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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 18, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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issued in southern california for that girl. i've got all the details live coming up. and hey, we're unified school board members decide the fate of their schools on live with their decision just ahead. >> and thousands of kaiser health care workers are hitting the picket line this morning. we'll tell you why they're striking in a live report. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 4 morning news at 6. >> we have a lot of live reports coming up. and yes, we're live to reporting to this morning. i'm and james. it is a thursday morning. we're waking up to once again temperatures a bit on the chilly side be prepared for that. as you step out, i almost brought in the big boy that i'm going to yeah. with sky called a big boy that i'm going to in new york is this. it is freezing it's a little much for here. but i just wanted to show that you maybe tomorrow. it's getting close. john, you're talking about temperatures dropping into the 30's at some this coming week,
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right. yeah, we're at least getting close for inland areas. north bay, though, yes, some upper 30's. so yeah, you might be able to pull that jacket out of time or 2 here in the bay area to definitely needed for new york, though as well. it is definitely a cold morning already were in the 40's for most of the bay area right now in for some of us, it's also a very foggy morning. ewing outside at the exploratorium. not so foggy in san francisco. that fog is a dense truly fog that has consistently shrouded the central valley and has at times made its way into the bay. that's very much, though. the case in contra costa and eastern solano county right over towards the benicia bridge. if you're traveling highway for this morning. there is a big visibility impact concord over to it's a rough go out there as far as visibility goes so be mindful of those lower visibility spots, especially further inland in the bay today. otherwise radar is looking at some mostly cloudy skies overhead. and as we're talking about it is cold out there might want to pull out that
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thicker jacket petaluma nevado as well. santa rosa egypt, 43 degrees livermore there, too. well, one of our cooler spots is actually double in at 42 degrees right now. i've got more about our cooler day ahead and also a chance of rainfall in this forecast. first, though, on over to john, thank you for that. all right. as you're traveling from the east bay into the city right now. >> a little under 17 minutes. we have a disabled vehicle on the bay bridge right near that treasure island exit. so we are slowing down just a bit as you're traveling. no major delays or issues, though, along the san mateo bridge. so a little under 14 as you're heading across towards the peninsula there, looking at the richmond, sandra fell commute traveling at a richmond a little under 8 for your drive time and here in hercules. i'm tracking in accident westbound highway 4.80, west keeping a close eye on things. but we're still pretty light darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. 6. '02, and we're trying to help find a 15 year-old girl who was kidnapped in santa rosa. there's an amber alert out. yeah. this is.
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>> georgiana bam baloney or bam is. police think perhaps heading to southern california with her abductor. kron 4. sarah stinson actually been tracking the story for us up in santa rosa and sarah, there are a lot of confusing elements to this. a lot of questions. >> yeah. of course, you know, santa rosa, police here working with the california highway patrol on trying to find this 15 year-old vallejo girl. also trying to piece it all together and figure out if the girl knows the person she may have been abducted by and we have a lot of pictures to kind of try and help you see who we're talking about. maybe you have information that will help. take a look at your screen. we can show you who again, george on a van bamba loy is she was at an arco gas station with her family on guerneville road when a man ran across the parking lot and forced her into his car. this is at one 50 yesterday afternoon boys described as a
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5 feet. 6 inches tall girl with long dark hair. she was last seen wearing black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherry's own it. police and chp have identified the man they believe took the girl. they released his name info in the amber alert as 20 year-old. i i need a semi know describes a 5 foot 7 inch tall man with brown hair, brown eyes last seen wearing an orange long sleeve shirt. you can see the man in the picture from surveillance video orange long sleeve shirt, black pants and a hat while the abduction happened just before 00:00pm in the afternoon a missing person report wasn't 1004 until for 10 in the afternoon. so go figure out what happened within those 2 hours. police say the victim's parents told them several men forced their daughter into a dark colored vehicle. but upon further investigation. it appears maybe just and of course, still some questions remaining. we do have a picture of the car, a green 2007 chrysler town and country minivan but the temporary texas license plate and maybe
