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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  November 19, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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♪building castles in the sky♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a friday. i'm darya and i'm james who want to start off with breaking news this morning. heading up to the north bay where we have a situation on one. oh, now. it's bad because of course, and it kind of a car accident is bad news. however, it's good news because it happened this early on a day when. >> this is supposed to be a big thanksgiving travel day, right. so let's get right up to it. kron four's, camila barco sent by live at the scene with more on exactly. >> what happened. camila.
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>> ellen james, it's quite a situation here. crews are working to clean up the mess of currently on the southbound lane on highway one. oh, one near the downtown novato exit and this is where chp says the driver of an 18 wheeler hit guardrail. and that's what the mess. they just started a misstep on the way. you best. get a better picture to what i am looking at. chp says the driver of this 18 wheeler. i'm sure you can see it right now-and sunni and driver of an 18 wheeler. was going southbound on highway one oh, one chp says that he fell asleep and hit this guardrail. the 18 wheeler was carrying big chunk of scrap metal. that's what you see on your screen right now. chp says the big break flipped onto the side of the road and all of this debris flew onto the northbound lanes. and that's where you can see all of it right here just on the side of
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the road. the driver walked away with minor injuries. however, it's going to be a bill to clean up this mess right now. there's only one lane open to traffic on the northbound lanes. what you're looking at across the street that the northbound lanes. however, chp does have the shoulder lane on the south side open to get cars moving now, as you can see, how a trans is on scene. they just popped the cut. the guardrail that the driver can't. and right now they are using a to pick up all of this scrap metal. no lead loaded onto the 18 wheeler. and that's when they'll away away. chp tells me that they have been on scene since about one 20 this morning. that's when the crash happened. however, they tell me that they're unsure when all of this mess is going to be cleaned up. so if you are driving on highway one oh, one
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southbound lanes northbound plan ahead because only one lane is open on both sides start games. back to that is some. >> bad news. yeah, that's right. and tell him that i was like, well, i would really like to see all that crushed metal junk in the light. however, i'm hoping by 07:00am be calm. yeah, because don't forget camila. just real quickly, we've got one of the biggest travel days of the year today. people heading to the airports to fly up for thanksgiving holiday. so if anybody inesanta rosa hoping to get down to sfo for 06:00am flight or. >> and just drive. this is a big slide getaway day because saving it have all next week off. so we're expecting the rosarywpretty packed. let's go. we've got team coverage with on a duty to damon. what is yes, it's a big travel in traffic, rana. yeah, it's a big travel day. so we hate to see anything like this happen any day of the week, but especially on big day. so we were talking about where this is southbound one. oh, one. just south of the day long avenue. you got that accident in nevada. and so you're starting to see delays there.
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>> so what the update from chp right now. southbound one. oh, one, you know that they have 4 lanes currently blocked. the shoulder is only open to aptraffic on the northbound side. they've got 3 lanes blocked and they've got one lane currently open. so if you are getting off, you can go ahead and get off of right ought to long avenue and roland boulevard. if maybe you're trying to bypass all of that and get around that. but we're also keeping track of your other morning travel here on this friday. if you're traveling from the east bay heading into the city. it's going to be a little under 9 minutes. not seen any major delays. that's the good news. you know, yesterday morning we had some issues along the bay bridge will get to that in a moment. heading across towards the peninsula little under 13 minutes for your drive time there. richmond sandra fell commute. as you travel out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes. and in the south bay along one o one 85 to menlo park about 27 minutes to 3785 82. no major issues. john. well, thank you so much for those updates reyna. it really
