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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 19, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news a top eu now 04:38am on one of the busiest travel days this year. maybe some of you have all next week. all the kettles don't have to go to school. and so maybe you're hitting the roads today. we've been tracking your it's going to be busy one today certainly. and also your weather if you want to know how to pack, maybe families coming into town. our meteorologists on travel tracking the forecast. so a lot of sunshine this upcoming week or the best advice whenever someone is coming into the bay. area's just pack for everything. and that's what i tell my friends that are like. >> well, i just need to wear shorts i'm like, all the time. doesn't matter what season it is and especially this time of year because, you know, we've seen the past few days. our afternoons have actually been fairly comfortable, but those morning hours they have been getting very chilly as these evenings have been getting
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longer. now one thing you don't have to worry about so much the next 7 days is any heavy rainfall. the best chance of rain. we've got we're in the midst of it right now. and as you can see from your berkeley hills. cam. it's hardly anything we're looking at a pretty dry start to this day. just a couple of sprinkles out there that you can see on radar mostly staying north of the golden gate. again, that's nothing more than sprinkle activity. most of this activity is north of i 80 up into the central valley and then up, especially into the north coast a little bit of snow in north of lake tahoe, but not even stacking up up there. so this is a very weak system. just some remnants of energy from what was once some heavier rainfall in the pacific northwest 50's for your current temperatures. it's a cool start to do through on that light jacket this morning come the afternoon ahead of us. we will be looking at daytime highs staying in the low 60's much as we have been seeing already. those shower chances really dwindling late this morning. >> rain. all right, john, thank you for that. so we've been actively tracking a hot
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spot. this is out in nevada. southbound, one on one just south of day long. there. and you had a truck that was kerry and some what looked like broken down smashed vehicles. that's what actually turned over. and so they've got all that debris on the highways here. so again, this is southbound one. oh, one just south of day long. what they're doing now is they have shut down the southbound side. they're trying to get that trump back upright. you can see that delay that were seen to nevado and they're diverting traffic off at day long. so diverting traffic off a day long. and if want to drive a little further down to roland boulevard could get back on and try to avoid that slowing. but again, we're keeping a close eye on this for the morning. let's head over look at the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city right now. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. >> also heading across towards the peninsula. be the san mateo bridge a little under 13 minutes for you to make that drive. it as you're traveling along the richmond, sandra
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fell commute average hit a little under 9 minutes and the golden gate bridge about 20 traveling from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic throughout the morning. but for now, let's talk about this all caught on camera. the suspects taken about $50,000 in jewelry from a lot of fear field police say the robbers are teenagers. those suspects have since been arrested. the youngest police say only 16 years old. the arrests come just days after a similar smash-and-grab played out. but this time now is over and conquer. their record is in fairfield with a closer look at that. >> a smash-and-grab caught on video and in jewelry store inside this town center in fairfield wednesday. fairfield police say bats and hammers were used to break the daniel's jewelers in order to take $50,000 worth of product. personally disgusting. that's not that cool in the video. you can see one person enter a
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photo booth to seemingly hide while the theft occurred just feet away. a woman hiding in the bone goes is kind of rule. a double. some of those. we showed the video to we made a plan today say this type of crime has been happening often enough that they recently decided what they would do if it happened when they were nearby work together. yes. and if there's a group of people coming. and there's a group of people running that we would at least get one that we all 3 or 2 anderson and go for one. >> fairfield. police say they were able to track down those responsible in manteo, 1917 16 year-old the incident inside the town center coming just days after a similar display on monday in concord where police there say 9 people at the sun valley mall also used hammers to get to the goods so far no arrests have been made in that case. >> well, that was eric rucker reporting for us. fairfield police say they've been in contact with conquer police. but at this point in that
