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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  November 16, 2021 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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and treatment of cancer. >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news heading. >> a smash-and-grab caught on camera. and while customers were still inside how much burglars got away with and the latest details from the ongoing investigation. but first, a mix-up causing concern for some parents. the hospital responding tonight after children were given the wrong dose. of their covid vaccine. thanks for joining us for kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. i'm ken wayne. and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. >> parents in the east bay are very upset after learning their children were given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine. the mixup happened over the weekend at a center health vaccination clinic in
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antioch, sutter health confirms 14 children received the incorrect pediatric dose. in a written statement center health says the parents, quote, received vaccines with an incorrect amount up to as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and by 7 of cdc guidance in this situation. the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to make sure help make sure this doesn't happen again, though, getting the wrong dose may sound alarming infectious disease expert peter chin hong a doctor ucf s ucsf says this is not the first time that children have been given a dose this size of the pfizer vaccine. >> clean with kids. you just want to give the smallest dose. god can give you the same immune response. and that's why 10 was chosen. but they also looked at member. again, this could have been the dose that they had chosen for pediatric populations is just that the 10 micrograms gave the same benefits. in terms of immune response.
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>> we talked to one father says his children were administered. the incorrect dosage at this time. he says both are recovering from severe stomach aches. but he adds that most of the pain has now gone away. >> it has been 2 weeks since the cdc authorized emergency vaccine use for young children, kron four's terisa stasio zoomed in on how the bay area's doing was getting shots into the arms of those aged 12 through 11 and she joins us now live in center felt recent. >> i can. and catherine, i'm here in samara found this is the rand health and wellness center right behind me. this is one of places that they've set up for these special clinics to administer the covid shot for those kids. 5.11 and so farmer and health officials say that the supply, the demand is matching up very well. at marin health and wellness. it was a quick with the specially size needle and pfizer dosage for kids 5 to 11.
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>> that followed by spongebob and 8 and the first shot to protect against covid-19 was over for this 11 year-old. so farmer and health officials say 30% of the nearly 21,000 eligible to get vaccinated have done so these clinics will open in the next 5 days and health officials say that they just released 800 more appointments every tech on really well, the schools have been really happy to be there that parents and students are really excited about the vaccines. that right there is so fema korea with contra costa county public health says currently they are at 16% of the eligible 92,000 children available to get vaccinated. the doctor says that they have plenty of vaccine and encourage parents to talk with their providers. and we're working on a lot town halls in partnership with the school of education to get the information out there around vaccinations. >> in addition to that, we're running individuals to go to
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the health care providers not to have a lot of information on our website. elsewhere in the bay area. alameda county has 22,000 vaccinated about 16% of those eligible with plans to open up more community clinics in the following days. san mateo has 11,435 out of the nearly 64 eligible. that is roughly 17%. >> other county say that they're tabulating their data and updating their dashboards besides county facilities providers such as kaiser checking in with a large number getting the shot. this is video from one of their sites. they have administered the most. according to a spokesperson, they have given 45,000 shots and continue to see a steady demand. and back here in sandra fell again, just like the adult a vaccine. it is free for everyone here in sandra fell. theresa stasi, a kron 4 news. thank you, theresa. >> state leaders say anyone in california who wants a booster
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shot should now be able to get one. this is governor newsome says his administration is bracing for an increase in covid cases and hospitalizations fears of another surge are surfacing because of the waning immunity of vaccines after 6 months. also because about 25% of the population has yet to get vaccinated statewide covid numbers are stable. but some parts of the state seeing a beginning to see some increases as of tuesday, the state had administered boosters to more than 4.2 million people boosters. >> are important to deal with waning immunity. important to help us get through this winter so we do not experience the winter. we experienced last year. >> and ahead of of winter. governor newsome sign an executive order to extend pandemic-related regulations aimed at expanding the state's health care workforce. this allows a health care workers