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is a busy travel day. mother nature is cooperating. for the most part. at least we are seeing a couple of sprinkles out there this morning, but it shouldn't be anything to slow you down much. >> i think the traffic is going to slow you down more than anything else will on this busy friday. your view outside right now does show your berkeley hills. cam looking actually fairly clear. we've seen nothing more than a couple of droplets of water for most of the bay area. we did see some light sprinkles overnight near the coastline and in the north bay side. from that, though, you're definitely waking up to some pretty inviting conditions. honestly and temperatures because of the cloud cover overnight or actually fairly mild. most of us are hanging out in the 50's tomorrow morning is going to be significantly colder morning as this air mass that we're in the midst of is going to be replaced by colder and drier one. i'm talking all about what to expect in this weekend before the holiday and everything else leading up to thanksgiving. still ahead, daryn. james. >> thanks, john. 5. '05. and the big story this morning an early holiday travel rush. that is what we're talking
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about at the airport sfo. >> says it's going to be the biggest single day for thanksgiving travel. 10. security checkpoints are going to be slammed. don't make any you know. hopes about that. it's going to be a long way. getting through crawford's will trend actually out there live at sfo with a look right now at what the situation is like. it looks. >> it's real. >> just go ahead. tell this is a hot spot. make it a hot spot all morning because we will give you the full travel experience live on television as best as we can. look at all these cars. this is not what you see on any other given time. but this will be the busiest travel day of the thanksgiving holiday if not for the entire year as more people 10 to travel for thanksgiving, then actually even christmas. you can see a lot of those rideshares. they're dropping people law there. you know, they get a little bit more patient. i don't see some of the people coming along and yelling at them. keep it moving, keep him
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moving, not just yet because there's still a little bit of wiggle room. follow me. let's go inside a promise. you a full experience. this is what you can expect when you are coming to sfo, not too bad at the ticket counters at this particular time. people are checking in there. luggage and they're rushing this is you know, there's always layers, right. you get dropped off and then you go inside to the counter and then you see this. this always makes might stomach turn with anxiety. the checkpoint line and. i promise you, i've done this story a lot last year we were here. obviously with the pandemic and it was just a ghost town, not anymore. this is what you can expect and what we're only 5. '05, in the morning. look at the line already just circling back on itself with so many people traveling according to aaa, they believe about 53 million americans will start their holiday travel. today. sfo will expect
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about 50,000 people to come through here. san jose. also about 50,000 as far as oakland is concerned, they are going to have their busiest day on wednesday. so lots of people have that thousand-mile stare. let's see if i can talk to somebody, tw traveling for thanksgiving at all. a chance of that. what do you think about this crowd here is live on television. what do you think about this crowd are used little surprise. i'm surprised is not have it. wow. look at you. you're just about and i'm actually shocked that it is this. have you. thank you so much for that. get in line. i want you to miss your flight real quick. give a second to spare from channel 4 news. what do you think about this line. are you little surprise a thank you. okay. well, there is a lot of people in a rush. that's code word for stop bothering me. i got to get in line. don't. you know what? i don't blame them. so this is what you can expect. we'll get more reaction throughout the morning. but this is the live experience that i wanted to show you. look at this. thank
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goodness i'm not traveling because i'm staying at wil for the thanksgiving holiday. i just thought of this well, and this is really mean. but it would be a good experiment. but so, you know, when you're on the line there, like behind you. like the tsa line. >> you know, the people who wait too late and they're like place in 15 minutes. should just totally act like that and see how your received go ahead. i got a flight so i can go ahead. >> only if you and james put up i think at this particular time either we'll get into a i would be punched in the face and something will happen to all those holiday season as we all know, people's patients a week and we always talk about pack your patience. let's face it, not at my you're braver than me. want to get down bring their luggage and i will make go i taken undercover think so, ok, well, and one more thing. i'm wondering
