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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 17, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. >> and i hayward community angry afraid on edge. >> as several schools face the risk of being closed for good. thank you for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. right now the hayward unified school board of education is meeting to discuss whether or not to close 8 schools in the
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district. >> that vote is expected tonight. but there's a big push back from district staff educators parents and students kron four's. gayle ong has monitoring the vote. she joins us live in hayward with the latest. kale. >> ken and kathryn, that meeting being held as we speak, via zoom the board is in deliberations right now. after about an hour of public comment. but earlier, this is where. >> parents and teachers and families gathered pushing for a pas on school closures. >> teachers, staff parents and students of the hayward unified school district march to the district's office wednesday urging the board of education to reconsider closing schools. the district is proposing school closures and relocations due to declining enrollment and a budget shortfall. daisy bates a teachers union president is hoping the board will put a pause on plans that have some closures may happen. >> but what we want is serve
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or schools in a special school board meeting wednesday night. the district superintendent says the amount of school closures was minimizing sifted for at least 6 schools closures in 2020 to 23 to lead to school closures next year. >> and limiting a preschool moves to just the site programs to putting them in our school sites. we reduce the number of schools from 8 to 4. and that number cup exposures from 10 to 8. >> superintendent doctor matt wayne also says the board tried to minimize the impact on south hayward by having 2 elementary school closures instead of 3 the closure of 3 elementary year round schools went down to one students from 5 schools will be going to 21 schools back at the rally bates ads. community schools are needed and says money from federal and state funding can help the situation. it is important because wrap around services. >> when you it's a one-stop place where families can get the support they need. they can get health services. they can get social emotional
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support for them and for their 2 khalid shaikh a retired. he were teacher agrees. the students deserve. >> the schools that are in the communities with the support for the parents for having strong educational equity in our schools. >> and the board of education is in deliberations as we speak, via zoom of that meeting has been going on for about 3 and a half hours. they are discussing. >> if they should i have a pause on the school closures. there. some mix reactions between the members, but we should. >> here a final vote later tonight. live in hayward. gayle ong kron 4 news. all right, gail, thank you very much. >> and hayward. not the first bay area school to consider closing some campuses because of low enrollment last month. officials in the cupertino union school district voted to consolidate some campuses that could happen as early as next fall. that district has lost nearly 5,000 students over 6
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years and is projected to lose another 4,000 over the next 8 years. and the east bay. the mount diablo unified district expects to lose nearly 30 million dollars because of declining enrollment that district still considering how to deal with the problem. it has not ruled out combining and collapsing certain classes. it has been a week now since 30 year-old andrew zieman tragically lost his life after being struck by a car while crossing the street. >> at franklin and union streets in san francisco. it happen just a short distance away from the school where he taught sherman elementary school tonight. students staff family and community members all got together for a vigil at the school to honor his life. kron. 4 hackett was there and she's live in the city tonight with more taylor. >> well, you know, that vigil a lot of emotions tonight and surprisingly, we heard from dozens of students judging by what they had to say, though, mister and you as they called
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him. he was a huge positive influence on not only students but also the community. >> family students and community members mourning the loss of 30 year-old andrew zieman very, very sad. >> the mister andrew very been axed in. was >> the man was a beloved educator at sherman elementary school in san francisco. he was just feet away from the school near union and franklin streets when he died one week ago he was crossing the road when 2 cars collided on franklin street and then slammed into him. it was the best teacher. i wish to have to have said by on wednesday the school held a vigil to remember zemin and all the great work that he's done. he and i worked together very closely. >> with some of us students who need the most support. and so just his calmness, his calf. take a. and kind of
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approach to any situation. he was always trying to figure out how to hook kids, how to connect with a kid principal. helen parker says. >> this vigil was a joint effort with walk. san francisco, an organization in the city advocating for safer streets this whole community is devastated for good reason to start a whole city. >> our streets. our schools should be safe. but no question. and that's not the case here. supervisor catherine stefani says. >> it's an issue she and her office are also working on the fact that this is the 12th fatality pedestrian fatality. it's absolutely unacceptable. >> i want to let you know that we are committed to making certain that we're doing everything we can, not just sherman elementary school to work with the sfmta to make the streets safer. >> the man's family was also at that vigil tonight. but too upset to speak on camera.
