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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  November 18, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now. 04:30am, here on this thursday to harvey. thanks for waking up with this bright and early. we've got a really nice forecast for you plan. and our meteorologists on travel has been tracking that and also the full moon out there. good morning, don. yeah, that moon
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looking nice tonight and tomorrow you will definitely want to see it as well. i should say this morning. >> it feels like tonight because you're looking at bats, those clear skies and seeing the moon up there in these dark conditions. it's very nice to see a bright and brightening up the sky this morning. tomorrow morning. we'll have the longest lunar eclipse in 600 years. visible across north america. that includes the bay area if it weren't so cloudy tomorrow morning. so that's probably going to be blocking out. your you lunar experience, but we will be looking at around thc same time tomorrow, earth's shadow passing right across the moon this morning. it's obviously not. you've got the bright skies because of the moon and a little bit of the great especially further inland. we are seeing some dense fog stretching from the central valley into eastern portions of solano and contra. costa counties where visibility will be affected, especially along routes like highway for radars. other way showing dry skies. we will see a few sprinkles late tonight into tomorrow morning. as for current temperatures, most of
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us are in the 40's. so we're back to some pretty chilly conditions much like we were yesterday morning definitely want to be bundling up as you're venturing out there. temperatures later today will rise into a range of the low to mid 60's. a lot like we saw them yesterday. i'm talking tonight, chance of rainfall. and what else you need to expect into the upcoming weekend all still to come right now. don, thank you for that. all right. let's get a look at your traffic on this thursday morning. travelers from the east bay. >> into the city a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there heading across towards the peninsula. check out the san mateo bridge little under 13 as you're traveling there this morning. a richmond sandra fell can be pretty nice life for you. a little under 9 as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes. well, you're traveling from the north bay into the city. well, as part of our commitment to the bay area. we're taking you inside. one of the most controversial issues in our community. homelessness. there are more than 1100 homeless youth in san francisco. but who are they. how did they end up
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there. kron four's, maureen kelly takes us on the streets to try and get some answers. >> my journey to understand the homeless problem in san francisco has led me to fisherman's wharf 20, not known just something that helped me. where i found a young man panhandling on the sidewalk with a stuffed animal under his arm. i like this is 25 year-old. corey harris were breezy here. you from san francisco from san diego. >> but coronavirus and the cleanup. i use moved away from >> i asked him how long he's been homeless. and he tells me pretty much his whole life as moving house to house. no real parents to care. talked turn. you know, i'm playing is what do you do for shelter right now. boats. i have a >> are you trying to get any services. >> i tried. but really want help me need
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>> corey says the last place he went for help was larkin street youth services. so that's where i decided to go next and find out why it didn't work out for corey. it turns out it could be because he's just a little too old to qualify for their help. they love inside. with my camera to one of the emergency shelters at ellis street on the edge of the tenderloin known as the lark in this one is reserved for youth aged 18 to 24 people who do qualify are given welcome kits with toiletries and sheets once inside you're greeted by brightly, colored murals with uplifting messages. well, sunny landscape cheers this hallway. the actual sleeping quarters are a bit bleak cement floors. spare furnishings, plastic bins and metal lockers store belongings right now. some pets are not being swept in because the pandemic has them running and only half i this is a place to lay your head at that firsthand perspective comes from larkin resident dale jones and that the 22 year-old from contra, costa county as he was hanging out inside the larkin street youth services access site.
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>> on golden gate avenue. dale didn't want to go into details on how he ended up homeless in san francisco. but describes what his life was like before he found a place to shelter in the past year before here live there with light. >> 7 different family and was a couple different houses in a hotel a couple times an air bnb a couple times now. he tells me he's making the most of the resources available to him. >> checking in with his caseworker here once a week about getting a more permanent place to stay minnesota right now, but i'm already on the waiting list for basically cheaper house and they don't help me pay. >> so go it. the vibe of the access site is more college student coffee shop. the bureaucrats waiting room here. those as young as 12 can drop in and grab hot meals access laundry and showers pick from the clothing closet. >> good hygiene products. they can do arts and crafts or simply arrest and charge their phones like dale did before going to the job corps program. he's enrolled in.
