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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 19, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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before thanksgiving when a lot of people are hitting the roads and we've got a problem. yeah. and a big rig also hitting the road early this morning, which is going to cause a problem for north bay commuters trying to get down one-on-one into san francisco either to get to work or wherever or to the airport to fly out this morning. it's going to be a problem. let's cover that with our team coverage. now want to go out into it and see how they're doing on cleaning it up. camila barco has a look. >> yellen darya this crash involved an 18 wheeler that was carrying scrap metal. and right now crews are starting to load that metal on on to the 18 involved. here's a live look behind me. you can see all of that to loaded up on see that at who they're using a bulldozer to clean up this mess. it's happening on southbound, on highway one. oh, one near the downtown novato let's pull the video of the truck involved chp says
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the driver of this big rig was going southbound on highway one. oh, one, he fell asleep and crashed into a guardrail. now that 18 wheeler, like i said, with caring big tons of scrap metal. >> chp says the big break flipped onto the side of the road at all of the debris wuhan to the northbound lanes of highway one. oh, one now. a driver of a separate car hit. the talk of the scrap metal that fell off the 18 wheeler. but the driver of that car is okay. but right now there's only one lane open to traffic on the northbound lanes chp is using the shoulder on the south side to get cars moving the driver of the 18 wheeler walked away with minor injuries. but caltrans is still on scene. they just cut the guardrail that the driver hit. and as i said right now, they are using a bulldozer to pick up that scrap metal that fell onto the highway. they are currently loading it onto
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away. >> the 18 with the medal. but of right now chp tells me that they are unsure of when all of the lanes will be open to traffic a big here since one 20 this morning. that's when the crash happened to but if you are planning on driving on highway one. oh, one, especially on the southbound lanes. lana had traffic is moving not stand still, but you are headed out the door ahead especially at this point south to cisco or maybe some of points. all right. thanks, camille. and you heard all the machinery get artwork. you can't leave any kind of a scrap metal in the street in the road. i or damage a car all and be really careful with that. >> and obviously you're going to be careful getting around that situation. give yourself plenty of time we get reyna harvey the traffic center with our team coverage. exactly. on the busiest day for us to travel. we're starting out this morning like this. a good
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alternate for you. chp just telling me lake bill. >> 2.37 to one. oh, one to try to get around that accident again. southbound want to one just south of the long avenue out in the bottle on the southbound side 4 lanes, blocked shoulder open. that's why she's the traffic is slowly but steadily. moving on that southbound side. on the northbound side, 3 lanes blocked. one lane currently open. so that's going to be an issue this morning. we're also checking out the bay bridge right now. little under 17 minutes for you to make it from the east bay into the city right now. no seeing along 5.80, or 80. so that's the good news. there heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 to make that drive. a richmond center fell commute. a little under 8 out of richmond and in the south bay along one oh, one to 3785 82 not tracking any major delays on looking at the roads. john, you've been watching the skies and what's going on up there. well, pretty calm overall this morning. a couple of sprinkles have been seen, but nothing that should be sunny down, too terribly much. i think it will be.
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>> the traffic that will slow you down more than anything else as you venture onto roads on such a busy travel day. your view outside her berkeley hills. cam does show clear enough of conditions that cloud cover that you're seeing right above us is actually help to kept temperatures. pretty moderated overnight. so you'll notice it feels a little warmer as you venture out there radar shows that it is actually pretty dry at the moment. there are some showers to our north up around yuba city chico grass valley on over towards lake county. but most of that rainfall has state its way to our north. so aside from a couple of sprinkles. that's all we've seen across the bay area nothing too much to worry about on our roads that way. 40's and 50's for current temps dublin. one of our colder spots at 49 degrees elsewhere. it's pretty solid mid 50's right now back to you. >> thanks a lot. 6 o 4 and the other big story that we're following this morning is not on the roads but in the yeao. sfo expecting today actually to be the biggest single day for thanksgiving travel. typically it's like that monday, tuesday or wednesday before thanksgiving. yes, it's
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friday. before now currently. yeah. a lot of people are traveling for the first time since covid because they feel more comfortable to fly kron four's. will tran is live at sfo with a packed house. there it is. busy will. >> when we started our journalism career, we always went to the airport on wednesday before thanksgiving. we're always say get out there. we'll that's the busiest travel day that is urban legend as far as i'm concerned because it's the friday. this is the busiest day at sfo. also at oakland reason being school is out and what's better than afford a vacation 8 or 9 day vacation. so families they up this pack your bags and they take off on friday. so 53 million americans altogether. we'll be traveling i just show you a live shot of outside of the terminal on how busy it is. 50,000 people at sfo 50,000
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people at san jose as well. and then for oakland, that'll be wednesday. the bottom line is you need to give yourself plenty of time because we showed you at 5 o'clock. the tsa line started to wrap around just a little bit. then it died down. but we're still in the heart of the morning commute. and when i say that because a lot of flights, obviously take off at 7, 8, 8.30. so this is the window 90 minutes to 2 hours from your flight. so people are coming here and they are starting to fill up sfo. if you think many of them are frustrated. you would be wrong. and i was so sad because. >> i'm an extrovert. i love to be in mexico and everywhere and like i'm happy that i can finally travel again. >> so given how it was last year. you actually like the crowd. i love it. i love it. you know, i'm i'm doing everything i have to be safe, you know, and get out there again.
