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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 16, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. >> yeah. the breaking news the breaking news. the congresswoman jackie spear. >> has announced that she is not going to be running for reelection. she represents a good bit of san mateo county and she made the announcement on twitter about an hour ago. >> 43 years ago this week. i was lying on an airstrip in the jungles of guyana with 5 bullet holes in my body. i vowed that if i survived, i would dedicate my life to public service. i lived and i served it's been a remarkable journey that has surpassed my wildest dreams. i'm announcing
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that i will not be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and san francisco at almost every level of government for nearly 4 decades. i have been deeply touched by your support during good times and bad. you've given me the latitude to fashion legislation truly changed the lives. thousands upon thousands of people. along the way. i've met great human beings who are filled with goodness and generosity. many of them have become close personal friends that i treasure. there's still another year of representing your interests in congress and i intend to do my level best to support you in every way.
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there's also another chapter or 2 in my book of life. and i intend to contribute to you the communities. i love on the peninsula and in san francisco. and the country. it has given me so much. i have never forgotten that. i've been given the opportunity to serve because of you. the office holds the power, as i leave, i want to convey my deepest appreciation to you and urge you to protect our precious democracy. it is fragile. and vulnerable. god bless you. god bless our troops. and god bless america. and that's 43 years ago. this week that she was in jonestown investigating the jim jones cult which was some san francisco shooting and why was she and diana.
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>> and she was an aide to a congressman. yeah. the way back when. and and he was assassinated in about 900 other people did not make it in that whole compound. her delegation as they were trying to leave at the airport were gunned down by a lot of jim jones followers it to. >> it's amazing story. we just found out recently that there's going to be movie made i didn't i didn't know that. and leonardo dicaprio. so a lot of people don't know about. it happened so long ago but just a crazy story. >> and it spurred her whole life in public service and now she's going to take back a little bit of her life after this year. we are at 7. '03, is the time more news in a minute. first let's get to weather and traffic checks here at the top of the 07:00am hour. good morning, john. good morning, guys. it is a grey start to this tuesday morning. some fog having formed across the bay area overnight. >> that you will be encountering as you leave the house this morning looking outside. we are looking at some low grade that saying out right above san francisco. you can see that blocking out a little bit of those taller buildings in the skyline right
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there. visibility has been affected, especially for inland areas. so be mindful of that as you're venturing out there, as we always say on this foggy mornings, allow yourself that couple extra minutes. you know, the drill when you get the low visibility like we do have currently 50's for current temperatures. it is a cool start to what will be a comfortable and actually pretty clear rest of the day ahead of us. i'm talking 60's and sunshine towards the afternoon and our next chance of rainfall all still to come, reena john, thank you for that. so we do have a hot spot out there. its enrichment, 80 westbound at barrett avenue. >> and so we're looking at one lane blocked as well as the off-ramp there, san pablo avenue. always a good alternate if you're trying to get around delays along 80, although it's can slow down along there, too, heading into the city right now. another accident just popping up here on the bay bridge right near the toll. so now we're seeing drive times go up. we're still at 16, but that may change out here in let's get a look at that accident. northbound 6.80, north of and roddy road. 6 a on the northbound side
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heading across towards the peninsula. you can see traffic slowing down here a little under 18 minutes as you're heading across towards the peninsula. darya james, back to you. thanks a lot. or a 7 o 4 of our top story this morning is, you know, the kids get their covid vaccine and they have a smaller needle in a different. >> dosage. well, about a dozen or more kids got the wrong dosage. they got the adult shot by mistake more than they needed. but was it more than enough. that was going to cause him any harm. that's the worry this was sutter health in antioch. we've got kron 4. sarah stinson following the story for us up in the newsroom. and that's obviously the big question in the minds of the parents of those kids. but all parents. >> are the kids going to be a case is harmful to get more than they need. >> well, of course, a concern to all parents, not just the ones affected in the east bay who were, by the way, outraged when they found out about this 14 kids given the wrong dosage of the kids pfizer vaccine. and this morning we're hearing more about what happens next and what happened with sutter health's clinic. take a look at doctor jimmy hugh, the
