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tv   KRON 4 News at 630pm  KRON  November 17, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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leading infectious disease expert is urging family members and friends to enjoy getting together. but to do so with the threat of covid in mind. craig. treadway has more on just what's dot doctor anthony fauci suggests with 200 million americans vaccinated against covid. >> doctor anthony fauci says families should have a happy holiday if you get vaccinated and your family is vaccinated. you can feel good about enjoying a typical thanksgiving. >> christmas with your family and close friends. but he also advises some caution. there are roughly 60 million unvaccinated americans. according to the cdc. >> and new covid cases stand at about 70,000 per day. a new monmouth university poll shows 2 thirds of americans are planning a prepandemic styled thanksgiving this year with 64%. not inviting guests who have not been vaccinated against covid-19. 27% say they
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won't require it. i'd say the safest thing. >> in terms of gathering for the holidays is to make sure that you're around people who are vaccinated doctor adam berman of long island jewish medical center says. >> it is the time of year to think about your family and friends and it's celebrating the holiday with the gift of your president, your first gift should the vaccination. >> we've seen how incredibly safe and effective it is. and there are still people who who don't want to get vaccinated and that is absolutely their personal choice, but they are absolutely putting themselves and their family and friends at risk by not getting vaccinated. >> that was craig treadway reporting for us tonight. health officials point out that even with covid deaths down, the united states is still averaging a 1000 deaths to covid every day and they still insist that vaccination is the best tool to fight and beat the virus.
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>> in national news. one of the most recognizable faces from the january 6 insurrection has been sentenced to more than 3 years in prison. jacob chansley also known as the qanon shaman will spend the next 41 months behind bars. the justice department had requested a harsh sentence in order to set an example to other january. 6 rioters pictures and video of chansley at the capitol went viral because of that face paint. the head dress and the fact he led others through the capital shouting into a bullhorn. the house of representatives voted today to center republican congressman paul goes. i d arizona rep tweeted a photo shopped anime video showing him appearing to kill new york congresswoman alexandria because cortez with a sort. those are argued it was not dangerous or threatening, the congresswoman criticized republican leader kevin mccarthy for failing to condemn that post goes. i has
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since been removed from his 2 committee posts. kyle rittenhouse's attorneys asked a judge today to declare a mistrial before the jury reaches a decision. >> say the defense received an inferior copy of a key video from prosecutors. the defense told the judge that they would have approached things differently if they had received the higher quality video earlier they say the request would be made, quote, without prejudice. meaning prosecutors could try rittenhouse again if the judge were to grant the request prosecutors countered that the jury saw the highest quality version of the video during the trial and it was played without objection. the judge did not immediately rule on the mistrial request. the jury deliberated a second full day without receipts reaching a verdict and will return in the morning. rapper travis scott and organizers of the astroworld music festival in houston have been hit with a 750 million dollar lawsuit. it was filed on behalf of more than a 125 attendees or their
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families. it claims scott and live nation were negligent in their planning of the concert. the suit also calls the decision offer refunds a transparent and grotesque effort of the defendants to limit their liability. 10 people died. hundreds of others were injured. lawmakers in the case say they'll file another lawsuit in the next several days on behalf of a 100 additional people. scott has not commented on these lawsuits or the dozens of others filed against him. look to the sky tomorrow night for celestial spectacle. the longest partial lunar eclipse nearly. >> 600 years will be happening. thursday night into friday morning. it will be seen across the nation depending on weather here in the west or will start just after 11:00pm. it will reach full eclipse about 01:00am friday, but i guess the question is will we be able to see it and lawrence, do you have an short answer probably not
