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tv   KRON 4 News at 3pm  KRON  November 16, 2021 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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>> now at 3 parents concerned after a bay area hospital gives kids the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine. how officials are responding to the next up. meanwhile, more than 2 dozen stanford students have tested positive for covid. the latest details on that outbreak. and caught on camera brazen smash-and-grab robbery at a jewelry store in concord will tell you just how many or and in on this crime. >> now from the bay local news station. this is kron 4 news at 3. >> upset and concerned parents in the east bay up in arms
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after learning their kids were given the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine. thanks for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 3. i'm noelle bellow. the mixup happened over the weekend at a sutter health vaccination clinic in antioch. some of the kids got sick. but as kron four's phillipe djegal reports doctors believe that kids won't suffer any long-term effects. >> center health confirms 14 children received the incorrect pediatric dose of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the father of 2 kids involved confirms they received their shots over the weekend at a center health facility on lone tree way in antioch. he believes they received slightly less than twice the dosage intended for their age in a written statement center health says the patients, quote, received vaccines with an incorrect amount of diluting it. >> as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of cdc guidance in this situation. the safety of our patients is our top priority and we
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immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. i definitely understand the anxiety. and fear of parents infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin hong with ucsf says during clinical trials, pfizer tested 3 separate dosages of the vaccine on kids ages 5 to 11 years old. all proving to be safe. but pfizer settled on 10 micrograms. he says if in fact the vaccine concentrate. >> was not properly diluted for being administered to the kids and the received 20 micrograms or 30 micrograms. they may suffer short term side effects. but nothing long-term redness soreness at the site. >> fever is some nausea. some of upset that has been fels that some people they should go. we in 24 to 48 hours, doctor chan hong adds that despite receiving the
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incorrect dosage. the kids will still need a second shot to be fully vaccinated. it doesn't matter if you get 5 times the regular dose for this one. you still need to remind the immune system. >> so getting one a few weeks later. it's still going to be important. the father we spoke with says sutter health is not being transparent with his family about how this mistake was made or what is being done to fix it. >> in antioch, phillipe djegal all kron 4 news. >> pfizer is asking us regulators to authorize its experimental pill for treating covid-19 pfizer reporting earlier this month. its pill cut hospitalizations and deaths by 89% among high-risk adults who had early symptoms of covid. if authorized by the fda, it would offer people an easy and effective way to treat themselves at home today. pfizer also signed a deal with a u n backed group to allow generic drugmakers to produce low cost versions of the drug for use in 95 countries. a new study finds
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unvaccinated adults are more than 3 times as likely to lean republican and democratic. according to the kaiser family, foundation's covid-19 vaccine monitor analysis. republicans and republican leaning independents make up 60% of the adult unvaccinated population across the country. the study also looked at differences across a range of demographic factors. it found a republican is 26% more likely than a democrat who remain unvaccinated which is a gap greater than those between racial and ethnic groups. people with varying education levels and people living in rural versus urban areas. to stanford now where the university is reporting an outbreak of covid-19 cases among students. more than 2 dozen cases have been confirmed 6 of them from one student residents kron four's charles clifford joining us live from the stanford campus with the very latest details. charles.
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>> there. yes, over the past 2 months or so stanford averaged 13 positive cases or less among its student population. but they say last week after doing about 14,000 test for covid-19, which is pretty normal. they actually found that the number of positive cases doubled. according to stanford university, 26 students have tested positive for covid-19 since november 8th. that's the most in a single week since mid september 8 staff and faculty members have also tested positive over the past week. the school says that 6 of those students live in on campus housing. according to students we talked to on tuesday. most were in this row. house along mayfield avenue. leslie alone lives here. she says that so far this year she hasn't been too worried about covid. >> but the spike in cases is concerning lately has been more of a worry because i'm such like close proximity to people. >> who've tested positive. but i'd like tested basically
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we've been testing like every day and providing about the tests as well. so now with rapid test came out positive. so i feel pretty. >> pretty good right now. the university said in a statement to kron 4 that the students who tested positive have been isolated and those at high risk for exposure have been quarantined. they also say that the university will continue to require surveillance testing for all members of the campus community and follow all safety protocols. all right. back live the campus are the university also says that their positivity rate over 7 days remains below that of santa clara county in california as a whole. >> but for now, in a palo alto start. charles clifford kron. 4 news. >> thanks, charles. it's time get a check of our forecast. it's looking pretty nice out there live look outside at the golden gate bridge. the sun is shining got a little bit of blue sky here kron 4 meteorologist john trimble has details, though, on our next chance of rain.
