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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  November 15, 2021 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> it is the finest hour on a fine monday i would say what's the alternative the bright side, even though we started off foggy this morning it happened in that bad and looks like it will clear out eventually we will see when driving rain is pulling double duty. as for john weather and traffic. exactly. hopefully donald bring me a gift what it for this morning. just putting that out all we're getting a look outside right now. and san francisco. we've been seeing fog all throughout the morning in the east bay in the north bay as well as the delta. and you can see a look at barely see city hall. >> as you are in their mind is going in and okay, hey, let's get a look played his cards
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back it's gone now that gets it will take over here. you click to the maps and we'll try describe what we're seeing so fog cast shows that a little bit later on today. we'll start to clear out as the winds pick up. so that's what we're seeing right now. the fog front won't be around forever and that's the good news. we're also looking at conditions really improving this afternoon when it comes to temperatures as well. right now we've got temperatures in the low to mid 50's for most of the bay area looks like some of our cool spots are right around 50 degrees this morning eventually get up into the 60's and 70's come later on this afternoon. we'll check in with rain and a little bit and find out more about the forecast. but with yes, allow me, james go for it because there's nobody here at the approach to the bay bridge, which was great. >> next shot we have is what are we getting over san mateo. san mateo is grey, but great as far as traffic goes over all of us this morning. rich in sayreville anybody looking pretty good. all right. and golden gate. >> gold yet. not just what we call it the finest hour just
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hitting the roads now starting to light. now looking pretty good. >> okay. let's get back to the headlines now. we have some breaking news we're following this morning. a major pharmacist strike has been averted in the nick of time. yeah. overnight kaiser reach an agreement. >> on a new contract with 1200 pharmacists in northern california. they were going to strike today, actually. but now that's off because they have reached a deal and we can take a look at the deal. what they say is they're going to be getting. >> and it came at like 1 o'clock this morning. so yes, just in time. better wages, better health care retirement, benefits and some bonus opportunities they do so that's good. this new contract with kaiser follows a deal that they actually reach with another union on saturday that one would have. >> affected 50,000 workers all along the west coast. those workers have also scheduled to strike for today as well. so both of those strikes averted. but kaiser is not out of the woods yet. know there are other unions they're negotiating with unions for the engineers and mental health professionals. >> and they are scheduled to strike thursday and friday. so we'll keep you posted and see
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if they can avert that too. >> so another breaking news story that we have overnight involved a mother and a child were shot in a drive-by in oakland. so they were in a house for sarah stinson is following up from the newsroom. sarah. >> yeah, more gun violence and of course, more gun violence against a child is just horrific. witnesses tell us the victims are a mother and her 11 year-old child were still trying to confirm a lot of these details with police of course, are busy with their investigation in the video. you can see a window of the home shattered completely by bullets. take a look at that. this drive-by shooting happened around 1030 last night. witnesses tell us this happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive. that's in the oakland hills near 5.80, can see on that map right there. video shows a heavy police presence at this point. we don't have an update on the condition of the 2 victims reports on the citizen app say the woman was shot in the stomach and the child was shot in the arm. still waiting to
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hear back from police to confirm what witnesses told us and to see if they have any leads about who the shooter or shooters are involved in this investigators will be looking into. this was a targeted attack or stray bullets went into the home. this is yet another child hurt by gun violence in oakland last week. as you recall, a 23 month-old toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a gang-related gun battle and it 80 in oakland. this is jasper wu. he was in the car with his mom when he was hit right now, police are still looking for the shooters involved. a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the shooter's. i'm still waiting to hear back from oakland police about last night's shooting. they've been busy over there. i know. but we do want to get you the latest. so stay tuned. we'll have another update for you on our app. kron on at 10 o'clock darya james, back to you. thanks a lot, sarah.