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>> so she is happy to see all of those people that they expect this to be obviously pre-covid numbers are pretty close. the flights should be either full or almost full as well. got to mask up. i apologize to the viewers. james and area. they called in after my 5 o'clock live shot. i got a little too rambunctious siren inside did not have my just a reminder. if you're going inside, you have to have your outside. so please don't inundate our station with phone good to go for now. you know what they'll tell you. the move will spend too much time out here said we will we weren't even thinking about the mask. when you said you were going to be arrested and we had to bail you out. it was about cutting in line. and now. >> i >> mean, had 2 little robin why this show them how it looked like this time. i didn't want anybody get yelled
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all outside next 7 o'clock all wear a mask. i'll show we did at 5 o'clock of real pictures of what you can expect when you come in. fine is creates a look at what people can expect now. your great. thank you very much. well, so much. he always has a lot of fun no matter what he's covering. that's right. say with the thanksgiving travel on the roads. i mean, it's still going to be a lot of fun even though it's going to cost you an arm and a leg. yeah. a lot of travel going to be filling up at gas prices that are. >> pushing record levels. we've got kron 4, sarah stinson standing by for sound daly city with a look at that. good morning, sarah installs. well, hours it is expensive. we're seeing it at the pumps here in daly city and here's the chevron. it is. >> $4 and $0.99 per gallon for regular gas and then it goes right up to 5 for the next level in the next level. it is insane. but you know what is priceless is saying family. so i think a lot of people are willing to pay $5 at the pump.
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if it means this year they're allowed to drive to their family's house where that the down in southern california or nearby state that their road tripping too. take a look, though, at the average gas prices and in california. if you're staying within the state, it's $4.70 on average in san francisco gets a bit more expensive. of course, $4.88 oakland a bit cheaper, $4.79. >> then it's about the same san jose and santa rosa is the same. on average. a san francisco. so it's going to cost more people, people, more money 48 million people in the u.s. are hitting the roads for thanksgiving. that's an 8% increase from last year. of course, more people wanting to get in that car and give their loved ones. a huge hug. you know, you want to spend time with family for the holidays. you want it. sit around the table and say we're grateful for. so i think while it's painful to pay $5 a gallon,
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especially just to go to work. i think paying them to go into thanksgiving. people are willing to do that. so aaa saying. >> be prepared. be patient. more people are going to be on the roads. they expect to be helping 400,000 people out to run into troubles on the road aaa, of course, with their members. now. you want to be one of those people. you want to get to where you're going and not have to go through car trouble. so check the little things because i know we've all been scrambling around back to normal kind going to work picking up the kids, make sure you have the little things that windshield wiper fluid enough all oil in your car. how are your brakes? very important stuff because you never know if you're going to run into a little bit of rain or anything. maybe you're heading to some snowy areas be prepared, be patient. and most of all have fun with family. if you get to see them this year. for now live in daly city. sarah stinson back to. all right. thanks, aaron. she mentioned rain and snow. yeah, i just got new tires. don't forget the tire and a spare tire to just in case. >> happening today. we've got
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kaiser mental health workers are going to be on the picket line to show their support for engineers are striking for a new contract. we're out there live yesterday. this is video actually from the strike. and you can see. >> everybody crowded together there in walnut creek to show their support. well, today kaiser psychologists therapists and social workers are also going to be striking in solidarity with the engineers. the union members have been on strike for the last 2 months amid contract negotiations, citing alleged unfair labor practices and low pay in total about 2000 mental health. clinicians will be on strike today in a statement regarding these negotiations with the engineers. kaiser said that it has been bargaining with the union for several months and that its impacts about 600 employees. this current striked kaiser also says they do not believe that the sympathy strikes are appropriate and they're asking the workers to come back to the job. >> time now 6.11 and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news 2 people arrested in san leandro. authorities say that they were trafficking a girl from honduras. we're
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going to have more on that. >> and we have new details on efforts in san francisco to prevent car break ins the holiday season. we'll see what they're doing. and as you are venturing outside, maybe to get your thanksgiving travel plans going today. you can expect some 50's at the coast couple of sprinkles out that direction. same possibility of sprinkles further inland. at least for morning hours before clearing skies later today low 60's your forecast ahead. >> and we're keeping a close eye on a accident traffic collision, scrap metal all over the roads along one, oh, one. this is out in the bottle. we'll tell you more about that and also have to get a look at your bridges because traffic is picking up. we'll be right back after the break.
