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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 19, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> we continue to follow the breaking news earlier today on the kyle rittenhouse verdict where the 18 year-old was found not guilty on all counts. many people feel this was the right decision. others, of course, are still calling for justice upset about what happened to help us understand how the jury may have reached its decision. we have criminal defense attorney, a local attorney, paula canny joining us now live paula. >> interesting case he you know, he says he killed them. we know he killed them. the question was did he have to. >> do you think the prosecutor actually did prove beyond a reasonable doubt that, you know, this was not self-defense. >> that you absolutely nailed why the jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty. the jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty but cars in wisconsin. the prosecution has the burden of proving that it was not self-defense and so
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the prosecution failed and its burden. i mean, i watched a fair amount of the trial. it. it's horrifying really, you know that a 17 year-old walk down the street openly carrying a firearm that in the state of california is completely illegal. this wouldn't happen like this in the state of california because you can't walk down the street and the state of california carrying an assault rifle with a pistol grip that's fully loaded. but in wisconsin apparently that is the state of the law. the judge on his own motion dismiss the charge a misdemeanor charge that makes said a misdemeanor for a minor, somebody under the age of 18 to carry. all that type of weapon. there was a dispute whether that weapon fell within the purview of the statute and judge schroder on his own motion dismiss that charge. so you know, as long as we have this and going on
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between open carry laws and then self-defense. there are going to be these types of difficult situations so, yes, it was it that sort of why it is that way. yeah, i mean, is a very politically polarizing case among other things. but you know, the right has seized upon. >> you know, the end with their own narrative. the left you know, they have theirs. so but the take away from this. what's the message >> this is an extraordinary situation. i mean, if you look at the video that you're you know, there he is. my personal opinion is that this has really upped planned activity by conservatives are i don't know what what do you want to call people conservators people. you want to we're going to stop the protesting in kenosha because they
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clearly what 17 year-old has the presence of mind to shoot a bunch of people killed 2 people lose somebody and then walk to the police with his hands up. someday clearly had briefed everybody involved in this that if there's any sort of shooting cooperate with law enforcement. because i mean, i just can't conceive that somebody would have the presence of not mind 2 after they just shot somebody raised their hands and the matter that he did. and self surrender then haven. but. >> teenty-twenty was sort of a year of racial reckoning in this country. among other things we hear you have you know, a white kid who killed a couple white people and injured another white guy. but obviously they were all out there because jacob blake, you know, a young black man was was shot and paralyzed by police shot in the back. so
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where does this leave our country from a racial reckoning standpoint tonight. >> well, we're still a mess. i mean, we're still on mass. we're super polarized. so i mean, we have this trial going on right now. in right now says found not guilty. i mean, there are other factors that made him somewhat sympathetic. he was 17, not 18. he made an amazing presentation when he testified he cried. he. >> and gendered cent, but they there is a pretty strong argument that the judge they for the defense. the prosecutor didn't do a good job and so you know, you have all those things in the context of a trial and that little microcosm of the trial that don't necessarily reflect that we're is bad. that weighs a country has i mean, i don't think that i mean, we have a
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lot arbery's trial going on where the 3 men basically decided to arrest a person, a black guy who was jogging in an affluent. why area which is another sort of example of vigilantism. so. i mean, i have a hard time believing that those 3 people who will be found not guilty but that again, this is wisconsin law. these were super sort of special facts many of the ways that the prosecution presented the case was super self-defeating to the prosecution. so kick. can i just ask that the take away are we to read from this that that it's ok to show up. >> at a public event at a you a long gun. >> well, in my mind absolutely not. i don't want i get there's a second amendment. i
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i went law school. i know what the constitution says, but i also don't think in this day and age that it should be lawful for a 17 year-old to walk down the street with an assault rifle and then basically create the very situation that he then gets to claim self-defense on. as i said in california this would not happen we have different gun laws and we as a as a state don't allow people to around with a loaded assault rifles and interfere and peaceful protests, which is what i think happens years. so you know, wisconsin, they do it. but i think that they will rue the day. the manner in which this case was prosecuted and in terms of the way the judge sort of. handle the case. i mean, again, judge on his own motion i was just going say in this could spend
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5 minutes on the judge i unfortunately, we're out of time. but paula, we really appreciate yours. >> i know you're you're going to be back with catherine can at 6 o'clock. so for now that is paula canny. you can find are the losses of rand paul canning. he defense attorney in san mateo have a good night policy at 00:00pm tonight arts, over to you. all right, guys. want check now outside. we've got a lot of clouds around the bay area. still some drizzle. >> along the coastline tonight. i think fog and i'm really kind of settle in this evening. if you're headed out early on this evening. watch out for some thick fog, especially in some of the valleys temperatures right now. we've got a lot of 50's across the board and all that moisture in the atmosphere left over from that weak system coming through and just kind of fall apart as it moved on by now. here's the good news. we get through the night tonight. i think we're looking at some pretty nice weather ahead. i think by tomorrow afternoon, high pressure takes over. we're going to see an offshore wind developing late tonight. so the first part of the evening. a lot of fog. the 2nd half as we get into early tomorrow morning. we're going