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you have seen this car around. maybe it sticks out to you in a lot of people have dash cam video to the these days. so this is the license plate. it's 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, you as an umbrella. 3 amber alert was issued for that girl this morning at 2.50. and that's for the areas of los angeles. riverside orange san diego and those those are the counties there specifically putting this amber alert out to. we've got a station pretty much in every major city in this state. so we have our eyes on this and we'll keep you updated along the way. i'm sure the family is freaking out, especially because this happened before their eyes and of course we'll be trying to get the answers to the questions we have remaining here the police department does the school know the man who may have abducted her. we will have to see for now. we'll send it back to studio. >> all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 6. '05, is the time some developing news now police in
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oakland are investigating a double shooting that happened early this morning. >> according to reports on the citizens app. this happened around midnight right near 17th and broadway. those reports also indicate that one of the victim was taken to the hospital were reaching out right now to police for more information and we'll let you know when we get that another jewelry store has been targeted in the bay area. this time the daniels jewelers. >> in the solano town center in fairfield was burglarized and you can see there's a sledgehammer over a look at this, that the sledgehammer on the ground and we don't know exactly what they got away with. but this is the 3rd jewelry store in the bay area hit this week as we told you yesterday, thieves took about $250,000 worth of jewels from this stuart's. it's in san francisco's chinatown. it's longboat jewelers. so that happened on tuesday morning, the day before that there was this where 90's went into that conquered sun valley mall and is jewelry store smashed away at the cases and got away with
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everything now, just in this case, luckily, nobody was hurt because customers and employees were in the store at the time. >> 6. '06, the time new this morning we have the hayward unified school district now voting to close to schools for the next year. and when this kind of thing happens. parents, teachers, kids are always a happy. and that's the case now camila barco is live in hayward with the details. good morning. commute. >> good morning, guys. yeah. is a students and parents definitely expressed their frustrations a yesterday and i'm currently at bowman elementary it's one of 2 schools. the hayward, a school board decided to close starting next school year. students and parents urged the bore your board of education to reconsider closing schools across the district school board members contemplating closing 6 of them. ultimately they voted to shut down too bowman and strobe ridge elementary will no longer be open to students and teachers starting next school year.
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they say this is due to less students in bowling and a budget shortfall board members also planned to move all pre k programs to their school sites. however board members only voted to move their siac and hub programs to their school sites. right now. the fate of the district's other schools is up in the air board members are holding off on making any other decisions for the rest of the schools board members decided to close bowman and strobe ridge last night. however, darya james, it's unclear how they plan to relocate the students that are attending these schools. 2 buildings and schools across the district starting next school year. so we're going to keep you updated on this story. we are trying to contact the school district to see how they plan to relocate their students at this time. back to you guys. all right. thank you, camila. >> 6. '08, is the time in san francisco. the school community gathered to remember 30 year-old andrew zemin. here
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is his picture and the vigil last night at sherman elementary where he worked. he was hit and killed by a car last week near the school which is where he was crossing the street of franklin in union when he was struck. and so now everybody not only is remembering him, but they are really advocating for safer streets. >> one of the biggest things is you. if you walk on that street speeds are incredibly high. the street is designed to encourage fast driving. and they're coming down a hill flying at that intersection it's treacherous. i want to let you know that we are committed to making certain that we're doing everything we can, not just sherman elementary school. >> to work with the sfmta to make the streets safer. >> and they do want to make the streets safer and they are going to also do a project in andrew's name and his honor. >> 6. '09, is the time. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news, a bay
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area man is finally released from the hospital after 9 months battling covid. we'll have more of his story coming up. plus, after the break. bay area airports are gearing up for a very busy holiday travel season. we'll tell you what you can expect. plan on taking a flight and the airport this morning. not looking too bad. we do have mostly cloudy skies over the bay, but no fog as epo. we're saving that for inland valleys on this thursday morning. >> 60's for your daytime highs later on chance of showers ahead. i've got that your forecast. and we're really starting to pick up here along the bay bridge. we've got disabled vehicle. so traffic slowing down. have a look at your other bridges when we get back.
