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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 17, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and it's 08:00am. and you know what time flies does. john just said what its 8 already. i've got another worked up for you. time flies when you're work, you feel this when you're in a float, when you're working with people you like and you're focused on what you're doing and you will find the time flies. and so it has. so there you go. yeah. and that's why john was like i can't believe it's already a car. it is. and it looks fantastic outside. john, thanks for so joy only we could do 7 or 8 hours to well, it is going to be a really nice day to venture outside. just do so with your jacket on because. >> it is definitely colder than it was yesterday morning. but colder in clear looking outside this morning at coit tower. that's for you, daryn. we do have some nice sunshine out there and i know this is our east put our and clapping for the sunshine, too, because
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it did not look like that yesterday. it is still a foggy morning towards the inland valleys. but most of us have definitely cleared out. do be wary of a couple of spots of fog for those inland areas, though current temperatures are mostly in the 40's and 50's with berkeley at 56 san francisco. 51 and some 40's up in the north bay and further inland. that's a look at your forecast. is it going to be an easy commute out there for drivers. tell us a lot going on, especially in the richmond area. so eastbound 5.80, west of street. >> you've got an accident there. then you have delays just from an uptick in traffic along 5, 1880. you also have fog along the richmond center fell commute. so because of that, look at drive time slowly sluggishly making your way across towards sandra fell a little under 17 minutes. now the bay bridge. you're also seeing an uptick and drive times here a little under 27 minutes. we had a couple of hazards happened on the bridge and some early morning fog. the san mateo bridge. also pretty slow. a little under 30 minutes for your drives and traveling across towards the
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peninsula because it's slowing along one. oh, one and an leave you with this along 8.80 southbound marina boulevard in san leandro darya james, back to you. thank you, all right. so let's update you on some breaking news this morning. the lecture strike. >> that was supposed to happen that you well, all uc schools across the state has actually been averted called off. i will tran covering that live this morning. dressed appropriately looking dapper. i think the kids say. >> on fleet today or i don't know what the looking good. well. >> now they're saying i look at be age, believe me for sending me on a story he like an i mean, i got shoes older. >> then these kids and speaking of psu's their shoes. >> are going to have them walk to class crisis averted. at uc berkeley and in the uc system, which is why you see the students right behind me. >> heading to class because we found out right before 6 o'clock in the morning that
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that the union representing the lectures about 6500 of them and the uc system. they have reached a deal that allows the lecturers to get what they want of. obviously it's always give and take when you negotiating. but they have job security. they also get a pay raise and something that was very important to them paid family leave. there were actually looking for 8 weeks with 100% pay. they met in the middle at for weeks and that allows anybody with a newborn child or an ailing family member to take 4 weeks off, not worry about their finances. in the meantime to take care of their personal matters obviously caught in the middle of all this where the students here's sofia and angie sophie, all start with you. your thought about having classes available. you're okay with that? yeah. i'm not sure how they have are you preparing for not having classes at all.
