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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 17, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> we get ready for work. i want to remind you that you are not your job or position because i think, you know, i'm learning a lot about work. you know, like multitasking isn't necessarily the best thing. things like this. but did you know that we check our emails. the average person checks their e-mail 74 times a day distracted distracted distracted. that sounds like a lot. but i you know what, every every time. your mind's not actively on something will take out their phone just so happens time king no high make and so one other thing i just decided is out of low. i think that when we meet people, we should say instead of what do you do. we always say that what you do says, hey, who are you like that? who are don't say what do you do say you. now, if the first time to get over the which i don't hear about weather, but i or, you know, what do you asking what can i tell that's the definition of small talk
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though, so that we can go a little deeper than that. >> yeah, not right now. let's keep it. the weather we are definitely going to be looking at a cool day ahead of us. but a cooler and clear morning for sure. now we are definitely seeing less fog than we did yesterday morning we have dense fog advisories for your tuesday morning. >> not looking at those fear wednesday start a view outside at the coastline looking really nice afternoon bay. love that sunrise across the bay area. most of us are seeing clear conditions are pockets of dense fog, though, specially out towards the central valley. they have had some very dense and actually problematic to leave fog. that's been holding up a lot of traffic on highway 99 out that direction radar shows you those clear dry skies that we're in the midst of an we're going to stay dry today. temperatures are colder to start right now. we're in the 40's for a lot of the bay area. daytime highs will be similar to yesterday's, but a few degrees down mostly in the low to mid 60's right now. john, thank you for that. we've got some hot spots on bart. so if you are. >> on the dublin pleasanton
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line heading in the day. lisa direction. there's a major bar delay. so that means an undetermined amount of time. there is a 20 minute delay, though, on the berryessa line in the richmond has after elction on bart heading into the city right now. little under 17 minutes we had a traffic hazard. 80 westbound. so that contributed to the slowing. and there was also some early morning fog along the bay bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 16. make that drive. the richmond sandra fell bridge. i'm seeing reports of pockets of fog as well. so a little under 15 there. and we're checking on 8.80, because we had an accident here in the last hour that was just cleared out in hayward. so as you're traveling from san leandro to 38 to milpitas to 37 be a little under 30 minutes started. james, back to you. >> thank you, ray 72 and i would get to the breaking news, but i'm busy checking my e-mail but this is about learning. yes, of the lecturers who are not the professors fully. but there are a 3rd of the teachers in the uc system. they just reached a deal. so they're not going to strike today. yeah, they've got all the credentials to be full professors. but they're only hired as these edge of
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professors, these lectures. >> and they were getting kind of tired of being used like that and threatening to strike well, kron four's will tran is live at uc berkeley with some good news this morning for those lectures. maybe not so good for the students hoping to have a day off from school. but that's the way goes well. >> now, because when you're a student any day off is a good day, especially in college. i was telling you only a 7 as you can use the next couple of days to catch up because you're perpetually behind. in college. but no, you won't have a break because classes are on because at the very last minute before classes were supposed to be called off today and tomorrow. the both sides have reached a deal. and of course, when you reach a deal, there's some winning and losing involved. seem pretty happy about that. let's talk to the students here. here's a young lady that i actually had to almost tackle to come over and talk to me. what's your name? what? and i'm a combat. you heard about the possible strike. what do you think about having classes. it's not
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going to be canceled out. >> well, i'm relieved because we have and so we were supposed to go through some material and we were not going to go through that material if we didn't have classes today. so i'm relieved that we are having classes. >> do you understand why sometimes in college. you're so into your study that you don't know what the issues are. did, you know it's about money and your lectures. they were looking for stability you paying attention to that as well. >> no, i think only because i didn't know that this was something that was going on until i heard of the strike. so now i'd like to know what was going on but again, thank you so much. exactly. that's the bottom line. the students, the nitty gritty. that's up to the lecturers and the uc administrators. as far as the students are concerned, james and area. >> their lecturers will be inside the talking about 6500 of them represented by the union they were looking for paid family leave. they're looking for 8 weeks. they will get 4 weeks of full paid leave
