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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  November 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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[applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> from the bay area's news station. you're watching kron. 4 news at all. we have a lot of folks who. >> across the country are turning to guns to resolve differences. >> yet another violent weekend in what had already been a violent month in oakland. >> video here from just a few of the shooting scenes. we have had shootings last night said at least 4 people to the hospital. one of them a little girl who was shot inside her home. good evening, everybody.
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welcome in to kron 4 news at 5 o'clock tonight. i'm grant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis. this is a map of all the shootings in oakland since the start of the month and it's clearly a widespread issue affecting just about everybody in town, even innocent families inside their own homes. >> we're supposed to feel safest. a heartbreaking really kron four's. dan kerman has the latest on 2 of the shootings that happened within just about 5 hours of one another. >> another violent weekend in the city of oakland at 1030 sunday night. a woman and her 11 year-old daughter were shot well inside a home in the 7500 block of sterling drive. >> this is happening way too frequently and it is maddening seeing the blatant disregard for human life. both are in stable condition and expected to survive. but council member lauren taylor says. >> people have to find nonviolent ways to resolve conflict. we have to. >> engage with family members who we know have a weapon and,
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you know, may be considering using it. that we really plead with him convince them that there are other ways to resolve issues challenges that they're facing. >> the serenity of lake merritt has been shaken to its core by violence as well as seen on video from the citizen app. police were back along lakeshore drive early monday morning when a man and woman were shot. both are in stable condition. but this is becoming a pattern on thursday, a 22 year-old woman sitting in a car just down the street was shot and killed. those who live around the lake are all too familiar with the violence since donald trump. >> there's a general breakdown of civility and social. >> more asian and discipline. i am a lot more cautious about going out at night. for instance, you know, and i am. >> generally with other people. city council president
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nikki fortunato bass issued a statement saying she's concerned about repeated shootings on lakeshore avenue in the cold. community. >> she says the oakland police department has committed to bringing increased patrols in the early morning hours and late evening when these crimes most often occur. we reached out to oakland police for an on camera interview. they were unwilling to do that. they were also not willing to furnish any additional details. >> about these 2 most recent crimes at lake merritt dan kerman kron 4 news. >> in antioch. police are investigating a shooting that killed a 36 year-old man. it happened just before 11 o'clock, saturday night. the victim was found dead on the sidewalk near treviso way off hillcrest avenue not far from the home depot. there, a neighbor telling us a bullet went through a wall of their home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if you even sleeping here and people wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is still in its
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early stages. so far details on a suspect have not been released. >> hateful slurs in messages were found on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown. they were recently spotted at new 10's market on 7th street, president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce rather karl chan says the rhetoric surrounding his community is an ongoing problem. chan says that this most recent incident is the first in a few weeks after increased police and community patrols help curtail attacks in the area. chan plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work together to come up with ways to stop this hate and racism. a mosque in san francisco's also vandalized over the weekend and now investigators are trying to determine if it was a hate crime, someone threw a bottle, a beer bottle through the window of the islamic center of san francisco. people were inside when it happened in the security video. you can see somebody throw the bottle and then run away. the islamic
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center has been a part of the san francisco community since the 1950's and they are one of the oldest mosques in california. >> turning now to our coronavirus coverage in getting vaccinated against covid could be a little bit scary for those recently eligible kids ages 5 to 11 and that is why in the south bay. there is a vaccine site that is been set up to be a little bit more kid friendly. they were grown ups are used to kron four's. rob fladeboe is seen the site in action. he has details live in san jose. so rob, if you are a 8 year old. would you like it. >> well, i can some of the kids fainting grant when i was in back when word actually getting us where polio and measles and mumps. another thing. so yeah, i've seen it firsthand. now, especially some of the younger kids that 5 of the 6 year-old can be really intimidating. so let's go inside the expo center here and see how they are trying to make this a little less stressful for the kids.
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>> 7 year-old son lou was among the first to get vaccinated against covid-19 monday here at the new kid friendly section of the county's mass vaccination site at the fairgrounds. the festive atmosphere helped a lot says her uncle. i just found out that there's going to be a nice scum and time to get a lot of ice and that that kind of list she was >> they pump it up up about it. half the expo hall at the fairgrounds is for adults. while the other half has been transformed into jungle playground toys games scavenger, hunts and other stuff designed to dazzle and distract from the shot which some kids might find a little intimidating. >> not only does the vaccine protect the kids in school and at home. but it opens really opens up their world, more activities with their friends and their families, especially during this holiday time for the next month and a half when people will be coming together and gathering and traveling.