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>> yeah. they sent an email and they were unsure if teachers are going to be classes. but i was preparing myself to go to class. >> and you say you've got e-mail saying the same thing, right. like i like shes got canceled and i had made plans to work on group projects during those times. kids. i don't really know. but i'm going to do now because it's kind of a brat that they changed it a sudden it you are planning on using the 2 days off to catch up on studies. yeah. i have a mid term next week. and it it's really stressful. trying to get all my work done before the break. and i know she wants to go into pharmacies that we don't want her to miss a day because. as we get older, i will need those drugs are my bad back and other ailments that we need to in class and i know she'll work with so and to work with kids. and that's great. they can go to class. thank you so much for that. it is not over, though, because crisis averted this week. but next week the union will get together and they will try to ratify or not. but so we could be back here next week. but the bottom line is don't be
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late to class because some professors i know they don't do it in college, but you never know. they might even take attendance. >> all right. thanks a lot. it was nice to have those students share their stress is with us. thank you. well. >> 8, '04, is the time in related news happening today. we have hundreds of employees for the hayward unified school district planning to rally and protest. the district's plan to close schools last month's. you'll recall we told you about the district's announcement to close 8 schools in order to fix a budget shortfall. well, teachers and community members are asking that the district put that plan on hold for now until they look at all other possibilities. they also want to make sure that there's a plan to help those very students who are going to be forced to change schools. so today's rally is set to begin at 4 o'clock in the afternoon at birch hill park and then the protesters will march to the district offices to make sure that their voices are heard. also happening today, san mateo county workers are going to be hitting the picket lines today over wages. the protest will include some health care professionals and social workers engineers as
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well. they say they've been without a contract for 2 months now. and the latest offer of giving them a one percent increase in pay is just insulting. the strike is set to last all day. not clear if county services will be impacted. but we'll let you know if they are. >> got more jewelry heist to tell you about. in this case, $250,000 jewelry was stolen from a chinatown, a story. you can see that shot that it happened at yesterday morning. longbow jewelers near sacramento and grant damage display cases. locks, broken. the thieves were in and out in less than 3 minutes. the united peace collaborators, which is a group that's been patrolling the area. asian neighborhoods says that as many as 4 chinatown jewelry shops were also targeted over the weekend. >> all owners are kind of scared. they don't know what hands of tight. they say people problem and there's no question. and come back. at the point where they're ready give up calls.
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>> and it's just a sad thing, especially for longbow jewelers because they were just months away from retiring after 40 years. and now this. and we're waiting to hear any more details about that, maybe they have some surveillance video and the police will release its so they can catch the criminals. fact, we have the hurveillance video we've been waiting for to show you the smash and grab that happened at the diamond store in concord. happened 2 days ago monday night 7 o'clock and there were people in the store and workers there and these 9 people came in and started smashing away with hammers. as you can see, they were in and out fast. apparently they threatened anybody who would he was even thinking about. intervening which thank goodness nobody did. nobody was hurt. but they got away with all the jewelry. >> well, let's turn our attention to san francisco where community led effort now is helping victims of smash-and-grab burglaries. try and get some of their stolen stuff back dozens of car break-ins happened daily and a lot of the stolen luggage and
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items often end up in the richmond district and now neighbors. they're using social media apps like nextdoor to post stolen items that they find one man says he's already helped 50 tourists get their things back in most recently he was able to help a group over the weekend. >> the least we can do is neighbors is, you know, help these poor tourists come here on their vacations and we robbed them the least we can do is is you know, we're walking down the street and this is happening in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods is at least you know, scoop up that you know, the sidewalks littered with with with stolen luggage and trying to figure out how to get back to him. >> yeah. in addition to next door, sometimes neighbors will use things like facebook or even twittered postal an item. so give those platforms to check if you're missing something. and one man is. the hospital to after shooting in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. this is video of the scene from the citizens app. it happened in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue. the victim went to the
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hospital. we're still waiting for an update on that person's condition this morning. >> and san mateo county. they're going to try to get guns off the streets by paying you to buy them back. they have $200,000 now for a buyback program and the money is going to pay for a series of events through the year 2023 people will get a $100 for each handgun or shotgun that they turn on and $200 for each assault rifle. the first buy-back event is december 11th. there's a crash in a taco bell parking lot that sent a mother and her daughter to the hospital happened last night was 0 in on the map. it's in the city of oakley and police say the mom for some reason was speeding through the parking lot and crashed into one of those protective post in front of taco bell. she and her toddler daughter suffered major injuries and had to be airlifted to the hospital. >> plans to create a buffer zone around the planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek have been put on hold for right now. so as we know,
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police have been called out their 42 times now too prevent protesters from harassing patients at that clinic. well, the wall creek city council was supposed to discuss creating this buffer zone or at least a proposal last night. but there were some technical difficulties with that zoom call and in the end they decided to cancel it for now. no word on when it will be rescheduled. but we'll let you know when we find out it is a 10. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news governor newsom is warning about a possible winter covid surge. we're going to take a look at how the state. >> is preparing for that possibility and a new housing assistance program in oakland. we'll tell you how to help stop evictions and prevent homelessness. and we're going to be pretty similar at the coast who are inland areas today with the time highs in both spots anywhere from the low to mid 60's. >> and some good sunshine to look for 2 this afternoon. i've got your forecast. >> and we have some slower pocket south the airline. some fog along the richmond sandra fell bridge. and we'll get a look at your busy drive times right now. once we get back from break.