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>> 6.13. and it's really chilly out there. it and in here, not in here, but in here, my home. so i told you, i just want to let you know that a while. i didn't put the heat on it was 52 degrees inside the house this i do have an electric blanket. so we'll see that. some say you want to electric blanket and we have what is still in the closet. but i think it's it's get cold enough now have this time to pull it out, john, especially when we start trip. it's been in the east bay start dropping down to 30 actually keep window open open last night. >> i feel great. is that lots of blankets that for graham's your dog. right next to me. it
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the stay warm. just love it cold that that's what i have. 2 dogs 3 dog night. how many dogs on a cold night. and i have 2 dogs, but really has proof. you can take the man at the the cold. i just want that sleep but yet as long as you get the electric blanket, hopefully that might be saving you a little bit on the electric bill. i do know this time of year you start to get those surprise bills because it does get colder as those nights get longer. you're looking outside at half moon bay right here. skies are starting to get a bit brighter. now it's going to stay mostly cloudy today. so unlike the past few days, which did eventually get pretty sunny today. we're going hold on to that cloud cover couple sprinkles around duke high up in mendocino county this morning. rest of the bay area is dry and will stay with the 3 dog nights. question okay. none of us have 3 their of showers will push in tonight into tomorrow morning and we are going to be looking at nothing more than a
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trace for most of the bay area. so this is not a rainfall event that's going to be slowing anyone down a few showers in the north bay into early morning hours tomorrow. then a couple of sprinkles looking likely elsewhere pushing out fairly early in the day by noontime into the afternoon. your friday actually clears out pretty nicely. how much rain are we going to see here will for fairfield. you could see a 10th of an inch, some light showers. most of the rest of the bay area. nothing more than a sprinkle. as for today's temperatures, it's going to be a day in the 60's. a few 50's near the coastline. just a touch cooler than yesterday. it's going to feel a little bit cooler. in addition to that one to 2 degree temperature drop because the fact you're not getting as much sunshine today. just generallyea cloudy or one ahead of us. san jose at 67 hayward at 64. well, looking at some low 60's in areas like conquered antioch, sonoma and napa hovering pretty close to the 50 degrees. upper 50's for your afternoon highs. so it is a pretty cool one compared to where we have been temperatures don't get much warmer ahead of us in this forecast. we'll see
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temperatures at our warmest next monday in the mid 60's. so not a big change. our best chance of rainfall between now and thanksgiving. is that slight chance of showers. we've got early tomorrow. rain. john, thank you for that. right. so as you're traveling out there on the road. you do have a hot spot. this is in hercules. >> westbound for at that 80 connector. all lanes currently closed there. so san pablo avenue would be a good alternate if you're trying to get around that. they just closed those lanes. also, the bay bridge is busy. they have a stalled vehicle right near the treasure island exit. so a little under 19 minutes for your drive time as you're heading from the east bay into the city right now heading across towards the peninsula. little under 14. no major delays over here at this hour long one. oh, one and the richmond center fell commute traveling out of richmond. a little under 8 minutes darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. rain has got the roads. we've got the airport airs. a live look at sfo and it is going to be busy. it is in fact, john was talking about i think this coming friday
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tomorrow is going to be the biggest busiest travel day for thanksgiving. >> and don't forget to we've got international travel being welcome back. it's going to be extra crowded. the lions might be a little longer than you're used to because it's been a while since we've seen. >> like this. here's sfo spokesman talking about. the fact is you pack patients. >> but he that's been through sfo the past year and a half and probably a took a lot less time to get through the process. imagine what it was like in 2019 and give yourself that kind of time yourself a good 2 hours for a domestic flight 3 hours for an international flight if you're getting a covid test before boarding your international flight. remember budget additional time for that as well. that's the ultimate luxury. otherwise understand that of face masks are still required for air travel. there's a lot of walks of life where they're no longer required. but any time you're at our airport or on board. an aircraft still got to wear that face mask. >> and he's adding that they predict the passenger counts are going to continue to go up because people are more comfortable traveling because
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they're vaccinated now. so we really eager to see family and friends for thanksgiving like they couldn't do last year. 10 years. i haven't seen mine for a couple years. so. >> and it's the same over in oakland. my favorite airport, although i am flight has a time oakland's looking at about a 170,000 passengers passing through next week, which would be twice as many as last year and they, too are warning the use it. you're going to need to leave a lot of extra time. the mask mate mandate a nationwide thing at all us airports. all right. let's hop a flight to dc give you a quick update now on the latest. >> on capitol hill democrats. really trying potentially get president biden social spending plan. >> they're going to vote on that. they think it's going to be beneficial for all americans. democrats republicans say the plan will be bad for the country. >> 2 sides to every story. basil john has them both live in washington, dc high basil. >> well, james darya. good morning and yes, the democrats
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are trying to put forward this message to the american public about how essential it is to pass this vote and house democrats are trying to make this happen before thanksgiving. >> house democrats want to put president biden's build back better plan on a fast track to pass the best way to grow the economy is to invest in working families invest in middle class families by making sure. >> they can access all the opportunities that exist in this country. rhode island democratic congressman david says only knee says the bill works together with the bipartisan infrastructure plan when you take the bipartisan infrastructure bill along with the bill back better legislation which we're about to pass. we're going to create one and a half million jobs a year for a decade. new york congressman hakeem jeffries says the bbb focuses on top concerns like childcare, universal pre k health care costs and the climate crisis. the build back better act. we'll invest in a green economy.
