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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  November 19, 2021 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news, 4. >> good morning and thanks for joining us for the kron 00:00am morning news here on this friday november. the 19th, the right of harvey and hopefully you had a peaceful rest last night. maybe many of your get ready to hit the roads today. so we're checking your traffic and your weather meteorologist john stable has you covered on that. good morning, john. hey there, good morning. we are looking at conditions this morning that a little bit clearer as far as visibility goes. but we are seeing a couple of scattered sprinkles on the radar. >> it is nothing. that's a really slow you down that much this morning. in fact,
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conditions out there are going to be clear enough that your roadways should be at least invited to be venturing out on 2 your view outside our berkeley hills cam is showing what is overall a little bit of cloud cover overhead, not looking like a bad morning looking at radar. it is super quiet. we do have, as i mentioned, a couple of sprinkles, mostly staying north of 80 from vallejo to sacramento. if you are a up in lake and mendocino counties. that's where roadways are. the wettest. but nothing more than some damp conditions elsewhere. so it's actually pretty quiet out there we'll be keeping you updated on any sort of light sprinkles that do continue to be seen across the bay this morning. what i'm % talking about. rainfall this morning i don't want it to be anything that alarms yet because it is the light is scattering fall. you could be talking about berkeley timber on billy. how each of 52 degrees right now open in san mateo at 53 while dublin in concord, sitting currently at 50 degrees. a look ahead at your day. planner does show some cool sunshine towards the
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afternoon. just those isolated sprinkles to showers this morning and some clearing skies already by noontime. i'll be breaking down what to expect for this weekend before thanksgiving in the week ahead of the holiday to into next week. still to come, that. well, you know, today's going to be one of the busiest travel days for a lot of us hitting the roads, but. >> we do have a hot spot. this is out in novato. this is southbound one. oh, one. just south of the day long avenue. and again, we had it looks like a truck that was actually carrying several crushed vehicles and that tipped over so that's all over the highway there southbound 1, 1, just south of day long in the bottle. they have 2 lanes blocked on the southbound side and on the northbound side have 3 lanes blocked. it looks like they are directing people off a daylong. haven't you go back over the overpass onto the freeway along. so they are directing traffic for you. there. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city is going to be little under 10 minutes to make that drive at this hour. still pretty light here. san mateo
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heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays there as you're traveling a little under 13 minutes. the richmond sandra fell comey traveling out of richmond across towards sandra fell, a little under 9 still pretty quiet and the golden gate bridge about 20 heading from the north bay. >> to reach the tolls. all right. well, a woman shot dead inside of a car on 80 near the bay bridge toll plaza with 2 children in the back seat of that car. the latest on the investigation into her death as well as a new proposal to try and in the rampant gun violence we've been seeing here in oakland. >> it happened shortly after 9 thursday morning. authorities say the woman was sitting in the passenger seat of a road and gray suv. you see being carried away there now a man was driving and 2 children. we're in the back seat and the man and the children were not
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injured. now the shooting shut down several lanes for hours while investigators search the scene for any evidence. as of this morning, there's no new information. >> on a possible suspect. well, in the east bay, a man was shot several times at the will shopping center in hercules some businesses in the area were also hit by gunfire. kron four's. dan thorn has the latest on this investigation. >> the parking lot of this hercules shopping center is turned into a shooting gallery investigators funding a 33 year-old man had been shot several times just before 1 o'clock thursday afternoon, a bullet also striking the window of this starbucks shattering glass and forcing the coffee shop to close while another went through the wall of this martial arts academy, a gun violence and some things that we need to make sure and. address east reuse business was not open during the time the gunfire erupted and he sank full because several