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>> it is 9 o 4. and also in oakland, we have an update on the woman who was shot near lake merritt on thursday. sadly, she has died from her injuries. police found her on lakeshore avenue. the woman died over the weekend. investigators are still looking for the shooter this morning. >> and happening today. more police are going to be on campus in the north, a middle school because they got a bomb threat. the extra security at kenilworth junior high in petaluma. that's where crawford's yulia 7 is is following the story for us this morning. the only. >> yeah, it's kind of empty now but are in class right now. and that's one of the things that the school district wants to stress that it is safe for your kid to go to school. this is why. the school is open. but let me show you a map of kenilworth junior high school where threat happened over the weekend. a police say they received this information through an app that's called stop it. now. police say that the app sent them. sent the
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department and the school district a notification about the alleged bomb threat that would occur on friday, november 19th. that's this the end of this week. now officials have interviewed students who reported the threat as well as those allegedly involved so far they say they have not found any credible evidence and that with that said, i did get to speak to some parents and they are a little bit nervous about bringing their kids, but that they were pretty confident on the investigation. let's take a listen. >> oh, yeah. there's to fund their reckoning with the person found out that these kids were going to bomb us who are supposedly when toll on me, obviously in the names of the stories of probably talk to the kids and i'm sure that in the or whatever they had to do >> now, police are still even
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though they haven't found anything credible yet. they're still investigating that they take this very apparently there was a couple of threats and high like a high school and elementary in the past. this right now was totally targeted to cancel a kenilworth and so far they said it looks like it's not very credible, but they're still investigating it. so if you do have any information you should call the either the school or the police department and also the principal here on campus did tell me that if there was any kids that were nervous. they do have their counseling office open so that they can feel a little bit more secure and be able to express some of their anxieties about all of this. but in the meantime, they're saying that school is open and it's a free ticket to go to school. back to you guys, ok. thanks so much, ali. >> 9. '07, is the time and we are getting now into the heart of the holiday season. and after newly 2 years, a lot of families now planning to finally get back together
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again for thanksgiving. but if we have a foggy day next week like this for thanksgiving, you could be delays like it is live here at sfo. >> they are expecting about 50 million americans to travel somewhere for thanksgiving and that could be in the air or on the roads. and when it comes to the air. pack your patience. as you know, 80% traveler. it. travelers more travelers. now that a this time last year because people, our feeling more comfortable traveling now that there's more vaccines. and of course you still have to wear masks take a listen. >> it's it's great to see that everyone is getting out there and starting to travel again at things are getting back to normal. feel like things are going next. >> my first my first trip since covid and how has obviously it's been better than expected. everybody like putting their masks following the it's been that you can process. no problems really saudi al border be involved. and we travel 59 in both sides sought to come back. >> all right. well, international is expected to
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go up this holiday season 2 because the u.s. has opened up its borders once again to those that are fully vaccinated. but you might be driving kuz grandma's house is close or something like that and gas prices plan a high yeah. at record levels once again, kron four's will tran has the story for us this morning. joining us with where prices are now will. i got some good news. i've been keeping a close eye on the prices. they have not gone up so far this morning. it's sitting at 4.99 at this burlingame station. >> across the street. the no-name brand $4 and $0.49. if you like the chevron gas. well, you're paying a little bit more i the way no one is happy, whether it's for 99 or 4.49. you know what, 4.99 a lot higher than the state average or should i say the 4.99 a lot higher than the state average this morning. 4 $1 and $0.68 that is one cent higher than when you woke up
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on sunday at 4 67, which at that time was a record. so we keep. >> doing records every day inching closer to $5 and there are parts of the bay area much closer than the average. >> for $5 in san francisco. $4.87 oakland san jose. $4.78 and in samara fell for 88. why are the prices a lot higher than a year ago. according to gas experts, the oil refineries. they either can't or won't produce more gasoline and it's down 14% more drivers are hitting the road. so that good ol supply and demand thing once again. and with supply down demand up. a lot of people are paying a lot more. if you think you have sticker shock. wait till you hear from these ladies who are from out of town. >> we're not from and like $5 for like a gallon of this pretty extreme or with from a
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light to the so this is bite. i think a lot of people owned by where you well and >> all the way from alabama. >> i was this close to singing sweet home, alabama because when they told me the gas prices. i thought about moving to alabama as well. the national average, $3 and $0.41 and the worst part for californians according to gas experts. we haven't even like to get sweet home. alabama. i looking more enticing every time the price goes up. take a lot of gas to get there as wood. thank you. well. >> 9.11 is the time right now. and still ahead. >> more walgreens stores are closing in san francisco because there's been so much theft. >> we'll tell you which stories are going to shutter. and after the break. >> where was the bear in the tree and what are the neighbors do and how did they get him down. we'll have that story from the north bay.
