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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  November 17, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the week. i get what? it looks pretty good outside. i mean, aside from the temperatures nice and clear it's a little cold. want to bundle the kids up as they head off to school today is sunday morning cleary and cold for we traded in yesterday's dense fog advisories. for some 40's this morning at least that means it will be a clear driving to work for most of us. there's still a couple of patches of fog, though, that i don't want to forget about as far as conditions go, otherwise just keep the jackets on hand. your view with the golden gate bridge is nice and clear but temperatures out there are really chilly around santa rosa couple pockets in the south bay as well as the inland east bay. we do have some low cloud cover and fog to watch out for and we are seeing that, especially true out to the central valley were 99 i 5 or blocked out by some very low visibility all over again. now current temperatures are in the 40's 50's. most of us down in the 40's this morning, though, alameda hanging on to the low 50's at 53 petaluma at 45 in santa rosa, a chilly 43 reyna.
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john, thank you for that. so i am seen reports of fog along the richmond sandra fell bridge. i was traveling. >> along the bay bridge this morning i ran into some fog. so you definitely want to be mindful of that as you're traveling a little under 30 minutes and then turn the metering lights on the air at the bay bridge. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula drive times a little under 14 minutes to make that commute. the richmond sandra fell bridge also seen reports of fog. so little under 8 minutes but definitely take it slow and we'll start with a look in the south bay. no major accidents or incidents along 2 8085 or to 37 darya. james, back to you. 6 oh, one. and you know what will tran might have the magic touch maybe because when we went on the air this morning. there was a wrangle between the uc system of electorate and their lectures and. >> now some magical solution. yeah. the strike that was looming potentially called off has a deal. been. >> reached. let's find out. joining us live at uc berkeley is kron four's professor tran with today's lecture. good
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morning. well. >> yes. so the exam is back on meeting the professors will be teaching. yes, the strike was scheduled for today and tomorrow. but they burned the midnight oil worked in the overnight hours. and we just learned about 5 minutes ago that they have called off the strike and we're still trying to reach out to the union members. but on the surface chains and area. this being early. there's a good chance that possibly the professors will be inside the classrooms today. teaching the thousands of students within the uc system. there are about 6500 lecturers and a lecture is a little bit different than a tenured professor is because they are working towards that. and but they do about a 3rd of the teaching within the uc system. so that obviously they are part of the backbone. they have been very upset over the past 20 months over a 2 things that they really wanted to hammer out was the paid family
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leave. they got that. not as much as they were hoping for. but they definitely got 4 weeks of paid family leave. they were looking for 8 weeks, but they got 4 weeks 100% as far as the lectures and they will have preferential hiring over new hires. so if you're within the system, you get reviewed every year. and then if they you're good to go, you get reviewed again and again. >> and with every review and every good to go, so to speak. you get a pay raise. so bottom line is a lot of students were very nervous about this. of course, because they want their education. they paid so much money for tuition at looks like crisis averted and you will be inside the classrooms today. we'll find out for sure. but again, it speaks 6 o'clock. and we just found out about 5 minutes ago and the fact that they sent us information as quickly as they could more than likely get your syllabus get your laptop, get whatever you need. because class is back on. >> we were joking about your
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your outfit with the sweater. well, i happen to for i've loved the look. and i i i don't know that people understand a lot of times you don't know what story you're going on. so did you know that you're doing a story about professors today and you put it on. are you just trying look because i really >> you know, hear the true story sometimes accidents happen. this was sitting in my on the floor. i had about a few years. i forgot. i had it and i was sitting around a and being the person that i don't like waste. you pay you might as well use it. so it always carry a worked out. i do feel like a professor. sneak in there and go. haha got to be this fall. looking over fletcher shoulder it just worked out today and it's a perfect look. >> thank you, professor. >> all right. well, hopefully they can also find a resolution in the east bay too, because we have hundreds of employees for the hayward unified school district. they're planning to rally and protest. the district's plan
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to close schools last month we told you about the district's announcement that they were going to closing upwards of 8 schools in order to address a budget shortfall. well, teachers and community members. they've gotten together and they're asking the district now to hold off on that until they've had a chance to look at some other possible solutions. they also want to make sure that there's a plan to help the studlnts who are going to be forced to change schools. today's rally is set for 4 o'clock. it will be at birchfield park the protesters and plan to march on to the district offices to make their voices heard. also happening today we've got san mateo county workers. they're going to be hitting the picket line as well over wages. the protest will include some health care professionals, social workers and engineers. they say they've been without a contract now for about 2 months and that the offer of a one percent wage increase is insulting to them. the strike is set to last all day. it's not clear if county services will be impacted. but we'll let you know. >> 6. '05, and we finally
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have. >> a couple of stories follows on big jewelry thefts. now, in this case. >> this one just happened yesterday $250,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from this chinatown shop and it happened in the morning. the shop is call longbow jewelers near sacramento and grant and you can see all the damage done here and cases that are left empty fees were in and out in less than 3 minutes. the united peace collaborate is which is a group that's been trolling the neighborhoods in the bay area saying as many as 4 china town jewelry stores were also targeted over the weekend. >> all owners are kind of scared. you they don't know what the of tight. they say people problem and there's no question. and the combat. at the point where they're ready give up close. >> and give up in clothes is a terrible thing. and in this case the longbow jewelers owners. they were going to retire. they were just months away from closing in 40 years.
