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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 18, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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abducted from santa rosa i just got video from the gas station where she was taken all show you and tell you what all happened and where they think she's been taken. >> hey, we're unified school board decides the fate of its schools. i live with >> and thousands of kaiser health care workers are hitting the picket lines this morning. we'll tell you why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> morning and thanks for waking up with us. on a thursday before next thursday, which is thanksgiving absolutely. and it we're waking up actually to a nice cool morning going to be great today. but there is the chance of a few sprinkles here and there are how serious we talking about this as serious the least seriously you get. they can. know whatever that
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is coming light a light thing. very light sprinkles out there tonight into tomorrow morning. nothing that's really even get a whole job on your morning commute on your friday. so we are going to be seeing conditions this morning that are a little on the gray side ahead of this rainfall. it's about all we got today, though. daytime hours are just nice and calm and not so sunny, a bay bridge looks a little gray. you can see the flags, not even blowing there over peer 19. so it's actually pretty calm morning. visibility is starting to improve for some of those really foggy areas right along highway 4 in contra, costa county. we've seen some dense to leave fog, forming inland yet again, we'll see burn off occurring in the return of it into tomorrow. likely now we are seeing a few sprinkles up in mendocino county this morning. you can see those north the ukiah area though, sits quietly just a little on the cloudy and cool side 40's and 50's currently with alameda at 56 degrees dublin at 47 santa rosa also at 47 keeping updated on those showers just around the corner. still to come, first of all on over during a john.
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thank you for that. all right. we've been tracking your thursday morning commute. we have a traffic collision. this is out in redwood city southbound one. oh, one at woodside row. so we are seeing delays along one oh, one to 80 would be a good alternate if you're trying to get around that. >> traveling from the east bay right now into san francisco to that fremont street exit. we haven't proven last hour because we had an accident there. now we're down to 20 minutes. we're at 30 earlier, a little under 14 across towards the peninsula and checking on conditions along 6.80 southbound dublin to fremont to 62 a little under 16 minutes daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot. let's get back to the breaking news which is the search for a 15 year-old girl who was kidnapped in santa rosa amber alert has been issued this is a photograph of her police believe that her abductors may be headed to southern california kron 4. sarah stinson actually joining us live with new developments in this story. you got a hold of the actual surveillance video of the abduction. >> i went into this arco gas station as the manager then
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talk to his boss. he gave us the surveillance video which shows and we'll show you the second. but it shows that the guy running in orange bright orange long sleeve shirt to this corner over here where you can clearly see the man kidnapping georgiana now boy. now take a look at this video. it's very clear the guy's wearing bright orange long sleeve shirt. and you can see exactly what we're talking about here. he we pause defreeze. you can see who this guy is and he continues on to the corner, which is fulton guerneville roads and shoves her in a minivan and then they closed the doors and they take a right and they're off. this happened before the eyes of her own family. georgiana bamba loy and she's 15 years old. can you imagine these terrifying moments here at this arco gas station on guerneville road it happened around one 15 yesterday afternoon fanboys described as a 5 feet. 6 inches tall girl with long dark hair. she was
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lasting black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherries on. and you can see your picture. police and chp have identified the man they believe took the girl. they released his name and all of his info in the amber alert that was released this morning. 20 year-old, i need a semi know described as a 5 feet. 7 inches tall guy brown hair, brown eyes last seen wearing an orange long sleeve shirt. a hat and black pants. now we also have a screen shot of him as well. because it but the time we had screenshots. thank goodness we have video now. so clear this happened that happened just before 2 in afternoon. but for some reason police in responding tell for 10 filing a missing person report. police say the victim's parents told them several men forced their daughter into a cold dark colored car. well, you see at least one person is driving, right. they pull up in the minivan and then you see another person shoving the girl into the minivan and taking office. we know just by looking at that video to