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makes it safer for all of us since the pandemic began more than 9,000 kids in the county have contracted covid-19. >> so far about 34,000 or roughly 20% of recently eligible 5 to 11 year-olds in the county have received their hoped making the experience of getting the shot fun for kids will inspire their friends and classmates to roll up their sleeves really nice to environment where kids are afraid to. >> get their shot and just feel so cool to be here. bloom energy and other private donations help valley medical foundation funded vaccine zone. lou vp carl guardino and 5 year-old son jacob weighed in as well. jacob zachary. you have a message for the other kids. >> everyone get back in a bank. >> did it hurt to get your shot. jacob. >> field.
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>> so now you have it. obviously jacob, not intimidated at all by a doctor fenstersheib reminding us to that to not only can kids contract the virus, but they can also transmit the virus again, about a 140,000 kids in that 5 to 11 year old age group here in santa clara county, about 20% of whom have not been vaccinated. hopefully this a new kid friendly side here at the fairgrounds. well, will help boost that number live in san jose. rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> thank you. rob has some issues if you're trying to travel on the san mateo bridge tonight. this is a live look on the right. >> the red taillights that southbound traffic and it is basically at a standstill. they are inching through. but you have a a delivery truck that crashed and a fuel spill is complicating that scene as crews are trying to clean that up while also letting one lane of traffic slide by the
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headlights at eastbound traffic heading from the peninsula to the east bay that is slow. people taking a look as supposed but if you're headed westbound on the san mateo bridge going to be a long go of it tonight. we'll keep you posted there and sounds like you won't be getting your deliveries either monday night football night niners are hosting the la in a football showdown about to kick off in just a couple minutes niners are in desperate. >> i guess that's a fair way of saying it's for the desperate need of a divisional win after a really brutal loss to the cardinals last weekend. yeah. ugly last weekend and the cardinals didn't even have their quarterback. the rams come into tonight's game 7, 2, >> they're expected to debut brand new toy. the wide receiver odell beckham junior kron four's team coverage of the big game sports director jason dumas us is outside the stadium. also kylen mills is with him. >> we've got a tag team today going on guys should be a fun one.
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>> for sure. vicki senate, right desperate mask only where you can really use for me coming in 3, 5, like grants said they with the cardinals team. and big thing is kind haven't won here in over a year in this building levi's stadium. what do you see coming tonight. >> well, the only silver lining about that says that the last time the forty-niners one year at levi stadium was actually against the rams in october of 2020 last regular season game before that that they won here at levi stadium. also over the rams in december of 2019. so the only good news is that the forty-niners historically have done well against the rams. but on the other hand, la might have a score to settle in this one. >> this is all we've been kind of the premier matchup. this wanted to with pretty much sealed their playoff fate. >> making a playoff run. we would dropped 3, 6 losing to a
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divisional opponent always kind so it will be interesting to how it plays out. and you know, one unit that has kind of been struggling like you mentioned, is that forty-niners defense? >> yeah. the defense is struggling and they're going to be up against a very potent la rams offense. they're averaging 29 points per game, which is good for 4th best in the nfl. they have their work cut out for them as far as the forty-niners defense goes in their second really banged up. jason several players are going to be missing tonight. in fact, quarterback josh norman was just tested native active a couple minutes ago but he was limited in practice all week with bruce cornerback dre. kirkpatrick was rolled out yesterday because of an ankle sprain police just seems like it goes on and on. safety. tavon wilson was just placed on. i r today because of a foot injury. the forty-niners haven't specified any more about what that injury might be safety. jimmie ward will play, but he missed practice all week with a quad strain. so you like the list just goes on and on. jason of secondary players have been missing. however, we will get
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to see some peace tonight. some curious to see how they will do. they will have a big load on the on the door when or he should have a big he is potentially going to start this game in every thomas. so it'll be interesting to see how they handle a very potent la rams offense. just added another arsenal are weapon to the arsenal, rather in odell beckham junior signed on thursday he could make his debut in the blue hole tonight. it's also very excited to see how that plays out. >> again. the rich get richer. you know, the reports down. the play between 1520, snaps. he's going turn some cakes. so that is another guy don't have to worry about now. couple hours go out now and that is, you know, the tailgate lots highlands kind of trying to get a feel for the and although the niners are having or lousy season right now. i think that's fair to say yeah, they're still pretty optimistic. like you mentioned, it been 389 days since day one here in this building and i went around asking people, hey, what have you been up to in the last 300