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>> i know they're going to be a lot of clouds coming in as we've got storm system off the coastline. but i don't want to disappoint you. we've got something going on in the heavens tonight. you might want to go outside and check out before those clouds start to move in tonight. got a meteor shower. the old coming to town. if you want to get out there and enjoy the side. maybe you're going to just a light shower effect is going to see maybe 10 to 15 meteors. the forecast for this year's leonid meteor shower going one look toward the east at about midnight. that's we're going to be our best chance to be a lookout. that's probably a good time. still, you're going to be dealing with a couple of clouds begin to move in. and i think by late tonight skies will be mostly cloudy. so get outside and check it out. if you can a need site. maybe you can see cup meteors out there as well. we've been tracking the fog here over the last couple days. we've seen some very dense fog into the central valley and that has been a major problem down like 99 and 5 as you good travel those areas. you can see that dense fog right in the central valley. so very dangerous. late night. you can see that
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again for tonight. and then the storm system off the coast line. that's going start to creep a little bit closer. that's going bring some more clouds tonight and as it moves in on forcing a cloud up our skies to be mostly cloudy by tomorrow night. that's why not going to able to the heavens out for tomorrow night. but yeah, we're looking good out there. now you've got to just some high clouds drifting on through rainfall expected to be moving in, though, as we head through the day tomorrow as we get toward the evening hours at least in the north bay temperatures going to be a whole lot cooler, though. these numbers going to be weighed down plan 60's inside the bay. maybe some mid 60's warmer spots in the south and that's about as warm as it's going to get these temperatures staying well below the average for this time of year. that cooler than normal. in fact, grab the jacket is going to be cool out there. a slight chance of showers in the north bay with some showers in the afternoon. guys, back to you. >> still ahead, a vacation rental nightmare. the warning from one property owner after he lost thousands of dollars in sports. the captain is back. brandon belt returning to the giants instead of
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pursuing free agency, worst director jason dumas has the details coming up. but first, apple says its users will soon be able to fix their bone iphones. do it themselves details when we come back. for
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your money tonight. apple has announced it will begin allowing customers to repair their own iphones. they will be able to use apple's new. >> self-service repair
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program. it will offer instructions or will sell parts and tools until now when an apple product required repair. it was recommended only be serviced by a trained technician. there were a warranty questions. the service will be available early next year. new at 6, a property owner says he was scammed by a renter. >> using the popular hosting site vrbo river, bo, he says a runner status home and once he left, he disputed the credit card charge giving him a free stay and leaving the homeowner out thousands of dollars kacey montoya has more on his warning to homeowners who also use that rental site. >> for them to treat us like this. allow us to get scammed. for sister enter places for free. is it's it's unacceptable. is wrong. he has been renting out his brentwood condo for 5 years using vacation rental site the 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom corner. penthouse unit has primarily been occupied by long-term
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renters. >> but over the summer of 2020. he rented it to someone who wanted to stay for 2 and a half months for $13,000 since he meets his tenants in person to check the men. he met the guest. i got a little bit of a strange drive. they were sort of vague on their plans. >> and made a lot of unnecessary demands. he says within a few weeks, the renter checked out 2 months early with no explanation and demanded a full refund. i did offer a partial refund, which i wasn't obligated to do this right. he issued a refund of $6600 voluntarily. but the renters still trying to get the entire amount back. and although their first attempt at a credit card charge back was denied in november. he says he was shocked to suddenly see more than $6500 taken out of his bank account. he turned around and did double charge back on his credit card. >> and did not defend the state did not defend their own or host a double charge back as when a customer manipulates
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the chargeback process and gets re funded twice for the same transaction is wrong. he says when he reached out to for assistance. he hit a brick wall. >> his calls were routed to customer service agents working overseas. he was only able to attempt to resolve the issue by email when they didn't defend the charge back. >> they just said there's nothing we can do. that's our policy. it's out of our control and you couldn't escalate it. you couldn't to peel it. you could actually even talk to anybody. they're very strong cancellation early departure policies. their stated all over the web site. their stated all over the listing. and before they book. they have to acknowledge what those policies are and agree to that and they still were able to get out of it is wrong. he says he's been trying to get his money back for nearly a year and wants to warn other homeowners using the site. >> they're one rental away from becoming a victim. i will read with them ever again. i pulled my listings for their side. >> that was kacey montoya