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people least are involved. we have a picture of the car. so that or you can see in the video, one described to though it's a green 2007 chrysler town and country minivan with a temporary texas license plate of 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, you 3. the amber alert was issued this morning and a police telling us they believe that the girl was taken down south to southern california. so that alert is issued specifically for orange san diego riverside los angeles counties. >> so if you know anybody down there or in central california. go to our social media pages, go to website share this as much as you can. got to get the word out because this is a horrible situation and hopefully getting the word out, lead them to some answers and hopefully will lead to them finding the 15 year-old alive and well. we still have a lot of unanswered questions. james and darya. but the detective is like taking over for the media inquiries. he says going
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to talk to me later this morning. so hopefully the an update for you, at least maybe on kron on our app. for now, back to you. >> wow. okay. hopefully we'll have more details in this increasingly mystifying story. thank you, sarah. >> 9. '05, is the time and right now we're on the scene of a pick. it. >> kaiser workers are supporting engineers who are striking for a better contract. yes. so we've got employees from other unions out there right now. kron four's will tran is in walnut creek with more on this. and will that it seems to get bigger and bigger. every time we come out to >> this is just one of many locations chains all together. we're talking about 40,000 employees in the bay area and sacramento this is the epitome of one of our brothers and sisters gets into a fight. we all into a people. most of them don't have any problems with their boss is because they're not on strike, but the engineers they've been on strike for 2 months and they
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have not reached a deal yet. so they are doing what's called a sympathy strike. >> you can clearly see there are hundreds here right in front of kaiser instead of being in sight. they are outside and this will, of course, impact your visit. if you are a patient today, i will explain in just a few seconds. but in the meantime, let's talk to the key she's with the union. i want to ask her, why was it so important for you to show solidarity. we live in the most expensive place. money isn't important. but you guys decided it was worth it being out here. it's definitely worth they've been out here because money is important that we live in a state like california so you can make way just do you make a living wage to live in this day and at the same time we need our engineers in this facility. so we're out here to support the local 39 years at sci uhw members. >> because engineers are the ones that keep our facility functioning and use the
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equipment that are that helps to be able to provide the care that we need. our patience. speaking of patients. really quickly, what do you say to your patients who might be frustrated by all of well, i understand your frustration because we are patients at the same time we need these engineers to have a contract so we can get back to provide that quality care for you guys. >> because if it's truly about the patients and really about the people that kaiser should be putting the people first. not kaiser did say that they're offering their fair market value for what they are asking for. they claim is about a $180,000 if you include all of the benefits spent. >> obviously that's not sitting well with the engineers and they continue to be on strike. if you're a patient, they say don't contact kaiser. they will contact you if there is a problem with your own appointment. they might have to push you back as far as time the tree radiology pharmacy, the nurses are on
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strike. and even if your appointment is not canceled, be prepared to wait a lot longer because obviously it is impossible to replace 40,000 people even within 3 days heads up. thank you, james and area. all right. thanks for the update. >> time now is 9. '08. new this morning. the hayward unified school district has voted to close 2 of its schools for this upcoming school year says another situation that brought people together who were upset about what's going on. kron four's camila barco is live in hayward with a i camilla. >> good morning, you guys. so i've spoken to a few parents this morning. and one of them tells me that the decision to close the schools is heartbreaking because hayward is such a tight knit community. however, there's another parent that told me this will be worth it in the long term. now, both of those parents have kids here at bowman elementary. it's one of 2 schools that the board of education decided to close for
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the upcoming school year. they were considering to close 6 of them for the 2022 2023 school year and students at bowman showed their opposition against the idea by drawing up signs and taping them on to the school's gates. ultimately board members voted to shut down bowman and strobe ridge elementary schools next year. they say it's due to a budget shortfall and a decline in enrollment. the assistant superintendent of business is says enrollment has declined by 25% over the past 20 years. the school district is built to serve 24,000 students. but officials project enrollment to dip below 18,000 over the next few years. now, one parent argue that bowman elementary is already at capacity and there is no need to transfer students. however, another parent says it will pay off. miss that for the kids. you know, being gone for a year. >> coming back and then hearing that just goes going close. you just like, ok,