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chair of the hospital's covid-19 vaccine task force and pediatrician wrote in a statement saying, quote, this week in 14 patients are in pediatric vaccine clinic received vaccines with an incorrect amount of the duluth as soon as we learned of this, we contacted the parents and advise them of the cdc guidance in the situation doctor who continue to say that the safety of our patients is a top priority and we immediately reviewed our processes to make sure this doesn't happen again. the vaccine is supposed to be deluded before being administered. but sutter health didn't dilute properly giving over a dozen kids the wrong dosage. the vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 years old is supposed to be a 3rd of the amount given to teens and that's going with this concern lies. the hospital says according to the cdc patients who received the vaccine within in incorrect rather dilution ball. may experience more sore arms fatigue headache, or a fever in response to the dose given
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this is the first time a dosage mix-up has really been reported in the bay area but unfortunately this has happened. a handful of times already in several states across the country. no severe symptoms or deaths have been reported for kids given a higher dose. now we're trying to get in it into contact with health officials we actually have an interview set at some 45 with the ucsf in home. he's going to answer some of the questions. know a lot of parents have after hearing this story. so we're going to get you all the answers and more and that should be in the next hour. for now, back to you in studio. okay. looking forward to that. thank you, sarah. and now that the kids can get covid shots counties are trying to make it as kid friendly of a process as possible. >> as you can see at this mass site and santa clara the of fairgrounds. they have a special area just for kids to get their shots and feel like it's sort of more funding because there's a jungle playground and toys and games
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and even a scavenger hunt. all designed to distract them from the fact that they're about to get the jab. really nice to >> environment where kids are afraid to. get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. >> see, look this way. look this what that sound. that's a balloon popping and then you got the shot. so far. 34,000 kids age 5 to 11 have got their shot at the fairgrounds at least one dose and and they should be probably by christmas be all covered parents and students gathered outside state capitol, though to protest the state's vaccine mandate for the kids k through 12 last month. the governor announced that if you want to go to in person school, k through 12. then you got to get the shot. this is the second time in the last month that there have been protests over this mandate. the protesters say they're not anti-vaccine, but they are anti-mandate. they want the choice. >> a san francisco doctors are concerned that the closure of
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walgreens pharmacies could impact vaccination distribution walgreens is set to close 5 stores in san francisco by the end of the month because of rampant theft. 2 locations close yesterday. we know another one is set to close tomorrow and these closures are already affecting people's ability to fill their prescriptions as we now ucsf infectious disease specialist doctor peter chin-hong also worries that now kids and adults will have less access to the covid vaccine. >> you want to meet people where they are with vaccines. we've seen that really play out in an important factor in previous rule out so you know, it's it's going to have an impact by taking away 5 walgreens. that means 5 locations that may be more convenient to some people versus others. and if somebody uses that as an excuse me me to door that's a missed opportunity. >> yeah. as we approach the holidays. doctor chin-hong is hoping that more people, especially those 65 and older
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sign up to get those booster shots to now that everybody's going vaccinated music is back in san francisco. so the vaccination rate in san francisco is 80%. and because that number is so high the city is going to start to launch a new outdoor concert series and mayor london breed made the big announcement. it's called sf live in this initiative. she announced at the bottom of the hill, which is one of the clubs like many venues in the bay area that have been hit hard by the pandemic. so this brings music back by adjusting some money about are injecting about 2 and a half million dollars for concerts to start at city parks and plazas and pay for the performer fees and permits. what we're talking about is being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues. >> to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> they're still working out the details that figure should get underway, though, some