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>> i know i'm just we can you just carry on live the mask, too. yeah, you did. i breakfast here. i mean, like to early in the morning. we were hoping your and of the new set with it. what better mirror? it gets worse and worse. it's not ok, john,
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let's cover her up when she cleans the weather look you know, it's a good day to be getting outside and getting some stuff done. if you are stepping outside these next few minutes. whatever it is you're doing. >> just make sure it is with the extra layer because although it looks really nice and clear. it is a little chillier than yesterday was temperatures are as much as 10 degrees. cooler. but at the same 0, 24 hours ago. so san jose got the sunshine up above you can see that a version that is set up shop. this inversion is going to keep some pollutants trap towards the surface. a lot of times this will happen this time of year helps our valley fog to form. but it also pollutants trapped with air quality takes a little bit of a hit. as for our current situation on radar skies are nice and clear high pressure building overhead is one of the reasons that we do have that inversion set up and why we do have some dense to leave fog for the central valley and a little bit of haze on the horizon right here in our own backyard. now conditions today will be partly cloudy at times. but for the most part you'll get a solid dose of sunshine tonight
8:15 am
into tomorrow. we stay dry now. tomorrow night into friday morning. we're still going for the most part be dry. but we do have the potential of a few scattered sprinkles drifting across the bay area. most likely for the north bay, but also a couple of light showers from time to time for the rest of the bay area. how much rain are we talking here. well, it's not a lot as much as a quarter of an inch in santa rosa mostly in the mountains above the north bay for the rest of us. nothing more than a sprinkle or 2. that's the best chance of rainfall. we really have between now and thanksgiving. so we're actually talking a pretty dry forecast ahead of us for the most part until at least after thanksgiving towards the latter part of the following weekend 60's for your highs today. it's a cooler one than yesterday, but not by alive. yesterday. we were upper 60's to low 70's as you see on the map today. it's mostly low 60's to mid 60's for highs here in the bay oakland at 65 for your high today. sonoma 64 degrees. well, a couple of upper 50's near the coastline. tomorrow's highs don't change much
8:16 am
compared to today will still get a good dose of sunshine tomorrow, but a little less than today. thursday night into friday morning is that best and only chance of any sort of shower activity dry into the weekend and into next week. reyna. don, thanks to that all right. with that some slower spots as you're traveling on this wednesday morning. >> crockett down towards the maze a little under 50 minutes for you to make that drive. and we have some reports of fog along the richmond sandra fell bridge and so drive times are at around 15 minutes as you're heading out of richmond, traveling from the east by into the city. a little under 19, get some earlier hazards that it started that process of slowing us down there in the south bay northbound. one wanted story road. you've got an accident there. so i am seeing delays along one. oh, one and other jason highways like to 80's. well heading across towards the peninsula. little under 30 minutes because it's so slow along one o one we its earlier stalled vehicles. and if you're traveling along 8, 80 look at that delay all to hayward fremont. so if you're heading from san leandro to 38 down to
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milpitas to 37 a little under 41 minutes. darya james, back to you. thank you. rated 16 and a national news congress is changing its focus. now it's on to the next big items in the ags, the infrastructure bill has passed. now they'll turn their sights on the national defense authorization act. >> or perhaps the president's social spending bill. there's a couple plates in the air. basil john is in dc with a look at the priorities. good morning, both the house and the senate are racing against the clock as there are still many legislative items to take care of before the end of the year. >> lawmakers move on to the next big items on their agenda, starting with the nda. a whole essence of our effort is to deter. countries from thinking that a military response would prevail in the face of the united states. >> rhode island democratic senator jack reed said there is plenty of bipartisan support for the defense bill. we're looking at. the dimensions of warfare expanding into space into
8:18 am
cyber senate democratic leader chuck schumer says republicans and democrats want to add a new manufacturing proposal to the nda. it will relieve our overburdened supply chains. >> including ensuring a steady, steady supply of domestic made semiconductor chip so vital to our economy. but some republicans like missouri senator roy blunt worry about the final price of the defense bill. we need to get realistic about what has to be in the bill and then we have to get realistic about the top line numbers and move forward. democrats have not forgotten about the president's social spending plan and say they will work to get the bill back better act passed. we aim to pass it before christmas. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell warns about the negative side effect. if the president's bill is passed, it bbb passes. >> it will only exacerbate only make it worse. inflation. not only this year. but next year. >> house lawmakers said they will continue to push the social spending plan and get a vote to happen as soon as possible reporting in
