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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 16, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. good morning. i'm darya and i'm james. that breaking news this morning. congresswoman jackie spear who represents san mateo county, part of san francisco has announced this morning. >> she will not be running for reelection. she made the announcement earlier on twitter. let's listen to part of it. >> i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and san
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francisco at almost every level of government for nearly 4 decades. >> and she's 71 right now and deciding that she will have basically one more year to fill out and then she's going to go on and around shoal hand, the baton to somebody else who that will be, we don't know. but that will make. >> the election next year. all the more interesting. so and will be throughout the morning taking more looks at her life and legacy while in office. i'm never going to retire until they kick me my face. whichever happens. first while we're on the air, wound would be but we are looking at conditions this morning that kind of feels like the sky is falling at least the clouds to the surface because we are looking at conditions out there. >> that are pretty foggy low of visibility in pockets, especially for inland areas. so just taking a little bit slower as you're getting outside looking outside at your view from center tower.
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well, it's about the clouds that have drifted down into the surface of the bay. and that's what's resulting in some of our lower visibility spots, especially further inland. so just a heads up about that. we know what to do on our foggy mornings. don't rush it. as for current temperatures were in the midst of some 50's dublin at 50 degrees hayward alameda oakland at 57 toledo and berkeley each at 54 degrees talking about our next chance of rainfall here in a couple of days. still to come in your forecast over to rain a job that you that things have been busy out there all this morning. a couple accidents to tell you about like this one in oakland was about 24 at caldicott lane. so we are seeing delays. >> through or end as you're traveling along 24. also in mountain view northbound one. oh, one south of alice street you've been tracking in accident and the delays we've been seeing from that. you can still get through just a little slow down for both those accidents. a little under 90 minutes because we had an accident on the bay bridge near the tolls. looks like they've been able to clear that off. we still have residual issues. we had a hot spot of richmond along 80. that's clear. but still a 52
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minute drive from crockett down towards the maze and a delay as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. 23 minutes because of slowing along one-on-one. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot a 8 '02 and a new story this morning. a lot of parents about a dozen or so in the bay area are watching their kids very closely. >> yeah. they not the correct dose of their covid vaccine. a little more than the cdc had recommended can be a concern. it could be concerning. this was at its center health in antioch. we have kron 4. sarah stinson up in the newsroom where she's been following the story and the of course, the big question is what it is just going to hurt the care when they get more side effects or something. right. >> now the kids are going to be ok and that's what doctors are saying. both that sutter health where this happened. and also talking with u c s s infectious expert doctor peter chin. hong now, of course, parents were outraged when they found out about the 14 kids that had received a bigger dose. but i've i've been told that they're going to be ok and that it actually was expected. they had a
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trials where pfizer actually gave kids multiple different kinds of doses. let's take a look at the full we want to show you exactly the statement that southern health gave you want to exactly what happened first before we get into all that this weekend. 14 patients at our any a pediatric vaccine clinic received vaccines with an incorrect amount of dilution as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of the cdc guidance in the situation. and this is from doctor hugh at a center healthy as he continued to say that the safety of our patients is our top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to help make sure this doesn't happen again. now the vaccine is supposed to be diluted. that's what they're saying before being administred. but southern health did and i loaded properly giving over a dozen kids the wrong dosage, the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 years old is supposed to be a 3rd of the amount given to teens and adults. that's where the concern has been. but i did just talk on zoom with
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ucsf infectious disease. doctor peter chin-hong about this. he says during the pfizer trials, kids were given the higher dosage that kids that adults have been getting or 12 years and older. no deaths, no severe symptoms reported and he really explains why the smaller 10 milligram dose was chosen. in the end. >> reason why 10 was chosen is because you just got the same bank that bought with a lower dose not because they were crazy side effects in the 30 microgram. it's a group basically with kids. you just want to give the smallest dose. god can give you the same immune response. >> according to the cdc patients who received the vaccine with an incorrect dose may experience more arm soreness fatigue headache or a fever in response to the dose given this is the first time a dosage mix-up has really been reported in the bay area, but it has happened. a handful of times already in the in the country daryn. james, however, again no reports that anyone
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has been harmed or hurt in any way. so i think parents overall, as they may be scared by this should should know that it's okay to get vaccinated. this is just a mix-up and doctor peter chin. hong did not seem worried about it. so at least we have some, you good news for you so people are nervous. some reassuring news. absolutely. thank you, sarah. >> and knowing that the kids, you know, it's difficult enough to get the shot. but you know, they're apprehensive about it. like you said, it could be scary. so look what they're doing. they have kid friendly clinics. this mass vaccination site is at the santa clara county fairgrounds so that the kids feel more comfortable. this one has transformed into a jungle playground with toys. they have games scavenger hunts. all design to distract from the shot and it sounds like it's working. really nice to >> environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here.