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meanwhile, the school says that it's working on a kid's activity fund in mister me. now live in san francisco. taylor bisacky kron 4 news taylor, thank you for that. in the east bay richmond police are searching for a driver. >> connected to a fatal hit and run their police say a woman was struck by a car around 2.30 this morning near hilltop and moyers drive. the driver fled the scene shortly after that, police say a second driver ran over the victim who is already down on the ground by the time officers arrived. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. anyone who has any information is asked to contact richmond police. >> oakland police chief leronne armstrong says safety is his top priority. this is gun violence continues to plague the streets of oakland. the department has investigated 100, 20 homicides this year compared to 101 last year, more than a 1000 guns have been recovered. and just
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last week there were 45 reported shootings and robberies kron four's jonathan mccall. talk one on one with the chief about what can be done to stop the violence and he joins us in the studio with that story. catherine getting a chance to talk with chief armstrong today. he says there are plenty of factors that are triggering this crime spree. repeat violent offenders on the streets, but he says most the most importantly. >> he says that he actually needs people to help people not only officers to help respond to the calls and to possibly prevent the violence. he also needs more people to speak up. >> 2021 has been a violent year on oakland's streets. the city has seen 120 murders in 550 shooting so far. the first thing i think about is that is not just the number right that it really represents so many families that have been impacted by violence. the violence hasn't been limited to just the streets. it's also plagued packed freeways back in may. 2 teens were killed when someone fired into a
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party bus on i 5.80 earlier this month. 23 month-old jasper wu was killed on. i 80. >> when a stray bullet hit the car. he was riding in a lot of the gang in group violence finds itself on the freeway when the shootings happened and have some connection to oakland games or local bay area games. armstrong says there are common factors when it comes to the violence that we see grouping game violence really be in. >> the driver of violence in the city of oakland that we've seen conflicts conflicts that have gotten out of control in our city along with repeat offenders on the streets. justice system to work in a way to help people accountable for committing violence in the city of oakland and not sending people right back on the streets solving the crimes he says has also been a challenge. the department right now boasting just a 35% homicide clearance rate. it means many of these cases aren't getting solved. that number one of the lowest in all of america. in 2000, 19 72 homicides are clearance rate
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was around 50% says that you have one homicide but a small group of officers investigating makes it challenging for them actually dedicate the time needed to solve these crimes. >> despite personal and passionate pleas mark armstrong says he needs more people in order to help people not just officers on the streets to respond to and to prevent crime, he says he also needs more people to speak up on what they know. >> that you need police that can prevent crime, not just respond to crime. that's important that people not not victims of crime but also people don't fear that they'll be a victim of crime. >> another high-profile case. the department is currently investigating the shooting of former opd captain ersie joyner joyner is recovering and out of the hospital after a shooting earlier this year that case still remains open. police say so far no arrests have been made. as for more help on the way for the department this week. a new academy kicked off with 39 cadets. that's the largest number that the department has
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seen in the feat last few years in the studio tonight, jonathan mccall kron 4 news. all right, jonathan, thank you very much. >> new at 10, another jewelry store has been targeted in the bay area. this time it happened at the daniels jewelers in the solano town center and fairfield councilwoman catherine moy tweeting out this photo. you can see hammers there. if you look closely on the ground and on the counter. police say several people use them along with bats to smash the glass counters happened just after 2 this afternoon. not clear yet whether anything was taken, but it is the 3rd jewelry store that's been targeted this week. thieves took $250,000 in merchandise from the longboat jewelers store and san francisco's china town tuesday morning and monday thieves shattered the display cases at a store in concord, sun valley mall. >> the bay area was shaken by a small earthquake today. the usgs says the 3.9 magnitude
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quake struck just before noon today. the epicenter was on saint norbert and conway drives in danville in the quake was followed by more than a dozen aftershocks. one student was recording himself practicing a speech when the quake hit there goes the camera went that way. we talk to other people who live in the area. they were telling us that they were a little shaken up by it all. sure. very short lived. but the rattle things in the house felt like a godzilla just stepped in. so our living he certainly the biggest earthquake can happen at any time. at some point it will. >> and that's actually part of what makes the earthquakes frightening. if we knew when they were coming. we be less scared of thought. >> for those who do not have emergency to go bags ready. this might be a wake-up call. you can always stay connected with the latest details. whenever a quake strikes. the bay area scan this qr code. it will take you straight to our website where you can find information on things such as building your emergency kit