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>> well, we've been fortunate to see rain and snow recently in this forecast. but so far this week in this past weekend, we have been seeing things remaining pretty dry and today is certainly no different. tomorrow is pretty much going to be a repeat of what we're looking at today, which is those partly cloudy skies. sunshine reappearing at times but come thursday. we do see some changes in this forecast and that doesn't involve showers pushing through into the evening on thursday. this is going to result in no more than a 10th of an inch for rain for most areas, maybe a quarter of an inch for areas like santa rosa, but not the remarkable for the week ahead. as for today, it's been cool but comfortably cool daytime highs mostly in the 60's. a few low 70's on the map like in nevado castro valley as well as some know about tomorrow. we'll stick with temperatures that are right around the same as today's and after that we cool down just a queue few degrees into the weekend. thursday night into friday morning offering up that chance of rain. after that, we stay dry through thanksgiving the weekend after thanksgiving brings our second chance of showers.
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>> a major announcement today. congresswoman jackie spear will not be seeking reelection next year. the congresswoman making the announcement in a twitter video this morning. it's time for me to come home. >> time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and san francisco at almost every level of government for nearly 4 decades. >> spear was first elected to the u.s. house back in 2008 since then. she's fought for women's and lgbtq rights. she brought the me too movement to congress back in 2017, even sharing their own experiences with misconduct. eventually she helped get the c a a reform act passed and signed into law helping assault survivors in the workplace. spear first launched her career in public service after
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the 1978 jonestown massacre at that time. she was an aide to representative leo ryan. they were on a fact-finding mission in guiana about the jonestown shooting when she herself was shot 5 times and she survived bay area leaders are reacting to her announcement. san francisco mayor london breed tweeting. thank you for your fearless leadership, your relentless advocacy and your decades of dedicated public service. we've been so incredibly lucky to have you representing us all these years and we wish you the best. this tweet by reads will always be grateful to representative spear for her commitment to transit and the bay area as the only person with the caltrain locomotive named in her honor. we wish her a well earned and happy retirement caltrain also notes pier was critical in securing funds for the baby bullet service which included the purchase of newer trains and redesigning of signals and tracks. the agency actually tweeted this picture out of
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their train, 9 to 5, which is named jackie spear. in the south bay, a legal battle is brewing over a proposed affordable housing development in the city of santa clara as kron four's. rob fladeboe reports now a developer has accused the city of scuttling the project without any warning. >> a proposed mixed use housing development what is now vacant land jointly owned by the city of santa clara and the vta across from santa clara university. it's said to be in jeopardy after the city quietly table. the project prompting a formal complaint from developer republic metropolitan whose attorneys and ravel. they. >> allow the developer to believe that they were going to come to some kind of an agreement which they had not yet come to a agreement. but. they never had any discussion whatsoever about the legal issues or any other questions republic. metropolitan was
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planning a 240 unit development with retail and space for recreation. >> the developer claims it has invested millions of dollars in the project and accuses the city of meeting behind closed doors to kill the project suddenly without any notice to the developer. >> the. >> town went into a closed session to discuss this matter. apparently without any notice, by the way, which wires notice around the neck. and stop the project. in a brief statement, the city acknowledged receipt of the complaint. >> saying it has only just begun a review but could not comment further because the issue is still pending the developer further alleges the city violated state housing laws and that since 29% of the project was to have been affordable students and others who can't afford to live in santa clara are also being
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hurt. it turning students. it's hurting workers. it's for hurting teachers. >> i'm turning all those people who probably commute long distances and therefore it's hurting the environment as well in order to work in santa clara. but they can't afford to live there. if the city fails to respond to the complaint within 45 days. the developer says the case will proceed to litigation. >> in santa clara rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> coming up this afternoon and east a jewelry store cleaned out by a group of smash-and-grab robbers. it was all caught on camera. we'll show you how it went down. plus you may have trouble getting your hands on a thanksgiving turkey this year. the latest on the supply shortage gripping the nation. and next, the plan to fine companies lingering at companies lingering at california