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>> and so far i was saying that guys like a parent that kid because he speaks so grown up 34,000 kids 5 to 11 have gotten their shots at this clinic so far got their first dose. so if you get the second dose, then this should be in time for like christmas gatherings and that type of thing. but at the same time, there are a lot of parents who are still upset that the state is requiring vaccines for kids k through 12 to go to class in person. the governor asked that last month and this is the second time now in the last month that parents have protested at the state capitol. you can see them here carrying their signs. they're upset. they say they're not anti-vaccine, but they are anti mandate that like a choice. well, in san francisco, doctors are concerned that the closure of walgreens pharmacies could impact. >> vaccination distribution walgreens is set to close 5 stores in san francisco by the end of the month because of rapid theft. they say it's just too much. they closed 2 locations yesterday. they got another one set to close tomorrow. these closures are already affecting people's ability to fill their prescriptions. and now also
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reducing the potential for kids and adults have access to covid vaccines as we approach the holidays. the hope, though, is that more people, especially those 65 and older will find other ways of getting that all important booster shot. >> it's 87 and in san francisco, the vaccination rates now 80%. so that means because the numbers so high the city can get ready to do some outdoor concert and they're launching this whole program. they are london breed. >> called it sf live the u.s. initiative. and you know, she announced it outside the bottom of the hill club. and that's just one of many venues in the bay area that was really hit hard and the pandemic. so to bring the music back the city is investing 2 and a half million dollars for parks and plazas to hold big concerts and that money can pay for the performer fees and the permits. >> what we're talking about is being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping
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folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> still working the details out. but it just thinking they could have the constant roll in by next okay. >> all right. let's take you to the east bay. we're following a big story out of concord. police they're investigating a jewelry store robbery at the sun valley mall. here's some of the video, the damage and this was a pretty. >> organized effort. yeah. i obviously the crooks had this heist all planned out because they ran and with employees and customers right there will tran has been covering it live this morning and waiting for the surveillance tape. but will you been painting a picture of what happened. the search continues for as many as 9 when inside the sun valley mall in concord, not when it was closed instead. >> when it was open with people inside the mall and inside the jewelry store and they came in there with hammers bright lights. they didn't care because they were after the jewels. in fact, let
8:10 am
me show you the video to show you how brazen it was. it was around 7 o'clock last night. so the employees with dealing with the customers when they burst in sight. shattered all of those cases and the employees. instead of making sales. they had to grab a broom and then pick up all of that debris. they made off so far with an undisclosed amount of jewels. and this was that iceberg diamonds. this happened at a time when obviously there are security guards in place people walking around the mall. they have surveillance footage. anybody who's ever been inside a jewelry store knows. they have plenty of cameras just within the story itself, but it did not stop these people from going inside. more than likely the concord police department. they already have their hands on this footage and we are waiting for them to re possibly release it to us. so we know exactly what happened. and also give a description to pass along to the public. as
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many as 9 people. i'm sure they had their masks and at that time and not because of covid-19. i'm sure so their faces won't be completely shown whether we're going inside. and this can probably did be described as a heist. fortunately, nobody was injured because you can clearly see the employee was just picking up all the debris and senate making sales ahead. >> of the holiday season. >> thank you very much. we'll be stunned to see that video when it finally is released. if it thank you. 11 and. >> and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the president signed a new infrastructure bill into law. so what does it mean for bay area communities will take a look. and we're going to take a look at the ski resorts in time when they're going to open. apparently it's been a little too warm. john. >> we've seen the rain, but we haven't seen the snow up there early lead. we definitely need some cooler weather right. give it so much today. daytime highs remain in the upper 60's for the bay anyways. and after a foggy morning, some sunshine later on. i've got your forecast. we've had a busy