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to deal with either a newborn child or an ailing family member and it's not done just yet, though, because yes, the strike has been called off today and tomorrow. but the union members, they will have to ratify it or not. next week. so we could be back here next week. but the bottom line is for today and tomorrow. and you just heard that lovely students say she wants classes because finals are coming up. >> back to you and will i know we joke around you took her all the time. but seriously, were you a good student for real. you know, i made the dean's list for sure. because if i didn't then my mom ago why am i going to pay for your college i went on the at scholarship in the bank and that scholarship. it's pretty stringent like you had better come back with good grades and. i mean, you are. yes, yeah. but it all day about i'm a dean's list that how the professors asked me to come up
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and give a shameless self-promotion was funny. i called a dvt debts, bank trust. same bank. i'm not kidding you. that's so funny. thanks a lot. we'll and the loans are ship so long to get good grades. totally love it. grade. thank you. with know you will all right. 7. '06, the time. also happening today. we have hundreds of employees out of the hayward unified school district. they're planning on holding a rally to protest the district's plan to close. >> a handful of schools. you may remember last month we told you that the district had announced its plan to close upwards of 8 schools in order to save money. they had a budget shortfall. they had to solve well, teachers and community members are asking the district now to put that plan on hold until it had a chance to fully explore other possibilities. they also want to make sure that there's a plan in place to help the students who would be forced to change schools. today's rally is set for 4 o'clock at birchfield park. the protesters then plan to march to the district offices and make sure that their voices
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are heard. also happening today, san mateo county workers are going to be h-tting the picket line today over wages. they want more money. the protest will include some health care professionals and social workers and engineers. they say they've been without a contract for 2 months now and that the current offer of a one percent wage increase is quite frankly, insulting. the strike is set to last all day. it's not clear if county services will be impacted. but keep it to the kron 4 will let you know if a deal. >> 77 right now and want to talk a jewel fees and fees still $250,000 worth of jewelry from this store in china town that break in happened yesterday morning at longbow jewelers near sacramento and grant. you can see all of the damage display cases are empty. the thieves were in and out in less than 3 minutes. the united peace collaborators, which is a group that has been patrolling the area. asian neighborhood says that as many as 4 chinatown jewelry stores were also targeted over the weekend. >> all owners are kind of
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scared. they don't know what of tight. they say people problem and there's no question. and come back. at the point where they're ready to just give up and calls. >> and it's just sad. and it's just i mean, it's not fair. but what what can you do. in fact, so bad for longbow jewelers because the owners were months away from retiring after 40 years and kron 4 reached out for more details about this break in. but we don't. we haven't heard back. we'd love to see if they have some surveillance video any way we can help to try to catch the burglars. we do have some surveillance video show you this morning of that big smash and that happened at the diamond store in congress. look at this surveillance video. that's what we're waiting for that. you can't make out the faces. but look at the skies with hammers 9 people ran and they just broad daylight with 7 o'clock. the store was open and they just started smashing with hammer smashing smashing in a matter
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of minutes. they were gone to. they took all the jewelry from the cases. and just a god that there were people in there and that were not hurt because apparently these thieves did threaten anybody who even looked like they were going to intervene. so you can see nobody in this picture because, you know that the employees stood back as they should have. and the problem is they got away with the jewels. but again, at least nobody was hurt. and that's the good news there just try and catch these guys. >> well, community effort in san francisco is try to help victims of smash-and-grab burglaries. help them reunite with some of their stolen items. we've had dozens of car burglaries happen on a daily basis in san francisco and a lot of that stolen stuff from luggage to various items. they end up being dumped in the richmond district. and so now neighbors, there are using social media apps like nextdoor to post about the stolen items. they find fact. one man says that he was able to help about 50 tourists get their things back. and most recently he was able to help a group over the weekend. take a listen.
