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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 19, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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ey're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> all right. we're like 8 hours passed when this accident happened in bay and you still falling the commute and it could fall your plans to even travel this afternoon. if you're going to the marin county area that we're talking about a big rig accident that happened on one southbound up in novato about one 30 or so this morning. but it was carrying a bunch of scrap metal from. >> crushed cars. anyway. all that spilled over onto the roadway. it's been a headache trying to get it all cleaned up. we keep checking out live to the scene with camila barco to get an update on how things are going because a lot of people are going to be hitting the roads this afternoon even could be impacted. so how's it looking camille it.
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>> well, daryn, games in order for all of these lanes to reopen later on. caltrans needs to put some concrete barriers. the driver of that 18 wheeler crashed into a guardrail right now. crews are using this bulldozer right behind me to place those caught the various where the guard will use to be in order for this to be. >> a safe highway for all drivers. now the wreck happened on highway one near the downtown about exit around one 20 this morning. chp says that the driver of that big break. you see on your screen was going south on highway one. oh, one fell asleep and crashed into guardrail gates in dealer was carrying big chunks of scrap metal. chp says that the big flipped onto the side of the road. the debris that flew onto the northbound lanes of highway one oh, one driver in a separate car crashed into the metal but is okay and the person driving the 18 wheeler
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walked away with minor injuries. now caltrans is placing a 180 feet of concrete barriers where the bar bill used to be. >> and as i said, this is for the safety of drivers. now, once that's done, they will reopen all lanes and caltrans tells me that contractors will then come back out here later on. it's unclear if that will be today or maybe next week or later on to replace that are drilled that the driver of that 18 wheeler crashed into it at this time. there is some lanes open on the north side. there are lanes open to traffic. and if you're going southbound, there's only one. close. but at this time alex sanz working as hard as they can to get those concrete barriers up. and once they are able to get them placed and steady they will aims to you. all right. least everybody's okay. because mean, yeah. on a day like this when everybody's
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traveling is not what you want to see happen. exactly. well with only one lane available southbound. the backup has been. >> fairly long. last time we reyna rated it was almost all the way back to peddle a yeah. you know, it's been backed up pretty far there. but on the southbound side, the good news is only one lane is closed. the rest of those lanes are open and on the northbound side, 2 lanes blocked 2 lanes open. so that's the good news here. we are starting even see just a little improvement as you're traveling through that area. now chp has been telling people if you're trying to get around this. we're going to show you how to do that. remember, this is south of daylong avenue. go ahead and hop on lake built a 37 to one o one to try to get around. that doesn't look like many people are taking that alternate because of the delays were seen along one o one traveling from the east bay into the city right now. little under 21 minutes for your drive time there. we also been keeping a close eye on 5, 8080 crockett down towards the maze a little under 30 minutes at this hour, heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that commute in a little under 14, you can see visibility looks a little low
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there. a little under 10 minutes traveling at a richmond and the golden gate bridge about 36 because of that fog as you're heading into the city. now, john, you've also been tracking the weather on this friday for us. busy on the roads. what's happened in across the skies of yeah. one of the busiest travel days of the year and that is slowing a lot of things down rain as least mother nature isn't making things too. terribly difficult. >> we are looking at some of that cloud cover that was sitting atop the basin king right into it. and that has resulted in some misty to even drizzly conditions and a couple of pockets that's enough to get a couple of roadways wet but not too much to slow you down your view outside quite hour right now is definitely one of those fog. your spots visibility is okay for most areas. but as you can see, just by looking at your window and a lot of spots. it just has that misty damp look to it. and that is also showing up here on radar. those couple of green blips especially in the north bay indicating where we do have some at least wet conditions rainfall. not really a thing.
