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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  November 16, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> long-term effect because of the higher dose. >> the clock parents on the east bay. they are upset and concerned after learning their children were given the wrong dose of the covid vaccine. good evening, everybody. thank you for joining us for kron 4 news at 6. i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. and i'm ken wayne. the vaccine mix-up happened over the weekend at a center health clinic in antioch. >> kron four's phillipe djegal explains why an infectious disease doctor ultimately believes the children are not in danger. >> center health confirms 14 children received the incorrect pediatric dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the father of 2 kids invocved confirms they received their shots over the weekend at a sutter health facility on lone tree way in antioch. he believes they received slightly less than twice the dosage intended for their age group in a written statement sutter health says the patients, quote, received vaccines with an incorrect amount of diluting it as soon
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as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. i definitely understand the anxiety. >> and fear of parents infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin hong with ucsf says during clinical trials, pfizer tested 3 separate dosages of the vaccine on kids ages 5 to 11 years old. all proving to be safe. but pfizer settled on 10 micrograms. he says if in fact the vaccine concentrate was not properly diluted for being administered to the kids. >> and the received 20 micrograms or 30 micrograms. they may suffer short term side effects. but nothing long-term redness soreness at the site. >> fever is some nausea. some of upset that has been felt
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go. we in 24 to 48 hours, ld doctor chan hong adds that despite receiving the incorrect dosage. the kids will still need a second shot to be fully vaccinated. it doesn't matter if you get 5 times the regular dose for this one. you still need to remind immune system. >> so getting one a few weeks later. it's still going to be important. the father we spoke with says sutter health is not being transparent with his family about how this mistake was made or what is being done to fix it. >> in antioch, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news stanford is reporting more than 2 dozen covid cases among students since november 8. >> 8 staff and faculty members have also tested positive over the past week over the past 2 months. stanford has seen an average of fewer than 13 positive covid cases among students. but after conducting 14,000 tests over the last week that number has doubled the school says that 6 of
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those students living on campus housing in one student residents students we talked to earlier say the recent spike is concerning. >> lately has been more of a worry that is such like close proximity to people who've tested positive. but i'd like tested basically we've been testing like every day provide about the tests as well. so. >> the university said in a statement kron 4 that students who tested positive have been isolated and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. they also say the university will continue to require surveillance testing for all members of the campus community and follow all safety protocols being hospitalized is not uncommon for many who get a severe case of covid-19, but what if you could pop a series of pills to treat the disease and keep yourself out of the hospital. the drug maker behind one of the covid vaccine says it now has a pill that will do just that. kron four's dan kerman live for us at ucsf in the city with the exciting news. dan. that's right. infectious
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disease specialists here say this could be a game changer pfizer the latest to join others. >> that have developed a pull that they say really can make a dent for those who get covid-19. >> it's a game changer as it gets says, it's a step above up from where we are right now. covid-19 vaccine maker pfizer. it's now asking the fda to grant emergency use authorization for paxlovid a pill doctors could prescribe to treat those infected with covid-19 your healthcare professional calling prescriptions at walgreens. you go to walgreens, you pick up 5 pack. >> course and you start taking it lo and behold, it prevents you from going to the hospital. biser's says its studies show high-risk unvaccinated volunteers who started taking the pills. >> within 3 days of getting symptoms greatly reduce their risk of severe disease and
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death. here's a way that we could tolerate counting a certain amount of transmission going on. >> but not squeezing the hospitals in the hospital for space infectious disease. experts say these pills provide yet another tool in the tool box in the fight against covid-19 people who have been hesitant to get vaccine. and who get infected might not be as tend to get drugs. and this may be a a different approach for certain parts of the country >> vaccination coverages is much lower. studies are also underway to see if the same pill could be given to those. >> in the same household as someone with covid to prevent the others from getting the virus. >> i think in the future what will happen to is i can also give. madison said the 5 people, the hospital too been in contact with me. but who are negative so far from becoming positive.