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>> the least we can do its neighbors is, you know, help the poor tourists come here on their vacations and we robbed them the least we can do is is you know, we're walking down the street and this is happening in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods is at least you know, scoop up that you know, the sidewalks littered with with with stolen luggage and trying to figure out how to get back to him. >> yeah. in addition to next door. sometimes you can also find neighbors posting a stolen items up on facebook or twitter. so maybe check those platforms as well. if you've had something taken. also in the headlines this morning, one man was taken to the hospital after a shooting in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. this is video from the citizens app showing the scene. this was in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue. the victim was taken to hospital. we're still trying to get an update on that person's condition this morning. >> time now 7.10, and you're going to be to get money if you trade in your guns in san mateo county. they have more than $200,000. now for a gun
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buyback program they're going to be giving away money. when you turn in your gun. so me tell you how it's going to work. they'll have several events through the year 2023 you get a $100 for each handgun or shotgun that you turn on. you get $200 for each assault rifle. the idea is to get these weapons off the streets. the first event is set for december 11th. a crash at a taco bell parking lot sends a mother and her young daughter to the hospital happened last night is doing in on this map in oakley. and police say the mom for some reason was speeding through the parking lot and crashed into those. >> protective post in front of taco bell and she and her toddler daughter suffered major injuries. in fact, they had to be airlifted to the hospital. >> well plans to create a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek has been put on hold for right now. postponed in any
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event so far this year. police have been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location. the walnut creek city council was again supposed to discuss maybe creating a buffer zone at their meeting last night but there's some sort of a technical snafu difficulty with the zoom call. in the end, they had to cancel the meeting. no word yet on when it will be rescheduled. but we'll let you know when we find out. we'll take a break. it is 7.12. and still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news governor newsom is warning about a possible. >> winter covid surge going to take a look at how the state is bracing for that possibility. plus a new housing assistance program in oakland. we'll tell you how it may help stop evictions and prevent homelessness before it begins. and a much clearer morning at sfo that we side yesterday at the same time, it was very foggy out there. now nothing blocking out the sunshine later today. we are going to be looking at some conditions that will be a big cooler. >> but still in the 60's for your daytime highs are forecast is ahead. >> and we have a job are delay on the dublin. pleasanton line
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>> i just decided i wanted to give it not go our big story was on the college classes and
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the lectures and will set his dad date for college mind to do and we both use the same word. >> dvt c connecticut bank and trust was called and so i called dvt the jags bank interest. and so my dad died shortly after graduation and he paid college. all lucky. really vision. i just i just now on the mom paying for college and now you're you're a dad paying for college. i want to thank all parents on behalf of all your kids. they're not ungrateful. they just are in their own heads. and thank you. way to go for you know, do what you can a college. and if you're having to pay for yourself like i did working 3 keep doing it. keep doing that to do it. keep doing food job was upfront about little area. and look at you now, certified with them and i will say my parents helped a little bit that, ok, thank we are definitely looking at some conditions today that are clear. you just
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want to bundle up. it's clear and cooler than it was yesterday. so although it looks nicer. >> it feels colder. you can see outside at san jose right here that skies overhead are nice and blue. definitely a nice way to kick off the morning radar shows you those clear skies that we are in the midst of high pressure. ridge building back in keeping us dry for the time being. we will be seeing a couple of sprinkles moving in tomorrow night into friday morning. now this is not going result in a lot for us. nothing more than just a few light showers up in northern napa and sonoma counties. then a sprinkle or 2 elsewhere. this is thursday during the day. you're not seeing anything except for some clouds. it won't be until the sun goes down that we have any chance of precipitation as you can see here, futurecast is not looking too terribly optimistic for a whole lot to be going on. rainfall totals over the next several days. not impressive santa rosa could see a quarter of an inch elsewhere. nothing more than a trace of rainfall. so definitely a pretty dry week ahead of us. and that's really our only shot of moisture
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before thanksgiving great for travelers. but we'd like to keep this wet momentum going considering how dry things have been 60's for your daytime highs across the board today. this is a little cooler will have showers during our evening hours thursday night into friday morning. and when i say showers even some very light stuff. as i just showed you right now. >> so update to the hot spots we were tracking on bart now 10 minute delay no longer major. so dublin to pleasanton that line in the daily city direction. just a 10 minute delay for you. and also on the berryessa line in the richmond s of direction that's down from 20. now to 10 heading into the city a little under 21 minutes for your drive. time now at 22 so we had a