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they were going to retire. and so now, you know, they're left with this. we haven't heard back about any details about this break in. we're wondering if we'll see video, you know, maybe they have surveillance video and we'll get that. in fact, this morning we have the surveillance video that we were waiting for. >> in the smash and grab at the diamond store in concord and look at this now. take a good look. it's hard to see. but you know, maybe somebody will make up these rappers. there were 9 of them. >> asked and you can see they're wearing hoodies and they stormed in around 7 o'clock. it was just before closing. you can see the employees now cleaning up. but they got away with pretty much everything that they wanted. this was on monday night and may even go back to that loop of of the the breaking kuz. if you can see what was so scary about this is there were 9, 9, people that came rushing in their employees in there. >> there were their workers in there. look at could coming in and coming in and it's just
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lucky that nothing went wrong and that nobody got hurt. >> well, community led effort in san francisco is helping victims of smash-and-grab robberies and burglaries helping them reunite with their stolen items. dozens of car break-ins happened daily and a lot of that stolen luggage and the items being dumped across the bay in the richmond district and now neighbors are using social media apps like nextdoor to post about stolen items that they found one man says he's already helped 50 tourists get some of their things back. and most recently he was able to help a group over the weekend. >> the least we can do is neighbors is, you know, help the poor tourists come here on their vacations and we robbed them the least we can do is is you know, we're walking down the street and this is happening in our neighborhood and lots of other neighborhoods is at least you know, scoop up that you know, the sidewalks littered with with with stolen luggage and trying to figure out how to get back to him.
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>> well, in addition to next door. sometimes you can also find neighbors posting about stolen items on facebook or twitter. so if you've had some taken from me. check those platforms as well. also in the news, one man was taken to the hospital after a shooting in san francisco's bayview neighborhood. this is video of the scene from the citizens app. so this happened in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital. we're still waiting for an update on that person's condition. >> it's 6. '09, and san mateo county approves more than $200,000 for gun buy-back programs. this is also they'll be money coming from the sheriff's office and local community groups what it is going to do is pay for a series of gun buyback events and they're going to hold them through the end of 2023. and this is where if you turn a gun, you get a $100 is for a handgun or shotgun and you'll get $200. if you turn in an assault rifle. the first event is set for december 11th. it's 6 '09, right now and there's a
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crash, a taco bell parking lot with just one vehicle driven by a mom and her daughter was in the car as well. and now they're both in the hospital. the daughters just a toddler. they were both seriously injured. this happened last night in oakley police say the mom was speeding through the parking lot and crashed into those protective posts in front of the taco bell and she and her daughter suffered major injuries. they had to be airlifted to the >> plans to create a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinic in walnut creek have been postponed for now. so far this year. police have been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location. now the city of walnut creek was intending to discuss this buffer zone proposal last night. but there was some sort of a technical issue with the zoom call. and in the end they were forced to call off the meeting. no word yet on when it will be rescheduled. also in the we've got the latest on president biden and his
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signing of this historic infrastructure bill. we're going to take a look at what's next for congress in a live report from dc. >> and governor newsome is warning about a possible winter covid surge. we're going to take a look at how the state is preparing for that. sara. >> today's the first statewide ruby bridges walked to school day and was started by kids here in south san francisco. coming up in a live report all tell you more about why they're honoring the civil rights activist. >> and much clear skies than what we had yesterday when it was super foggy at sfo. definitely not the case this morning, but it is cooler daytime highs. today will be back into the low 60's your forecast ahead. >> and we are seeing fog across some of our bridges this morning as traffic starts to pick up on this wednesday. we'll have a look at your morning commute. once we get back.