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>> welcome back to the kron. 4 news at 3, 3, 15 this afternoon. we're tracking the backlog of ships at the los angeles and long beach ports. officials are once again delaying plans to fine companies for having its shipping containers linger too long on the docks. kareen wynter explains why. well, we heard from the port of los angeles executive director today. and he says that there has been significant improvements in clearing out those containers over the past few weeks. he said these are demanding times that require improved flow of goods across
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the country. >> what we've been doing over time is working about 19 hours a day. and that is the cargo begin the surge we implemented flex hours opening the gates a little bit earlier staggering lunches working a little bit later in between the day and night side while offering to 24 7 capability here at the it's an effort to try to get this entire orchestra supply chain players to get on the same calendar. we've had very few takers to date. but there are some hurdles that we have to overcome. >> the executive director said from shipping lines to trucks and cargo owners are spending priest collaborative effort. he said their courage by the progress supply chain partners have made in helping terminals to move those containers out to reduce the backlog of ships off the coast companies. they say are working to reach their goals. and that's why for a second time. the ports of la and long beach to postpone charging $100 a day to carriers that we've cargo at the terminals for too long now
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the new date is november 22nd. that's when these fees are set to take effect from the previous date of november. 15th with more companies complying and moving old cargo on the dock. still, there are areas of concern with excess cargo filling doc spaces. dock workers are having to wait to unload goods from those ships are left idle until that space is cleared up. here's more from the u.s. secretary of transportation were encouraged by these positive signs like what you share. >> seen the number of containers. well, in for every spot. read this. that is early but a very ominous sign. >> as for imposing those fines, especially with the recent postponements. well, officials say right now they're just focused on getting results. but that they'll continue monitoring. >> the activity at the docks. >> that was kareen wynter reporting for us this afternoon supply chain problems are having a major impact on small businesses here at home. david ne felled co-owns at k fico and san francisco. he says most business owners right now are
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having a lot of problems just getting products items that used to arrive in about 6 weeks prior to the pandemic can now take up to 6 months and some farmers are paying a premium to pick their crops, which is a cost that's now being passed on to restaurants and diners. >> when you look at the pricing at a restaurant and things are going up. you know, people just need to be aware that, you know, a lot of these restaurants are not trying to get rich right there trying to survive. >> he says on top of the supply problems. a lot of restaurants are also dealing with debt right now. and as we inch closer to thanksgiving, you might want to head out and buy your turkey as soon as possible. otherwise there might not be any left lower. inventory has been reported from coast to coast. reporter karma dickerson has more from a california turkey ranch. >> i'm here with thousands of local turkeys headed to a store near you. this thanksgiving. but just because there are plenty of them doesn't mean you might not
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have trouble finding the one you're looking this holiday. >> you know, a lot of the very large or players didn't have the labor in the summer or maybe didn't have supplies. what have you are a multitude of things in the summer time to process all those small frozen turkeys. that's still out for 4 generations or family has been raising turkeys in sonora and yes, there and is managing some of the same shortages seen worldwide we've struggled to get boxes and packaging. and, you know, co 2. but despite the sea of birds diesel. turkey rant is considered small by industry standards and that's where to their advantage in a few ways. for example. when we visited last friday, 13 days from thanksgiving. these 3300 him for about a day away from heading to the refrigerator section, not the freezer aisle. the are smaller, you know, we have a lot of programs that are more fresh
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are, you know, deep chilled programs versus strictly frozen programs. so a lot of that inventory reporting is based off of like a frozen inventory where our inventory wouldn't have been put up get. that means is harvesting turkeys in the fall where as many medal farms or packaging turkeys in summer. >> so heidi and her family had a heads up about the struggles to come. we kind. of some of the challenges because we produce later. so we saw some of the challenges that the end she was facing at large. and so we got extra vendors on hand to help supply. we kind of pivoted on a few packages that were in greater supply. meanwhile, demand is up. heidi says while diesel overwhelmingly cells to stores concerns about supply has customers. contacting diesel directly. i think that will be enough products as long as we have drivers to get them everywhere that they need to go. >> you know, there's there's probably going to be a unique variety of sizes and maybe, you know, if you're waiting. >> a few days before thanksgiving or, you know,