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>> johnson's talking about booster shots about this in this isn't a booster shot for covid. but this is one of the rat talking about ever seen him and i'm traveling and before you go to thanksgiving dinner. if anybody is concerned about you know, maybe you have covid, right. even though vaccinated. yeah, this was on its 24 bucks in the 2 tests of 12 bucks. okay. for each test and it's 15 minutes. it will tell you if you if you're carrying covid or not, maybe you don't know and you don't infect like an old person or a little something. if you've got a big group getting together might not be in than a dozen. what
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the nose that's even knows. all right. so we've got john in the weather center with a look at our forecast as we're heading into our final countdown to thanksgiving john, nice that this year for thanksgiving things just seem a little easier. we've got. >> yes, they don't go up you so much to be thankful for i agree of we are looking outside of half moon bay here. little bit of brightness between the clouds right there. half moon bay has seen a few sprinkles. most of us have seen not much activity at all. if aside from just a few sprinkles across most of the bay area. a few light showers to the north of the golden gate. that's all we've gotten even north of the golden gate roadways are still pretty good for your travels this morning. just a couple of scattered sprinkle opportunities later on this morning. by midday and noon time we're done with that. we'll be seeing some brightening skies and we're going to stay dry the rest of the weekend as well as the rest of next week. so we do have good travel conditions all the way up towards
6:17 am
thanksgiving itself. that's good for any sort of traveling you may be doing or if you just want to be getting outside and celebrating the holiday, not really looking at much of anything as far as rainfall potential goes, this is a system that just fizzles out. by the time it reaches the bay. nothing more than a couple of slick spots from time to time 50's and 60's right along the coastline and then low 60's. for the most part, elsewhere in the bay area. foster city at 63 palo alto at 64 south bay temperatures. some of our warmest in the mid 60's. campbell in san jose will actually be our warm spots today at 66 conquered, the danville at 62 oakland allay pittsburgh also right at 62 degrees today. here's a look ahead at our next 7 days. so today is one of the coolest of the forecast. we do see a moderate warm up into saturday, sunday and monday that will take us back into the mid 60's. lots of sunshine towards the weekend. we stay dry through thanksgiving with another chance of rainfall possible the weekend after the holiday reyna don, thank you for that. we've been watching closely this hot spot.
