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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  November 15, 2021 7:00am-8:01am PST

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kron 00:00am morning news at 7 is a monday morning i was just thinking no rain is gonna do traffic and weather today. and there's the saying. >> you i know god will give me warren i can handle. i just wish she'd interest me got a lot on our plate today weather and traffic with john off on vacation today. so let's get right to it or get through it and we'll get back to the head. i love that. that's a good one. i'm going after like for recent, by way, or that was her quote, got it because we more than i can handle. i just was okay. but that's a good thing to be trusted and we're going to get you where you need to go safely. fog is in the forecast this morning. sooif you're in the east bay, the north bay or in the delta area. >> we're seeing low visibility out there yesterday was lovely as you can see today, we are seeing that low cloud coverage as it's blanketing the berkeley hills this morning. we're getting a live look outside this is our fog cast. so the delta like i mentioned. but you're also seeing low visibility in san jose mountain view up in the bottle and santa rose as well as the morning goes on. low clouds.
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stick around. and it's not until the late afternoon. look at that around 1 o'clock when we start to see the visibility improved just a bit. there. also air quality, not the best today moderate in the north bay coast and east bay and the south bay. so be mindful of that as you're outside today, current temperatures right now, 52 in berkeley. 49 in oakland. 53 in alameda up in nevada had a little bit santa rosa all in the mid to lower 50's. let's also get a look at your roads this morning. we're checking your traffic. we had an earlier hazard on the bay bridge that slowed us down a little bit. so we're at about 15 minutes. what you do reach the maze heading across to that fremont street exit. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues. so that's really good. there. it's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute seeing just a slight delay in slowing. i don't see any hazards there. but we are seeing things start to slow down. also as i'm checking things into almost like a new accident just popped up 80 westbound east of pinole
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valley road. so 80's pretty slow as you're traveling through san pablo richmond also read on that area also got another accident looks like this is a hot spot. this is going to be 80 westbound east of 7, 80 west in valais. whoa, left lane. there is carly blocked and we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge as you're heading from the north bay into the city to talk about that fog. look at visibility. they're hard to see. we'll have more on that coming up. but for now, daryn. james, let's get to our top stories. thank to the breaking news that we're following is a major strike. >> has been called off pharmacists were going to walk off the job at kaiser. yeah. all affiliated with health chain. they did reach an contract with 1200 pharmacist in northern california and they finally came to an agreement at 01:00am this morning, which is a good thing yeah. they walked off the job then, you know, would have backed up. you would have not been able to get your prescription. but in this case they're getting what they think is a good deal. >> they said they get wage increases, better health care and retirement. so the
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pharmacists are happy about that. there's more bonus opportunities as well for but this isn't quite the end because kaiser asked to work on some other positions as well. yeah. a different union workers that they're going to be negotiating with, including some that were scheduled for strikes later this week. nears engineers and mental health professionals are next step. those unions have strike set for thursday and friday. so they're going to be talking to them. now, though, the work is not done. we'll keep you updated. meanwhile, more breaking news here from overnight. a mother and a child were shot in a drive-by in oakland. they were in their home when it happened. kron 4. sarah stinson is live with the latest. and everybody wants to know where they targeted. >> that is the question. investigators will be looking into in trying to answer witnesses. tell us the victims are a mother and her 11 year-old child were still trying to confirm that with police on scene. you can see in the video, a window of the home completely shattered by the bullet settling in this
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drive-by shooting happened around 1030 last night. witnesses tell us this happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive that is right in the oakland hills near 5.80, video from the scene shows a heavy police presencev they were canvassing the area trying to figure out where the shooter or shooters are at this point. we do not have any update on the condition of the victims reports on the citizen app say the woman was shot in the stomach and the child was shot in the arm. we're still waiting to hear back from police to confirm what witnesses tell us and to see if they have any leads about the shooter or shooters. of course, they'll be looking into, as ari was saying, targeted or was this just stray bullets that went into the home. this is yet another child hurt by gun violence. in oakland last week a 23 month-old toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet in a gang-related gun battle on 8.80 in oakland jasper wu on your screen right there was in