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even a week prior you may not get exactly the size. you're looking for. so as seems to be recurring advises holiday season if you're particular about which turkey ends up on your table plan ahead. >> that was karma dickerson reporting for us. according to the u.s. department of agriculture. the price of a frozen turkey is 20% higher this year than last year. coming up here on kron, 4 news at 3 oakland. officials say they're working to keep tenants in their homes. >> we'll tell you their plans coming up and next, a pandemic program geared toward san francisco artists. we're going to hear
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welcome back. showing artists, their work matters. your bubbling a center for the arts has been sending monthly checks to artists since may. and as kron four's ella sogomonian reports more than 100 artists have now benefited from the program. >> creating such a human thing. but, you know, that paradigm that live under. now. it doesn't foster that. so it takes kind of like the humidity out of i think general because it's robbing people are actually. their their birthright. >> chris watts has been creating art for the last decade. but in that time it's become harder to get by as the cost of living in san francisco skyrocketed, forcing him like many others to make money stretch while staying true to his identity as an
3:25 pm
artist because what explains this form of self expression is as much a necessity as water fills me joy. >> it brings me tears like. it makes me constantly. it makes me like. stop in my in. i it just. that's a that's a really good question. like. all right. yeah. argued everything from the air. but when a center for the arts stepped in with the city grant and now private funds. >> to give watts who is one of 130 artists, $1000 every month to spend how they please for 18 months. the guaranteed income pilot help watts book a trip back home to see loved ones in new york for the first time in 3 years. >> we're acknowledging how important the arts is in general. and that like this income program has been really great. in that regard of like, okay, we appreciate you and what you do. so here is like extra you know, extra money and that's a blessing. more
3:26 pm
than 90% of the funds focused on bipoc and artists. >> who fell below the line financially to make ends meet and lived in a zip code hit hardest by the pandemic. the pandemic in so many ways was really. >> a mirror or a magnifying glass to rising inequity, something that always scratches our heads why bca is the phrase starving artist which really is part of a toxic narrative. >> that for whatever reason has persisted in our economy. it really drives home. this wrong notion that an artist has to starve chooses to be poor to create when we know that the opposite is true, that artists, like all people deserve nourishment deserve what they need to not just get by but to thrive and then it goes deeper than that because we also know that artists are cultural leaders. they're healers and the anchors of their communities. >> that was ella sogomonian reporting for us leading up to native american heritage day
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next week. why the ca is also extending a deadline for indigenous artists to apply for a grant up to $2500 that deadline is now and november 21st. we've got details on that available at kron 4 dot com. coming up next on kron, 4 news at 3. the search is on for a group of thieves responsible for robbing a jewelry store concord. we've got this. >> surveillance video coming up. plus, a new rental program announced in the city of oakland. how it's expected to help stop displacement and prevent homelessness. and later, businesses in kenosha, wisconsin, boarded up in preparation of a verdict in the
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>> take a look at this. a brazen smash-and-grab robbery inside a jewelry store. the sun valley mall in concord. it was all caught on camera 9 people were involved in this kron four's maureen kelly has the very latest details. >> at this point. conquer. police say they don't have a handle yet on how much ali was taken during a smash-and-grab robbery. but they say initial reports are it was a substantial loss here's surveillance video showing the 9 suspects wearing hoodies and gloves with their faces covered. >> as they wielded hammers attacking the glass display cases. police say the robbers mob the iceberg diamonds jewelry store and we're in and out in a flash. this video shows the aftermath of the store employee cleaning up the broken glass. the brazen crime
3:31 pm
happening around 07:30pm. >> well, the mall was still open and the irish are national >> probably not a shooting. just the passion round that's audio from a responding officer reporting back to dispatch. the sounds of the hammers hitting the glass sounded like gunfire to some of the customers who called into 911, but no shots were fired and no one was injured. the suspects had already left by the time police arrived. according to a worker who did not want to go on camera. the gang of robbers ran out through the red. robin burger joint today. iceberg diamonds had their gates down and a closed sign posted. the shattered glass of the display case is still visible. i showed the surveillance video to people outside the mall this afternoon. it sounds pretty scary. >> you guys cover denies ran into the wow. beings as we've had shootings here. so nothing surprises made to seems. >> malls. attract use your fact families. now it seems to
