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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  November 15, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and thanks for joining us on a monday well, thanksgiving week. next week. it's coming up. quick. no doubt that i saw tons of frozen turkeys by the way, grocery outlet case you didn't get one yet. >> and the cost an arm and a leg. martin likely. but in a van on this monday morning. >> what kind of a movie monday morning actually fog and everything kind of a a great vail over everything. they they will look at even though we're seeing the fog. >> in the earlier mornings. for us. it's going to be really nice today. so temperatures are going to be in the 60's and 70's. so that's what we can look forward to what we are still seeing some fog. if you're leaving the house right now. we live in the east bay in the north. they are in the delta. those areas will get a live look outside at the berkeley hills right now and you do see
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those low clouds. so we've got both low and high clouds. that's what's been shrouding the bay area this morning. let's get a look at our forecast. it shows you here at 8 o'clock. looking at the delta san jose in mountain view novato santa rosa. those are the areas that have been impacted and as we make it into the afternoon as we get a little break. that fog starts to clear out a bit. those high clouds also start to dissipate a bit into the later afternoon. that's when we start to see conditions clearing up. also, we're looking forward to some rain here on your thursday into friday. we'll track that. but your current temperatures right now and oakland alameda berkeley of the lail all in the mid-fifties san francisco, santa rosa and petaluma 51 there. we'll have more weather coming up. for now, let's switch gears quickly. get a look at the traffic. you're always pretty slow this morning. if you're traveling from the east bay into the city. a little under 10 minutes for your drive time there. let's head over look at the san mateo bridge. no major issues or delays you're heading across towards the peninsula a little under 13 minutes. we're also getting a look at the golden gate bridge. you talked about in the richmond bridge. first,
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i'm not seen match of a delay. still. it's a real a little slow say about 13 minutes to make it from richmond across towards san rafale and it's a long 80 and the air around seeing some delays. you got an accident. 80 eastbound texting at coming sky. this is in crockett right there. so we are seeing some slowing along 5 a and a. >> and let's get a look at the golden gate bridge pockets of fog there. about 20 minutes for your drive from the north bay into the city will have more weather and traffic coming up the door and james, back to you. thanks a lot. radio to let it back to the breaking news that we're following this morning, which is a major strike averted, which is good. if you needed to get a prescription yeah. this was a all about kaiser permanente is pharmacist. they have reached an agreement on a new contract. 1200 pharmacists. as a matter of fact, all across northern california. >> they were set to strike today. it was expected to have a huge impact on the bay area. but instead they found a compromise in the wee hours this morning. '01, o'clock this morning they reached a deal and the union says they're going to get. >> better wages, better health care and retirement benefits.
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plus more bonus opportunity. so they are happy this following a deal reached with another unit by kaiser on saturday and that union represented 50,000 workers on the whole west coast. yes. so those workers had also scheduled strike for today. so that was averted. >> kaiser says, though, that they are still negotiating with other unions representing like their engineers and their mental health professionals and those unions have strikes scheduled for this coming thursday and friday. so it's not all good news just yet. for kaiser we'll keep you updated now. also overnight, a story that we're following, a drive-by shooting in oakland and a mother and a child were in the home when it happened. a lot of questions surrounding this kron 4. sarah stinson live for us up in the newsroom. sarah. >> sorry, james witnesses tell us the victims are a mother and her 11 year-old child were still trying to confirm this with police. you can see in the video from the scene. a window in the home shattered by bullets bullets that hit those 2 victims. this drive-by shooting happened around 1030
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last night in the investigation has been continuing to happen ever since witnesses tell us this happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive. that's in the oakland hills near 5.80, video from the scene shows a heavy police presence that went into the 97 into the morning at this point we do not have an update on the condition of the 2 victims reports on the citizen app say the woman was shot in the stomach and the child was shot in the arm. we're still waiting to hear back from police to confirm what witnesses have told us and to see if the police have any leads about the shooter were shooters involved. of course, a lot of questions to be answered, including is this a targeted attack or was this stray bullets that went into the home this is yet another trial hurt by gun violence in oakland. it's been a lot of violence lately last week. 23 month-old toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a gang-related gun battle on 8.80, in oakland. and that's just for will on your screen. such a cute little boy and he
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was in the car with his mom when he was hit right now, police are still looking for the shooters involved in that case, a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the shooters involved and still waiting to hear back from police about last night's shooting. so stay hope to have an update for you soon of course, that's what we're hoping to get this morning. but in the meantime, daryn, james, we're just hoping those 2 victims. they pull through in the hospital. back to you. all right. thanks a lot. >> also in oakland woman who was shot near lake merritt on thursday has sadly died from her injuries. police found her on lakeshore avenue. she died over the weekend. investigators are still looking for the shooter this morning. >> and happening today. more police are going to be on hand at north, a middle school because they had a bomb threat there. did. yeah. this was at kenilworth junior high. they'll be extra security there. this is in petaluma where crawfordsville this evans is standing by with the latest on all this. the only.
