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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 18, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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>> to 5 times in a year to get some concerts to, you know, good, good, good concert that we're going actually make some revenue and get our city back on track against the new curfew will allow the forty-niners who run the stadium to host 5 non nfl events annually that can go until 11:00pm. >> the current curfew as the entertainment ending at 10 on week nights 11 on friday and saturday in a statement the forty-niners said in part the decision will help grow world class entertainment santa clara and will not only excite those in our community who love live music will also generate necessary revenue for the city hotels and businesses but stadium neighbors like want to stick with the old curfew did notice that the concerts are going on for pretty a pretty long. >> and honestly, kind of bothered me when i was trying to sleep. if i live just small gap of the window to open. >> the noise the music pumping to my ears, my head. >> some neighbors worry later hours will mean crowds and
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traffic will linger longer. bans defied the old curfew risking fines while others like ed sheeran stayed away. resulting in lost revenue for the city and the forty-niners. i mean, the pandemic has done a lot to our community. >> and i think this is a great way to get our community out of that hole. i mean, the music is want what every month, every other month and only for a saturday sunday. still other stadium neighbors like josh and jeremy more unwelcome the later curfew in the free backyard entertainment that comes with it. but wish there would be a curfew on the costs of air traffic overhead at all because miami, like 1530, minutes. so it is it airplanes drown out the music >> santa clara. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> in the east bay 2 elementary schools in hayward will close next year after a vote by the hayward unified school district board members voted to close baumann elementary and strobe ridge elementary schools. the
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district's decision came in spite of days of protests by parents and teachers. they say it's due to a budget shortfall in decline in enrollment. one parent says the decision is heartbreaking. well, another parent says it will be worse in the long run. >> gone for a year coming back and then hearing that just goes going close. you just like, ok, we're going to go now. so i think it's a little messed out the school year and as a kid. i said come here is kind of like. >> so sleaze. same teachers are still here. so. our breaking news like that actually is major blow that. >> you know, the school will be shut down but economically it might help. >> our haywood community new money to come in. >> board. members are considering closing to more schools class brook elementary and cho a middle school. no word yet on a meeting to decide the fate of those schools. >> leaders of california's high-speed rail project say
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the recently passed federal infrastructure package could help a lot. the bullet train to 30 board met today kron four's ashley zavala has an update. >> it's a huge, huge development. california. i think for this project going forwary high speed rail authority ceo brian kelly says the recently signed federal infrastructure package will provide big opportunity for the state and country's largest rail project for the federal government to step up put this level of funding on the table is truly historic. the leader of the state's 100 billion dollars counting bullet train project noted the legislation provides about 58 billion dollars over 6 different programs up for grabs. kelly says the rail authority is ready to compete for some of that money but did not see an exact amount thursday. these are all places where we applied for funding in the past been awarded some thought and it will intend keep those going forward. the ceos optimistic outlook came at the high speed rail authority. board's monthly meeting their board members
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also got an update on construction. significant work has been completed on several structures on the 119 miles. central valley track between bakersfield and madera. project leaders are aiming to compete that segment by the end of next year with planning under way to connect san francisco and los angeles by 2030, thursday's updates were welcome news to the board which has seen constant delays and cost overruns for the project. we can't continue >> it means it rains. it can call set that keep us to we have clear as clear as we can. >> and moving this project forward. project leaders are looking forward to more federal action on president biden's build back better plan which they say could provide even more financial opportunity for the bullet train. in sacramento. ashley zavala kron 4 news. >> united airlines is set to resume its longest flight from the bay area in an effort to bring back prepandemic travel. the air carrier will once again be flying nonstop to singapore the fight had been