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as we did see just a couple of sprinkles during your overnight and early morning hours 50's for your current temps san jose palo alto alameda oakland concord and fairfield among our warmer spots right now sitting at 57 degrees. old more in this weekend. forecast. still to come. first, let's go back to the thanks a lot. 9. '05, at the time. right now. and breaking news, president kamala harris for a few hours. temporary transfer power to the vice president. >> because later today president biden is going to undergo a colonoscopy routine procedure, but he will be under anesthesia. and for that time at walter reed medical center. he's going to transfer power to the vice president because whenever the president is incapacitated which means they can't do their job at the time. they're under anesthesia. >> that's when you hand over power. but this will be the first time that a woman holds presidential power no matter how long it is. and as just say, afterwards, he wakes up you've got have your back. all right. more breaking news this morning. the u.s. house speaking of the president,
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they just passed his one 0.8 trillion dollar, social safety net and climate bill. >> we've been calling it the build back better act. that's how they've been promoting it. democrats say it creates jobs. it will tackle climate change and help with costs of things like prescription drugs. republicans, though they've been critical calling it too expensive and including a lot of unnecessary spending. but nonetheless, it did pass the house. now it's on to the senate where its fate is unknown the be a lot of hurdles will have to overcome there is another developing story this morning with the booster shots. everybody can now. the fda says you can get the pfizer or moderna. >> 3rd booster shot. or tech. and i guess if you got the other jj for anybody because it was getting too confusing and people are like i don't know if i'm allowed now, it's anybody 18 or older. you can choose any of the booster shots that you want that are available 6 months after you got your second or last dose. that's when the timing is so there you have it. that hopefully will clear things up for everybody. 9 '06, the time and another one of our big
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stories this morning is the fact that a lot of people are going to be hitting the airports and the roads for holiday travelers starting today. yeah. and we're going to start at the airports, then go to the rose covers will tran covering that part of the story. he's been seeing long security lines. >> you've got a crowd again will. >> welcome to 2019 it's almost to pre-covid conditions. remember last year was a ghost town. so you might be shocked if you're coming to the airport today because this is what you can expect. a steady flow of people. sometimes a little bit busier than others. but you will not be alone like you were say last year when the pandemic was in its midst. now people are traveling in fact, today is the busiest travel day for sfo and san jose. we're talking 53 million americans altogether starting their holiday plans reason being school is out. why wait until wednesday. just go today. here's a lovely family taking off to florida, right
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andrea. yes, we're going to florida. what do you think about the crowd. this is something we haven't seen for 2 years. >> well, i was here last week. it's a little busier, but it it's not super crowded from a bird. just trying to get ahead of that. the you know, travel because i think tomorrow the next day will be even more crowded. did you make sure at least give yourself plenty of time because. >> this was the last year what we saw last year with this pretty empty. we did we really like this airport terminal. so we wanted to just plan the couple hours to be able to hang out and visit the retailers here. are you happy to travel to. yeah. you to yeah, oh, he's going to florida representing the golden state warriors. thank you so much. he gets to the line at the ticket counter and then you run into another line. here is tsa. keep in mind again, it evan flows out. you're not going to be alone oakland. they will see their busiest day on wednesday. the bottom line is welcome to
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2019. have your ticket ready to go. and enjoy the holidays back to allow way to get drivers to 5 florida top destination. one other one of them anaheim, california, new york, texas happens where everybody's going. all right. well, if driving this holiday season. and again, you are going to have company on the roads and you're going to pay a little more to get there. i would not drive to florida because these gas prices are out of sight. >> and we've been following them out at gas stations around the bay area. taking a peek at the prices. kron 4. sarah stinson live this morning. >> in daly city. hi, sara. >> gas is very expensive. as to some drivers have been telling me just keeps going up and up and up here in daly city at this chevron. it's costing drivers $4 and $0.99 per gallon for regular gas and just up the road. it was $4.45 per gallon at a non name-brand gas station. so. pick whichever one, you want still
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very, very expensive and it's going to cost people more money if they're driving to their turkey dinner this year, especially for those long road trips. take a look at your screen. the you can see on there and the average cost of gas right now in the bay area. san francisco, the most expensive at $4.88. what's new and oakland. it's the cheapest $4 and $0.79 san jose 400, 4, 400 basically ford $4.80 santa rosa the same. it's expensive across california costing an average of $4.70. according to aaa, 48 million people be hitting the road for thanksgiving. >> in the u.s. that's an 8% increase from last year. and that's and that's due to a lot more people feeling more comfortable gathering with family. and i talked with the one woman who said, you know, we've got our boosters are fully vaccinated. even her 6 year-old daughter is vaccinated. so they're feeling safe and they're going to mask-up even but they are ready to see family so its