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and details on the shake alert app. this and many more resources are all at kron. 4 dot com. >> i think it's been a while since we kind of felt something sizable. time for another look at the forecast. morris. karl standing by with that does kind of get that blood going, doesn't it. you feel an earthquake like that. >> all of a sudden it you don't know what it is a first. but after you get a boy, you know, it. and a lot things are going to get quiet tonight around the bay area. that's the good news is we've got so far mostly clear skies couple high clouds continue to drift overhead, but kind of quiet night out there. so far big change in the weather around the bay area coming our way as we're going to see more clouds on the way. it's much cooler temperatures right now. we remain dry that could change by tomorrow evening. this time. i think be looking at some showers at least to the north bay got this guy just off the coastline right here that's going to slowly work its way toward the bay area. not a huge system, but enough to bring some rain drops out there around our skies. so
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tomorrow planning a big change in weather grab a jacket. if you're headed out to work, we'll be about 10 degrees cooler around a good part of the bay area. so numbers not getting close to 70 degrees tomorrow afternoon like they did today. i think many places are struggling to get out the 50's by tomorrow afternoon. so here comes a frontal system again, it's got to run into this ridge of high pressure. and so, yeah, a lot of the energy is going to be trapped in the north and it's going fall apart as it comes through. that's not a good scenario for a lot of rainfall. so it's not going to be like one of those big events like we had early on in the season, but a chance of some showers late tomorrow afternoon rolling into the bay area and then it looks like the whole system begins to sag south overnight as we head in toward early on a friday morning as well. you see right here, clouds gathering throughout the night tonight. it's tomorrow morning. but staying dry for the commute. then in the afternoon, some pop-up showers showing up in the north. they see there just after 5 o'clock in the afternoon and then it takes to overnight hours. so we see that rain begin to sag further south across the rest, the bay area. so we'll keep our eyes on that. 42. and we've got some more showers in the forecast. but we're not talking about rain. we'll
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explain with your 1010 coming up in a few minutes. thank you, lawrence. >> to our coronavirus coverage now with the holidays approach in covid cases are rising again. san francisco public health officials have been sounding the alarm. they say that file. it's ok to gather this year. people do still have to take steps to protect themselves and others. >> working to stay ahead of the virus it's clear boosters are necessary for us to avoid. you know, it's a significant surge in hospitalizations increased mortality as well. >> he says 80% of san francisco residents agent aged 5 and above are fully vaccinated. but only 138,000 of them and fewer than half the eligible seniors have had the booster shot. colfax says that there are more than 100 clinics in san francisco now offering that extra shot.
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moderna asking the fda for emergency use authorization for its covid booster. that's for all adults right now. it's been authorized only for people 65 and older people with certain health conditions or long-term care facilities and people of in high-risk jobs, high risk of exposure. the move by moderna comes as the fda is expected to authorize pfizer's booster for all adults as early as tomorrow. >> many parents are rushing to try to get their children between the ages of 5.11 vaccinated against covid and like have to get 2 doses. 3 weeks apart. >> but there is one bay area. doctor advising parents not to blindly follow the cdc guidance in our grant lotus is here in the studio to explain. >> catherine and ken, she's certainly clear she wants everybody to get vaccinated. kids but how exactly you get the second dose she thinks is
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up for debate and something that parents should be talking with there pediatricians about and she suggest to people that she is advising and we're talking of the ucsf infectious disease expert doctor monica gandhi has been all over bay area media for a year and a half now advising folks on how to get through this. she says it is better to wait longer. then the cdc's recommendation of 3 weeks before you get your little one that second dose of the pfizer vaccine, which again, remembers a 3rd of the amount per dose of what adults get she told us tonight on kron 4 news at 5. she's telling parents that she is advising to wait 6 up to 8 weeks to get the second dose. >> if you get 3 weeks between doses. there's 82% effectiveness for the pfizer. 92% effective way 8 weeks and you want affect us. so i personally, if i sing and waiting for my own child for set 6 to 8 weeks between doses.