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from out of state to provide services in california and it continues to give health care facilities. the option to adapt their spaces for covid care. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children and much more than that. >> you can scan that qr code on your screen. it will take you straight to the special section of our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at beautiful look at a downtown san francisco's lights. catherine just seem to be popping off the screen. yeah. looks very clear. that's beautiful. a conference. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow share lunch, nice. stay. getting the is coming are. >> out there tonight, though, it looks like those skies will remain clear. and then we're seeing some changes. winds
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kicking up over the sorth of the east bay hills overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. we've got coming our way. of course, with that cold front come through last night that swept the south overnight and then moved out of town early this morning and then left behind really a nice day outside a beautiful sunset, but yeah, temperature wise numbers going look like this around the bay area for tomorrow. expect those numbers to be up in the upper 60's in spots inland and then looks like along the coastline just a little bi%. cooler should be a dry day for tomorrow. but after that, everything begins to change high pressure is going to weaken rapidly. and as we get into the next day. well, we're talking about a chance of rain on the way as the clouds going to thicken up. in fact, we had a chance of rain by thursday late in the day. i think another chance of rain coming early on friday morning that will dry things out for the weekend. then next week a little bit unsettled. but right now looks like mainly dry with the exception. the storm possibly coming through on thursday and friday. guys, back to you. thank isabella. the news in san francisco police are
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investigating a shooting in the city's bayview neighborhood. >> this is video of the scene from the citizen app. it's happening in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue not far from the kirkwood the south muni stop police say they responded to the scene just after 4 o'clock and found one person who had been shot. a man. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police say this is an active crime scene and they're asking people to avoid that area will bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. the search is on for a group of armed thieves. you see right here in this video after a smash and grab a nice pay jewelry stores. brazen heist took place inside conquered sun valley mall last night while the mall was open and customers are shopping inside kron four's. maureen kelly reports. >> at this point concord police say they don't have a handle yet on how much ali was taken during a smash-and-grab robbery. but they say initial reports are it was a substantial loss here's
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surveillance video showing the 9 suspects wearing hoodies and gloves with their faces covered as they wielded hammers attacking the glass display cases. police say the robbers mob the iceberg diamonds jewelry store and we're in and out in a flash. this video shows the aftermath of the store employee cleaning up the broken glass. the brazen crime happening around 07:30pm. well, the mall was still open and the national >> probably not a shooting. just the passion ground that's audio from a responding officer reporting back to dispatch. the sounds of the hammers hitting the glass sounded like gunfire to some of the customers who called into 911, but no shots were fired and no one was injured. the suspects had already left by the time police arrived. according to a worker who did not want to go on camera. the gang of robbers ran out through the red. robin burger joint today. iceberg diamonds had their gates down and a closed sign posted. the
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shattered glass of the display case is still visible. i showed the surveillance video to people outside the mall this afternoon. it sounds pretty scary. >> you guys cover denies ran into the wow beings. that scary? >> i'm sure these people done it before and we're going to do it again. i just feel sorry for the the the owner of the business is going to be tough to get around the holidays. >> i reached out to the sun valley mall. they told me they had no one available to comment on this incident. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> coming up, there will be no reelection for jackie spear. the california congresswoman explains decision not to run again in 2022 plus, planning your holiday. feast without breaking the bank. how you can find the best bargains getting ready to celebrate. >> and what's next for the oakland coliseum. we might get an answer soon as we're following a big vote that's on the table.