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we're going to go now. so i think it's a little messed out the school year and as a kid. i said come here is kind of like. >> so sleaze. same teachers are still here. so. our breaking news like that actually is major blow that. >> you know, the school will be shut down but economically it might help. >> our haywood community new money to come in. >> i'm quite sure that i've kids out on the street. >> board members also consider closing glass brook elementary at ochoa middle school. however, the fate of those schools. plus other one is up in the air board members decided hold off on making decisions for those other schools now the school district is planning to relocate the students and teachers at bowman and trowbridge elementary. >> officials tell me that they are going to create a transition plan for them. so
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just going to have to stay updated to see how this all pans out. >> all right. james, back to you. thanks a lot, camille. a and, you know, she still had the big jacket started with that this morning. john, still a little chilly out there still chilly great too. and that's the way we're staying all day long today. look at 50's at the coast well into the afternoon. inland areas. >> only in the low 60's that patchy fog that you're seeing for the student and is in the process of burning off. so that doesn't mean some improvements. >> i've got your forecast ahead. >> and it still pretty slow along the peninsula long one-on-one due to an accident there. and we're keeping a
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>> 9.14 have time. we're just doing a triple time. yeah, there's a lot happening down like able we got the weather. good morning, john. i its host of a little stiff where the parachute pants. if you really want to get these are close a close. when got on a it is definitely looking like a greater today than what we've seen so far this week. we've had the gray mornings. but now we're going to keep it around through the day. you can see san jose does have a decent amount of cloud cover over it. >> this is ahead of our shower potential later on mostly into the evening tonight and eventually into tomorrow. speaking of rainfall, mendocino county. you've been looking at some light showers here and there bay area's just been either cloudy or really foggy out towards the central valley in eastern contra, costa and solano counties showers on the way. but don't expect much from this right
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here. it's just a couple of sprinkles possible mostly into the evening hours tonight. for the north bay and then tomorrow morning, a couple of sprinkles possibly drifting south of the golden gate for the rest of the bay area. well, actually clear out pretty nicely by noontime tomorrow and see some sunshine reappearing across the bay area setting us up for dry rest of the weekend for your pre holiday travels. how much rain are we looking at. well, not very impressive at all. a trace of rainfall for most areas. fairfield could see a 10th of an inch of rain from the system. as for temperatures today, it's a bit on the cooler side. 50's to 60's near the coastline pretty solid 60's elsewhere. but with cloud cover staying more persistent today. it's not going to feel quite as comfortable as yesterday did side keep the jacket close at hand into the afternoon. campbell, you're a warm spot today at 68 degrees elsewhere in the bay. it's mostly low to mid 60's oakland at 62 61 degrees and for mill valley. only 59 for your high today. tomorrow's temperatures right around the same as today's watch for those scattered showers mostly north of the
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golden gate saturday and sunday clear skies temperatures remain in the mid 60's and we stay dry all the way through thanksgiving after tomorrow sprinkles rain. john, thanks for that. all right. along the peninsula still that accident. southbound want to want to woodside road. so we are still seeing delays along one oh, one to 80 a good alternate to try to get around that. >> traveling into the city. a little under 20 minutes of this time. 5, 1880, as you're traveling crockett towards the maze. it will take you now a little under 30 minutes to make that drive heading across towards the peninsula. looking at the san mateo bridge. you can see we have some clouds. here's a little under 14 for your drive and traveling along southbound 6.80, dublin to fremont to 62 a little under 15 darya james, back to you. time talk winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black and let's take a peek. >> at the markets. what's going on, rob? >> a little bit of mixed markets today big tech student great. everything else is kind
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of struggling. we're close to all-time record highs, which is exciting for a lot of people. oil starting dropped on you that maybe we have enough supply and the demand will catch up with us. jobless claims showed us that basically we're at full employment. there's not a lot going on in the job market right now. we're not firing people and they as having a great 2021 they make graphic processors which are great for the metaverse. the announced they've gotten on the verse operating system platform. they're doing self-driving cars or artificial intelligence. they are the stock right now. the old stock. that was the stock cisco systems ferry company. they're struggling. they had a bad quarter staples dot coms going to rename crypto dot com in to me what has to be the worst name ever except for there's worse. there's a stadium in scotland called tony macaroni stadium only macaroni 10 louisville place their home games in the kfc yum. yelled is kind of adorable. cannot work with the crypt crypto crypt.