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>> she has an 11 year-old in that age range and she cited recent studies in canada and israel to support her contention, adding that one of the study suggested that the risk of myocarditis the and large heart that is rare but can happen. the risk more. if you wait less time. so if you do extend the second dose longer she believes and she cites this data that the risk is less now she does. want to tell everybody that especially really school districts in the governor. i suppose that it's important that parents have something to motivate them in some cases to get their children vaccinated to be able, you know, to then remove their masks in classrooms. so what is the metric to get there. she believes the more parents will get their kids vaccinated so that they can enjoy the freedom and the socialization, the maturation that comes with mask removal. so she doesn't think that a
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certain percentage of students per school. upper class need to be vaccinated before the masks come off rather ceased suggest that 12 weeks after that age group is eligible mo be vaccinated. the masks can come off and parents can choose what they want to do. they've had ample time. she says at that point to get their kids vaccinated. she's also urging parents to, you know, catch up and a lot of cases on what used to be routine maintenance. you know, seeing the pediatrician a lot of folks neglected that during the pandemic for good reason because they didn't want to take the covid risk associated with going to that public space. but you know, there there's a study that is showing that a lot of measles vaccines, for instance, haven't been given in the past year and a half. so she wants people to do that. she also says, look, if you want to keep your child with a mask on, you know, school is going certainly around here is going to forbid you from doing that. so an interesting perspective, not one that follows the cdc's advice. but she does note
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that, you know, the cdc just has this data from pfizer, right. and they wait 3 weeks and that's all that you have to go on. so that is why the recommendation is what it is. and your 2 children just got vaccinated yesterday right. and a lot of kids are actually enthusiastic about it. >> they did and they were and they immediately wanted to know when they can take their masks off. now. we about the second dose. and that was one of the reasons we had doctor gandhi on today because it's a real and doctor gundy reminded people that it's a parent's decision went to do the second dose. if they're going to vaccinate their kids. it's really up to the parents. you can look at this guidance and and follow it if you like. but the cdc and the fda have not always been at the forefront of data and sometimes in this pandemic is taking them longer to to get with it. i'm not saying doctor gundy is right with the 6 to 8 week rebut there is some data from israel and canada. now to back interesting to hear that different point of view that thank you. grant.
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>> air travel this holiday season. it is expected to resemble prepandemic levels at oakland airport. for example, roughly 170,000 passengers are expected next weekend. if so, that would be twice as many as last year. analysts say consumer confidence in covid safety protocols is a sense sparring. more people to book flights. there is still a federal mask mandate in effect at all us airports. >> millions of people also be traveling by road. this holiday season even though the cost of gasoline is climbing to record highs according to aaa, the national average of a gallon of regular gas is $3.41. that's a lot less than it is here in california. it's almost $4.70. that is a new record in the bay area. the average cost. of course, even higher for dollars. $0.83 a gallon on average in fact, the cost of gas is getting so
10:23 pm
high. president biden is now calling on the ftc. the federal trade commission to investigate whether or not oil and gas companies are artificially inflating prices at the pump. the president says there is mounting evidence of anti consumer behavior by big oil companies, adding that despite the declining cost of oil for the companies prices for the public remain high. the president has not ruled out releasing oil from us reserves to try to lower the prices. >> in national news jurors in the kyle rittenhouse trial went home for a second night. they did not reach a verdict, but people outside the courthouse have been making a lot of noise making their voices heard. >> rittenhouse >> supporters and protesters were clashing outside the courthouse in wisconsin. at least 2 people weretdetained today. defense attorneys again, ask for a mistrial. they claim that prosecutors
10:24 pm
provided them with a poor quality copy of drone video showing rittenhouse shooting and killing one of his victims. the judge did not rule on that motion. but did criticize the news media. >> i will tell you this. i'm going to think long and hard live television. the trial again next time i don't know. i always been a firm believer in because i think that people should be able to see what's going on. team. what's being done really quite frightening. >> the judge described media coverage of the trial as irresponsible and did not like some of the news stories about his decisions, including his ruling that the men rittenhouse shot could not be called victims. >> jacob chansley also known as the qanon shamann was sentenced today to 41 months in prison for his role in the u.s. capitol riot on january 6th chansley storms. the building with his face painted while wearing a fur helmet and horns. he pleaded guilty in
