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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 18, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at >> police in east bay tonight are investigating after a man was shot at a strip mall. you see the scene here happened at the willow shopping center in hercules this afternoon. good evening, everybody. thanks for being with us tonight on kron 4 news at 9 o'clock. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. some businesses in the area were also struck by gunfire. >> our kron four's dan thorn live for us in hercules tonight. he joins us now with the very latest. and. >> well, vicki, police are still trying to figure out what led up to this shooting. we do know that one man was found with several gunshot wounds here in the parking lot. he had to be rushed to the hospital. the starbucks behind me here had to be closed down today because a stray bullet struck a window there while people were inside to the shooting really shaking
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things up here during up during the daytime at this strip mall. >> the parking lot of this hercules shopping center is turned into a shooting gallery investigators funding a 33 year-old man had been shot several times just before 1 o'clock thursday afternoon, a bullet also striking the window of this starbucks shattering glass and forcing the coffee shop to close while another went through the wall of this martial arts academy, a gun violence and some things that we need to make sure and. address east reuse business was not open during the time the gunfire erupted and he sank full because several families visit his academy. i just want to keep the kids safe as possible. we've been following covid. >> regulations all this time. very safely trying to keep the kids safe and then we have something like this happen. it's it is something it is a concern. >> witnesses told hercules police 2 men were seen attacking the victim when the shooting started. the victim
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was seen standing next to this red tesla and then ran away the suspects were also seen taking off, but in a white sedan driven by another person. it was also discovered this black car belonging to a nearby business owner had also been hit the shopping center's proximity to the freeway has raised questions about what created the conflict. we have no information that started on the way. all of the information we have so is it started here, but we're still collecting. >> witness statements and other information. and our victim has not been thoroughly least police later learned 2 gunshot victims were dropped off in the hospital and allay by a white sedan. it's still unclear if those 2 men are connected to this shooting the violence warning residents in this small people concerned about i don't know what do. >> to talk to reduce the credit needs. >> police tell us that the unidentified victim is in
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serious condition at the hospital tonight. they also tell us that a gun was recovered from the scene here reporting live in hercules dan thorn kron 4 news. >> chilling dispatch audio of a call that came in to chp this morning. a report of shots fired just east of the bay bridge toll plaza. authorities say a woman died during that shooting on interstate 80. it happened 10 the commute direction heading towards san francisco chp says the woman who was killed was in the front passenger seat of a car. also in that vehicle, a man and 2 children. fortunately the others were not injured. but this is just the latest in a horrifying string of deadly freeway shootings in the bay area earlier this month, a gun battle on 8.80 in oakland took the life. this little guy 23 month-old, jasper. wu he's from fremont. the hunt for his
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killer continues so far no arrests have been made in that case new at 9. another community effort is underway in san francisco to help prevent car break ins from happening. >> a local nonprofit called community stream is deploying volunteers to tourist attractions in the city leaving friendly reminders on visitors cars to remove all of their belongings. but first, taylor secchia joined the effort with one of the volunteers today. she joins us now up from the city with more. that seems like a good idea. taylor. >> yeah, definitely. vicki and maybe a simple small act, but it definitely goes a long way. you know, through this visitors can prevent themselves from becoming the next victim. the non-profit says they started this effort this week after seeing and hearing about these daily break ins in the city and they fear it's only, of course, going to get worse as more visitors are expected to come over the holidays. >> this site shattered glass and people reaching or hanging out of cars is far too common in san francisco as smashing
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grabs become more brazen and visible. it's why neighbors in the city and bay area are now stepping up to do something about it. i think when we saw the news that every single day. >> something was happening. we have all the security footage in the world to show that it's happening. and so we really thought to ourselves that doesn't seem like we can intervene physically, but what can we do. and so this is something that we've gotten underway this past week. continue to do it through the holidays because it's the high court season as well. ryan young with a nonprofit called communities. stream says. >> there's about 10 volunteers, including himself who are now visiting tourist destinations in the city and warning visitors. we actually made a bunch of fliers and business cards and. >> when we walk around town, we have a number of volunteers in a few different cities and we noticed a car that just has a lot of valuables inside of it. we just leave a note for them. hey, saying, hey, you know, we don't want you to get your photography equipment stolen. we don't want you to get your wedding photographs stolen. and so we just leave a short card saying, hey, we're