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the hero prevails in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. >> 6.14 and today is the day that we celebrate 6 year-old ruby bridges, her courage, her poise, her and how she became an icon for the civil rights movie. in fact, this photo back in the 60's was an iconic moment captured. >> for all time. it was when she stepped into an all white elementary school in new orleans. >> and it literally mark the beginning of school integration and to celebrate
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her bravery as daria put it, california is observing ruby bridges walked to school day for the very first time. and kron 4. sarah stinson is following up from south san francisco. good morning, sarah. >> yeah, been following it since the first local one in today's the first statewide ruby bridges walked to school day and it's a day that is definitely important to celebrate its really just pmpressive that we started this locally when we're on a real girl all the way in louisiana. back to 1960. take a look at a picture of ruby bridges starting today all over california schools will be honoring ruby bridges in a deserved on or that. this all started back in 2017, a 5th grade class at morton elementary school in south san francisco learned about how really bridges fought to desegregate an all-white school. she was attending a
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new orleans in 1960. she was just 6 years old. she was fighting to integrate the school even through all the hate. she lived a few blocks from the school. so it made sense to go there. but it was hard decision. he was going to go there because of how much he should receive. she did so and she would walk to school. people would be yelling racial slurs at her and she kept fighting on. so this class of 5th graders in south san francisco. they were so moved by her. one student asked the teacher is there data on a ruby and unfortunately there was not so this class got to work. they started a petition to establish one took that to the school board. it was passed unanimously to make november 14th the day for ruby bridges. from there. a couple school starting to fall through the state, but they need to make it official. and senator josh becker agreed carrying a resolution through senate to make it official. now, today is the day the for statewide walker ruby bridges. it starts at 7 30 here in south san francisco. they're going to be walking from this downtown area to their respective schools is about
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8,000 students within the school district. and this is just the start of something beautiful and it's great that they'll be doing this for decades and honoring ruby bridges just that 6 year-old girl fighting in bravery so much bravery and now people are still honoring her today. some send it back to you at 7.30. we'll bring it to you live in. we'll be checking in with the student who inquired about it first in 20 17th and we kind of all looking forward to it. thank you very receive the students started by inquiring students started by we learn a lot from kids who are so much braver. >> in ways i found they lead the way all right. it is 6.17. let's get over to the weather center. we've got john with your chilly wednesday morning forecast now. good morning, john. yeah, definitely cold out there, guys as much as 10 degrees cooler than at the same point yesterday. so. >> whatever you did yesterday maybe throw on that extra layers. you're venturing out today just for good measure
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don't want to be stepping outside and getting the shivers as you're getting out there looking outside at your view from the berkeley hills camera skies are starting to brighten up sun about to pop over the horizon as it does. you will see some clear conditions. and yesterday a little less fog than what we had for your tuesday morning. high pressure building up. and that's going to keep us dry today and at least during daytime hours tomorrow we will see more cloud cover tomorrow than today. and also slightly cooler temperatures for your thursday thursday night into friday brings the week's best chance of rainfall and even them. it's slim chances of some light showers to the north bay in a scattered isolated sprinkle elsewhere. most likely on into morning hours of friday. what's this going to do for us, will for santa rosa could result in around a quarter of an inch of rain. the rest of the bay area really nothing more than a sprinkle or 2. so this is some very light rainfall to be talking about. as for daytime highs today will be back to the 60's. we go all that cooler range of 60's and yesterday just low to mid 60's. this time around