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to mix out a lot of that fog and bring us some sunshine. and so i think we start lot of sun tomorrow most spots. and then you're looking at 70's inland, 71 degrees and fremont 72 in livermore, unconquered in antioch about 67 degrees in redwood city and 63 degrees downtown san francisco next couple days. we're going to see the return of more sunshine over the weekend dry weather going to hold probably through monday. there is a slight chance of a shower or 2 come tuesday. when watch ellen closely right now thanksgiving day looks dry. all right. thanks, lauren. still to come tonight, vice president kamala harris made history today. >> he was the first woman to hold presidential power for 85 minutes. and you see school simplifying the admissions process. we're going explain what will no l
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>> university of california system. sticking with its decision to abandon standardized testing for admissions. the a u c could not find an alternative exam to the s a t after it determined last year that its results were biased. the uc system has spent more than 3 years researching whether to end the standardized tests admissions officers. now look at other factors, including a students high school gpa. the difficulty of the course is taken special talents, essays and extra curricular activities. for your money tonight. california is edd the employment development department says there is now another opportunity.
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>> to seek pandemic, unemployment assistance and they say this applies to about 100,000 people who were per previous lead tonight eligibility. expanded under federal rules too. now include workers who refuse to work for an employer that violated covid safety standards. also workers laid off or who had their hours reduced as a direct result of the pandemic school employees whose usual work schedules were affected by covid. they say notices will be sent to people by e-mail and text message. >> still ahead, the house has passed the bill back better passed the bill back better hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls.
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limited availability in select areas. president today history was made as president biden briefly transferred power to vice president kamala harris. >> who became the first woman to hold presidential power today doing so for 85 minutes, the transfer took place while the president had a colonoscopy at walter reed medical center. it was his first routine physical exam as president and it came a day before his 79th birthday. president resumed his duties at 1135 eastern time. >> well, the house of representatives has passed president biden's landmark build back better legislation but not before a host of stall tactics by republican lawmakers. a final vote was delayed by the longest speech in house history. minority leader in california.
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congressman kevin mccarthy spoke for 8 hours and 25 minutes when he finally ceded the floor. the house approved the one 0.7 5 trillion dollars spending bill. it makes far reaching changes to the nation's health care energy grid family services, education and housing. >> it's going to lower taxes for the majority of middle class it's going lower costs on everything from housing to health care to childcare my constituents are concerned about inflation if using more federal government money into the system now is only going to worsen that. >> it's not clear if the measure will pass in the senate, which is expected to take up the bill in early december. >> our weather time now as we take a live look outside look at the bay bridge toll plaza. vicki is really, really hard to know where exactly those folks are going. whether they're going out of town. maybe you're just to san francisco says di matteo dish
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chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about the weather will be facing. yeah. i see people getting out about right. here we go. ahead of the holiday season. you get away forecast. lot of folks headed out of town already getting ready to take a week off. >> and enjoy thanksgiving out toward the golden gate bridge. a little busy out there this evening, but not bad. yeah. if you had the monterey bay, you're going to find some beautiful weather tomorrow plan on those numbers. mid 60's in the carmel, mid 60's. also the monterey about 71 in salinas and watsonville southern california. not quite as warm but not bad. 71 anaheim 72 in pasadena and 66 degrees in long beach. 66 also in the san diego, the high country. you want to get up there and enjoy. well, it is going to be a little chilly plan on those numbers for highs only in the upper 40's by tomorrow afternoon. so keep things on the cool side. renal only 54 degrees with a couple high clouds. now you sticking around in the tahoe area. you're going to see dry conditions throughout the weekend. so looks like some nice weekend weather up there, traveling up and down on the highways. watch out for some fog, though. make your way
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across the central valley especially tomorrow morning that could be a little bit of an issue if you live very, very early right now. cold front making its way through the state to fall apart right over the bay area saline behind a lot of moisture. that's why we're seeing that low cloud decks. we've got some fog out there right now. some drizzle along the coastline. the rain, though, it's come to an end as that system is weakened enough. but now tonight going to see more of an offshore wind kicking in will be really interesting night tonight because the first part of the night, probably gonna stay mostly cloudy. then the offshore winds start to pick up brings in some dry air. we start to clear out your skies with the breeze is picking up over the north bay mountains all around the bay area that offshore wind starts to flow. that's going up. clearing out, i think by tomorrow morning, most of bay area look at some sunshine little blustery over the mountain tops 2030 mile an hour gusts up there. but down below just breezy from time to time. and some very nice weather headed should be a pretty warm in the afternoon hours tonight, mostly cloudy early on and mostly clear skies and then tomorrow mostly sunny and warmer and then it looks like a little more sunshine. on sunday in those temperatures, probably in the creep. up a little bit more
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so. so that's some good news ahead for the weekend. if you've got some plans, looks like a great weekend to get to it as those temperatures 60's, some 70's by tomorrow afternoon inland, beautiful day inside the bay along the coastline, lower 60's but still comfortable weather and dry all around the bay area. that's going to continue into sunday as well. monday, we are looking at a few high clouds drifting overhead. and there's just a slight chance we could see a light shower on tuesday. >> all right. lauren, straight ahead, dine and dish. we are cutting the cheese in one east bay city literally. stick around for a slice of fun at the annual giant. she's parade. what one. i did right.
