one person pop some open. one person stays in the car and then the 2 of those other individuals take all the mail and packages and throw him into a garbage bag, then drives away. kristen to skate has lived here for 12 years and says the mailbox break-ins have happened 3 times this
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year alone. this is where the post office puts in their master key. she says this surveillance video taken early thursday morning of another mailbox break and proves that the thieves are using a master key. we want the locks changed out. somebody had their immigration documents were taken driver's license. you know, there's packages that are obviously. >> delivered. i reached out to the u.s. postal service to find out about these crimes. united states postal inspector matt norfleet told me over the phone that bay area mail carriers are being robbed of their keys more often. his advice to those experiencing mail theft is to not leave your mail in the mailbox for longer than needed. have your mail held if you're traveling or away for long periods of time. and if you're not home to receive a package, have it delivered to another address, not helpful to say the least. and it's limited people. you can't go out of town because you have to be home to get your mail. west elder abuse they both have contacted their local postal inspector for more to be done to protect their mail. frustrated over lack of action. if somebody is being affected and we know we can prove that the master key is being stolen. they need to take responsibility because
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it's our mail. postal inspector norfleet says that the postal service relies on public information to solve these federal crimes. >> he says if you have your mail stolen or have any information about a male break and you should go to the website. u.s. p i s dot gov to report. it reporting live in san francisco. i'm rob nesbitt kron. 4 news. thank you, rob. >> for your money tonight. california officials are offering another opportunity for pandemic, unemployment benefits. this is for about 100,000 people who were previously denied eligibility has been expanded under federal rules. it now includes workers who refused to work for an employer that violated covid safety standards workers who were laid off or had hours reduced because of covid and school employees whose usual work schedule was affected. people initially denied are being encouraged to check back
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on whether they are eligible for benefits. a big announcement today. the fda and the cdc now recommend that anyone over the age of 18 who wants a covid-19 vaccine booster shot. >> should be able to get one both decisions came down today as public health officials sought to simplify eligibility requirements. doctors say a booster shot is necessary to curb the expected holiday surge in infections. any adult who is at least 6 months past their second shot can get boosted was either the pfizer or moderna vaccine. california was one of the first states to approve boosters for all eligible adults. as of last week. another big move today the u.s. house of representatives has passed president biden's landmark and build back better legislation money from the roughly 2 trillion dollar package is expected to target climate change, expand health care and revamp the nation's social safety net and kron four's. grant lotus is here with the details. script. well, catherine, can this probably
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wasn't the most difficult part of this puzzle. but it is a necessary step in. >> it happened today. the bill's passage in the house by a vote of 200, 20 to 213 came after weeks of arm twisting by democrats but not before a host of stall tactics by republican lawmakers over the past 24 hours, a final vote was delayed by this longest speech in house history, minority leader in the house in california. congress man, kevin mccarthy spoke for 8 hours and 25 minutes in when he finally ceded the floor of the house approved the 1.7 5 trillion dollars spending bill. it makes far reaching changes to the nation's health care system. energy grid family services, education, housing among others. >> it's going to lower taxes for the majority of middle class it's going lower costs on everything from housing to health care to childcare my constituents are concerned
6:22 pm
about inflation if using more federal government money into the system now is only going to worsen that. >> the bill offers universal pre kindergarten generous subsidies for childcare that extend well into the middle class. expanded financial aid for college as well as billions of dollars in housing support which east bay congresswoman barbara lee says will help her district immensely. >> it's going to really provide for housing. my district is desperate for affordable housing and we put in resources, a housing housing crisis in american. of course, the climate crisis to help bring housing miss the missions and to come get to that 2030, in terms of the reduction emissions. and so we're going do a heck of a the bill still has to get through the senate. but this is that want. and i'm very excited and i think the people in our country whether you're democrat or republican, should be. glad help is on the way.
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>> can new law that step one that happened today. the legislation is now moving through congress under special rules known as reconciliation that shield it from a filibuster allowing democrats to kind of push it through despite unified republican opposition in the senate. it is not clear not even close. if this measure will pass in the senate, which is expected to take up the bill in early december among the biggest issues for democrats there. democratic moderate senators joe mansion and kirsten sinema. we'll keep you posted. ken, catherine, back to you. all right. thank you very much. grand at our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at a very, very busy bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of people for some reason. >> i guess because it's friday night heading into city. but even for friday night, are they all going? lawrence karnow is back and lawrence, we're still talking about more rain. i had no, we're going to we're going to taper things off. catherine, just in time for the weekend, which is the good news now that rain we had overnight and the drizzle along the lot of moisture.
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>> in the atmosphere right now. so we'll see a lot of fog overnight, at least the first part of the night after that. i think we'll see offshore wind that's going to clear things out. but looking good up toward the golden gate bridge. a little busy out there this evening those busy the bay bridge, but that cold front that came through. yeah, there wasn't much energy with it and just kind of falling apart right over the bay area and leave behind all of that moisture. so right now we're seeing a lot of fog out there. but overnight tonight going to see a switch in the wind direction will see here on the computer models. all of a sudden start to see these colors filled up again in the north bay mountains, you start to pop up over the east bay hills. the coastal range is that's a good old offshore flow kicking in and that's going bring in some drier air kind of mixing out the low clouds and fog as we head toward tomorrow morning. so gray early on, maybe some dense fog in spots and then we're going to mix this out that's going to set the stage for what looks like a fantastic weekend ahead as we're going to see some offshore winds continuing. i believe in the saturday night and sunday, too. and that means those temperatures are going to soar tonight, cloudy early and then becoming mostly clear tomorrow, mostly sunny
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and warmer all around the bay area. plenty of sunshine coming our way on sunday with some slightly warmer temperatures to in fact, tomorrow afternoon. we're going to bump these numbers up instead of 50's low 60's. i think or head the upper 60's low 70's. so good. 10 degrees around parts of the bay area warmer for tomorrow afternoon. next couple of days. going to be beautiful outside through sunday. a few more clouds come our way on monday, there's still a slight chance of showers on tuesday and then looks like thanksgiving day. ebenezer.
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>> as part of a thanksgiving tradition and san francisco mayor london breed says the city is going to donate more than 5500 turkeys to families during the 15th annual turkey giveaway next week. those turkeys will be handed out at more than 85 sites all over the city. the giveaway also includes hundreds of gift baskets with other food items. this is the 15th year of that tradition. >> coming up next on kron 4 news at 6. we're breaking down today's jury verdict in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he was acquitted on all counts after the break. criminal defense attorney paula, can't defense attorney paula, can't candy will join us live to ♪ christmas music ♪
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