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time in the new year. >> still ahead on the kron 4 morning news we've got president biden signing his new infrastructure bill into law will tell you what that means for us right here in the bay area. and after the break, some tahoe ski resorts, unfortunately now delaying their opening because of some of the warmer weather we've been enjoying john and it's definitely going to be another warm one today after a foggy start this morning. sunshine will come back out and daytime highs climb back into the 60's
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>> what's the stoke level, james well, anyway. well, that's what we're here for some of the resorts like heavenly. they were hoping to open, you know, pretty quick here for the ski season. now they're going to push that back that out yesterday. so it is 0 because they're not opening they're not opening statement northstar the 2 cars. well, they want to open this weekend. the camp and put looks so optimistic in a couple weeks ago and have that big that the big atmospheric river that runs right up there. they're hoping that maybe by thanksgiving. they could have the the runs open for people who like to do that over the doesn't look like that's going to happen. at least not until we get another big shot of snow. i mean, you know, we could be worse off because john just got back from colorado and you said that we have more snow than they do it. cause and snow to denver all this year. they're in the 70's. there. so people there are like what's what's wrong haha? so it's not just us. that's definitely all gun
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in it. >> looks really nice up there actually part of the reason that we're seeing so many problems is all the recent storms happen far too warm. >> and that's actually a didn't melting off a lot of the recent snowfall you've got left is a couple of spots there below the trees. donner summit right here. one of the highest spots on 80 and not looking at in the snow left. so that is a little rough to be seeing, especially when we were so hopeful just 3 weeks ago after having seen so much up there. our next system is not going to be a big snowmaker either so we're maybe going to have to hold off until after thanksgiving to really see things kicking up at least hopefully so now low visibility across parts of the bay area because of dense fog advisories and some fog that is formed, especially further inland. if you're looking outside this morning not seeing so far outside your window. definitely give yourself those extra few moments as you venture out on the roads, some very weak system that scooted just to the north of us yesterday. one of the reasons we remain dry
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as this persistent ridge of high pressure that's going to stay in place for a couple more days. we do see a rainmaker later on this week. it's going to be another relatively warm system, not a big cool down associated with it. we will see some snow in the sierra from this next system that moves in thursday night into friday in just a little bit of rain for the bay area. santa rosa nearing a quarter of an inch of rain oakland hayward san jose about a 10th of an inch of it. definitely on the lighter side of things enough to get roadways wet on into your friday morning commute. 60's for your daytime highs. almost everywhere across the bay area today. very similar day to what we had yesterday in tomorrow's going to be very similar as well. so we're repeating something that is pretty comfortable but a pretty dry past few days for sure. definitely not the rainiest. we've seen it lately san leandro castro valley in walnut creek each right at 70 for your highs and then sonoma novato also at 70 degrees or warmer spots in the bay today, tomorrow, much like today upper 60's for most of our highs thursday night into
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friday morning. some brief showers that will push that's it into the weekend. we drive back out highs remaining in the 60's rain. john, thanks for that. we've been tracking this hot spot enrichment, 80 westbound. >> at avenue. so chp tells me they just opened up the lanes here. so although we are see residual delays from that accident. we definitely are going to start to see some improvement remember san pablo avenue might be good alternate around that on the bay bridge right near the tolls. looks like there is an accident as well. here since last time we checked in drive times have gone up one minute. so a little under 18 minutes to make it to that fremont street exit from the maze and northbound 6.80, north of the dryden road. you've got an accident there. so we are seeing delays along 6.80. and as you're heading across towards the peninsula. think slowdown along one o one. once you get there, a little under 19 minutes to make this drive times. back to you. thanks a lot of 7.17 and national news. president biden signed to the infrastructure deal, which makes it law. now republicans and democrats alike were