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>> cryptic the to they need to make it just feels it feels to me like it's a sign of the times. crypto's little when you have that kind of money to throw naming rights. it's coming that will pit stop com back in 2000. that was basically the signal that it's about to implode o rei. is it get it. they still call that jumping the shark like its over like that. you're on the right thing there, which i think they said that because fonzie on happy days actually jumped the shark. i don't know if you know, but that's where that came from. i watch that had. >> was water skiing with a leather jacket. any jump. the shark. >> think need will get it in a bigger primetime special later on as well. so yeah, there's something going on there. okay. what is the its tesla certainly has jumped the shark. it's not over for them. why are they a loser today. they've been straight up. you may remember the mark than in days at kron. he was a big fan. it has some like they're not making money.
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>> and now they're making money. but they're worth a trillion dollars. the big question on wall street area is whatever make a trillion dollars or is it too much. hi. what's up with the on musk's selling and it's a civil war. and i don't likes of wars. nobody in any civil war. so kathy wood, she's a big tech innovator investor. she loves the stock and she thinks they have. 25% market share in the next few years. so one of the 4 cars on the road will be a tesla. that seems a bit agree just there's a guy named michael burry, would you watch the hbo movie. the big short. he is famous for in 2000, 6 shorting the housing market and then in 2000, 7 shorted it more than he shorted it more. and he's doing that with tesla right now saying it's overvalued it's a meme stock. it's like bitcoin. it's just showing wall street's really divided. and i don't know how we get out of this problem without big market crash. an. tesla may be in rivian and loosen because they're worth trillions of dollars in theory. that means they have to make trillions of dollars in lifetime's and that may be
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hard to do. james is doing his part. you know, he's waiting for tesla. did you know yeah, yeah. haha. all right. i'm gonna get on him about he should be driving a right. a lot of them will. >> what's going on with taylor swift i i happen to love taylor swift. i don't i don't think she's bubble gum. i kind of think she feels country is sometimes, but anyway, was she on wall street today. >> i was going to the story earlier this week because last friday she basically set a record on spotify to records one for a woman than one for herself. >> as far as streams per day. this is a big story because she's really disrupting music industry. in my opinion. yeah, she's super and she sent a bad record deal back in which was 15 years old. yeah. and ultimately what she's doing right now is rewriting what big artists kingdom the music industry's to say you want the rights to music. you can't sign a deal with the record
9:22 am
company because company just gave million dollars you're 50 years old. now she's saying i'm still popular among ago. we record miles stuff into the minds. i could decide to go commercial. i can decide if there isn't a i can decide where it's played. and she's kind of like a possible in in the best possible way. i mean that oh, my she is. >> she you know, she is what she the man. you know, she has that song. if i were a man, basically that's why she did that song. now she's the man she you know, say that. let me throw one real big number here. she had a 122 million streams on the first when we look at the super bowl as a 100 million eyeballs is a big thing. >> she is all that and a bucket of kfc yum brands. checking and now she's really cut. she changed the rules so that our discovery record their stuff. earlier. they're super big. but the music industry saying no, no, no, we're going to say you can't a better version of your own song for 10 years instead of 5 like that. she's very i don't
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like that she's got problems with the contract. she signed fate. all right. it's just yeah. say she's the woman. >> and also steer you to that. my favorite song of hers, which is exile. look it up with bon iver. it sounds country. ish it's really sad. really moving. really awesome. okay. exile just go play that at home. okay. rob what you get wall street to tips and give you tailored ships. and if you have a tip for rob or a question you can e-mail. we'll more him up on facebook. we'll be right back.