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>> yeah. well, you know, school starts in about 15 minutes. but you can see cars coming in. parents coming in to drop off. their children. and that's a message that the school district. they want to send in spite of this thread school is open today they think that everything is safe enough for them to 10 here. so this is why you see everybody here. you can see some of the kids in the court. >> we are right there now. this threat came in over the it came over on the on a app that they have call. stop it, which is an app that is designed to help stop bullying and address safety issues like this. now the police say that on sunday, the app sent to the department and the school district, the notification about an alleged bomb threat that would happen this friday on november 1919 here at kenilworth junior high school. now officials have interviewed. the threat as well as those.
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>> allegedly involved. so far the police say they have not found any credible evidence but are still investigating the situation. now the school district and i did get to speak to the principal here at the at school. they did say that if any students did feel a little uneasy about today because of those threats. they do have. their school counselor on hand. they could go in there and just at least try to talk and try to feel better about this. but at the moment, they're really saying that they feel that things are safe, that they will have police officers patrolling the area being on campus campus, although i have not seen any yet. >> but the pull a principal did assure me that they will have. more officers around in the neighborhood just to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that people can feel a little bit more at ease. of course, they're still reaching out to the community and to the student body that if you have any information about this situation that you should be the contact, the school or
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the police department. back to you guys. all right. thank you for the update. >> time now is 8. '07, in the east bay hateful slurs in messages were found on the walls of a nation on business and oakland's chinatown recently spotted at newton's market on 7th street. karl chan, the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce first alerted the business owners about the slurs that were written on the walls and then the owners called the police chan has been very active in trying to stop these attacks. >> you know, the the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and many people, especially it with a tent. not basically some people also being too. just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation is stan. let's just understand. and we must find ways to educate everybody.
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>> chan says that the most recent incident is the first that they've seen in a few weeks in the area because they've had police patrols in the community that rolls that have really curtailed those attacks up to now. >> at 8. '08, in san francisco. a mosque has been vandalized. now investigators are wondering if this was a instance, a hate crime as well. someone threw a beer bottle through the window of the islamic center of san francisco people were inside at the time. this is actually some security video that investigators say shows the moment that bottle was thrown in the person ran off afterwards. now the center has been a part of san francisco's community since the 1950's that one of the oldest mosques in california. and we heard from one of its members. >> the community shaken. we're trying to restore that sense of safety and security that people feel the mosque and we asked the police department to do their due diligence and try to apprehend the suspect. and, you know, restore that sense safety security, the, you know, once felt. >> police say it's still early
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on in the investigation so they don't have a suspect just yet. the mosque doesn't think that they have had any previous interactions with the person who threw the bottle through that window. but clearly investigators are looking into that. >> 8. '09, and another death from someone who is at the astroworld concert in houston and it's just a 9 year-old boy. we'll have the latest on that. plus more walgreens are closing in san francisco because of shoplifting. show you the stores that are closing this week. and after the break. >> a bear, a big one in a tree in a neighborhood in the north. they will show you where and how they got rid of them. 13 right now and how do
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you get a very down from the tree. >> i i was ready. that's a good idea. this is a 500 pound bear that was hanging out a tree in petaluma near houses yeah, it was all played out on sunday the entire day on sunday. as a matter of fact, it finally resolved at 10:00pm at night, but it started at 02:00am. and after that whole time, everybody kind of just had to shelter in place. as terry mentioned, this is a big bear like 4 to 500 pounds. they explain this tactic of just waiting it out. >> so there's been up that river kwai while but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see how high it is and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be