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>> it will invest in a sustainable economy. it will invest in a brazilian. >> economy. stop the spending. the spending is the thing that's driving inflation and we don't want more inflation. but louisiana republican congressman steve scalise blames the president and democrats for increased prices and says the build back better plan will only make the situation worse. we are against trillions more spending far from our kids borrowed from china that will fuel the inflation that's already too high. >> now the house is expected to vote on the social spending plan on friday or possibly this weekend reporting live in washington. i'm basil john basil. by the way, i since we might need knots. you closer to thanksgiving. are you traveling for thanksgiving. no, no, i used up almost all my vacation days. i'm staying in dc for thanksgiving and i'm going to cook thanksgiving dinner for my was do you guys get along like a politically the dc but you know,
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thanksgiving is touchy in washington that difficult live in dc in dc the only thing you need to worry about is the person's opinion as to whether they pardon the turkey or all right. stick to alright is 6.20. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the governor is pushing for new ways to try and help solve the backlog that we're seeing. >> at all of our shipping ports get those packages delivered ahead of the holiday season that are trying to track or is at right now. i am also after the break, jury deliberations are going to be entering their 3rd day now in the murder trial for kyle rittenhouse. we're going to bring you the very latest as we wait for a possible verdict today.
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i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive and i was having a hard time paying our other bills.
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but now, for the first time in our lives, i can do both. covered california makes health insurance easier in every way. with financial help for millions of us and free assistance to compare your options. covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at today is day 3 of deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. >> he shot 3 men during a protest in kenosha, wisconsin last summer. 2 of them died. rittenhouse claims the shootings were in self-defense yesterday. the defense team asked for a mistrial, though, after the jury requested to re watch a video that was used as evidence in the case. the attorney argued that he was given a lower quality version of the video from the prosecutors and that affected how he presented his case. the judge hasn't yet ruled on the motion for a mistrial.
6:25 am
>> the man who fatally shot ahmad arbery is going to return to the witness stand for the second day today. the prosecution is going to cross examine travis mcmichael, one of the 3 white men who are charged with arbery's murder yesterday mcmichael testified that he feared for his life because he was struggling with his own gun. mcmichael and his father and another man say that they chased arbery to make a citizens arrest because they thought that he might be a burglar. mc michael says that he shot arbery in self-defense. he says that arbery grabbed his gun and that's why he shot him. arbery was unarmed. a judge has ordered x raiders wide receiver henry ruggs a 3rd to make an in-person court appearance next week. this because he missed a breathalyzer check in the defense says that ruggs has been completely beautiful and
6:26 am
he self tested shortly after he missed that test. but the judge still wants him to return to court records show that he has to stay away from alcohol and be tested 4 times a day or he has to go back to jail. he's facing 4 felony counts and one misdemeanor accused of a drunk driving accident that killed a woman named tina tintor earlier this month. >> in the east bay richmond. police now searching for a driver connected to a fatal hit and run. the woman was struck by a car at about 2.30 wednesday morning near hilltop in moyers drive. the driver sped away and then shortly after that, a second driver accidentally ran over the victim who was already lying on the ground. and by the time police arrived that victim was pronounced dead at the scene. 6.26. is the time. >> if you have an appointment with kaiser permanente. this morning and tomorrow you might have to think otherwise because as you can clearly see instead of being inside 40,000 woraers in the bay area and
6:27 am
sacramento they're outside picketing. i'll explain why coming up in a live report.