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watching out for you. all san francisco has its own signs posted near places like lombard street. they often go unnoticed by excited visitors. just arriving into town. that's why young says. >> they place these cards on the driver's side window in plain sight with a message similar to this one. at the very least we can do is to raise awareness to help people. >> just make sure to protect their valuables to understand that this is going on. well, let's do our best to make sure that every car. seems an attractive to break into. and i think that that will go a long way from that. her son, even the locals have their guards down for about 5 minutes. >> this is the second community led effort that's trying to do something to address these crimes in the city. of course, a lot of people are frustrated and fed up so a lot of people are starting to band together and try to figure out some sort of solutions to decrease these crimes. happening right now in the city. now we're live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news. >> we need all the help we can get. thank you. taylor. well, a south bay college professor
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turned arson suspect was indicted today. 47 year-old gary maynard of san jose is facing charges of arson to federal property and setting timber on fire. he's accused of going on an arson spree near the dixie fire northeast of chico this year while that fire was still raging. he taught criminology at sonoma state university. investigators say he started at least 4 fires in late july and early august. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for each arson count to the north bay. now wildfire mitigation is under way. the city of samara fell is offering a free program to help reduce the fuel load and provide better defensible space around homes trying to get ready for next fire season kron four's. gayle ong reports. >> this some of that, you know, probably better bang from residential properties yet let's see shultz with americorps and triple c work
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on 4 different properties in the terri lynn, the neighborhood thursday. >> and the area known to have several juniper trees, an oily plant that builds up again would material an extreme fire risk for homeowners respond around the area and that lights an oil plant like jennifer, we get just a little bit of wind on it. >> i'm playing like jennifer has the potential to produce playing like center about 2 to 3 times the size of of actual plants. the city of center fell is offering to remove the highly flammable plant for free. >> the sandra fell fire department partnered with americorps and marine wildfire to help create defensible space for homeowners simon wright vegetation management specialist for the center fell fire department is focusing on homes and evacuation routes. they're either doing. >> like understory clearance out in the open space areas. so removing highly combustible invasive species such as french broom. >> and mainly really focusing on areas that are. >> within a 100 feet of residential structure quinn, gardner overseas, wildfire
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prevention efforts in sandra fell gardner says the program on its 3rd year. not only helps clear debris right. defensible space is about removing all the vegetation is just about having the right vegetation are in place. >> and juniper is not the right vegetation, especially near roadways and evacuation clearing that out create clear area where the property owner can can replant other other plants that are more a chip or a truck will clear out debris for residents. sandra fell residents can reach out to the fire department to set up for the free service that goes on until december 17th in sandra fell, gayle ong kron 4 news. all right. weather time as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast. a live look here at the golden gate bridge. >> looks dry for now for now, for chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with a look. yeah, we're getting some hit miss showers out there right now around the bay area going to see that. >> continue throughout the night tonight out there. you got a lot of cloud cover. there is no getting around that and cloudy skies. and a few scattered showers have
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been popping up as starting the afternoon and then continuing tonight we're seeing more of that out there right now. it will likely continue even into tomorrow as we got this week cold front that's sliding into the state. you see moisture moving up in far northern california were catching some stretching into the bay area. but things tapering off just a little bit. now. we did have more moderate band moving through this past hour. but now things begin to quiet down somewhat. but there you can just outside a live more. we're seeing some of that. the rain making its way over the altamonte past torre tracy right now. but otherwise thmngs are a little bit quieter outside, but there's still more to come overnight tonight. skies are going to stay cloudy and we're seeing some patchy fog to go along with that. the scattered showers are going to continue to pop up throughout the night tonight and likely going to see that again for tomorrow skies will be mostly cloudy again. it will be a cool day for most of the bay area and a few showers throughout as well. this weekend, high pressure does make a return that could lead to more sunshine and some warmer temperatures. but next week we might get back into that rain again. in fact, some of the models long-range certain hand