10:25 pm
september 2 one felony count of obstruction after he attempted to block electoral votes from being counted. he's been behind bars in washington, dc since he was arrested in january. the roughly 3 and a half year sentence is the longest one handed down so far to any of the capitol rioters. >> what do you do for shelter right now. >> boats. i have a >> and are you trying to get any services. i tried but they didn't really want help me need >> still ahead tonight, we investigate one of the most divisive issues in the bay area what's fueling san francisco's homeless crisis and who's trying to help stop it. >> and after the break, the mystery of a missing tennis star from allegations of assault to a here's a long affair. the concerns being raised after a player disappears from the public
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>> rapper young dolph was shot and killed in memphis, tennessee today. the 36 year-old was gunned down while leaving a bakery. this afternoon. reportedly after buying cookies. he recently raved about in a video on social media. authorities are still searching for the gunman. young golf had survived other shootings including one in 2717 that left him badly wounded. >> there's growing concern for the welfare of a chinese
10:29 pm
tennis star. she has not been heard from since she accused a former chinese official of assault earlier this month. 35 year-old pun show way posted on social media that she had been assaulted by a former vice premier. her post was removed minutes later but not before it viral and she has not been heard from since then. her fellow tennis players are among the people who are worried, the women's tennis association says it has been assured. she is safe, but no one with the organization has talked to her or seen her. >> next. at 10. we are less than 24 hours away from the scheduled execution of convicted killer julius jones. but his supporters are still begging the governor of oklahoma to spare his life. golden state warriors coach steve kerr is joining the last minute push for clemency. >> also a big milestone for a bay area man who spent 9 months in the hospital fighting covid. we check in as he begins his long road to
10:30 pm
recovery and helping the homeless on san francisco streets after the break. >> we investigate why some people who are seeking the help they need are being turned away. >> and if you look at the skies tonight, you may see some showers, but you're not going to see rai
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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>> as part of our commitment to the bay area. we are taking you inside one of the most controversial issues in the community. homelessness.
10:33 pm
>> on any given night. there are more than 1100 homeless youth in san francisco. >> the question is who are they and how did they end up there now as part of a new kron 4 series reporter and san francisco native maureen kelly takes us on the streets to try to get some answers. >> my journey to understand the homeless problem in san francisco has led me to fisherman's wharf 20, known just something that helped me. where i found a young man panhandling on the sidewalk with a stuffed animal under his arm. i like this is 25 year-old. corey harris were breezy here. you from san francisco from san diego. >> but coronavirus and the cleanup. i use moved away from >> i asked him how long he's been homeless. and he tells me pretty much his whole life as moving house to house. no real parents to care. talked turn. you know, i'm playing is what
10:34 pm
do you do for shelter right now. boats. i have a >> are you trying to get any services. >> i tried but they didn't really want help me need >> corey says the last place he went for help was larkin street youth services. so that's where i decided to go next and find out why it didn't work out for corey. it turns out it could be because he's just a little too old to qualify for their help. they love the inside. with my camera to one of the emergency shelters at ellis street on the edge of the tenderloin known as the lark in this one is reserved for youth aged 18 to 24 people who do qualify are given welcome kits with toiletries and sheets once inside you're greeted by brightly, colored murals with uplifting messages. well, sunny landscape cheers this hallway. the actual sleeping quarters are a bit bleak cement floors. spare furnishings, plastic bins and metal lockers store belongings right now. some pets are not being swept in because the pandemic has them running and only half i this is a place to
10:35 pm
lay your head at that firsthand perspective comes from larkin resident dale jones and that the 22 year-old from contra, costa county as he was hanging out inside the larkin street youth services access site. >> on golden gate avenue. dale didn't want to go into details on how he ended up homeless in san francisco. but describes what his life was like before he found a place to shelter in the past year. before here live that we 7 different family and was a couple different houses in a hotel a couple times an air bnb a couple times now. he tells me he's making the most of the resources available to him checking in with his caseworker here once a week about getting a more permanent place to stay minnesota right now, but i'm already on the waiting list for basically cheaper house and they don't help me pay. >> so go the vibe of the access site is more college student coffee shop. the bureaucrats waiting room here. those as young as 12 can drop in and grab hot meals access laundry and showers pick from a clothing closet, good