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the car with his mom when he was hit. right now, police are still looking for the shooters involved in that case, a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can provide information leading to % the rest of the shooter's. of course, i'm still waiting to hear back from local police about last night's pulling for the 2 victims in the hospital. we hope that they pull through as they try and recover. we'll bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. for now, back to daryn james. all right. thanks a lot. era. >> 7. '05, is the time and also an oakland woman who was shot near lake merritt on thursday has died. now from her injuries. police found that victim on lakeshore avenue. she died over the weekend and investigators are still looking for the shooter this morning. >> happening today, more police officers are going to be a present on a north bay middle school campus because they got a threat. they're needed. the extra security is going to be it kenilworth junior high. that's up in petaluma and that's where kron
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four's you only 7 standing by with more on what happened >> yeah, james. so. it was over the weekend that petaluma police say they received information about a possible bomb threat here at kenilworth junior high school. now the show you a map. so you have an idea of where the school is at. not. the threat was made using an app called stop it, which is designed to stop bullying and address safety issues. police say that on sunday that app sent the department and the school district in notification about an alleged bomb threat that would happen this friday on november 19th. now up. officials have interviewed students who reported the threat as well as those allegedly involved so far, police say they have not found any credible evidence, but. they are still investigating the situation. the school district says that kenworth will be open today and they will have added police here on
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campus just to make people feel more at ease and make sure that it is safe for everyone. now they are still reaching out to the community and to the student body that if they have any additional or any information about this alleged bomb threat that they should contact the school or the police department. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you very much. only 7. '07, is a time and hateful slurs in messages were found scrawled on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown. they were recently spotted at newton's market on 7th street and karl chan, the president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce says he first alerted the business owners and they called the police to report graffiti that they saw and she has been very vocal about in these anti-asian attacks and really raising awareness and trying to solve the problem. >> you know, the the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and many people,
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especially it with a tent. not really basically some people also being too just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation is stan racist understand and we must find ways to educate everybody. >> chan says that this most recent incidents is actually the first time this has happened in a few weeks after the increased police presence that they haven't community patrols in the area that have done a lot to curtail the attacks. >> 7. '08, is the time and a mosque in san francisco was vandalized and now investigators are wondering if this was also an instance of hate crimes. someone threw a beer bottle through the window of the islamic center and here's some surveillance video where you can put half make out video of the person throwing the bottle. it's kind of hard to make out. but that's what was captured on security video. people were inside at the time. and what we have now, of course, is a
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police investigation unfolding. the islamic center has been part of the san francisco community since the 1950's. they are one of the oldest mosques in california. listen to one of the members. >> the community shaken we're trying to restore that sense of safety and security that people feel the mosque and we asked the police department to do their due diligence and try to apprehend the suspect. and, you know, restore that sense safety security, the, you know, once felt. >> and police say it's still early in their investigation. leaders at the mosque don't think that they have any connection with the person who threw the bottle through their window. but investigators are looking into it. >> it's 7. oh, 09:00am. >> and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, another young person has died as a result of the astroworld. festival, the music festival. this one just 9 years old. we'll bring you the latest. and more walgreens are closing in san francisco because the water rise in shoplifting. we're going tell you which stores are affected.