7:19 am
traffic hazard there. the meteor lights have been off for the past 2 hours and we saw some fog. a lot of a ridge there. so couple of things adding to that delay heading across towards the peninsula's things start to slow down a little bit along one o one a little under 17 minutes. there are pockets of fog along the richmond, sandra fell commute as you're traveling out of richmond, a little under 14 and we're checking again because we had some accidents traveling from to 38 in san leandro. to to 37 in milpitas a little under 36 minutes started. james, back to you. thank you. ray. 7.19 for your money this black friday sales have already begun. >> and many americans want to retire in after chain. i'm glad you want to retire in california. it's i can't retire in california morning here. >> i wait. maybe they're just dreaming about retiring california. but actually the state was the second choice among states for people to
7:20 am
spend their golden years. some magnifymoney says only floor that was higher. of course, california has high cost of living for workers and retirees. there were 11% of people that said they like to retire in california. they love the lifestyle, the climate, the beaches as well. not magnified money also says about half of americans expect to retire and still be in debt about 46% of all americans expect to have a credit cards, maybe a mortgage payments still going on, however, debt repayment is harder on a fixed income and can threaten retirement security as well. high gas prices are messing up people's thanksgiving plans. gasbuddy says more than half of americans admit they will not be hitting the road is previously planned and it is because of high prices at the pump triple a says the current average price for regular unleaded in the bay area is for 87 a gallon last thanksgiving. it was huge jump for the past year and retailers are already giving folks a sneak peek at black friday. and it is even really black friday anymore. a best
7:21 am
buy walmart target. others have already announced some deals on toys and electronics and home to court. in fact, for many of these deals. you don't have to wait till black friday. some of them will start early next week and some of these deals are already going on live from. the nasdaq market site. i'm jane king. but realize what you just said. you did the gas prices are high. we pay the most. the debt is high. of course we're in debt and people want to retire i'm into >> i know. new york says same thing except without the nice weather. yeah, right. well, we do have that going for us. thank you, jamie. >> so 21 is the time in the east bay. we have oakland mayor libby schaff announcing a new housing assistance pilot program designed to stop evictions and prevent homelessness altogether. the new program is called shallow subsidy and it will pay for a portion of a person's rent every month for up to 18 months. logan mcdonald was a nonprofit housing resource program and he says that the program will focus on
7:22 am
neighborhoods where rents have increased nearly 90%. and obviously that's way too high for anybody to afford. but the goal is to help provide those neighborhoods with high rates that have a high risk of gentrification the cost of the program is around 3.4 million dollars. we'll see how successful it is. also in the news, a local housing developer is suing the city of santa clara for allegedly rejecting a new affordable housing project and potentially violating state law. an attorney for republican metropolitan tells kron 4 that the developer had been in talks with the city to build a 240 unit development with retail and recreational space right across from santa clara university. the developer claims that it's already invested millions of dollars into the project. but now is accusing the city of meeting behind closed doors to cancel it. >> that the day. >> allow the developer to believe that they were going to come to some kind of an agreement which they have not yet come to a agreement. but they never had any discussion
7:23 am
whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions. >> now, the developer also alleges that the city of santa clara violated state housing law by rejecting the project that would have created will guarantee affordable housing. in a statement, the city acknowledges that it has received the complaint but it wouldn't comment about it any eurther. >> coming up, people could soon shoot up drugs at an injection site here in san francisco. i'm live with why mayor london breed says this is a good idea and the state
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>> 7.25 and happening today in the south bay mayor sam liccardo is holding a news conference to talk about a recent decision to protect coyote valley. earlier this week the city council voted to protect 314 acres from industrial development. they're going to air have that area reserved now for recreation, agriculture and tourism the press conference is happening at 1130 this morning. of course we have kron on is the only way you get 24 7. they area news. so how about that? get that out. >> also happening today. it is day 2 of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. a verdict could come down at any moment. so we're following the latest there out of kenosha, wisconsin rittenhouse shot 3 men during black lives matter protest their last summer to those men died. prosecutors say rittenhouse came to that protest in order to provoke a confrontation. his lawyers, though, say he opened fire in self-defense
7:27 am
only we're going bring you the verdict as soon as it's announced. >> it's 7.27 right now and california is celebrating ruby bridges walked to school day for the very first time. we're going to tell you her story in a live report.