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>> 8.14 and we've got some great video but unfortunately the runs don't look quite this good, i guess right now. no, this was video shot a few weeks back when we had that nice atmospheric river bringing all that fresh snow in october to the sierra. but we're here now from heavenly and what was north start. yes,
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they're going to have to postpone their opening. they're hoping to have the runs up for thanksgiving weekend. no this weekend or this week or so is the open in a few days and that is how i mean, we've seen rain recently, but we have good snow since like 3 weeks ago. and that's what it looks like now. and things started so promising and now it's summer again. yeah. it looks like year ago hunt to find the snow anymore just a little bit of say there and guys. but i but it is it. we have a long season. so i'm just going great because i am a snowboarder and i do love these resorts. yeah. you buy your ticket this weekend. it's good for any time, right. i'm just going hold on a mine because you want to get a deal. it ends this week. by the way. >> cheaper cheaper passes. and this week and a hopeful. we're all kind of right now is because we had that great snow yeah. ever was so excited and now it's like, ok, this feels kind of familiar like there's but we do have chances of rainfall just around the corner and thanksgiving that
8:16 am
sunday into monday looking promising that we could see another system moving through. so keep your fingers crossed that that one is a colder one in does. >> results and some bad or snow accumulation up in the sierra the past few of get definitely brought rain to us. it's just been too warm for any snow accumulation for a lot of those slopes now low visibility is being seen this morning for much of the north bay as well as the inland east bay enough. so that dense fog advisories are in effect. no rainfall. this morning, we're dry across the bay area, even with the cold front that really just clipped the bay area last night. high pressure is in place and it's keeping us dry. that's been the case this past weekend. the end of last week and certainly going to remain this way over the next couple of days. as you can see in future cast. we do have some passing clouds at times, especially tonight after a mostly sunny afternoon. tomorrow will bring a mix of sunshine and cloud cover and what thursday will as well. thursday night is our next best chance of rain. you can see behind me moving in on future cast. and as far as rainfall totals go thursday night into friday morning. it's not looking like a lot of
8:17 am
it around a 10th of an inch of rain. that's a definite light rainfall that will move in just enough to get roadways way into your friday morning commute. aside from that. this is a dry forecast and today is one of those dry days daytime highs in the 60's after what has been some great to start the day. we will be looking at some some sunshine towards the afternoon and those 60's a complement to it. campbell cupertino at 69 for your highs. some low 70's and are very warmest for castro valley san leandro walnut creek as well. sonoma and nevado our warmest spots right at 70 degrees each now tomorrow is going to be a whole lot like today. some cloud cover some sunshine mixed in there, too. and highs mostly in the upper 60's. we cool or touch into thursday and friday. and that best chance of showers looking likely thursday night into friday after that, we stay dry through thanksgiving. your next chance of rainfall looking likely in the weekend after thanksgiving rain. john, thanks for that. ok, we're looking at some issues. we have it all on the roadways here. >> 5.80 eastbound east of macarthur. we got a traffic
8:18 am
hazard. so we're seeing delays as you're traveling along 5.80, but also southbound 8.80, south of arena. bulevar here in san leandro. so you're seeing that as well. a good alternate would be east 14th if you're trying to get around both of the slower highways there also heading into the city right now. little under 90 minutes, we had an earlier accident here that has been clear near the tolls. 5.80, our 80 rather. and now you still are see residual delays as you're traveling along 8580. were still seen slowing the berkeley. hey, we're emeryville richmond center fell bridge along 5.80 traveling across the war. sandra fell a little under 14 minutes for a drive. times are not seen any delays here. but as the san mateo bridge about 30 minutes. if you're traveling across towards the peninsula. so we're keeping a close eye on your drive times this morning daryn. james, i'll send it back to you. all right. thanks a lot. rate. 18 and national news. president biden surrounded by republicans and democrats alike signed his infrastructure bill. yeah,