8:19 am
washington, i'm basil john. >> 18 and east bay oakland. mayor libby schaff has announced a new housing assistance program. the idea is to help people pay the rent before they get evicted and that will prevent homelessness. it's called the shallow subsidy program and it pays a portion of the person's rent every month for up to 18 months. mogan mcdonnell with a nonprofit housing resource program says that this is going to focus on neighborhoods where rents have gone up nearly 90% and also to neighborhoods with high rates of gentrification. the total cost of the program is around 3 and a half million dollars. >> well, a local housing deheloper is suing the city of santa clara for allegedly rejecting a new affordable housing project and potentially violating state law. an attorney for republican etro pollack and tells kron 4 that the developer has been in talks with city officials to build this 240 unit development with retail and recreational space across from santa clara university. you can see some of the renderings there. well,
8:20 am
the developer claims that it's invested millions of dollars so far into this project and now it's accusing the city of meeting behind closed doors to cancel it. >> that the day. >> allow the developer to believe that they were going come to some kind of an agreement which they have not yet come to a agreement. but. they never had any discussion whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions. >> so the developers also alleging the city of santa clara violated state housing law by rejecting a project that would have created guaranteed affordable housing. in a statement, the city says it acknowledges that it has received the complaint, but it cannot comment on it. >> 20 right now. and still ahead, we're going to take a walk in the shoes of ruby bridges and tell you why her first day at school has paved the way for a whole different. generation heads to school. now a live report on the
8:21 am
significance of this little girl.
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8:23 am
>> a 23 and this little girl changed the walk to school for everyone after her absolutely. i was basically the end of segregation in schools is ruby bridge and this was in
8:24 am
november of 1960 and that is when she stepped into an all-white elementary school in new orleans and that really was the beginning of school integration, something that we all take for granted today. but it was very different story back that she took the first step and it was hearse bravery and her resilience. >> that we are observing today in california. the first ruby bridges walk to school day ever in the state. yeah, it was it something the rest of the country will adopt will have to wait and see. but it's been really need to see out there. people getting ready for this walk to honor you know, set up a 6 year old at the time doing something that it was pretty scary. you'll notice these are deputy us marshals who like needed the protection. sure, because racial tensions were an all-time high in new orleans and the incredible thing is that her story has come to light and we even have re bridges day today because of in 2017. >> a school, a student here. you know, and i think it's
8:25 am
elementary level. but let's go conversar she has the story from south services, south san francisco about how this all started. this whole movement you guys walk happen and it was a sight to see. look at all of the purple for martin elementary school. and then there's a lot of orange which is ruby bridges. favorite color. so. >> blue and orange is the see walking through south san francisco from downtown des linden avenue down here to martin elementary school. and this is all because 4 years ago at this school, a 5th grade class decided why isn't there ruby bridges day that is beyond us and they've decided we're going to make it happen because we heard from the teacher earlier. you have a teacher like that, you're inupired and you want to do something mr carlino. she said what are you going to do about it. you know, ruby bridges, she stood up. she walked to school every day, even though people were yelling racial slurs at her threatening her and she still walk to school. what are you going to do about
8:26 am
it. guess what they did. they went to the school board. they went to the county. >> and then they work to senator becker and they got this approved on a statewide level to have ruby bridges day honoring this little 6 year-old who is a civil rights icon seem a little kids with their signs saying we walk with ruby bridges has been just a beautiful thing to see. we caught up with the teacher who really inspired this, all the students who years is currently no to from her. now. it's really powerful to see what this has become. but the children knew that it would become this their vision is for this to be nationwide. >> and i have no doubt that with determination and kindness and doing the right thing every day and helping others to see what the right thing is that they can make anything that they dream of possible in this world. >> you heard or she wants to take it to a national level. so i asked senator back earlier saying what do you think you think we can make to nationwide level. he said these kids could do anything.