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track criminals. >> i reached out to the sun valley mall. they told me they had no one available to comment on this incident. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> in oakland today was the launch of a new rental subsidy pilot for 200 vulnerable residents in an east bay city as kron four's. you've reports the program aims to stop displacement of households and prevent homelessness. >> we know that every night, thousands of oaklanders our elders our children are sleeping on the streets or are one economic emergency away from losing the housing. they have. >> oakland mayor libby schaff announces a new housing assistance pilot program called shallow subsidy. it is designed to help prevent homelessness in oakland by paying a portion of a person's rent every month for up to 18 months. our main focus is closing the gap. logan mcdonnell, the associate director of the nonprofit
3:33 pm
housing resource program bay area community services is responsible for implementing the pilot and selecting the families were focus on neighborhoods whose rents increased by upwards of 90%. people that have been experiencing homelessness in our lives. >> they paid more than half of their income on rent and their neighborhoods have high rates of gentrification. the total cost of the program. this 3.4 million dollars. the pilots partners includes billionaire philanthropist marc benioff who funded the initial seed money to get the rental subsidy off the ground. >> i don't know what i i you know, i can't pay the rent by receiving a little. >> so to bridge the gap between what people earn and what the rents are. we can stabilize families prevent homelessness from happening in the first place. >> has mud. kron 4 news. >> the 3.33 on tuesday afternoon. looking like a
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beautiful day there across the bay. taking a live look outside at downtown san francisco, little bit of cloud cover. but nothing too terrible. finally getting a good dose of sunshine today. kron 4 meteorologist john trouble has a little bit more detail on what we can expect as we almost make our way into thanksgiving week. >> well, even though a very gray start to this day. we are looking at some sunshine ahead of us towards the rest of your tuesday already seeing some of that peeking through between the clouds and your berkeley hills cam right here. pretty nice of you out there to get you started. in fact, a really nice day to be venturing out in general in radar. you can actually see some of those cloudier spots that had been hanging out, especially across the central valley. we still a weak system pushing on overhead last night. now, this did result in a couple of sprinkles earlier on for the sierra nevada high pressure builds up to our south, though, is keeping us across the bay area predominantly dry. that's the way we were this past weekend on monday. that's the way we're going to stay today on into tomorrow to
3:35 pm
now, we do see changes in the forecast. but we're holding off on that until thursday night thursday itself is actually going to be comfortable dry day. but look at what happens later in the day on thursday. that's when we'll start to see this line of showers approaching the bay area and that will eventually offer sep at least some light precipitation. nothing more than a 10th of an inch for most areas. santa rose that you may see around a quarter of an inch towards thursday night into friday morning between here and there were just talking some comfortably. cool conditions, daytime highs remaining pretty solidly in the 60's much as we've already been seeing burlingame 68 for the high seeing carlos and foster city chat 69 well, across the south bay will be looking at highs just below 70 degrees. a few low 70's on the map for areas like san leandro castro valley walnut creek, sonoma and nevado all tied for warmest spots today and each sitting right at 70 degrees for your afternoon highs. as far as the next 7 days ago, we're not changing much as far as temperatures are concerned, it 60's all the way through this forecast. best chances of
3:36 pm
rainfall will be thursday night into friday. that is looking light. some light showers for the bay area. better chance of rain looking likely after thanksgiving. now we're going to stay dry from now through thanksgiving, aside from that thursday night into friday, chance of rain that post thanksgiving sunday into monday, a better chance of rain. >> national news now jury deliberations underway in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse rittenhouse shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin, killing 2 of them. prosecutors say rittenhouse provoked a confrontation. the defense the jury started deliberating - just after 7 o'clock this morning. hundreds of national guard troops are on standby as the city awaits the verdict and businesses are actually boarded up in case of riots. this is a live look at the courtroom where the judge is expected to ask the jury if they plan to stay late into the night. down in georgia.