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after my car accident, but it will help you and your family stay safe i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. >> we may soon know the fate of the oakland coliseum site, the oakland city council meeting is currently underway. we want to show you a live picture inside the council meeting tonight, the council's hearing 2 proposals on what to do with the coliseum. we don't have that video from inside. one group is working toward bringing a wnba team to the arena that formally house of warriors right next to the coliseum. the other group is led by a baseball hall of famer dave stewart, who's
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expressed interest in revitalizing and developing the current ballpark site, the city council is expected to vote on which group they want to enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with for the next year. we'll be following the vote and we'll bring you any updates as soon as they come into our newsroom. >> with the trillion-dollar infrastructure package signed into law. president biden and democrats are planning a nationwide push to celebrate that accomplishment. of course it is also aimed at selling the president's huge spending bill which is still pending the build back better act. >> that will reduce taxes for working parents. address continue to address climate change make investments in childcare and caregiving. >> republicans say record high prices for groceries and gas are the result of too much government spending. but democrats argue that by providing things like child care and job training in the plan. more people will get back to work and that will
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improve supply chains and ease inflation. >> now to the rittenhouse trial. day one of jury deliberations ended just a few hours ago. jurors must decide the team's fate on 5 charges in the killing of 2 people and wounding of a 3rd in august of last year. the jurors are set to resume deliberations tomorrow morning. reporter mike lowe is in kenosha tonight and has more. >> and the jury will begin its deliberations again tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock. meantime, here in kenosha tonight there is a chill in the air and tension all around as the nation awaits the verdict in one of the most politically polarizing cases in recent memory. >> shortly after night fell. the jury was dismissed. i understand intuition break for the evening, which is and the legal fate of kyle rittenhouse remained uncertain for another protesters marched off the steps of the kenosha county courthouse where station all day all calls for justice.
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justice is now in the hands of 12 people. 7 women, 5 men and only one black please put them in the tumbler and the. >> rotate it and then the defendant will drought 6 of the numbers. >> in what legal scholars called a highly unusual move. the judge allowed rittenhouse himself to draw numbers from a raffle tumbler narrowing the 18 people who heard the case down to the 12 who will deliberate. >> i've never seen that and never heard of that in terms of the defendants participation in pulling names from a hat to little downey a group of jurors down to the 12 jurors who are set to deliberate even that piece for me is trying to pick lee the defense lawyer knows who or all or his know who the jury is going to be at opening statements. judge later clarified that allowing the defendant to draw jury members has been a tradition in his courtroom. >> for 20 years. >> all right, folks, you can
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retire to consider here. >> jurors are now considering 5 separate felony counts. the key questions for jurors tonight. did rittenhouse instigate the confrontation as prosecutors argue. >> he's too cowardly to use on face the fight his way out. he has to start shooting or was he defending himself against attackers in the crowd of demonstrators as the defense attorneys have said. >> we can take politics out of it is and democrat and republican. but the district attorney's office is marching forward with this case because they need somebody be responsible. >> and when the jury does eventually reach its verdict. the judge says he will give the public a one hour heads up before the verdict is read in court. now, of course, there are concerns because this incident spring up from those violent protests of twenty-twenty that another volatile situation could on fold. and because of that, wisconsin governor tony evers has put the national guard on standby just in case kenosha police, the assistance.
