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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  November 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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>> i'm from san francisco. i was born and raised here and i still live here. i see the homeless problem in this city every day. and now you're going to see it too. stop with this cell phone. i'm giving you an up close look inside the crisis. well, i try to find out why it doesn't seem to be getting much better. >> we don't have to walk far in san francisco to see it. people passed out on the pavement. tense and garbage taking over the sidewalk. certain streets jammed with rundown arby's. even though i grew up in the city. there are places i don't feel safe getting out of the car to show you. this is recent video from larkin street in the tenderloin sense of lawlessness just steps away from the federal courthouse. >> and while the problem with homelessness and drug use is not on every corner. >> you can easily escape while
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walking on the and began shooting up right in front of me. if you live or work here, the attitudes towards homeless people their there's compassion. there is acceptance. some are just fed up. i don't really know the best way to handle it. but what i what i want to see is people who are violent and aggressive off the street. >> and while it's easy to blame horrific street scenes on the homeless and learning. it's a lot more complicated. that's because i'm not just shooting video. also taking the time to listen reporter with channel 4 is some say they were forced out. >> others on the properties of we have to get out. >> some can't seem to find a way out. are you trying to get any services. i tried. but they really want help me need some tell me they just want to stay put. >> both of those those digging a hole that are usually pull up active tweeters tracks and a bunch of other people. and i don't like if your tattoos like railroad. i think some say they're just passing through for the past 2 years
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free trade riding. >> so now what we've all seen the headlines that changes coming 12 billion dollars to support homeless. a new program after new program. is any of it. a real reason for hope. it's time to find out in the coming months kron 4 will be taking you inside the crisis in san francisco getting answers from city leaders looking into the programs meant to help. figure out what's actually working on the streets. but i can't do it alone. that's why we started to tip line. if there's something i need to see or know to help understand this crisis email me on the streets kron 4 dot com. maybe by looking at the problem from a rspective together we can make a difference. reporting on the morning. kelly kron 4 news. our first investigation. it broadcast tonight at 10:00pm kron four's maureen kelly. >> takes us inside youth homelessness and tries to find
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out why not? everybody is getting the help that they need in san francisco. switch gears. now. >> get a check on the forecast a little rain storm going to touch parts of the bay area. this is a live shot here. but the golden gate bridge dry after a nice fall day. yeah. beautiful a twilight. it's kind of one of my favorite times of of of the night. >> for meteorologists lawrence karnow joins with a look ahead. yeah, guys. temperatures today up in the 60's and the 70's tomorrow, you're likely going to need your jacket. >> and may want to keep that umbrella close to as we've got a big change in the weather pattern coming our way, not going to be a huge storm like we have those atmospheric river events a little bit earlier in the season. but a gorgeous look outside right some partly cloudy skies. and you can see the storm there lurking on the horizon that is going to start to press toward the bay area overnight tonight. and i think by the time we wake up tomorrow morning. we're going to see mostly cloudy skies clouds going to be on and off
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throughout the day. and that means the temperatures are going to be way down. so that being said, right now, it remains dry out there. this time. i think he's going to change by this time tomorrow evening. we may begin to see a couple pop-up showers. specially in the north bay. but yeah, here we go. we're going to see storm system work its way toward the california coastline. but tomorrow morning doesn't look too bad by the middle of day you start to see those showers entering northern california. that sliding into the bay area. but again, light amounts of rain expected with this system. but looks like it will get things a little bit wet outside through friday, maybe even friday afternoon before the thing moves out of town. rain amounts yeah. i'm not expecting much and not going to see much either. in fact, as we head thursday, you can see not much there that as we get overnight on thursday, into friday. that's when we expect the system to come through. maybe a 10th of an inch of rain and the wettest parts of the bay area and that is about it. but noticeably cooler outside even tomorrow going to stay. mostly dry, a slight chance showers late in the day in the evening, temperatures going to only be in the 50's and the 60's and
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looking out over the next few days. certainly feeling. seasons. we're going to see some much cooler weather as we head in toward the weekend dry as we look on saturday and sunday. all right, lawrence. a social media drug deals, believe it or not, are taking the place of the dark web where apparently they were. >> happening. so it also makes it easier than ever for anyone, including teens and young kids. police say popular social media sites instagram tiktok and the like are now just breeding grounds for some drug dealers and the transactions can lead to tragedy. kareen wynter goes inside this epidemic. >> from eye-catching selfies to viral videos. social media can be the ultimate machine. but it's a hidden side of these popular platforms like snapchat to talk facebook and instagram. that's capturing bigger headlines. you're truly put your life in your own hands. we called won a growing number of criminals are infiltrating the site.