3:37 pm
new developments in the trial of 3 men accused of killing ahmaud arbery 100 african-american pastors are expected to arrive in brunswick. this thursday to attend the trial their arrival comes on the heels of comments made by the attorney for defendant. william roddie bryan, the lawyer. kevin gough has repeatedly complained about civil rights leaders. reverend jesse jackson and reverend al sharpton attending the trial in support of the arbery family. goff argue jackson's presence could impact members of the jury. the arbery family. >> it is giving up seats in the public that these gentlemen may be present. with all due respect, your honor. the seats in the public gallery report are not like courtside seats to the lakers game. there are a first amendment rights in the public gallery of the courtroom. there is no standing in any particular individual to be president in the public gallery of the court. there is no reason. prominent icons in
3:38 pm
the civil rights movement to be here. mister goff at this point. not exactly sure what you're doing. >> i have already ruled on this court's position with regard to the gallery. candor. i was not even aware that reverend jackson was in the courtroom. until you sort of. >> today in court. the jury saw close-up pictures of arbery's injuries and heard from a medical examiner who testified that arbery was hit by 2 of the 3 shotgun rounds fired at him. he said both gunshots caused such severe bleeding that either blast alone would have killed him father and son greg and travis mcmichael and their neighbor. william roddie, bryan are charged with murder in arbery's death. warnings about
3:39 pm
a popular toy ahead of the holiday season. what one family wants everyone to consider before buying a hoverboard. >> plus the san francisco forty-niners took home a win last night. we've got details they're set to play in the next match up. and recalling a popular piece of child safety gear, bike helmets being pulled from shelves. we've got the details after the break.
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welcome back. 3.41, we've got a couple of warnings for parents. this afternoon. >> first up, check your kid's bike helmets. the consumer product safety commission is recalling a bus youth helmets over safety concerns. the company released a statement saying the helmets increase the risk of head injuries as opposed to protecting against them. the recall involves the avis. a c m mount zeai youth medium sized helmets sold in both fell that black and polar white colors. no injuries have been reported. but customers are urged to return them from wherever you bought them for a full refund. and a drink mix sold at costco being recalled because it could contain pieces of metal and glass. both the manufacturer and the fda are recalling the kool aid tropical punch drink mix. see 82 ounce mix that expires on august 31st and september. first of 2023 it could have been contaminated during the manufacturing customers are advised to return it for a
3:43 pm
full refund. don't mix that up. stay with us here on kron. 4 news at 3 coming up, kate coming up in sports. >> kate rooney is going to be here to break down the forty-niners big win against forty-niners big win against the rams. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions, liver problems,...and depression. if you have a rash and other allergic reaction symptoms, stop cabenuva and get medical help right away. tell your doctor if you have liver problems or mental health concerns, and if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or considering pregnancy. some of the most common side effects include injection site reactions, fever, and tiredness.
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hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant with once-a-month cabenuva, i'm good to go. to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> it's about that time to talk a little sports this afternoon. the forty-niners won a big one on monday night football and giants manager gabe kepler taking home a big honor kron 4 sports reporter
3:46 pm
kate rooney joining us now with all the details. good stuff to make very good stuff. kind of feels like that's the case for a change, right. because last night was no doubt the forty-niners biggest win of the season before we get to that, though, the big baseball news you mentioned noel gabe kepler has been named national league manager of the year by the baseball writers association of america in his second season in san francisco, catholic guided the giants to a franchise record. 107 wins their first playoff appearance since 2016 and their first nl west title since 2000, 12. the giants didn't make the playoffs and first season. they did perform better than expected that year. and in his 2 seasons, the giants have a 6.13 winning percentage last week. san francisco locked kepler up for a little bit longer. they signed him to a two-year contract extension that will keep him in the bay through 2024 the other 2 finalists were brewers manager craig counsell and mike shildt was fired by the cardinals after the season. the forty-niners
3:47 pm
meanwhile, coming off their first win at home in more than a year against a really good divisional opponent in the rams. but the celebration for san francisco will be short lived because even though the wind kept this team within reach of a playoff berth. there's still a game below 500 at 4, 5, so kyle shanahan said today it's already time to start getting ready for the next game. that's a road trip to take on jacksonville. the choppers are very good. they won 2 games this season. but it's a short week for the forty-niners and an early 10:00am pacific start times. so part of the focus for the week ahead will be avoiding emotional hangover of a big win like monday's. >> those are. >> motional games. the point that you put a lot into it. definitely seen that happen but we were trying to celebrate too much last night you know, we've we've been frustrated with how this year has gone. we're very happy with how last night when but all that's one game. i mean, league is week to week end. doesn't matter which to the week before. if we can get it done this week. it's not going to be much does it all.