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investigation. i can't say if the 2 crimes are even related. well, also in the east bay, police in martinez are investigating after a cannabis delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint in broad day. they say the driver was dropping off a shipment at the embarked dispensary on alhambra avenue wednesday. now he was approached by 3 men wearing mask. 2 of them had semiautomatic weapons. they stole a large amount of cannabis. some of the drivers personal belongings as well. no one thankfully was hurt. but the crime to leave neighbors on edge in that area. and a surprise. >> what teenage very safe. it's holiday time. so. >> you know, we can expect these things with that necessarily like that. so it is concerning. >> police say the got away in a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent on the back above the rear license plates. if you see that call, police also happening now san mateo police are asking for the public's help in finding this man that you're looking at right now. he's wanted in
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connection to a battery at the kingston coin laundry on north kingston street. it happened monday afternoon. anyone living in that area is encouraged to check their security cameras. and a bay area college professor now facing charges of arson to federal property and setting timber afire. 47 year-old gary menard san jose is accused of going on an arson spree near the dixie fire while it was still burning of in placer county when our talk criminology at sonoma state university and investigators say he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. now, if convicted, he's going to face about 20 years in prison and about a 250 $1000 fine for each arson count. in the north bay efforts already started to mitigate the threat of wildfires for next year. they're getting an early start. the city's center fells offered a free program to help reduce the wildfire fuels as
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well as providing better defensible space around homes. the sandra fell fire department partner with americorps amarin wildfire. they're focusing on dangerous wildfire fuels around homes as well as evacuation routes. >> they're either doing like understory clearance out in the open space areas. so removing highly combustible invasive species such as french broom. >> and mainly really focusing on areas that are. >> within a 100 feet of residential structure. >> samara fell residents can reach out to the fire department to set up the free service. the program is going to run until december 17th. california attorney general rob bonta is leading a nationwide investigation into mehta formally known as facebook and the effect the instagram app has on children and young adults montas as a bipartisan coalition of attorneys generals from 8 states are got investigate. how advertised instagram to children knowing about the physical and mental health
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consequences. well, recent studies have linked instagram too. a rise in depression, eating disorders and even suicide. in a statement bonta said, quote, we have undertaken this nationwide investigation to get some answers about that is efforts to promote the use of the social media platform to young californians and to determine if in doing so met of violated the law. the leaders of california's high-speed rail the recently passed federal infrastructure package could help a lot. the bullet trains authority board met yesterday in kron four's, ashley zavala has an update for us. >> it's a huge, huge development. california. i think for this project going high speed rail authority ceo brian kelly says the recently signed federal infrastructure package will provide big opportunity for the state and country's largest rail project for the federal government to step up put this level of funding on the table is truly historic. the leader of the state's 100 billion dollars
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counting bullet train project noted the legislation provides about 58 billion dollars over 6 different programs up for grabs. kelly says the rail authority is ready to compete for some of that money but did not see an exact amount thursday. these are all places where we applied for funding in the past been awarded some folks in past and it will intend keep those going forward. the ceos optimistic outlook came at the high speed rail authority. board's monthly meeting their board members also got an update on construction. significant work has been completed on several structures on the 119 miles. central valley track between bakersfield and madera. project leaders are aiming to compete that segment by the end of next year with planning under way to connect san francisco and los angeles by 2030, thursday's updates were welcome news to the board which has seen constant delays and cost overruns for the project. we can't continue >> it means it rains. it can call set that people we have clear as clear as we can.
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>> and moving this country project leaders are looking forward to more federal action on president biden's build back better plan which they say could provide even more financial opportunity for the bullet train. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> but the bart board of directors has unanimously adopted his first ever electric vehicle. charging policy. the aim is to charging stations at some bar locations. reduce barriers for lower-income drivers and promote greener communities by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. barr already has electric vehicle charging stations at its warm springs and south fremont and lafayette stations. it's all a part of a pilot project. they have there. harwell science shows that she's melt. it grated slice appeals to our pleasure center, which is probably why i bought some cheese. 80 yesterday his the popularity of pizza. so on dine and dish, we're going straight to the big cheese. the annual giant cheese parade in oakland kron four's. vicki liviakis has that for us.