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around him. they were. yeah. this bipartisan bill. in fact, both sides of the aisle promising that this will have a positive effect on every single. >> american. we've got basil john with the very latest on all this from washington. good morning. democrats and republicans said even though it took months to come to this conclusion. >> the result is worth it for millions of americans. despite the senate's democrats, republicans and together and deliver results monday, president joe biden surrounded by both democrats and republicans signed the bipartisan infrastructure deal into world has changed. we have to be ready. the more than 1 trillion dollar bill will put 550 billion dollars in new funds for transportation broadband in clean water. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says this will make the u.s. more competitive this infrastructure bill. will help us meet the challenges of our time. strengthen our crucial supply chains and lay the
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foundation for another generation of economic prosperity. some republicans were in attendance for the signing such as ohio senator rob portman who emphasized the infrastructure deal will benefit every american. there were plenty of bumps along the way. but we got there because we are all committed. >> to ultimately delivering results. for the constituents we represent. portman says the improvement to infrastructure will lead to an economic advantage for the country and more importantly, counters inflation. >> which is so important right now. as american families. are facing higher prices on everything from gas to groceries with the infrastructure deal done. the president and democrats shift their focus entirely to the larger social spending bill. >> americans will also see more than 100 billion going to roads and bridges more than 60 billion into freight and passenger trains and nearly 40 billion into public transit reporting in washington. i'm basil john. well, for your
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money this morning. amazon will pay california $500,000 for concealing covid cases among workers. >> and how expensive is assisted living here in the state. jane king is live. the nasdaq with these stories and more. good morning, jane. >> hi, james. good morning to a cost just over $4,000 a month for assisted living in california that's the 21st most expensive states. new jersey was the most expensive at 6,000. that is about comparable to a monthly mortgage payments on a million-dollar home. california drivers have dozens of insurance companies to choose from when shopping for car insurance. bank rate says geico progressive state farm. also some of the best car insurance in the state. now the average cost of car in california. it's just over $2000 per year for full coverage, mortgage rates down for a second straight week. in fact, freddie mac says they're now back below 3% at 2.9 8% and amazon has agreed to pay $500,000 to better enforce
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california state consumer protection laws. california's attorney general said the company had concealed covid cases from its workers. it's the first such action under the state's 2 right to know law to improve work for safety live from the nasdaq. i'm jane king back to james. all right. thank you very much, jane. >> it's 7.20 right now. and coming up, the kron 00:00am morning news. the holidays around the corner. so we're going to take a look at some of the top trending toys. >> this holiday season and see if your kid is interested.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. >> 7.24. and because we're scaring you into shopping early out there to get all your christmas shopping. but if you haven't yet, looking at some of the toys that are big this year. yes, so far one of the biggest trending items on social media is the cats versus pickles collectibles that you see there. i don't know what acute. i know blue's clues. yes. also the so-called when i grew up. toys are popular with kids, too, which shows, you know what they can be is a profession. years down the road. that's fun for games for family night nre big ticket items as well. and. >> 4 games like what do you meme family addition get into the water. >> good times. all trending.
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yeah, they just learning stuff for kids that are they know that some of those trending as well. if you if you buy if you know if you like learning my kids always want see the by the way, did you see that limit. one per person, right. yeah. so, you know, they are limiting the really published might my kids didn't want any learning stuff. we'll see what what do the experts? yes, a great option for get this year subscription to abc mouth. if this learning portal that kids can go through and play different games. >> you know, see show you learn even though the kids don't know if that worked. i like that. it's it's often all right. and there's also a games to that promote. >> you know, just sort of emotional intelligence and development and mental intelligence development as well. so those are all big this year enjoy get their head out of the computer how about that? that's just me well. >> i'm in concord this morning in front of the sun valley mall where last night reportedly as many as 9 people first into a jewelry store and