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plus, after the break, a bear in a tree. >> in a neighborhood in the north bay. how did he ever come down. we'll have that answer. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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pound bear pretty. and this is giant redwood tree up in petaluma. that's where this all happened. eventually did come down at about 10 o'clock last night. but police say he was hanging up in that tree since 2 of 2 in the morning. >> on sunday. all day long. all they could do was tell everybody in the area to shelter in place just waited for that bear to come down and here's why. >> a there's been up that river kwai while but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see behind us and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be safe to tranquilize the bear because, you know, the back and fall and the back to get hurt. to circumstances we've decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and given the chance to come down. it's on them and to go back to its habitat. >> okay. member. why the chicken crossed the road. why did the bear come down from the tree so he could go to the pet a little golf he was headed. he wandered off to show. obviously people there are. >> on alert as well. hopefully
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that bear, though, make its way back to the wild where. >> yeah, a if you see the bear on them on the golf course. by the way, you can yell fore and people will just kind of dot which would be 13. let's get a check of the forecast with the rain as we're taking a live look outside it getting brighter, but still kind of fog out there and yet is we are seeing low visibility out there. we actually are looking at a mount tam cam right behind me. >> and as you can see, we've got high clouds and low clouds. so those are some things that you have to keep in mind as you're leaving your house this morning. also over the next few days. it's going to be really nice outside. so temperatures in the 60's and 70's. it's not until thursday and friday of this week that we're going to see some light rain. our futurecast shows that cloud and those low visibilities that we're currently experiencing right now as we go on into the evening. those clouds still stick around. it isn't really until tomorrow morning and not around 06:00am cars will still have fog there around 7 when we start to have some more clarity in the forecast for
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you looking at your highs today. you need to know what to wear. and we're going to look at that here. golden gate park san francisco, all upper 60's daly city. 69 also 71 in millbrae and burlingame in san bruno. all low 70's on the map. woodside mountain the right way. low 70's looking at campbell 78 for you in san jose. morgan hill, the warmest at 81 fremont union city 73 walnut creek. you're at 71 or end at about 69 out in valais whole and as sonoma 73 santa rosa 73 and mill valley 68 our 7 day forecast for you. so we talked about the sunshine that were seen at the start of the week lows in the inland area around the 40's and the bay and along the coast or in the 50's. but look at that. that thursday and friday. that's what we have a chance of light showers. it's the north bay that we're looking at that could be hit the hardest by the showers. we also want to get a look at what's happening out on the roadways today as you're traveling this morning, the start of the bay bridge. so we had earlier hazard here started that slowing down. that is no longer there. 80
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westbound. so heading into the city. what you do reach the maze will be a little under 14 minutes to make that drive. also, we do have a hot spot. this is up in valais hosso 80 westbound just east of 7.80, west looks like a left lane. there is blocked. then you got another accident. 80 westbound east of pinole valley road in penn all. so we are seeing delays along 5, 1880, as you're traveling through pinole into richmond el serino in albany. let's also get a look at the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. no major delays or issues there and also the richmond. sandra fell commute. starting to see things slow down here as well, but we're not seeing any accidents. it's contributing to that. we'll leave you with a look at the golden gate bridge. we also talked about the fog that we've been seeing. so visibility is impacted there about 25 minutes as you're traveling from the north, they will have more weather and traffic coming up daria and james, back to you. >> 7.16 in for your money mall. santas are pretty much going to be back to normal
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this year, not behind the plexiglass and disney employees begin relocating from california to florida owes to the to the world from the land. jane king is live at nasdaq. you probably been to the world. i love the land here in california. >> i had i had been to the world and i've been to universal studios in california. but never disneyland. so, yes, about 2000. i'm walt disney. workers in california are being moved to florida this is a company decision. they said they're moving the employees because in part, at least florida's business friendly climate. so the jobs will be located at a new disney campus is being built in lake know which is near orlando well, it's beginning to look a lot like a pre pandemic. christmas. there's malls and stores bringing back christmas tree lightings. there's carolers a less socially distance santa this or so. as you mentioned, plexiglass and photos with santa are expected to be happening at several of the nation's malls this year. more than 4.4 million workers quit their jobs voluntarily in
7:18 am
september. that's going to the labor department it was the most in the 2 decades of government has been tracking this. there's about a million people just in the leisure and hospitality industry that quit their jobs in september and jeff bezos says people won't be inhabiting earth full time in the future rather, he says earth will be a vacation destination. he spoke at the ignatius form in dc and suggested outer space. we'll actually be where humans live live from the nasdaq market site. thinking that heater. i can't even catch one of those goes up and down and even some a little. >> haha. i know. and he says we're going to have cities. >> with that like these floating space city's for million people live in l b wildlife in rivers and forests and things there as well. mind blowing stop sign me up. i think i'll be a you're a 100 be gone by have to solve our
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>> all right. 7.18 is the time. and just in the car for newsroom. former trump adviser and campaign manager steve bannon is now in custody on contempt charges. here are pictures of bad. and as he surrendered himself to fbi officials in dc he's expected to make his first court appearance later today. he's been indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress. the charges come after bannon failed to comply with subpoenas from the house committee investigation. now bannon claimed former president trump's assertion of executive privilege as for the reason why he wasn't going to cooperate. but that wasn't good enough. the court in fact ruled the ban was a private citizen at the time of the insurrection and not a formal part of the white house. well happening today. the ports of la and long beach will begin implementing new fines to try and ease the bscklog of cargo ships. those fees will target ocean carriers to linger too long at port terminals and ships. the failed off load their cargo on a timely basis.