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families visit his academy. i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. >> regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something that is a concern. >> witnesses told hercules police 2 men were seen attacking the victim when the shooting started. the victim was seen standing next to this red tesla and then ran away the suspects were also seen taking off, but in a white sedan driven by another person. it was also discovered this black car belonging to a nearby business owner had also been hit the shopping center's proximity to the freeway has raised questions about what created the conflict. we have no information started on the way. all of the information we have so is it started here, but we're still collecting. >> witness statements and information. and our victim has not been thoroughly. yes, particularly as police later learned 2 gunshot victims were dropped off at a hospital in
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vallejo by a white sedan. it's still unclear if those 2 men are connected to this shooting the violence warning residents in this small people concerned about i don't know what do. >> to talk to reduce the spread of reporting in hercules dan thorn kron 4 news. >> car break. ins are one of the most important crimes in san francisco. and now some residents are taking the matter into their own hands volunteers with a local nonprofit are now leaving friendly reminders on cars. kron four's taylor is back in join the effort with one of the volunteers. >> this site shattered glass and people reaching or hanging out of cars is far too common in san francisco as smashing grabs become more brazen and visible. it's why neighbors in the city and bay area are now stepping up to do something about it. i think when we saw the news that every single day. >> something was happening. we have all the security footage in the world to show that it's happening. and so we really thought to ourselves that doesn't seem like we can
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intervene physically. but what can we do. and so this is something that we've gotten underway this past week. we'll continue to do it through the holidays because it's the high court season as well. ryan young with a nonprofit called communities. stream says. >> there's about 10 volunteers, including himself who are now visiting tourist destinations in the city and warning visitors. we actually made a bunch of fliers and business cards and. >> when we walk around town, we have a number of volunteers in a few different cities and we noticed a car that just has a lot of valuables inside of it. we just leave a note for them. hey, saying, hey, you know, we don't want you to get your photography equipment stolen. we don't want you to get your wedding photographs stolen. and so we just leave a short card saying, hey, we're watching out for you. all san francisco has its own signs posted near places like lombard street. they often go unnoticed by excited visitors. just arriving into town. that's why young says. >> they place these cards on the driver's side window in plain sight with a message similar to this one. at the very least we can do is to raise awareness to help people. >> just make sure to protect
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their valuables to understand that this is going on. let's do our best to make sure that every car. seems an attractive to break into. and i think that that will go a long way from that. her son, even the locals have their guards down for about 5 minutes in san francisco tiller the psac ii kron 4 news. >> well, we first brought you this story yesterday and we're now learning at santa rosa. police say the abduction of a teenage girl that triggered an amber alert. it was all a prank. the security video showed the 15 year-old being forced into a minivan near in arco station longer hill road. police now say the girl's boyfriend and decided to abduct her as a joke and take her on a road trip to los angeles. the team returned to have a label home yesterday morning and explained everything to police. authorities say they don't plan to pursue charges in this case. and the city of aurora, colorado has agreed to pay 15 million dollars to the family of elijah mcclain to settle a federal civil rights
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lawsuit filed over mcclain's death officers confront mcclain on august 2420 19 after a call from a neighbor about a quote, sketchy looking man. the 23 year-old was walking home from a convenience store at the time he was not armed and was not suspected of a crime. police placed mcclain in a chokehold and paramedics injected him with a powerful a sedative. he suffered cardiac arrest and he died 6 days later. oklahoma's governor commuted the death sentence of julie jones just hours before he was scheduled to be executed. the governor's decision came down just a few minutes after noon thursday markie martin was inside the capitol in oklahoma city. when that news broke. >> this was the moment inside the state capitol rotunda when hundreds of julius jones supporters learned a death row inmate's life have been saved.