10:36 pm
hygiene products. they can do arts and crafts are simply arrest and charge their phones like dale did before going to the job corps program. he's enrolled in. dale says this place gives him a sense of security that simple police to wake up and go to the day they'll hopes to get help finding a job as a security guard and one day get his degree fall psychology and master's degree because i want to be a psychology teacher at the end of the day, you go larkin street youth services says they're working towards ending youth homelessness. so it is rare brief. and one time sherrilyn adams is the executive director. we know that about 50%. >> of the folks that are experiencing homelessness are over the age of 18 had their first experience between the ages of 1825 right. so we know that the quicker we intervene with homelessness we go. a long ways towards preventing chronic homelessness the other piece is that the longer you're outside the more detrimental it is to your
10:37 pm
health and just been around surviving. well, at the access site. i ran into a familiar face. corey was there to take a shower and get some food but the 25 year-old will likely have a harder time finding a place to sleep. >> then he would have had just one year ago. we don't have a great system. >> in san francisco around 25 to 35 year-olds in general because the skate, the span of age, right for people experiencing homeless knows, you know, 70's 75 and we prioritize folks based on length of time homeless right now. >> meanwhile, corey continues to try to get the help he needs have any luck finding any kind of i've been looking oh no. look at reporting on the streets. i'm maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> larkin street youth services would not confirm if they were assisting corey in finding help. but they did say they are able to help those who enter the system before turning 25 receive housing assistance such as rent
10:38 pm
subsidies, even after they turn 25 and they say they've how's more than 400 young people so far this year. kron 4 will be continuing our commitment to investigate the situation on the streets, but we need your help, too. if there's something you think kron four's, maureen kelly needs to see or hear. you can e-mail her. that's the address on your screen on the streets at kron 4 dot com. there is a new proposal to establish an office of victim and witness rights and san francisco. >> a city supervisor. catherine stefani has announced a ballot initiative for next june. it would expand services for victims of domestic violence and other crimes. it would include things like counseling legal representation stephanie says the proposal would also make it easier for victims to know where to go to get help. california is trying to reverse a ruling that prevented it from becoming the first state in the country to ban for-profit private prisons
10:39 pm
and 2019 governor newsom signed a bill that would have phase them out by 2028. but last month a federal judge reversed the decision allowing private immigration detention centers to remain active today. california's attorney general said the state will request the 9th circuit court to reconsider that ruling. no more inhumane treatment. >> no more profiteering on the backs of california is no more multinational corporations beating human beings like commodities. >> the biden administration ordered the justice department to and the use of private prisons earlier this year. >> in less than 24 hours. oklahoma death row inmate julius jones is scheduled to be executed and there are urgent pleas from family members and supporters as the clock winds down tonight. his fate is in the hands of oklahoma's republican governor has been asked to grant jones clemency.
10:40 pm
>> joan has insisted he is innocent earlier this month. the oklahoma pardon and parole board voted 3 to one to recommend granting clemency to jones. the same board also recommended commuting his sentence in september. the governor has not said whether he will excepted at a news conference tonight. jones mother described her son scheduled execution as a lynching. >> how could you want to go to a want to go to lunch. and tomorrow. i want to go to a somebody compete against some want. why would i want to see someone hand. >> jones has been on death row for almost 20 years after you sentence for the 1999 murder of paul howell who was shot in a carjacking as he pulled into his parents driveway with his adult sister and 2 daughters, jones's attorneys and advocates say new evidence proves that he's innocent and was never at the scene of the crime. the case also has the attention of celebrities such as kim kardashian and warriors head coach steve kerr.
10:41 pm
>> and here we are literally hours away from an innocent man being executed. and so i wanted to put this video out please please join in the fight to save an innocent man's life to it for julius to him for his family doing for our country this. this cannot happen in a civilized nation and we have keep this from happening. >> more than 6 million people have signed a justice for julie's petition against the execution. >> now to the 4 zone forecast as we take that beautiful live look at the golden gate bridge and we're going to check in with lawrence karnow and see what's going on with the weather. yeah. guys. a very interesting night ahead tonight, we've seen a few high clouds drifting overhead. for just lucky enough, we may see some showers outside tonight. we're not talking rain. we're talking the leonid meteor shower takes place tonight.