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>> 7 29, s f o live in the sunshine ahead of me. the biggest travel day of the year which is what day is it. i know it's and thanksgiving, but i was to 0 when leading wednesday to forward and traveling on this probably don't have couple years before. okay. but you know what things if you set an intention like it's better. so you say to whatever you want to get out of that. like i just want to get there safely. then suddenly it doesn't matter that they lock your bags or it was late. i want you to spend more time at sfo. i don't get to as i'd like. so what i'm hoping to spend more time in any airport write a letter from connect the great yoga a dog room to, you know, yeah. that new wing in the airports. really nice to have to go. there you go. james opportunity. go check it out. if you're faced a man. they know there's >> that's what fog does. today sunny don't yet doubling of
7:31 am
that today. for sunny out there all the way out to the coastline. yesterday we had the dense fog advisories. not so much today. that's not to say that all of us are crystal clear there's definitely some fog further inland in fact, the central valley has been under some really intense to leave fog. the past week. that's really resulted in low visibility on routes like highway 99 compare that to happen bay right now. and it's quite the difference. not much of a cloud in the sky over happen. bay currently you can see there are definitely some foggy spots out there and that deep grey evident on the right side of your screen out towards the valley radar is showing you are clear and dry skies will be looking at that through the day today. daytime highs will be cooler than yesterday. and this morning we're off to a cool start. a very brisk feel with temperatures down in the 40's. so don't forget to bundle up as you venture out reena. all right, john, thanks to make sure to grab jacket on the way out today. >> all right. so we do have an accident is enrichment eastbound 5.80, west of street out here richmond. but you also have delays along 88
7:32 am
5.80. as you're traveling. >> crockett down towards the maze a little under 49 minutes for you to make that drive right now traveling into the city. what you do sali reach the maze a little under 25 minutes of hazards fall on the bridge. san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula a little under 19 minutes for you to make that drive here in san leandro south on 8.80, at marina boulevard. you got an accident there. so we are seeing some delays. you haoe pockets of fog along the richmond sandra fell commute a little under 16 for your drive darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. 7.32 in san francisco could soon allow people who are on drugs to use them as at a facility where medical professionals are be there on hand to make sure they're safe safe environment for them. hopefully. >> that will save lives. that's the end goal. kron four's camila barco is live in san francisco to explain. this is a an effort on the part the mayor san francisco, correct. >> yes. so mayor london breed is pushing for this and darya james. it's no secret that the city is facing an overdose
7:33 am
now. mayor london breed is pushing for a safe consumption sites. and like you guys explained this is a place where people could safely inject themselves but it trained professionals would be on site to supervise the people who are injecting themselves now mayor london breed introduced legislation to purchase this building on geary and hyde street. it's and 8,000 square foot building and it would cost 6.3 million dollars. the mayor's goal is to open the site as early as spring of next year. and like we said, this is where people with substance abuse issues would go to safely consume in front of medical professionals. now those health care workers are the ones equipped with narcan and medication to prevent people from overdosing mayor london breed's team says, quote, safe consumption side is a health driven harm reduction tool that will save lives and help us connect more people to treatment and services. but it is only one part of a broader
7:34 am
strategy to address the overdose crisis facing our city now state senator scott wiener is a supporter of the site. he says these venues offer clean needles drug testing kits and give people options to get on the right path to sobriety. we're also introduced legislation late last year to make safe consumption sites legal under his senate bill. the sites san francisco. oakland and los - angeles wiener's bill is set to be heard in the state assembly health committee sometime early next year. and the senator also applauded breeds proposed legislation. he says more san franciscans died of overdoses in 2020. then they did of covid-19 now the next step is for bree to get the approval from the board of supervisors to finalize the purchase of that building. mayor london breed's team says that they also plan contact state and federal government authorities because at this time safe consumption
7:35 am