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and when jones sister antoinette learned her brother would live. >> what are you feeling right now. peaceful. >> just been thanking guy continuously what? that's a son. this is all due to that said he shall live and that that oklahoma governor kevin stitt releasing his final decision shortly after noon. >> saying after prayerful consideration he had made his choice life without the possibility of parole. and that is really what we needed in oklahoma city know the case dates back to 1999 jones was convicted of shooting and killing businessman paul, how in his driveway in front of house 2 daughters after they returned home from an ice cream date. how sister the lone adult eyewitness to the murder. she testified it was jones who pulled the trigger. if he gets that. >> he is an innocent. isn't a good person. he is a murderer
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a liar at the associate a gang member. it just keeps going on and on. and he will do this again. prosecutors say the evidence against him is overwhelming. >> investigators found the murder weapon wrapped in a bandana with jones dna in the attic space above his bedroom. but critics of the jones didn't receive a fair trial arguing one juror showed racial prejudice that jones didn't match the suspect description and that a co-defendant who spent 15 years in prison for the crime admitted to framing jones for decades. jones has maintained his innocence and that he was framed the jones family considering today, a victory but say they won't stop here. there is a voice. >> thank you, god life for a life. >> well, that was markie. martin reporting as of a condition of the commuting jones sentence. governor stitt announced he will never be eligible for another
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commutation pardon or parole for the rest of his life. well, a state border previously recommended jones should be eligible for parole. >> 2 men convicted in the 1965 assassination of the civil rights leader malcolm x. >> have been exonerated. a judge dismissed the convictions of mohamed ezzy and khalil islam i hatton courtroom yesterday each served more than 20 years in prison for the killing but always maintained their innocence. a recent investigation found that key evidence withheld during trial would likely have led to their acquittals islam died in 2009. well, coming up on the kron 4 morning news authorities are revealing disturbing details about their latest case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras who allegedly was a human trafficking victim right here in the bay area will have a look at that when we get back. >> and a big cable news network is now banned from the courtroom in the kyle
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rittenhouse trial. we'll tell you why that happened. when we come back. welcome back to the
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kron 00:00am morning news. my name is reyna harvey. all one of the busiest travel days. >> pretty much of this year. a lot of people are hitting the roads today want to make sure know what to expect. weather wise enough. you do have family coming into the bay area to spin the holidays with you're meteorologista on travel tracking the weather for us. good morning, john.
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it's so funny when they're talking about friday being when the busiest travel days of people are getting places >> i guess a lot of people have the whole week next week off such a traffic should be better. next. love may be making everyone's travel it. it's that time of year. yeah. if you are getting out there for traveling starting today or maybe a little bit next week too. you are going to be looking at conditions that are going to be for the most part, dry, believe it or not, this morning is about the best chance of rainfall we have between here and thanksgiving. and as you can see, it's not the rainiest, the mornings. look at financial district is looking nice and clear at the moment. we definitely do have sprinkles across the region. mostly stashed up to our north up across the north end of 80 in the central valley. just a few snow flurries up around lake tahoe in the sierra nevada. it is not a lot that's going to be slowing you down too terribly much. a very weak frontal boundary is gradually sliding across the area resulting in the shower potential that we have. you will see at times a couple of sprinkles staying isolated and
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short lived working their way across the bay area this morning by noon time. we've already done clear things out. and by the afternoon, we should be looking at some pretty clear skies interspersed by some partly cloudy conditions. but a dose of sunshine here and there for sure into saturday and sunday skies remain clear and dry. it is going to be a dry weekend a really comfortable weekend as long as you've got the light jacket and a good one for your travels. rainfall estimates today. nowhere over 507 inch. this is really just trace amounts across the bay area. nothing to slow you down too terribly much. as for temperatures, it's low 60's to upper 50's and san francisco's was right along the coastline elsewhere in the bay area low to mid 60's right around the same as yesterday was. so if you liked yesterday, today's going to bring fairly similar conditions. just a couple of wet spots on roads at times. but even that should be pretty limited freeman through hayward in the low to mid 60's oakland at 62 same from danville of to conquer to each
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at 62 and for vallejo and pittsburgh are right there as well. santa rosa down through center fell. also in the low 60's tomorrow we will be looking at plentiful. sunshine has also be the case on sunday, the thanksgiving on site next thursday. and you can see each of the next 7 days really aside from a couple of sprinkles this morning is looking nice and dry for your travels and anything else you want to be doing rain. john, thank you that. all right. let's shiw you have a hot spot. this is out in nevado. >> if you are traveling there southbound one. oh, one just south of day long. we had a truck that was carrying several vehicles on that. that over turn. in addition to that, looks like there's also some out oil spill in connection with that accident. so the are the current update from chp is at the southbound traffic is shut down for approximately 20 minutes they s put that out at around 04:00am this morning. and they're diverting traffic off at day long, but also saying
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the shoulder is open as well. so again, diverting traffic all the day long leading you back on to the freeway for about 20 minutes they had the southbound side of one. oh, one. just south of daylong shutdown while trying to get that truck back of riot. so on the northbound side looks like they've got 3 lanes that are blocked by debris as well. so we're going to be following this for city. one of our reporters to the scene as well. we'll have more information throughout the morning. let's also get a look at the bay bridge traveling from the east bay into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. >> the san mateo bridge as you're heading across towards the peninsula. you can make that drive in a little under 13. we have more weather and traffic today because going busy out there for now, let's head over to national news because a jury has now deliberated for 3 days and the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. there's still no verdict that there's a new twist. the judge banned msnbc from covering the trial. that's after being told that a
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producer from the cable network that followed the jury bus from the courthouse wednesday night. well, the judge said that kenosha police officers noticed a car following that bus saw run a red light after being pulled over one report says the producer knowledge working for msnbc. it says he was told to follow the bus. >> as someone who is following that is. jerry that is a very next it's extremely serious matter. and that will be referred to the. authorities for. >> unlike the previous days, the jury and no questions yesterday request to review any evidence in the case. democrats are pushing to pass the bill back better act before the end of the weekend doing so will be a major victory for president joe biden. the republicans want to put a stop to it as adonis live in washington this morning with a message from both parties. good morning, basil.