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closed shut down since early in the pandemic but starting january 1st service from san francisco to singapore will return that it that flight is about 18 hours long and after crossing the dateline the arrival in singapore is 2 days after departure this comes a day after united announced it was resuming sales of hard liquor on those flights. as you put your christmas list together. new sky scanner p finds that travel seemed gifts are a big hit around a 3rd of the people. polled said they'd like to receive an experience such as travel over material goods such as a gift ties socks, whatever the number was even higher. for younger people who were surveyed. 3 out of 4 of those said they would like to try something completely new as part of an experience gift and most of the people surveyed said they want to go on a good and then ventures such as hiking or some water sports or soak up some culture with an arts and food themed experience. not. i would definitely take a trip
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over just about anything. all right. speaking of travel, we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. and it does seem to be a. >> pretty backed up for this time. not clear 18 hours from san francisco to singapore and 18 hours from oakland to san francisco on the bay bridge right now. feels like in any way with >> well, at least they got some nice weather. look outside right little rain begin to develop out there as you make your way across the bay bridge. some scattered light showers a possibility tonight. most of that just really light outside. we're going to see that continue tomorrow. this front, the kind of just fall apart as it moves across the bay area. kind of a slow-moving system out there tonight. not bad on the golden gate bridge. things moving along pretty well. lot of clouds out there, some showers popping up around the bay area today most that fairly light. you see a stronger ban into the south bay now making its way through san jose in alum rock milpitas seeing some light showers and those areas. but again, these are going to be scattered throughout the night tonight. you'll see it on the model right here as we
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head through the night a lot of clouds out there continuing on and off throughout the night. the main front really not getting here until early in the morning and then kind of falling apart as it comes through. so not expecting real heavy rain with this one, but it's leaving behind a lot of cloud cover. we see a lot of moisture in the atmosphere may be leading to some significant fog. i think especially tomorrow night rainfall totals don't expect a whole lot for hundreds in some heavier amounts. i think over the north bay hills maybe get tense plus. but that is about it otherwise just some generally light showers temperatures for tomorrow. going to stay cool on a friday. again, slight chance of showers in the morning by the afternoon, things dry out. certainly a chance as you work your way. specially northward throughout the bay area tomorrow. the temperatures going to stay cool as well. a lot of clouds out there. numbers generally in the 60's inside the bay. maybe some mid 60's as you head toward parts of the south bay tomorrow. that's going to warm as it gets keeping those numbers cool to only about 6100 to 6 degrees in brooklyn, cloudy 61 chance of a few scattered light showers and 59. it's
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snowing back along the coastline, keeping a cool and a little bit damp from time to time in the north bay next few days return to some more sunshine. i think as we get into saturday and sunday slightly warmer to slight chance of showers by tuesday of next week. >> thank you, lawrence. still ahead, the countdown is on to the 2022 winter olympics in china. but some lawmakers are now calling for a complete boycott. we'll hear from them after the break. >> in sports baseball announced. it says most valuable players a repeat winner in one league and a unanimous one in the other sports director jason dumas has the details. plus, we're going to warriors. update us a take on the cabs in cleveland. >> but first, shoppers be where yet another report warning people of holiday scams. what to watch out for in stores and online.