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tomorrow will remain pretty similar to today a little bit more cloud cover showers, arriving late in the evening and a chance of a few sprinkles on friday, saturday and sunday. we remain dry as we will all the way through the thanksgiving holiday next thursday. brain todd, thank you for that couple access to tell you about. we have one on one on one along 8.80, just west, a street southbound. >> so we are starting to see a slight delay there. if you're traveling from san leandro down to milpitas. it'll take you almost 30 minutes because of that delay we're seeing there. also in south san francisco, north about one to one at least are point boulevard not seen a delay along one o one. but 82 would be a good alternate runs just adjacent to that heading into the city right now. little under 14 minutes for your drive time. they remember said we saw pockets. i saw pockets of fog personally traveling into the city this morning. the san mateo bridge a little under 14 minutes seen reports along the richmond center fell bridge a fog. so a foggy morning in certain areas. the
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same for the golden gate as well. no major delays when you make it to the south bay during james, back to you. thanks a lot. rate 6.19 and let's talk national news and congress what they're going to be doing is changing the focus. now they're looking at the next big thing on the agenda. yeah. they've got the infrastructure bill behind him. up next. >> the national defense authorization act. we also have the president's social spending bill which one will they tackle first. that's the west. so much to do, nor will they get nothing done. basil john is in dc taking a look, i've isil. >> well, james darya, good morning, diane. you're always giving capitol hill. so such a bad rap sometimes, but it's true. a house and senate are basically racing the clock right now in order to see how many of hey slative items can complete before the end of the year. >> lawmakers move on to the next big items on their agenda, starting with the nda. a whole essence of our effort is to deter. countries from
6:21 am
thinking that a military response would prevail in the face of the united states. >> rhode island democratic senator jack reed said there's plenty of bipartisan support for the defense bill. we're looking at. >> the dimensions warfare expanding into space into cyber senate democratic leader chuck schumer says republicans and democrats want to add a new manufacturing proposal to the nda relieve our overburdened supply chains. >> including ensuring a steady, steady supply of domestic made semiconductor chip so vital to our economy. but some republicans like missouri senator roy blunt worry about the final price of the defense bill. we need to get realistic about what has to be in the bill and then we have to get realistic about the top line numbers and move forward. democrats have noh forgotten about the president's social spending plan and say they will work to get the bill back better act passed. we aim to pass it before christmas. but senate republican leader mitch mcconnell warns about the negative side effect. if the
6:22 am
president's bill is passed, it bbb passes. >> we will only exacerbate only make worse. inflation. not only this year. but next year. >> now house lawmakers said they will continue to push for the social spending bill and try and get a vote to happen as soon as possible reporting live in washington. i'm basil john. here's the thing, basil, with these lists. >> is it turns out people are bad at multitasking. so people change has every 10 minutes. basil too much distractions. yeah. i mean, you see what i'm saying. we need to true history. i mean, it happens. they're trying to multitask all the time to care as much as they can so it's better if they say we're going to take care of this first. then we're going to take care of the second. but. >> and, you know, some people are going to follow that height. thank you as always. fun chat with basil. see you tomorrow. 6.22 right now. still ahead on the kron 00:00am morning news you know what, they're focused on. an oakland stopping homelessness and they have a new program to
6:23 am
try to stop evictions before people have nowhere to live. we'll tell you how it works.
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there's this feeling we chase... like someone upped the brightness on the entire world. like your body is super-charged, but your mind is super calm. it feels like 20/20 vision for your whole being. and we'll chase this feeling, until we can feel it... one. more. time. feel the hydrow high. >> oakland. mayor libby shaft is trying to stop people getting kicked out of their home. she's got a new housing assistance pilot program and it's designed to stop
6:26 am
evictions, which would prevent homelessness. it's called the shallow subsidy program and it will pay a portion of your rent every month for up to 18 months. logan mcdonnell whose with a nonprofit housing resource program says that this will focus on neighborhoods where rents have increased nearly 90% and also provide help to neighborhoods with high rates of gentrification. the total cost of the program. it's about 3 and a half million dollars. >> well, local housing developer is suing the city of santa clara now for allegedly rejecting a new affordable housing project and potentially violating state law. so an attorney for republic metropolitan tells kron 4 that the developer had been in talks with city officials to build a 240 unit development with retail and recreation space across from santa clara university. the developer claims that it's invested millions of dollars so far into the project and now it's accusing the city of meeting behind closed doors to cancel it.
