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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 15, 2021 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station.
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you're watching kron. 4 time rebuild the backbone newsnation tie characterizes working people class. >> this law delivers not long overdue promise. >> now at 10 a major victory for the biden administration. the president finally signing his one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law. thanks for joining us on kron 4 news at 10. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan. pam moore has the night off. >> that bill being touted as the biggest investment the country has made an infrastructure in decades and getting it passed was no small feat. grant lotus is here with details. cramped catherine, can it took a while, but. >> today the big signing at the white house. a lot of bay area leaders were there for the event. yeah, this really is one of president biden's major agenda items. you can see the pride he has they're getting this thing done. it actually pass all the way back in august in the senate which feels like forever ago. the house passed it in early
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november on the 5th of november following weeks of infighting among house democrats who just couldn't agree, a lot of them on whether this thing needed to be more expansive or if it was already too expensive. but here's what they settled on spending. you're talking about a total cost of one 0.2 trillion dollars which includes 110 billion dollars to repair roads and bridges. 39 billion into public transit 66 billion for rail service specifically 7 and a half billion for electric vehicle. charging stations, which certainly as we go electric, we will need more of them and 65 billion dollars. a big investment there for broadband internet access in rural areas for low income families. and in tribal communities said the bill will also create a one 0.5 roughly 1.5 million jobs according to president biden every year for the next
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decade. all these jobs. and before he signed this bill today president biden said that its passage is proof that bipartisanship can still work in this country. and he thanked leaders from all over the u.s. for supporting the legislation. >> we have without on. you. i really mean it. and also to the governor's where the governors. governor stand up. come on. i want you to stand up. red states, blue states y'all contacted, you all said you are for this year. all stepped up. and more than 375 mares democrats and republicans. every state. and district of columbia wrote me ask you to get this done. >> mayors louder than the governor's. but there are more mayor, so stands to reason. there's still another big piece of legislation sitting in the house as we speak. and that would be the president's build back better plan which focuses more on social
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spending combat combating climate change, things along those lines. the congressional budget office, ken and pam is expected to release a full cost estimate by the end of the week to, you know, make sure that the actual cost of it jibes with what the white house has estimated they could vote on it shortly after that. but they're probably not going to vote on it unless they have the votes to get it passed and we saw what happened with the less controversial traditional infrastructure bill that was not easy no past at all. right. thank you. so don't hold your breath. thank you. grant. you bet. the bay area had strong representation for today's signing of the infrastructure bill and a grant mentioned this. but there was representation, san jose mayor sam liccardo, oakland, mayor libby schaff were both at the white house. >> kron four's. dan thorn is in the newsroom and joins us with reaction from mayor. look dant.
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>> well, catherine, the mayor is really applauding the 2 sides, democrats and republicans for coming together to get something done. the largest chunk of this money for spending is going to california, which is good news for improvement projects like grant mention roads, bridges and of course, the electric grid that need that funding. mayor liccardo says this is also a big win for a greener future. the signing of the 1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill in washington is a big benefit for the bay area says san jose mayor sam liccardo. this is a bill we know that's going provide. >> really didn't direct benefit to so many residents, whether it's in broadband infrastructure, and transit investment and water and really in ensuring that we have a more reliable grid. look points to the rolling blackouts and public safety power shut-offs that have become more common under investor owned companies like pg and e the mayor says billions of dollars in this new bill will help make the state's electric grid. more reliable and also cleaner. that seems to be an issue that