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in 89 games like days. i got some funny responses was here. >> man. it's been a while has been 393 days to be exact since the niners won in this building. what have you been up to in a vast 393 a's. and i just benign or down every day all day every day. and i mean it today, i think we're going to get this win. i think i think we're going to kick a field goal late 4th quarter and come up with the w well times. they say first of all, making sure that we're good in that area. still continuing to watch the niners even though they weren't home. >> you been a good a good father you know, what do you they may reasons for the niners struggles this season. well, i think injuries always play a factor in everything for even 2019. we injuries. but able to get to those. but this year or last year actually say they just out. one last question for you. >> it's been a big debate all season long. do you think the niners should start. trey
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lance, are you happy with how jimmy garoppolo played. >> and that's a tricky one. but i think i think we play terry, let me get give them the rest of the season. you know, get start and win the super bowl this year. but next year. >> all right, brother, appreciate you, man. >> and it's so funny. forty-niners fans. a long time. i think they are duties. team is doing on this fan base. they need something to cheer for. >> it is there hasn't been much. the last i don't know, 5, 6, weeks of the season for the forty-niners on like what you asked that last man who's talking with the quarterback situation. that's another thing that will, i think take center stage again, many people are wondering with this team losing. why have you not seen trey lance. he is available once again after sitting out several weeks with a knee sprain. we only come out tonight. house and is not giving us a hard answer about whether or not we will just supposedly what all those packages. and when break those out, that's a question a lot of people are asking.
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>> it will be interesting. and of course, we'll have continuing coverage tonight. soon as this game wraps up, we'll be live right back here at levi stadium. but with highland knolls and jason reporting live levi kron. 4 a win for the fans would would be nice. >> for all of thanks, guys. like jason, thanks, kyle. and i still to come tonight on 4 news at 5 with the city of oakland is trying to do that, get a handle on all this illegal dumping. >> then the latest attempts by governor newsome and the state to try and address the mental health and homelessness issues all across our state.
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>> a major pharmacist strike has been called off after kaiser permanente reached agreement on a new contract about 1200 pharmacists in northern california. they struck that deal last night. those pharmacists were set to strike today. it was expected to have a huge impact here in the bay area instead they're on the job after a tentative deal was reached at one this morning. the union says that they have agreed to wage increases, better health care and retirement benefit. the agreement also includes more bonus opportunities this new contract with kaiser comes following a deal reached with another union on saturday that union represented more than 50,000 workers on the west coast. those workers and also scheduled to strike for today. kaiser says they're still negotiating with other unions
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representing engineers and mental health professionals. those used ins have strikes scheduled for thursday and friday. well, we've got a sneak peek of the beautiful scenery out there at this hour. a whether i guess what. it was a little bit foggy this morning and apparently that heavy precipitation is going to get even heavier. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us. happy monday. happy monday, guys. rain we we need more rain. yeah. what a weekend it was. i mean, those temperatures, they were something else but. >> we'd like get back in the rain. the clouds start to roll in today showing the atmosphere finally begin to switch gears. least a little bit. no rain, just the clouds out there right now. mostly cloudy skies around the bay area. the rain, all the way up in far northern california right now the pacific northwest has been getting pummeled by some flooding rains. the atmospheric river really taken a focus up further north for a while. but now that big dome of high pressure starting to break down a bit. that has been protected us from the rain. and so we're starting to see
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some showers moving into far northern california toward crescent city and eureka up in the oregon. they're seeing some raindrops for keeping things dry here, though, in the bay area that on shore breeze continue in the clouds. yeah, they continue to roll on through to see kind of thickening up as we head in the evening hours are moving in overhead now. so we'll see more of that overnight tonight. but no rain to speak of just yet. that may change a little bit later on this week. temperatures outside now the cooler today, of course, with all that cloud cover 55 degrees right now in santa rosa. it's 56 in concord, 60 degrees in livermore. 62 in san jose 59 in oakland, 60 degrees in san francisco. here we go. as we look out through the night tonight. if you're stepping outside, you can see a lot of clouds rolling across our skies. the temperatures going to stay mainly in the 50's out there that clouds going kind of hold that temperature up to about 8 o'clock or so. nothing stay mostly cloudy throughout the night tonight. but tomorrow we're going to see a little more sunshine. so these temperatures probably going to bounce back just a little bit plan on some 60's maybe we get e of 70's begin to pop up at least inland and