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safe to tranquilize the bear because you know, the back and fall and the back to get hurt. to circumstances we've decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and give it the chance to come down. it's on them and to go back to its >> actually. he decided take a detour and the bear went to the petaluma golf and country club instead. he i think he did pretty well. he's been working on his long so i but he let him play through the best day ready. he's hopefully you guys are ready. you were telling me interesting enough because happened pulled the golden gate bridge cam. the fall. but you can see it clear in on the side. now what you get hot through morning. >> you you have maybe? maybe i just don't recall. but it seems clear and wonderful a baby or visit is so i only
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need these for reading laser vision, ok. let's get a look at your forecast for today. well, we are still seeing pockets of fog and example here, the golden gate bridge. if you're in the east bay, the north bay. and in the delta, those are the areas that we've been tracking this heavy fog this morning. also, we're going to look at the radar currently you see high cloud coverage as well as low cloud coverage. our futurecast shows us is that's going to stick around for the later half of this morning. however, we get into the afternoon. we'll still have some clouds, but we're going to have really nice temperatures. so we're looking at temperatures in the 60's as well as the 70's for most of the bay area. it's not really until thursday and friday. we're expected to see a little moisture out there looking at conditions. the mission district sunset district all 70's upper 60's there. half moon bay here at about 68 san bruno mill rate all in the lower 70's redwood city at 74 santa clara san jose all in the mid to lower 70's near fremont, 73 hayward. 76 moraga 69 for you. there. san ramon 72 napa sonoma 73 in
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64 stinson beach or mill valley. we're going to look at our 7 day forecast for you. and you can see temperatures in the 70's inland area about 40's for you there bay in coastal areas in the 50's. it's thursday into friday. we're going to be tracking that light rain that's going to make its way specifically hitting the north bay for us. so we'll keep a close eye on that. let's switch gears. really quickly, get a look at your traffic. penny from the east bay into the city. a little under 14 minutes for your drive time there. we had some earlier delays that really slowed us down there. it's pretty slow also along 5, 1880, but i'm not seen any accidents right there at this moment heading across towards the peninsula to look at the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes for your drive time there and it looks like the only accident you see is one along 80 eastbound that accident coming skyway. that's in crockett. let's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell bridge as you're traveling on a richmond. a little under 13 minutes. so we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. but for now, daryn, james, back to
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you. thank you. right. >> so 16. this just in to the kron 4 news room. former trump adviser and campaign manager steve bannon is now in custody on contempt charges. we actually have video of him as he surrendered himself to fbi officials in dc this morning. to see him there walking in. he's expected to make his first court appearance later today. he's been indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress charges come after bannon failed to comply with subpoenas issued by house committee investigating the january 6 riot at the capitol bannon claim that former president trump's assertion of executive privilege extended to him and that's why he didn't feel he needed to show but the judge ruled the ban was a private citizen at the time of the insurrection and not a formal part of the white house. >> also happening today, president biden is going to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. yeah. that deal will include spending on lots of things from roads to bridges. we've got basal, john with the very latest now from dc. good