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>> you think we're in a small italian village of for rays honoring this big cheese wheel. it is right here in the bay area next to the rockridge bart station. this is our parades. and we've done is for 5 years and almost archie's buyer of almost 30 years. >> she brings in one of 2, almost 400 pound wheels of cheese. this is the largest. we'll west of the lot of chips. a lot of giuliana is the head cheese monger here at market hall. cheese counter market hall is a fhod lover's haven with fresh caught fish from hawaii. we're in sun farms. natural meet a cornucopia of prepared foods. >> pasta pastries and of course, cheese where you can barely see almost serving up exotic cheese from cow sheep, goat, even buffalo, but nothing quite matches the size and appeal of the imported 400 pound of crew pillow italian
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cheese. >> cheese lovers. demonstrators takes a lot of elbow grease to cut up. he said it sells out fast. we buy whole and so nice to the and whole entire south and we be so we have a following for this. she's we've been doing this for years. we typically bring in about 40 pound wheels. >> but this 400 pound wheel almost 100 pound wheel gets broken down and we sell in less than 2 weeks. everyone in our community comes in and buys its incredible on sandwiches. it's great on pizzas. it's absolutely delicious cheese all the way to do it all the way italy for all the vicki liviakis kron 4 news. all so you think about that was just on has some cheese today. >> well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news it's going to get louder later at levi stadium. how people are reacting to what they say is a big disturbance there right
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news here on this friday. i'm reyna harvey. thanks for joining us. a busy travel day for a lot of us hitting the road. so you probably want to know what your commute is going to look like. but more importantly also what your weather right now is going to look like and how to pack for that. john. good morning. yeah. good morning. it is definitely not. >> the driest of mornings, but
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it's also not the wettest of warnings either. we've only had a couple of isolated sprinkles across the bay area. for most of us roadways are still very inviting and not looking at really anything out there that's going to slow you down too much. you can see at the golden gate bridge. there's some low cloud cover overhead. you may notice some moist spots out there just a couple of wet spots after a drop or 2 most of that rainfall state concentrated in northern sonoma county further north from there and then out into the central valley north of sacramento. so not a lot to note this morning and i'll keep you updated on in any of those showers do continue to progress across the region. but this line of showers really having lost steam. this was once part of his system that resulted in torrential rain for occur across the pacific northwest and a lot of flooding up there. it's just lost. so much energy is it's worked its way down our direction. so now we're just looking at the remnants of a few drops of water here. there. nothing that's going to slow you down this morning and certainly nothing that should slow you down after work as you're heading out, maybe for some holiday travels for the
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week ahead. we are going to be seeing dry skies to finish the day that's through into tomorrow and sunday to for the rest of the weekend really for the rest of the week leading up to the holiday. we are going to see just a trace of rainfall for most areas, some spots will come out without even a drop. so if you don't see any rain, do not for a second. even be surprised 50's to 60's for your daytime highs near the coastline and that includes in san francisco and then pretty solid low to mid 60's elsewhere across the bay temperatures feel very similar to where we were yesterday. so keep the light jacket on much. as you did yesterday. freeman through hayward in the low 60's at 6463 oakland, you'll be at 62 today. a few upper 50's in areas like youngsville as well as mill valley out to point rays tomorrow's temperatures in the mid 60's and that's the way we'll stay on into monday of next week before we cool down a couple more degrees on into wednesday and thursday for thanksgiving when daytime highs will barely even make the low 60's. so we've got some cool temperatures, some overall dry
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conditions through the holiday your next best chance of rainfall. does look possible towards the weekend after thanksgiving. >> rain. don, thank you for that. all right. so we have a hot spot. this is out in nevado. so this is southbound one. oh, one just south of daylong avenues ear and traffic is being diverted off at day long. we also know that they shut down the southbound traffic for about 20 minutes while they eat up right at that truck. it looks like a truck was carrying several and those all spilled over all over the highway. a good alternate would be roland boulevard if you're trying to get off and a long and get back on their let's also head over get a look at the bay bridge heading into the city right now. a little under 10 minutes not tracking any major delays there. san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. it's going to be a little under 30 minutes for you to make that commute. we're checking out the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay as you're heading into the city and we'll leave you with a look at the richmond sandra fell commute which is still pretty light at this hour.