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that we might get back to some significant rain by that following weekend out there tonight. we're look at this cold front dropping on through, but really just kind of as it moves through. it kind of. become stationary falls apart. leave behind a lot of moisture. i think tomorrow evening we may be talking about significant amount of fog. but tonight some scattered showers that will continue into tomorrow as well. and then as we head through the night tonight. you see the front starting to drop in and here comes not much energy with it. just some scattered showers into tomorrow morning for the commute and that continues through the middle of the day and then you watch the front just kind of sags and falls apart right over the bay area. so that's gonna leave a lot of cloud cover around the bay area. i think for tomorrow in lot of fog out there as well. so tomorrow it will be cooler plan on those temperatures running in the 50's. some 60's, maybe some mid 60's. i think into the south and that's about as warm as it's going to get a chance showers overnight tonight into tomorrow. we dry things out on saturday and sunday. now looks like there's a chance of more rain, the following tuesday, thanksgiving looks dry. but that following weekend we could see a significant change
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in the pattern, maybe significant amount of rain coming our way to is good news about great. yeah, philip, those. thanks, lawrence. thanks. >> all across the bay area today kaiser permanente workers have been on the picket lines to support engineers who were striking for a better contract. engineers and union members. they've been on strike for the last 2 months amid contract negotiations, citing alleged unfair labor practices and pay in total. it's 40,000 person strike that includes kaiser employees such as mental health professionals nurses, optometrists pharmacists and others. all standing with their engineering counterparts. >> it's all about patient care at the end of the day, we are out here fighting for a contract for these local 39 engineers because we engineers to perform their duties within this facility and to take care of the equipment so that we can get quality of care to the patient.
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>> kaiser says sympathy strike throughout the bay area and sacramento won't help patients and the engineers any closer to an agreement. kaiser says if you have an appointment during the strike and you cannot to contact them. will they will contact you. rock on. >> the shows will go on for a bit longer at certain concerts and events ear it levi stadium. the city of santa clara has voted to change the controversial curfew that would pull the plug on late night music kron four's rob fladeboe details. the decibels dilemma. >> the band's cold play and red hot chili peppers are coming to levi stadium. it's not yet clear which events will be impacted, but the santa clara city council has voted to extend the curfew at the stadium. what i'm hoping is that this opportunity of changing this curfew. >> to 5 times in a year to get some concerts to, you know, good, good, good concert that we're going actually make some revenue and get our city back
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on track against the new curfew will allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host 5 non nfl events annually that can go until 11:00pm. >> the current curfew as the entertainment ending at 10 on week nights 11 on friday and saturday in a statement the forty-niners said in part the decision will help grow world class entertainment santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music will also generate necessary revenue for the city hotels and businesses but stadium neighbors like patrol lamont want to stick with the old curfew did notice that the concerts are going on for pretty a pretty long. >> and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise and music pumping to my ears, my head. >> some neighbors worry later hours will mean crowds and traffic will linger longer. bans defied the old curfew risking fines while others like ed sheeran stayed away resulting in lost revenue for the city and the forty-niners.
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i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. >> and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. i mean, the music is want what every month, every other month and only for a saturday sunday. still other stadium neighbors like josh and jeremy more unwelcome the later curfew in the free backyard entertainment that comes with it. >> that wish there would be a curfew on the constant air traffic overhead at all because miami, like 1530 minutes. so it is it airplanes drown out the music say that santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in the east bay 2 elementary schools in hayward will be closing next year following a vote by the hayward unified school district board the board members voted to close bowman elementary and still burt show that your schools, the district's decision coming in spite of days of protests by parents and teachers. they say it's due to a budget shortfall and that decline in enrollment. one parent tells
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us the decision. it was heartbreaking while another told us it will be worth it in the long run. >> gone for a year coming back and then. >> hearing that just goes going close. you just like, ok, we're going to go now. so i think it's a little messed out to school here and as a kid. i said come here is kind of like so sleaze. same teachers are still here. so. heartbreaking is like that actually is major blow that. >> you know, the school will be shut down but economically it might help. >> our haywood community new money to come in. >> so using bowman elementary strobe ridge elementary and board members are considering closing to more schools glass, brook elementary and ochoa middle school. no word yet on a meeting to decide the fate of those schools. federal health officials are set to expand booster recommendations to all eligible adults ahead of the holiday season this week. the fda is expected to