sites are illegal under federal law. so diane james, we're just going to have to see what the next steps are. and if mayor london breed gets the approval from the board of supervisors. back to you guys will see how it shakes out. thank you very much. coming up. >> 7.34 and governor newsome is warning and worried about a winter surge in covid cases. and he says if that help fans that our health care system is going to be stressed the governor has says about a quarter of our population. his still has not gotten a covid shot and he visited a vaccine and a clinic in central the central valley because he's urging people to get cover, get the shots, get the boosters ahead of the winter. >> as we enter into a season, past his pro log. we should anticipate increase of cases increase in hospitalizations. >> newsom says he understands that some people are concerned about the vaccine, but at the same time he is hoping that they will realize that millions of people have safely
7:36 am
gotten it and he wants to keep those transmission rates low over the winter. when we start to really gather. >> alright, 7.35 want to chat a little bit about this iconic picture of 6 year-old ruby bridges. this image depicts the moment that she became an icon really for the civil rights movement back when schools were still deeply segregated champ bring an end to that. she stepped into an all-white elementary school in new orleans. >> in the 60's and the bravery and the courage are what we are celebrating today on this. the very first ever california observance of ruby bridges walk to school day for sarah stinson has the story for us live in san francisco. sarah. >> can you believe that? i mean, 4 years ago, a 5th grade class at martin elementary school here in south san francisco had a dream to make a day for ruby bridges to honor her. and today is the
7:37 am
day. it's a statewide event. they were doing it before here locally, but they fought to make sure it was statewide. they take a look at that picture again of ruby bridges 6 years old and she is in louisiana and she was, you know, just an icon in the civil rights movement and she actually had to be escorted by us marshals to school because it was that dangerous people were yelling racial slurs at her people were threatening her 6 years old. she's just trying to go to school. initially one teacher. who would teacher because she was a little black girl. that's it. she's an innocent little black girl now joining us is an amazing teacher that we have the privilege of talking to deborah carlino, thank you so much for joining us. can you believe that 4 years later you have this happening a statewide walk for ruby bridges. it's incredible. but when you think about the power of ruby bridges. what she did. that's what children are doing. they're stepping together. they're standing together. they're walking with
7:38 am
creepy to make a positive difference in this world really wants these kids to come together today and have a conversation about what they can do to make the world a positive place no matter what it is, it might be litter cleaning up litter might be. >> helping others who are homeless or house list. they want to make a positive difference in this world and kids have that ability. as you can see, they have the aiility to do this. >> you over boy's pastor students. as you told me earlier to do something for others outside of the classroom 4 years ago. it happened to be that it was let's start a ruby bridges walked to school day. and here we are. you guys were at the capitol after senator becker got it approved. what was it like when you met ruby bridges. the children were shot. we stood there going to tell her about her special day and we were fleming's to be. we're just so confused at what to do an awestruck that we didn't tell her. and then after she walked away, i said
7:39 am
i to tell her there is a day they go. i just got so nervous and i said i did see you. so then we had to go up and interrupt or dinner and tell her and the kids. >> we're they were just overwhelmed with emotion as was i we couldn't believe it. i mean, we were just shocked that we're standing there with ruby bridges who is this important part of our history. she such an important part of our history. and an amazing adults and she's a civil rights activists that deserves a day. and that's why you guys made it a statewide event. she's going to secretly was school whisper it. she's going to secretly join. you guys virtually today. how do you think that's going to extend >> i think they're going to be overwhelmed. i mean, my kids i think are going to be really that she is connecting with them and caring about and walking with them as well. at least in spirit today. yeah. >> 2 a brave 6 year-old walking to school. it's just
7:40 am
so important. it's so important. it's important to that when children look at the world. a look at the news they see all of the scary things that they take heart that they are a part of this world as well. they can effect change. they can do something, not just talk about it but get off their couches and walk and have actions. they have to believe that. >> yeah. and you really inspired this whole day. i mean, you inspired the children. have they got fired up an ad did so we need more teachers like ms carly know. thank you so much and have a beautiful day walking with the kids were going to join them because it starts in just a few minutes. right. a few minutes. yes. here we go. say why baby? you know, we got our little pins on orange i heard oranges or favorite color is orange is a favorite color, but she's recently adopted the purple, which is our school colors. but she probably just knew that might know him entry. it's meant to be. it's meant to thank you so much joining and we're going to continue to cover this all morning long. it's an amazing sight to see him get woodbury,