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morning from many lawmakers and experts. they say this was a long time coming. but some say this will lead to nothing but an increase in debt after months of negotiations, president biden will sign off on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. it's the first time. >> the president is actually delivering on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. top white house economist brian deese told abc's this week. the 1.2 5 trillion dollar bill is made up of both long-term and immediate investments to try to get money out to help. for example, upgrade our ports upgrade, our airports, upgrade, our roads. >> we're going to work without without a way to get that money working for the american people and on cnn state of the union michigan republican congressman fred upton defended his support of the bill as he saw it as a necessary step forward. this was a bipartisan plan. it it needed to happen. and i'm i'm glad that we got it past the finish line. but on abc's this week wyoming republican senator john barrasso slammed the bill and the social
8:19 am
spending plan which is going to harm american families. people are going to pay higher prices. they're going to be higher taxes. and of course, we're going to see an increase in the debt even though many senate republicans like senate republican leader mitch mcconnell voted for the bill. barrasso says republicans are united in not supporting the build back better plan president biden is expected to sign the infrastructure bill this afternoon reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> and also happening today. we have reports of la and long beach. they're going to begin implementing new fines to try and ease the backlog of cargo ships. so the fees will target ocean carriers to linger too long at port terminals ships that failed off load. their cargo will on time will face penalties of about a $100 a day and those fees will increase by another $100 for each day that those containers sit idle on the port now local ports are also starting a new queuing system to reduce the amount of ships that are crowded out there in the water off shore. that new system
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will take effect tomorrow. that will be tuesday. so we'll see if it's effective. meanwhile, the san francisco and oakland police departments now have funding to roll out traffic service programs to help stop dangerous driving. so departments were awarded grants from the california office of public safety and oakland will receive $500,000. san francisco will get a $175,000. and both of those agencies say they'll use the money to spread awareness and education when it comes to drivers here. but, you know, do they know about california's and free cell phone laws will also be installing dui checkpoints and more patrols. so we'll see if that's effective as well. >> happening this week 3 more san francisco walgreens are closing because too much shoplifting and walgreens just can't handle losses anymore. this is already closed. more than a dozen stores in the city this problem and now here is the latest to be closed. the walgreens on clement street and the one on golf or closing today and then on
8:21 am
wednesday, the walgreens at cesar chavez street is going to be closing if you have a prescription at any of these stores that are closing. you can see they will be transferring those over and it's because of all of the theft. in fact, here's a viral video of one of those brazen shoplifters and police are thinking that this guys responsible for about 8 other at walgreens in this store had previously already close. now. it is a 21. and coming up on the kron 00:00am morning news disney is trying to keep down the cost. >> and in effect there say they're going to help you with your diet will show you how.
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>> 24 the time right now and for your money, we could be seeing some changes the next time you be going to disneyland to keep the cost down there trying assess the only change i want to see is making it more affordable but not the ticket to get in and. >> but once you're in, though, maybe it'll cost you a little less. it restaurants and food stands because they're going to cut down on your portions. so you'll be hungry or chip yost has the details. >> inflationary pressures are sometling we are all i'm looking at and trying to on an earnings call with analysts wednesday disney cfo, christine mccarthy talked about how the company is
8:25 am
trying to keep its costs down as inflation ticks up. >> one idea cut down on portion sizes at its theme. parks are lots of things that are worth talking about. you know, we can adjust suppliers. >> we can substitute products we can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people place we can look at pricing where necessary. but we are going to go just straight up cross increased prices. but how would that go over with disneyland visitors who already so most ticket prices go up. the last month. they've got to have some good teachers for the people who come and that was the one good value. people did say that even though the costs were expensive. you got >> decent serving don't think it's right. i think, you know, it's very expensive and try to hide inflation is instead of raising prices, which is something that's been consumers faces. as you actually make the size is a little bit smaller. it's a little bit hard to 6% less food. that is the cs 6% price increase christopher shores, an associate professor of finance at uc irvine.