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after my car accident, i wondered what my case was worth. so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. is your accident case worth more than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. you might be surprised. save now with holiday deals! get 40% off st. nicholas square. find all their favorite toys and get 40% off holiday decor. plus, take an extra 15% off and get $10 off home purchases of $50 or more! kohl's. >> 9.14 right now are checking out the weather on a monday and it's kind of gray like this everywhere. just a bit. yeah, but we're hoping nicer weather come this afternoon. we'll find out. we have rain with the forecast and we'll let you know what we are supposed to see whether in the
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60's and 70's later on today. so that's the good news out there. but we've been seeing pockets of fog just about area everywhere except for darnya's commute. she does not run into it and i'm going to ride into work with her next time we get a live look outside right now. this is actually san francisco. you just say no to fog, even if it's in your commute this morning. a live look outside right now mount tam camera and you could still see, we've got lower clouds, a lower visibility. also, we do have high cloud coverage, our satellite and radar showing you that currently and we're supposed to have a system. it's going to be a weak one. so nothing like we saw last week where we had that atmosphere river supposed to expect some light rain that's going to be here. thursday into your friday. so plan accordingly if you need to get some things done now and wednesday would be the time to do those things. we're going look at our highs today. like i said, 60's and 70's all over sunset district 6 to 8 golden gate 68 there for civica daly city, upper 60's, low 70's mill rate burlingame to foster city. you're looking at 73 mountain view 71 in the south
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bay, san jose and campbell 7678 fremont union city. all mid to lower 70's ear. san leandro, 75 berkeley oakland and richmond upper 60's out in napa. 64 vallejo 66 for you there, santa rosa 76 in mill valley at 68 looking at our 7 day forecast a lot of sunshine light rain. remember thursday and friday into this week. inland areas in the 40's and 50's along the coast as you're traveling there. let's also get a look at your traffic this morning. we are getting a look at the bay bridge conditions improving here. we had some major delays earlier. now we're at a little under 14 minutes as you're heading from the east bay into the city. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula last time i checked and we had a hazard that has since been cleared. so now it's a little under 14 minutes to make your trip across. we do have a hot spot. this is in mountain view. so this is north winds drop avenue. you've got 2 of the lanes, right lanes close. i'm seeing delays all through mountain view, palo alto. so
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82 in 2.80, will be a good alternate for you. there. the richmond sandra fell bridge heading across towards san rafale, nice and light for us in this 9 o'clock hour. little under 10 minutes. and the golden gate bridge about 20 minutes into the city will have more traffic and weather. but for now, daryn james, we'll send it over to you. thank you. enough time now to talk winners and losers on wall street with financial expert rob black joining us this morning to help us understand what we're seeing in the numbers. robin, as i take a look. >> so flat this morning. what's jumping out at you. >> last week we had a big week where we've got big inflation numbers and wall street's kind of guy. justine not. we kind took a turn for the negative after 5 up weeks and record highs. but we're right near the record highs. listen, this james nasdaq's up 23% this year. who cares. what does today s p 500 up 24% for the year. the dow jones industrial average of 18% bitcoin up a 126% oil up 66%. you've got a dart, you can throw it and separate bonds you made money this year. california gas,
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$4.67 its all time high. that was set back in 2000, 12 and gas. when oil work wasn't $150. a barrel. interesting side note burger king is by a company called firehouse subs. i now stacy starlings pop up at customs start charging station. so they are now going to be offering wi-fi while you charge a vehicle you mentioned tesla. i was just looking up against. it looks like their stock has just dropped below 1000 for the first time in just a little while. so i guess some people are collecting some profits off of that. they had a pretty meteoric last few weeks. yeah. it's it's it's a hot but in for people like me is the valuation makes no sense. will they ever make a trillion dollars. probably not in my lifetime. that makes it tough to invest in my opinion. interesting. okay. let's talk again now about a airlines. we're talking about gas prices going up here and across california. >> and i guess you say the cost for airlines is also going to be a jump in here as we head into the holiday