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>> in a good morning. yes, house democrats had every intention of finishing this vote. but things clearly didn't go as planned. >> we spent less defeating hitler mussolini in japan. then you're spending tonight. house republican leader kevin mccarthy brought the build back better vote to a halt. >> for more than 8 hours. he railed against the president's plan and democrats for supporting it. you're celebrating it when it's as a 31% high. gas prices. thanksgiving. democrats were determined to vote on the nearly 2 trillion dollars. social spending plan thursday night. we're going to change the lives and livelihoods of americans for generations to come. >> massachusetts congressman richard neal and south carolina congressman jim clyburn. so the legislation makes necessary changes to build back better act. we were >> some longstanding faults, many of which have been
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exasperated by covid-19 democrats emphasized the bill reduces the deficit. >> but the congressional budget office says the bill adds 367 billion dollars to the deficit over 10 years. enough of the spending in washington let's focus on helping those hard working families who are being crippled by this inflation. >> now the bill would still face an uphill battle in the senate and democratic leader chuck schumer says the senate would still have to hold off on this vote until christmas reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. >> thank you for that update. basil. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, 3 teens are behind bars after stealing $50,000 in jewelry from the north, a ball. how shoppers are now responding to a recent rash. the recent why we've been seen in smash and grabs. we'll be right back after the break. well, a chilling crime
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brought to light in the east. bay. authorities are investigating. an trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras. police have arrested. we're going to show you 2 san leandro residents accused of kidnapping her from her home country and forcing her into prostitution. kron four's. dan kerman has the latest. >> police say in the back of the san leandro home is a shed where a 17 year-old girl from
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honduras was kept against her will sexually assaulted and forced into prostitution by the couple that lives here said they zing. that's just where that something like that could happen. right across the street. those who live along hutchens drive say they had no idea what was going on. poor girl that side late last month. juan aguilar and margaret wilson pleaded not guilty to charges including human trafficking of a minor and forcible rape and buehler also pleaded not guilty to kidnapping court documents indicate the victim was kidnapped at gunpoint by dealer in honduras in january of this year. they then traveled to guatemala where police say aguilar first rape the girl from there, they went to mexico where police say she was sold to a coyote who was to smuggle her across the border. police say the coyote sexually assaulted her as well. in may. police say the 17 year-old girl arrived at the san leandro home court documents indicate agular repeatedly raped the 17
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year-old over the course of 5 months and eventually forced her into prostitution. police say wilson what participate in the paid acts and set up the encounters. police say during his interview aguilar admitted to having with the victim. police say the victim eventually confided in aguilar is nice. then the 2 of them told the dea says mother and that's how police eventually found out the 2 defendants due back in court. at the end of the month. insanely under dan kerman kron 4 news. >> we'll be right back after the break. welcome back to the
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kron 4 morning news a top eu now 04:38am on one of the busiest travel days this year. maybe some of you have all next week. all the kettles don't have to go to school. and so maybe you're hitting the roads today. we've been tracking your it's going to be busy one today certainly. and also your weather if you want to know how to pack, maybe families coming into town. our meteorologists on travel tracking the forecast. so a lot of sunshine this upcoming week or the best advice whenever someone is coming into the bay. area's just pack for everything. and that's what i tell my friends that are like. >> well, i just need to wear shorts i'm like, all the time. doesn't matter what season it is and especially this time of year because, you know, we've seen the past few days. our afternoons have actually been fairly comfortable, but those morning hours they have been getting very chillyth


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