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but, together, we got this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> state and federal leaders say they're taking action to keep goods moving through california ports amid global supply chain issues. >> this comes as governor
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gavin newsom visited the port of los angeles and long beach this afternoon crawford's ashley zavala sas more on the new changes at the ports. this is job dropping without pressing governor gavin newsome visiting the port of los angeles wednesday as containers and idle ships continue to clog southern california ports. newsom announced wednesday. the state will issue temporary permits to allow trucks to carry more cargo. while that might. >> not pose an immediate relief on the retail front. it will have a substantial benefit on industrial and manufacturing cargo containers that will make their way into the ports of long beach and la the governor said his administration is still working on identifying property to temporarily store containers. he's also directed the department of motor vehicles to extend hours at some locations to process more commercial driver's licenses. it's all part of an effort to cut down on the number of stacked containers behind him. the visual you see here ships anchor. >> is indicative of a larger lack of investment that we've made as a nation. john pri
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party is the port envoy for the biden administration. he noted the federal infrastructure bill. the president recently signed dedicate 17 billion dollars to revamping ports across the country. governor newsom said the state will be aggressive in getting its fair share of the money meanwhile, california is projected to see yet another historic 31 billion dollars. state budget surplus. governor, nice and promising to allocate big money for what has become a big problem. we are going to substantially increase. >> a one-time investments in infrastructure. and that's one preview you can count at the state capitol. ashley zavala kron 4 news. all right. now to our 4 zone forecast as we have that beautiful live look over downtown san francisco. yeah, sure is bright out there. it seems later than it is that's because the time change still trying to get used to that sunset. the sun setting right around 5 o'clock. >> in the afternoon. so dark out there now on are getting ready need night tonight. you got a chance to see those meteor showers out there tonight and the clouds going kind of fill in overnight
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tonight by tomorrow morning. i think we're mostly cloudy all around the bay area, the weather is really going to change temperatures outside right now we've got some 50's and some 60's was a really nice day today. some of these numbers getting close to 70 degrees for highs but already starting to see the effects now that on shore breeze starting to kick in. well, there you go. this is going to change the weather pattern, those clouds off the coastline. going to get a little bit closer role on shore by tomorrow. so mostly cloudy skies around the bay area tomorrow. that means the temperatures are going to take a big dip. maybe as much as 10 degrees cooler by tomorrow afternoon, highs by tomorrow. one set of 70's inland are inside the bay. maybe mid 60's, the warmest parts of santa clara valley about 62 degrees in little more 62 in concord. only 59 in below 59 into oakland in the 50's. you approach the coastline but looks like it's going stay cloudy all day long and then as we get toward the evening hours, even a chance of a couple light sprinkles or light showers least in the north bay and then overnight
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tomorrow night as we head into friday looks like a better chance of showers showers in the morning on friday, tapering off late in the day. i think as we get into saturday may be some lingering clouds. and because some of the precipitation we might see a little of that dance to fog in the morning hours. but should dry out over the weekend and then next week is the holiday week right now. looks like it will be mostly dry, although partly cloudy skies on monday and tuesday and possibly into wednesday of next week. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> the niners got its biggest win of the season on monday night and one of their beat best is being recognized thibault samuel has been named nfc offensive player of the week. he had a 133 all-purpose yards and 2 touchdowns. there's one of them like the dance on the what he's doing there. samuels is in the midst of a career year. he second in the nfl in receiving yards behind cooper kupp. meanwhile, the team was back at work today prepping for the jaguars on sunday. the team has some