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not a lot of folks pay a lot attention to, but it's really critical for us as we make a transition to a clean energy future. if we're going to be able to tackle climate change. it's going to require electric grid that's ready for that electrification is also another major point for the mayor. there's a high concentration of electric vehicles in san jose and cities like it are in need of infrastructure to help create charging stations to follow along the carbon neutral thread more money for more 0 emission buses can also make the area cleaner and quieter. look hard. it was applauding democrats and republicans are coming together to get this bill passed. and we really saw uptick in the senate while republicans coming out support, including the republican leadership and 13 members in the house. i think that's really important and a good sign for this country. well, the funding will also help improve public transportation in san jose and much of that centers on deer down station. >> which leaders are hoping to transform into, quote the grand central station of the west reporting live in the
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newsroom. dan thorn kron 4 news stand. thank you for that. it's not just transit riders in san jose who stand to benefit from the infrastructure package. >> building new affordable housing transit developments in places such as richmond else are a possibility now the funding could also allow bartch to get more trains into the rotation fund, a better operating system. >> right now. we run 24 trains through the tube an hour and we literally cannot fit anymore. but with more new cars and a new train control system. we can do 30 trains an hour. so what that means for the average person is just waiting on the platform less, which is a wonderful thing. >> bart says it's also hoping to offer better services for those with disabilities by installing new elevators. there is at least some hope that the infrastructure bill will help curb the supply cha n problems. we're having. >> but of course they're still affecting a lot of people. david mayfield co-owns k fico and san francisco. he says most business owners are
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having a lot of problems just getting products before the pandemic, things that arrived in about 6 weeks cannot take 6 months and some farmers are paying a premium to have crops picked and that cost is being passed on to restaurants and diners. >> when you look at the pricing at a restaurant and things are going up. you know, people just need to be aware that, you know, a lot of these restaurants are not trying to get rich right there trying to survive. >> a lot of restaurants are also struggling with debt and that's on top of those supply problems in our next half hour, we will have an update on the bottleneck at the ports of los angeles and long beach. all right. time for a look at the forecast as we are looking live. this is the view from our camera on top of montana. and you can see a much of the bay this time because the fog has been moving in and out. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >> with the latest sorts. here we go. big change. the weather
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pattern, of course, this last weekend with something else. >> temperatures soaring into the 70's today. back to reality. we saw clouds roll in that really knocked down the temperatures. seeing the clouds outside tonight, both high and low. weove got some fog down below, some of moving in along the coastline and just inside the bay making for some need shots out there right now toward that's you see some of the cloud cover down below, but up above samberg amount to see some lights up there as well. so kind of a low cloud deck out there. and then we've got some mid to high level clouds out there as well. but we've been throughout the evening out the clouds kind of just been drifting about the bay area overlooking san francisco right now. you see some of the clouds there in the distance. some of the colors on the clouds and over toward the east bay to see some of the clouds up there as well lit up with some of that light from the low temperatures today. they took a major hit member just yesterday we enjoyed numbers in the 70's, even out near the coastline pretty toasty outside. well, today. yeah. like i said, back to reality 60 degrees in the san francisco running actually below the average 61 in
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oakland, 64 degrees for a high in san jose 62 in lemore checkout conquered and santa rosa only in the upper 50's for highs today after some pretty toasty temperatures last couple of days. well, you can blame it on this cold front as it slides on to the south, a kind of bumping our ridge of high pressure that brought the nice weather and the offshore winds that front now bringing a chance of showers in far northern california and some of that making its way into parts of the although most that just falling apart now as it moves in our direction. but we've got a lot of cloud cover out there right now. we're going to see that throughout the night tonight on the bright side. i think we head toward the middle of the day tomorrow. those clouds scoot out of town. temperatures pop right back up and we start to warm things up. it is cloudy out there right now. general sea breeze. i think as we head toward tomorrow, that's the front goes by. i think we get a little hit of a northerly wind and that is going to clear out your skies and we'll watch those temperatures bounce back a little bit by tomorrow afternoon. numbers out there right now. that's in the 50's around most the bay area with cloudy skies.