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reporting in kenosha. mike lowe. >> in georgia. the prosecution rested its case in the ahmaud arbery murder trial today after more graphic evidence from arbery's autopsy was shown in court. prosecutors called 23 witnesses during 8 days of testimony. this afternoon, the medical examiner who performed the autopsy took the stand explaining what led to arbery's death. he testified that arbery was hit by 2 of the 3 shotgun rounds fired at him adding that either blast alone would have killed the 25 year-old defense attorneys will begin their case is tomorrow with opening statements and witnesses of their own. >> time for another look at the forecast as we're looking live over the bay bridge neighbors toll plaza there. pretty quiet kron 4 chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joining us with what to expect. yeah. been quiet for a while now looks like a chance of rain going to make a return to the bay area. not quite yet. tonight, another clear
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night across most of the air. you can see some offshore winds are going to kind of blow fairly strongly special to the north and the east bay hills. maybe some gusts as high as 2535 miles per hour right now, mostly clear up toward the golden gate bridge looking good so far looking good right now on the doppler radar to see some clouds off the coastline. that's just some high cloud cover out there right now. but further off. but the water vapor loop by motion here you can see some of that moisture off the this could be the next storm system affecting the bay area, not a huge storm likely to bring some showers into the bay area. but for tomorrow should remain dry high-pressure going to build in ahead of that system. so tomorrow probably watch these temperatures bump bump up a couple degrees by tomorrow afternoon and then looks like we'll get into the rain. time it out for you on the computer models. you can see overnight tonight mostly clear skies and then tomorrow throughout the day. really a nice day and then things begin to change on thursday. those clouds start to thicken up by thursday night. we start talking about some raindrops popping up in the bay area. mainly in the north bay and then the spread in the south overnight into
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early on friday morning. so maybe a 10th of an inch of rain. maybe 2 tents in some of the wettest spots. so not a huge storm but getting back to some wet stuff and that be nice to see temperatures for tomorrow with dry conditions, though, should be very, very nice. you're going to be nearly 70 degrees in many spots inland about 68 and conquer. maybe as high as 70 into fremont. about 60 degrees in san jose cooler along the coastline next couple days. those temperatures. yeah, they're going to come down a chance of rain returning by thursday evening. i believe in then friday morning. some showers early on could make for a difficult commute on friday morning saturday. we dry things out in some dry weather continues into sunday. of course, next week. we start talking about thanksgiving right now. it should stay mostly dry. but we'll see how things work out. thank you, lawrence. well, oakland mayor libby schaff. she's announced a new housing assistance pilot program. this is designed to stop evictions and prevent homelessness. >> the new program is called shallow subsidy. it will pay part of a person's rent every month for up to 18 months. it will focus mostly on neighborhoods will rents are
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way up as much as 90% higher. the total cost of the program is around 3.4 million dollars. mayor schaff says she believes the move will stabilize many local house hopes. >> to the south bay now where a legal battle is brewing over a proposed housing development in the city of santa clara after the developer accused the city of scuttling the project without warning a proposed mixed use housing development on what is now vacant land is said to be in jeopardy developer republic metropolitan was planning a 240 unit development with retail and space for recreation developer claims it has invested millions of dollars and accuses the city of meeting behind closed doors to kill the project. >> without any notice to the developer. >> the. >> town went into a closed session to discuss this
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matter. apparently without any notice, by the way, which wires notice around the neck. and stop the project. >> in a brief statement, the city acknowledge receipt of the complaint saying it had just begun a review. but could not comment further because the issue is still pending. if the city fails to respond to the complaint within 45 days. the developer says the case will proceed to litigation. still ahead tonight, getting treatment for covid-19. could be as easy as popping a pill. the new pill that could keep you out of the hospital. >> also high demand means they are really in need of a helping hand. how you can help a bay area, food bank that's stretched to the limit.
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>> harvest food bank in san jose says it needs a lot of help for the holiday season. it serves 450,000 people every month. and that is up 80% from pre-pandemic levels. donations have dropped off in recent months. workers say families, of course, are also being hit by the rising cost of groceries. second harvest says the best way to help us by donating money rather than food. or you can volunteer one of their warehouses or food distribution sites for your money tonight. inflation and the labor shortage are making the cost of your holiday meal skyrocket. but there are some ways to save on your meat