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honoring this big cheese wheel. it is right here in the bay area next to the rock ridge bart station. this is our parades and it is for 5 years and almost archie's buyer of almost 30 years. >> she brings in one of 2, almost 400 pound wheels and choose. this is the largest. we'll west of the lot of chips. a lot of giuliana is the head cheese monger here at market hall. cheese counter market hall is a food lover's haven with fresh caught fish from are we're in sun farms. natural meet a cornucopia of prepared foods pasta pastries and of course, cheese where you can barely see almost serving up exotic cheese from cow sheep, goat, even buffalo, but nothing quite matches the size and appeal of the imported 400 pound of crew pillow italian cheese.
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>> cheese lovers. demonstrators takes a lot of elbow grease to cut up. he said it sells out fast. we buy whole and it's so nice to the and whole entire south and we not be so we have a following for this. she's we've been doing this for years. we typically bring in about 40 pound but this 400 pound wheel almost 400 pound wheel gets broken down and we sell less than 2 weeks. everyone in our community comes in and buys its incredible on sandwiches. it's great on pizzas. it's absolutely delicious cheese all the way to do it all the way italy for all the vicki liviakis kron 4 and as always, we are looking for great places to dine in or get takeout in your neighborhood. want to thank alma for bringing this to our attention. >> you can scan this qr code. it will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurants. to feature. maybe pick up some
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cheese and head to half moon bay. hang with me. if you're looking for a winter holiday staycation california's number one air bnb host is right here in the bay area and they're offering what they considered to be a fairy tale. stay talking about a private bedroom and bathroom in a shared space inspired by nature. that is what the the listing says. the haunted house. yeah. i like those beams and i love the price. 92 $1 a night 92 bucks a night is in half moon bay. as of right now, this might change and seconds. but there are still you know, it's available in that home for december and january. we have more details on kron 4 dot com. and may i recommend you go to barbers fish wrap there. you may. great crab there. one to 10 season, very close, though. as you see tree that's making its way down the road. that's the official christmas tree has
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arrived in dc for the 2021 holiday season this year. >> the tree is right here from right here in northern california. way at mercy. 80 foot white fur traveled all the way from the 6 rivers national forest. it's a little north east of eureka. the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments handcrafted by those of us here in california, some communities that are good at that. every year. a different national force is selected to provide a tree. the tree lighting ceremony will be held next month. that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 showed you being with us yet. beautiful tree. san francisco's. >> was late last night in union square. so the trees are here. thanksgiving is thursday. ken and kathryn, hard to believe for a for it. not yet. know ready for thanksgiving let alone christmas. so they keep losing to i mean, maybe it's the pandemic. it's like what? it's thanksgiving. it was just some flying by. all right. take it
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away guys. have a good for chief sample >> any minute now there was some left. probably is theirs or working here's what we're working on the thanksgiving travel rush is underway today expected in fact, to be the busiest travel day at sfo. >> since the pandemic began. we are live as people are getting ready to get out of town and sad news here. little boy laid to rest today after becoming a victim to gun violence in oakland. the family of 23 month old jasper. wu said their farewells today call for justice. >> i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan. the news at 6. coming up next.
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>> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. the family also want to express. >> they do not wish to see anymore. he's kind of killing. >> now. it's 6 a heartfelt farewell for 23 month-old. jasper. wu the toddler was hit and killed by a stray bullet in oakland nearly 2 weeks ago. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne jasper was killed when he was caught in the crossfire of a gang-related shootout along interstate 80. >> his mother was behind the wheel as they were driving home to fremont kron four's phillipe djegal shares. how jasper is being remembered.


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