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>> we're back at 9.25, developing news this morning. police in oakland right now are investigating a double shooting that happened early this morning. according to reports on the citizen app. this happened about midnight right near 17th and broadway. you can see that on the map. we also have indications that one of the victims was taken to the hospital. we've been reaching out to the police trying to get more information on exactly what they have any suspect descriptions. we'll let you know when we find out. meanwhile, another jewelry store has been targeted in the bay area. this time it happened at the daniels jewelers in the salon. a town center in fairfield. this is a picture of the scene. you'll notice a sledgehammer here on the floor. that's what the suspects the robbers used to smash the cases and take jewelry not clear exactly what was taken, but we know this is the 3rd jewelry store to be targeted this week alone. thieves also, don't forget to $250,000 in merchandise from the longboat jewelers in san francisco's chinatown. that was tuesday morning and then
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on monday we had thieves shattered, the display cases here at a jewelry store in the sun valley mall. that's the video have here. 9 people came in just destroyed. the case is made off with just about everything there and warn all the onlookers employees to customers don't interfere. for they be attacked as well. >> 9.27 and happening now, day 3 of deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse rittenhouse shot. 3 men killed 2 of them during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin. and rittenhouse is claiming self-defense. yesterday the defense asked for a mistrial after the jury requested to re watch a video, some drone video that was entered into evidence. the attorney argued that that they got to a low quality version of it and didn't get enough time from the prosecutors. the judge has not yet ruled on that motion for a mistrial. we'll keep you posted. it's 9.27. and coming up next on the kron 00:00am
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morning news. >> we continue our kron 4 series looking at. >> homelessness in the bay area from an angle that you probably haven't seen before with our morning kelly. we'll be right back.
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welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? but, together, we got this. salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. >> clouds are white now during on great. yeah, it was got up
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earlier missed it. it was really cool when we saw a little bit of slice of kind of sunrise kind of need out there out. but those clouds are going to be around. i guess we're going to be around all john, because we're still expecting sprinkles tonight. can you imagine if you know people have early. >> no, you need to get up earlier so you can see those shot make it feel like to be kidding me. that's all i know that appreciate things differently as you get over 9.30, i'm sure looks really nice up there on top of yeah. up there this morning we envy you for sure. >> adele those clouds right along the coastline. this is the view you've got half moon day sitting under some great conditions this morning, not stopping a couple people from out there walking their pog. it's looking like is nice enough to be doing so as long as you've got the jacket on this morning. our foggiest of conditions have been out to eastern contra costa and eastern portions of solano counties. as we've seen some very dense to leave fog having formed yet again. most of us are just sitting under the gray rather than driving through it to the north of us ukiah. much of mendocino county has been in the midst of some light showers that
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have also affected the north coast north of there as well. we will be seeing this activity drifting. our way towards tonight into tomorrow. but really losing steam as it does so so nothing more than a few sprinkles into tomorrow morning. 40's and 50's for our current temperatures conquered europe, 48 berkeley alameda and san mateo. each at 57 trainer. john, thanks for that. all right. let's get a look at what we've been tracking for the past few minutes, an accident here in the city. >> 80 westbound at 7th street. so we are seeing a slight delay along one. oh, one as you're traveling off of 80 to 80 no major issues or delays here heading into the city right now. a little under 21 minutes for your drive time traveling crockett down towards the maze. it will take you a little under 30 minutes to make that commute. now 14 minutes heading across towards the peninsula there and get a look at highway 24, if you live in walnut creek to find a little under 14 minutes. there and will also leave you with a look at 8.18, o p s to 37 to san leandro to 38 a little
9:33 am
under 22 minutes. darya james, back to you. thanks right. 9.32 and let's get back to the kidnapping of this 15 year-old girl and santa rosa. there is an amber alert. but the sinking she might be in southern california. now, that's the the lead that police are going on right now. they think or abductors are headed that way across 4. sarah stinson. >> ashley joins us live from the very gas station where she was abducted from and the video of the abduction. scary. >> i got the surveillance video from this arco gas station where you can clearly see the person involved in this abduction running through here and then abducting this. 15, year-old girl from blame on this corner on guerneville and fulton roads right here in santa rosa. let's take a look at that video so you can see exactly what happens while it's a little grainy. it's pretty clear you can see we we paused at one point to show you the man involved is wearing a bright orange long sleeve shirt and he runs over across the gas station to the corner. and that's where 15