7:26 am
robbed many of their jewelry all have that video for you we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> 7.28 right now. >> has. there you have it. you know, do you think is many anchors around the country do a lot of singing. >> is that is not a common deal. >> i think many can many felt
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why are you saying news brought. well, i was think about the so you spend at least 30% of your life at okay. so my suggestion is that you either love your job, which i hope you do. or if you don't work in ways to love it -plike whatever singing or i don't know whatever you're saying. you don't ove your job. so you have to saying no, i love my do not center. i have a song in my head right now. don't even know what? it's probably the 10 minute version of taylor swift to least a new okay. yeah, i'll tell you that it was a dell. so check it low that the app. that's what's been running through my we are looking at conditions this morning. a little bit gloomy out there. we do have some low cloud cover that sitting out across the bay area. >> making for some lower visibility in pockets. you can see that we do have some of that cloud cover. in fact, in view from our sutro tower cam
7:30 am
right here. clear skies are above it. and that's what we're going to be tapping into later today as for concord in lwvermore visibility has dropped below a mile for some of these areas. that really is our inland valleys that are seeing the densest a fog. aside from that. we are dry. so just slow down a little bit. if you are encountering those areas with a lower visibility from that fog and low cloud cover. current temperatures are in the 50's oakland-alameda in hayward, egypt. 57 berkeley, vallejo and fairfield all at 53 degrees right now talking what to expect this afternoon and we do expect our next rain fall all still ahead over the rate thank you for that, right. so we are looking at the bay bridge. yet an accident. >> right there near the toll plaza drive times have gone up a little bit about 90 minutes to make it what you do reach the maze. 2 that fremont street exit. last time i checked when it first happened, we were at about 15 minutes. we had an accident. 80 westbound and richmond right near barrett avenue. they've been able to open up all the lanes. but look at that. 49 minutes for you to make it down from crockett towards the maze. so you are
7:31 am
seeing an uptick in traffic there and some delays along one o one. it slowing down what you do reach the peninsula side. so almost about 20 or so minutes heading across towards the peninsula and a 49 minute drive for you if you're traveling from one, 60 along to 2.42 darya. james, back to you. thanks a lot a 7.31 of the breaking news is congresswoman jackie spear who represents san mateo county, part of san francisco is announcing she is not running for reelection. yes, she made that announcement earlier this morning on social media kron 4 sarah stinson up in the newsroom. now with more on that announcement and. >> spears legacy. sir, good morning. >> yeah. a lot to get into with her history congressman jackie spear has served on different levels of government for nearly 4 decades. but she's decided to not seek reelection in 2022 representative spear is known for fighting for women's and lgbtq rights. she brought the me too movement to congress in 2017 sharing her own experiences with misconduct.
7:32 am
eventually she helped get the ca reform act passed and signed into law helping assault survivors in the workplace. spear is a san francisco native. she was an aide to representative leo ryan in 1978. they were on a fact-finding mission in guyana around the jonestown shooting when she was shot 5 times on an airstrip. ryan was assassinated, but she survived that was 43 years ago. this week. spears says she vowed to continue to serve from that point on. she won her first election in 1980 when she ran for the san mateo board of supervisors spear. and for the california state assembly. 6 years later since then, she served on both chambers of the california legislature in 2008 spear got elected to the u.s. house of representatives. now spear says it's time to come home and spend some time with family. >> there's still another year of representing your interests in congress and i intend to do my level best to support you in every way. there's also
7:33 am
another chapter or 2 in my book of life. and i intend to contribute to you the communities. i love on the peninsula and in san francisco. and the country. it has given me so much. >> yeah. she says she has one more year. so congressman spears currently serves on the armed services committee and sexually chair of the military personnel subcommittee. she will continue to serve in that house for one more year. and she's going to come home to here in the bay area. but. >> as she said, it doesn't sound like she's ready to hang her head up quite yet. >> serving, you know where she loves the most it's just she said the peninsula in san francisco. so darya james. we look forward to hearing about what she does next. >> back to you. we shall see. thank you very much, sara. >> 7.33 and right now we're following a story out of the east bay that seems more like a movie than real life.