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season dump is this when they make a ton of money during the holiday travel. yes, but they're getting hit with last to cut costs on fuel prices. i just booked a round-trip ticket from san francisco to new york city over new year's. >> how much you think it was for see james. >> from here to new typically what may be. 400 bucks to $500,000 round trip was just horrid. so you're not getting inflation. so this is the one of the problems that wall street right now. air fuel jet fuel is averaging 2.27 a gallon. that's up 25% in 3 months. and that's why the airlines are to be making much money. their labor situations problematic the stewardesses to the pilots. the people loading the baggage that people are doing the ticket counter. everyone's getting paid more this year than last year's the airlines not that well positioned profit during the holidays. worthy of note. the last 35 billion dollars last year. so this should have been their time to shine, so to speak. flights are to
9:20 am
dollar. $290 round trip on average for thanksgiving weekend and about $309 round trip christmas so just let you know it can cost little bit more to fly this year. i'm just going to stay home and watch a movie. that's my plan. i've got several that i'm looking forward to. we've got. >> ghostbusters coming out. we've got my term and in december, i just watched eternals before that i watch james bond, which i hear overseas is really raking in the dough. >> yeah, james by just became the number one movie during the pandemic. no time to die. so it seems like it was a good idea to delay it. i mean, especially about march 2020. so getting it finally very stylish movie. >> begin dean big drama. 700 million dollars. the top are so not quite billion, but it's not a bad number takes top tier from f 9, which was the previous top movie of the year. marvel's eternals well this weekend. it's pulled in
9:21 am
281 million again for a franchise that you expect it to be hitting a billion or underperforming by. we are opening back up and it's good say james bond put in 700 million close to a billion. and like you this week it will be a big one. and also king this coming weekend should good theater time ours. looking forward to seeing that. it kind of blows my mind that a movie pulls in 700 million dollars and were and we're expecting a billion. there was a time when 700 million. >> that was it. the hollywood gold. you start, you know, you'd start popping the champagne. but i guess in this day and age 700 million. doesn't seem like a whole was actually kind of interesting about this. and i just put it together. was >> the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. it's a long movie the james bond line probably would make more money if they were shortened about, oh, yeah, because it's squeezing more shows on. that's a good point. yeah. that's probably part of the calculus that studios put into timing moves out certain length because the longer they get the fewer shows you can have per day chris parker ex you're always looking at the other side. i like that. rob,
9:22 am
thank you very much. we've got more rob throughout the week. let them know what you want to talk about reach out to him on facebook, twitter e-mail him. >> directly at rob at rob black dot com, thanks, rob. we'll see tomorrow.
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>> 9.24 and. >> new this morning. we've got breaking news. steve bannon, president trump's former adviser has surrendered himself to the fbi as he is
9:25 am
now facing charges from congress, the former campaign manager in custody. now on contempt of congress charges. this is video of him as he was entering fbi offices this morning. so again, he's expected to make his first court appearance later today. he's been indicted on 2 counts of contempt. the charges come after he failed to comply with subpoenas to appear before a house committee that was investigating the january 6 riot. he claimed the former president trump's executive privilege extended to him and that's why he failed to show. but they ruled that note. he was a private citizen at the time of the insurrection. so he is not privy to that privilege. >> 9.25 right now. and we want to take a look at this black bear in a tree in and this is a big bear. it's dark here, but you'll it move 500 pounds. >> yeah, big it was up in the tree from well, all day on sunday from 2 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. they it all ended when the bear come to an end because that's how it works. when this bears this big and that high up.