9:34 am
year-old george on a bam boys and you can see the person throwing her inside a minivan that pulls up out of nowhere. they slide the door closed and they take off turn right on fulton road. this all happened at this arco gas station on guerneville road at one 50 yesterday afternoon in santa rosa. let's take a look again though, have banned boys. you can see what she looks like. she's described as a 5 feet. 6 inches tall girl long dark hair she was lasting. black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherries on it. police and chp have identified the man they believe took the girl. they released his name in in full in the amber alert released this morning around 2.50 that's 20 year-old. i needed some mean described as 5 feet 7 inches tall brown hair, brown eyes last seen wearing, as you can see in the video clearly orange long sleeve shirt. a hat and black pants while the abduction happened just before 2 in the afternoon. police didn't
9:35 am
respond or fill out missing persons report until or 10 in the afternoon. so the question will be asking investigators today is. >> what happened in those 2 hours because that's a long time for them to be getting on the road. police say the victim's parents told them several men forced their daughter into a dark colored vehicle and in the video, we know for sure. i mean, at least 2 people involved. one person driving minivan pulling up and the other throwing her inside getting in as well. and then they take off. now the car is described by police as a green 2000, 7 chrysler town and country minivan with a temporary texas license plate of 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, you 3. and for all of what i just said. the pictures, the video and the license plate head to our website. kron 4 dot com and go to our social media pages as well. it's so important to share this, especially because a lot of us have friends in southern california who may be able to help keep their eyes out on the road. this amber
9:36 am
alert has been issued specifically for southern california because that's where they think they're at right now. so it's been issued for los angeles riverside orange and san diego counties for counties that they're going to be looking at rosa police working side by side with the california highway patrol. we're in contact with the detectives. so stay tuned to our 24 7 news app kron on and we will keep you updated as we learn more dari. james, of course, we hope so badly this 15 year-old girl was found safe and she can be returned to her family. for now back to you. this is one of the great things about news is one case where we really can save a life line. somebody. thank you, sarah. >> 9.36 is time. and as part of our commitment to the bay area. we are taking you inside one of the most controversial issues in the community. homelessness. yeah, there are more than 1100 homeless youth in san francisco and kron four's. maureen kelly takes a look at how they ended up on the streets. >> my journey to understand
9:37 am
the homeless problem in san francisco has led me to fisherman's wharf not know just something that helped where i found a young man panhandling on the sidewalk with a stuffed animal under his arm. i like this is 25 year-old. corey harris were breezy here. you from san francisco from san diego. >> but coronavirus and the cleanup. i use moved away from >> i asked him how long he's been homeless. and he tells me pretty much his whole life as moving house to house. no real parents to care. turn. you know, i'm playing is what do you do for shelter right now. boats. i have a >> are you trying to get any services. >> i tried but they didn't really want help me need >> corey says the last place he went for help was larkin street youth services. so that's where i decided to go next and find out why it didn't work out for corey. it turns out it could be because
9:38 am
he's just a little too old to qualify for their help. they love inside. with my camera to one of the emergency shelters at ellis street on the edge of the tenderloin known as the lark in this one is reserved for youth aged 18 to 24 people who do qualify are given welcome kits with toiletries and sheets once inside you're greeted by brightly, colored murals with uplifting messages. well, sunny landscape cheers this the actual sleeping quarters are a bit bleak cement floors. spare furnishings, plastic bins and metal lockers store belongings right now. some pets are not being swept in because the pandemic has them running and only half i this is a place to lay your head at that firsthand perspective comes from larkin resident dale jones and that the 22 year-old from contra, costa county as he was hanging out inside the larkin street youth services access site. >> on golden gate avenue. dale didn't want to go into details on how he ended up homeless in san francisco. but describes what his life was like before
9:39 am
he found a place to shelter in the past year before i got here live light. >> different family and was a couple different houses in a hotel a couple times an air bnb a couple times now. he tells me he's making the most of the resources available to him. >> checking in with his caseworker here once a week about getting a more permanent place to stay. minnesota right now, but i'm already on the waiting list for basically cheaper house and they don't help me pay. >> so go the vibe of the access site is more college student coffee shop. the bureaucrats waiting room here. those as young as 12 can drop in and grab hot meals access laundry and showers pick from the clothing closet. good hygiene products. they can do arts and crafts are simply arrest and charge their phones like dale did before going to the job corps program. he's enrolled in. dale says this place gives him a sense of security is that simple police to wake up and go to the day they'll hopes to get help finding a job as a security guard and one day get his