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money worth spent well, other said these high gas prices are actually going to change their plans. what they're going to do for the holiday. >> i actually do plan on going to tal and i cannot believe how much that gas is going to cost me. i think that take us $240. >> are you driving anywhere for the holiday. you're going to stay home. don't know. that's part of those continue right up to my cabin. but i figure it's a few bucks. not go up there. >> try to save some money while you heard from the woman she said she is going to go to top. whoa in gather with family now it when you head out there on the roads. make sure you're prepared check the brakes, check the oil levels because a lot of people. >> you know, they get busy and they forget they hit the road for that road trip and then they get no bad situation triple a expects to help about 400,000 of their members during rough times on the roads. you don't want to be one of them. you want to get to that turkey dinner with no problems. but what you will have a problem with is the prices at the pump that's
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going to be tough. all right, james. no way around. it got up and they really got us. thank you, sarah. 9.11. the time. quick update now on another story happening right now. we've got kaiser mental health workers. >> also on the picket lines now showing their support for engineers who have been striking for a new contract. we have video from yesterday's when we were out there, they have the support of other unions in walnut creek. well, right now kaiser psychologists therapists and social workers are also joining in this solidarity strike with the engineers. the union members there. fanchon ears have been on strike the last couple of months. they're in the middle of contract talks. they say they've been working under unfair labor practices and low pay in total about 2000 mental health. clinicians are going to be striking with them today. and in a statement from kaiser, we heard them say that they yes, have been at the bargaining table with the engineers union for the past couple of months. now. they say it impacts about 600 of their current employees. and so they don't think the sympathy strike is warranted. they don't think it's appropriate and they're asking
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all workers that are part of the engineers union to please report to work. >> it's 9.12. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news. these 2 people in san leandro are under arrest. a process police say that they were sex-trafficking a 17 year-old girl from honduras. and there's a new effort in san francisco to stop car break-ins early stop trust from leaving good stuff ins
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over. >> all. oh, wait a minute. they just tell of the helena got an alert. so the president biden is back in power this how long did come a look at the power 2 hours baby wow. i was she made use of it like to look at the pictures by the desk. and so this is the day november 19. i was president for, you know, from 08:00am to 09:00am. that's pretty much what it was. but there you looks like it went well. the president recovered just fine. >> all right. well, that's a good end to right this is just the beginning of the thanksgiving story and the traveling for a lot of people were going into our weekend right before the holiday. >> and what's going to be like job yesterday looking really nice for sure. as we up into thanksgiving just around the corner. >> for the most part, it's actually really sunny and nice kind of hard to believe when you look at all these web cams. i'm showing you this morning that are showing your views like this where it's very cloudy, very grain. in some cases a little bit on the foggy side. we've seen misty
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conditions thus far this morning which have resulted in a few wet spots on roadways. but overall it really hasn't been that bad. as you've ventured out on the roadways, your travel days to come. are all looking pretty good. it's going to be visibility at some of our airports that's being affected this morning could result in a few delays out there for you now as we move into the afternoon, any sort of shower, potential sprinkles for that matter. really clear out. we'll actually see some sunshine peering through the clouds later on today, tomorrow and sunday are going to be our clear days and a little bit on the warmer side should be no surprise that today is going to stay a bit cooler the way it looks out there right now. we have had a couple of sprinkles any sort of rainfall ahead of us is going to be in the form of a few drizzly misty areas as a product of that low cloud cover that has drifted in the staying with us throughout the course of this morning 50's to low 60's for daytime highs our warmest spots will be in the south bay like san jose at 66 degrees. tomorrow's daytime highs sunday and monday's as well. we'll all be back into the mid 60's and a lot more
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sunshine. so if you're wanting to get outside this weekend. maybe save it for a little bit later on monday and tuesday. conditions start to cool back down towards thanksgiving and by thanksgiving itself will barely be in the 60's for your highs. but conditions will stay nice and clear as well as drive from here till now. reyna dot, thanks for that. the hot spot is still there in nevado southbound just south of the long avenue up the air. >> and we are just looking at the delays have been seen for that. so what you need to know on the southbound side. one. oh, 1, one lane closed. the rest of them are open. northbound one, a 1, 2, lanes blocked 2 lanes currently still close a good alternate to get around that lake built a 37 down to one o one traveling from the east bay into the city right now. little under 25 minutes. so traffic has been pretty busy this morning as you're traveling along 8580, crockett down towards the maze a little under 30 minutes at this hour, heading across towards the peninsula. little under 40 minutes. we do see gray skies the air, the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 11