7:34 am
>> talk about a group of people smashing and grabbing a jewelry store inside of a mall. kron four's will tran live there this morning for us in concord to explain what exactly happened with this will. >> i'm in front of the sun valley mall. and i got to tell you, james and darya. i've seen a lot of police officers circling this area. so maybe they're under surveillance at this time believe that maybe people come back to the scene of the crime. and let me show you the scene of the crime here is video that we got this is around 7 o'clock last night when the mall was fully open. >> that jewelry store call iceberg iceberg diamonds open at the time, their employees. but instead of helping customers. they were sweeping, although that glass many cases were broken with hammers, reportedly as many as 9 suspects came in there broke the cases took the jewelry in a smash-and-grab took off from the scene. you don't see any paramedics. any police
7:35 am
officers in this particular video, which is a good sign, meaning that nobody got hurt during this robbery. the concord police department. they actually, you know, obviously talk to the people inside to get what happened. >> there should be surveillance footage because it's a mall. plus, it's a story. if you ever been inside a jewelry store. you know, they have multiple cameras. they probably are looking at the surveillance footage at this time and seeing what happened and then we will try to get our hands on that footage so we can pass along to you that description. the suspects who they are looking for. but daria, you said a word that just hit me like a lightning bolt. it was a heist in the reportedly 9 people inside a mall with security guards all over the place with cameras and it did not stop them from doing what they do. it. because will clearly they had this thought out. what i want i know that they're not going to be very visible. you know, in the video because they had mask on or whatever. but. >> i want to see you know, like how long did it take and
7:36 am
how did they move in one of the customers. do. and you know that one of the surrounding how do they get away? >> that i absolutely the good part is when we ever we do these stories. james and area. and you know that sometimes investigators, they hold on to the video for their own investigation in this case and often times during smash and grabs if they have the footage, they will release it to us hoping that the public can spot whoever did this one because it's brazen. so they might be shocked into action right to that, you might be able to recognize whoever did this and make the arrest. but this is a reminder we talked about this earlier, james, the holiday season is coming up in a lot of people get desperate during the holidays and be careful when you're in the parking lot don't put your presence in their only to walk back inside. yeah, keep them covered up. thank you very much. well. >> and in oakland, the problem is an uptick in violence and city leaders are trying to solve the problem. no arrests have been made so far in the weekend shooting it was a
7:37 am
drive-by on sterling drive a mother and daughter in oakland were hurt. they're in stable condition. but look at the glass in front of her house. the windows shattered lake merritt has seen a lot of violence lately a man or woman were shot along lakesha the lakeshore yesterday morning and then last thursday, one was shot and killed near the lake one city council member is says the police need to do more. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening. we have to engage with family members who we know have a weapon and, you know, may be considering using it. that we really pleased with in and convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. >> kron 4 reached out to the oakland police, but they haven't give us a more information so far about those recent shootings. and today oakland mayor libby shaft is going to announce a new program aimed at preventing homelessness by preventing people from being displaced from their homes in the first
7:38 am
place. it's a new rental assistance pilot program where they would spend money to keep people from losing their homes. they make the announcement supposed to come at 1015, this morning. and as you know, we have our 24 7 app kron on. that's the best way to get local news when it happens. james. >> well, still ahead on the kron 4 morning news actor danny glover is pushing for reparations to help black communities in san francisco will have more of his comments coming up. and the forty-niners boy, did they upset the rams and a blowout win. dad home will have the highlights coming up. >> and we've got some fog out there. you can see some of sfo this morning. skies do clear later on today with highs in the 60's and it's going to be another dry one. i'
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>> we're back at 7.41 and breaking news jurors dillard jury deliberations in the murder trial of kyle rittenhouse are now underway. rittenhouse shot 3 men during protests in kenosha, wisconsin last summer. 2 of those men died. prosecutors say rittenhouse provoked a confrontation. now defense says that he feared for his life and acted in self-defense. that's why he opened fire on the man 18 jurors have been listening to the trial this whole time, 12 of them had their names drawn at random and it will be those 12 who will ultimately decide rittenhouse's fate. they are again behind closed doors deliberating right now. hundreds of national guard troops are on standby. by the way, as the city awaits this verdict businesses have also
7:42 am
boarded up their windows just in case. >> actor and san francisco native danny glover is behind a new efforts to help the black community glover and other community leaders. you can see here they're asking san francisco to donate to the fillmore heritage center, which is a new nonprofit and they want that money to and then to go as reparations. 2 black and brown communities for what they argue are racist programs designed to remove them from the area. here's what glover had to say. >> we have to recreate. reimagined the possibility all where it is whether a good weather. we working class. what we have to rebuild this place that and that's what it it not delivering on the promise promise, >> glover says the city needs new leadership that will fight more for diversity. it's 7.42. and we'll be right back.