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we'll check back with you later. what are the first flight times are the 6.30 or 7 because that means these people are like 2 hours early. yes, have to wait and see. that, you it starts to ramp up if you're here around 5 o'clock in the morning. chances are their first year when it starts to ramp up about 6.30, r 7. so. >> you can see it for yourself. if you're packing this morning. you know your flight. i don't know your flight if you're at home right now and putting your toothpaste into depressions, your luggage gauge for yourself. how much time do you need org. if you want to give the lyft driver. hey, there's an extra 20 in it for you. step on the gas because don't want to miss my flight 70 big tipper. all right. thank you will. well, it is going to be big travel day. there's going to be a lot of folks there at the airport. bank on that. folks on the roads to be as that's going to be other popular way getting around. that's another thing like we can do things like can i cut front. can i cut for the at the exit. can i cut in front of the exit on like people like little bit at the last second. >> people also don't like high gas prices, but that the way that's the way it is cap. so a
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lot of people are going to be hitting the roads today. >> california and the bay area. we always have the highest prices for gas in the country. and sure enough, we're hitting peak levels right at the thanksgiving holiday travel season. kron 4, sarah stinson on that story for us out in daly city. good morning. cerro the fun. >> james r. i mean, it is almost better to just cut in line at the airport. then cut someone off and that on the road because obviously it's a lot safer. just tonight. but it got a good line. by the way, i'm in techs will right now. i'm gonna dare him double dog dare him to get in. do that. live on tv for us. it would be whole areas. any who hearing in daly city and live at a chevron were unfortunately don't have the best news for you because regular gas per gallon. $4.99. we're talking basically $5 a gallon and that's what been seeing along the roadside like avoid those gas station because right up the road wrom here. i saw one for $4 and $0.45 and that's not name brand but you decide it's
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going to cost millions of people on the roads. more to get to that turkey dinner. take a look at the average cost of gas in the bay area in the state. it's $4.70. but then you see in san francisco. it's $4.88 and then places like oakland. it's a little bit cheaper. 4 $1.7, $0.9 and santa rosa same san francisco and san jose. $4 in a sense, not great, not just for regular so and it's on average. so there's a lot higher than that. there's a little some lower than that. it's going to cost you for sure. more money to drive to that turkey dinner. >> but you know what? i think a lot of people who didn't get to do it last year are willing to pay more because getting to see family is priceless 48 million people are hitting the roads in the u.s. this year for thanksgiving. that's an 8% increase from last year's. so triple a's telling everyone hey, be prepared. take it slow out there and a really good tip. make sure
5:13 am
your car is road trip ready. i think we get so busy and we forget, hey, how are my brakes. how is my windshield wiper fluid in there like a lot of simple things that could really affect you on a road trip, especially because you know what the weather is going to be in. you want to make sure that you are prepared triple a expects to help over 400,000 of their members over the thanksgiving holiday. that's a lot of people that they're going to be isn't in tow trucks out to or helping out and you don't want to be one of them. so be prepared and then also what you can can't really prepare for boyer going experience out there is high gas prices at the pump darya james, at least people are able to go see family this year. last year with more of a don't even think about it. i told. and listen, i think you're right, sara. i first of all, i think cutting somebody else on the road would not be received well, much more to it. but i think it will were undercover doing that. he would find. >> so i think sir agrees that that is like okay, i think
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people. >> if if those folks still have plenty of time. yeah there. what do you think sarah, we'll see. >> i think if it say it was today, it will be like, ok, go ahead. but if it's thanksgiving day, it is manny man world. there got to get to their they're going to say, well, i also have to get there. so don't even think here. nice and grateful to k. right. well, we'll see a few dozen experiment. thank >> all right. we'll take quick break. in fy 14 coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news. >> san leandro authorities revealing disturbing details about a 17 year-old girl from honduras, a victim of human trafficking will have the story coming up and cannabis delivery driver robbed at gunpoint in the east bay. we're going to have details on we're going to have details on what happened. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable.