6:27 am
>> allow >> the developer to believe that they were going come to some kind of an agreement which they had not yet come to a agreement. but. >> they never had any discussion whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions. >> you know, the developer also alleges the city of santa clara violated state housing law by rejecting a project that would have created guaranteed affordable housing. in a statement, the city acknowledged that it had received the complaint. but it wouldn't comment on it any further. >> coming up. people could soon be allowed to shoot up drugs at an injection site. here in san francisco. i'm live with why mayor london breed says this is a good
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lisa looks like you've... [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] lisa, you might be on mute. [ sfx: pop ping bloop ] [ phone buzzing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state with real california dairy. >> 6.30 right now. and we are checking out the runways at does it look like. extra busy or like it's ready to be extra busy. let me see a look up the latest delays. you talk. well, i look that through that playing a little game. i like to look at the tales of the and decide what they are. sometimes they have those custom ones. this is a small teams and as has 17 delays right now. let and one cancellation yeah. on a day where it looks pretty clear. i don't know why they would be my to last. well, what that it start to happen before the holiday right now is the time a lot of people are flying and don't forget, they were still. >> right. like ramping up from
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covid layoffs and and and retiring and stuff like that. and it trying to keep up with a schedule so i braced for my case, i have a delay or cancellation. don't be surprised if you can e-mail from the airline saying your flights going in which they can come in your house member for thanksgiving, right on that exit for sure. >> haha, i if i've stocked sfo eating a turkey leg like $40 for this cheaper service to put on is the thing. yeah, they do have a wind ease. so there you go. i don't know what's open on thanksgiving. you like the cranberry muffins at the starbucks. exactly. hopefully that that will happen. that will happen. it is probably going to be pretty busy out there this next week, though, so many people are back to traveling this holiday season and mother nature. >> it's actually going whether between here and they're really good for it. we're only looking at one lone chance of rainfall between here in the holiday. and it's really just a chance of sprinkles late
6:32 am
tomorrow night into friday morning. otherwise it's a lot like this clear skies afternoon bay. we do have a couple of foggy spots this morning like around santa rosa, a couple spots in the south bay and then especially out in the central valley where they had some very dense to the fog so far this week blocking out reviews on highway 99 as well as i 5 current temperatures are mostly in the 40's. he were at 49 alameda oakland berkeley and san francisco each kicking off this wednesday morning in the 50's. it's chilly out there. so do bundle up as you get outside reyna. >> okay. so we do have a 20 minute delay. if you're taking bart, it's on the various a line in the dublin pleasanton direction. so if you're taking bart, make sure to keep that in mind. we also have an accident out here southbound 8.80, north of west. a street in hayward. so you're seeing the delays are traveling along the san lorenzo in that area. a little under 90 minutes traffic starts to pick up along the bay remember, i mentioned i saw pockets of fog travel into the city this morning that in addition to the metering lights being on a
6:33 am
slowing things down heading across towards the peninsula a little under 15 minutes and they just opened up all the lanes were found. one. oh, one at oyster point boulevard in south san francisco. so if you don't want to be stuck in that delay 82 or just wait it out. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot a 6.32 and san francisco's could soon allow people to shoot up drugs at a facility where medical professionals would be on hand. yeah, the goal is to do allow them to be able to do it. safely. mayor london breed says it would save lives in the the is live in san francisco with more on this. this has been a controversial. >> issue whether to set the site up, camilla. >> exactly. but now mayor london breed is pushing for this and they're called safe consumption sites and it's meant to prevent people from overdosing in the streets of san francisco. now, this is a place where people would their narcotics or drugs. they safely inject themselves. but while being supervised by
6:34 am
nurses, doctors or trained professionals. mayor london breed. introduced legislation to purchase this building on the corner of erie and hyde street. the 8,000 square foot building would cost 6.3 million dollars and the mayor's goal is set to open the site as early as spring of next year. this is where people with substance abuse issues would go to safely consume in front of medical professionals. >> and those are the health care workers that are equipped with marchand and medication to prevent those people from overdosing mayor london breed's team says, quote, safe consumption site is a health driven harm reduction tool that will save lives and help us connect more people to treatment and services. but is it is only one part of a broader strategy to address the overdose crisis facing our city state senator scott wiener is a supporter of the site. he says these venues offer clean needles drug testing. kids and give people options to get on the right path to sobriety. we're also
6:35 am
introduced legislation late last year to make safe consumption sites legal under his senate bill. the site would be first implemented here in san francisco, oakland and los angeles. but leaders. bill is set to be heard in the state assembly health committee sometime early next year. the senator applauded breeds proposed legislation. he says more san franciscans died of overdoses in 2020. then the dead of covid-19. but at this time the next thing bree needs to do is get the approval from the board of supervisors to finalize the purchase of that building. she says that she also plans to contact state and federal government authorities because at this time those safe consumption sites are illegal under federal law darya james, back to you. camila, thank you very much. >> 6.35 governor newsome is warning that the we could be in for a winter surge of covid. he says california is braced for a stress on the healthcare system. if that