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traveling at a richmond and the golden gate bridge. you've got pockets of fog so up to can drive times here. 36 minutes from the north bay to the tolls. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot of to 9.18 in san francisco. neighbors are fed up with car break ins and now there's a new community effort to help prevent them. a group of volunteers with a local nonprofit is handing out these flyers will post cards. >> that remind visitors. >> don't put a belongings, you know, in your car, leaving visible, don't leave anything that you really like. i still think they say if you love it, don't leave. it is the is the expression i've heard and they're hoping that this will. cut down on the break-ins over the holidays, especially at a time when we're going to see a lot of people visiting san francisco. this could go a long way. >> at the very least we can do is to raise awareness to help people just make sure to protect their valuables to understand that this is going on. let's do our best to make sure that every car. seems an attractive to break into. and
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i think that that will go a long way from that hearse. and even the locals have their guards down for about 5 minutes. >> yeah. because even if you have a car, that's not really, you know, fancy. they don't care doesn't matter. there could be some good in there. we focused on another community effort helping break ins in the richmond district. they're trying to reunite people with their stolen stuff on the city streets because, you know, somebody go through it now leave all the trash out. so in richmond they're trying to at least find who this belongs to in return. it. >> 9.20 is the time. let's go to the north bay right now where thieves stole about $50,000 in jewelry from a mall in fairfield. actually video of it taking place. turns out the robbers were teenagers. the thieves have since been arrested. the youngest one, we're told, is about 16 years old. erick rucker has the story. >> a smash-and-grab caught on video. and jewelry store inside this town center in fairfield wednesday. fairfield police say bats and hammers were used to break the daniel's jewelers in order to take $50,000 worth of product.
9:21 am
personally disgusting. that's cool. in the video. you can see one person enter a photo booth to seemingly hide while the theft occurred just feet away. a woman hiding in the bone goes is kind of really double some of those we showed the video to we made a plan today say this type of crime has been happening often enough that they recently decided what they would do if it happened when they were nearby together. yes. and if there's a group of people coming. and there's a group of people running that we would at least get one that we all 3 or 2 anderson and go for one. >> fairfield. police say they were able to track down those responsible in manteo, 1917 16 year-old the incident inside the town center coming just days after a similar display on monday in concord where police there say 9 people at the sun valley mall also used hammers to get to the goods so far no arrests have been made in that case.
9:22 am
>> yeah. and in addition, eric rucker reporting. and in addition to that jewelry store robbery conquer that he just talked about. there is also jewelry store in san francisco's chinatown. that was robbed as well. no arrests have been made yet in either case. >> time now is 9.21 and coming up with cannabis delivery drivers robbed at gunpoint in the east say we'll take a look at the details. who took part. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram, so we can detect it early. everything looks great with your eyes, and i see you're due for a mammogram. should we schedule it? oh yeah that'd be great. a leader in the prevention,
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early detection and treatment of cancer.
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it's 9.24, in the east bay. police in martinez are investigating a robbery, a cannabis delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint. >> in the day time the driver was dropping off a shipment of pot to the embark dispensary how avenue around noon on wednesday when he was approached by 3 masked men and 2 of the people had semiautomatic weapons. they stole a big amount of cannabis and some of the drivers personal belongings and then got away and nobody was hurt. but this does leave neighbors on edge and a surprise. >> what teenage very safe this holiday time. so. >> you know, we can expect these things with that necessarily like that. so it is concerning. >> the men took off in a newer modpl. black honda sedan with a small dent above the rear license plate. >> well, now to an update on a
9:26 am
story we first brought you yesterday morning as breaking news. the abduction of a teenage girl in santa rosa, the trigger that amber alert turns out was all a prank. the security video that we showed you yesterday morning show this 15 year-old. being kidnapped. you can see it there happening mini van pulls up person in a orange jacket shoves her into the minivan and then they all get in and drive officers on guerneville road. well, police now say that was the girl's boyfriend. basically doing this abduction as a joke and of taking her on a road trip to los angeles. the teen on returning vallejo yesterday. we're told her parents what happened then explained everything to police when she discover that everybody was looking for. authorities say at this point they don't plan on pursuing charges in this case. but that clearly wasn't a joke that ended well. >> a huge mess on highway 1 one of the north bank is causing a headache for the morning live with what you need to know. forget it.