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securing online drug deals with just the top of the dm, the main target young teens who law enforcement officials say being there by pharmaceutical grade drugs like xanax oxycodone or after all, but end up getting something far more lethal. >> counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl a powerful synthetic opioid. that's up to 100 times stronger than morphine. lieutenant john key with the la county sheriff's department's narcotics bureau davis rare and exclusive access to their property and evidence room. a lot of this is that counterfeit bills, including fentanyl, tremendous amount of narcotics is being seize on a yearly basis with los angeles county. we also went inside their narcotics crime lab where forensic scientists have seen a significant spike in drug seizures. containing fentanyl. it's no longer the guy on the corner selling the drugs. now they got to the social media sites in the online platforms because they have that anonymity. officials say these fake pills are packaged to look like the real thing from the size and color down to the shape and that it's this deception that's triggering so
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many fatal fentanyl overdoses. it's only going to get worse before it gets better. chapman 16 year-old son sammy whose mother is celebrity tv host doctor laura berman died from an accidental fentanyl overdose in february after purchasing what he thought were prescription meds that were delivered right was home easily the worst day of my life. i >> and there chapman is now fighting for increased safety features on snapchat and other social media sites to help crack down on drug dealers his mission required platforms that have children on it to allow parent monitoring software in june. sammy's parents and dozens of other families who lost teens defend overdoses protested outside snapchat's offices in santa monica urging the company to do more to protect its young online you can jam and says they left that day with no answers. so we decided to visit the headquarters ourselves and were immediately
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greeted by snap security. we waited. but no one would speak with us on camera. why? why would the company want to >> go on record with ways to make their where we were then forced off the property. a spokesperson for snapchat told ktla in an emailed statement. they're working on new initiatives and in-app tools to help educate snap cheddar's on the dangers of fentanyl. >> they say they're committed to working with law enforcement on their cases are also making significant operational improvements to eradicate drug dealers from their platform. chapman who said snapchat ceo evan spiegel called him to offer condolences right after his son's death wants action. not apologies. there's going to be a scar on us so he doesn't start doing something about all the children who are dying on his chapman and his wife laura released this psa hoping to spread awareness on the dangers lurking online. we may have lost that we haven't lost our fire to protect kids against the stage ers. they say especially with social media becoming premier digital playground for young adults.
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>> we're just g or hashtag away from a potentially deadly encounter. kareen wynter, we'll send it back to the studio. >> all right. kareen still to come, the disappointing whether conservation numbers so far statewide and the ongoing push for californians everywhere to step up their efforts.
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>> new data shows that in the midst of the current drought emergency. the state is in
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well, most californians apparently are not cutting back on water use, at least not enough last summer over the summer governor newsom asked californians to cut water use by 15%. but according to new data from local water agencies since the governor made this request water use has only fallen by 3.6% statewide, local water officials say that is largely because water saving measures put in place during previous drought. sir. still in effect that makes it harder to get further reductions in water use right now. 80 1% of the state is classified as being in either extreme or exceptional drought. it's worth noting the bay area and northern california have conserved far more water this year. that have southern californians and folks in the central valley. >> still ahead, how the pandemic is impacting how many children are getting other important vaccines like for the measles.