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basically telling me his life story which was great. yeah. >> he said he's talking lies wife and his kids and how he's known as wife since they were little kids and he's lived here. he's 40 years old and he was born here and but lives in mexico as well. you know, and he said i feel like i won the lottery. i thought the man because his wife is so wonderful. now he goes because i was born here. and i just. because he felt so happy with his life. and, you know, all the opportunities that we haven't. and i just was like wow, it was my day is my daily delay thank you, rob. sometimes we take for granted what we just have here and we'll show what it's like sometimes in other countries and just everything that was really cool. right. let's get over to the weather center. john's been talking about. >> really nice for a cold, but a nice forecast for you enjoyed your delight today and very ahead. one extra thing yesterday. yes, which was an earthquake hit due i i
6:31 am
happened to be. i was kind of walking at the time. and i thought i felt the ground shake. it wasn't sure what time. and then i check all was in the afternoon. one 30 one what i did get a text from my son who is actually working at the time. everybody okay. i'm like, you know, i quick. we felt it here at the store and everything kind of took a little getting up the shelves. he was at a store. yeah. i had a couple items done. it wasn't major for yeah, it was centered right around san ramon yesterday. and just had a little little baby aftershock this morning. what was it what what will those a 3.9 yesterday 3, not chopped liver. you'll feel that those enough to knock some office owns like. but yeah, let's get to that graphic. and you can see that we actually did have a little aftershock this morning right around san ramon. so that was centered in the same location right in san ramon. again, this is a 1.7 that we did have a just this
6:32 am
morning. most people probably didn't even feel it was so small yesterday as though that was the one that was felt. again, that was around one 30 pm that was the 3.9 that you had out there as for this it's a little on the cloudy side, you can see the low gray that's taking out right above san francisco visibility is being affected towards the inland valleys. that's where we do have some dense fog in areas like conquered outs, along highway 4 as well as out towards the benicia bridge in portions of solano and contra costa counties. that's where you're seeing the densest a fog this morning. as for radar, we do have a couple of showers up in mendocino county, west of ukiah. but what we're not seeing is any rainfall here in the bay area. we will see a chance of some showers late tonight into early tomorrow. they're going to remain very minimal. nothing more than a trace of rain fall into your friday. current temperatures are chilly dublin. you're at 42 degrees petaluma nevado santa rosa and san anselmo each right now at 43 degrees. john, thank you for that. so we've
6:33 am
been actively tracking a hot spot. this is out in hercules. so westbound for. >> at that 80 connector going westbound here. so i would say you can exit willow avenue take some possible avenue around that because they've closed all the lanes there westbound for to that 80 west connector heading into the city right now. we do have a disabled vehicle. that treasure island exit 80 westbound. so again, a little under 18 minutes as you're heading from the east bay into the city. no major issues or delays across the san mateo bridge a little under 15 minutes. and we're tracking on conditions in the south bay along one. oh, one looks like we have a small slowing just 85 to menlo park about 32 minutes, 5.82 into 37 no major issues started. james, back to you. thanks. lot. let's get to the breaking news in the case if a missing 15 year-old girl who apparently was kidnapped from santa rosa. and there's an amber alert. but there's a lot of questions about. >> where she is and we show that this is a picture of her that you see on the monitor police think her abductors are heading to southern california. we've got caught
6:34 am
for sarah stinson in santa rosa right now where she was abducted with what we know so far this morning, sarah. >> such a scary situation for the family involved being that they were there when she was swiped before their eyes 15 years old from in santa rosa. when this all goes down. but we have some information for you and photos to kind of see if maybe you can help with the investigation as you said, they think they're headed or maybe already there down in southern california. amber alert issued this morning. take a look at the 15 year-old girl again, as you can see, this is george on a band boy. she was at an arco gas station with her family on guerneville road when a man across the parking lot ran across the parking lot rather and forced her into his car at one 50 yesterday afternoon. dan blue is described as a 5 feet. 6 inches tall girl with long dark hair. she's last seen wearing black jeans and a black sweatshirt with cherry's
6:35 am
police and chp have identified the man they believe took the girl. they released his name and info on in this in the sand lamber amber alert this is the suspected abductor. 20 year-old. i need a semi know describes of 5 feet, 7 inches tall man brown hair, brown eyes last seen wearing an orange long sleeve shirt. and you can see i'm actually in surveillance video is a screenshot from the arco gas station while the abduction happened just before 00:00pm in the afternoon policing responder file a missing persons report until 4.10. so what took so long as a question we will get answered hopefully for this morning. police say the victim's parents told them several men forced their daughter into a dark colored vehicle investigation. all they're telling us is that one suspected abductor take a look at the picture of the car while blurry it is all we have a green 2007 chrysler town and country minivan as a temporary texas license plate is 1, 2,