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authorize pfizer booster shots for all adults in the u.s. the cdc could meet tomorrow to review data on the safety and efficacy of boosters and if approved boosters would then become available on a national level to any adult who received a second dose of the mrna covid vaccine, at least 6 months ago or got a j and j at least 2 months ago and because everything is confusing. california has already cleared the way for eligible adults to get boosters. this would now just be a national california residents 18 and older. they've said can get boosters if it's been a long enough since their initial shots. the biden administration is halting enforcement of the covid-19 vaccine requirement for businesses as litigation over the issue continues last week. the 5th circuit court of appeals ordered osha to take no action to enforce the mandate that requires businesses with more than a 100 employees to ensure all those employees are vaccinated
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against covid-19 or at least tested weekly. the justice department says it plans to fight back against a court order. so enforcement may resume. but until then, the white house is encouraging businesses to be vigilant in fighting the pandemic. 60% of businesses are moving forward with measures. >> they keep their workplaces safe passage to businesses right now is to move forward with measures that will make their workplaces safer. >> the court ruling only specified that osha stop enforcing the vaccine requirement. the ruling did not businesses not to implemented that make sense. opponents of the vaccine that it will make the u.s. labor shortage even worse. however, dozens of health care groups agree with the biden administration saying businesses should still implement the vaccine requirement to stem the spread of covid ahead of the holiday season. and stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for kids. you can scan the qr code on your screen. you'll be directed to the special
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section of our website. that's republican reduced jones's murder sentenced to life in prison without parole. this was a partial voctory for activists who claim jones was wrongfully convicted celebrities athletes, millions of people signed a petition to grant jones clemency jones was sentenced to death 19 years ago for fatally shooting an insurance executive during a carjacking. he says it was his co defendant who shot and killed the executive. meanwhile, throughout his nearly 20 years on death row questions have surrounded the guilt or innocence of julius jones. his defense team says he was misidentified jones himself says he was framed and high profile celebrities. steph curry, steve kerr have
9:20 pm
brought worldwide attention to the case in an effort to set him free. but how did we get here. reporter rudabeh shahbazi explains. >> summer. 1999 businessman paul howell is gunned down in front of his 2 daughters and sister and affluent oklahoma city suburb. prosecutors say julius jones and his close high school friend christopher jordan followed the howell family car jacked them and then shot paul howell dead. but jones and his family have maintained his innocence saying he was home with them the night of howell's murder, eating dinner and playing games and that the jury was never presented his alibi a trial jones's sister antoinette jones spoke to news nation's ashley banfield. >> it's been proven. aj says and there's so much reasonable doubt that is evidence is playing away from farther. but paul howell sister megan toby, who was an eyewitness to her brother's killing pointed the finger at jones. but she said the shooter had cornrows
9:21 pm
braids and a bandana which jones didn't have. he is a murderer, a liar and the associate pat a gang member. >> it just keeps going on and on and he will do this again. jones is once friend and co-defendant christopher jordan testified against him even while he more closely match toby's description of the shooter. jones has long said he was framed by jordan and that jordan is the actual killer and a man who served time with jordan claims jordan admitted the crime to him was one in cases where. >> i'm sorry, but i'm not going jump out the images. you know, so much else move like that race was also a factor, a police officer used a racial slur during jones's arrest and the state removed all but one black juror one of the jurors also used a racial slur. the case has drawn international attention since it was profiled in a documentary produced by actress viola davis in 2018 since then, reality tv star kim kardashian west visited jones in prison.
9:22 pm
>> and athletes, including nba stars russell westbrook and nfl quarterback baker mayfield have urged the governor to commute jones's death sentence and spare his life julius jones is case has garnered so much national attention. >> because there really are problems with his case and a question as to his guilt. >> and that was rudabeh shahbazi reporting for us tonight. 56 years after civil rights icon malcolm x was assassinated. 2 of the 3 men convicted for his murder have been exonerated. one of them possibly us lee a manhattan judge dismissed the convictions of mohamed aziz and the late khalil islam. the man who admitted to shooting malcolm x in in 1965. said the disease and islam were not involved. they both had alibis and no physical evidence tie them to the crime, but they spent a combined 42 years in prison. islam passed away in 2000, 9 last year's netflix docu entry who killed max
9:23 pm
malcolm x prompted a new investigation. prosecutors say they found authorities withheld evidence that proved the men's innocence. >> you never know who your neighbors are. you never do. >> still to come, east bay resident reacting to the alleged human trafficking happening in his neighborhood. what authorities are revealing about their latest case involving a 17 year-old girl from honduras. and a major announcement in the investigation into the death of a well-known bicyclist. what we know about the new charges connected to the case and they california's high-speed rail has cost a 100 billion dollars and counting. how the recently passed federal infrastructure passed federal infrastructure bill could the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier.