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get under armour shoes - just $59.99. silver jewelry for $19.99. and sweaters for $29.99! plus, take an extra 15% off or even more with a kohl's card. kohl's. and happening now. it looks really like dell, dell and alameda county but don't go in the water because it's got to the algae yeah. >> so they're urging people to be careful. obviously not going to out there swimming little cold right now. maybe do like put on a wet suit and
7:46 am
go get morning swim really. but the lake. but if you like to at least walked the shoreline with your kids and your pets. don't let any of them go in the water because that green blew out, isn't it called the polar bear when people like using water just anywhere good people at a quiet park. yeah. those insane people that swim in that cold water polar bears, right. you don't have the common same cherish their fitness and their health. whatever. just because we would do i don't like to get yeah, i like my dog. i like your or wet. and that's both. and those aquatic park out there like yeah, kind of person to break those elements. i agree. a very special i can handle but that is very impressive for those of you, especially on a foggy morning like this one. you are venturing outside getting that workout in. >> good job because we're saving it for later today. probably the rest of us looking outside at your berkeley hills camera up there. some cloud cover overhead visibility is okay in berkeley, but the further inland you get. that's where fog east of conditions are. we
7:47 am
do have some dense fog advisories to note this morning for the inland east bay across the north bay and especially on to the central valley. we have some valley fog that is formed in patches going to hold you up. as far as visibility goes a little bit. it's just taking a little bit slower as you do leave the house. otherwise conditions are dry and cooperating for your tuesday morning commute. we saw a weak frontal boundary just skirting north of the bay area yesterday. this enough to result in a few sierra showers. but the bay area staying dry because of a ridge of high pressure that's keeping any sort of rainfall away from us. so we continue this dry trend of weather we've had for a few days today into tomorrow and in the daytime hours on thursday. this is before next chance of rainfall which does eventually get here thursday night into friday morning. very light showers ahead of us on into that span of time around a quarter of an inch potsible around santa rosa, a 10th of an inch for most of the rest of the bay area. these are pretty light totals. definitely no downsides to that rainfall could use a little bit more of it actually
7:48 am
60's for your daytime highs. almost across the entirety of the bay area today millbrae at 66 burlingame, south san francisco as well as areas like san mateo redwood city in temperatures in the south bay just below 70 degrees. we do have a few low 70's on the map. among those spots in the and row castro valley walnut creek sonoma and nevado all are warmest spots in the bay. just barely hit that 70 degree. mark today. now tomorrow's highs will be right around the same as today as we get a little cooler thursday and friday with that increase in cloud cover and then overnight chance of rainfall thursday into friday weekend ahead. looks dry and it looks like we'll stay dry after that point through thanksgiving followed by a chance of showers after the holiday reyna. john, thank you for that. we have a few problem spots out there on our roadways today like this accident. >> and mountain views in northbound one. oh, one south of ellis street. so we are starting to see. thanks slow down a bit as you're traveling along one o one amount of the 2.80 might be the alternate. if you're trying to get around
7:49 am
that heading into the city. we do have an accident right near the tolls. and we've been talking about it drive times. this is the highest i've seen it. 90 minutes. it was at 15 before that. so we'll keep a close eye on things. 80 westbound there. we had earlier, hot spot on 80 ryan richmond. as you're traveling down from crockett towards the maze. they've been able to clear that accident. but you do have about a 54 minute drive for you. if you are taking 80 right now. some possible avenue may be good alternate for you here in oakland. 24 westbound of the call. the lane looks like a disabled vehicle is slowing things down into about earlier in area as you're heading across towards the peninsula. be the san mateo bridge a little under 20 minutes to make that drive. darya james, back to you. all i think that causes a forty-niners colors waco reyna. yes, warning 49 read and where your time today and where that that's ok, i'll wear it when they play their next home but there was a sea of red, though in the stands at levi stadium because everybody was out there cheering on the niners as the
7:50 am