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purchases. look around to see which meat cuts are the cheapest, according to some experts, whole hands, chicken legs, whole chickens and bone-in pork chops. tender remain about the same price. other cuts which usually run less expensive include hanger, steak, flank, steak, chuck steak and beef short ribs. experts also remember recommend bone-in and an marinated options for some extra savings. good news and bad news for coffee lovers. a study examining a 100 participants over a 2 week period found coffee leads to a higher rate of physical activity. that's the good news. but the bad news participants also got about 30 minutes less sleep and and irregular heartbeat. next on the news of 8 o'clock. jackie spear is stepping down. the california congresswoman is reflecting on her career as she announces she will not run again in 2022. >> also some doctors are calling it a game changer. what you need to know about the new covid pill and an
8:27 pm
outbreak on campus stanford dealing with its biggest surge of covid cases in months. the number of students who
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it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. >> a major announcement today our top story at 8.30 congresswoman jackie spear says she will not be running
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for reelection next year. the congresswoman represent san mateo county and part of san francisco. we had a chance to talk with the congresswoman earlier this evening on kron 4 news at 6 at lotus joins us now with what she had to say in how bay area leaders are reacting to this real surprise announcement kind of caught everybody off-guard. yeah. there's talk of, you know who will senator feinstein step down. what about speaker pelosi? i don't congresswoman spear was at the top of the list of. >> some of that. a lot of people saw you sort of leading the charge in stepping down. but that is what has happened jackie spear has served in a lot of different levels of government for now nearly 4 decades. she is known for fighting for women's and lgbtq rights. she brought the me too movement to congress in 2017 while sharing her own experiences with misconduct today. she told us what she thought her own career highlights actually were. >> i took over as chair of the committee. i made. i think the case that when the service
8:31 pm
members serves. so does his or her family. so we have focused on you know, more issues, then what has typically been looking at commissaries and exchanges. we've looked at the issue of safety for service members and assault in the military. we've looked at the transgender service members and why they should continue to be able to serve. they've both issues around suicide at the lack of proper childcare. >> representative spear is a san francisco native. she was an aide to representative leo ryan in 1978 they were on a fact-finding mission in guyana about the jonestown shooting when. spear was shot 5 times that now was 43 years ago this week. ryan was assassinated spear survived and she says she's vowed to continue to serve from that point on. she won her first election in 1980 when she ran for the san mateo board of supervisors spear. and for the california state assembly. 6 years later. since
8:32 pm
then, she has served in both chambers of the california legislature. and in 2008 jackie spear got elected to the u.s. house of representatives now spear says it's time to come home and spend time with family bay area leaders reacting today. san francisco mayor london breed tweeted, thank you for your fearless leadership, your relentless advocacy your decades of dedicated public service. we've been so incredibly lucky to have you representing us all these years and we the best vice president kamala harris tweeted for over 4 decades representative spear has serves the people of the bay area from her time in local government to the u.s. congress. she showed tremendous courage commitment to equality and the dedication to public service. i look forward to continue working with her now other than spending more time with their family issues been clear about it is not crystal clear what jackie spear may do once she leaves washington, but it is
8:33 pm
unlikely she won't be trying to help the community in some way. biggest question here, though, who will run to replace her. stay tuned there. catherine, ken, back to you. thank you. grant to another big story in this time in the east bay, the alameda county board of supervisors. >> has named a replacement for wilma chan, the former supervisor. she died after she was hit by a car while walking her dog and alameda 2 weeks ago today, county supervisors appointed her chief of staff dave brown to fill the district. 3 seat. he will remain in office until the next election which is in 2022. >> a big story today in the fight against covid pfizer, which of course is one of the big vaccine makers is now asking the fda to grant emergency use authorization for its pill to treat covid patients. it is called paxlovid. pfizer says studies show high-risk unvaccinated volunteers who took the pill within 3 days of getting symptoms had a greatly reduced
8:34 pm