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>> leaders of california's high-speed rail project say that the recently passed federal infrastructure package could help a lot. the bullet trains authority board met today. our kron four's ashley zavala has an update. >> it's a huge, huge development. california. i think for this project going high speed rail authority ceo brian kelly says the recently signed federal infrastructure package will provide big opportunity for the state and country's largest rail project for the federal government to step up put this level of funding on the table is truly stuart, the leader of the state's 100 billion dollars counting bullet train project
9:27 pm
noted the legislation provides about 58 billion dollars over 6 different programs up for grabs. kelly says the rail authority is ready to compete for some of that money but did not see an exact amount thursday. these are all places where we applied for funding in the past been awarded some thought and it will intend keep those going forward. the ceos optimistic outlook came at the high speed rail authority. board's monthly meeting their board members also got an update on construction. significant work has been completed on several structures on the 119 miles. central valley track between bakersfield and madera. project leaders are aiming to compete that segment by the end of next year with planning under way to connect san francisco and los angeles by 2030, thursday's updates were welcome news to the board which has seen constant delays and cost overruns for the project. we can't continue >> given that can call said that? keep us to we have to be clear as clear as we can.
9:28 pm
>> and look at this part of the project leaders are looking forward to more federal action on president biden's build back better plan which they say could provide even more financial opportunity for the bullet train. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> next. cbs reveals plans to close hundreds of stores. but if you live near one, it might not be so bad. also big cable news network from this guy's trial. kyle rittenhouse what the judge says a stringer did at a delivery driver. rob, right. the middle of the day, why we think that person was probably targeting an individual. keep it here.
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are investigating a human trafficking case involving a 17 year-old girl. >> from honduras. police have arrested 2 san leandro residents who accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the girl and forcing her into prostitution. kron four's. dan kerman has been following up on this case. he has the latest now from san leandro wanted lauren margaret wilson have been arrested and charged with human trafficking and forcible rape. >> of a 17 year-old girl from honduras. aguilar has also been charged with kidnapping that girl. police say they kept her in a shed in the back of the san leandro home. >> you never know who your neighbors are. you never do those who live along hutchings
9:32 pm
drive were shocked to hear about the arrest really quiet over there. another was that girl locked in that shed in the backyard. no idea. late last month. aguilar and wilson pleaded not guilty to all charges. court documents indicate the victim was kidnapped at gunpoint by dealer in honduras in january of this year. >> they then traveled to guatemala where police say aguilar first raped the girl from there. they went to mexico where police say she was sold to a coyote who was to smuggle her across the border. police say the coyote sexually assaulted her as well. in may. police say the 17 year-old girl arrived at the san leandro home court documents indicate agular repeatedly raped the 17 year-old over the course of 5 months and eventually forced her into prostitution. police say wilson what participate in the paid acts and set up the encounters. police say during his interview aguilar admitted to having with the victim.
9:33 pm
police say the victim eventually confided in aguilar is nice and the nice and the victim told the nieces mother and that's how police ended up finding out. >> the 2 defendants to back in court at the end of the month. insanely under dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in the north bay. authorities say an apparent abduction of a 15 year-old girl that triggered an amber alert is actually a prank. according to the santa rosa police department. the girl. who was believed to have been taken was in on the stunt alone with her boyfriend and another friend. this is surveillance video here. i guess what they staged. according to police, it started yesterday when that surveillance video appeared to show the girl being pushed into a minivan near the arco gas station along guerneville road. according to police, she was then driven to los angeles with her boyfriend and 2 other friends and then she was returned unharmed to her home in valais homes this morning. at this point it's unclear if any of the people involved wilm face any sort of charges.