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tonight. we're going to keep things mostly cloudy with that iatchy coastal fog moving inside the bay. and then tomorrow morning, clouds giving way to some sunshine and warmer weather. but an unsettled weather pattern kind of settling in here. i think we have a slight chance of showers a little bit later on in the week. but for now, here comes that low. here comes that front sliding on in that kind of moving on by behind that high pressure. yeah. it's going bring us some more sunshine for tomorrow. some dry weather that's not going to last long. we've got a chance of rain on the way. we'll talk about that. you're 1010, coming up in a few minutes. thank you. norah sis might be a little hard to believe. but for the first time in more than a year. >> the forty-niners have actually a game at levi stadium and they did it in dominating fashion over the los angeles rams 31 to 10 on monday night football. >> and the kron 4 sports director jason dumas was he was there, which was a fun for him and he joins us live. >> saying they needed. this is a is an understatement. >> catherine. they needed this in the worst way and to be
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exact. ken. they won that game. it was actually against rams to october 18th of 2,2300 in 93 days. a lot has happened in society since the niners got their last win. luckily that streak is over and you as really start for this victory. i got here super early about 2.45 in the tailgate. lots were full. there was a little more rams jerseys than i envisioned. but the 49 year faithful. they were ready to break the streak and get this win and the niners davis started this game on fire. they get the interception on the first possession of the game and then on their first possession and 18 play. 93 yard drive 13 of those plays on the ground and they just dominated this game in the trenches fans have been begging kyle shanahan to run the ball more. they got their wish tonight, 40. >> runs on the day and it was
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a well need to win against a division rival and now they're going to have to try to string 2 wins together and beat the jacksonville jaguars next week. but this was a great first are in. >> now they're able to salvage their season a little bit because if they dug themselves in a 3, 6, hole hole. it would. be hard to, you know, kind of dig their way out of it. but now, you know, the record looks a lot different on paper in a very winnable game in jacksonville next weekend who knows. maybe they can make a late season playoff run. but for now i'm live at levi stadium. jason dumas scrounge for sports. jason, thank you. and we apologize for wearing blue. it was not intentional. we didn't think we didn't think so. anyway. >> good job. thank you very much, jason. before the game kicked off tonight. this was a site that had a lot of people talking on social media. a viewer sent us this picture looks to be 3 fighter pilots following another plane in san jose. well, turns out that's
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exactly what it was or 3 u.s. air force jets from edwards air force base behind a u.s. air force tanker plane. this is all part of the pre-game festivities for the game was nothing unlsual. so if you saw it, you have nothing to fear. >> in other news, 2 more walgreens stores permanently closed in san francisco today. the company did recently announced it will close 5 locations in the city by the end of the month and the problem, the rampant theft and shoplifting you've been hearing about a crime for state was acting now joins us live from the city. and taylor these closures having any effect on the vaccine appointments. perhaps that younger children are eligible for. and the vaccine that all eligible adults are can get the book, the booster in particular. >> well, can a walgreens customers at these close locations received an email last week about where their next closest location would be. and according to walgreens their website, there's still plenty of appointments available. however, some
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doctors still have their concerns that these closures. we'll stop some people from getting the shots for other reasons. >> walgreens is slated to close 5 of its san francisco locations by the end of the month. it's locations at 300 golf street and 745 commence street permanently close their doors on monday following closures on mission street and ocean avenue. earlier this month. walgreens will close its 5th store at 3500 cesar chavez street on wednesday taking away 5 of that. busy locations. >> it's probably going to make a dent, not just a for simers but also fo boosters. >> with children ages 5 to 11 now eligible for the vaccine in all adults now able to get a booster shot infectious disease specialist at ucsf. doctor peter chin. hong worries about the impact these store closures will have on people getting their vaccines. we took a look at available appointments in the city on monday and many stores had plenty of open time slots throughout the rest of this week. doctor peter chin-hong
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says it's less about appointment, availability right now been very lukewarm in california in general. >> there's been no rush to walgreens. in some techniques have been one kids come in. they offer the grandparents boosters which has been up is that from the first rush of the initial vaccines and more about access issues. you want to meet people where they are with vaccines. we've seen that really play out in an important factor in previvus rule out so you know, it's it's going to have an impact by taking away 5 walgreens. that means 5 locations that may be more convenient to some people versus other its and if somebody uses that as an excuse me me to dollar that's a missed opportunity as we approach the holidays. doctor chin-hong hopes more people, especially those 65 and older sign up to get their booster shots were a particularly for those who all live in 65.