8:27 am
and if this story doesn't inspire you, i don't know what is not only did 6 year-old ruby bridges and it set and make sure that schools were desegregated, make sure she could go to school and all the kids, a folder. but none of these kids are remembering her for decades and decades to come. so let's hope it gets to the nationwide level everyone out here is wearing the orange. they've got all the colors to rep this. and this is just one year with statewide level and its many more years to come. very special day daryn. james, back to amazing story. thank you very much, sara. >> inspira
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at why why am i going to new york for thanksgiving. i mean, it can't get any more. beautiful. this. all this gorgeous nus. absolutely not. a picture perfect day outside. we got johnson track in the forecast. it started out really cold. but well, looking great now in the temperatures are coming up by now. it's that ryan to try does it look better than it feels the clear mornings tend to be the cold or wind. so even though yesterday was kind of great actually is pretty mild. >> now. we've got the sunshine. it looks super inviting, but you definitely want to enjoy it. with that extra layer on a viewing outside of the different bridge from the golden gate to the bay bridge. you can see it's not just sunny, but also really still the flag pole. they're not moving at all. it's very nice and calm right along the bay right now very dense fog is for the central
8:31 am
valley. again, overnight. this has been causing some major travel problems along 99 i 5 if you do happen to be heading out that direction. bay area is comparatively clear. but we also had some spots of fog in our inland valleys too. radar shows you our overall clear skies and temperatures are still in the 40's for a lot of us freeman brentwood at 44 degrees doubled up. 42 still well, santa rosa 43 little more mild for areas like oakland, alameda san francisco and berkeley all in the 50's thanks for right. keeping a close eye on your wednesday morning commute. we've got some accidents and some hazards. so. >> 8.80 90's avenue in oakland. you got an accident. so we are seeing delays there and a traffic hazard. 5.80, eastbound west of edwards avenue in oakland. so things are pretty slow at this hour. once you reach the maze a little under 22 minutes traveling into the city right now. almost 30 for your commute. the of the san mateo bridge you're heading across towards the peninsula because of delays along one. oh, one the richmond, sandra fell commute at 12 and we do still have pockets of fog along the
8:32 am
richmond sandra fell bridge and the south. they want to one slow. so 85 to menlo park a little under 50 minutes. 2 scene minor delays started james, back to you. >> thanks a lot. of 31 and san francisco could soon allow people to use drugs under the care of medical professionals who would be on hand while they give themselves drug. yeah. mayor london breed says this facility if it's created would save lives with crawford's camila barco live. >> in the city now to explain. good morning. camila. >> good morning, you guys maryland and breed is pushing for this safe consumption sites. that's what it's called. and she also has the support from state senator scott wiener. now this is a place where people would go to use their drugs. they would self inject themselves. but like you guys said and we're explains they would be under the care of nurses. doctors or trained professionals. now mayor london breed introduced legislation to purchase this building on your screen on
8:33 am
geary and hyde street. the 8,000 square foot building would cost 6.3 million dollars and the mayor's goal is to open this site by early of spring of next year. now this like we said, this is a place where people with substance abuse issues would go to safely consume in front of medical professionals. but those are the health care workers that are equipped with narcan and medication to prevent people from overdosing mayor london breed's team says, quote, a safe consumption side is a health driven harm reduction tool that will save lives and help us connect more people to treatment and services. but it is only one part of a broader strategy to address the overdose crisis facing our city. now state senator scott wiener is a supporter of the site. like i said, he says these venues offer clean needles drug testing kits and give people options to get on the right path to sobriety we are also introduced
8:34 am