10:42 pm
tonight is the peak in right around midnight. that will be the best time to take a look. you want to look toward the east. look toward the constellation. leo and tonight, yeah, you can see maybe as much as 10, maybe 15 meteors per hour. of course, those meteors going to be dance with the clouds out there. and as we head through the night clouding up throughout the night tonight becoming mostly cloudy in the morning. so probably the best time is right around midnight. if you can get outside and check it out. you may see really need site speaking excites. this one just a gorgeous one. always the golden gate bridge looking good skies. mostly clear there a couple high clouds drifting on up above today. temperatures. he was pretty warm in spots, almost 70 degrees today in oakland at 6965 right about the average in the san francisco san jose checking in at 6861 and cooler than normal in livermore, 64 in concord and 66 in santa rosa, big change in the weather pattern, though, coming for tomorrow. tomorrow's want to bring a coat, maybe a sweater with you. it will be about 10 degrees cooler across the board around the bay area got a cold front out there right
10:43 pm
now. that's going really kind of cut off the sunshine for us. all those clouds going to start to rotate into the bay area. not a huge storm, but enough of the cloud cover. that's gonna roll in overhead throughout the day tomorrow. that's really going to knock down the sunshine and that means much cooler temperatures right now, kind of chilly in spots. we've got 40's and 50's around the bay area now so kind of cool out there already those clouds rolling in overnight tonight can act like a blanket. don't get all that cold. but increasing clouds chilly temperatures. so far. and then tomorrow, cloudy and cool around the bay area and then a chance of some showers late in the day this weekend return to some high pressure and some warmer weather ahead. but for tomorrow that ridge going to break down but only % kind of flatten out a little bit. so even though the jet stream lingering a little further north in northern california. i think that will really be the main focus of most of the rain, although we'll see a few showers locally c overnight you see the long-range model showing the rain begin to move through tomorrow and friday as well. then that kind of kicks out of town. high pressure builds in.
10:44 pm
look at that big clear spot. that's likely an offshore flow developing over the weekend and drying things out now as we get toward the holiday things change again clouds begin to gather. at least we get clipped with some showers in far northern california right now. looks like it is going to likely stay dry through the holiday. maybe we start talking about some rain that following weekend. meantime, though, temperatures. yeah, they're going to be a much cooler tomorrow plan on 50's. some low 60's and not on the next couple days going to keep those temperatures down a bit chance of late tomorrow on the north bay then overnight, tomorrow night across the rest, the bay area. thank all right. today marks 2 years since many health experts believe the coronavirus first began to spread in china. >> a study found the first case likely started spreading on november 17th 2019. the first confirmed american case was a washington state man who was diagnosed in january of 2020, the first u.s. death from covid-19 was a woman in santa clara county. she died in february of last year.
10:45 pm
health experts believe that the virus was likely spreading throughout the u.s. well before that. >> a san jose man spent 9 months in the hospital fighting covid today. 31 year-old noah davis returned to santa clara valley medical center to begin his physical rehab. a big moment for him. he was greeted by the nurses and doctors who cared for him. got the virus in february. >> he initially tried to fight it off from home. but his illness quickly became too much to bear. doctors say they feared know might not survive, but he spent 8 weeks in a medically induced coma when he woke up, he said he couldn't walk breathe on his own or even move his left arm. >> waking up not knowing that 2 months have passed and. you know, i was really scared. so waking up my arm to that move my legs. and that move. i was too weak. we're all hopeful that will continue to make improvements in terms of standing in. >> we don't know what the future holds, brief walking and maybe being able to get to a point where he could.