7:41 am
james. they're not stopping here. i think the next step is to make this a nationwide walk to school day. so can you believe san francisco. that's great. i would be phenomenal thing. could take that nationwide. absolutely. thank you, sarah. thanks, sarah. she's beaming. she gets to cover and we get to spread a great story
7:42 am
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7:44 am
costa county. the fire protection district made that announcement this morning, although daria called it weeks ago because we had so much rain we had. so i was sure because john told us if it what he called a reverse thing. yeah. well, and that's exactly what cocoa county fire officials are saying to all that wet weather has finally brought an end to the. fire season 193 days into its i am. so our season happy right after we show that file video of the inferno is just so happy that at least that's gone for now, just a few months and then its next fire scene. we'll worry about that. 7.44. we'll be right back.
7:45 am
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welcome back. 7.47 on what is a very clear start to this wednesday. definitely clear than yesterday was when we had all those dense fog advisories. >> exploratory. i'm looking good. but feeling brisk as we are seeing temperatures as much as 10 degrees cooler than yesterday clear, but cooler with her current temps in the 40's today will bring some passing clouds. but for the most part, a lot of sunshine tomorrow. a few more clouds and then tomorrow night into friday will be our best chance of rain in the forecast and best chance is still not a lot. we're only looking at a couple of sprinkles possible and it won't be amounting to much more than a trace of rainfall for most areas on the upper side of things. santa rosa could see nearly a
7:48 am
quarter of an inch mountains around the north bay little bit more than that as for current temperatures, mostly in the 40's later today. it will be the 60's for highs not as warm as yesterday down just a few degrees. not even close to the 70's for your afternoon today will actually remain this way. all the rest of the forecast low to mid 60's all the way into next week. and the only chance of rain between here thanksgiving. is that chance of sprinkles thursday night into friday. rain. tom, thanks for that. got a couple issues out there on your roadways on this wednesday. northbound one. oh, one. >> woodside role here went with city. we have an accident there. so we are starting to see some delays along one o one. also here up in richmond, eastbound 5.80, west of burlington street. but you also have delays along 8580, as you're traveling crockett down towards the maze a little under 45 minutes. 26 minutes traveling from the east bay into the city right now currently and as you're heading across towards the peninsula. we had an earlier disabled vehicle along one o ones. and we're seeing delays.
7:49 am
and that's why drive times are up at about 22 minutes. also here in san leandro, southbound, 8.80, at marina boulevard. you've got an accident there. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling through selling andrel and san lorenzo darya. james, back to you. >> thank you. ran a kron four's commitment to the bay area continues as we take you inside. now, one of the most controversial and divisive issues in our community. >> homelessness. yeah. and we have a new crime for series with our reporter and san francisco native maureen kelly and she's taking us to the streets to show us this crisis from a new perspective with one goal getting answers. >> i'm from san francisco. i was born and raised here and i still live here. i see the homeless problem in this city every day. and now you're going to see it too. stop with this cell phone. i'm giving you an up close look inside the crisis. well, i try to find out why it doesn't seem to be getting much better.
7:50 am
>> we don't have to walk far in san francisco to see it. people passed out on the pavement. tense and garbage taking over the sidewalk. certain streets jammed with rundown arby's. even though i grew up in the city. there are places i don't feel safe getting out of the car to show you. this is recent video from larkin street in the tenderloin sense of lawlessness just steps away from the federal courthouse. >> and while the problem with homelessness and drug use is not on every corner. >> you can easily escape well walking on the and began shooting up right in front of me. if you live or work here, the attitudes towards homeless people their there's compassion. there is acceptance. some are just fed up. i don't really know the best way to handle it. what i want to see is people who are violent and aggressive off the street.