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>> infectious disease specialists are quick to point out that these pills are no replacement for the vaccine. that remains the number one priority this point unclear when the fda will review pfizer's request live at ucsf. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you very much, dan. >> generic drug companies will soon have access to make pfizer's covid-19 pill. as dan just mentioned, the drug paxlovid has not been authorized by the fda yet, but pfizer does already have a licensing agreement. 95 low income countries mostly in africa and asia will be allowed to make generic versions of the pill and they will be sold at cheaper prices. a generic version of the pill is expected to cost about $10. >> a new study says unvaccinated adults are 3 times more likely to lean to being republican rather than democratic the kaiser family foundation study says republicans and republican
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leaning independents make up 60% of unvaccinated adults. it also says the republican is 26% more likely than a democrat remain unvaccinated, which is a bigger gap in between racial and ethnic groups also bigger than the gap between people with varying education levels and those living in rural versus urban areas. stay with kron 4 for the latest covid information that includes finding the vaccine for children. you can scan the qr code there on your screen. it will take you straight to this special section on our website. that's at kron. 4 dot com. >> now to the south bay were a legal battle is brewing over a proposed affordable housing development in the city of santa clara as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports of developer has accused the city of scuttling that project without any warning. >> a proposed mixed use housing development what is now vacant land jointly owned by the city of santa clara and the vta across from santa
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clara university. it's said to be in jeopardy after the city quietly table. the project prompting a formal complaint from developer republic metropolitan whose attorneys and ravel. they. >> allow the developer to believe that they were going come to some kind of an agreement which they have not yet come to a agreement. but. they never had any discussion whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions republic. metropolitan was planning a 240 unit development with retail and space for recreation. >> the developer claims it has invested millions of dollars in the project and accuses the city of meeting behind closed doors to kill the project suddenly without any notice to the developer. >> the. >> town went into a closed session to discuss this matter apparently without any notice,
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by the way, which for choirs, notice script brownback. and stop the project. in a brief statement, the city acknowledged receipt of the complaint. >> saying it has only just begun a review but could not comment further because the issue is still pending the developer further alleges the city violated state housing laws and that since 29% of the project was to have been affordable students and others who can't afford to live in santa clara are also being hurt. this once the city has reviewed not only that claim but the complaint. >> with some very strong state laws. requiring local entities to provide affordable housing. i hopefully they will come to their senses in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> we're following some breaking news in san francisco where police are investigating a shooting in the city's bayview neighborhood. this is video of the scene from the
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citizen app. happening in the area of 3rd street and lasalle avenue. that's not far from the kirkwood, the south muni stop. police say they responded to the scene just after 4 this afternoon they found one man had been shot. they say he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening that area. we'll bring you more information as soon as it comes into our newsroom. >> all right. now to our 4 zone forecast we're looking live over downtown san francisco after my stay in the bay area. lot clearer than last night. let's check in with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. see what's happening out there. yeah, we see those winds kicking up a overnight tonight, little blustery in spots where good news is. no fire. does the worry about we've had all that rain and of course things very green out there on the mountain tops out there this evening, though, got some partly cloudy skies. we have a cold front that's approaching the bay area. it's going bring a chance of rain, but not just yet to the clouds lingering off the coastline. there's that cold front that moved through last night bringing all that cloud cover early on, then scoot out of town. lots
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of sunshine around for today. right now, the winds are fairly even now, just a bit of a breeze along the coastline and then begin to see a little northerly component. parts of the north bay right now. that is going to be picking up overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. in fact, washing few they're going to pick up on some of the colors here moving in the north. they see right here overnight tonight, all of a sudden you start to see the reds and the oranges begin to filter into parts of the north bay after midnight or so gusty winds, maybe 20 maybe some 35 on our guests may be even higher than that. maybe couple 40 about our gusts across the tops of the peaks down below. not going to see as much. it will be blustery in spots in parts of the east bay, too. so little blustery out there overnight tonight. but then we're going to switch gears. i think tomorrow looking good. but then we've got a chance. some rain on the way. we'll tell you when coming up in a few minutes. more rain like that. thanks, coming up, an east bay jewelry store is cleaned out by a group of smash-and-grab robbers. >> we'll show you what happened. >> plus, the fate of kyle rittenhouse now rests in the hands of a jury will have the