7:20 am
they're going to face penalties of up to a $100 a day and that fee will increase by another $100 for each day that container sit idle at the port. we need to get a move. it local ports are also starting a new queuing system to try reduce the number of ships that are crowded there in the waters off the shoreline and that new system is set to take effect starting tomorrow. >> it's 7.20 and the san francisco and oakland police departments now have funding to roll out traffic service programs to stop dangerous driving the department's were awarded grants from the california office for public safety oakland. they got $500,000 rn san francisco got a 175,000. both police agencies are going to use the money they say to spread awareness and education to drivers on hands free cell phones. how. yeah, that's the law. a dui checkpoints. and of course, increase patrols. happening this week. 3 more san francisco walgreens are closing because there's just
7:21 am
been too much shoplifting and they can't afford to take the losses anymore. so let's take a look at the 3 stores that are going to be closing. the first is on clement street. and the next is golf street. both of those walgreens that you see there are closing today and then on wednesday, that's when the cesar chavez walgreens store is going to be closing if you prescriptions of those pharmacies. they were all be automatically transferred over to the other stores. and this is part of the reason why this viral video of one of the fastest one. a guy walking out of the walgreens. it's since been closed. just with whatever he wants and police are suspecting him in about 8 other shoplifting cases. >> well, coming up next on the kron 4 morning news president joe biden plans to sign his infrastructure deal today. we'll have the latest on that from washington.
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but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. >> 7.24 and happening today, president biden is going to sign the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law. he is that deal includes new spending for a lot of things. >> fixing roads, fixing bridges a whole lot more. we've got basil john with the latest on all of it from d c. good morning. from many lawmakers and experts. they say this was a long time coming. but some say this will lead to nothing but an increase in debt after months of negotiations, president biden will sign off on the bipartisan infrastructure
7:25 am
bill. it's the first time. >> the president is actually delivering on a bipartisan infrastructure bill. top white house economist brian deese told abc's this week. the 1.2 5 trillion dollar bill is made up of both long-term and immediate investments to try to get money out to help. for example, upgrade our ports upgrade, our airports, upgrade, our roads. >> we're going to work without without a way to get that money working for the american people and on cnn state of the union michigan republican congressman fred upton defended his support of the bill as he saw it as a necessary step forward. this was a bipartisan plan. it it needed to happen. and i'm i'm glad that we got it past the finish line. but on abc's this week wyoming republican senator john barrasso slammed the bill and the social spending plan which is going to harm american families. people are going to pay higher prices. they're going to be higher taxes. and of course, we're going to see an increase in the debt even though many senate republicans like senate republican leader mitch
7:26 am
mcconnell voted for the bill. barrasso says republicans are united in not supporting the build back better plan president biden is expected to sign the infrastructure bill this afternoon reporting in washington. i'm basil john. >> you just heard that story talking about putting money into americans pockets. well, that money these days going to the gas stations as we're all being more for gas. i'll tell being more for gas. i'll tell you how much more and a i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor,
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>> welcome back. it's 7.28 right now quite tower. good of all. >> veiled do like that. we're yeah, they'll did a little bit of fog in us. it's enjoying the fog like the rest of us all around the bay. even inland valleys noticed it was kind of heavy on my drive-in this yes, we're all taking i had a fine i asked do it. how i think it learned ice where the bridge is not that was able get like now okay. so we are seeing some fog along the golden gate. i dockets and for the rain i need to with you already said you're free to drive was remember the time. that is a >> so that is in fact was all supposed to go to an event and daria, i have never been in a car with anybody who drives as
7:30 am
fast as daria so but safe. we were alive. that's we can say. that's all that matters is a carefree driver, that's you can hit the roads in a minute. let's leave the will get a look at that. >> so if you are hitting the roads this morning. fog is what we're talking about. east bay, north bay and in the delta, we're seeing that. but it's going to be really nice day. so once that rolls out of the bay area. we're going to be in the 60's and 70's. so that's really awesome for your day to day on your monday morning. looking at the berkeley hills right now. you can see the pocket of fox still sitting above the bay area. we're looking at our fox cast. this is right now. so we're looking at conquer san jose santa rosa nevado, all those areas of low visibility napa as afternoon starts to approach here at 1130. that's when we start to see visibility improving those low clouds move out. we've got some of those upper clouds. it air quality. not the best. so north bay coast east bay all in the moderate for you today.