6:36 am
4, 7, 8 you as an umbrella. 3. no, just think on that. we've got all the information on our website. kron 4 dot com with tweeted out, put it on instagram is circulating all over at new stations across the state. everyone trying to get this information out. so maybe someone can help. they've seen the car, the girl and that suspected 20 year-old abductor. right now that amber alert is issued for the counties of san diego riverside orange los angeles counties. >> and they believe that there's somewhere down in southern california. why they believe that another question i hope to have answer for you this morning. we're going to head over the gas station where this all happened on guerneville road. so stay tuned for that report. in about 30 minutes from now live in santa rosa. sarah stinson, back to you. >> okay. we'll look forward to that update when you get there. thank you, sarah. >> 6.36 right now and today there is a picket at kaiser because the engineers now are
6:37 am
upset. they're striking for better contract. kron four's will tran is on the story for us this morning. and will people watching this are thinking, wait. i talk to their pharmacist strike was averted earlier in the week. this is a whole different situation, isn't it. >> this is called a sympathy strike. yes, the pharmacists and the nurses. they're not really in the line of fire per se for their problems. no. instead, it's the engineers. in fact, you can see right behind me, this gentleman here holding up a sign that says ask your doctors whose maintenance medical equipment. if there's a problem who fixes it. it's the engineers. but they have been on strike for 2 months now they are the smallest union. they say in the kaiser permanente system, but they have reinforcements because we're talking about 40,000 workers in the bay area and sacramento the nurses, the pharmacist, the radiologist. they are siding with their brothers and sisters with the
6:38 am
engineers. so with basically one hurts the other hurts and that's why they will be out today and tomorrow. here's what you need to know if you have an appointment with kaiser permanente today. do not reach out to them. they will reach out to you if they cannot get a hold of you as far as having the staff to treat your problems because let's face it. yes, the at a three-day warning about its sympathy strike or a possible strike. but that is very hard to replace. so we're tom interests radiologists nurses, even the pharmacists, as you mentioned, james. so lots going on. and according to kaiser, they say this is not going to bring them any closer to a resolution with the original. crux of all this. their negotiations with the engineers let's talk to some of the people here. this is linda hunter. she's with that union. the bigger union is here. your thoughts on this sympathy strike. why was this so important for you to show solidarity. today we're out supporting of brothers.
6:39 am
>> and sisters who are in news and local 39. but we're here because of them being out here for like 9 weeks and it's been a negotiations we were late last night that car do with on the 7th hour after 7 hours of negotiation with the engineering of local 39 card only spent 20 minutes in th room with them and then decided to leave the table, which which also. back to see even more to be out to support. but we are also supporting the co we know about the unfair labor conditions. we know about the wage cuts that they want to do to them. we have a contract also. that's going to be coming open and pretty soon. and we're letting qaeda know that if you if you touch one of our brothers, the sisters you go to work with other unions. let me ask you this. as far as the patient's. yes, they they're probably saying do what you need to do. but now we're impacted. what do you say to the >> that minding their business
6:40 am
and they have an appointment today and tomorrow, ok, so we have work the head of this because we have frontline workers. we deal directly with the paces patients are standing with us. >> because they want us to do the best we can to support them which with condition that are presently taking place in cardiff were not being allowed to totally support a patients are patients are supporting us. very good. let me talk to you. and let me tell you about the patient. so take a look at your screen. kaiser. >> did reach out to us and they say in the event of a strike which we do know it is happening and officially will happen at 7 o'clock this morning for today and tomorrow. they say in the event of a strike. we may have to reschedule some elective surgeries non urgent appointments or change or appointment to a phone or video visit will contact you if there are changes to your appointment. so in other words, don't call them. they will call you. >> if they know i maybe a couple of hours from your. >> time of your appointment that there's no way they can get to you. and if you need, even if they don't cancel your
6:41 am
appointment james and terry and you still have one be prepared to wait much longer because obviously staff is very limited. back to you. >> understood. okay. thank you very much. well, 6.40 right now and the oakland school dittrict is launching a covid vaccine clinic. >> they are trying to prevent a surge ahead of the holidays. thanksgiving is first up, today's clinic is going to have it. mark in markham elementary and it starts at noon it last until 06:00pm. so you can go there and get your shots. and they're also offering 5 days of covid testing over the holiday break and they are offering thousands of take home tests for students and staff. and i want to tell you that that is a good value because i just at walgreens. i got let's see, is to test. it was like 24 bucks for the 2 and you can they'll give you the in 15 minutes. so you can like before you go to thanksgiving, right of a rapid test and that will keep you and everybody else that you're meeting with safe from spring covid around, which is what they're trying to do. also