9:34 pm
the contra costa county district attorney's office announced charges in their investigation into the death of a well-known bicyclists back in april. 86 year-old shoshana me was hit by a car while he was a bicycling in lafayette. >> the accident happened at the intersection of olympic boulevard and pleasant hill road. authorities say the driver lori everett failed to yield and struck shimmy who had the right away. the da's office says that the driver has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges. a brazen daylight armed robbery of a cannabis delivery drivers causing concern along alhambra avenue in martinez. it happened just after noon on wednesday, a corporate maureen kelly has reaction. >> it's concerning very concerned. the arm robbery went down as the delivery driver was dropping off a cannabis shipment here at the embark cannabis dispensary a few minutes after the noon
9:35 pm
hour wednesday. i'm told it happened here in this dead end section of g street right hammer avenue. >> martinez police say the delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint by 3 male suspects wearing masks. 2 of them armed with semiautomatic weapons. a source tells me this was an unscheduled delivery. >> and when the security guard came out to investigate and learned that a robbery was underway. store employees were alerted and the dispensary went into lockdown. luckily no one was hurt. police say the 3 suspects took off in a newer model. black honda sedan with a small dent above the rear license plate. they got away with a large amount of weed and some of the delivery drivers personal possessions. those who live or work in the area find the brazen daylight armed robbery worrisome. it's holiday time. so, you know, we can expect these things but not necessarily like that. so it is concerning and onset wherever you get harmed by, you know. yeah. at noon this people very that >> and a surprise. what
9:36 pm
teenage very safe. >> a spokesperson for the dispensary says they're grateful that their team and protocols kept all customers and employees safe and secure maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> cbs announced today that is planning to close a total of 900 stores over the next 3 years. they're all over the place. but that's a lot of stores. the first 300 of them will start closing in the spring of next year. cvs says it has been evaluating changes in population consumer buying patterns and future health needs to make sure it has its locations in the correct places. the company did not specify which stores will be closing at this time. part of their strategy. they say includes creating new store formats walgreens has also announced it's closing multiple stores. at least 5 in san francisco. however, the company said that's due to concerns over, quote, ongoing
9:37 pm
organized retail crime in the city. san francisco leaders quickly tried to refute that claim believing that the local closures were related to walgreens broader plan to close about 200 locations nationwide. we're still on verdict. watch as jurors spent the 3rd day deliberating the kyle rittenhouse murder trial. >> in wisconsin. the judge today threw msnbc out of the courtroom. that's after a kenosha. police say that someone claiming to be a producer for msnbc appeared to be following the bus that was taking the jurors away from the courthouse. nbc says the man was a freelancer and was not following the jurors rittenhouse is accused of shooting and killing 2 men during protests last year and injuring a 3rd. the defense has asked for a mistrial which the judge has not ruled on yet. in georgia today. defense attorneys for the 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery. >> rested after calling a sses. the people who testified in the men's defense include the man
9:38 pm
who fatally shot arbery. his name, travis mcmichael. you see him there on the left. 6 neighbors testified about their concerns regarding crime in the neighborhood. closing arguments are scheduled for monday. >> still ahead tonight, in sports, steph curry and the warriors said tough time in cleveland. until the 4th quarter and then. the magic at the sports director jason dumas has highlights of this amazing game and reaction. >> dining dish. we are cutting the cheese in one east bay city literally who wrote is my child or stick for a slice of at the annual giant. she's parade in oakland. >> and so eyes of a heart just a little bit. you may be in for quite the sight tonight. what you might see this guy that might surprise ou will talk about that in the talk about that in the forecast coming up next. ♪
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>> and now kron 4 sports. >> the best team in basketball trying to finish out the road trip strong game one of a back-to-back starting in cleveland. ah, the memories. this organization has in that building. the queue. let's go to the midwest. you figure stephan company would have an easy night with the cab. but that could have been farther from the truth. cleveland
9:42 pm
jumped out to a 10. nothing lead thanks to shot like that from dean. wait 3 of his 17 points. but belli he kept the cab in this early on that 3 of his 14 points in the half 4 years down 3 at the break and of the 3rd way with the want to get the tip and at the but he just like dwayne wade except way taller white not black. the dubs sleepwalking down 13 entering the 4th, but the warriors went on a 17 o run to begin to for curry to dealey. got to love that connection. we've got ourselves a tie game and stephanie goes to work to take you see kids using the left hand on the left side. that's aloft are. that's how you don't get the shot blocking now about getting an entry pass in the post. he doesn't always finishes with the reverse 85 81 back to the valley find him in the corner.