9:26 am
>> so there's been triple car while. >> but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see how high it is and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be safe to tranquilize the bear because, you know, the back and fall and the back to get hurt. to circumstances we've decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and given the chance to come down. it's on and to go back to its habitat. >> and on his way back to his habitat. they understand that he was actually headed towards the put a little golf so for a club sandwich there. do. on 4. there's love those club sandwiches and they love clubs. haha. so maybe he'll and take a few swings and then head back into the forest. so hopefully he'll be safe sound he we'll take a quick break. 9.26 the time we're following the latest san francisco. a mosque was vandalized and now investigators are trying to figure out if it was a hate crime will tell you what happened.
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>> 29 right now. wow. it really is nice. and you know, the fog is lifting little bit a bad and it's not that cold out either in the 50's. it's
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getting there. >> rain is promising 60 degree weather at least later on. good morning. good morning to you. right. been watching the fog. so at the start of the morning. we couldn't really see there's still some areas out there that it is hard to see like if you're in the east bay or the north bay at this hour. visibility is pretty low. let's get a look outside right now. to san francisco. look at it looks like we completely went dark there. >> all right. on this was city hall downtown. but you can see really any things as you're traveling out there this morning. definitely want to take your time visibility still pretty bad of the south bay in the san jose in mountain view area. we are also tracking a hot spot in that area that might be why we set to that accident because of visibility being impacted later on in the morning 11:00am visibility starts to improve a bit. you still have some higher clouds lingering across the bay area into tonight. current temperatures right now in the 50's hayward alameda oakland, a san francisco pacific a 61 in petaluma 54 nevada, 54 as well. 70 later on in the day
9:31 am
when we start to improve and warm up just a bit. all right. let's get a look at your commute. if you're traveling right now on the roads. like i mentioned, we do have a hot spot. that's in mountain view area north ridge trough avenue. 2 lanes currently blocked an overturned vehicle, one. oh, one southbound, north of northridge trump avenue. so we're keeping a close eye on that as you're traveling from the east bay into the city. look at that conditions are improving a little under 12 minutes to make that drive that freeman street exit the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays there. a little under 13 for that right. let's head over. also, check out the richmond center fell commute as you're traveling out of richmond conditions. very nice and light for us. under 9 minutes. and the golden gate bridge. let's look at drive times there. about 20 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city during james, back to you. thanks a lot right. >> at 9.31 police are investigating whether the islamic center, san francisco was vandalized as an act of hate. somebody threw a beer
9:32 am
bottle through the window of the islamic center on friday night conference. amanda hari has a look. i spoke to one of the leaders here at the mosque and he tells me they're not going to let this situation stop them. they're going to continue. >> prayer as usual. but right here a constant reminder of this incident. this is that window. you can see they've taped over it. underneath. is that hole where the beer bottle went through and cracks are all around it. >> i was very shocked. and shaken. this is not something that's ever happened to our mosque in a very, very long time. people were inside of the islamic center of san around 1145 friday night when they heard a loud noise and glass break. >> you can see in the security video. the suspect turns the corner throws the bottle and runs away discovered that there was a window that was shattered whose class in the floor. someone throwing a beer bottle through the window and and then the mosque in sanaa
9:33 am
polls also still along the glass in the mosque. you can see in this photo, the beer bottle on the ground in a spot someone would use to pray. the islamic center has been a part of the san francisco community since the 1950's and they're one of the oldest mosques in california. resident scholar shabazz shaikh says he's been coming here since he was a child. >> he says they're being transparent with the community and notified the mosque members fright away the community shaken. >> we're trying to restore that sense of safety and security that people feel the mosque. shaikh says the plan to update their security cameras and are working with the san francisco police. we asked the police department to do their due diligence and try to apprehend the suspect. and, you know, restore that sense safety. >> security. you know, once felt police say officers collected evidence at the scene and the motive is unknown. shake had this message for the suspect. i would like the in the individual who committed this accident. please come to our mosque. please contact me.