6:18 am
>> up in the bottle. so southbound one. oh, one just south of the long avenue out here and a good alternate would be lake deal to 37 to one o one again. southbound sides. 4 lanes blocked shoulder open on the northbound side, 3 lanes blocked. one lane open and that's when an earlier accident where a truck flipped over scrap metal all over the highways there. look at the bay bridge. traffic is picking up where almost 22 minutes for your drive time there. i've seen reports of a traffic hazard on the eastbound side of the bridge as you're traveling to the city near the treasure island exit. but again, on the westbound side, we are seeing an uptick in traffic this morning. heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14 minutes. no issues along one a one and that area soon as you reach there, the richmond sandra fell could be traveling out of richmond. a little under 9 and in the south bay. let's check on you one. oh, one 85 to menlo park 28 minutes to 3785 82. i don't see any hazards slowing you down. darya james, back to you. ray ray correction. i opened the box. you do have to put this up your nose and forcing, you
6:19 am
know. but but that's or at least it will be a result. 15 minutes and you get it at cvs will be go. all right. on to the other news this morning. senate san francisco have neighbors. >> fed up with car break-ins and now there's a new community effort to try and help prevent them. a group of volunteers with a local nonprofit are going around to hot spots in the city. >> and they're leaving these little reminders saying put all your stuff in your car. don't get out. don't leave visible the nonprofit thinks that the number of car break ins will increase over the holidays. we see it every year. >> they want visitors, especially those in town for the holidays to visit family. just to be reminded that, you know, that simple act can go a long way. just making sure all your on the stove and do is to raise awareness to help people just make sure to protect their valuables to understand that this is going on. >> let's do our best to make sure that every car. seems an attractive to break into. and i think that that will go a long way from that. her son, even the locals have their nuards down for about 5 minutes.
6:20 am
>> earlier this week we focused on another community effort to help victims of car break-ins neighbors in the richmond district trying to reunite people with their stolen items left behind on city streets. you go to kron 4 dot com to see that story again. made it to help you out. >> 6.19 right now and in national news house democrats are pushing to pass the build back better act before the end of the weekend. yes, if they could do it to be a major victory for president biden although republicans say they don't like the bill they're going to push back against it. let's go to basil john in dc for more on this high. they did to make bays that weird day. that's weird. good morning, >> oh, yeah. and i give a good morning. you guys are too much but actually the latest we've heard is a few minutes ago. the house did start a vote again for the build back better act. and this would actually be a vote to pass it. now, obviously house democrats are hoping that this would all happen yesterday. but things didn't go quite as planned. >> we spent less defeating
6:21 am
hitler mussolini in japan. then you're spending tonight. house republican leader kevin mccarthy brought the build back better vote to a halt. >> for more than 8 hours. he railed against the president's plan and democrats for supporting it. you're celebrating it when it's as a 31% high. gas prices. thanksgiving. democrats were determined to vote on the nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending plan thursday night. >> we're going to change the lives and livelihoods of americans for generations to come. massachusetts congressman richard neal and south carolina congressman jim clyburn. so the legislation makes necessary changes to build back better act. we were pale. >> some longstanding faults, many of which have been exasperated by covid-19 democrats emphasized the bill reduces the deficit. >> but the congressional budget office says the bill adds 367 billion dollars to
6:22 am
the deficit over 10 years. enough of the spending in washington let's focus on helping those hard working families who are being crippled by this inflation. >> now the bill would still face an uphill battle in the senate democratic leader chuck schumer said the senate does not plan on taking any votes until christmas reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> they james said that's call you. got he's don't why? i after we just started i'm so sorry but is all i'll talk to daryn. we'll see you next time. it is 6.22 or basil. you put them on all-time cannabis delivery driver robbed at gunpoint in these past other big story we're following this morning. we'll tell you what morning. we'll tell you what happened.
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>> 6.25 in the east bay. a delivery driver taking pot to pot shop was robbed in martinez. yeah. at gunpoint. the robbery cause obviously concern among neighbors and businesses in the area. kron four's, maureen kelly went out there and took a closer look at what happened. >> concerning very concerned. the arm robbery went down as the delivery driver was dropping off a cannabis shipment here at the embark
6:26 am
cannabis dispensary. a few minutes after the noon hour wednesday. i'm told it happened here in this debt in section of g street right hammer avenue. >> martinez police say the delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint by 3 male suspects wearing masks, 2 of them armed with semiautomatic weapons. a source tells me this was an unscheduled delivery. >> and when the security guard came out to investigate and learned that a robbery was underway. store employees were alerted and the dispensary went into lockdown. luckily no one was hurt. police say the 3 suspects took off in a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent above the rear license plate. they got away with a large amount of weed and some of the delivery drivers personal possessions. those who live or work in the area find the brazen daylight armed robbery worrisome. it's holiday time. so, you know, we can expect these things but not necessarily like that. so it is concerning and onset wherever you get harmed by, you know. yeah, at noon, this. people very that c.