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>> welcome back. 5.17 on this friday morning. feels good to say that i'm sure for some of
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you who maybe have a little bit of time off for thanksgiving feels really good to be thinking about this friday. now we are going to be looking at a really busy day ahead of us. one of the busiest travel days of the years we've been talking so much about looking outside at half moon bay this morning. it's a little wet out there. we've seen a couple of sprinkles misty spots here and there. but it's been very limited. so any sort of impact that mother nature is bringing to us today is not a whole lot. definitely not slow you down too terribly much sprinkles, most likely in the north bay through the rest of this morning and keep you updated if we do see anything significant, it's not looking like anything out there that should interrupt. most of us, as you can see, just a trace of rainfall at max. most of us not even checking in with any at all. today's daytime highs will be in a range of upper 50's to mostly low 60's. this is actually pretty similar to where we were yesterday, too. now tomorrow's daytime highs will be in the mid 60's. and that's the way we're going to stay through monday of next week. staying dry through thanksgiving on thursday. best chance of rain falls after the holiday that following
5:19 am
weekend. great job. thank you. still follow the hot spot up in a bottle, a truck that overturned carrying crush debris from cars. >> southbound want to one just south of daylong avenue in the bottle is where that's happening. so southbound one. oh, 1, one to 4 lanes are currently blocked. the shoulder is open there on the northbound side, you have one to 3 lanes blocked and they have one lane that's open for you to make that commute talking to camilla barcos on scene. they're currently she tells me traffic is free flowing through the air, although slowly so if you do want to get off, you can take roland boulevard and get off at day long. but again, camilla saying that traffic is just staying on the highway there and traveling through that leave you with a look at the bay bridge a little under 8 minutes traveling into the city. darya james, back to you. thanks, ray and national news has democrats are pushing to pass the build back better act before the end of the weekend. yes, doing so, of course, would be a major victory for president biden. republicans though, are against the bill. and for more on all of this, let's visit once more with basil john. >> live in dc good morning,
5:20 am
basil. well, daryn, james, good morning. and the houses just restarted their session for these votes. now house democrats had every intention of having these votes go through yesterday. >> but things didn't go quite as planned. >> we spent less defeating hitler mussolini in japan. then you're spending tonight. house republican leader kevin mccarthy brought the build back better vote to a halt. >> for more than 8 hours. he railed against the president's plan and democrats for supporting it. you're celebrating it when it's as a 31% high. gas prices. thanksgiving. democrats were determined to vote on the nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending plan thursday night. we're going to change the lives and livelihoods of americans for generations to come. >> massachusetts congressman richard neal and south carolina congressman jim clyburn. so the legislation makes necessary changes to build back better act. we were
5:21 am
>> some longstanding faults, many of which have been exasperated by covid-19 democrats emphasized the bill reduces the deficit. >> but the congressional budget office says the bill adds 367 billion dollars to the deficit over 10 years. enough of the spending in washington let's focus on helping those hard working families who are being crippled by this inflation. >> now, the bill would face an uphill battle in the senate and democratic leader chuck schumer says even if it does get there. the senate would not do anything with the votes until christmas reporting live in washington. i'm basil john thanks, basil. all right. 5.21, is the time. we'll take a quick break here. but coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news new video of a smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in the north bay. >> police say one of the thieves is just 16 years old.
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>> time for it. just keeps happening jewelry stores getting hit in the bay area. yeah. this time around. it's all about $50,000 worth of jewelry from a mall up in fairfield. the solano town center. >> police say the robbers currently are teenagers and the fees have since been arrested. the youngest was just 16. erick rucker has the story. >> a smash-and-grab caught on video and re store inside this town center in fairfield
5:25 am
wednesday. fairfield police say bats and hammers were used to break the daniel's jewelers in order to take $50,000 worth of product. >> personally disgusting. that's cool. >> in the video. you can see one person enter a photo booth to seemingly hide while the theft occurred just feet away. a woman hiding in the bone goes is kind of really double. some of those we showed the video to we made a plan today say this type of crime has been happening often enough that they recently decided what they would do if it happened when they were nearby together. yes, and if there's a group of people coming. and there's a group of people running that we would at least get one that we all 3 or 2 anderson and go for one. >> fairfield. police say they were able to track down those responsible in manteo, 1917 16 year-old the incident inside the town center coming just days after a similar display on monday in concord where
5:26 am
police there say 9 people at the sun valley mall also used hammers to get to the goods so far no arrests have been made in that case. >> that was eric rucker reporting this morning. a jewelry store in concord was also robbed this week. >> a huge mess on highway one. oh, one in the north bay is causing headaches for the morning commute. i'm live with morning commute. i'm live with what you need to ♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you!