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momentum now. but they also did when they beat the bears and we know what happened. the following week. >> when you watch the tape will see as we've seen today, this morning that they're a good team. they're going a lot better. i don't think that people let down after something like that. but you got to realize emotions that go into monday night game is a little bit bigger where we're coming from. without that we played before that. so emotions are high and you got to watch for that stuff. your emotions can be i every single day. that means we got to practice accordingly every single day to make sure they're ready to go ontsunday. >> great news for the giants. brandon belt will be back next year after he signed an 8.4 million dollars qualifying offer today. the 33 year-old first baseman hit a career-high 29 home runs last season helping the giants to a franchise record, 107 wins. what a fun year was. he didn't miss the postseason with a fractured thumb after he was hit by a pitch in late september bell took the mantle
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of an official team captain which quickly became a source of humor and the giants clubhouse with bell and his teammates periodically dining captain's hat. baseball's award season continues today. the cy for each league was announced in the national league. the choice for best picture with brewers corbin burnes who just edged out the philadelphia phillies zack wheeler, who was once a giant farmhand burns was 11 5 with an mlb low. 2.4, 3 he set a major league record by beginning the season with 58 strikeouts without a walk and he tied a record by striking out 10 straight batters in a game against the chicago cubs max finish 3rd in the american league cy young pick with the blue jays robbie ray. he was 13 7 with a 2.8 40 he is the first blue jay to win this award since the late roy halladay took home the honors
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in 2003. may he rest in peace. ray is currently a free agent. most certainly break the bank. this offseason the yankees. garret cole finish second in the voting. a lot of baseball were given out today. but yeah, great news. brandon belt. he's coming back. he is one of the leaders in that clubhouse and they'll need a couple leaders because buster posey is leaving, obviously, but you know, everyone loves him in this town and in that clubhouse yeah, absolutely. exciting stuff. thank you, jason. thank you, jason. >> coming up, the to bare bay area cities being described as among america's most fun among america's most fun places to live. when a truck hit my car, among america's most fun places to live. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes.
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my $5.99 cheddar loaded cheeseburger features a jumbo patty and cheddar 3 ways: with a slice of cheddar cheese... and cheddar ranch... all between a cheddar bun. yeah, it's loaded, but you know what they say: the more cheddar, the better.
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>> a lucky break for a little dog in san mateo county firefighters rescued the 9 months old border collie popped after it fell off a cliff. it moss beach. the pup was unhurt but needed some help to get back up the. firefighters say this serves as a reminder to keep your dogs on leash near cliffs. that's kind of a common issue around here. meanwhile, 2 cities in the bay area are among america's most fun places to live. that's according to us news and world report. this list of 30 metro areas include san francisco and santa rosa. >> trip advisor highlights a few of san francisco's best attractions and putting alcatraz oracle park, the california academy of sciences coit tower neighborhoods like the castro and chinatown santa
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rosa might get overshadowed by napa wineries, but it's considered a great way to enjoy wine country at a lower price trip advisor also mention safari west in santa rosa and the charles shops museum. other california cities on that list include san diego, los angeles sacramento and for snow. you know, i lived in fresno for a couple years. was that fun? it was okay. haha. it was it was a i give it a c plus i wouldn't. admittedly not have necessarily thought about is the most fun place. you know, it's really close to yosemite and sequoia national parks street. that is fun and their son has a fantastic there's some good stuff about i'm not going present its a fun town and fresno state sports are amazing. >> you just give us some good reasons to go visit. i will get my check from the visit fresno organization shortly. if you're watching us on the app. you can see us on kron on and stay informed because that's coming up at 7 o'clock.
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we're going to see you at 8 o'clock. and we hope you join us then. thank you for joining us now. have a good night. why hide your skin if dupixent
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: message from brittany. >> i'm a very strong woman. >> and while she soon be telling all to oprah winfrey? >> is she going to make it happen? happen? >> announcer: then, the rifleman outside the rittenhouse trial. >> this is the potentially incendiary stuff that has been happening in front of the courthouse. >> announcer: and the store whose business went up in flames. >> burning down our town is not the answer. >> announcer: and brace yourself. >> travelers making their thanksgiving but it still might get away a week early to beat the crowds. >> announcer: plus, was this vegas concert a petri dish for covid?


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