6:36 am
happens, he says about a quarter of the state's population is still not vaccinated. the governor visited a vaccine clinic in the central valley and he's continuing to urge people to get their covid shots and boosters ahead of the winter. >> as we enter into a season. past his pro log. we should anticipate increase of cases increase in hospitalizations. >> governor newsom says he understands people's concerns about the vaccines, but he is hoping that those who have yet to get their shot do so as soon as possible. so the transmission rates remain low into the winter. >> well, stanford is reporting more than 2 dozen covid-19 cases among students since november 8, 8 staff and faculty members have also tested positive over the last week over the past 2 months, stanford has seen an average of fewer than 13 positive cases among students. but after conducting 14,000 tests over the last week. that number has doubled the school says the 6 of those students
6:37 am
live in on-campus housing students say, yeah, they're concerned. >> lately has been more of a worry because i'm such like close proximity to people. >> who've tested positive. but i'd like tested basically we've been testing like every day provide about the tests as well. so. >> and the university said in a statement that the students who tested positive have been isolated and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. they also say that the university will continue to require surveillance testing for members of the campus community. and we have a better idea now how many children in the bay area are getting the shot in marin county. 30 1% of the nearly 21,000 eligible children have now received the covid vaccine in contra, costa county. it's about half that 16% and that's out of 92,000 eligible children in alameda county where they have about a 137,000 eligible children. they also have about 16% of them vaccinated. and then in san mateo county, their
6:38 am
numbers are roughly 17% and those are the only counties that have released numbers so far. the other say they're still gathering the information needed to make it public. >> see, i can't hold somebody is hand when they get the shot that helps you really squeeze that hand. those of you be ready if you're the hand. there could soon be and actually in fighting the coronavirus because pfizer is asking the fda to authorize its antiviral pill to treat unvaccinated people who get covid kron four's. dan kerman has the details. >> it's a game changer as it gets says, it's a step above up from where we are right now. covid-19 vaccine make pfizer. it's now asking the fda to grant emergency use authorization for paxlovid a pill doctors could prescribe to treat those infected with covid-19 your healthcare professional call in a prescription to walgreens you go to walgreens, you pick up 5 pack. >> course and he start taking it lo and behold, it prevents
6:39 am
you from going to the hospital. biser's says its studies show high-risk unvaccinated volunteers who started taking the pills. >> within 3 days of getting symptoms greatly reduce their risk of severe disease and death. here's a way that we could tolerate having a certain amount of transmission going on. >> but not squeezing the hospitals in the hospital for space infectious disease. experts say these pills provide yet another tool in the tool box in the fight against covid-19 people who have been hesitant to get vaccines. and who get infected might not be as tend to get drugs. and this may be a a different approach for certain parts of the country >> vaccination coverages is much lower. studies are also underway to see if the same pill could be given to those. >> in the same household as someone with covid to prevent the others from getting the virus. >> i think in the future what will happen to is i could also
6:40 am
give. madison said the 5 people, the hospital too been in contact with me. but who are negative so far from becoming positive. >> infectious disease specialists are quick to point out that these pills are no substitute for the vaccine that remains the top priority at this point it's unclear when the fda will review pfizer's proposal at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news, 6 40's a time. and today the mayor, sam liccardo is going hold a news conference talking about a recent decision. >> to protect coyote valley. earlier this week the city council voted to protect 314 acres from industrial development. instead they're going to make sure that area is for recreational purposes and agriculture and tourism the news conference today set for 1130. don't forget, we have >> well happening today. it is going to be day 2 of jury deliberations in the trial of
6:41 am
kyle rittenhouse. a verdict could come down at any moment. we're following the latest from the courtroom. rittenhouse shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin during black lives matter marches last summer to those men died. prosecutors say rittenhouse came to that march to provoke a confrontation. his lawyers, however, say he opened fire only in self-defense. we'll bring you the verdict as soon as it's announced. also this morning, happening today. the defense in the trial of the 3 men charged for killing ahmaud arbery will begin presenting its case. the prosecution rested yesterday the medical examiner who performed the autopsy testified that offer was shot at very close range. he said he was grabbing the shotgun held by travis mcmichael or perhaps pushing it away when the trigger was pulled and that's when he died cell phone video shows a struggle between operate and mcmichael who fired the shots and again, update you as that trial continues. 6.41. and still ahead, airline workers are concerned about unruly
6:42 am
passengers. >> and now coming into the travel season for the holidays. their extra worried. we'll tell you what they're demanding from congress. >> plus, a happy reunion in the north guess what, the front lawn, baby and mom get to visit the paramedics who helped. when on the road against kevin duran, the brooklyn nets which makes it all the sweeter we'll have the highlights and today certainly not a bad day as far as weather goes a little cooler, though, and certainly colder start to this morning. >> coastal areas in the low 60's very similar to our inland areas. i've got details on when we can expect in the sort of rain in your forecast. still to come. i have a few hot spots to tell you about. they are on bart will get to that when we get back and look that when we get back and look at your there's a different way to treat hiv.