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and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> all right. 1, 1, is doing in marin county. let's find out. yeah. trade this morning. little afraid. >> but i think it is getting slightly better slowly but surely covers camila barco out there for us this morning by camilla. >> so i have some good news. i just spoke to caltrans and they tell me that and they
9:30 am
should be out of here in the lanes should fully reopen in less than 2 hours. all they need to do is put these concrete barriers up. there is a driver here earlier this morning that crashed into a guardrail and what they have to do now is the place is barriers for the safety of drivers. now take a look at this video. this was the scene earlier this morning. the wreck happened highway one. oh, one near the downtown novato exit around one 20 this morning. chp says that the driver of the big break you see on your screen was going south on highway one. oh, one, he fell asleep and crashed into a guardrail. the 18 wheeler was also carrying big tons of scrap metal chp says the big rig flipped onto the side of the road. the debris that flew onto the northbound lanes of highway one. oh, one, a driver in a separate car crashed into the metal but is okay and the person driving the 18 wheeler walked away with minor injuries. crews have spent all morning cleaning up the mess and now
9:31 am
caltrans is placing a 180 feet of barriers where the guardrail used to be. and as i said, this is for the safety of drivers. i also mentioned that they have here sense one 20 this morning. it's taken a long time to clean up this mess, but they are almost done. caltrans tells me that they should be out of here with less than 2 hours and all in should be reopened right now. if you're going north on highway one. oh, one near only 2 lanes are open. but if you're going southbound on highway one. oh, one near in nevado 3 lanes are open and one is closed. all right. to you. all right. so 1130 better than 3 or 5, which is what they initially thought. >> but we do have in the traffic center with team coverage of see how big the backup is now really actually been keeping a close eye on back up and it's really not passed the bottle like it was originally starting to see a
9:32 am
slow back up almost down towards san rafale and that's from traffic passing through there. >> but like a villa mention their opening lanes. so that is the good news. there. they've been encouraging people to go ahead and take lakefield a 37 to one o one as you're traveling along that area. >> heading into the city right now. a little under 24 minutes for your drive time. if you're headed to law 5, 1880, crockett down towards may's a little under 25 minutes right now headed across towards the peninsula a little under 14 and we still see very gray foggy conditions you're traveling. be careful a little under 10 minutes traveling out of richmond across to war. sandra fell and the golden gate. a lot of fog there. so 31 minute drive. if you're heading out of the north bay into the city. john, you've been tracking the skies for us. how's it going? yeah, not a lot of skies to be seeing rain, especially with the. >> cloud cover that is settled into the bay this morning. we were seeing better visibility earlier on this morning and as you can see in many of her web cams we're now looking not so much of a view. this is your
9:33 am
view outside of half moon bay right now. it's been misty and we've seen some drizzle in some spots. and you can see that detected on satellite radar. we are generally going to see pockets of sunshine later in the day today. but this morning it's going to stay pretty cloudy. futurecast shows that as we work our way through the day today. we aren't going to really be looking at any significant chance of rainfall, which is certainly nice because it's a pretty busy travel day for sure. current temperatures are actually nice and mild. one of the reasons for this is all that cloud cover protected a lot of heat loss during our overnight hours. so you'll notice that feeling pretty warm, actually alameda hayward and san mateo among our spots in the upper 50's back to you. >> thanks a lot, john a design 33 and big story this morning is how a woman was fatally shot while she was in a car approaching the bay bridge toll plaza on 80. this happened yesterday and there were 2 people inside 2 kids in the back and a man was driving that she was in the passenger. she see when she was struck by a bullet and killed. here's the 911. com.