9:34 am
please contact us. >> we would like to invite him or her here and like to sit down this person answer any questions of and that have a lot of leaders here believe it's going to cost about a $1000 to fix this window behind me. >> they're also trying to raise money for new security cameras. they say in total it will probably cost about $5,000 in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> 9 34 and in the east bay hateful slurs in messages were found on the walls of an asian on business in oakland's chinatown and they were recently spotted here at new 10's market on 7th street by karl chan, the president, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. he told the business owners they called the police and chan has been very active in trying to stop this sort of thing from happening. >> the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and
9:35 am
many people, especially it would not let basically some people also being too just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation stand. let's just understand. and we must find ways to educate everybody. >> chan says it has gotten a little bit better since they up their police patrols and community patrols. there had been attacked since they did that about a week and a half or 2 weeks ago, but he says more work clearly still needs to be done. >> also in the east bay, a bullet struck a home in antioch, though the people inside were not hurt. police are saying that outside a 37 year-old man was killed in that shooting. investigators say they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds on the sidewalk near trevor see a way they say it happened just before 11 o'clock, saturday night. he died there at the scene. one neighbor describes now the bullet that went through the wall of their home.
9:36 am
>> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if you would, and sleeping here and people wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is still in its early stages so they don't have any details yet on a suspect. but as soon as they do we'll update you on the story. >> fremont police officer was injured. he was in the hospital after getting into a crash on saturday. the officer was responding to a call about a prowler when the car crashed on niles canyon road a passenger from the other vehicle involved drove themselves to a local emergency room and the officer is now recovering at home. in contra, costa county, a $100,000 reward. sorry, bond is set for 24 year-old. natalie, i allah she does a mugshot. she's charged with stealing a car with a one year-old toddler in side. the vehicle that was last week in pittsburgh and here's the video surveillance video that shows the police say was i allah jumping into the
9:37 am
driver's seat that abduction set off an amber alert. the baby was found safe in the abandoned vehicle and there's the baby. i alo was arrested and she remains in the martinez detention center. >> well, the san francisco and oakland police departments now have some funding to roll out traffic services. least programs. any way to help stop dangerous driving. so the departments were awarded grants from the california office for public safety oakland police got $500,000. sfpd was awarded a $175,000 and both agencies say they're going to use this money to try to spread awareness and educate drivers on things like california's hands. free law. they also installed dui checkpoints at more patrols and other programs as well. happening this week 3 more san francisco walgreens locations will close because of problems with shoplifting. the company's already closed more than a dozen of its stores in the city because of the problem locations on common street and on goff street will
9:38 am
close today. wednesday location on chavez street will shut down walgreens will let you know where you can pick up your prescriptions and it was back in june that, you know, we started seeing a rise in the problem. it's causing these closures. brazen shoplifting. this was video from june. a suspect just grabbing items and walking out. now think this person might be linked to 8 different shoplifting cases. >> it's 9.38. and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners are going to be in prime time tonight, taking on the la rams will take a peek at their prospects and the warriors prospects still look good even though their hot streak came to an end last hot streak came to an end last night. when a truck hit my car, hot streak came to an end last nightthe insurance company wasn't fair. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. call the barnes firm now, and let us help you get the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive
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when a truck hit my son, covered california. this way to health insurance. i had so many questions about his case. i called the barnes firm. it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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>> 9.40 is the time it happening right now attorneys are making their closing arguments in the kyle rittenhouse murder trial in kenosha, wisconsin in the last hour, the judge dismissed the weapons charge which charged rittenhouse with a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, which is considered a misdemeanor right now. still faces, though homicide charges for shooting and 3 men killing 2 of them. this was during black lives matter protest in wisconsin last summer. the defense claims that rittenhouse did it in self-defense. he could face life in prison if he's found guilty of the most serious charges against him. but prosecutors have asked a judge to also let the jury consider lesser charges in case they feel the level of it. doesn't rise to that of the most serious charges.