8:26 am
>> says what disney is considering is not that uncommon during periods of high inflation. he also believes that inflation isn't going away any time you know, i think i think inflation is here to stay. and, you i think that's just something were to have to get used unfortunately for a little bit. >> unfortunately. yeah, but they're helping you sure to kutcher calories. hope will help your waistline. that's what they say. anyway. well. >> with that, i'm going to disneyland to regret that i ate so much inflation and getting used to. how about getting used to gas prices. they are going up and up and up. i'll tell you the state average and how much other people outside of california are think that's going to
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>> 9 right now. take a look quite how are still there safe and sound those still blanketed with a nice fog there. as you can see, low clouds. we're seeing that kind of all over the bay area going to be. well, yeah, you know what it is. and then after we get through this clouds in the earlier part of the day. that's what we're going to start to see those nice conditions rolling in 60's and 70's today. if you're maybe going to to catch the game
8:30 am
later on tonight. we're going to see very nice conditions out there. so let's get a look right now currently this is in san francisco can barely see anything low visibility here. this is a overlooking the castle district. so we are still seeing those pockets of fog scattered throughout the bay area. this is a current look at our fog cast. so along the delta like i mentioned in the north bay and santa rosa nevado. that's where you're seeing low visibility. also in the south bay at around 1230. that's when we start to see conditions and like i mentioned, conditions are going to be in the 60's and 70's throughout the bay. but current images for you right now. look at this berkeley, oakland alameda, all in the low 50's pacifica nevado petaluma all in the mid 50's right now. if you are hitting the roads in your head from the east bay into the city. it's going to be a little under 10 minutes for you to make that drive right now. so definitely starting to see a little improvement still pretty slow along fine. 1880, as you're traveling along a tad over, get a look at the san mateo bridge a little under 30 minutes with low clouds along the san mateo commute. and once you hit the
8:31 am
peninsula, we are seeing low visibility there as well. there is an accident along one, oh, one. this is in mountain view that north of north rinse trough avenue, right lane and the shoulder block. so we are seeing delays as you're traveling the i'm not seeing any along 82 or 2.80 in mountain view in that area. so if you definitely want to take those alternate routes to get around that. let's also get a look at the richmond center fell bridge a little under 30 minutes to make your commute. you're traveling there and the golden gate a little under 23 minutes to make it from the north bay into the city. all right. james, back to you. thanks a lot a 31 is the time right now. and breaking news that we're following was a drive-by shooting in oakland that to child and a mother were in the house when it happened bullets came flying in crawford sarah stinson live up in the newsroom to explain what happened. sarah. >> can you believe that? i mean, news in your home. not even safe in your own home. witnesses. tell us the victims are a mother and her 11 year-old child. we're still
8:32 am
trying to confirm a lot of these details with police who have not responded to us since about 3 this morning. we've been trying to get more information. you can see in the video from the scene. a window of the home is completely shattered by bullets. this drive-by shooting happened around 1030 last night. witnesses tell us this happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive. that's in the oakland hills near 5.80, video from the scene shows a heavy police presence who went it throughout the night and into the morning. at this point we don't have an update on the condition of the 2 victims reports on the citizen app say the woman was shot in the stomach and the child was shot in the arm. so when hear back from police to see what they have, what they've got this point to them. new leads about the shooter or shooters involved. of course, investigators the canvas, the area and i'm sure they'll be looking into whether this was a targeted attack or stray bullets that went into the home. this is yet another child hurt by gun violence in oakland last week. a 23
8:33 am
month-old toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a gang-related gun battle on 8.80 in oakland. that's the little boy on your screen. jasper. wu was in the car with his mom when he was hit. right now, police are still looking for the issues involved in that case, a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to the arrest of the shooters who are in that case. but in regards to last night's shooting. we're still waiting to hear from oakland police. so stay tuned for any updates that come right here to the kron 4 news room. we're just hoping the 2 victims they pull through at the hospital from their injuries. james darya. all right. thanks a lot, sarah. >> 33 is the time and a bullet hit another home in antioch. this time with people living in there. luckily, though, none of them were struck unfortunate a 37 year-old man on the sidewalk was struck by a bullet and killed when police showed up. >> he died there near traverse co way. you know, they say it happened a little before 11
8:34 am
o'clock. saturday night died at the scene. one neighbor that we spoke with talk about how that bullet came through the wall of their home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if he would sleep in here and thankfully he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say that this investigation is in the early stages. so far they don't have any suspects. >> 34 and a fremont police officers out of the hospital now after being injured in a crash on saturday. the officer was responding to a call of a prowler when the vehicle crash with another vehicle on niles canyon road. the passenger, one of them in the other car ended up going to the hospital. a local hospital and the officer is now recovering at home. >> well, in contra, costa county, a $100,000 bond has been set for 24 year-old natalie, iowa. she's the one charged with stealing a car with a one year-old toddler inside last week was in