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>> because that's the first group that was immunize. and that's a first. >> and most important group in terms of. being hospitalized breakthrough infection. >> after waning immunity. >> now, earlier this month san francisco's department of public health share that just 23,000 people 65 and older or roughly 20% of eligible seniors in the city have received their booster. so if you haven't done so already, it's definitely something to think about now. we're live in san francisco. taylor kron 4 news. thank you. taylor. >> and san francisco. the vaccination rate is now at 80%. and thanks to that high number, the city is getting ready to launch a new outdoor concert series. mayor london breed announced the new sf live initiative today. she was outside this music club called bottom of the hill. the venue like others in the bay area hit very hard during the pandemic. so the city is investing 2.5 million dollars
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to bri g concerts to city parks and plazas. that money is going to cover things like performer fees and permits. san francisco city attorney managed to get that state funding while still serving in the state assembly. what we're talking about is being able to support outdoor performances in and around these incredible live music venues. >> to really remind folks of the magic of music and to ensure that we are keeping folks employed and bringing people back to these incredible establishments. >> details are being worked out. but the concerts could get under way sometime next year. >> there is this presentation that services co it's like for artists in, you know, there's a lot are everywhere. but then it's like it's challenging for artists to living. you know, like survive. >> we are hearing from one more than a 100 artists to benefit from a guaranteed income pilot program and san
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francisco during the pandemic through a grant from the city and now private funding your boy in a center for the arts has been sending monthly checks to these artists since may. there is no rule on how they can use it either. they can either pay for rent art supplies or whatever else up some live and work. >> in the city. kron four's alice of the money and joins us now live here in the studio with how it's all working out. l a. >> well. so what is going really go hand in hand. but over the years it's just become all the harder for these artists to make ends meet while living here and then coupled with the pandemic. it's just increasingly become more of a challenge to both create and make rent. so one artist tells me that this pilot program has been a lifeline for his life's work. >> creating such a humid thing. but, you know, that paradigm that we live under. now. it doesn't foster that. so it takes kind of like the humidity out of like life general because it's robbing people actually. their their
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birthright. >> chris watts has been creating art for the last decade. but in that time it's become harder to get by as the cost of living in san francisco skyrocketed, forcing him like many others to make money stretch while staying true to his identity as an artist because what explains this form of self expression is as much a necessity as water fills me joy. >> it brings me tears like. it makes me constantly. it makes me like. stop in my in. i it just. that's that's a really good question. like. yeah. our get everything from the a center for the arts stepped in with the city grant and now private funds. >> to give watts who was one of 130 artists, $1000 every month to spend how they please for 18 months. the guaranteed income pilot help watts book a trip back home to see loved ones in new york for the first time in 3 years. >> we're acknowledging how important the arts is in general. and that like this
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income program has been really great. in that regard of like, okay, we appreciate you and what you do. so here is like extra you know, extra money and that's a blessing. more than 90% of the funds focused on bipoc and artists. >> who fell below the line financially to make ends meet and lived in a zip code hit hardest by the pandemic. the pandemic in so many ways was really. >> a mirror or a magnifying glass to rising inequity, something that always scratches our heads at why the ca is the phrase starving artist that really is part of a toxic narratives. >> that for whatever reason has persisted in our economy. it really drives home this wrong notion that an artist has to starve our chooses to be poor to create when we know that the opposite is true, that artists, like all people deserve nourishment deserve what they need to not just get by but to thrive and then it
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goes deeper than that because we also know that artists are cultural leaders. they're healers and the anchors of their communities. >> so what causes a beautiful beginning that shows artists that they are valued and that their work matters. separately leading up to native american heritage day next week. why bca has also extended another deadline for indigenous artists to apply for grant up to $2500 to go toward artists lead meetings or activities held either online or in person. so that deadline is now november 21st and the details are up on kron 4 dot com. back to you. >> i've got >> 10, a food delivery driver passes out in a taco bell parking lot and then leads police on an hour-long they were finally able to stop or. >> also a woman and her 11 year-old daughter there among the latest shooting victims
10:23 pm
and oakland how police are trying to curb the vial. plus, a former presidential candidates is looking to become the first democratic governor in texas and more than 30 years is challenging. greg abbott next year. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪
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>> a former presidential candidate is now setting his sights on texas. beto o'rourke is running for governor of texas. he is challenging incumbent greg abbott. it is the second time rourke has
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tried going up against a prominent republican. you might remember he tried. i'm sitting. senator ted cruz and 2018. he lost not by much. they lost by 2 and a half points does likely face an uphill battle next year. texas has not elected a democratic governor in more than 30 years. california's top fire official is stepping down. cal official is stepping down. cal fire chief thom porter staff today writing in a letter, quote, with theirs with with bittersweet feelings balance spidey pride for cal fire and anticipation for the future. i will be retiring december 10th porter led california through some of the most intense fire seasons in state history with more than 7 million acres burned between this year and last porter said he will be returning to san diego to focus on family, his aging parents and himself. still ahead, it was another very violent weekend in oakland. the victims include a woman and her young daughter
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how police are now trying to curb the shootings. >> and the kyle rittenhouse trial and wisconsin. this is nearing a close when a verdict could be announced and a very defiant steve bannon was in court today but says the biden administration is picking on the wrong guy. >> and a lot of clouds moving across our skies right now. we've got a chance of rain in the forecast. in fact, we've got your 1010 coming up. and we've got your first thanksgiving forecast next.