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>> but 20, let's get back to the breaking news which is all over one. oh, one southbound in nevado. yet we had a major accident up there. big rig flipped over was carrying a bunch of scrap metal. so that's all over the roadway now and it's going to be a little while for the get all cleaned out. any time you need a bulldozer to clean up. that's not a good sign. camila barco is taking a peek at the progress. i camilla. >> warning you guys say out quite a mess out here and crews are still working to clean it up on currently on the southbound lane on highway one. oh, one. this is near the downtown novato exit chp tells me that this is where an 18 wheeler was driving and he fell asleep behind the wheel and eventually crashed into the guardrail at my step on the way. you guys get a better look what is going on. chp says the driver of this big red right here in the far end.
5:30 am
>> was going southbound on highway one. oh, one like i said, he fell asleep and last into the guardrail. as you can see, the guardrail is gone at this time because crews out here have removed it to try to clean it up. chp says that the 18 wheeler was carrying a big chunk of scrap metal. and that's what you are seeing right now on the screen. all of this is the debris that the. big rig was caring. and chp says that the big flipped onto the side of the road. once you hit that are real and this is where all of the debris flew on the northbound lanes on highway one o run 1, one his name. and right now there's only one lane open to traffic on the northbound lanes. chp is also using the shoulder lane on the south side to get cars moving out. the driver of 18 wheeler walked away with minor injuries. however, tennessee.
5:31 am
bill to clean up this scene. as you can it active right now. how land is like i said, they cut the guardrail that driver. >> there are trying to get a bulldozer to up and the scrap metal. there's been a loaded on to the 18 wheeler that you see right here on brain and then they're going away. now crews have been here since about 1 one. this morning. that's when the crash happened. however, they do not know when the rays are going to open again to talk >> start to kicked off. so if you are headed down airport, lana ahead. traffic is flowing. kelly right now. but that can change as more people start heading out the door. incredible mess out there. thank you. camila will come
5:32 am
back for updates throughout the morning. we've got team coverage right now with the harvey of the traffic ran a good morning and it's good news that traffic is flowing steadily just like camilla just mentioned. so. >> we are just waking up southbound one. oh, one, just south of the long avenues ear. >> that is where we're seeing all of that debris spilled over the road selection mention southbound side. we've got at least 4 lanes blocked the shoulders open so people are getting through there slowly but on that shoulder lane and also on the northbound side, those 3 lanes currently blocked one lane open still early. so we are just seeing that delay in novato and not spread out again into other cities. they're heading from the east by the end of the city right now. a little under 9 minutes on this busy friday. >> not tracking any major issues or delays along that is the good news at this hour. a little under 13 to make your way across towards the peninsula. the richmond center fell bridge a little under 8 minutes at in the south bay, thankfully. no major delays here. so 85 to the low part about 28 minutes to 3782 into ad tracking no hazards said
5:33 am
over to you. get his goal with the forecast which we wear today. yes, i think you should be definitely wearing a light jacket. this morning. but you're going to notice that it's not feeling quite as cold as it did yesterday. >> cloud cover from this system that we have pushing overhead is actually helping to keep us a bit more on the mild side. so we're starting off this morning in a range of 50's your view outside of her berkeley hills. cam is showing some of that cloud cover that sits above the bay fog isn't as pervasive is an issue as what we had been seeing the past few days. now. we do have had a couple sprinkles out there. a couple is the key word. we have not seen whole lot of rainfall at all. just a few light showers up in the north bay last night. so you may notice a few wet spots, but overall mother nature is cooperating for such a busy travel day ahead of us. i mentioned that the temperatures are fairly mild. we're in the midst of 50's. so the light jacket would do just fine. staying in the low 60's towards the afternoon daryn. james, thanks, john. so big story this morning, a woman was fatally shot while she was inside of a car on interstate
5:34 am
80 near the bay bridge toll plaza. 2 children were in the backseat and this happened yesterday morning. and now we now have. >> the dispatch audio of that shooting. let's listen. >> the woman was sitting in the passenger seat of that vehicle that you see 2 on the top of flat bat and a man was the driver seat and 2 kids in the backseat. they were hurt. but again, she was in the passenger seat and the shooting shut down several lanes for hours while investigators. >> search that scene for evidence. as of this morning is no information now on any possible suspect. we'll stay on the story and let you know when there is an update. meanwhile, in the east bay police martinez now are investigating after a cannabis delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. they say the driver was dropping off a shipment at the embarked dispensary on alhambra avenue right around noon yesterday. our wednesday as matter of fact, he was
5:35 am