8:35 am
pittsburgh. we actually have surveillance video in which prosecutors say you can see in the background, i jumping into the driver's seat and then taking off that abduction set off an amber alert. the baby was found safe and sound in that van a truck, a short distance away and officers then found and arrested a allah. she remains in the martinez detention center right now awaiting her first court appearance. >> 35 taking a live look here at sfo. my bets are on delays. yeah, because it is foggy which means, you know, think next week. thanksgiving lot of people traveling lot more people trapped. so plan ahead for with covid cases around the country. some of the areas are on the rise of vaccinations are on the rise as well. more than 50 million americans. are you spend time away from home with a flying or driving for the next. it's going to be crowded out there. so be prepared for that air travel. in fact, expected to be 80% higher than it was last year. >> but then again on a good note, we also have vaccines going up, too. so, you know, we are healthier than we were this time around last year. in fact, we talked to some folks
8:36 am
who say. >> just the fact that, you know, more people wearing masks be vaccinated in traveling feels like things are getting back to normal. >> it's it's great to see that everyone is getting out there and starting to travel again at things are getting back to normal. feel like things are going next. >> my first my first trip since and how has obviously it's been better than expected. everybody like putting their masks following the it's been that you can process. no problems really saudi al the knife we travel through the night that both sides sought to come back. >> leave extra time slot online if you're traveling. just leave extra time and that's by plane. yes, traveling by car. budget extra money in your wallet because you're going to need to start saving. now. >> california hitting a new record high when it comes to gas prices. that seems to be the trend every single day. doesn't it here in the bay area. we're seeing gas hovering at nearly $5. a gallon for the regular stuff. kron four's will tran is in burlingame, taking a look at the numbers. i will.
8:37 am
>> you can see people behind me they're pumping their gas. and i'm sure i didn't go around talking to these guys right behind me. but it's safe to say they're not happy, right. i mean, we're inching closer to $5 every day. in fact, we're waking up breaking records all the time. take a look at your screen. so this morning average in california $4.68. when you woke up on sunday morning was $4 and $0.67 and they don't even believe the worst is behind us that it continues to go up and up and up in fact, $5 could be a new reality and many other places in the bay area inching closer than the average, of course, in san francisco. 4 $1 in $0.87 san jose oakland for 78 in sandra fell. we chose the place in the north bay. that's $4.88 reason being supplied him and that's their story and they're sticking to
8:38 am
it. >> they're not producing or they won't produce the oil refineries. they're not producing as much gasoline as we need, especially with so many people heading back to work and school about 14% less oil production and with more people driving that drives the demand up supply goes down and that's why we're paying so much more. typically james and we should be paying less after labor day. but instead we're paying more. in fact, i got a chance to talk to some drivers. usually a bargain shop at the stores. but these days you bargain shop when you're behind the wheel. we have to get by you always look with cheap us gas stations. you know, but it's too high view what other states are a lot lower. back in california. scott the emissions law that we've got a bye bye. so. >> when nonetheless, it's a lot of people. >> the national average guys, $3 and $0.41. and i'm sure
8:39 am
they're complaining and i for them for those people like saying missouri. this is what i got for that. >> haha. all right. thank you very much. we'll gas prices are not going down any time soon. you pay. 38 is a time right now. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners are going to be on monday night football tonight taking on the rams. we'll see what the prospects are and the warriors hot streak comes to an end. they're still going well. t
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>> we're back at 8.40 coming up on a 42. we've got live pictures from the trial. happening right now for kyle rittenhouse. the judge in that murder trial has just dismissed the weapons charges against him. again, this is a live look from inside the courtroom. rittenhouse was charged with a count of possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, which is a misdemeanor, but that charge has been dismissed. right now. still faces homicide charges for shooting 3 men killing 2 of them during a black lives matter protest in wisconsin. the defense claims that rittenhouse did it in self-defense moments from now, attorneys will make their closing arguments. that's what we're waiting for. rittenhouse could face life in prison if convicted of the most serious crimes. but prosecutors are also asking the judge to let the jury consider lesser charges if they don't feel as though the evidence meets the bar for the the highest charges, at least they can convict him on something smaller. but at this point looks like they're conferring with the judge. we'll keep you
8:43 am
updated on what's happening. there are a lot of court that have been filed against the promoters. >> travis scott, the performer in the astroworld festival where now 10 people have died. a child died last night making that 10 people who died and scores more injured and he's just 9 years old. ezra blount. he died from injuries last night and what happened is he was at the festival with his dad was on his dad's shoulders. >> but his dad couldn't breathe and passed out and remember there were 50,000 people crowded there and there are the crowd, the surges that we're squeezing people. they just couldn't breathe. that's what happened. is dad woke up and his little baby was gone. rushed to the hospital where he had brain damage. so he died last night he's the youngest of the 10 victims now ranging from 9 years old to 27 years old. so sad to report that news. 8.43. we'll be right back.