9:43 pm
he had 9 in the 4 finish with 11. but we have to end this with staff. he had 9, 3 pointers that patented its step back. he finished with 40 points warriors win one o 4.89. they are an nba best 13 2. up next, the pistons on friday euro step on that epic 36 to 8 run into for ports defense. it's just. >> a good energy because not only are you feeling good making shots. but you find yourself always in the right position, making the right could so much making our and even if i'm not the one taking the shot and there's something else. you know, good happened on the back of the plane was because the flow go shot for shot. and it becomes a lot harder because united still not getting stops. we're able to do both. and that's why have >> 36 to a quarter. kind crazy. >> unfortunately this right here was the much, much fight
9:44 pm
as the shark showed all night in st. louis. the blues brandon scored one of his 2 goals here. louis wins 41 to sharks return home saturday to take on the washington capitals. that
9:45 pm
9:46 pm
>> this isn't just yeah. talking. this is science sites shows that cheese right melted off grated sliced. it it just
9:47 pm
appeals to our. pleasure centers. some about it, right. axes matter mac and cheese egg and cheese pizza. you could go a so tonight on dine and dish. we're going straight to the big cheese, the annual giant cheese parade that happens in oakland. >> you think we're in a small italian village of for rays honoring this big cheese wheel. that is right here in the bay area next to the rock ridge bart station. this is our parades. and we've done is for 5 years and almost archie's buyer of almost 30 years. >> she brings in one of 2, almost 400 pound wheels of cheese. this is the largest. we'll west of the mississippi that's a lot of chips, a lot of giuliana is the head cheese monger here at market hall. cheese counter market hall is a food lover's haven with fresh caught fish from hawaii.
9:48 pm
we're in sun farms. natural meet a cornucopia of prepared foods. >> pasta pastries and of course, cheese where you can barely see almost serving up exotic cheese from cow sheep, goat, even buffalo, but nothing quite matches the size and appeal of the imported 400 pound of crew pillow italian cheese. it's. >> cheese lovers. demonstrators takes a lot of elbow grease to cut up. he said it sells out fast. we buy whole and so nice to the and whole entire 1000. we be. so we have a following for this. she's we've been doing this for years. we typically bring in about 40 pound wheels. >> but this 400 pound wheel almost 100 pound wheel gets broken down and we sell in less than 2 weeks. everyone in our community comes in and buys its incredible on sandwiches. it's great on
9:49 pm
pizzas. it's absolutely delicious cheese all the way to do it all the way italy for all the vicki liviakis kron 4 news and i want to thank personally for, you know, for showing me that 400 pound. >> block of cheese that, you know, we're always looking for great places to dine in order to get take out in your neighborhood. you can scan this qr code. it will take you directly to the dine and dish web page where you can submit your favorite restaurants for us to feature. >> that is the best tee shot, by the way. and they said great on sandwiches right now. but a turkey sandwich right after thanksgiving yum yum. but turkey 7 bad safety record when it comes to deep frying them with hundreds of destructive fires triggered each year by the mishandling of the hot oil and the open flames. look at that thing. bubble and this morning, sacramento fire department held a demonstration on how to safely deep fry. your turkey. officials recommend your turkey be fully thawed and they say the oil temperature in this puppy should be no
9:50 pm
more than 325 degrees. >> someone has to be present the whole time as their heating that oil, it will fluctuate court quite a bit. so 3.25 the safe temperature for for frying anywhere. upwards of 400 degrees on oil temp. you're risking a fire. so stay tend to your oil and monitor the temperature with a thermometer. >> the national fire protection association says deep fryers cause an average of 5 deaths, 60 injuries and more than 15 million dollars in property damage each year i time to talk about the weather in our 4 zone forecast as we have a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza light in the traffic department thinned o so far. the weather holding steady kron four's, chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk any changes. yeah. i would love to see a couple little breaks in those clouds outside got a really need side out there tonight actually lunar eclipse taking place tonight. >> if we get a little break in the clouds. you may get to see
9:51 pm