9:34 am
>> so >> you could hear them say the girlfriend was hit and she ended up dying. that was the car that they were riding in the man who was driving the boyfriend. he's fine and the 2 kids in the backseat are ok, too. but they're still looking for the shooters are shooter. so they shut down several lanes while they were investigating for evidence and we still have no word on a possible suspect. >> well, also in the east bay, a man was shot several times at the willow shopping center in hercules. actually have video of police at the scene here. investigating looking for evidence. the 33 year-old apparently was taken to the hospital after he was shot multiple times. he is in stable condition. so they do expect him to recover. witnesses told hercules police the 2 men attacked him then shot him. you can see the damage to some of the surrounding businesses there that were hit by some of that gunfire. one business owner says that obviously he's concerned for now. the safety of employees, but his customers as well.
9:35 am
>> i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something that is a concern. >> yeah. the attackers were seen taking off in a white sedan driven by another person. if we get more detailed information about that vehicle or the suspects will let you know. >> it's 9.35 in right now. san mateo, police are asking for your help to identify the man here in this picture. he's wanted for a battery at the kingston coin laundry on north kingston street. and this happened monday afternoon. they're also asking anybody who lives in the area. check your security cameras. maybe you have something that can help solve this case. san leandro police are investigating a human trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras and these are the 2 people, a couple from san leandro that were arrested won aguilar and margaret wilson. they're
9:36 am
accused of kidnapping the girl from her home country honduras and winding are up. but in a shed behind the house that you see here. and selling or into prostitution. they live on hutchings drive. the couple's already pleaded not guilty. they're supposed to be back in court at the end of the month. neighbors say they had no idea anything was going on in this home. >> a bay area college professor is now facing charges of arson and setting wildfires 47 year-old gary maynard is who we're talking about. he lives in san jose accused of going on an arson spree near the dixie fire. that's the one that was burning up in placer county. men are taught criminology at sonoma state university and investigators say they believe he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. if convicted of these charges he could face up to 20 years in prison and $250,000 in fines for each count of arson. in the north bay efforts have already started to stop the threat of wildfires for next year. the city of samara fell is offering a free program now
9:37 am
to help reduce the wildfire fuels and better create defensible space around homes basically the sanford fire department is partnering up with americorps and marine wildlife or wildfire and they're focusing on those dangerous wildfire fuels around homes and vacation or evacuation routes like juniper bushes center residents can actually reach out to the fire department set up an appointment for this free service whether quell where they'll come in remove that stuff for you. the program goes on until december 17th. so make sure you contact them. if you've got some of the shrub or you want to get rid of. >> 37 and california general attorney general rob bonta is leading a nationwide investigation into facebook and effective instagram on children and young adults. fonda says that a bipartisan coalition of attorneys general from 8 states are going to investigate how advertise instagram to kids despite knowing about the physical and mental health consequences. recent studies have linked
9:38 am
instagram to arise in depression, eating disorders and even suicide in a statement, bonta says we have undertaken this nationwide investigation to get answers about. matt is efforts to promote the use of the social media platform to young californians to determine if in doing so metta violated the law. >> we'll take a break here at 9.38. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news food banks need help as we get further into the holiday season. we're going to hear from one organization helping families in the north bay. plus the warriors getting another win on the road. steph curry scored 40 points and he's got a new magic number for threes. we'll have the highlights in just a minute. plus, levi stadium getting a new curfew. a later one into the night. we'll explain why. and we are seeing conditions outside pretty gray. still that low lying cloud cover, not budging that could make for some delays at many of our for some delays at many of our airports that. >> as for the afternoon, we
9:39 am
will eventually get to some cool sunshine highs in the low 60's more about it. still ahead. >> and still tracking the hot spot up in the bottle on one of the busiest travel days this year. also get a look at yo
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9:41 am
>> 41 and levi's stadium is going to get a later bedtime. yes, the entertainment concerts events, certain ones anyway. >> can go santa clara city council voted to allow the forty-niners who actually run
9:42 am
the stadium too have up to 5 events per year they can go up well, as late as 11:00pm, right. because really they were ending at 10:00pm. but now they're going to extend to 11:00pm just for those 5 concerts or events, whatever they want. >> and the thing is some people who live near there. well, they're not crazy about it. but a council member says it will bring in a lot of money. >> i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears. >> yes, some neighbors say they're not so much bothered by the events there at levi stadium that much more worried and concerned and annoyed by all of the air traffic sounds that go overhead with always flights heading das to san jose. we'll be right back.