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hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. tension builds... the plot twist the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> for your health tonight. there are still a lot of questions about how we should be living with covid in vaccinating those younger kids and the pandemic has also led to some children actually missing out on some of their more basic health care needs. let's try to help us answer some of these questions and more. >> we are joined live by doctor monica gandhi, an infectious diseases expert at ucsf. doctor gandhi, welcome opback. thank you for your time as always. have you seen any compelling data that suggests
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it's beneficial for parents to wait maybe longer than the recommended 3 weeks to give their 5 to 11 year-old a second dose. >> yes, there are actually pieces of data that have really come this week. we should wait 6 to 8 weeks between doses. one is even a lot. some people wait longer. you can get better and the bodies also better t lell responses. those are long lasting responses. we want kids to have second is data from china that showed us that if you give 3 weeks between doses. there's 82% effectiveness for the pfizer. 92% effective way 8 weeks and you want affect us and then there is that there's more cases of the mild heart inflammation. my in israel 3 weeks for strictly any candidate with 8 weeks to 4 times higher so i personally, if i sing and waiting for my own child for. 68 weeks between doses.
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>> and you have of so you have an 11 year-old so that that falls into that category i have the kids who just turned 5, 7, got their first doses yesterday. so you know, way these pd attentions are saying come back in 3 weeks. but you're saying you should push to extended and really that is your choice as a parent. >> yes, and i was watching you parent. that's that's a really good way to put it i believe time he setting magazine time with each mission where we laid out all the from meant a long speech saying sometimes, but the cdc safety does the policy to hospital companies that there's such reasons not for me to it takes to parents that huge should what would you tell parents who are nervous about giving their children their their first vaccine. it is true that this is a new vaccine and not heels heart and some parents want to wait and wait for safety data. i will say that a really small
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doses. 10 micrograms as compared to the 3. my best to give the totals for the 5 to 11 year-old. i feel really safe with that. those personally as a parent it also in the 2000, 2060 children study next. you know, safety with mild tonight is for anything and again, i think safety can be a better with longer spacing. and i understand that some people parents want to wait that there have been deaths from covid-19 in this country which i absolutely it's much less their child is much less at risk than adults that any death is from a preventable this and not suit. so you think the risk is worth it. obviously the vaccine for kids is a bit of a risk, but obviously covid for kids is. >> you think much more of a risk. and that is why you're telling parents to get their kids vaccinated. now what to what sort of metric or what percentage of kids in a given classroom need to be vaccinated in elementary schools for them to be able to safely remove masks.
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>> well, i think that's a great question. and you know, a great public officials are making all of this up as they go along with the 1918 was the last we had anm and there are many questions that just he's been away shuns impeach fast. so we have to just remember that like to start to come up with something. and understandable that parents and say that's when your kids that moved past because nation's, if you want to motivate vaccinations telling so that they cannot 2000 people in that chase are all together. gives his verdict as adults are it relatively normal life. so i would say 12 weeks up to be little bit with 5 to 11 o clock. see tie it to a specific percentage that the bill will be so that every parent will say you. get their child vaccinated and then it would be nice option. now that's motivation were really short on time. bet i do want to address the fact that, you know. >> lot of kids are falling behind in some of their other
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vaccinations like like for measles. are we going to see now. you measles making comeback. i just am very concerned about this. the cdc reported and so did who that there's massive reduction, measles vaccines to millions not completing get their second dose we are very worried about. >> loss of control of measles. and that's the risk of any moment we have to now start concentrating other infectious diseases as we into the city with covid-19. >> all right. doctor monica gandhi, unfortunately, we're out of time. we appreciate yours. no doubt an infectious diseases expert at ucsf. have a good night. thank you, doctor. >> i let's get another check of your 4 zone forecast tonight taking a live look outside from our camera on top of mount tam totally dark. here we are 5.50. that's the way it goes. looking at a little storm rolling it. yeah. a little storm coming our way. and of course is still see some of that fog. you know, people traveling in the central valley. get that. >> thick fog this time of year that to that ground fog. you