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dale says this place gives him a sense of security that simple police to wake up and go to the day they'll hopes to get help finding a job as a ecurity guard and one day get his degree fall psychology and master's degree because i want to be if i caused teacher at the end of the day, you go. >> larkin street youth services says they are working towards ending youth homelessness. so it is rare brief. and one time sherrilyn adams is the executive director. we know that about 50%. >> of the folks that are experiencing homelessness are over the age of 18 had their first experience between the ages of 1825 right. so we know that the quicker we intervene with homelessness we go. a long ways towards preventing chronic homelessness the other piece is that the longer you're outside the more detrimental it is to your health and just been around surviving. well, at the access site. i ran into a familiar face. corey was there to take a shower and get some food but the 25 year-old will likely have a harder time finding a place to sleep.
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>> then he would have had just one year ago. we don't have a great system. >> in san francisco around 25 to 35 year-olds in general because the skate, the span of age, right for people experiencing homeless knows, you know, 70's 75 and we prioritize folks based on length of time homeless right now. >> meanwhile, corey continues to try to get the help he needs have any luck finding any kind of i've been looking oh no. look at reporting on the streets. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> well, there's a new proposal to establish an office of victim and witness rights in san francisco city supervisor catherine stefani has announced a ballot initiative for next june. it's going expand services for domestic violence and violent crimes and other crimes that fall under that umbrella that would include things like counseling legal representation. stephanie says the proposal would make it
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easier for victims to know where to go and get help. now california is trying to reverse a ruling that prevented it from becoming he first state in the country to ban for-profit private prisons in 2019 governor newsom signed a bill that would have phase those facilities out by 2028. but last month a federal judge reversed that decision allowing private immigration detention centers to remain active. california's attorney general said the state will request the 9th circuit court to reconsider that ruling. >> no more inhumane treatment. no more profiteering on the backs of california is no more multinational corporations beating human beings like commodities. how the biden administration ordered the justice department to end the use of private prisons earlier this year. >> in less than 24 hours. oklahoma death row inmate julius jones is scheduled to be executed and there are urgent pleas from family members and supporters as the clock winds down his fate is
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in the hands of oklahoma's republican governor jones has insisted he is innocent earlier this month the oklahoma pardon and parole board voted 3 to one to recommend granting clemency to jones. the same board also recommended commuting his sentence in september. the governor hasn't said whether he will accept it at a news conference shows mother describe her son scheduled execution as a lynching. >> how could you want to go to a i don't want to go to lunch. and tomorrow. i want to go to a somebody compete against some want. why would i want to someone hand. >> jones has been on death row for nearly 20 years after he was sentence for the 1999 murder of paul. how who was shot in a carjacking as he pulled into his parents driveway with his adult sister and 2 daughters. jones's attorneys and advocates say new evidence proves that he's innocent and was never at the
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crime scene. the case also has the attention of celebrities such as kim carr dash in and warriors head coach steve kerr. >> and here we are literally hours away from an innocent man being executed. and so i wanted to put this video out please please join in the fight to save an innocent man's life to it for julius to him for his family. do it for our country this. this cannot happen in a civilized nation and we have keep this from happening. >> more than 6 million people have signed a justice for julie's petition against jones is execution. well, another lawsuit has been filed against actor alec baldwin in the fatal rust movie set shooting. the script supervisor claims that ball when others didn't properly check the gun that kill the movie's cinematographer and wounded the director lawyer, gloria allred is representing script supervisor. amy mitchell, the
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lawsuit claims mitchell standing close to hutchens when ball and pulled the trigger and she was the first to call 911, already alleges the scene scheduled for that day did not call for any guns to be discharged. >> in our opinion. mister baldwin shows to play russian roulette. when he fired a gun without checking it. and without having the armor do so. >> in his presence every live the shooting and the sound of the explosion. >> come again over and over again. >> complaint also names other rest producers, including the assistant director who declared the gun was safe moments before the shooting. this is the second lawsuit against the actor and more are expected. well, rapper young doff was shot and killed in memphis, tennessee. the 36 year-old was gunned down while leaving a bakery yesterday afternoon reportedly after buying cookies. he recently raved about it in a video on his social media. authorities