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>> oakland police are investigating another couple of shootings that happened within 5 hours of each other. the latest involved a mother and a daughter who were shot while they were inside their home. our first anchorman reports on this latest violence. another violent weekend in the city of oakland at 1030 sunday night. a woman and her 11 year-old daughter were shot well inside a home in the 7500 block of sterling drive. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening seeing the blatant disregard for human life. both are in stable condition and expected to survive. but council member lauren taylor says. >> people have to find nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. we have to. >> engage with family members who we know have a weapon and,
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you know, may be considering using it. that we really plead with them and convince them. but there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. merritt has been shaken to its core by violence as well as seen on video from the citizen app. police were back along lakeshore avenue early monday morning when a man and woman were shot both are in stable condition. but this is becoming a pattern on thursday, a 22 year-old woman sitting in a car just down the street was shot and killed. those who live around the lake are all too familiar with the violence. >> since donald trump. there's a general breakdown of civility and social. >> or ration and discipline. i am a lot more cautious about going out at night. for instance, you know, and i am. >> generally with other people. city council president nikki fortunato bass issued a
10:32 pm
statement saying she's concerned about repeated shootings on lakeshore avenue in the cul de sac community. >> she says the oakland police department has committed to bringing increased patrols in the early morning hours and late evening when these crimes most often occur. we reached out to oakland police for an on camera interview. they were unwilling to do that. they were also not willing to furnish any additional details. >> about these 2 most recent crimes at lake merritt dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in kenosha, wisconsin. hundreds of national guard troops are on standby tonight as the city awaits a verdict in the kyle rittenhouse trial businesses. as you can see, we're board up many of them with messages of unity and compassion painted on them. a verdict could come down as soon as tomorrow. closing arguments have wrapped up in a big headline today. the judge dismissed a weapons charge against 18 year-old defendant, kaylee be son was inside the courthouse today and she has the latest. >> there's little doubt judge bruce schroeder is polarizing incident raising with me.
10:33 pm
>> you know very well. you know very well that attorney can't go into these types of areas when the judge has already ruled without asking outside the presence of the jury to do so. >> i astonished. when you began your examination by commenting on the defendant's post arrest silence. that's basically it's been basic law in this country for 40 years. 50 years. i have no idea why he would do something like that and it gives side. well, ali, that that don't get it and other subjects get. come on. what you're telling me. you're an experienced trial attorney and you're telling me that when the judge says i'm excluding this. you just to take it upon yourself to put it in because you would think that you found a way around it come critics say too much of his personality has played out in court the actions
10:34 pm
>> ringing in the courtroom with greenwood's patriotic anthem. god bless the usa as his ring tie and a nice veterans day moment appeared to backfire, putting emphasis on a defense witness who was about to testify. i wanted to just observe. that it's that are stake. >> it was on the road on the jury or anywhere doctor black is okay. and i think we plus >> and last week when attempting to be light hearted judge schroder lit up on social media. many seen this joke as offensive. let's hope for >> asian food isn't coming. the site has not one of those ever. >> again. those kaylee be sun reporting jury deliberations are expected to begin as soon as tomorrow morning. former
10:35 pm
trump adviser steve bannon was in court today. that after surrendering to authorities on. >> charges of contempt of congress. he is defending his refusal to testify before the january 6 committee bannon argues he is protected by the fact that the former president invoked executive privilege. he says this will be, quote, the misdemeanor from for the biden administration. >> if the administrative state, what's the take me on great because we're here to fight this and we're going to go on offense. you stand by. you see eric garland, joe biden, the whole the whole all of >> and that did not enter a plea today. he is scheduled to be arraigned thursday if he is convicted, he could face up to 2 years in prison. >> time for a look at the forecast as we are looking live over san francisco and also it's made up shot like it's you it's been very nice. all right. is it too early,
10:36 pm
lawrence, to start thinking about what the weather will be like on thanksgiving. not too early to think about thanksgiving. can you believe that? just a week away or so. we're talking about. >> the beginning of the holidays. and here we go. but out there today. of course, we notice the changes moving in the clouds started to move in or skies now got some low clouds moving inside the bay make up for some beautiful sights outside. they continue this evening, although as we get toward tomorrow morning. a lot of that cloud cover going to be gone out court hour. we've got some fog up above and some of the flirting around the bay area. now week cold front also sliding in and that cold front is going up. the mix out to some of those clouds by tomorrow morning. so a scene out there right now. not much in the way of rain left over for us is trying to bring precept in the north bay think that is hitting the ground kind of fall apart as it moves on by. but there's one right behind that. that may be a little more impressive. so here we go. here's long-range forecasters are from moving through right now. falling apart as a push into that ridge of high pressure that kind of opens the door, though, for the next one here comes that moving in