6:27 am
>> and a surprise. what teenage very safe. >> a spokesperson for the dispensary says they're grateful that their team and protocols kept all customers and employees safe and secure maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> a huge on highway one. oh, one in the causing headaches for the morning commute live with what you need
6:28 am
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>> say it isn't so 6.30 right now. and we've got a mess on one. oh, one in the north bay affecting both directions on what's going to be the busiest travel day of thanksgiving probably got a lot of folks you included that. maybe you've got a flight at sfo. you're trying to get down to one o one is not cooperating with an overturned big rig that had a bunch of scrap metal. now, that's all over the roadway. it is a mess that's getting light out there. so let's see what the situation looks like. camila barco. >> taking a look at camilla and how is the twisted metal end up at all. >> well, crews are now loading and securing that scrap metal that fell onto the highway onto this 18 behind me. you can see it all loaded up right there. and is even preparing to open up one more lane of traffic on each side of highway. but guys, it will take at least a more hours about ted 8 to 10 hours until
6:31 am
all lanes are open safety, says the driver of 1 one he fell asleep and crashed into a guardrail located near the downtown novato exit. >> that 18 wheeler was carrying big chunks of scrap metal. the ap says the big rig flipped on the side of the road at all of the debris flew onto the northbound lanes of highway one. oh one now. a driver of a separate car hit the truck. >> of that scrap metal that fell off the 18 wheeler. but that driver of the car is expected to be ok right now there's only one lane open to traffic on the northbound lanes. the ap is even the shoulder on the south side to get cars moving. but like i said. >> the agency is preparing to open more lanes soon as 18 wheeler. is towed away. caltrans is on scene. they had to cut the guardrail that the
6:32 am
driver and used a bulldozer to take up all of the debris like i said, are strapping the metal to on to that wheeler and they are preparing to tow it away. at this time. the scene is still active started chp says that they have to filled. all of this far will that the driver i like. i said, it's going to take about hours. and that's when all lanes will be reopened. but at time, traffic is be prepared people care for the northbound and southbound lanes. least one lane open, but they are preparing to open up some more at the time. it's unclear when that will happen. but i i'm being told that is as soon as they are able to. >> well, a so a lot of work to be done here, but it's moving along. mike. >> thank you camila stick. but
6:33 am
we're still so that this could this could affect right until the early evening commute henschel like 3, 4, 5 o'clock is going to be affected by this is a story we're obviously going to following all day long. we have team coverage of that this morning. rain is standing by in the traffic center with the maps. how big is the backups right now, all accident and of and fortunate update that camilla just gave us for that length of time. and you can see all the way through the bottle. she saying that traffic is still free flowing through that area. but this is southbound one. oh, one south of the long avenue in the bottle and again, chp saying a good alternate would be leadville to 37 to one, oh, one to try to get around this delay. the start to see gradually bill on the southbound side. they have 4 lanes blocked shoulders open right now. camilla just mentioned they're trying to open an additional lane on both sides. that's what they're working towards. and on the northbound side, 3 lanes walk one lane currently open. so it's going to be a big issue for most of the day. as you're traveling into the city right now. we see an uptick in traffic. got a
6:34 am
traffic hazard on the eastbound side of the bridge and as you're heading into the city right now. little under 18 minutes of traffic already picking up here at 06:33am heading across towards the peninsula. i don't see any delays. so that is good news for that commute richmond sandra fell out. does looks low still under 11 minutes to make it across towards sandra fell, no more red on our map that's the good news. so in the south bay long to 82 to 37. i'm not seeing any major issues, a 80 or 6.80 at this time. so it's really in the bottle. we'll keep a close eye on that. but john, you've also been tracking the weather for us today. yeah. and you know what? even though we are looking at a couple of sprinkles very limited across the bay area this morning, weather still pretty co-operative for your morning commute. >> so any sort of slowdowns that you're experiencing. that's just because it's a busy travel day. not so much because mother nature is interfering with much your view outside at a berkeley hills camera is showing some cloud cover overhead. the same cloud cover is part of the reason that we are actually feeling a bit more mild out there this morning. cloud
6:35 am
cover helps to shed heat lost during evening hours. that'p why we're in the 50's right now for most areas. your view outside at radar is showing fairly calm conditions. couple of sprinkles misty spots here and there. most rainfall is situated north of sacramento. i'll keep you updated on that. we do see any sprinkles popping up across the bay itself as for current temperatures, i mentioned it's nice and mild. definitely warmer. noticeably so than yesterday at this time. most of us are hanging out in the 50's this morning. so nice way to kick things off on this friday daryn. james, so at 6.35 and a big story. a woman was shot and killed. >> while she was in a car on 80 near the bay bridge toll plaza and there were 2 kids in the backseat. this happened yesterday morning. and now we have the dispatch audio. take a listen. >> so the woman who was shot and killed was in the passenger seat of the car you see on that flatbed. there was
6:36 am