8:19 am
lawmakers on both sides of the aisle saying that this is going to be something that will help every american basil john. >> is in dc with the latest. >> good morning democrats and republicans said even though it took months to come to this conclusion. the result is worth it for millions of americans. despite the senate's. >> democrats, republicans and together and deliver results monday, president joe biden surrounded by both democrats and republicans sign the bipartisan infrastructure deal into world has changed. we have to be ready. the more than 1 trillion dollar bill will put 550 billion dollars in new funds for transportation broadband in clean water. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says this will make the u.s. more competitive this infrastructure bill. will help us meet the challenges of our time. strengthen our crucial supply chains and lay the foundation for another
8:20 am
generation of economic prosperity. some republicans were in attendance for the signing such as ohio senator rob portman who emphasized the infrastructure deal will benefit every american. there were plenty of bumps along the way. but we got there because we are all committed. >> to ultimately delivering results. for the constituents we represent. portman says the improvement to infrastructure will lead to an economic advantage for the country and more importantly, counters inflation. >> which is so important right now. as american families. are facing higher prices on everything from gas to groceries with the infrastructure deal done. the president and democrats shift their focus entirely to the larger social spending bill. >> americans will also seen more than 100 billion going to roads and bridges more than 60 billion into freight and passenger trains and nearly 40 billion into public transit reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> well here locally sam, a san jose mayor. sam liccardo
8:21 am
is celebrating the president's infrastructure bill to. he's hoping that it will bring an end to some of the rolling blackouts and public safety power. shutoff set to become all too common these days. the he says from this bill will help make the state's electric grid a little more reliable and help bring cleaner energy to san jose. >> that seems to be an issue that not a lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for us as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric grid that's ready for that. >> yeah. the money will also help improve public transportation in san jose with city leaders saying a lot of it is going to go to focusing on improving the deer dawn station which they hope to make into a main transportation hub for california well, bart did take de france with asian. they're hoping to benefit from the new infrastructure deal, too. >> they say the money could allow them to get more trains into the rotation and fund a better operating system. >> right now. we run 24 trains through the tube an hour and
8:22 am
we literally cannot fit anymore. but with more new cars and a new train control system. we can do 30 trains an hour. so what that means for the average person is you're just waiting on the platform less, which is a wonderful thing. >> oh, yeah. it's a wonderful thing because, you know, they say like 10 minute delays. it's always like 20 bart is also hoping offer better services for those for disabilities by installing new elevators. >> coming up on the kron 4 morning news today is last day. you can enjoy doughnuts at lucky jelly doughnuts in fairfield will tell you why the ow
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> a 24 to happening today and the north bay. it is over for a donut shop in fairfield now beloved what, 15 years in operation. it's called lucky jelly doughnuts on texas street move got rina shah dick's now talking to the owners about why they've decided. >> to close shop. >> we do this a long time. so 7 day a week. >> we have we never got a day off. >> he is. it's time for him because his 67 not >> donuts located along the texas street curb. fairfield has been a mainstay for the past 15 years. the business started in toledo 25 years ago, moving to fairfield in 2000, 6 siblings dante and jody hawkins come by daily
8:26 am
sometimes twice a day on their way to and from school just down the >> it lays we love this place. nang and charnley have loved making donuts here for years. but the couple will be closing shop for good will spend some much needed rest and relaxation as name recovers from cancer and begins chemo treatments. if and so said will be miss all the fuss, the >> the good people around the support. what do with on the view. at they want all their faithful customers to know how grateful they of patient. thank you for support. >> the whole. in my heart of this is for yet when customers picked out doughnuts then realized they had no money on them. chong gave it to them anyway and then people to all you you trust me the come by it.