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i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> for your money tonight. a new aarp report is sounding the alarm on me. a growing number of holiday shopping scams. 3 quarters of people surveyed recently say they've experienced at least one form of fraud this time of year. that's a lot advice includes being careful about clicking on online ads. they often lead to fake sites which download malicious software also customer support from legitimate retailers will not ask you about log-in
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information. if you run into that, that probably fake. and finally, always avoid using debit cards when possible since credit cards offer much more fraud protection. >> cbs announced today is planning to close a total of 900 stores over the next 3 years. the first 300 stores will begin closing in spring of 2022 cbs said, as has been evaluating changes in population consumer buying patterns and future health needs to make sure it has its locations in the right spots. they did not specify which stores will be closing at this time. part of their strategy. also includes creating new store formats. walgreens is also announce a number of store closures at least 5 in san francisco. however, the company says due to concerns over ongoing organized retail crime in the city. san francisco leaders quickly refuted that claim believing that the local closures rue related to walgreens broader plan to close about 200 locations nationwide. so
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better pay. they're claiming unfair labor practices about 40,000 workers could be involved, including those showing solidarity including kaiser employees and mental health nurses optometrists pharmacists and others. >> it's all about patient care at the end of the day, we are out here fighting for a contract for these local 39 engineers because we engineers to perform their duties within this facility and to take care of the equipment so that we can get quality of care to the patient. >> they are expected to strike again tomorrow. kaiser says some outpatient pharmacies will be temporarily closed. anybody needing to refill prescriptions is urged to contact kaiser about where to pick up medication. new at 6 tonight, president biden is facing bipartisan pressure from congress to bar government officials from traveling to china. >> for next year's winter olympics democrats and republicans want to use a diplomatic boycott to protest the country's human rights
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practices with the president accusing china of the genocide of religious minorities one senators now calling on the president to completely boycott the olympics strong force. washington correspondent jessi tenure has more. we should launch a complete and total boycott. china's genocide olympics. arkansas senator tom cotton wants to block every athlete, biden administration official in corporate sponsor from the 2022 winter olympics. i sympathize with them. >> they've been failed by this administration. cotton fears. the biden administration is not doing enough to keep athletes safe they make clear now that they do not have a plan to protect them from things like dna harvesting or ubiquitous surveillance or hostage taking the biden administration accuses china of human rights abuses, including what it calls a genocide against muslim ethnic groups, cotton sites that is another reason to snub the game's china runs a totalitarian slave state fellow senators like mitt romney have said athletes should be able to compete. but
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a growing number of lawmakers support moving the olympics to another country. i have a hard time wondering why the world would reward china. >> especially after covid with another olympics and even more support. a diplomatic boycott that would keep president biden and other u.s. officials from attending the games, the president says that still on the table, something we're considering when asked to elaborate white house press secretary jen psaki could not say what the u.s. presence of the olympics will be. >> psaki did say, though, that any potential changes should not downplay how president biden's virtual meeting went on monday with his chinese counterpart xi jinping in washington. i'm jessi tenure. >> and time for another look at the 4 zone forecast as we're looking live over san francisco looking at the transamerica tower. lawrence karnow standing byrwith the rain that's moving in. yeah. a few scattered showers popping up around the bay area. lot of clouds throughout the day. that really kind of knocked down the temperatures highs only in the 50's and the 60's today. but yeah, it's all that cloud cover now we're seeing
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so few pop-up showers around the bay area tonight. more of that on the way. sfo good news is no delays being reported with the clouds out there usually get a couple delays, but so far not much going on. and that's some good news. no delays reported oakland or san jose either. well, here's your storm system working its way on shore most that rain for northern california. few scattered showers popping up around the bay area. most that is very, very light seeing some amounts moving into the south bay right now. just light amounts of showers rotating on through there at the moment. they're still more off the coastline and more to come in fact, we've got the bigger brands that's about to move on shore in the northern california that will begin to sag to the south overnight tonight throughout the rest, the bay area. so yeah, things are going to stay a little bit unsettled tonight but not a big storm by any means. we're talking a few hundreds of an inch of rain tomorrow you see a lot of clouds. a few scattered showers, maybe in the morning. then this week in return to more sunshine and some warm weather is a dry pattern kind of sets itself up with this front going to slowly work its way in the bay area just come to kind of fall