6:43 am
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>> all right. not only did the mom let everybody in on her birth, but she is allowing us. yeah, i would just think it's i mean, she literally let the neighborhood. i mean, she didn't have a choice. you see her baby before. but now she's letting us follow the of the reunion with a little front lawn, baby and about if you haven't seen the story up to today. this is what happened. oh, about 2 weeks ago now. emily johnson on her way to the hospital has been there's the suv contractions. got to go. >> feel make it if you're not going to shake up she laid down on the grass baby was born on the front lawn and all captured on their front door about such a great story now. and i just so appreciate that the family is so willing to share all of this on the news
6:46 am
so that the paramedics came over who helped out. >> and they reunited and they let us shoot that and they talk to us again and the mom tells an amazing story and she's really honest about how this all went down. take a listen to refocus on the baby. i was focusing on asked dad to give me a stack of dry towels. >> and he did a great job coming out. basically every town in the house we use a couple the drible thomas off and got on the gurney and away we went. i just didn't want to have a natural want them to >> you go girl it minute if you some people are in the like, oh, i'm going to, you know, like the doula thing, i'd i don't a-g's and others. i went in the same way i was like, you know what it is the second i can give me a but here's the thing. is the baby on the plus side for you. the baby came so quickly. yeah, i think it it was 5 or 10 minutes from start to finish all done. so it's kind of like when ben, your big toe. really, really, really, really really hard. and it doesn't
6:47 am
last beyond 10. and hopefully it also sides and you can move on with your day. kind of like i'm just trying to explain it to you. and yeah. it's really hard tell bank equivalent pain. we've enter yes. this that doesn't sound too bad. cold out there this morning. so whatever you're doing, as you're getting outside. hopefully making it to your destination on time, especially in that case, we are going to be looking at conditions out there that are jacket where the for sure. >> very nice clear morning looking outside at the embarcadero bay bridge in the background. not a lot of a breeze right along the bay shore. nice way to kick things off its just colder in clear. you do want that extra layer skies are nice and clear and dry. high pressure is ensuring that's going to remain the case today. tonight on into tomorrow during the day, at
6:48 am
least won't be until tomorrow night that we see our next chance of rain and ice, a chance of rain and really mean that because we are only looking at a slight chance of a few sprinkles across the bay area thursday night into friday itself. you'll see our best chance of rainfall for the northern parts of sonoma and napa counties. the rest of us, as you can see, just a spotty sprinkle a time or 2. this is going to amount to no more than a trace of rainfall for most areas santa rosa, you could see up to a quarter of an inch of rain areas further north in santa rosa specially upper elevations will have better potential of anything beyond that. now today's daytime highs a bit cooler than yesterday as it was upper 60's to low 70's yesterday. today it's low 60's to mid 60's for highs burlingame at 65 redwood city at 66 south bay teoperatures a little cooler than yesterday just by a few degrees, though. just keep the light jacket on hand into the afternoon and enjoy some of the cool suns ine that we're in for sonoma 64 for your high will and cut 61 pretty similar to areas closer to the coast like mill valley in point reyes also in the low
6:49 am
60's. now, tomorrow temperatures remain around the same as today is friday will be our best chance of a few scattered sprinkles. really this forecast stays dry all the way through thanksgiving. better chances of rainfall looking likely the weekend after the holiday rain. don, thank you for that. right hotspots on barred. if you're taking it major bar delay. >> on the dublin pleasanton line in the daily city direction. the other bar delays, a 20 minute delay on the berryessa line in the set of directions. so those 2 issues are currently happening on bart. but you also have issues on your highways a little under a southbound 18 or the west a street. we do have an accident. so we do see a delay as you're traveling a lot to say lorenzo and hey, we're traveling into the city. there is a traffic hazard, 80 westbound near the treasure island exit. so drive times are up a little under 19 minutes. also saw some pockets of fog on the bay ridge earlier this morning as you're heading across towards the peninsula. little under 15 minutes to make that drive this accident in south san
6:50 am