8:27 am
>> they even more mind the that that doesn't get one of those in their pay 2 >> and that's what's kept customers coming back wife. the mother loves his place. >> well, we certainly wish them the best, especially in her recovery from cancer. it makes me feel a little better about. i know people are upset about seeing the donut shop closed. but she's got our priorities right well, you know, i really was not had a day off and 30 years so. go enjoy yours. a joy 7. still ahead. >> we've got new efforts in oakland to stop illegal dumping. we'll tell you how the city is making it easier for you to get rid of those bulky unwanted items.
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>> it's 30 right now. we're taking a live look here outside of our fake window. our station is really here and nice view. yeah. gorgeous out there at the exploratorium on the bark and arrow in san francisco, little gray overhead. that's fine. we're still a little gray overhead. >> he said a little out and get it out. >> it's going to be like that. i colored by got john who doesn't have to worry about it at just a couple spots right right here distinguished. yes, yes. and you got definitely some gray out there this morning. we will see the sunshine later on today. but we are starting off with the
8:31 am
cooler cloudier conditions that we're in the midst of right now. enough actually for some dense fog advisories for portions of our inland areas across the bay, not enough low visibility in the berkeley hills camera right here is that cloud cover sitting right above you. and that's that. definitely a nice note for bayshore cities. as i've noted, those pockets of lower cloud cover, mostly hanging out further inland and that's where we have the advisories radars, otherwise showing dry conditions and temperatures are currently cooling in the 50's light jacket kind of stuff this morning and look forward to some 60's and sunshine later today i'll be breaking down our next chance of rainfall. still to come in your full forecast over to irena. john, thank you for that. or i've got some accidents to tell you about like this one in hercules 80 westbound east of little avenue. so we are starting to see delays along 80. >> also the san mateo bridge. we're up to about 30 minutes last time i checked and still pretty slow not because of any accidents, but we are seeing delays along 1, 1, and that's really backing us up and slowness down along the san mateo bridge 5, 8080. you've
8:32 am
got issues here traffic hazard. 5.80, eastbound east of boulevard. southbound, 8.80, south of marina boulevard here in san leandro east 14th, a baby, a good alternate to try to get around that. and here in hayward or sent 8.80, north of little road. another traffic collision. there. staying on top of your morning traffic on this tuesday. but daryn, james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> so they 32. let's get to some breaking news this morning. congresswoman jackie spear who represents san mateo county and parts of san francisco has announced that she is not running for reelection. he has lived a long and storied life for sarah stinson is in the newsroom with the latest. sara. >> what a life and political career. she has had congressman jackie spear has served on different levels of government for nearly 4 decades. but she will not be seeking reelection in 2022 representatives fear is known for fighting for women's and lgbtq rights. she actually wrote the me too movement to congress in 2017 sharing her
8:33 am
own experiences with much misconduct. eventually she helped get the c a a reform act passed and signed into law helping assault survivors in the workplace spears a san francisco native she was an aide to representative leo ryan in 1978. they were on a fact-finding mission in ghana about the jonestown shooting when she was shot 5 times. ryan was assassinated that was 43 years ago. this week. talk about timing. but she survived, as you know, spear says she vowed to from that day on to continue to serve and she has continued to do so. she won her first election in 1980 when she ran for the san mateo board of supervisors spear and for the california state assembly 6 years later since then. she served in both chambers of the california legislature. and in 2008 spears got elected to the u.s. house of representatives where she spent her time since spear says though, it is time to come home and spend much
8:34 am
needed time with family. >> there's still another year of representing your interests in congress and i intend to do my level best to support you in every way. there's also another chapter or 2 in my book of life. and i intend to contribute to you the communities. i love on the peninsula and in san francisco. and the country. it has given me so much. >> that's right. she has one more year congressman spear currently serves on the armed services committee and she will continue to serve in the house, especially because use the chair of the military personnel subcommittee. she'll continue to do all that work for the next year and come home be on the peninsula, work in the bay area where she loves to work. and i assume she's not quite done. she's a hang up her hat in serving where she loves the most. the bay area. look for to see what she does next. but for now