10:46 pm
>> eventually be out of a wheelchair with ongoing therapy. >> first got sick back in february. the vaccines were not yet available. he has now received 2 doses of the pfizer vaccine. he says he'll do everything possible to avoid having to go through this again. >> coming up in sports, the captain brandon belt returning to the giants sports director jason dumas has those details. details and some 40 niner news and stanford basketball highlight. so
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> the niners got its biggest win of the season. on monday night and one of their best is being recognized for it. deebo samuel has been named nfc offensive player of the week. yeah. a 133 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns in the 31 to 10 win samuels is in the midst of a career year do with some dancing, too. he's second in the nfl in receiving yards behind cooper cup. meanwhile, the team was back at work prepping for the jag wires on sunday. the team has some momentum now. but they also had some momentum when they beat the bears a few weeks ago and we know what happened. the following week. >> when you watch the tape will see as we've seen today, this morning that they're a good team. they're going a lot better. i don't think that people let down after something like that. but you
10:50 pm
got to realize emotions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we're coming from. without that we played before that. so emotions are high and you got to watch for that stuff. your motions can be. i every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day to make sure they're ready to go on sunday. >> mat latos former stanford player now coaching valpo with his college coach mike montgomery. they're calling the game. my full reunion here harrison ingram posting up. nice pass ingram's tonight. mcdonald's all a erican to play for stanford. also the reigning pac 12 freshman of the week. now here we have a couple good plays from the big man later in the half jadyn. jade tulare. here he gets another don't 31 to 16 ensuing possession hilaire on the break. now here we should. we see a 3 pointer angel and
10:51 pm
stanford. they win 74 to 60 the game for the cardinal. they are now 3, 1, on season. all righty. some baseball news. great news for giants. brandon belt will be back next year after he sign an 18.0. 4 million dollars qualifying offer the 33 year-old first baseman hit a career-high 29 home runs last season helping the giants to a franchise record, a 107 wins. he missed the postseason, though, with a fractured thumb after being hit by a pitch late in september. well, that you took one took on the mantle. i'm sorry of an official team kept him, which quickly became a source of humor in the giants clubhouse with bell and teammates periodically. donning a captain's hat. baseball's award season continues today. the cy young for each league was announced in the national league. the choice for best picture was
10:52 pm
the brewers corbin burnes just adds at edged out the philadelphia philly zack wheeler, who was once a giant farmhand. >> burns was 11 in 5 with an mlb low. 2.4, 3 he set a major league record by beginning the season with 58 strikeouts without a walk and tied a record by striking out 10 straight batters in a game against the cubs max scherzer finished 3rd to 2 in the american league, the cy young pick was the blue jays robbie ray who was 13 7 with a 2.8, 4 e r a he is the first blue jay to win the award since the late roy halladay took home the honors in 2003 recipes, roy rays currently a free agent and he will most certainly break the bank. this offseason, the giants. garret offseason, the giants. garret cole finished second. al welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill.
10:53 pm
people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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>> olympic gold medalist kristi yamaguchi celebrating the 25th anniversary of her foundation. >> by opening a holidayhice rink in san ramon that event kicked off today at the city center. bishop ranch made an apparent. she says she hopes the event will inspire underserved children. >> it was really all about embracing the hopes and dreams of take underserved children. you know, i had a lot of support and opportunity to go
10:56 pm
after my dreams. and i just really wanted to do the same for other kids out there. >> we have details on the ice rink hours. the ticket prices on kron 4 dot com. and you can watch free if you want. you don't need a ticket to do that. organizers say early arrival as recommended. >> well, it's not cold enough to freeze anything yet. so you're here with the story on what's going on? yeah. a little cool around the bay area, though, tonight, little bite in the air outside tonight. so if you're stepping outside, you want to go that meteor shower grab a jacket. the temperatures in the 40's low 50's around the bay area now you've got some partly cloudy skies out there. a few high clouds up above right now but more clouds on the way tomorrow. it's going to be a whole lot cooler plan on cloudy skies in the san francisco temperatures. there in the 50's tomorrow about 57 in daly city 59 in half moon bay even inside the bay. those numbers staying rather cool. and it's going to be that way all day long. those clouds. really the thinking up throughout the day tomorrow. 63 in woodside the south bay may be the warmest part of the bay area tomorrow on called a
10:57 pm
mild but only mid 60's there. that's compared to temperatures up in the 60's and 70's. we've had this past week. so numbers really coming down across the board and then i think as we head toward the north bay things really begin to change by tomorrow afternoon. not only cool but maybe a few scattered showers begin to move in late in the afternoon. so be prepared. things going to be a little bit unsettled here as we head in the next couple days. more showers on the way on friday, saturday and sunday return to some dry weather. lawrence on thanks very much. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow night. have a good night.
10:58 pm
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