a man in the driver's seat to children in the backseat, but none of them was hurt that shooting shut down several lanes for hours while investigators search for evidence. and as of this morning, we have no information on who the shooter could be. >> also in the east and was shot several times at the willow shopping center in hercules. we have video of police investigating the scene here. 33 year-old the victim was taken to the hospital. as we've been told multiple gunshot wounds. he is in stable condition. so they are expecting that he will survive witnesses tell hercules police said it was 2 men that apparently attacked him then shot him. we spoke with some of the business owners in the area that were hit by some of that gunfire and they say obviously is very concerning for them. understand their customers. >> i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something that is a concern. >> yeah. the attackers were seen taking off. in a white
6:37 am
sedan driven by a 3rd person. if you have any information that will help police let them now. >> it's 6.36 and happening now, san mateo police are asking for your help in finding the man you see here he is wanted for a battery at the kingston coin laundry on north kingston street. this happened monday afternoon and also they're asking anybody who lives in the area might have a security camera that was rolling to check that video or pictures and see if there's something that might help. san leandro police have arrested 2 people for a human trafficking of a 17 year-old girl from honduras. here's the 2 people that were arrested to from san leandro won aguilar and margaret wilson are accused of kidnapping. the teen from honduras and forcing her into prostitution and police say they were operating out of this home where they live on hutchings drive. but neighbors had no idea anything was going on.
6:38 am
>> it's amazing. that's just where that something like that could happen. right across the street, poor girl that side. >> the 2 defendants have already pleaded not guilty to the charges and they're due back in court at the end of the month. >> well, a bay area college professor is now facing charges of arson arson to federal property and also setting wildfires 47 year-old gary maynard of san jose is accused of going on arson spree fear the dixie fire while it was still burning up in placer county. men are taught criminology at sonoma state university. investigators say he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. if he's convicted of these charges, he could face upwards of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each arson. california attorney general rob bonta now leading a nationwide investigation to formally known as facebook and the effect that instagram has had on children and young adults. bonta says that a bipartisan
6:39 am
coalition of attorneys general from 8 states will be investigating how metta advertised instagram to children despite knowing about the physical and mental health consequences that it caused recent studies have linked instagram to a rise in depression and eating disorders. even suicide in a statement, botta says, quote, we have undertaken this nationwide investigation to get answers about met his efforts to promote the use of its social media platform to young californians and to determine if in doing so metta violated the law. >> 6.39. and if you live in the north bay. we're going to show you a way that you could get some dangerous shrubbery cut down for free. sandra fell has a program that they're offering to reduce wildfire fuels and provide better dispensable. a defensible space around your home. so they're partnering with americorps and the marine wildfire and focusing on things like this. juniper plants and getting rid of them. >> they're either doing like
6:40 am
understory clearance out in the open space areas. so removing highly combustible invasive species such as french broom. >> and mainly really focusing on areas that are. >> within a 100 feet of residential structure. >> so you have to do is reach out. if you live in sandra fell to the fire department and they will set up this free service for you. the program goes until december 17th. >> also in headlines this morning, leaders of california's high-speed rail project say that the recently passed federal infrastructure package could move that stalled project along kron four's. ashley zavala has the update. >> it's a huge, huge development. california. i think for this project going high speed rail authority ceo brian kelly says the recently signed federal infrastructure package will provide big opportunity for the state and country's largest rail project for the federal government to step up put this level of funding. >> on the table is truly
6:41 am
stuart, the leader of the state's 100 billion dollars counting bullet train project noted the legislation provides about 58 billion dollars over 6 different programs up for grabs. kelly says the rail authority is ready to compete for some of that money but did not see an exact amount thursday. these are all places where we applied for funding in the past but and it will intend keep those going forward. the ceos optimistic outlook came at the high speed rail authority. board's monthly meeting their board members also got an update on construction. significant work has been completed on several structures on the 119 miles. central valley track between bakersfield and madera. project leaders are aiming to compete that segment by the end of next year with planning under way to connect san francisco and los angeles by 2030, thursday's updates were welcome news to the board which has seen constant delays and cost overruns for the project. we can't continue >> it means that can call set
6:42 am
that keep us to we have clear as clear as we can. >> and look at this part ford's project leaders are looking forward to more federal action on president biden's build back better plan which they say could provide even more financial opportunity for the bullet train. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> 6.41 and has levi's been misbehaving know their curfew has been extended that when you're grounded any there's tighter curfew. the news it could keep you up late. if you live around there, we're going to tell you what's going on there and the warriors. >> just can't lose well they got another win on the road. steph curry can't lose 40 points. and a new magic number for threes will have the highlights.