risk of severe disease and death. local health. experts say the spill could really to help turn the time sun the pandemic. >> i think it's going to be a game changer because you not tethered to the hospital bed to get therapy. it doesn't involve some complicated process of looking up and i v i was the fund. our hope we can catch people before they deteriorate to the point that they require hospitalization that will alleviate some of the strain on hospitals. >> there are also studies underway right now to see the pill might help prevent covid and people who live in the same environment is somebody who's got the virus. experts say ideally, though, the pills or not a replacement for the vaccines. generic drug companies will soon have access to make pfizer's covid pill as katherine just mentioned, the drug paxlovid has not been fda authorized yet, but. >> pfizer has already reached a licensing agreement. 95 low
8:35 pm
income countries mostly in africa and asia will be allowed to make generic versions of the pill. the drug will be sold at cheaper prices. experts say a generic version of the pill will cost about $10. now to our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look at coit tower on this tuesday night. dance lovely a large has been talking getting the wind. is that happening right? yeah. we'll see the winds kind of with overnight tonight. more of an offshore wind kicking in and that usually leads to. >> a nice day tomorrow. i think it will. see a lot of sunshine tomorrow should be a comfortable day outside around the bay area not see much in the way of fog that offshore wind kicking in. but i want to show you this. the forecast models show you the big change on the way tonight. just a couple passing clouds. tomorrow looks like a nice start today. mostly sunny watch out for some that to leave fog in the central valley that got a lot of sunshine coming your way. things change, though. you see the storm clouds are gathering off the coastline by wednesday night. then on thursday. here comes, you start to see the rain moving in northern california. part of the bay area as we head in toward about 10 o'clock on a thursday
8:36 pm
night and then continuing into friday morning. i think that may be more significant as that rain coming down right around the commute time around the bay area early on friday morning. not a huge storm but enough good things a little bit slick out there on the roads, but not tomorrow should be ok tomorrow. you're looking at 63 degrees downtown in san francisco, 60 and cool. it's about 64 degrees in half moon bay 67 degrees in burlingame as you work your way down the peninsula. you'll find some mild temperatures in a place like redwood city of woodside mid 60's there, south bay, you've got to make sure 60's and a few low 70's by tomorrow afternoon and similar weather as you make your way. the union city 71 degree should be sunny and nice little hazy in the tri valley. but upper 60's there about 68 danville. 68 also in brentwood and 67 degrees for our friends in orinda as you make your way in the north bay those temperatures little cooler through the delta there. sometimes you get a little bit of an offshore wind that will carry some of that fog into the delta but not tomorrow. i think tomorrow mostly clear that pretty dry outside temperature wise 50's along
8:37 pm
the coastline in the north and then the next couple days, a chance of rain returning late in the day on thursday, chance of showers on friday morning, dry weather expected for the weekend. thank you, lawrence. still ahead, covid on campus stanford dealing with a surge not seen since september. >> how many students are sick. what's being done to keep others from getting infected. also, if you are eager to hit the slopes. your ski plans might be delayed by some resorts are hitting pause on plans to open this weekend. but first, a doordash customer got way more than they were ordered what the driver left behind in a disgusting. behind in a disgusting. >> delivery. when a truck hit my son, behind in a disgusting. >> di had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> a disturbing delivery in southern california. doordash driver left behind more than what a customer ordered and we have to warn you, this video is. gross. >> friday afternoon. a doordash driver was caught death. okay. ting in the sobby of a building after dropping off food and say this was a woman. the building manager checked the security video after a complaint from a tenant. this is what she saw. the driver could clearly be seen on the video and doesn't even, you know, make an effort to clean up what she did. stanley the >> reported this. the manager says she was shocked by what she saw immediately contacted doordash. she says not only is it disgusting, it's a health
8:41 pm
hazard. >> this was human fecal matter and the driver didn't wipe it up, didn't do anything. just left a pile up for us to clean up wrapped sweatshirt or address around your waist and carried on. >> in a statement doordash apologize for the incident said the drivers no longer working for the company. the company also refunded the order and offered a $20 credit. stanley says they should also pay for that has meant cleanup that was used to remove the mask. but doordash apparently has refused. holiday travel is starting to pick back up again while the cdc is issuing a new warning from which countries to avoid. >> the travel details you need to know before you go next sports. the warriors, hoping to bounce back as they take on a familiar face and kevin durant next. and chef curry cooking it up tonight in brooklyn sports director jason
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>> has been more of a worry because i'm such like close proximity to people who have tested positive. >> an outbreak on campus. stanford is reporting more than 2 dozen cases of covid among students, including 6 positive tests from the same residential building. according to stanford university, 26 students have tested positive since november. 8th. that's the most in a single week since mid
8:45 pm