it in the you're going to see a change in the moon. the color. it's going to shift to more of an orange, almost a pink as we see that lunar eclipse is going to the longest one in some 600 years. that's going to 3 and a half hours that is a long eclipse that taking place tonight. unfortunately, there's so many clouds out there right now that it's making it difficult to see. but if you do see a break in the clouds. you may just get a really nice sight. not seen that from the east bay, though. look at all that cloud cover some fog moving in as well. we've had some scattered light showers popping up around the bay area. a couple places get a little bit of moderate rain but not very long and just kind of hit and miss. but you see the strands of energy. they're moving on shore. these bans. we're going to see that throughout the night tonight. so it's not going to be a steady rain tonight. just some showers kind of on and off as we take you through the night. models are showing you most of the moisture still yet to come. in fact, making its way into the north bay by early tomorrow morning about 5.30, or so you start to see that rainfall moving through, then it kind of just falls apart and sits over the bay area. and that's going to be the concern. i think going forward
9:52 pm
here a few scattered showers into the afternoon tomorrow. but as falls apart, it can leave all that moisture behind. so all of a sudden we've got all that moisture from this leftover cold front. we could be looking at significant fog that we're talking some of that ground fog as we head toward tomorrow night and the beginning your weekend rainfall amounts not to be much of the maybe 400, 7 inch of rain in the san francisco. same center a little bit more over some of the mountain tops. so, yeah, it might be ok there. but otherwise around the bay area. the other temperatures tomorrow it's going to remain rather cool plan on some 50's and some 60's outside as warm a 66 degrees in san jose. that's about as warm as it's going to get stay. mostly cloudy. probably a couple parts of those clouds late in the day and chance of scattered showers, especially the morning and the early afternoon looking out over the next couple days. so it looks like as we get the weekend. sunshine does make a return again public some pretty thick fog early on saturday morning. then a chance op showers again by next tuesday as we look toward thanksgiving day right now looks dry. but that following weekend we could get back into some significant
9:53 pm
rain. keep your fingers crossed. all right. back to the turkeys. yes, sir. you know, so much about turkey. thank you very much. yes, professional your favorite way to prepare i like the bag my turkey. but i've had it for i guess you could never baghdad. get up. >> up baghdad. you throw it in the oven. that thing comes out perfect. every single time moist. so moist currently moyes not deep fry, not smoked. i've i've tasted. i've never done the deep fry, but i've taste one before and that it's not greasy like you might think, right. i mean, it's just nice crispy outside. and then if you want to have a picnic thanksgiving picnic. you put that that thing in a cooler, right. that's what we would do. yeah. we will put in a cooler cooler works t ops away keeps it nice and warm. you go up, the park, you've got a nice fresh hot turkey dinner. well, thanks for the tips. you're extending died year for weather here related turkey right. thanks for all right. up next. >> a kim k. saving the day. what she has done for youth soccer players in afghan kim
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
kardashian, west helped evacuate female youth soccer players from afghanistan. good for her. she and her company chartered a flight from pakistan to britain carrying more than 30 players and their families. united kingdom soccer club in a rabbi in new york also played a role in the evacuation. female sports course is seen as a political act of defiance against the
9:57 pm
taliban. it's dangerous to be a female the female athletes. there are hundreds of them have left afghanistan since the group returned to power. well, good for her for and good luck to them. and that wraps up kron 4 news at night. but the news continues at the top of the hour. kron four's ken wayne and catherine heenan are here with what's up next, the key grant, thank you very much. happy thursday night to tomorrow's fridays. and here we go. >> all right. coming up, we're going to tell you about a few things, this shooting that took place in the east bay will fill you in on the latest on that. >> also, a trafficking case getting a lot of buzz tonight, a 17 year-old girl from honduras of being trafficked and forced into prostitution will have that story. the news at 10 starts after the break.
9:58 pm
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when fun time. >> from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10. a woman shot dead inside a car near the bay bridge toll plaza with 2 children in the backseat. the latest on the investigation into her death as well as a new proposal to try to end the ramp and gun violence in oakland. thanks for joining us here on kron. 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. the chp releasing very few details tonight after woman was killed in a shooting on i 80. >> justt


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