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well, another win for the warriors on the road. they were also facing the cleveland cavaliers. and once again, steph curry shined on the floor like he always does. on sports director director jason dumas says the latest for us in sports. >> the best team in basketball trying to finish out the road trip. strong game. one of a back-to-back starting in cleveland. ah, the memories. this organization has in that building. the queue. let's go to the midwest. you figure stephan company would have an easy night with the cab. but that could have been farther from the truth. cleveland jumped out to a 10. nothing lead thanks to shot like that from dean. wait 3 of his 17 points. but belli he kept the cab in this early on that 3 of his 14 points in the half 4 years down 3 at the break to end of the 3rd same way with the want to get the tip and at the but he just like dwayne
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wade except way taller white not black. the dubs sleepwalking down 13 entering the 4th, but the warriors went on a 17 o run to begin to for curry to dealey. got to love that connection. we've got ourselves a tie game. and stephanie goes to work to take you see this kids using the left hand on the left side. that's aloft are. that's how you don't get the shot blocking now about getting an entry pass in the post. he doesn't always finishes with the reverse 85 81 back to the valley find him in the corner. he had 9 in the 4 finish with 11. but we have to end this with staff. he had 9, 3 pointers that patented its step back. he finished with 40 points warriors win one o 4.89. they are an nba best 13 2. up next, the pistons on friday serious step on that epic 36 to 8 run into for ports defense. it's just.
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>> a good energy because not only are you feeling good making shots. but you find yourself always in the right position, making the right could so much making and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow can we go shot for shot. and it becomes a lot harder because united still not getting stops. we're able to do both. and that's why have >> 36 to a quarter. kind crazy. >> unfortunately this right here was the much, much fight as the shark showed all night in st. louis. the blues brandon scored one of his 2 goals here. louis wins 41 to sharks return home saturday to take on the washington capitals. thank your look at sports. >> all right. why levi stadium the entertainment is soon going to last a bit later into the night for certain concerts and events because the santa
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clara city council has voted to allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host of the 5 events a year that can go until about 11:00pm at night. well, the current curfews allow that only on friday and saturday. it's set for 10:00pm on week nights. some neighbors aren't happy about the news one council member says earlier, curfew means it was lost revenue. >> i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise and music pumping to my ears. >> some neighbors say they're not as bothered by the later curfew as they are by what they call a constant amount of air traffic overhead. it will be right back after the break.
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>> welcome back 4.55 on this friday morning. today. we are starting things off with some mild temperatures. but a couple of sprinkles out there now nothing super significant. but keep your eye out for an isolated shower that will be keeping you updated on radar for. as for current conditions outside. let's get a look at half moon bay we've definitely seen some wetter conditions right there along the coastline. it's a mix of mist in the sprinkle that has been seen a time or 2 at the coast today. you can expect daytime
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highs staying in the upper 50's staying mostly cloudy for much of the day before some peeks of sunshine this afternoon. you also get some sunshine towards the afternoon in our inland valleys with daytime highs in the low 60's. we will still see some patchy fog for further and areas but not as much as we had been seeing. it's actually warmer start to the morning that we've been seeing the past few days and part of the reason for that is all the cloud cover helping to shed shield us from temperature lost during overnight hours. so you'll notice that more mild feel to it this afternoon. we stay fairly cool. and even a sprinkles clear out towards late morning. we're still only going to remain in the upper 50's to low 60's rain. john, the event that arrival will smith visit wimbledon's world famous centre court. >> before the premiere screening of his latest movie king richard, which tells the story of tennis champion siblings. the need is and serena williams now smith plays richard williams, the tennis star's father. he said he was excited to explore the corbett had no desire to show off his tennis skills.
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>> you know, it they won't. they will let us walk on the grass because of our heels. but maybe maybe if i take my shoes off, they might let walk out there because i have to say i was actually on the court. i can't come all the way here and not actually be on the court. get horrific. >> just weird is will smith never age. now the film is executive produced by the williams sisters house special king richard is going to be released in theaters today. so that would be a good want to go see with your family. well, coming up in the next hour. thanksgiving day is right around the corner and sfo expect a rush of people at the airport. more details in a live report. plus triple a says 53 million people. going to start hitting the road for the holiday will be taking a
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♪building castles in the sky♪ >> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on a friday. i'm darya and i'm james who want to start off with breaking news this morning. heading up to the north bay where we have a situation on one. oh, now. it's bad because of course, and it kind of a car accident is bad news. however, it's good news because it happened this early on a day when. >> this is supposed to be a big thanksgiving travel day, right. so let's get right up to it. kron four's, camila barco sent by live at the scene with more on exactly. >> what happened. camila.


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