8:35 am
we'll see what she does in the next year in the house. and back to you in studio. all right. chair. >> time has a 34. and in the east bay open city leaders are calling on police to solve more cases because so many violent crimes that happen. and no arrests have been made so far. for example, the weekend shooting a drive-by and a mother and daughter were injured oakland. this is their home on sterling drive sunday night. you can see the bullets went right through their front window and then lake merritt has seen a lot of violence, a man and a woman were shot along the lakeshore yesterday morning and then last thursday a woman was shot and killed near the lake. one city council member says police need to do more. >> this is happening way too frequently. >> and it is maddening. we have to engage with family members who we know have a weapon and you know, may be considering using it that we really plead with them convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues
8:36 am
challenges that they're facing. >> kron. 4 did reach out to the oakland police about the recent cases, but they haven't given us any more details about the shootings. and happening today, oakland mayor libby shaft is announcing a new way to prevent homelessness. she was joined by community members here and she launched a new rental assistance pilot program that they're hoping is going to keep people from being displaced in the first place. the mayor is going make a an announcement on this. it 10 o'clock 1015, this morning. so stay tuned for that. also making headlines in oakland. the city is trying to stop illegal dumping by making it easier for people to get rid of their unwanted. >> bulky items. the city's going to be giving people a way to schedule drop-off appointments with waste management at no charge those drop-offs will go to the davis street resource and recovery complex in san leandro. the expanded service is also going to cut out the middleman for oakland renters who no longer. now we'll have to coordinate with their landlords to get bulky items picked up.
8:37 am
>> as a 25 as id. and i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor really happy that other renters can now reach out directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> for more information on dates and times for scheduling of free both the waste removal or drop off head over to our website at kron 4 dot com. also happening today. the east bay the walnut creek city council will be thinking about creating a buffer zone around planned parenthood clinics to prevent clashes between protesters and patients. so far this year. police have been called out 42 times to stop protesters from harassing patients at the clinics, oakland boulevard location, oakland nap and san francisco already have buffer zones in place and tonight's meeting in walnut creek to discuss it is set for 06:00pm. now to some breaking news this morning. jury deliberations in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse are underway. rittenhouse shot. 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin. 2 of those men died. prosecutors say
8:38 am
rittenhouse provoked that confrontation while defense attorneys say that he feared for his life. and so he opened fire in self-defense. 18 jurors have been listening to trial this whole time. 12 of them now have been selected at random and those are the 12 who will decide rittenhouse's fate. hundreds of national guard troops are also on standby as the city awaits the verdict businesses nearby of also boarded up just in case. >> time now is a 38. and still ahead, the forty-niners upset the rams in a blowout win at home. we'll have a look at the highlights.
8:39 am
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first of its kind judgment by california's attorney general amazon has to pay $500,000 and make public. how many of its employees have had covid the attorney general says amazon has done a poor job of notifying its workers and local health agencies about covid cases. and as part of this deal struck with the justice department. amazon agrees to modify ies covid notification system. and it also has to submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state. >> the key focus here is that the health and safety of our workers. the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate.
8:42 am
>> he wouldn't say whether the state is looking into any other big companies about this. but he's hoping that the amazon judgment will send a message to all 8.41. is a time. we'll be right back.