7:31 am
current temperatures outside right now 54 alameda 49 at oakland 53 in san francisco petaluma santa rosa, all low 50's us. also get a look at your traffic this morning as you're hitting the roads a little under about 15 minutes as you're making your way into the city right now. now, we had some earlier issues along the bay bridge. it looks like currently there is another new traffic hazard that just popped up there. so as you're traveling into the city, you've got a stalled vehicle near the tolls a little under like i mentioned 60 minutes. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge across towards the peninsula. a little under said i would say 60 minutes because it also looks like we see some low visibility as you're traveling along the san mateo bridge. we do have an accident. 80 westbound east of pinole valley road that's in pinole. let's also get a look at the richmond sandra fell commute as you head to richmond there is a slowdown. there are no hazards or accidents. a little under at say about 13 minutes as you're heading out of richmond and the golden gate bridge. we talked about this earlier. look at that dense fog there
7:32 am
as you're traveling. so take your time this morning. the house a little earlier. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up for now, let's get back to some of our breaking news. okay. right. >> all right. so 7.31, breaking news from overnight. a mother and a child were shot in a drive-by in oakland. they were in the home bullets went right through the front glass mount for sarah stinson has a look at what happened. sarah. >> more gun violence in oakland sad to report witnesses. tell us the victims are a mother and her 11 year-old child were still trying to confirm that with police. we've reached out, haven't heard back yet. you can see in video from the scene. the window of that home shattered by bullets. this happened. this drive-by shooting happened around 1030 last night witnesses tell us this happened on the 7500 block of sterling drive. that's in the oakland hills near 5.80, video from the scene shows a heavy police presence they investigated throughout the night and into the morning at this point we do not have an update on the
7:33 am
condition of the 2 victims reports on the citizen app say the woman was shot in the stomach and the child was shot in the arm. we're still waiting to hear back from police to confirm what witnesses are telling us and to see if they have any leads about the shooter or shooters of course, investigators will be looking into whether this was a targeted attack or if stray bullets went into the home this is yet another child hurt by gun violence last week, a 23 month-old toddler was killed by gun violence by a stray bullet in a gang-related gun battle on 8.80, in oakland on your screen that is little jasper wu was in the car with his mom when he was hit. right now, police are still looking for the shooters involved in that case a $10,000 reward is being offered to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the shooters. from the newsroom here. we're waiting to hear back from oakland police about last night's shooting were really pulling for the 2 victims in
7:34 am
the hospital right now. hope they survive will bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. for now. back to you. darya james. all right. thank you, sarah. >> 7.33 the time and a bullet also hit home in antioch, though, the people living inside that home were hurt. but a man outside ended up dying a 37 year-old man. investigators showed up and they found he had been shot on the sidewalk near traverse city away. now they say it happened just before 11 o'clock saturday night ended up dying at the scene. we did speak with the neighbor. in fact, the neighbor whose home was struck by a bullet. and here's how they describe it. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if he would sleep in here and thankfully he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is still in its early stages. they don't have any details yet on a suspect. but as soon as they do really something. we'll let you know. >> it's 7.34 and a fremont polece officer has been released from the hospital after being injured in a crash on saturday. the officer was
7:35 am