6:43 am
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>> 6.44 right now we're checking out the before thanksgiving. the friday getaway day for a lot of people. a lot of people planning their trips out of town starting today. we've got john with a look at forecast. we had some sprinkles overnight. is the weather going to be impacting anybody trying to drive the roads today, not too sprinkles really just a little bit of wetness on roadways and. >> i know i saw a little bit of that on my street. but it wasn't enough to make things super slick very much so. on the lighter side of rainfall. you can possibly get at the coastline. we've also seen some sprinkles half moon. bay, though, is still looking really nice. we've got some cloud cover little sunshine peeking through there, too. so even though this is technically a rainy morning by this week standards. at least
6:46 am
you're really not looking at a whole lot that's going to slow you down at all unless it's just the traffic out there. most rainfall widespread has been a stash up above 80 once you head north of sacramento and up into mendocino and lake counties. north bay did see some light sprinkles rest of the bay area. brief sprinkles as well. you can see that we will see a chance of those hanging on over the next couple of hours. really haven't cleared out and eliminated that potential by noontime today and then even a little sunshine this afternoon between some clouds after this. it is smooth sailing all the way through thanksgiving tomorrow sunday actually bringing a lot of sunshine temperatures a bit warmer than today's going to be. so the weekend is going to be really nice. any sort of rainfall ahead of us is nothing more than a drop or 2. she can see in future cast temperatures will be on the cool side again, much like yesterday, 50's and 60's near the coastline and then some low to mid 60's elsewhere in the bay area today are warm spots will be in the south bay with areas like san jose as well as campbell. our very warmest at
6:47 am
66 degrees santa clara. you're right there as well. anywhere else. it's mostly low 60's dublin in oakland at 62 same from concord and bill on over to allay and pittsburgh. knapp and fairfield. you'll be at 61 with santa rosa right at 60 degrees tomorrow's temperatures start to rise a bit in sunday and monday are going to be fairly mild notice that we stay dry from this point forward all the way through thanksgiving with thanksgiving itself being cool and sunny with highs in the low 60's. >> great jolly been focusing on this hot spot in nevado. this is southbound one. oh, one just south of the long avenue. and again, if you're traveling here, it's backed up to about down on the southbound side, 4 lanes blocked shoulder open on the northbound side, 3 lanes blocked. one lane open and they're saying chp say lake built a 37 to one o one is a good alternate to try to just get around this all together. so you don't have to wait and all of that delay. >> traveling into the city. an uptick in traffic. 18 minutes
6:48 am
as you're making your way to at least that fremont street exit. we had a traffic hazard on the eastbound side of the bridge earlier this morning headed across towards the peninsula. looks like we do have some gray skies the a little under 15 as you're traveling richmond center fell commute heading out of richmond. a little under 40 minutes for you to make that drive. and the south bay just a slight uptick in traffic 85 to menlo park 33 minutes there to 3780 to 85 though no major delays in the south bay darya james, back to you. thanks a lot less talk warriors on the road with a great facing off against the cleveland cavaliers once again, steph curry was playing lights out. >> putting up. it was a 40 points last night. and credible concourse for straighter. jason dumas has the latest. the best team in basketball trying to finish out the road trip. strong game. one of a back-to-back starting in cleveland. >> ah, the memories. this organization has in that building. the queue. let's go to the midwest. you figure
6:49 am
stephan company would have an easy night with the cab. but that could have been farther from the truth. cleveland jumped out to a 10. nothing lead thanks to shot like that from dean. wait 3 of his 17 points. but belli he kept the cab in this early on that 3 of his 14 points in the half 4 years down 3 at the break to end of the 3rd the same way with the want to get the tip and at the but he just like dwayne wade except way taller white not black. the dump sleepwalking down 13 entering the 4th, but the warriors went on a 17 o run to begin to for curry to dealey. got to love that connection. we've got ourselves a tie game. and stephanie goes to work to take you see kids using the left hand on the left side. that's aloft are. that's how you don't get the shot block deals with. how about getting an entry pass in the post. he doesn't always finishes with the reverse 85 81 back to the
6:50 am
valley find him in the corner. he had 9 in the 4 finish with 11. but we have to end this with staff. he had 9, 3 pointers that patented its step back. he finished with 40 points warriors win one o 4.89. they are an nba best 13 2. up next, the pistons on friday serious step on that epic 36 to 8 run into for ports defense. it's just. >> a good energy because not only are you feeling good making shots. but you find yourself always in the right position, making noreika so much making our and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow that go shot for shot. and it becomes a lot harder because united still not getting stops. we're able to do both. and that's why have. >> 36 state court or kind of got a crazy.