y were wearing masks. 2 of them had apparently had semiautomatic weapons. they stole a large amount of cannabis and some of the drivers personal belongings. nobody was physically hurt thankfully, but the crime did leave the neighbors, as you can imagine, on edge. >> kind surprised. what teenage very safe this holiday time. so. >> you know, we can expect these things but not necessarily like that. so it is concerning. >> police say the man got away with a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent on the back right above the rear license plate. they give any information that might be helpful. let police know. also in the east bay a man had or was shot several times at the willow shopping center in hercules. we have video police investigating the scene yesterday afternoon. a 33 year-old person was taken to the hospital after he was shot multiple times. we're told he's in stable condition. witnesses say that hercules police or lease told police the 2 men attacked that victim and then shot him some
5:36 am
businesses in the area were also hit by gunfire. one business owner is concern now for the safety of its customers. >> i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something that is a concern. >> yeah. the attackers were seen driving off in a white sedan driven by another person. we'll let you know if they come out with any sort of sub suspect description. >> happening now, san mateo police are asking your help to find the man you see here. he's wanted for a battery at the kingston coin laundry on north kingston street. this battery happened monday afternoon. so they would like your help in identifying and finding him and they would also like your help if you have a security camera in the neighborhood that may be caught him on camera either leaving or coming or walking down that street in the area. san leandro police are
5:37 am
investigating a human trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras. take a look at the 2 san leandro residents who arrested one idea lar and margaret wilson. they are accused of kidnapping the teenager from her home country and forcing her into prostitution. they were operating out of a home on hutchings drive. neighbors say they had no idea what was going on. >> it's that's just weird that something like that could happen. right across the street, poor girl that side. >> his 7 neighbors say they just had no idea these 2 defendarts have already pleaded not guilty to the charges. they're due back in court at the end of the month. >> well, bay area college professor is now facing charges of arson to felony property and setting fires 47 year-old gary maynard of san jose's accuse now going on an arson spree near the dixie fire while it was still burning up in placer county. he taught criminology at
5:38 am
sonoma state university. investigators say he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. if he's convicted of these charges, he could face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each arson count. >> it's 5.37. and still ahead, sandra fell is trying to prevent wildfires now for next season we'll show you, however, what free service. they're offering residents plus the warriors with another win and steph curry doing great. wow. you've got to see how many 3 pointers the bait. again, and then after the break, bart plans to add more electric vehicle, charging stations. we'll have the details.
5:39 am
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board of directors has unanimously adopted the first-ever vehicle charging policy. so. >> they're going stall more electric charging stations at bart locations, reduce barriers for low income drivers promote greener communities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. bart already has electric charging stations at the warm south fremont and lafayette stations as part of this pilot project. recalling certain camry models after the problem was discovered with the braking system. so 227,000 camrys. we're talking 2018 to 19 models are affected its
5:42 am
recall. the automaker says the problem is with the power assist system. it can wear out prematurely. if you heve a camry that is involved. you're going to be notified and toyota will fix the problem for free. we have more information on kron 4 dot com. >> we have by default. you're >> we have by default. you're not signed up. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills. but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier
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>> 44 in the north bay efforts have already started to stop the threat of wildfires next year. yeah, we're already looking that far ahead, the city center fell, for example, is offering a free program to help reduce the wildfire fuels. >> and provide better defensible space around homes gayle ong takes a look. >> this some of that, you know, probably thing from residential properties yet let's see shultz with americorps and triple c worked on 4 different properties in the terri lynn, the neighborhood thursday. >> and the area known to have several juniper trees in oily plant that builds up dead wood material an extreme fire risk for homeowners respond around the area and that lights oil plant like juniper as we get just a little bit of wind on it. >> i'm playing like jennifer has the potential to produce playing like center about 2 to 3 times the size of of actual plants. the city's center fell is offering to remove the highly flammable plant for free. >> the sandra fell fire department partnered with americorps and marine wildfire to help create defensible space for homeowners simon
5:46 am
wright vegetation management specialist for the center fell fire department is focusing on homes and evacuation routes. they're either doing. >> like understory clearance out in the open space areas. so removing highly combustible. >> invasive species such as french broom and mainly really focusing on areas that are within a 100 feet of residential structure quinn, gardner overseas, wildfire prevention efforts in sandra fell gardner says the program on its 3rd year. not only helps clear debris right. defensible space is about removing all the vegetation is just about having the right vegetation, right place. >> and juniper is not the right vegetation, especially near roadways and evacuation clearing that out will create clear area where the property owner can can replant other other plants that are more adopted, a chip or a truck will clear out debris for residents. sandra fell residents can reach out to the fire department to set up for the free service that goes on until december 17th in sandra fell, gayle ong kron 4 news.