upset. the rams was a big divisional game and a big win because last week, of course. >> they didn't do so so this win was really need to and it was a big fail by the rams. covers get ready as i live. >> 393 days. that's how long it had been since the forty-niners last won a game at levi stadium and that one back on october 18th 2020 was against the rams. so could the forty-niners pull up a much needed repeat on monday. turns out they not only could but they could do so in dominant fashion, the fog was rolling in at levi stadium for monday night football and jimmy played. well, the last couple weeks looking to silence all the critics and keep the niners season alive first possession for the rams. matthew stafford. goes for the deep ball. right into the arms of forty-niners cd, jimmie ward full was nowhere near odell beckham junior and that. >> set the tone for this one early in suing forty-niners possessions, ticker aapl o
7:51 am
finds george kittle, one of his favorite targets kettle second touchdown of the season. he had 5 catches for 50 yards. 7. nothing niners. so the rams got the ball back their own 24 stafford looking for tyler higbee. >> and it bounces out of his hands right into the he's got another pick and this time he takes it to the house. a pick-six makes it 14. nothing san francisco. more coming up, a quad injury has the best game of his career. we go to the 2nd quarter. same score stafford looking for higbee again. and this time he connected be just getting in there for the 10 yard touchdown. the rams right back in this one just down by 7 next, forty-niners drive garoppolo looking to answer the handoff to deebo samuel. there he goes. making guys miss and he gets in for the touchdown. that's where the the celebration. go ahead. deebo levi's stadium. meanwhile, going nuts for that. when i heard the even did the wave in there. one
7:52 am
point. >> 2721 7 niners at the half 4th quarter. now forty-niners up by 11. >> 4th and goal. garoppolo fires divo. >> he gets away from the defense said he is off to the races. >> how about this 5 carries 5 receptions a 133 total yards and 2 touchdowns for samuel. he's so good just pouring it on now. next rams possession. check out this play throw appears to be picked up by king juan williams who makes an incredible catch with but a pass interference penalty on sf ultimately gave la the first down still have to leave that one. and this is what sealed the deal for the forty-niners on monday. stafford getting trucked by arden key. yeah, that would do it. the defense held the rams at bay. all game in the forty-niners win. 3110. they have now won 5 in a row against the rams. san francisco improves to 4, 5, and just like that, the playoffs are still a viable option. let's hear from head coach kyle shanahan and jimmy
7:53 am
garoppolo is fine. >> we're taking a lot of this year. personally someone just say taking personally as well leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know, it could have been few things this i know that some of these to that. but we definitely played our best game all around. i think being gunther down i just what we were that really helped everything just. >> we can convert stand the i've said before double like all my football defense like we did night. it's a good recipe for us. >> best game for jimmy and one of the best games for the forty-niners of the season so far. can they keep it up their next opponent is jacksonville. that's a road trip will see if they can build on this momentum. can they keep it up. >> you're you're going for the super bowl or all the way super bowl or all the way down. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ ♪ super bowl or all the way down. we'll be right back ♪ ♪ ♪
7:54 am
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>> and we're back. coming up at 7.56 and we're just about a week a little more than a week until thanksgiving and second harvest food bank in san jose says they need a lot more help for this holiday season. they serve about 400,000 people every single month, which is but 80% more than what they did before. the pandemic that just gives you an idea how many more people need help 400,000 people rely on them. every my dream on. >> and they don't have enough food and people obviously
7:57 am
don't have enough money to pay for focus. we've all seen the grocery store aisles. so they're if you if you can give a little they prefer you give money instead of actual food donations because they know exactly what they need and they'll use that money to specifically target the items they're looking for or if you can't afford to give money. maybe volunteer some of your time. they certainly need help but there were hot warehouses in food distribution sites. we've done it. it's a really great experience with courage to do that as well. >> 77 right now and coming up, congresswoman jackie spear announces she's not going to seek reelection. we're going hear part of her announcement in just a few minutes and some children in the bay area got the wrong dose. of covid vaccine. what could happen to
7:58 am
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>> from the bay area's local news station. we now with breaking news. good morning. i'm darya and i'm james. that breaking news this morning. congresswoman jackie spear who represents san mateo county, part of san francisco has announced this morning. >> she will not be running for reelection. she made the announcement earlier on twitter. let's listen to part of it. >> i'm announcing that i will not be a candidate for reelection to congress in 2022. it's time for me to come home. time for me to be more than a weekend wife mother and friend. it's been an extraordinary privilege and honor to represent the people. the san mateo county and n


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