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ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through! ugh! and then...the present. and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. >> a 44 right now, having a little fun on a tuesday, too. much fun dirt here tuesday,
8:45 am
which is a cover too much on a tuesday. tuesday needs all the help it can get. so have fun. if you can find fun today. yeah, i mean, i hope you're doing some fun during those commercials because we john was preparing the weather forecast because he's up next for the commercial break is my chance to listen to the music in my head and get this forecast. and we are looking at a nice forecast today to be eventually getting back outside. not that it's a bad morning, too. it's just going to be a whole lot brighter. a little bit warmer later on today. so if you time it out right, you'll be sitting under some sunshine. not so much. just yet. there's some great hanging out all across the bay area. >> that's good. jogging weather, though. i know a lot of people love that low gray and it's enough to have dense fog advisories for portions of marine sonoma and napa counties as well as the inland east bay. we do have pockets of dense fog that have formed overnight. and we know the drill on this foggy mornings just give yourself a few extra minutes. obviously don't to be rushing through any low visibility. otherwise conditions are dry out there despite the fact that we've had a weak frontal boundary that just slid right across the bay last night. high
8:46 am
pressure keeping us dry across the bay area. what we did see some light sprinkles up in the sierra nevada from this. we are going to be looking at partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies throughout the day today. increasing cloud cover overnight tonight. tomorrow really looking much like today. times of sunshine times the cloud cover to for your wednesday now into thursday, we will see an increase in cloud cover and eventually into thursday night. our next line of showers will begin to push on into the region. not going to be here until thursday evening, though. that's our next chance of showers and a light chance at that. look at our rainfall potential around a 10th of an inch for most areas. santa rosa, you could get close to a quarter of an inch of rainfall. that's the best we've got for this week. one of the drier ones we talked about a while. 60's for your daytime highs in san francisco right along the coastline and pretty much everywhere else across the bay. we do have a few 70's on the map and plenty of us getting close to that 70 degree. mark making for a comfortably. cool afternoon. san jose at 68 same for you in pleasanton union city just to
8:47 am
name a few low 70's for san leandro castro valley, walnut creek, sonoma and nevado all our warmest spots and all right. at 70 degrees now, tomorrow's temperatures don't change much do today. tomorrow is really a repeat of today. it won't be until thursday night into friday morning that we see a few scattered showers friday morning. a little wet on the roads. the weekend after that looks nice and dry rain. thank you for that. all right. we've got some slower spots like along one. oh, one. >> and 92. let's show you this. if you're traveling 92 west, you see, we're seeing delays there and one. oh, one about accident. just looks like an uptick in traffic along the highways. and so that spilling over on to the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes to make your commute as you're heading across towards the peninsula under 15 minutes now that you're traveling into the city. we had an earlier accident on the bridge they've been able to remove that from the bridge. and we are still seeing residual delays. it's also pretty slow along 8580. if you're traveling south of market street. we got an
8:48 am
accident there. so we're keeping a close eye on things and along here in hercules 80 westbound just east of little avenue. you've got an accident. so you're seeing delays darya james, back to you. thank you, ray. let's talk. >> football will lie football. it's fun to talk when they won, which they did. it was a huge win last night for the forty-niners beating a divisional the rams in monday night with the eyes of the nation was, you know, i had my eye that that but catch now let's check it out. kron four's.hkate rooney has a >> 393 days. that's how long it had been since the forty-niners last won a game at levi stadium and that one back on october 18th 2020 was against the rams. so could the forty-niners pull up a much needed repeat on monday. turns out they not only could but they could do so in dominant fashion, the fog was rolling in at levi stadium for monday night football and jimmy played. well, the last couple weeks looking to silence all the critics and keep the niners season alive first possession for the rams. matthew stafford. good for the
8:49 am
deep ball. right into the arms of forty-niners cd, jimmie ward full was nowhere near odell beckham junior and that. >> set the tone for this one early in suing forty-niners possessions, ticker aapl o finds george kittle, one of his favorite targets kettle second touchdown of the season. he had 5 catches for 50 yards. 7. nothing niners. so the rams got the ball back their own 24 stafford looking for tyler higbee. >> and if that is out of his hands right into the and this time he takes it to the house. a pick-six makes it 14. nothing san francisco. more coming up, a quad injury has the best game of his career. we go to the 2nd quarter. same score stafford looking for higbee again. and this time he connected be just getting in there for the 10 yard touchdown. the rams right back in this one just down by 7