legislation late last year to make the site's legal under his senate bill. the sites would be first implemented here in san francisco, oakland and los angeles wiener's bill is set to be heard in the state assembly health committee sometime early next year. and the senator is applauding breeds proposed legislation. he says more san franciscans died of overdoses in 2020. then dead of covid-19 now in the next hour, we're going to hear from scott wiener himself. darya james right now. breed is just waiting to get the final approval from the board of supervisors. it too purchase that building that we showed you earlier and mayor london breed's team says that they plan to contact state and federal government authorities because right now those sites are illegal under federal law. back to you guys. >> we'll see how they move forward with it. thank you very much. camila now let's stop covid injections. governor newsome is warning about a winter surge in cases
8:35 am
because he needs more californians to get their shots. he says california is bracing for more stress on the healthcare system. if this were to happen. a quarter of the state's population. he says is not yet vaccinated. the governor visited a vaccine clinic in the central valley and he's continuing. >> to urge you if you haven't to get your shot or your booster and head of the winter months. >> as we enter into a season, past his pro log. we should anticipate increase of cases increase in hospitalizations. >> governor newsome says that he understands that people have concerns about the vaccines, but that millions of people have gotten them safely and he wants us to try to reduce the transmission rates as much as possible going into this very busy gathering time. >> 35 is the time stanford right now reporting that they do have more cases of covid among students. we've got 8 asked staff and faculty members that have tested positive over this last week and over the past 2 months,
8:36 am
stanford has had an average of fewer than 13 positive cases among students. but after conducting 14,000 tests over this past week. that number has now doubled. the school says that 6 of those students living on campus housing. the students who tested positive have been isolated and those that are at high risk of exposure have been quarantine. the university says they will continue to require surveillance testing for all members of the campus community going forward. well, we do have a better idea of how many children in the bay area are getting their vaccine shot in marin county. 30 1% of the nearly 21,000 eligible children have got the covid vaccine in contra, costa county that number's about half at 16%. but there is a larger pool of 92,000 eligible children in alameda county. they're also showing 16% of kids between 5.11 years old are vaccinated. and in san mateo county, it's roughly 17%. those are the only counties that have released numbers so far. the others say they're still collecting that information.
8:37 am
>> happening today in the south bay where sam liccardo is going hold a news conference to talk about the recent decision to protect coyote valley earlier in the week. the city council voted to protect 314 acres from industrial development. they're going to reserve the use for recreation agriculture and tourism. the news conference is set time for climbed 1130. today. don't forget, we've got kronon. so we'll keep you posted as she get that happen. >> well today, too. but today is day 2 of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. the verdict could come down at any moment. we're keeping an eye on it. rittenhouse shot 3 men during black lives matter protests in kenosha, wisconsin last year. 2 of those men died. prosecutors say rittenhouse went to that. that march to basically provoke a confrontation. his lawyers will argue it was all in self-defense. we'll bring you the verdict as soon as it's announced. meanwhile, also happening today, the defense in the trial of the 3 men charged for killing ahmaud arbery will begin presenting
8:38 am
their case. the prosecution rested yesterday. their final witness was a medical examiner who performed the autopsy and he testified that opry was shot at very close range. he says that operate was grabbing the shotgun held by travis mcmichael or pushing it away when he was killed last year. cell phone video shows the struggle between the 2 men. but michael again fired those shots. >> a 38 is the time. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news airline workers are getting really worried and nervous as we head into the busy travel season because they've already seen so many cases of people abusing flight attendants were take a look at what these arguments over and how they might be solved and a happy reunion in the north bay. we're going to get revisit the front lawn, baby and mom and they they get to the reunited with those who helped that special delivery, john and lots of sunshine so far this morning look at sfo. it was a very foggy out there. at the same time yesterday.