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see it right up. the central valley there traveling down a fiver 99 that makes a big issue especially late at night, early mornings probably going to be turning against night, although not as thick as it's been and then we start to worry about the rain coming in and that love to get some raindrops. that's going to reinforce some of that fog with that moisture on the ground that storm system off the coastline. not a huge storm but likely to bring a little bit. wet as we head toward tomorrow evening. most of the day tomorrow. lot of clouds moving across the skies. noticeably cooler. you want to keep your jacket with you. those numbers in the 50's. maybe some low 60's around the bay area. and that's really about it is going to stay cooler than it has in quite some time. so plan on those numbers being way down about 61 in dublin. 62 degrees and hayward about 62 in walnut creek 59 in richmond. keeping you cool and again, see the model's picking up on some showers in the certainly a possibility. i think late in the day tomorrow chance some showers there and then we'll get to the rainfall mainly overnight tomorrow night into friday morning. that will continue into the afternoon drying out for the
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weekend and then looks like we stay dry into the holidays. high pressure looks like it will build back in. but still some clouds going to be rolling across our skies but looks like drier weather on the way for the holiday. all after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised.
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question with only one answer who you gonna call ghostbusters right. that's the line and the original ghostbusters know you've got bill murray, dan ackroyd. it.
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and they have reunited now on the red carpet and they're talking to entertainment tonight. >> about returning to the franchise. kevin frazier joins us now to tell us all a break in g legends are back for ghostbusters afterlife in theaters friday. but he seemed a little distracted by their new costars. fancy new title. >> sexiest man alive is in this movie. and i just wanted to know what you all think of don't coming well he missed it. barely miss it this year. but this is next. year. this is sexiest man alive. i was a 103rd on that why didn't make the list. where's your lovely wife tonight. and what did she think of the sma title. she laughs. she she was just she was as shocked as i was sexiest man alive sure. but ghost busting nerdy scientist alongside these legends. that's the title paul's most excited about. it's impossible, not to go. oh, my
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god. how did i land here. still can't believe it's kind of real but missing from the original lineup. the lake how brain miss. but he still very much a part of ghostbusters afterlife. >> then will part and mckenna grace play his grandchildren who discovered his ghost busting understate. how proud are you guys of this new young crew. they were good and we i didn't pretty good. hey, make sure you tune in to e t tonight because we're in new york with the house of gucci cast housley got a feel about britney spears newfound freedom. hear what she just told us for entertainment tonight i'm kevin frazier. it's a lot of haven't funding bill murray is the best he can watch entertainment tonight right here on kron. 4 at 7.30. >> that wraps up kron 4 news at 5. but we have a lot more ahead on kron 4 news at 6. catherine heenan ken wayne here with all we want to know. thank you, vicki grant. here's what we're working on for 6, swarm of earthquakes hitting the east bay people as far away as.
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>> san francisco reported feeling the shaking even here in the kron 4 and studios were alive in danville as the shaking continued into the night. we are approaching thanksgiving and travel is expected to look a lot more like it did before. the pandemic. >> we're going to take a look at how crowded the airports are expected to be ahead of your next flight. i'm ken
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>> from the bay area's news
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station. you're watching kron 4 news at 6. >> now it's 6 various still shaking a little bit after a 3.9 magnitude earthquake in san ramon late this morning that was followed by a series of aftershocks. the latest happened just about 2 hours ago. good evening. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine for pam moore. so far we have felt for significant aftershocks and there's been at least a dozen more than a dozen in all, all of them centered near san ramon and danville. take a look at the first quake hit at 1143 this morning. it was a 3.9 3 minutes later an aftershock of 2.6 at 1158 another one this time of 3 point. oh, and the latest for a one was a 2.8 kron four's. dan thorn has been in denville still shaken.


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