9:40 am
degree fall psychology and get a master's degree because i want to be a psychology teacher at the end of the day, you go larkin street youth services says they are working towards ending youth homelessness. so it is rare brief and onetime sherrylynn adams is the executive director. we know that about 50%. >> of the folks that are experiencing homelessness are over the age of 18 have their first experience between the ages of 1825 right. so we know that the quicker we intervene with homelessness. we go a long ways towards preventing chronic homelessness the other piece is that the longer you're outside the more detrimental it is to your health and well-being going on with just been around surviving. well, at the access site. i ran into a familiar face. corey was there to take a shower and get some food but the 25 year-old will likely have a harder time finding a place to sleep. >> then he would have had just one year ago. we don't have a great system. >> in san francisco around 25 to 35 year-olds in general
9:41 am
because the skate, the span of age, right for people experiencing homeless knows, you know, 70's 75 and we prioritize folks based on length of time homeless right now. >> meanwhile, corey continues to try to get the help he needs have any luck finding any kind of i've been looking oh no. look at reporting on the streets. maureen kelly kron 4 news 25 years. >> all right. 9.41 is the time. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, a bay area man was hospitalized with covid for 9 months. we'll tell you more about how he came out of the hospital and now is beginning physical therapy. and south bay leaders are celebrating a decision to protect coyote valley. we'll tell you why they say this is a big win. ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past.
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9:45 am
something but we need to do is tough as it is, we still try find ways of cutting more water for going get through this drought right now. i'm more focused on cutting back on the heating bill. yeah, you know, i mean, that's i've been doing. i've been keeping might. >> thermostat off like completely given last night. so when i came to work this morning. i looked at temperature. thank cent temperature box on the wall. 52 in my house with yeah. and that's called saving money. i also saving green space to in the south bay. we've got san jose city leaders and environmentalists celebrating a historic city council vote that they say will keep coyote valley as an open space going forward. now that i build the council voted to rezone hundreds of acres. they're not going to industrial uses going to be agriculture open space for farming and wildlife. yeah, the decision actually blocked what was proposed to be there, which was a huge warehouse style building kind of like those amazon warehouses. environmental say it's a big decision, a big
9:46 am
victory and critical to the valley's water supply and you can see in the video, it is pretty land now at what needs to stay green, which brings us back to the water and the call and we'll have more on the weather.
9:47 am
9:48 am
alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. >> welcome back. 9.48 on this thursday morning. it is
9:49 am
definitely still gray out there for most of the bay area. you're barca darrow cam hasn't shown a lot of sunshine so far today. and it's not like this is marine layer. anything rather to leave fog and low cloud cover that shrouding out a lot of the sunshine that we would potentially seeing today but are in the midst of just those increasingly cloudy conditions a lot of this has to do with this frontal boundary which is now set up shop just north of the bay area. it has resulted in some showers across coastal mendocino county, all the way up to highway one. oh, one north of ukiah bay area has remain dry just cloudy. we will see own chance of showers later on. well past sunset tonight mostly into tomorrow morning and mostly just for the north bay. you can see those showers really fizzling out before they reach much of the rest of the bay area. so what does this mean for us. well, really only just a trace of rainfall for parts of the bay fairfield could see a 10th of an inch that's about as much as will have from this next system about the only chance of rain between now and thanksgiving 60's for your daytime highs across the board
9:50 am
today. we're going to keep those 60's around through the weekend and into next week. as i mentioned, tomorrow morning, sprinkles is the only chance of rain before the holiday. so this is good travel weather. if you are getting out and about to take a little road trip somewhere across the state. >> reyna. john, thanks for that. in just a few accidents to tell you about out there this hour here in belmont, southbound, 1 one north of ralston avenue. we have a new accident that just popped up and we are seeing delays. at least one lane. there is currently blocked 2.80, or 8 who might be good alternate for you. another accident here in oakland northbound 8 87th street. so i am starting to see delays along 8.80, to 5.80. we're not seeing any delays or slowing along that highway a little under 17 minutes to make it into the city right now to that fremont street exit heading across towards the peninsula a little under 14 if you live with a look at the south bay as we're traveling 85 to menlo park about 28 minutes. 2 3785 82. no major issues started james, back to you. all right, thank you very much. 9 50's the time. and in the south bay.