responding to a call about a prowler when the vehicle crashed on niles canyon road a passenger from the other car involved in that crash drove themselves to a local emergency room and the officer is now recovering at home. >> well, in contra, costa county, a $100,000 bond has been set now for 24 year-old. natalie, i she's charged with stealing a car that had a one year-old toddler inside. this was last week in pittsburgh and we have some surveillance video that investigators say shows. i you can see in the background there jumping into the driver's seat and then running off with the car, driving off with the car. an amber alert was issued. luckily that child was found safe and sound a short while later. i also was arrested and is now in the martinez detention center awaiting her first court appearance will keep you updated on the story. >> we are moving towards the holidays. oh, my gosh. thanksgiving is next week a lot of people are going to fly
7:36 am
so i think is it 80% were last year. yeah. and don't add to that. the fact that, you know, the u.s. has opened its airports to international travelers as well. so long as there vaccinated and they provide a negative covid test. but. we've got covid also beginning to spike again yes. so they're they're figuring about 50 million plus americans are going to somewhere away from home for the holidays and some will be flying. some will be driving air travel will be way more than last year. like i said, 80% compared to last year and vaccination rates are up. that uptick in travel has a lot of people who are traveling feeling that they can get back to normal. >> it's it's great to see that everyone is getting out there and starting to travel again at things are getting back to normal. i feel like things are going next. >> i first my first trip since
7:37 am
sought to come back. >> it is nice to hear. there are no problems because don't forget, we've been through growing pains. the last i would say month where the airlines have canceled lots of flights because they, you know, people were laid off in covid and then they were trying to come back and travels, come back. if you are traveling by air up at plenty of patience and just be aware that things might be delayed. yeah. and if you're traveling by car pack a little extra money as you fill up along the way. it's going to cost you more and more, especially if you're here in california will tran is following that part of the story and he has a live look at the prices in burlingame. i will. >> good morning, james and darya. if you need to fill up, i suggest you do it today because tomorrow the way things are goin . it will be even more expensive. a lot of people are waking up going to the gas station. and if you notice that the gas prices are going up and up and up. it's
7:38 am
not you know, your imagination. in fact, it's the real deal. we are waking up in california with the average of $4.68. when you woke up on sunday, it was $4 and $0.67. and according to gas experts, they believe we haven't even plateaued yet. so we are inching the average. >> closer and closer to $5 and many places in the bay area. already much closer than the average in san francisco. it's $4 and $0.87 san jose oakland $4 and $0.78 in samara fell. we chose the place in the north bay. it's $4.88. >> if you're wondering why are we paying more. >> the reason is supply has diminished more people are hitting the roads coming out of the pandemic. plus the either the oil companies, the refineries either they can't or won't produce as much oil in fact, according to gas experts, they believe they're producing about 14% less and at the same time last year.
7:39 am
horrible combination more drivers, less gas. that means gas prices are going up. and that also means a lot of people. our bargain shopping. >> i know that this police want around this area. >> just overall. when you see the gas prices, what goes across your mind? outrageous. outrageous. nowhere. or why it keeps going up. >> rage us. is that word act? absolutely, especially when you consider, you know, the other parts of the country. they use the same gas and get it. we went to summer blend but now they're starting to come out of in gas prices james and area typically go down after labor day not just to i mean, we enjoy the sunshine. we enjoy all these wonderful things in california. but you might want to kind of clinched down a little bit because the national gas average. $3.41.
7:40 am
>> wow. wish. all right. thank you very much. well, 7.39 is a time and still ahead on the kron 4 morning news the forty-niners get ready to star in monday night football taken on the la rams. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected.
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we learn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> some 42 so sad to say that another young life that has been lost because of that houston music festival.