10:37 pm
late in the day on thursday, bringing a chance of rain that continuing possibly thursday night into friday and then that one kind of kicking out of town. and i think next weekend looks very nice. maybe a little bit of an offshore wind. you see all the clear skies as we head in towards saturday and sunday. then as we get toward the following week. of course, a lot of folks traveling some of the busiest travel time of the year and looks like, well, we do have a weak system that's coming up. south. that's kind of interesting. all right. here it doesn't want to bring us any rain. there's another model that does so we'll watch it very closely as we head into tuesday and wednesday before thanksgiving. there's some big changes on the way after that. looks like things dry out. i think thanksgiving day is looking good, but right now things could get interesting, though. here we go over the next couple of days. chance of showers on thursday and friday this next weekend, saturday and sunday. yeah, looking good as we get toward next week. yeah. get interesting, but i think the holiday itself you have become mister turkey out there and it looks like he is looking pretty good ready to go for thanksgiving day. looks see thanks for all right. starting
10:38 pm
today, the city of oakland is making it easier for you to get rid of your unwanted bulky waste. >> as kron four's. haaziq madyun tells us it's the city's latest effort to try to reduce illegal dumping. >> in the fight to eliminate illegal dumping sites like these. the city of oakland announces that all residents can now schedule bulky waste drop-off appointments with waste management at no charge here at the davis street resource and recovery complex in san leandro. the expanded service will also cut out the middleman for oakland renters who no longer have to coordinate with their landlords to get their bulky waste picked up for the first time. >> renters will have direct access to schedule their bulky item collection. and if you can't do that, you always have the opportunity to come to davis street disposable dispose of the material has a 25 year of as id. and i know i'm happy to have this extra free service. that having been a former mentor. i'm just really happy that other renters can now reach out
10:39 pm
directly to waste management to set up their appointment. >> oakland city councilmember noel welcomes the changes too. bulky waste trash service, which he says is a major problem in the fruitvale district. let me be very straight. i have never seen oakland at this level when it comes to the blight. >> the street conditions, the illegal dumping that. >> and all my life and having more options for our community is critical we've invested in our garbage blitz crews. we've invested in all key block parties at edgewater and now our residents can both the block party any day, but they want right here at this facility at davis street for more information on dates and times for schedule in a free bulky waste, pickup or drop-off. >> log on to oakland. recycles dot com. as the mud. kron 4 news. >> amazon will have to pay $500,000 and publicize covid case numbers among employees. this is part of a first of its
10:40 pm
kind judgment announced today by california attorney general rob bonta at a news conference today. bonta says amazon failed to adequately notify workers that their warehouses and local health agencies of coronavirus case numbers as part of a deal with the department of justice. amazon has agreed to modify its covid notification system. it will have to submit to monitoring and pay $500,000 to the state for further enforcement. >> the key focus here is that the health and safety of our workers. the practices that are enshrined embodied in 8685 to make sure that workers are being notified when they're exposed to make sure that there's a sanitation plan to make sure that the local health agencies are notified so they can intervene as appropriate. >> across california. there are about 100 amazon fulfillment facilities as they call them. and 10's of thousands of workers bond to would not say whether the state is looking into other
10:41 pm
big companies but says he hopes the amazon judgment will send a message black community leaders were at san francisco's fillmore heritage center today. they are asking the city. >> to donate the center to a new nonprofit representing the local community, they say would serve as reparations to black communities for what they argue are races programs designed to remove black families from the area among the speakers actor and san francisco native danny glover. this. we have to recreate. >> re. imagine the possibility all where it is whether a good weather. we working class. what we have to rebuild this that and that's what it it not delivering on the promise promise, >> glover says city needs new leadership that will fight for diversity. >> even asleep in the car for an hour not that we're all in >> still ahead, a rude
10:42 pm
awakening for a delivery driver who passed out in a taco bell parking lot. was she refused to get out of her car. >> and as far as forty-niners looking for their first win at levi stadium in more than a year. and did they get it done. yes, they did in a big way. kate rooney has all the highlights. plus, a live report from levi's next.