8:39 am
>> daytime highs will be in the 60's much
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> new this morning. fire season is officially over in contra, costa county. >> i had suspected after john said, you know, the atmospheric river was going to wipe out life out the fire season, but now it is official. >> because the recent storms and more rain in the forecast. the risk of wildfires has been greatly reduced in contra, costa county. the fire season lasted a 193 days. this year
8:42 am
is sure is a little hose now to hosing down the woman accused of igniting a wildfire in shasta county has been deemed mentally unfit to stand trial 30 year-old alexandra psuv air na is charged with starting the fall on fire in september. well following a review by 2 court-appointed appointed psychologist a judge declared. she is mentally incompetent to stand trial that put your case on indefinite hold until she could be reevaluated for possible placement in a mental hospital. until then, she will remain behind bars and the shasta county jail. it's 8.42. and we'll be right back. living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters.
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8:46 am
attack airlines workers. >> law needs to be done to discourage this kind of horrific behavior. 5,000 assaults reported to the faa. only 37 the recommended for criminal prosecution. >> some union leaders say that there are really concerned because the vaccine mandates might make it more difficult to keep airport staffed and safe. so then you've got less people working jobs and many more people taking all the heat right from travelers that are feeling really. >> we've seen the the anxiety that local employees of restaurants and things are having about the mask police and you had flight attendants on the front line of months. now we're seeing that. >> yeah. so we're talking about as we go into this travel season that you like set your intention on what you expect. like. how about i just get there safely. so if things are yeah. followed up my flight's delayed. i won't be disappointed because. >> i end up getting there safely better. the better late than never right. all right.
8:47 am
let's et over to the weather center looking on the positive side of things. i know it's a little cold outside, but it's also beautiful looking morning, john, the exactly yesterday if you remember, it was kind of gray around the same time. so even though it is colder to start at least you're looking at views like this and this is pretty true across most of the bay area, golden gate bridge as well as inner sunset and the presidio looking really nice out there in the distance. you can see marin and sonoma out in the distance. also looking pretty great. what we do have is a colder start. as i mentioned, it is going to be a fairly comfortable afternoon. back into the low to mid 60's today. not as warm as yesterday's upper 60's to low 70's were high. pressure is built up across the region. this is why we've seen dense to leave fog form in the central valley. it's also why you may notice a little bit of haze here in the bay area. there's an inversion that set up shop. that's keeping some of our pollutants trapped here right in the bay and that does mean less than ideal air quality for the day. futurecast shows some passing clouds today. but for the most part, you can be holding on to
8:48 am
bright skies. tomorrow is not as much sunshine as today and then tomorrow night into friday. we'll bring our best and only chance of any sort of light shower activity between here and thanksgiving. this is one 30 am friday morning. some light sprinkles for the north bay just a sprinkle or 2 for the rest of the bay area, not a very impressive storm to be talking about future cast of rainfall totals shows around a quarter of an inch at max for santa rosa. some higher elevations around the north bay could see more than that. and then just a sprinkle barely a trace anywhere else. as for today, though, we stay dry in the meantime today and tomorrow are going to bring daytime highs looking much like this highs back into the low to mid 60's. and as i mentioned a second ago, little cooler than yesterday was not as close to the 70's as we were yesterday. so keep the light jacket on hand into the afternoon. but overall, enjoy all the sunshine. we're going to be getting another pleasant and cool afternoon oakland at 65 the legal right there as well. some low 60's, an antioch pittsburgh mill valley and point rays tomorrow. temperatures don't change
8:49 am
much. we will see a dry day tomorrow ahead of some sprinkles after the sun goes down friday could bring a few more sprinkles really nothing much to note nothing that should slow you dowe for your friday morning commute next week looks dry all the way through thanksgiving. the weekend after the holiday could bring our best chance of showers we've seen in a bit of john, thank you for that. it's pretty slow along 5, 1880, as you're traveling to the east bay. we have. >> a traffic hazard northbound to 38 to 8.80, south and another traffic hazard. 5.80, eastbound west of edwards avenue here in oakland. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling all along. what you finally reach the maze a little under 23 minutes traveling into the city right now at this hour, some things are still pretty busy headed across towards the peninsula. we improve just a little bit 24 minutes who are at about 30 because of issues along one o one still pockets of fog along the richmond, sandra fell commute a little under 14 at a richmond and in danville, northbound, 6.80, north of l several boulevard. you got an