5:47 am
and i think that should for used to be really popular. i see that around a lot. yeah. older homes older homes. yeah. by all the here. so you can get for and help take care of this high fly you know, eucalyptus trees too. >> are hugely founder like matchsticks week ago. but that's a whole different program. someday ok and about fire season next season. but right now we're not worried about it because fire season is over because we had some rain and we're hoping at i noticed there were a few sprinkles last. are they still around? are they pretty much gone. still some sprinkles out there are guys and i also had a couple sprinkles in my neighborhood last night walked outside and was like yep, that roadways a little bit wet. but really not looking at overwhelmingly wet conditions just enough to roadways looking a little bit damp this morning because of those isolated sprinkles that still do remain across the bay area. this is a very dark view right now at san francisco, unfortunately was a little too cloudy for much of the bay to catch much of the lunar eclipse last night. now as we
5:48 am
work our way through the morning. you can see that it's a little still very cloudy one. and we still do have sprinkles just a couple of them across the north bay says a very weak system at this point. it did result at one point some heavy rainfall for the pacific northwest. now not resulting in much at all for us. just a couple of sprinkles here there for your morning hours. really clearing out nicely by noon and by the afternoon you'll have some touches the sunshine between partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday will continue to bring sunnier conditions and daytime highs on these days are actually going to warm up a few degrees as compared to today. really nice weekend for hanging out in the bay or for your travels if you need to do so. nothing more than just a trace of rainfall for most areas and for a lot of us, not even looking at any sprinkles at all. 50's and 60's for your highs and as staff and right along the coastline and then daytime highs elsewhere. pretty solidly in the low 60's foster city at 63 redwood city at 64 san jose at 66 today. one of our warmer spots there in the south bay dublin,
5:49 am
pleasanton livermore as well as oakland a concord down through danville all at 62, you'll find a couple more of those numbers in the north bay and a few 50's near the coastline. tomorrow's highs. as i mentioned a second ago are a touch warmer than today's are about to be sunday and monday will remain in the mid 60's before we cool things down towards thanksgiving today is our best chance of any sort of isolated sprinkles after this. we stay dry through the holiday. all the way through turkey day on thursday. reyna john, thank you for that track in this hot spot up in nevada lived along southbound one. oh, one. just south of that. there we have a truck. >> the head debris. they were carrying cars and all of that scattered debris from those vehicles that were i'm already compacted down spilled all over the highways there. so southbound 1, 1, 4, lanes close. the shoulder is open. so there are people there still making their way slowly through. and on the northbound side were a lot of the debris spill on to 3 lanes are blocked. one lane currently open. you could get off at the long or you could get and go
5:50 am
around to roll a boulevard. but i would just suggest based off what camila barco is telling us. the people are just waiting and out of it. leave your house a little earlier this morning heading into the city right now from the east bay a little under 12 minutes for your drive time. no major issues. as you travel along 5, 1880, reveal and berkeley headed across towards the peninsula under 13 minutes. richmond center fell a little under 8 as you travel there and in the south. there we go. to check on conditions along to 37 to to that seen any major delays darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. >> so let's talk about another win for the warriors on the road. they were facing the cleveland cavaliers. it was a close one. off okay. long until the end of you're laughing now, that's when steph curry yet turned up likely. we've got to win rory early on. but then steph playing lights out 35 minutes scoring 40 points you for another game now in a row. yeah. he's dropped 9, 3, pointers. so that's like his
5:51 am