9:51 am
>> a san jose man spen 9 months in the hospital battling covid. >> there he 31 year-old know what davis and yesterday he returned to the santa clara valley medical center to begin his physical rehab. now that he's strong enough to start that part of the process. he was greeted by the doctors and the nurses who cared for him. he actually got covid back in november are back in february but spent the next 8 weeks a full 2 months in a medically induced coma when he woke up, he could walk. you can barely breathe. he couldn't even lift his left arm. >> waking up not knowing that 2 months have passed and. you know, i was really scared. so waking up my arm to that move. my lays in that movie. i was too weak. we're all hopeful that will continue to make improvements in terms of standing in. >> we don't know what the future holds, brief walking and maybe being able to get to a point where he could. >> eventually be out of a wheelchair with ongoing therapy. >> yes, you see this. these are some of the things that people are having to go through after that come down with covid. it's no joke. and
9:52 am
he says he's received his 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine. he's going to everything you can to make sure he doesn't get covid ever again. and remember, if you are vaccinated even you can carry a and we're going into thanksgiving. so get the at-home testing 15 minute rapid test cars like 12 bucks and just before you go to your gathering. you know, you're not going to spread it. also wear a mask that's important. but osha has suspended the enforcement. of the large employer vaccine mandate that was issued by the president. the mandate would have required businesses with more than a 100 employees. >> to make. you get the covid vaccine or make you be tested. this decision is after an appeals court told osha it couldn't enforce the mandate until another court ruled on the issue. the biden administration has insisted it has a strong legal case to enforce the mandate. so that's not place. but again, mask mandates are in place in certain places. certain businesses and always at the airport. and don't forget, lot of people are going to be flying. so.
9:53 am
>> make sure that you do your best not to spread covid. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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>> 9.55, we have great breaking news to let you know that this missing 15 year-old girl from santa rosa has been found now she's with her
9:56 am
family at george on about a lawyer. we've been talking about it all morning long. we even had surveillance video from the gas station where she was abducted showing. >> the attack. but we're getting word from police this morning after we've been putting the the, you know, putting the call out. yeah. or anybody with information to contact them that she has now been found safe. she is with her family. beyond that, we don't know much more. but we will look to get more details throughout the day. so stay tuned for kron 4 great news to end the show with an another kind fun way to end the show is christmas lights. europe already at this home in florida. maybe at one of your neighbors. the question is. >> is it too soon. yeah. apparently according to the homeowners association. yes, and now they're threatening to find the $100 a day because they're not supposed put up christmas lights until after thanksgiving. according to the was. so it's going to be 700 bucks if they want to keep it up. i guess. or they could take him down. when you think, you know, we asked mariah carey actually the queen of christmas. all she wants for christmas is for people to be happy for what she thought about this story and she tweeted back saying my
9:57 am
personal preference is to wait until after thanksgiving there's no regulating fest home. i got a call. you later know you're watching now that i know an apparel and shoe. we take a look at the weather. rise around here. i think she might be a new york. i think she is. but you can watch anywhere on kron great the qr we are looking at some 60's each year, next 7 days. not a lot of change in this forecast is good for travel just a few very [ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ]
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