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>> and now kron 4 sports brought to you by xfinity. >> 393 long days. that is how long it's been since the opforty-niners last won a game at levi stadium and that one back on october 18th of last year was against the rams. so could the red and gold pull up a much needed repeat tonight. turns out not only but they could do so in a dominant fashion, the fog was really rolling in at levi stadium early. but didn't care. jimmy garoppolo has played. well, the last couple of weeks looking to silence his critics and keep the forty-niners season alive in the process. first possession for the rams. now the stafford. the deep ball right into the arm. >> forty-niners safety jimmie ward nowhere near odell beckham junior and that really set the tone for this one early in suing forty-niners
10:46 pm
possession garoppolo finds george kittle his second touchdown of the season. kittle had 5 catches for 50 yards tonight that made it 7. nothing 9 or so. the rams get the ball back at their own 24 stafford looking for tyler higbee don says on his hands right into the hands of ward. he's got another pick. 14. nothing san francisco. we're coming up. a quad injury has the best game of his career. we go to the 2nd quarter. same score stafford looking for him to be again. and this time they do connect. he just gets in there for the 10 yard touchdown france. right back in this one now down by only 7 points next. forty-niners drive garoppolo trying to answer the handoff to deebo samuel. makes a miss and he's in for the touchdown. do a little celebration. i think that's a well earned one levi stadium going nuts at this point. and it's 21 7 niners at the half. alright 4th quarter
10:47 pm
now forty-niners up by 11 4th and goal garoppolo. fires it to how is that for a fourth-down conversion gets away from the defense off to the races. 5 carries 5 receptions. a 133 total yards. touchdowns for samuel. not just saying it. san francisco really pouring it on now. next rams possession. check out this place to stafford throat picked up by k juan williams using his dairy air. a pass interference penalty honest. that's alternately give l a the first down, still wanted to show that to you for a laugh. this though, is what sealed the deal for the forty-niners stafford gets. trucks by arden key. the defensive lineman playing well and the niners defense altogether held the rams that they all game that would do it. forty-niners win 31 to 10. they've now won 5 in a row against the kron 4 sports director jason dumas out at levi stadium tonight ready to talk about the game. jason, i
10:48 pm
imagine it was a fun one to what did you see out there. >> it was great kno at the top of the highlight. you mentioned 393 days a lot has transpired since then. i've moved into a different apartment. i was walking through the crowd asking people, hey, what have you been doing over the last 393 days. i talk to someone who's gonna divorce in the last 393 days. someone who's had grandkids. like i said, a lot of life events over that time period from that october win against rams over a year ago and the niners, they wasted no time. kate, taking the momentum they started with that interception and then it was that 18 play 93 yard drive to really cement the momentum in this game 13 rushes on that drive alone. fans have been begging kyle shanahan to run the ball more. and you must listen tonight 40 runs. it was
10:49 pm
a complete dominant performance against one of the best teams in the nfl. >> this does the team that just got von miller just got odell beckham junior. not one single person on the national airwaves. pick the forty-niners to win this game. but this looked like the niners team that everyone thought we could see coming into the season dominant on the defensive side of the ball. jimmy garoppolo just playing game. managing football deebo samuel playing well and them just controlling the clock. so after the game, jimmy g and head coach. they're all smiles with this performance. >> taking a lot of this year. personally someone just say taking some the personally as well leads to that. but we were very embarrassed about last week and every aspect and. you know what, we have been few things this i know that some of these to that. but we definitely played our best game all around. i think being gunther down i just what we work that really helped everything just.