september 8 staff and faculty members have also tested positive over the past week. the university said a statement kron 4 that the stpdents who tested positive have been isolated and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. they also say that the university will continue to require surveillance testing for all members of the campus community and follow all safety protocols. the holidays apparently could get pretty heated for some families divided over covid vaccinations. >> a recent survey says nearly 60% of people say they have actually cut people out of their lives for refusing to get vaccinated. and many say they do not feel comfortable inviting unvaccinated people to their holiday parties. half of respondents say the politics surrounding the vaccine has completely divided families. half also say they expect a lot of arguments with relatives at thanksgiving. another study says that
8:46 pm
unvaccinated adults are more than 3 times as likely to lean republican than democratic republicans and republican leaning independents make up 60% of unvaccinated adults in the country. the study also says the republican is 26% more likely than a democrat to remain unvaccinated. and that's a bigger gap than the gap between racial and ethnic groups are people living in rural versus urban area. it's cdc has added more countries to its very high-risk travel destinations. the countries hungary iceland. >> and the czech republic have been moved to the level 4 category. this means that they've had more than 500 cases per 100,000 in the past. 28 days. we have to add ireland to that list as well. the cdc recommends travelers avoid these countries unless you've been fully vaccinated taking a live look at san francisco international airport. now the runways could be looking a lot busier next year. 2022 is predicted to be
8:47 pm
even more popular for travel. then before the pandemic. that's according to a new report from the world travel and tourism council. researchers say us travel is set to jump by more than 35% this year followed by another 28% boost next year. domestic travel is currently outpacing global tourism after pandemic shutdowns. the predicted travel surge could have a big effect on our economy generated an anticipated 2 trillion dollars. >> driving in california. that can be both frustrating and expensive that's why it has been rated the very worst state in the country to be a driver fuel prices repairs and insurance costs are among the things to put california at last in a new survey by bank rate. >> infrastructure conditions and community statistics put california at 7th wor%t driving safety which took into account traffic deaths, intoxication arrests and seat belt use put california in
8:48 pm
15th place safety. a big part of the overall perceived problem. 25%. but add up all the factors. california ranked the worst place to be a driver. the best place. according to that survey, ohio. >> and now kron 4 sports from the 18 t fiber sports desk. >> we had a reunion in brooklyn today. it's always fun when staff and drag it back on the court with kevin durrant. they've been through a lot together ups and downs mostly up slits head out to brooklyn and see how it went down. there's kd and steph all smiles pre-game. but like most of the year, the night was all about steph curry. this how they drew it up. but guess what, it all count the same corner. 3. how about some defense leading to offense.
8:49 pm
the usual characters draymond in gp 2 up in adam for the alley. you. great stuff there. all right. back to step. it seems like every time a brooklyn big switched on to him. he did this. made them pay. go against. in transition off the miss. they get down the court in a quick perry. hand down for blake griffin. you serious dubs. they're down 3, though, after one and of the 1st half. andrew wiggins scored 18 points in a 6 minute span in the second capped off here. but the dubs up by 5 at the head. 3rd quarter more great action to free him up open. look. can't leave him open very next possession. steph giving out gift bags to know look to dream on. have a
8:50 pm
fun and brooklyn. alright 4th quarter. steph, keeping the pressure on nets looking like they never guarding pick and roll for staff. wide open. look makes them pay here step as lamarcus aldridge on the island news slashed. it's not a good matchup for the nets. another 3. harden and katie, don't look too thrilled. i told you step was giving out gift bags. this time damion lee through the contact. the dubs go up 27 after the freebie. how about the cherry on top this time he's deeley to his brother-in-law hand down, man down from the corner. >> 9 threes in the game. no one else in the nba has a single one this year. >> he has 3 games with 9 threes or more dubs win one 17 to 99. let's hear from staff after the game. >> coming off and, you know, loss or you didn't play well, so. just not the playoffs but
8:51 pm
this is an intensity that, you know, you have to show up. if you're going to beat a team like that. so you definitely lock in and get focused and. you thrive off that competitive. you know, know that there's a lot of town. the floor. >> to the ice, the sharks in minnesota taking on the wild second period sharks of one erik karlsson slap shot lights. the lamp. san jose goes up to and they go on to win 4 to one they'll head to louis to take on the blues on thursday. >> today we got the confirmation of what we knew was coming gabe kepler was named the national league manager of the year in his second season with san francisco capital guided the giants to a franchise record. 107 wins. the first playoff appearance since 2016 and their first nl west title since 2012 and his 2 seasons. the giants have a 6.13 winning percentage last week. san francisco locked up cap where for a little while longer.