7:51 am
>> and while it's easy to blame horrific street scenes on the homeless and learning. it's a lot more complicated. that's because i'm not just shooting video. also taking the time to listen or reporter was jailed for some say they were forced out. >> others on the properties of we have to get out. >> some can't seem to find a way out. are you trying to get any services. i tried. but really want to help me need some tell me they just want to stay put. >> most to get a hold of are usually pull up active tweeters tracks and a bunch of other people. and i don't like if your tattoos like railroad. i think some say they're just passing through for the past 2 writing. >> so now what we've all seen the headlines that changes coming 12 billion dollars to support homeless. a new program after new program. is any of it. a real reason for hope. it's time to find out in the coming months kron 4 will be taking you inside the crisis in san francisco getting answers city leaders
7:52 am
looking into the programs meant to help. figure out what's actually working on the streets. but i can't do it alone. that's why we started a tip line. if there's something i need to see or know to help understand this crisis email me on the streets kron 4 dot com. >> yeah. >> maybe by looking at the problem from a different perspective together we can make a difference. reporting on the morning. kelly kron 4 news. >> and that was just basically that he's for this amazing series that maureen is putting together. yeah. our first investigation broadcast tonight at 10:00pm. >> maureen will take us inside youth homelessness and tries to find out why not? everybody is getting the help they need. >> in sanford. i think she revisits was that one young man who was like i was denied services. we're going to maybe find out more about and that's amazing to to go, maureen and
7:53 am
when go home and had our back on for i don't see anybody doing something like this make a difference tonight. tune in. wealth management is planning your path together. and, it's guiding you along the way. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. you're a champion. you're not a quitter. quitters don't do what they're supposed to. champions do. and you're a star. and you shine. that's what you do. that's what you do every day. [inspirational music]
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and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities. >> 7.55 and the worry has rebounded all and last because they had a win against the nets in their house. yeah. kevin durrant facing off with the team. >> from california and here we are with the highlights. steph
7:56 am
curry. i mean, he was just brilliant 37 points on the night with 9, 3 pointers. that's his where he's put up 9 threes. nobody else in the league is even had one game with 3 pointers areas with his 3rd pretty incredible do slo-mo effect. mean, there's they are circus shots and it was a little too. but we pool. they had double digit next well as curry. they're celebrating being in the lead. one 17 to 99 the final score in here he is talking a bit after the game. >> coming off. and, you know, a loss you didn't play well, so. just not the playoffs but an intensity that, you know, you have to show up. if you're going to beat a team like that. so you definitely lock in and get focused and. you thrive off that competitive. you know, know that there's a lot of town. the >> nobody is more down to the ncef. that's right. we're going to be on the road still tomorrow. that's when they're going to be facing off against
7:57 am
the cleveland cavaliers will tip off at 4.30. and i want to say, you know, the rest of the team is amazing. they are, which this year has been magical. the warriors that makes the difference strength in numbers as the saying goes with the warriors will be right back. coming up in the next hour. california is celebrating. >> a little girl who made a big difference. we're going to have the story coming ruby bridges. hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word...
7:58 am
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but our here, we are just getting started. we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> from the area's local news
8:00 am
station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and it's 08:00am. and you know what time flies does. john just said what its 8 already. i've got another worked up for you. time flies when you're work, you feel this when you're in a float, when you're working with people you like and you're focused on what you're doing and you will find the time flies. and so it has. so there you go. yeah. and that's why john was like i can't believe it's already a car. it is. and it looks fantastic outside. john, thanks for so joy only we could do 7 or 8 hours to well, it is going to be a really nice day to venture outside. just do so with your jacket on because. >> it is definitely colder than it was yesterday morning. but colder in clear looking outside this morning at coit tower. that's for you, daryn. we do have some nice sunshine out there and i know this is our east put our and clapping for the sunshine, o,


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