8:50 am
accident there so through danville and alamo. i am tracking some delays darya james, back to you. all right. we've got a follow-up to this fantastic story about the mom in vacaville. >> whose baby couldn't wait. so she gave birth right. the front lawn. yeah. with the help of these 2 paramedics to and her mother's. well, the baby's healthy. the family is very happy. of course. but this reunion was something that everybody was looking forward to dennis shanahan has more. >> well, emily and michael johnson, a vacaville live about a mile from this kaiser hospital. this is where emily was planning on giving birth seems her baby had other plans and now 12 days after that birth. emily got to say thank you to the paramedics who helped her. and it's >> this is the second time vacaville firefighter paramedics jerry d phillippi and joe have met emily johnson in front of her house during their first encounter, 12 days
8:51 am
earlier. there was no time for small >> they were helping emily give birth on the front lawn. all captured on the family's ring doorbell, emily and her husband michael had planned on going to the hospital when her labor pains became frequently at night, so we called labor and delivery is we're going to. >> we'll be on our way here in a few minutes, about 10 minutes to weather will be there. >> she got as far as the car in the driveway. i was standing in the car door. wage is leaning on the passenger. see none. i realize mike note. we're not going i just laid down. >> on the michael called 911 as all this was happening emily's mother arrived at the house shortly after that, the paramedics as they pulled up. you know, the heads coming out and one of the medics comes over. >> and start attending putting on his gloves. and at that point. he was i did a great
8:52 am
job by. >> grabbing the baby and. >> where will to go to work we need >> i'm very focused on the baby. i was focusing on asked dad to give me a stack of dry towels. >> and he did a great job coming out. basically every town in the house we use a couple the drible thomas off and got on the gurney and away we went. it was nothing like the birth emily had in mind. i just didn't want to have a natural want them to but under the circumstances, it couldn't have gone better as chaotic as it seemed. it was probably one of the smoother ones i've seen in my just happened. very naturally and very fast, man thomas from that bed. you can tell big brother, blake has a keen interest in the work these paramedics to he even got to check out their truck. >> as for baby thomas, he's just a chill little dude. so we're hoping that all the chaos he got it out on the first night and will just have
8:53 am
a nice little easy go with him after that. since the end in vacaville thank you, guys going take such good care of us. dennis shanahan. >> you know what they need to go. she needs an easy go. mom does after that whole situation. i wonder if baby thomas is going to grow up in just have that personnel. it was always early for everything. he's really friendly he's always done day late. a dollar short. i mean, they 5 feet from the car. one mile from the hospital like really one mile from that epidural need to right act. >> when
8:54 am
8:55 am
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8:56 am
>> 8.56 and steph curry this gifted. i mean, i don't have to tell you that just look at him. >> yeah. last night. they dominated over the brooklyn ness. >> beating kd and his new team. >> here are the curry again, playing like a it's the last game ever and brilliant. 37 points on the night 9, 3, pointers. that's the 3rd game. now he's been able to put up 9, 3, pointers. nobody else leagues. you've got one game like that. and you said steph had 37 points and you looked up kd, by the way, on the other side. i think you said >> like 2020 looking up again. yes, something i mean, there are guys could not. you produce. >> should they? because it
8:57 am
wasn't just steps all of the worriers really did a job at containing. the next and iran as well. talking him up jamming him up. so it was terrific and they won and heart is not happy on to the next story. a 57 coming students are happy and so are the lectures that you see now that the strike is called off until why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema,
8:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> and by 9 the kids are probably off to school well, you're obviously not off to work. so maybe you're one of the people still working from home and sharing some tips that i got about shore and how to make that a better open the laptop at a certain close. the laptop. >> when you're taking your breaker, when the day is over and even with latest. hi us like throw a towel over and stop checking your e-mail. >> because they said the people check their email on average, 74 times a day. can you believe that said that number thought that was a lot. but you know what, that does make sense because we're constantly turning the saying on during our down time to check stock. so i'm climb on flooding right now. next. we'll catch on to the weather center. fortunately he has to during working hours with the all important forecast to i'm not a big, you


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