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ho. ho. ho. it's santa. we got a problem. ♪ ho! ho! ho! >> 9.45 right now we're checking out the weather. we're looking at our shot going with so missed. it almost looks like it's a cold place. it's not that cold here that bad. we're not in list. a little of john, are we seeing kind of everywhere where we see in actually are actually we'll get in a minute. first, we're talking about the fact that this is the friday before
9:46 am
thanksgiving and so at this time of year, food banks. did you know that usually get most of their nations, like 50% of their donations come during this time. so it's really important that everybody give what they can. yes. and here to help talk about this in the need that's out there how you can help. >> is david goodman. he's with the redwood empire food bank up in santa rosa. david, good morning. thank you so much for joining us. i know this is a very busy time for you. yeah, it's great to be here. thank you. absolutely. so tell us what your greatest need is right now. yeah. >> i was thinking about waiting to come on and it's a simple answer and question is what's for dinner and the answer is that's what we need. so we're looking for protein when it comes to food donations and we're looking for funds in order to either purchase the protein or deliver. >> so so because some people are going to give you like canned goods, pasta. and so that's just saying you don't need and then rather than have us shop. the wild card is taken out. if we can just give you the money. would that be a better help.
9:47 am
>> it's all good. in fact, in the old days we used to say, you know, whatever works for you. and now we say we need all of it. we need your time and your food and we need your it all serves a purpose to help people in need. how great is the need right now. it's tremendous. so high water mark, we doubled the amount of households that we're serving back when the coronavirus started and that was about to be right. about 200% of normal in our about 69% of normal. so we're still way up. and as winter comes and people are getting closer together we expect a lot more need is people find themselves in trouble. >> yeah, i know you guys are looking at up in santa rosa. but you you actually help people see much farther out than just the confines of santa rosa, how far out do you guys. help. >> we actually serve lake mendocino, humboldt and del norte counties as well as noma county. so we go 300, 20 miles. >> to the oregon border. oh, my god. holy mackerel. are you are you doing anything special ac the potatoes and all that.
9:48 am
you know, the different things you have in the warehouse. there are a lot of vegetables here. are you doing anything special when people come by and they want to get the thanksgiving food you know, from now through thanksgiving. >> we distribute all the food that we receive. we typically of way turkeys and we look for chickens or culturally diverse and people different communities can make better use of chickens made in turkey and you're like, pretty daunting. if you've never done it before. so we want to get people familiar food. that makes yeah. and let's say somebody. i would rather volunteer time than money. that's easier for them. what can talk about that program and was sort of. >> covid protocols in place. what should people expect? >> sure basically if anyone goes on the web and just searches for redwood empire food bank. there are buttons that are volunteer now donate now or get help now. so whether you're on the giving end of the receiving end. if you go to our web site which you can find r e f b dot org,
9:49 am
you'll find all of the guidance to do whatever it is that you want to do or need to do. >> was it hard? because i know that when we couldn't do in-person things. i wonder if your volunteers fell off. >> they did fall off except at first i want extend tremendous amount of gratitude to the california national guard moved been years since the beginning of pandemic, care boxes every single day since they started and our community volunteers. you know, we're just a small staff of people that we have about 9,000 community-based volunteers who have braved it all, whether it's fire slides, smoke pandemic to come down and help people who they may never meet, but they want to be sure that they are doing well in life. you point out that in santa rosa, you guys endured a lot of challenges say the least. so we are. >> grateful that you're doing ok, that you're there to help everybody else. thanks so much. >> thank you. all right. that was david goodman again with redwood empire food bank. hats off to them. all. the other food banks around the bay area, if you can. help in any
9:50 am
way you can with your local food bank. police story. >> all right. 9.49 and now we want to take a look at the weather and what's with the gray behind this is gonna. stay with us all day the grey. it's kind of a nuisance, right that actually help to keep us pretty mild. last night, though, the first thing you'll notice maybe the second thing after the gray. >> is how warm it feels outside this morning. some mid to upper 50's out there. san jose is one of her clear spots. but you still do have a lot of cloud cover overhead. you're just in the midst of some greyer skies than what we've gotten used to. a look at satellite and radar currently is showing you conditions out there that are not sunny just yet, but we will be getting there. a couple of drizzly spots as a product of some of this low lying cloud cover that's really settled into the bay. now as far as temperatures go today, we are going to be in the daytime highs and the low 60's for most of us, the warmest region will be the south bay san jose and santa clara among warmer spots at 66 oakland and concord as well as vallejo and livermore at 62