8:50 am
next, forty-niners drive garoppolo looking to answer the handoff to deebo samuel. there he goes. making guys miss and he gets in for the touchdown. that's worthy of celebration. go ahead, deebo levi's stadium. meanwhile, going nuts for that. when i heard the even did the wave in there. one point. >> 2721 7. >> niners at the half 4th quarter. now forty-niners up by 11. >> 4th and goal. garoppolo fires deebo. >> he gets away from the defense said he is off to the races. how about this 5 carries 5 receptions a 133 total yards and 2 touchdowns for samuel. he's so good. niners. just pouring it on now. next rams possession. check out this play throw appears to be picked up by king juan williams who makes an incredible catch with his but a pass interference penalty on sf ultimately gave la the first down still had to leave that one. and this is what sealed the deal for the forty-niners on monday. stafford getting trucked by arden key. yeah, that would do
8:51 am
it. the defense held the rams at bay. all game in the forty-niners win. 3110. they have now won 5 in a row against the rams. san francisco improves to 4, 5, and just like that, the playoffs are still a viable option. let's hear from head coach kyle shanahan jimmy garoppolo is fine. >> taking a lot of this year. personally someone just say taking some the personally as well leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know what, we have been few things this i know that some of these to but we definitely played our best game all around. i think being gunther down i just what we work that really helped everything just. >> we can convert stand the i've said before like all my football defense like we did night. it's a good recipe for us. >> best game for jimmy and one of the best games for the forty-niners of the season so far. can they keep it up their next opponent is jacksonville. that's a road trip will see if they can build on this
8:52 am
momentum. okay. not only did the but catch stand out to me. but are we still not bending the brims anymore because i thought we were going back to a little bit. you've got to have it flat still ends on how you want to wear some people, do. some people insist on curry and others don't. yeah. that's back in the day. i mean, i thought we're curving now on the caution. you get on the horn island of challenge sort this out towards a quick break warriors, by the way, on the road tonight. kevin durant's brooklyn nets tip off 4.30. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> curry traditionally the 2 syllables. the each mean something different. >> and she means. >> like smart or wise young means like brave or yeah. >> we're looking at that. and guess what, what she also sesame. >> brought down. >> pretty cool. this is sesame street's. first asian ever asian character g young. she's korean american and she'll be formally introduced and thanksgiving day program called see us coming together. a sesame street special her character was actually created following the rise. we saw an anti-asian hate across the country last year and her pup
8:56 am
it. here is 41 year-old kathleen kim who also is korean american just like the puppet gm. and i love that they gaze a little educator about what words mean language not like i love just different languages and learning about them in incorporating different words. that's really cool for little kids to start that now too. >> hit a 56 right now and coming up, congresswoman jackie spear announces she is not going to seek reelection to congress. >> what's she gonna do and what does this mean for her district. >> plus some children in the bay area received the wrong dose of the covid-19 vaccine will tell you where it happened and what this means now for those kids going forward. >> and a brazen smash-and-grab heist at a jewelry store in concord. you got to see it and hear it to believe it will hear it to believe it will tell you about.
8:57 am
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive but, together, we got this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase.
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
8:59 am
>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> and the breaking news is congresswoman jackie spear. she represents san mateo county and part of san francisco. she is not going to run for reelection. she is not. yeah. making that announcement on social media this morning. here's a portion of what she said. >> i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for
9:00 am
reelection to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and san francisco at almost every level of government for nearly 4 decades. >> so it's 71 she's like, you know, i want to spend time with my family and kind of which made me think james attacked. our family kron 4 had a birthday yesterday. we didn't even say it. we did. we were 40 48 years old. no matter how are to 72. so this is the article of the day. we went on tv or as they call it. what do they call it video screen. that is a new a new channel on your video screen. this is november 15th 1949 about that with the headline. adam war at adam were civilizations surviving blast


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