8:52 pm
they signed him to a 2 year contract extension that will keep him in the bay through 2024. 4 bay area sports legends were immortalized tonight at the san jose state sports hall of fame induction ceremony. former forty-niners head coach in 5 time super bowl champion joar seaford and former nfl wide receiver and super bowl champion james jones olympic gold medalist swimmer summer. sanders. she was also inducted. she was raised in roseville and won an ncaa swimming championship at stanford award-winning sports columnist mark purdy rounded out the some legends there. for me to be able to represent. >> the great things that some of them done. this isn't our fault to all my ups and downs alive in my career to be standing right here to have a black. there's got to be in and the sap you know, they all the favorite is a blessed the older you get these moments where you come back and you
8:53 pm
get to talk about the chlorinated kid. you once were the memories flood in and these awesome moment you get to relive. it is very, very special. >> all righty. that's your look at sports congrats to look at sports congrats to them. when a truck hit my car, look at sports congrats to them. the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> let's take you up to the mountains. here's a live look well, it's gone. listen. he's going hit refresh there it is. all right. this is heavenly ski resort, south lake tahoe. see some snow on the ground.
8:56 pm
but not quite enough to go down the slopes. heavenly tweeted out and it's working hard to meet its target of opening a its opening day, but it says it needs cooler temperatures to help with the snow making and they're not the only resort in the sierra delaying their opening because of warmer weather. northstar says this weekend scheduled opening is the scheduled opening is not going to happen. they're also blaming the warmer temperatures, both we'll have updates on their openings sometime next week. that wraps up kron 4 news at 8 o'clock. but our primetime news continues. grant lotus i'm vicki liviakis are up here. >> captain ken, thanks so much as it's coming up next, ted knight try to help car break-in victims. and there are so many of them. >> get their things back. and there are so many things. the mission of one very met. pretty cool here so far. he says he's helped about 50 people in this endeavor, how he's able to track down the stolen goods got to put a stop to it. some point. plus,
8:57 pm
thieves. they ran second chinatown jewelry shop. they take a quarter of a billion dollars in items. white crimes like this could force businesses in the neighborhood. >> the shut down for good. those stories and more coming up on kron 4 news at 9.
8:58 pm
8:59 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at know how frequent
9:00 pm
happening. >> frequent enough that if it happens to you and you sit there for an hour it you can watch it happen again. >> now. 9 community led effort is helping save to go smash-and-grab victims of reunite with their stolen belongings. good evening, everybody. welcome to the kron 4 news at 9. i'm vicki liviakis and i'm grant lotus with dozens of these car break ins happening every day in san francisco neighbors in the richmond district say. >> a lot of stolen luggage backpacks. other random things. it all ends up being dumped in their neighborhood. a lot of time yet tonight, crime for is that hillary's hacking. she spoke with one of the activists leading this effort. does she joins us now live with the how they're doing this killer. >> well, vicki, it's all through the power of social media. most of the time these neighbors are going online and heading to the next door app posting about the stolen stolen luggage that they found in connecting in that way with other neighbors that have also found the stolen items.


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