6:51 am
>> unfortunately, this right here was the much have much fight as the shark showed all night in st. louis. the blues brandon scored one of his 2 goals here. louis wins 41 to sharks return home saturday to take on the washington capitals. >> that is your look at sports. guess what, levi stadium gets to go to bed later. >> they do. a little at least into the night for certain concerts and events are coming to town. the santa clara city council actually voted to alloc the forty-niners who run the stadium to go ahead and host up to 5 events per year that on certain nights can go all the way to 11:00pm, right. so the current curfews. >> they only allow that on a friday and saturday. so it's 10 o'clock on week in week night. but they'll get an 11 o'clock curfew for certain shows council members say that this is going help bring more money into the area. >> i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. and i think this is a great way to get our community out
6:52 am
of that hole. and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears. >> yeah. some neighbors say they're not bothered by the later curfew, though. in fact, they say what's more of a nuisance for them is the air traffic overhead. those planes just make that noise all day. every day. we'll be right every day. we'll be right back. watch this. can i please get the cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo? wait, i know that voice... (smug laugh) danny palumbo? from high school?! no, it's jack. try my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger combo with cheese 3 ways.
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>> 6.54 and will smith getting to go to wimbledon's world famous centre court before the screening of his new movie because though he's playing serena and serena williams. yeah. parents yeah. he says he get temps he is a venus and serena is dad. >> in the movie. he plays richard williams who of course, you know, coach that encourage them and was really just instrumental in bringing up the whole family is an amazing guy. but during that little press conference, he was pretty excited to at least touch the grass. >> you know, it they won't. they will let us walk on the grass because of our heels. but maybe maybe if i take my shoes off, they might let walk out there because i have to say i was actually on the court. i can't come all the way here and not actually be on the court. get of her. if it. >> his portrayal supposed to be amazing. it's called king richard and its in theaters.
6:56 am
and i have to say i'm reading the will smith wrote his own book about his life, right. it's called will and we'll is going to channel. i know some of his own dad. yeah, because will's dad, you know what he said. he said 99% is like 0. got to give your all. and that's where we'll get his drive and venus and serena their dad managed to do this. amazing thing between driving them and inspiring same time. >> and if you're wondering if this is going to be like close to the true story. it probably will be because both serena and venus were executive producers on they had a big say and what's going to be portrayed on screen. i can't wait to see i 6.56. and coming up in the next hour. >> thanksgiving travel is underway already. if you're not at the airport even now haha. and if you're not driving yet, you've got to fill er up. well, you're going to pay more 53 million people are supposed to hit the roads. >> and of course we have the highest prices in the country right here.
6:57 am
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this friday before thanksgiving biggest
7:00 am
travel day of the thanksgiving travel season. and you're not just going to run into trouble this morning. this is going to be the gift that keeps giving. >> all afternoon long. we're talking about a big accident on highway one. oh, one southbound in the bottle area. big rig dumped a bunch of scrap metal. and according to kron four's barco who's been following thn story for us up there. it's going to be hours and hours. they think before this is all cleared up enough. they can open all the lanes that correct. >> lot of work to be done get that open right another last of metal that fell off big red. but once they are done with the real all of that video from the crash happened earlier, chp says the driver of the big rig was going south on highway one. oh, one, he fellas


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