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are still searching for the gunman. now young dog that survived other shootings, including one in 2017 that left him that lee wounded. the san mateo county board of supervisors has approved more than $200,000 for a gun buyback program. the program will also get money from the sheriff's office and a local community group. the money's s of also pay for a ser gun buyback events to 2023 and people will get $100 for each handgun or shotgun that's turned in and $200 for each assault rifle. well, the first event is set for december 11th. there's growing concern for the welfare of a chinese tennis star who hasn't been heard from since she accused a former chinese official, a assault earlier this year. 35 year old punk show way posted on social media that she had been assaulted, a former vice premier. her post was removed minutes later, the knot before
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going viral. she hasn't been heard from since that post her fellow tennis players are among those who are worried about her safety. the women's tennis association says it's been a shore that she's safe. but no one with the organization has talked to her or seen her. we'll be right back after the break. welcome
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back to the kron 4 morning
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news a time for you now rain rv. >> thanks for waking up oith us on this thursday. he got one more day into friday and in some spots of the bay area. going to be a little sprinkle, a little sprinkle. our meteorologist john sabol has been tracking that. so john, one of those sprinkles supposed to happen. so daytime hours today. nice and dry. in fact, we're going to stay dry even into the early evening tonight. >> and after that can hardly even call it wet. just a couple sprinkles possible as rain to mention mostly the early morning hours of tomorrow and into tomorrow itself. in the meantime, it's a dry day, just a mostly cloudy. want to head of us. there's the golden gate bridge sitting under some fog, free conditions. fog is definitely being seen out into the eastern portions of contra, costa and solano counties as well as into the central valley where it's another dose of to leave fog making for a tricky commute for central valley commuters showers will start to drift in, as i mentioned, well after the sun goes down tonight. you can see that playing out in future cast here. most likely to see rainfall for the north bay.
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but even then it's looking like some very light on and off showers and showers potentially reaching the rest of the bay area not going to be amounting to too terribly much, though this is going to be through the course of especially early hours on friday before clearing and drying conditions. the rest of your forecast. how much rain are we looking out that will at most a 10th of an inch on the map and fairfield other than that just trace amounts for most of the rest of the bay area. this is not going make much of a dent and where we need to steve keep heading. so to do that today, the rest of this week is going to be drier compared to what we had been seeing the past few weeks, at least nice to see a little bit of moisture out there. but again, it's not something that really going to be making you adjust your plans on friday, too terribly much 60's for most of our daytime highs today. familiar territory here. we were very similar to this yesterday just a couple of degrees down from yesterday. today. it will feel a little bit cooler yet because you're not going to get near as much sunshine temperatures feel cooler with that cloud cover overhead
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that's going to remain persistent through the day today. now, as we're talking about dry today, tomorrow morning as we could see a couple of those scattered showers drifting in after that. it's just dry all the way through thanksgiving. that's great for a holiday travel as we do near the holiday reyna. john, thank you for that or i let's get a look at your thursday morning commute traveling from the east bay into the city. >> a little under 2 minutes for your drive time. there. san mateo heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 for you to complete that trip. let's also check out the richmond. sandra fell bridge. you're traveling out of richmond. a little under 8 minutes. it looks like in the east bay along 8.80 northbound south of stevenson boulevard in fremont. there's an accident there. but conditions are very light at this hour's. i'm not seeing any delays and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes from the north bay into the city. well, deebo samuel named nfc offensive player of the week and the forty-niners prep for sunday night's game in jacksonville against the jaguars kron 4
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sports director jason dumas has the latest for us in sports. >> the niners got their biggest win of the season. on monday night and one of their best is being recognized for it. depot. samuel has been named nfc offensive player of the week and a 133 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns and a cool little celebration. and i'm not going to move my hips like that in this suit. samuel is in the midst of a career year he's second in the nfl in receiving yards right behind cooper cup. meanwhile, the team was back at work prepping for the jaguars on sunday. the team has some momentum now. but they also did when they beat the bears and we know what happened. the following week. >> when you watch the tape will see as we've seen today, this morning that they're a good team. they're going a lot better. >> i don't think that people let down after something like that. but you got to realize emotions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we're coming from. without that we played