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latest from the courtroom. >> it's time for me to come home. and bay area. congresswoman jackie spear says she will not run again for reelection ahead at 6.30. she's going to join us live. >> to talk about her decision >> to talk about her decision to step back from congress. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> to talk about her decision to step back from congress. ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel
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>> san jose. police have arrested 3 people in connection to an attempted murder case from late august. police say the 3 men assaulted a man chased the victim on sundown lane. all of this happening in broad daylight. one of the man is also accused of shooting the victim in the back. that person has since recovered from his injuries. investigators say the suspects also face charges of selling drugs and possessing an assault weapons. >> search is on tonight for a group of armed in the east pretty dramatic video this is a group armed sees doing a brazen smash-and-grab heist and enjoy store inside. conquers sun valley mall. this was last night kron four's maureen kelly has the latest on the investigation. >> at this point. concord police say they don't have a handle yet on how much ali was taken during a smash-and-grab robbery. but they say initial reports are it was a substantial loss here's surveillance video showing the
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9 suspects wearing hoodies and gloves with their faces covered as they wielded hammers attacking the glass display cases. police say the robbers mob the iceberg diamonds jewelry store and we're in and out in a flash. this video shows the aftermath of the store employee cleaning up the broken glass. the brazen crime happening around 07:30pm. well, the mall was still open to nashua grandma covering shooting that discussion around that audio from a responding officer reporting back to dispatch. >> the sounds of the hammers hitting the glass sounded like gunfire to some of the customers who called into 911, but no shots were fired and no one was injured. the suspects had already left by the time police arrived. according to a worker who did not want to go on camera. the gang of robbers ran out through the red. robin burger joint today. iceberg diamonds had their gates down and a closed sign posted. the shattered glass of the display
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case is still visible. i showed the surveillance video to people outside the mall this afternoon. it sounds pretty scary. >> you guys cover denies read rest wow. that we've had shootings here. so nothing surprises me to seems it tracked use your fact families. now it seems to track criminals. >> i reached out to the sun valley mall. they told me they had no one available to comment on this incident. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> jury deliberations wrapped up for the day and the criminal trial of kyle rittenhouse jurors have not yet reached a verdict. >> the 18 year-old fatally shot 2 protesters and wounded a 3rd during unrest last year in kenosha, wisconsin, grant lotus joins us live from the newsroom for the latest on what happened today in the courtroom grant. that's right. catherine and ken were now done with the 12th day of kyle rittenhouse's trial. today. the jury deliberated. >> much of the day without reaching a verdict. jurors have been sent home for the night. they'll be back tomorrow just before deliberations started today.
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rittenhouse was asked to randomly select 6 out of 18 numbers. each number representing a juror. the 6 he chose will now serve as alternates in the event that any of the 12 jurors need to be dismissed. that task of picking the alternates is usually performed court clerk, not the defendant. this judge is unique, though, among the 12 jurors one person of color, 7 women, 5 men, the illinois teenager is charged with killing the saw the 2 people there and wounding a 3rd during violent protests in kenosha last year after the police shooting of jacob blake, the defense says rittenhouse was acting in self-defense while prosecutors say it was murder. >> and one of the things to keep in mind is that when the defendant provokes the incident, he loses the right to self-defense. you can not claim self-defense against a danger you create. >> kyle shot joseph rosenbaum
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to stop a threat to his person. and i'm glad he shot him because joseph rosenbaum and got that gun. i don't for a minute. believe he would have used it against somebody else. >> the national guard is outside the courthouse in kenosha in the event of any unrest following a verdict rittenhouse faces life in prison if convicted, the jury will return tomorrow morning continuing deliberations will monitor that for you, of course, and bring you the latest right here on kron. 4 newss ken, catherine, back to you. thank you. grant. >> recent efforts to ease the shipping backlogs at the ports of la and long beach appear to be working in fact, since things are improving those ports are again delaying plans to fine companies for letting shipping containers linger too long on the docks. ports clogged up last month of 65 ships off the california coast waiting to be unloaded in cleared away later rose to a backlog of 78 ships. now