francisco just cleared northbound 1, 1, voice point boulevard. and again, the richmond sandra fell commute also seen reports of fog there as well as the golden gate bridge to definitely take your time as you're driving today during a james. back to you. thank you. ray. 6.49 right now and in national news. >> airline workers are really worried about the busy holiday travel season. that is coming up. >> and following the surge airline assaults. they've already seen, you know, with the pandemic seem to bring on a lot more stress and anger out of people. so now the airlines and the flight attendants are asking congress for help. the faa says more than 70% of incidents involving airline staff. our over masks. airline unions are demanding congress. do something help with more security and training and increased criminal prosecutions against people who go ballistic with the airlines. >> needs to be done to
6:51 am
discourage this kind of horrific behavior. 5,000 assaults reported to the faa. only 37 the recommended for criminal prosecution. >> some union leaders say they're concerned that the vaccine mandates could make it more difficult to keep the airport staff and safe and so a few the feeding into again, more problems with nobody's you know, police this stuff. >> time now is 6.51 let's talk about something happy. you're ok. the night. yeah. they rebounded from a loss with a big win on the road last night beating kevin are at the brooklyn nets. oh, wow. i mean, we contained kd. >> and they put a lid on curry know had 37 points on the night. >> and he had 9, 3 pointers in fact, steph curry's 3rd game this season where he's put up 9 threes. nobody else in the league has even put up a single game with 9 threes and here he is on his 3rd game wow. and you jordan poole, you
6:52 am
had wiggins. yeah. helping double double digits. and by the time it was done. one 17 to 99 there. steph curry. >> coming off and you or you didn't play well, so. it's not the playoffs, but there's an intensity that, you know, you have to show up. if you're going to be a team like that. so we definitely lock in and get focused and. you thrive off that competitive you know, know that there's a lot of town. the floor. >> not to tell a floor on our side. and i mean, you know, he met props to katie in the game. yeah, they're all still good friends. the warriors will continue the road trip tomorrow. night. they'll be facing the cleveland cavaliers tip off at 4.30. so we'll watch that help for a win as well. >> we'll be right back.
6:53 am
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>> she talked baseball. yes, indeed, the man apparently he's been named now the national league manager of the year and for good reason. in his second season. only a second season. he led the giants to that franchise record 107 wins enjoy i thought it was because he was so buff. he is that too. haha science, of course, making their first playoff appearance since 2016 and earned their first nl west title since tony. 2012 in captors. 2 seasons. the giants now. have a have a 600 more than that.
6:56 am
13 winning percentage. so whatever just can you forget all those numbers just look at him. look at him. you know what, it really i he was fine. city jim >> like that to a right 0 saying it's like i'm good. looks like just kind of. >> so that looks like when you actually like exercise and take care of your body. well, that and like they're so successful and out. how does that happen? it's like little deal when it rains, it pours good for the graduations. i guess raining importing was a wrong way to explain that. just gifts. just gifts, gifts gifts and look at right now 6.56 right now congrats coming up in the next hour. california is celebrating. >> this little girl. ruby bridges who was so courageous and brave and is just an inspiration to this day and we'll tell you why she gets her own day now. plus, lectures at uc schools. are going to be in the classroom
6:57 am
after all. that was a close one will tran is live to educate us about how the strike was averted.
6:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at 7.
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>> we get ready for work. i want to remind you that you are not your job or position because i think, you know, i'm learning a lot about work. you know, like multitasking isn't necessarily the best thing. things like this. but did you know that we check our emails. the average person checks their e-mail 74 times a day distracted distracted distracted. that sounds like a lot. but i you know what, every every time. your mind's not actively on something will take out their phone just so happens time king no high make and so one other thing i just decided is out of low. i think that when we meet people, we should say instead of what do you do. we always say that what you do says, hey, who are you like that? who are don't say what do you do say you. now, if the first time to get over the which i don't hear about weather, but i or, you know, what do you asking what can i tell that's the definition of small lk


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