8:44 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. to the kron 4 morning news a time for you now 8.46 a and we've got a live look behind me. >> at the mount tam camera and you're seen san francisco this morning. we're seeing those pockets of fog steel nestled over the city this morning and in certain areas of the bay area. that's pretty much what we've been experiencing a look right outside currently right now. you see we have clouds all across the bay area low
8:47 am
and high. they're supposed to stick around for the later earlier half of this day and then hopefully into the afternoon. that starts to dissipate just a bit. the east bay the north bay as well as the delta. those are the areas that are seeing the most fog into our tuesday. we're going to see some clouds as well. and then into the afternoon, that's when those clouds start to move on out. we're also expecting to see a system that's not want to arrive until later in this week and can bring some light showers thursday into friday. let's look at our highs right now. the sunset district golden gate park all upper 60's as you're traveling along a half moon bay 68 for you there. millbrae san bruno, all lower 70's foster city. san mateo 73 in san carlos as you're traveling to the south bay san jose 76 morgan hill warmer than most to 81 union city, hayward and fremont. all low 70's. there orinda berkeley richmond oakland, all upper 60's for you up in napa, yacht feel 73 santa rosa 76 nevada 72 look at your seven-day forecast for you. we talked about that chance of rain.
8:48 am
that's thursday into friday, north bay. that's what we're looking at for the heaviest pockets of rain. there also in inland areas are still looking at conditions in the 40's along the coast in the low 50's. hey, if you're going to levi stadium tonight around 5.15, to catch the forty-niners versus the rams cloudy conditions it to 60's. so bring a jacket if you're going to head out there today. let's also get a look at our traffic for you as you're traveling into the city this morning. a little under. look at that. wow. a little under 11 minutes now. so we're not seeing those major delays that we saw at the start of the morning. we do have a hot spot that's in mountain view. so this is one oh, one southbound, north of north rents trough avenue. the right lanes are closed 82 is a good alternate for your if you're trying to get around that. let's head get a look at the san mateo bridge. it looks like we did have a hazard there on the bridge that slowed us down a little bit. looks like that has been clear, though. so as you're traveling across towards the peninsula. it's a little slow along one. oh, one. so about
8:49 am
15 minutes. let's also get a look at the richmond center fell could be traveling out of richmond across towards sandra fell a little under 9 minutes for your drive time and the golden gate bridge heading from the north bay into the city still pockets of fog, about 20 minutes started. james, back to you. thanks a lot rate. 49 and all eyes are going to be on the forty-niners tonight. they're taking on the rams in prime time. yeah. it will be a home game for the 9 or so they'll be at levi's jimmy g will be under center is the starting quarterback. >> he'll try to lead the team to victory. we couldn't get done last week. maybe this shanahan says they really want to win. >> definitely. there's a big hunger to win, i think is it your sense urgency. i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they've had more so there's a different type of disappointment, a different type of frustration. you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't often were in right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up.