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before that. so emotions are high and you got to watch for that stuff. your emotions can be i every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day to make sure they're ready to go on sunday. >> great news for the giants. brandon belt will be back next year after he signed an 18.4 million dollars qualifying offer the 33 year-old first baseman hit a career-high 29 home runs last season helping the giants to a franchise record. 100 is 7 wins. he didn't miss the postseason with a fractured thumb after being hit by a pitch in late september. that was a drag bell took on the mantle of an official team captain which quickly became a source of humor in the giant clubhouse belton teammates periodically donning a captain's hat. all right. to the college kids matt lott, a former stanford playing out coaching valpo with his college coach might
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can gummer who they're doing the game 1st half harrison ingram. he's just there. 9 for mcdonald's all american raining freshman pac 12 of the week player of the week. nice pass to james key for the cardinals up 2711 later in the half jaden delay or. nice move and dunk. 3116 stanford next possession. more from a layer. nice soft hands finishes with the dunk off the bench. 2nd half ingram. another nice look at this time to brandon angle. one of his 3 2nd half threes angle led the cardinals with 13 points ingram had 5 assists stanford win 74 to 60 their 3 in one. it will play defending national champs baylor on saturday. all right. that's your look at sports. >> brian olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi is celebrating the 25th anniversary of her foundation by opening a holiday ice rink in san ramon. the event kicked off yesterday at the city center, bishop ranch yamaguchi
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made an appearance says she hopes the event will inspire underserved children. >> it was really all about embracing the hopes and dreams of take ali underserved children. you know, i had a lot of support opportunity to go after my dreams. and i just really wanted to do the same for other kids out there. >> well, we have details on ice rink hours and ticket prices over on website at kron 4 dot com. and you can watch free. also with no ticket. organizers say early arrival is recommended. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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>> and for 55 on this thursday morning in conditions outside this morning just as cloudy as they have been the past few days, especially the fog that's in the inland portions of the bay area like eastern contra, costa and eastern solano county. it's something watch out for this morning. you're look outside right now at the east bay hills isn't looking so bad at all. conditions out there clearing up that at least you get this view over the bay at the coastline today do expect mostly cloudy skies to stay with us. in a slightly cooler feel daytime highs in the upper 50's this afternoon. inland areas will also be a touch cooler with some low 60's patchy valley fog. as i mentioned for those inland valleys and then a mild afternoon with those low 60's staying with us. daytime
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highs. you can see oakland at 62 degrees san jose, one of the warmer spots at 67 degrees. well, conquered in antioch on the cooler side of things only in the low 60's rain. >> all right. well, this story is going to hard to believe, but a german shepherd in florida is doing much more than playing with a tennis ball rolling around the grass. the other little dogs do gunther. the dog is also busy the with real estate agents or selling his miami mansion. that is handlers bought from madonna got their inherited. his vast fortune including the nine-bedroom waterfront home. once all by the so-called queen of pop from his grandfather. oh, my goodness. at least that's what the handlers who oversee the state's 6. when i was first introduced to the property and the guy who introduced me tells me about. >> you know, this dog gunther who purchase madonna's home equity talking gunther white, and then i got to know got there. i got to know his handlers. and it was just
4:57 am
fascinating. the life that they live and the way that they've really i kept kept true to to their trust. and what dictated to them and they're well, okay. so i literally just watched a similar movie like this on netflix, doggone trouble or the dog in. >> and here it's million-dollar home 20 years ago. madonna bought the tuscan style, a state for 7 and a half million dollars now this week it went on the market for. 31 million dollars. what a lucky pup. he will coming up in the next hour, a 15 year-old girl has been kidnapped and santa rosa, her photo right there on your screen. we have more details. what officials are saying in a live report, how you can help them try to find her. now 2 elementary schools and hayward are going to be closing. we want to tell you what decisions were made and last night's school board meeting
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> coming up. hey, we're school board members decide the fate of its schools on live with their decision coming up. >> and thousands of kaiser health care workers are hitting the picket line this morning. we'll tell you why they're striking at a live report. >> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news far. >> it is thursday. it will be.


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