6:42 am
doing that in san francisco. the public health officials are urging caution as the holidays approach because doctors there say they are seeing a rise in covid cases. and again, remember, even if you're vaccinated, you could be a carrier in. you want to protect others as well. you know, you don't want to spread covid without knowing it. >> we are working to stay ahead of the virus it's clear boosters are necessary for us to avoid. it was a significant surge in hospitalizations increased mortality as well. >> and so see, there is talk about how you can also protect yourself which is by getting a booster. 80 1% of san francisco residents are already fully vaccinated. but most people still need to get that booster because that's more recently approved. there are more than a 100 clinics in san francisco alone that are offering the booster shot. >> well, san jose man spent 9 months in the hospital
6:43 am
battling covid and yesterday returned to santa clara valley medical center to begin his physical rehab. now you see him there in the wheelchair. he was greeted by the nurses and the doctors who cared for him that entire time. now he got the virus back in february. and in those initial 8 weeks he was in a medically induced coma. 2 months when he woke up, he couldn't walk really couldn't breathe all that well. he couldn't even move his left arm. take a listen to how he describes it. >> waking up not knowing that 2 months passed and. you know, i was really scared. so waking up. my arm did not move my lays in that movie. i was too weak. we're all hopeful that he'll continue make improvements in terms of standing in. >> we don't know what the future holds, brief walking and maybe being able to get to a point where he could. >> eventually be out of a wheelchair with ongoing therapy. >> wow. so he has now received 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine. he says he's going to do everything possible to make sure he doesn't catch covid again. osha, meanohile, has
6:44 am
suspended the enforcement of the large employer vaccine mandate that was issued by president biden. the mandate would have required businesses with more than a 100 workers too. make sure that their employees are vaccinated for covid or at least undergo testing. the decision comes after an appeals court told osha that it could not enforce that mandate until another court ruled on the issue. the biden administration has insisted that it has a strong legal case to enforce that mandate will see what the courts say. and we are going to be looking at a loud today ahead of us mostly cloudy at the coast highs. for the most part of the coast in the 50's. >> low 60's further inland and we're starting the morning with some fog ahead of what will remain fairly cloudy afternoon. i'm talking the details on when to expect rainfall in this forecast ahead. >> and tracking a hot spot out in hercules and we're all so busy as you're heading into the city this morning.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>> if you didn't know you, maybe you forgot. >> we're in the middle a drought. so yeah, i mean, it's easy to forget all the hills or green again after we've had some recent rains. but now we're still in the middle. the reservoir levels are low and apparently we are conserving enough. we know the governor had asked all of us to cut water use by 15% earlier this year. the latest numbers we're nowhere know apparently over all californians have saved like 3 and a half percent. yeah. and he again, the governor said 15%. so local water experts are saying.
6:48 am
>> that we've got to do a lot more or else we're going to be in big trouble. so i don't know what more we can send pretty try to. going to be in big chunk of they were specific like that is so not good enough say. >> you better do for big trouble. you got to say with the big trouble is way to like tell mom. >> that's big i got off and they're too old. now. i can take the ball away. i can't it's an empty more water just john's got the latest drought monitor map where we are. we getting any better with any of this. you know, light rain that we've been little progress over year. they're not enough actually this week. it's been kind of the top seems to have run out a little bit. we do have our one lone chance of rainfall between now and thanksgiving. and that's
6:49 am
tonight into tomorrow morning. so this is where we were october first. that's the very start of the water year. and before we had that big atmospheric river. you can see that most of the bay area was in the deep maroon indicating exceptional drought. >> now as we worked our way a little bit later on. we did see some progress being made, especially in the north bay after 18 inches of rain in pockets for portions of sonoma and marin counties. it took you out of exceptional drought and back into extreme drought, which is a very bad place to be advancing a little bit further and we did see a return of severe drought up into portions of mendocino county. but much of the bay area still in the midst of exceptional drought and we still have a long way to go before we really much improved conditions. this week is not bringing it for us. we're only seeing a chance of some sprinkles tonight. we do have some great this morning ahead of the storm that does try to work its way and you can see yukai in the midst of some light sprinkles right now. those will hold off until evening hours tonight, this weak frontal boundary really just passing across the
6:50 am