9:51 am
degrees each looking ahead in our next 7 days. daytime highs remain in the 60's all the way through this forecast all the way to turkey day. in fact, on thursday saturday and sunday are going to be beautiful days for venturing outside really good travel weather even with the great that we have this morning. conditions haven't been too bad for your pre holiday travels rain day. so that is hot spot and a vinyl is there, but it's going to be there for maybe less than 2 hours. that's the good news. southbound one. oh, one. just south of dallas song avenue. >> and again, as you're traveling along that area southbound one. oh, one. remember one lane is closed. the rest of the lanes are open and on the northbound side, 2 lanes are blocked. 2 lanes are currently open. if you're trying to get around that you could go ahead and hop on lake built a 37 to one. oh, one as you're traveling a little under 25 minutes heading from the east bay into the city right now at this hour. so we're looking at traffic here. traveling along 5, 1880, crockett down towards the maze a little under 25 minutes to make that drive great conditions along the san mateo bridge. but light a little under 13 to make that drive
9:52 am
the air richmond sandra fell as you're traveling at a richmond, a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge pockets of fog at about 28 we're going have a little more news for you to make sure you stick around. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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>> 9.54 and our friday here on the kron 4 morning news is just starting and the kron on. they never stop. so i know how that works resist as he was in the newsroom with the latest tiger is a has a workout. just keep good morning, everyone. a major victory for house democrats this morning. they pass president biden's build back better plan and oakland congresswoman barbara lee. she's going to be joining me in a moment to pack it all for as. everyone. >> and tell us what's going to be next to see that interview to get some more information and to get real time updates on local national headlines. see me keep going and going and going like gloria mentioned just scan the code right there. now take you straight to the app store so you can download kron-on for fried our kron-on. it's the show that never and that keeps on giving. all right. thank you, all right. let's and the show quickly by updating you can on the warriors. they had a great win on the road last night. facing the cleveland cavaliers. it was a nail-biter. >> we'll give it that. but steph curry in the end did
9:56 am
come through really racking up a lot of points, 40 points on the night 9, 3, pointers, which is the 4th time this season he's done that. the 38th time in his career. he's done that. nobody else has come close now. so ereat, by the way, to end goal, state wins. it one '04, to 89. here's a little reaction from staff. >> it's just. >> a good energy because not only areryou feeling good making shots. but. >> you find yourself always in the right position, making the right could so much making our and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow go shot for shot. >> know, the ball's coming you got to be ready steps. got a slight get it passed in the ball anyway. they're on the road again tonight. detroit pistons tip off at 04:00pm. let's take a peek as we head into this pre holiday weekend. yeah. >> it seems like it would be a gloomy weekend, right. but the sunshine comes right back out this afternoon and it stays
9:57 am
out through saturday and sunday next week staying dry. so that's good for any sort of holiday travels you've got a notorious finally get back out there and i am. i'm going to tell, but not yet. we'll all be that. so if you're going to travel this weekend you're not going to be with us next week. >> we hope you enjoy thanksgiving, but we'll be back here on monday. right it. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better. >> announcer: today on an all new "dr. phil"... trampled. >> i felt like i was being strangled. >> announcer: traumatized. >> people were recording the concert and recording me doing cpr, recording others doing cpr, and then going back to recording the concert. >> announcer: the aftermath of the astroworld tragedy. >> they went to a concert and they left in a body bag. >> announcer: the nightmares and flashbacks. >> the kid's eyes rolled to the back of his head. >> annnouncer: how it happened and who's to blame. >> why was this show not stopped when it was classified as a mass casualty event? ♪ ♪ >> dr. phil: today inside the deadly astroworld music festival, where shocking videos showed terrified concertgoers screaming for help and lifeless bodies being crowdsurfed and dropped, all as performer


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