new number. i think he has 4 games now with nice. he has more. 9 point games this year. then anybody else has had in their entire career and he has 38, 9 0.94 games in all of his career. the defense. also played great warriors went on a big run as i said in the 4th and in the end, golden state with the win. one o 4 to 89. >> here's some postgame reaction from steph himself. this >> a good energy because not only feeling good making shots. but you find yourself always in the right position, making the right could so much making a very and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow go shot for >> pretty incredible warriors have another road game tonight will be facing the detroit pistons tipoff. is it for the out. >> 5.51 right now and. levi's entertainment is going to go
5:52 am
later into the night. yes. certain events. yes, certain ones. the santa clara city council voted to allow the forty-niners who actually run the stadium to host up to 5 events per year and those events can now go all the way to 11 was curfew 9.10. and yet too early, i guess for friday and saturday night because that's when they're switching it. it is 10:00pm on week nights to let their extending it to 11:00pm for the weekends. apparently this new policy. they're think it is going to bring more money into the bay area. >> i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears. >> well, yeah, obviously. >> some neighbors not happy about it. others say they're not bothered by the later curfew. they say that's what they call of a constant amount its the air traffic. the father is the most. they say that's louder and at all times of the day.
5:53 am
>> it's 5.52. and we'll be right back.
5:54 am
[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [sfx: bing bing bing ] [sfx: bloop bloop bloop ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait.
5:55 am
enter the golden state, with real california dairy. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at >> and we're back. 5.55 to time. and as always, we talk about the turkeys that are getting pardon. 2 very important turkeys from indiana. are getting the v i p treatment out in dc at the. >> look at those live in
5:56 am
walking or further in their name, peanut butter and jelly in case you're wondering was happening every year and their lives will be spared this thanksgiving. it's the latest version of the traditional presidential pardon before that happens, though. they get some very special treatment, as you can see here. take a listen. rv, guess as you can see, yes, seems like they slept very well. they had their bath and i understand from our staff that they actually ordered dining from kathy to park their corn and specialty. without further those are turkeys. some presid nt biden who is going to actually officially a part in them later today. so we're celebrating. >> hey, these 2 turkeys don't get get to live. >> weird. it's we're going make anything like the turkeys. and we've been showing our company, left ponders at like 50 pounder day 5 6 straight to. be right back. and we're talking about thanksgiving. that's the big story today. travel is underway. i'll say it's the biggest travel day of the
5:57 am
holiday today. more on that in a live report from sfo. also, aaa says a lot of folks are going to be the roads to at record levels. >> for thanksgiving. we're going to take a look at gas prices and how much are expecting to pay. >> we'll be live there as well. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:58 am
deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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♪ don't worry mom, we'll be there soon. "we?!" is this "the one". well... let's say i found the one who takes me to another level... always stays calm under pressure. most importantly, the one that helps me discover the coolest places. this sounds wonderful... come outside, i'll introduce you! they're here. ♪ definitely "the one". ha... ha... introducing the all-new 2022 nissan frontier. ♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news.
6:00 am
>> good morning and thanks for joining us on the friday before thanksgiving when a lot of people are hitting the roads and we've got a problem. yeah. and a big rig also hitting the road early this morning, which is going to cause a problem for north bay commuters trying to get down one-on-one into san francisco either to get to work or wherever or to the airport to fly out this morning. it's going to be a problem. let's cover that with our team coverage. now want to go out into it and see how they're doing on cleaning it up. camila barco has a look. >> yellen darya this crash involved an 18 wheeler that was carrying scrap metal. and right now crews are starting to load that metal on on to the 18 involved. here's a live look behind me. you can see all of that to loaded up on see that at who they're using a bulldozer to clean up this mess. it's happening on southbound, on highway one. oh, one near the downtown novato let's pull the video of the truck


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