9:42 am
>> 41 and now a 10th young person has died because of the astro festival in houston, texas. you remember that astroworld concert and was travis scott and there are 50,000 people there and now 9 year-old ezra blount has died from his injuries that he got that night. he's the 10th victim so little has real was on his dad's shoulders in that crush of 50,000 people and the dad ended up basically could breathe. he passed out and so his son fell down next thing he knew he was in the hospital on life support. he died last night. so now he is the youngest victim at 9 years old was also a 10 year-old all the way up to a 27 years old to 10 people who lost their lives at
9:43 am
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>> 9.45 right now and reyna has made it through the morning weather and traffic do wonder woman. whole rain to take it away. oh, you know, i was saying that this was like the last day of me. let me know. you have prom on immediately held out on the kron on app so you can watch more weather because we're weather news all day at the story for today in terms of weather has been the fog. so in the east bay and the north bay and the delta area. we've seen thick fog all throughout the morning. we had yesterday. but that's not going to stick around long. so we're starting
9:46 am
to look at the golden gate bridge here. you still see some pockets of low visibility. but that's all starting to improve a bit right now. currently you can see the high cloud coverage that we have across the bay area today and we're actually supposed to see a storm system. not like we saw last week, bill. but it's going to make its way into the bay area and thursday and friday. that's when we're expected to see some a very light showers. the north bay is going to be hit. the hardest, though, by that rain that we can expect to see. also getting a look at your high temperatures today before you head outside, you need to know what to wear. so mission district. san francisco, all lower 60's upper 70's. we're looking at half moon bay 68 their bowling game millbrae san bruno all and the low 70's a low rent will palo alto mid to upper 70's the air in the south bay 76 morgan hill go. the warmest at 81 fremont union city and they were all lower 70's here. moraga orinda berkeley, 69. therefore you sonoma 73 in napa at 64 also looking at stinson beach and mill valley in the upper 60's. we're
9:47 am
looking at our 7 day here you can see nothing but sunshine some partly cloudy conditions that thursday into friday. that's when we see those showers inland temperatures in the 40's and along the coast. it's going to be in the 50's. hey, if you are going to catch the game tonight. forty-niners versus the rams. it is going to be a little cloudy mid 60's there in that game. just start at 05:15pm, for you. let's go ahead. get a look at your traffic have an update on this hot spot. we were tracking mountain view north and north winds drop avenue. they just open up all the lanes. 2 lanes were blocked there. so now that's going to start to improve just a little bit as you're heading from the east bay, they'll into the city. no major delays a little under 10 minutes for your drive time right now into the city. the san mateo bridge. let's head over and get a look at that heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays and issues a little under 12 minutes to make that commute across and one. oh, one oy not seeing any delays there. and we're leaving you with a look at the richmond sandra fell commute traveling out of richmond. a little under 9 minutes starting. james, back
9:48 am
to you. thanks a lot. 9.47 and all eyes are going to be on the niners tonight to face in the los angeles rams in prime time yet but will be a home game at levi's jimmy g will be. >> the starting quarterback will try to lead the team to victory something we just couldn't get done last week. that's okay. every weeks. a new week of the rams lost last week to. so now both teams going head to head really wanting it. >> definitely. there's a big hunger to win i think is a huge sense urgency. i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they've had more so there's a different type of disappointment. a different type of frustration. but you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't we're in the right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up. >> you're trending in the right direction because your all right. let's hope that they meet expectations. but i expect expect traffic to be horrible. kickoffs not till 5.15. but you know. >> that on all the all the traffic in the area for people
9:49 am