3:48 pm
>> one important injury. know we've learned today running back elijah mitchell who had 27 carries yesterday fractured a finger in the game will have a surgical procedure today. but shanahan said he's optimistic that that will be able to practice and play so hoping that's the case. well. ross, thanks, kate. we may soon know fate of the oakland coliseum oakland city council meeting currently underway taking a live look at that are live. listen, i guess today the council's hearing 2 proposals on what to do with the oakland coliseum. one group working towards bringing a wnba team. >> into oakland which might find a home there. the other group is spearheaded by baseball hall of famer dave stewart, who's expressed interest in building a new ballpark. the council is expected to vote on which group they want to enter into a bank into an exclusive negotiating agreement with for the next year. we're going to be following that vote. we will bring you very latest on kron. 4 news at 5 we want to
3:49 pm
go live now to wisconsin where the judge is back in the courtroom during the murder trial for kyle rittenhouse. let's listen in. >> okay. >> you're you're in the first class seats all >> i understand intuition break for the evening which certainly you're right. if you're in charge at this particular point. and i also understand that. i was told that i'm not clear on whether you decided you wanted to come back and 9 or if that was conveyed to you, though. that's what we wanted. but i'm going to take a vote. just to make anyone to report at 9. >> that makes it easy. so we're going break for the evening. you're in
3:50 pm
deliberation and the rules are the same as they were before with the additional provision that you can talk with anybody. >> about the case. even of all 12 you by happenstance and up at the same place. a bully and we we're a restaurant or something. you're not allowed to talk about the case. even with >> and when you get here in the morning. if you come a little earlier. >> somebody is late and. >> there are 11 of your 10 of you or whatever can talk about is the only way you can talk about the case. any aspect of the case. is what all 12 of you are together in the jury. so please keep that in mind don't read watch or listen the travel know talking with anybody who is not involved in the trial. the question anybody. >> we've been listening into the courtroom there during the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse. the jury has decided to break for the evening. they have not reached a verdict. they've been deliberating since 7 o'clock
3:51 pm
this morning. they will reconvene again tomorrow at 09:00am. and of course, we will continue to follow all developments in this case as they happen. stay with us. we've got a little bit more news here on the kron 4 news at 3 attention disneyland fans. the park has announced some changes to tune in town. we've sketches of the proposed
3:52 pm
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4 news at 3 want to show you home video capturing the moment a hover board caught fire and exploded. it happened in england over the weekend. fire. investigators say the battery overheated before setting fire. the explosion causing substantial damage to this family's home. the family shared the video as a warning encouraging people to buy repeatable prop products that meet safety standards. hoverboards have a bit of an issue many, many years. so definitely a good warning to be reminded of. there's going to be a new dessert on some thanksgiving tables this year. get a lot of this. a giant reese's peanut butter cup the size of a thanksgiving pie. this is my literal dream come true. it is 9 inches in diameter. it weighs 3.4 pounds hershey's unveiled this beautiful creation yesterday. but for some reason they only made 3,000 of them, which is not nearly enough because it's already sold out.
3:55 pm
unfortunately, these things are 45 bucks. a piece hopefully they'll decide to make more. and if they do, if you're watching now someone please buy this for me. i really, really that's well with just over a week until thanksgiving. second harvest food bank in san jose says they need a lot of help for the holiday season. the food bank serves 450,000 people every month that's up 80% from pre-pandemic levels. according to the food bank donations have dropped off in recent months. they say families are also being hit hard by the rising costs of food. second harvest says the best way to help is donating money rather than foods. they can take a dollar and turn it into quite a lot of food or you can volunteer at one of their warehouses or their food distribution sites. mickey's toontown at the disneyland resort is getting a makeover. yesterday disney parks made the announcement and released these images of the plans. the new tune towns going debut in early 2023 it's going to
3:56 pm
feature new play experiences as well as open grassy play spaces for the guests to unplug the new attraction. mickey and minnie's runaway railway is also set to open their in 2023 as well. it's time now to check in with newsnation going to see what they're working on for tonight. >> president biden takes a victory lap on his infrastructure plan. but why isn't there any money to fix the border crisis. plus a pro basketball player takes a tough stance on china. why isn't the president doing the same that's on balance. now here's a look at dan abrams live. >> thanks, leland. tonight on dan abrams live on news nation as the jury deliberates the fate of kyle rittenhouse, some in the media who are supposed to be legal. analysts have crossed the line into legal advocates. that's tonight. and dan abrams live. >> it's all coming up tonight on the fastest growing cable news network in america. newsnation available on the channels listed here on your screen. we've aaso got more details available on our
3:57 pm
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