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thanks to round the clock operations. a lot of carriers are reportedly getting things cleared out in a timely manner. >> about 19 hours a day. and that is the cargo begin the surge we implemented flex hours opening the gates a little bit earlier staggering lunches working a little bit later in between the day and night side while offering to 24 7 capability here at the it's an effort to try to get this entire orchestra supply chain players to get on the same calendar. >> shipments leading by train. they've got 6 days to clear things up. those leave in by truck have 9 to avoid the $100 daily fines. the new date for imposing the noncompliance fees is november 22nd. >> some resorts in the sierra are now delaying their openings because of this warmer weather heavenly tweeted out that it's working hard to meet its target opening date. but it needs cooler temperatures to help with the snow making north star says this weekend scheduled opening is not going
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to happen. it's also blaming the warmer temperatures, both we'll have updates on their openings sometime next week. our 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look outside at the top of heavenly mountain in south lake tahoe, a little dark. but you can see not a whole lot of snow on the ground and much of that is probably from the snow machines. probably kron first chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at when it could really snow and high country. yeah. it was a trick because a couple resorts open really early this year in october, we have those great storms moving on through. but those are very warm atmosphere. river storms. >> and so the snow levels are talking 8,000 feet and above right now. we've warmed up again used to have a lot of snow along donner summit here along the sides. your love that has melted because of the warmer temperatures but looks like start to see some cooler air moving in. unfortunately, there's not much in the way of snow coming their way. here's the latest forecast model as we take you through the night tonight to see the clouds rolling on through. then we get into thursday and there you go. we see maybe a dusting of to kirkwood and the bear
6:22 pm
valley. not much in the heavenly area that all her daughter area. but then we're going to get another chance as we get in the holiday week, another slight chance comes that will be on the wednesday before thanksgiving. but between now and then. maybe you see maybe one, maybe 3 inches of snow across on the high resorts and of course you get a little heated between those things kamil quite rapidly. all right. let's get you back to the bay area. we're looking at partly cloudy skies out there right now changes coming our way. here's our water vapor loop showing the moisture in the atmosphere in the clouds out there you see this next storm system off the coastline. that's what we're watching out for that will likely bring a chance of rain to the bay area. a couple snowflakes over the sierra nevada as we get late thursday into friday for tomorrow, though high-pressure going to build in for one more day that will bring with it. some dry weather, some offshore winds overnight tonight. some of those blustery conditions and then we'll get ready for that storm system that will move be moving in. it looks like as we head in toward late thursday and into friday tonight. if you're stepping outside mostly clear skies. just a couple passing clouds and then we'll
6:23 pm
see a little fog developing throughout the night tonight, at least along the coastline and then by lot of part of the night. we'll see a little bit of an offshore wind and that should help to clear skies temperatures for tomorrow should be very comfortable plan on some 60's, maybe with some low 70's in the freeman are about 65 degrees in san francisco and 66 degrees in oakland. then a chance of rain returning late on thursday. thank you are still ahead, the web site to help you avoid being scammed while you're shopping online this holiday season. >> and after the break, a list of popular bay area stores and malls that will be open next week for black friday deals.
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>> for your money. more people are expected to shop online this holiday season and the better business bureau is reminding them to be very careful about online purchases. just one example of an attempted scam. virginia woman got an e-mail about her amazon order being suddenly on hold and that led her to a very suspicious web site that look like amazon. but seemed often, for example, she was asked to type in her user name and password. the woman did quickly realized it was a scam. didn't go any for further on that. the better business bureau says you can check to see if a retailer has any complaints by using the bbb, these scam tracker and
6:27 pm
the bureau also suggests looking online for any companies refund policy. retail stores around the bay area. they're getting ready for their annual holiday shopping ys sales push most major retailers and malls will be closed on thanksgiving and open early black friday morning to offer doorbuster deals. if you are feeling motivated to face all of that mall madness. we do have a list on our website. kron 4 dot com of the opening and closing hours for some of the popular stores and local malls. still ahead on kron 4 news at 6. we're taking a look back at the political career of congresswoman jackie spear today. she announced. >> she will not be running for reelection after the break, she will join us live. talk about her decision to leave in about her decision to leave in what's next on her agenda. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx.
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our top story tonight at 6.30 congresswoman jackie spear says she will not seek reelection next year. >> spear represent san mateo county and part of san francisco, the congresswoman made that announcement in a twitter video this morning. she has spent more than 40 years in public service and says she decided on that path after surviving the 1978 jonestown massacre that was 43 years ago this week. at that time she was an aide to representative leo ryan. they were on a fact-finding ss


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