8:50 am
>> yeah. this will be again on monday night football game. so it's tonight tipoff not tipoff kickoff is at 5.15, although traffic is expected to get heavy earlier in the day about one 45 or so. all the main routes heading to the stadium are going to get slower and slower. so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there. if you're going to the game or maybe give yourself time to get around this. if you're trying to just get through the area. >> and in other sports news, the worriers still have the best record in league, even though their loss to the hornets last. yes, but it was a close game. all game long. the raiders, on the other hand, had a lopsided loss to the chiefs. yes, they got blown out conference. kate rooney takes a look. >> we're only about a month into the season. but when you're technically the best, you've got a shout it from the rooftops right. and the warriors entered sunday with the best record in the association. the matchup was with the hornets payback in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. but this wasn't quite the homecoming. he in golden state had in mind. we'll show you what happened. now steps father's dell, of
8:51 am
course, played most of his career in charlotte and now he's a tv analyst for the hornets called his son's game 1st quarter. steph. who was slick move to the basket for the layup. but the dubs down 3 after one quarter warriors in transition. its staff to jonathan kuminga for the dunk. the rookie with 9 points in the 2nd quarter late in the second step houses backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan poole type 5757 at the half love george. well, 3rd quarter its andrew wiggins. from beyond the arc cans. the 3 pointer. he had 28 points in the game end of the quarter. steph from 37 feet out. banks. it in the dubs up one going into the 4th curry finished the game with 24 points. maybe not enough 4th quarter. lamelo ball to the for a nice floater. he scored 21 in the game now tied at a
8:52 am
102 with 45 seconds left myles bridges makes the shot over draymond green. he had 22 hornets up a deuce in suing the session. so what happens here step this is to come on looney. he gets fouled this is a free throws. can't do that. terry rozier went on to knock down both foul shots immediately after so the hornets when one oh, 6.22 warriors now dropped to 11 2 on the season. still the best record there. it. kevin durant and the nets for tuesday night in brooklyn that should be a fun let's talk nfl football. the raiders hoping to bounce back. they hosted patrick mahomes and the chiefs you go to the 2nd quarter, chiefs up by 7 derek carr loves it to hunter renfroe. and just like that, the raiders tie it up. later in the second chiefs up 3 mahomes. finds tyreek hill for the touchdown 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns at 17 7 kcp. >> 4th quarter. mahomes searching for open man. he
8:53 am
airs it out. >> and connect to darrell williams for the 38 yard score. just great grab by williams right on the money from the homes. he loods like his old self again. he threw for 406 yards and 5 touchdowns. that's bad news for the raiders just get blown out by that. she final score. 41 to 14 alright college hoops. we go defending champ stanford ranked number 3, in hosting 25th ranked texas will pick it up in the 3rd sanford up for lacey hall with the steal and sister lexie. >> takes it the other way to lay it in 16 points and 11 rebounds alexi 4th quarter. stanford's lead cut to one aliyah gets it to go from beyond the arc 6 in the triple gives texas believe they're under 2 minutes to go. now. texas has a five-point lead the star dropped in another 3 should 17 points off the bench went 4 for 4 from downtown. and with that, texas upset stanford 61 to 56. that was
8:54 am
the cards first loss of the season. and that was kate rooney will be right back.
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8:57 am
flight just to make sure that all the people on the ground holding on to those cables could managed to steer him properly. is that an eyeball floating in front of them. that. >> well, it's a little. yeah. it does look like a i thought it was some kind of mandalorian thing and no doubt. >> okay. next week for thanksgiving. but in the meantime, we'll be back with more on major strike averted at kaiser. so you'll be able to get your prescriptions after all and extra security. a bay area middle school tell you where. >> plus police investigating a drive-by shooting in oakland. we'll tell you what they know we'll tell you what they know so far. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started.
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at know. >> it is the finest hour on a fine monday i would say what's the alternative the bright side, even though we started off foggy this morning it happened in that bad and looks like it will clear out eventually we will see when driving rain is pulling double duty. as for john weather and traffic. exactly. hopefully donald bring me a gift what it for this morning. just putting that out all we're getting a look outside right now. and san francisco. we've been seeing fog all throughout the morning in the east bay in the north bay as well as the delta. and you can see a look at barely see city hall. >> as you are in their mind is going in and okay, hey, let's get a look


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