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then over the next couple days. here we go. we do have a chance. we could see couple showers coming our way. i think that comes late in the day on thursday, maybe a lingering scattered shower into friday and then we dry out in the next weekend. >> want to get another check of that. a nasty situation on the san mateo bridge right now just in case you're about to head to the west that way. still a huge backup. as you can see, nobody moving anywhere fast it's affecting eastbound traffic as well. those headlights headed to hayward in the east bay from the peninsula. but if you're trying westbound to the peninsula. the traffic on the right there. it is just barely inching 3 of a box truck, a delivery truck that. >> actually flipped on the center divider not far from the toll plaza in hayward and fuel has been spilling out complicating the situation there, but certainly a traffic mess on this monday night. we'll keep an eye on that throughout the evening. still ahead tonight we're learning about the push in washington to end the federal prohibition
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of marijuana. >> plus a look at the infrastructure bill that's now officially law and the
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> after years of seeing states all across the country successfully create safe legal cannabis markets. not to mention the huge taxes that those tapes have gotten as a result. there's a new push under way in washington to end the federal prohibition of marijuana. it is being spearheaded by a republican
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congresswoman who wants to tax it just like other illegal drugs, tobacco alcohol, etcetera, our washington correspondent reshad hudson has more. south carolina congresswoman nancy mace wants to legalize marijuana at the federal level. we have no federal framework for cannabis being legal in this country. it's sort of insane past efforts have failed in congress but may says her bill is different. >> give states more control. >> we want the federal government to stay out of it as much as really let the states take the lead on what they've already been doing for 25 years. her states reform act would not only legal was marijuana, but it would make it tax like alcohol and tobacco. i think the bill does the right thing in terms of. >> treating cannabis like alcohol and putting it in the appropriate federal jurisdiction. >> under this legislation. those convicted on nonviolent cannabis charges would also have the records expunged. >> it would allow those that were serving today that are
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strictly cannabis in federal prison for that they will be released. >> gary has says legalizing marijuana would help veterans like him suffering from ptsd. >> this come from a personal testament of someone who struggled himself and as use the natural plant that facilitate recovery stability and posttraumatic growth. >> well, republican support for legalization is growing shortly after may says press conference. the south carolina republican party issued a statement opposing any effort to legalize marijuana reporting in washington reshad hudson. >> all eyes were on the white house today as president biden signed the one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law. it will provide americans with much needed improvements to roads and bridges drinking water broadband access and a whole lot more. most republicans in both chambers. >> are now taking credit for bringing these needed services to their districts despite a majority of them voting against the bipartisan bill.
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the progressive group of house democrats known as the squad also voted against the bill saying it did not go far enough, but 15 republicans to step across the aisle to get this thing done. >> the president says the package will also create up to 1.5 million new jobs a year for the next decade. >> and today transportation agencies from around the bay area celebrated the signing of the infrastructure bill. california will get the largest share of the spending about 45 and a half billion dollars to name a few projects. that will be supported. you have funding for the capital investment grants program supporting initiatives like caltrain electrification project federal dollars would also help clean up the state's abandoned wells and mines. about 2.8 billion, it's going to be allocated to combat wildfires kron four's terisa staats. he was digging into the funding for california and she will have a full report tonight in our primetime newscast set 8, 9.10. next
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here on 4 news at 5, the city of oakland trying to tackle that issue of illegal dumping. we'll take a look at the newest way the trying to curb the problem. >> and we're going hear from governor newsome one how he's trying to get more mental health resources to the states homeless population also will go to kenosha, wisconsin as the national guard is on standby. >> we're in the final stages >> we're in the final stages of kyle ri when a truck hit my car, >> we're in the final stages of kyle ri the insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i was hit by a car and needed help. i called the barnes firm, that was the best call i could've made. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to know how much their accident case is worth. let our injury attorneys help you get the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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