region. losing steam as it does so you can see that in future cast cloud cover today. tonight we will see the arrival of a few showers to the north bay and then those sprinkles drift a little bit further southward into the rest of the bay area into early hours of tomorrow. how much rain is going to leave us with maybe a trace for most of the bay area at max around a 10th of an inch around fairfield. as far as temperatures go ahead of the system. we have cool things down a bit were cloudier and we're down a few degrees from yesterday. this is going to keep us in the upper 50's to low to mid 60's for most areas at least redwood city at 65 or warm spot today being campbell at 68 degrees while the east bay in the mid 60's campbell. and are here union city each at 64 oakland at 62 in barely even make in the 60's across most of the north bay. a look ahead at our next 7 days shows temperatures remaining cool and pretty dry other than tomorrow. scattered morning showers which will be very, very light. we are going to be looking at any chance of rain until after thanksgiving
6:51 am
reyna. john, thanks for that track in this hot spot up and hercules highway 4 westbound at that 80 west connector. so right there as you're getting ready to get on 80 again and we'll avenue if you can exit there and takes him. pablo avenue. >> to try to get around that were also signs of slowing along 5 8018 heading into the city right now from the east. a little under 17 minutes, we had a disabled vehicle right near the treasure island active exit looks like they've since been able to remove that vehicle from the bridge. now you still have residual delays because of that richmond center fell commute traveling out of richmond. we are picking up here a little under 15 minutes for your drive time. the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes traveling into the seeing small pockets of fog. so definitely take it. i'm darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot a 6.51. and i think i found the magazine rack that i ordered like 3 months ago. but i cancel that i've given up. supply chain. backup never got my stuff. but, you know, hasn't given up.
6:52 am
>> the state and federal lawmakers leaders are taking action. they're trying to get this stuff moving through california ports and at least getting it like into storage and then maybe temporarily before it can be trucked to you to the stores. governor newsom announced that state is going to issue temporary permits to allow trucks to carry more cargo so they can get this off and somewhere. and they're also working to identify property to put this storage containers somewhere to speed up the unloading process because i mean, they can't even get this on to the ports and off the ships. well, that might. >> not pose an immediate relief on the retail front. it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and l a. >> the federal infrastructure bill that the president just signed going to help with dedicate 17 billion dollars to revamping the ports. but again, that's more of a long-term solution. the short
6:53 am
term solution by the way, is also the ports southern california working 24 7 around the clock they are trying to work as fast as they can. we'll take a break. it is 6.52. wow. what a great shot that is. >> there. i want to be there will be right back.
6:54 am
6:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 6.55 and an astronaut and stanford alum is set to become the first black woman on the international space station. how about that geologists
6:56 am
jessica watkins got her. >> undergrad degree from stanford and her doctorate from u c l a she's going to serve as mission specialist on the next space x flight to the international space station. she's going to be joining 3 others. it will be a 6 month mission. it's set to begin in april. and she says she hopes to set an example for children of color, particularly girls to show that they can participate and succeed in anything they put their mind an example to kids. an example to me. an example just. >> get out there and study and learn and do something that be watching the launch. yeah. catch 6.56 that's inspiring school board votes to close to schools. >> so what are parents and teachers going to do. we'll have a live report and a 15 year-old girl kidnapped in santa rosa. we'll have details on where police think rip doctors have taken are in a live report.
6:57 am
♪ reynolds wrap makes this whole cooking and cleanup thing so easy. it speeds up this... so i can get to them. easy prep, cook and clean with reynolds wrap.
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>> breaking news. a 15 year-old girl kidnapped in santa rosa will have all the details coming up in a live report. >> and hayward unified school board decides the fate of its schools and live with their decision just ahead. >> and thousands of kaiser health care workers hitting the picket lines today. we'll explain why. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at
7:00 am
7. >> good morning. it's the thursday before thanksgiving in game so now as i was driving in, i just kept saying thanksgiving. thanks thanksgiving giving thanksgiving say it enough that it not become started. tell you or as i don't get it. what we thank you. get anyway. that's what we're doing. so focused on that this morning as you get ready for your big plans for next week. absolutely. and for those of you watching going introduce yourself? oh, yeah, i'm darya i decided this is james. i decided we pop in and i feel like should we say our names every day or is that forgot already it that banked and by age on indication forgot. it is foggy out there this morning for a few spots. >> if you hadn't been seeing the fog so far. this week. well, that's because you're a little bit closer to the coastline. our inland areas have been very foggy all week long, especially out towards the central valley. >> for some dense to leave august formed your view outside of coit tower is definitely cloudy, but it is


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