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apart as it comes through leave behind a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. so you have few scattered showers. but i think tomorrow night we may have more of a problem with some of the fog around the bay area in the state to here's your front coming through a computer model to see coming through kind of fall apart there. then as we get the weekend high pressure takes over. we get a little bit of offshore wind. we cook your skies and very nice weather this is where it gets its sting tuesday next week. now models start to pick up on this again, a chance of showers moving in the bay area. of course, that is a busy travel day around the state and that could see some lingering activity as we head into wednesday as well. temperatures for tomorrow. going to be in the 50's and the 60's. a chance of scattered light shower early in the morning dry out over the weekend slight chance of showers next tuesday. dry on thanksgiving day. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> so caviar producer originally said, hey, should we have the highlights for the warriors game in our 6 o'clock sportscast. and i was like, nah. i don't think it's going to be over in time. i was wrong. cab was right. the
6:51 pm
warriors win on the road in cleveland. one. '04, to 89. it was a great game. steph curry again, 9, 3, pointers, his 4th time this year he's had 9, 3 pointers, no one else in the nba has done that once this year. we are literally watching greatness and i think he's shooting the ball better than he ever had. but we will have highlights in the 8 o'clock hour of that game to see how it went down. the warriors started losing 10 to nothing right off the gate. they come back. they win that game. now let's go out to st. louis where the sharks or playing the blues, the blues lead 3 to one after 2 periods we will also have highlights of that game at 8 now after their best performance of the season monday night against the rams. the forty-niners are doing their best to not have a letdown against the 2, 7, jaguars in jacksonville on sunday. they were hitting on all cylinders in their 31 to 10 pounding against a team that is considered a legit
6:52 pm
super bowl contender. now they have a potential trap game on the road. all pro tight end. george kittle said at 4, 5, they can't afford to have a drop-off. >> we lost a lot already. we don't do that anymore. i don't think there's a lot this that we want our best practices a day. just energy wise. i thought we were out there. we are running fast. we're being physical there's no law there is. and lost already. we don't losing more. and we're in a good position. we still have a chance to be in control of are now control of our season. so we don't lose again. and i the team come out this week and a good week of practice. >> you cannot lose the jacksonville. all right. the final baseball awards are out. that means the league mvp is no surprise in the american league. the angels. shohei ohtani was a unanimous selection. the 5th unanimous choice since 2000 guy is a stud. i saw him play in person early here. ohtani had an unprecedented season. he dominated as both a pitcher and a hitter have 46 home runs 100 rbi at the plate on the
6:53 pm
mound he made. 23 starts going 92 with a 3.0. 1, 8 and a 150 strikeouts and only 130 endings. he was the first baseball player in the history to hit at least 30 home runs in a year when he also had at least 10 pitching appearances. he's really good and to the national league phillies, right. fielder bryce harper has won the nl mvp award. his second. it's mvp award in his career in the 4th and phillies team history. harper finished the season with a 3 '09, batting average. 35 home runs 84 rbi 13 doubles and a league leading 42 doubles that 13 most time. not sure the 29 year-old became the 4th player since 2002 when multiple mvp awards before the age of 30 joining the likes of mike trout, albert who holes and alex rodriguez. so great
6:54 pm
company to be in. it was real the really fun baseball season this year and that was a really fun warriors game will will have those highlights later. i just heard that they're the only nba team to have more than a 100 points in every game so far this season yeah. they have a lot of record so far this year. >> 13 in to believe that made them after that win. so it will be exciting. will also hear from steve and stephanie, to just stress sports man in the bay area right. yeah. who are second in the commercial. this is very thank i appreciate that. we'll be appreciate that. we'll be right back. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious—
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>> if you're watching us on the new kronon app. a full hour of news coming up next. >> and we're going to be back at 8 o'clock with all the latest headlines for years highlights all the good stuff. so we'll see you then. have a good night.
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don't thank them too soon. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: uproar over the young man convicting of assaulting four teenagers. >> and he's not going to spend a single night in jail. >> announcer: what is victor missing today. >> absolutely disgusting. he is not someone who should be walking amongst society. >> announcer: then come a courtroom drama. >> you are covered in blood. >> weathering cross-examination in the drug or a murder trial. plus, double whammy. the outbreak of corbett corbett and flu. >> there will be more cases this year. >> deborah: and a growing shortage in flu medicine. and i'm >> announcer: than... the return of the big bird.


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