10:50 pm
>> we can convert stand the i've said before like all my football defense like we did night. it's a good recipe for us. up next, 40 to 49 ers, a date with the jacksonville jaguars. they have a rookie quarterback in trevor lawrence. >> the forty-niners already beat another rookie quarterback justin fields a few weeks ago in chicago, hopefully they will do the same thing. of course, we'll have all the pre-game coverage right here on kron 4 and the red and gold zone. but for now, when we get out at levi stadium to cut off the lights on us. i'm jason dumas scrum for sports. >> hopefully you can find an open exit. jason, what a great game great way to end this monday night. that's it for monday night. that's it for sports. more news i hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call
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ling isn't that delightfully different? anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673 or live chat at today. >> port of los angeles bottle night that's been causing many of the supply chain issues appears to be improving. it seems it just the threat of fining shipping companies is working. >> although i this could mark the beginning of the end of the program, at least they hope so the backlog probably will not be cleaned up any time soon. reporter nancy loo explains. >> containers are moving at the ports of los angeles and long beach. but today the number of ships waiting offshore to offload more containers remains at a record of about 90 things have actually eased a bit in recent weeks due to fines that were
10:54 pm
supposed to kick in today. there has been movement. >> the importers have been moving things off of docket has a much quicker pace. we're seeing stuff that showing up here now getting out pretty quickly after delaying implementation by 2 weeks. the ports of just announced another postponement instead of today finds will start on november 22nd shipping companies will be charged a $100 a day for every container left sitting for more than 6 days if intended to move by rail. >> and after 9 days of that fails to move by truck. the finds double exponentially. so a second day would cost $200 truckers point to an inefficient and restrictive appointment system that prevents the return of empty containers back into the terminal. it's not so much about the imports as much as it is about these empty containers from our members perspective, especially we sitting on these containers. >> they're sitting on top of just these are taking up space in our yards for importers container fines on top of much higher shipping costs will
10:55 pm
likely mean higher consumer prices. but the threat of fines has already triggered a 26% decline in aging cargo on the docks there. there is a tremendous effort underway to make sure that during these holiday times coming up folks are can expect to get get their their presents under the tree or where have you. i mean, i don't know if not just invest in gift cards. >> that was nancy loo reporting before the pandemic containers would usually move out of the ports in 2 to 4 days. port. officials say they'll continue to monitor movement to see if things keep improving ahead of the new deadline of november 22nd. >> even asleep in the car for an hour not have not that we're all in not. >> rude awakening for that driver in nashville. a taco bell worker noticed her sleeping in her car called 911, when police showed up. susan benton said nope couldn't talk because she had work to do.
10:56 pm
>> know i've got you to target your dew point of the overall thank ma'am. >> susan, just stop. she took hop because she said she had to deliver food. police were chasing her for about an hour before truck are actually finally managed to stop the car and that gave police a chance to arrest her and charged her with a string of felonies. >> we're talking about how we wish drivers who deliver food where that dedicate something i have so don't ever stop just stop. there you go. there you go, guys. one last check of weather here as we're getting ready the not too far away. so we're going to have a forecast. >> all the way up to thanksgiving out there right now. beautiful lights over san francisco in across the basement in string tonight. we've been watching that fog kind of flirting with san francisco moving across the bay backing off a bit now. but
10:57 pm
yeah, we've got a weak cold front out there. some scattered light showers trying to pop up. don't think they're going to get here. mainly dry. so that being said, the temperatures under partly cloudy skies right now. we've got a lot of 50's out there and bigger changes on the way. in fact, as we head toward the next couple of days. i think the chance of rain returns late in the day on thursday into friday, saturday and sunday returns. some sunshine thanksgiving. one question tuesday wednesday happen to be the busiest travel time of the that's true. thank you, lawrence. >> and thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night.
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