heading to the game and just trying to get around. it's going start backing up at about one 45 this afternoon. so plan accordingly. no, it's going to take a little extra time to get around. >> it's 9.40 a and other sports news. the warriors still have the best record in the league in the last night they lost to the heart. and yeah, that's ok, the raiders. boy. they lost in a blowout game. they were crushed by the kansas city chiefs. we have kron four's, kate rooney. >> with the highlights. >>nwe're only about a month into the season. but when you're technically the best, you've got a shout it from the rooftops right. and the warriors entered sunday with the best record in the association. the matchup was with the hornets payback in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. but this wasn't quite the homecoming. he in golden state had in mind. we'll show you what happened. now steps father's dell, of course, played most of his career in charlotte and now he's a tv analyst for the hornets called his son's game 1st quarter. steph. who was slick move to the for the layup. but the dubs down 3 after one quarter warriors in
9:50 am
transition. its staff to jonathan kuminga for the dunk. the rookie with 9 points in the 2nd quarter late in the second step houses backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan poole type 5757 at the half love george. well, 3rd quarter its andrew wiggins. from beyond the arc cans. the 3 pointer. he had 28 points in the game end of the quarter. steph from 37 feet out. banks. it in that for the dubs up one going into the 4th curry finished the game with 24 points. maybe not enough 4th quarter. lamelo ball to the rack for a nice floater. he scored 21 in the game now tied at a 102 with 45 seconds left myles bridges makes the shot over draymond green. he had 22 hornets up a deuce. and so in the session. so what happens here, steph, this is to come on looney. he gets fouled this is a free throws
9:51 am
can't do that. terry rozier went on to knock down both foul shots immediately after so the hornets when one oh, 6.22 warriors now dropped to 11 2 on the season. still the best record. their kevin durant and the next tuesday night in brooklyn that should be a fun let's talk nfl football. the raiders hoping to bounce back. they hosted patrick mahomes and the chiefs you go to the 2nd quarter, chiefs up by 7 derek carr loves it to hunter renfroe. and just like that, the raiders tie it up. later in the second chiefs up 3 mahomes. finds tyreek hill for the touchdown 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns at 17 7. casey. >> 4th quarter mahomes searching for open man. he airs it out. >> and connect to darrell williams for the 38 yard score. just great grab by williams right on the money from the homes. he looks like his old self again. he threw for 406 yards and 5
9:52 am
touchdowns. but that's bad news for the raiders just get blown out by the chief final score. 41 to 14. all right. a college hoops. we go defending champ stanford ranked number 3 in hosting 25th ranked texas will pick it up in the 3rd sanford up for lacey hall with the steal and her sister lexie. >> takes it the other way to lay it in 16 points and 11 rebounds alexi 4th quarter. stanford's lead cut to one aliyah gets it to go for me on the 6 in the triple gives texas believe they're under 2 minutes to go. now. texas has a five-point lead drops in another 3 should 17 points off the bench went 4 for 4 from downtown. and with that, texas upset stanford 61 to 56. that was the cards first loss of the season. >> and that was kate rooney. the worriers are going try to bounce back tomorrow night there on the road. they'll be facing the brooklyn nets with kevin durrant. we'll see how that goes. we'll be right back.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
covid-19 protections. >> for the company's 10,000 workers are going to have details throughout the day on that. plus, president biden as i know you all have been reporting is finally set to sign that infrastructure bill. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. at noon and then at 3 o'clock. we'll hear from mayor sam liccardo about the funds but are headed to san jose to see that interview and to get real-time updates on local and national headlines. just grab your phone scan. the qr code that you see on your screen. we'll take you straight to your app store so you can download kron on for free. back to you guys. all right. thank you very much. well, and a fun little story for us where? >> wrapping up the show. snoopy is headed to space. you see the plush version of him here in his little space suit. he's going to be on the orion capsule as part of the artemis moon mission next year. nasa is going to be testing out. the new artemis capsule. that will be a crew on board. so they need something to indicate to them on the ground that the vehicle is now in the weightlessness of he spends around. yes, i get it. now snoopy if you know the also be
9:57 am
yeah. he was to be in the red baron troops to have that met with the goggles it sit on top of his doghouse and fly around like i mike is leaving me, but i'm adamant on huddle. up next to james. all right. so what's up with the weather before we go the weather looks great. it's going to be great for snoopy and his takeoff for us back here on planet earth. >> look at this. 60's and 70's all throughout the week here in along the coast in the low 50's and 40's and hopefully john will be back here proper party. all right. so we can also a lot news. james is my lifetime.
9:58 am
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