7:43 am
>> astroworld and the boys just 9 years old. he died in hospital. his name as blount. and he died of his injuries last night. he becomes now the 10th person to die at that festival where there were 50,000 fans who crowded and to see travis scott perform and well as her was on his dad's shoulders and his dad passed out because he couldn't breeze in the crowd when he woke up his boy was gone. it turns out the little boy suffered damage to his brain when he hit the ground and was trampled by the crowd now, as i've just said, there are 10 people who have died in this and many more injured. and there are. >> dozens of lawsuits that have been filed because of that disaster. >> and any moment now. attorneys are set to make their closing arguments in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. he shot 3 men during black lives matter protest in kenosha, wisconsin last year. he says he did it in self-defense, but he faces homicide and weapons
7:44 am
charges as a result and he cosld face life in prison. although prosecutors have asked the judge to let the jury consider lesser charges as well. and we'll keep you updated on that trials progression. it is 7.43. we'll be right back. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within,
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7:47 am
oh, you don't have a tie with the flowers. so if that's what you get a single flower. good enough to represent exactly. now. we can all definitely be matching on the court. hold the fort down for john, because we miss you, john, come back. come back. >> all right. well, we're looking at your weather for today. and we're talking about is the fog. so that has impacted our early morning commute. if you're in the east bay, if you're in the north bay and if you're in the delta work and a live look outside that is our mountain camera and you can see the upper clouds that we've been seeing all throughout the boarding right now we're looking at our satellite and radar and there's no rain today. but we are seeing cloud coverage that's just seen solo pockets of fog but also high cloud coverage. it's not until thursday of this week in the afternoon that we're expecting to see a little light rain. nothing like we saw last week. so this is going to be a very weak system passing through thursday. it's going to stick around friday. the north bay will be the area. that's most impacted. look at our highs for today. if you're half moon bay 68 south san francisco brisbane all in the lower 70's for you. there. foster city, san mateo. what side all in
7:48 am
the mid to lower 70's santa clara los gatos 79 morgan hill in the low 80. so we're starting to see some higher temperatures. there. walnut creek or end all in the low 60's to upper 70's napa. you're at 68th allay 66 benicia 65 mill valley down at 68 in sandra fell 65 looking at our highs for the rest of the week. looks like a really nice week to make some plans. we start to cool down a little bit starting around tuesday and then it goes all the way into friday. we're seeing those cooler conditions i talked about light showers so that's thursday and friday there. we're keeping a close eye on that and the north bay. you could be impacted the hardest by those showers. also looking at our lows here in the 40's here. and as you travel along the bay, the coast. we're looking at conditions in the 50's. let's switch gears really quickly get a look at our traffic. got a couple of things going on. so if you're heading from the east bay into the city right now via the bay bridge a little under 13 minutes for your drive time that we had
7:49 am
some earlier delays and that's why we're so slow there this morning. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge heading across towards the peninsula. no major delays. it's a little under 14 minutes to make your drive. you can definitely see those clouds were talking about there. the richmond sandra fell commute as you're traveling out of richmond, a little under about 13 minutes for your drive, making it across to worse and feel no hazards there. but we do have accidents as you're traveling so i see a few one in crockett. this is a eastbound exiting at cummings skyway. we have another one 80 westbound east of pinole valley road. so as you're traveling there, take your time and 8.80 in hayward. we just had an accident that cleared up there. but it's pretty slow 82 union city hayward and lorenzo also looking at the golden gate bridge where we do see those clouds impact your commute this morning about 25 minutes traveling from the north bay into the city daryn. james, back to you. thanks, ray. 7.49 and all eyes are going to be on the forty-niners tonight. they're facing the la rams in prime time. yes, it's going to be
7:50 am
home games will be out at levi's. jimmy g is going to be. >> quarterbacking hopefully the team. >> get a win. we didn't last know. it would be a good thing. the rams and get a win either. so both teams are pretty hungry. bears coach shanahan. >> definitely. there's a big hunger to win, i think is it your sense urgency. i think when i think our guys have been through more than that group of and they've had more so there's a different type of disappointment, a different type of frustration. you do have losses and things like that. it's it hurts. but. >> i don't i don't we're in right way. you are trending in the right direction. could because your expectations are going up. >> okay. you know, also that sure. i understand they were saying but what your drive time to get to the yeah. that later on. in fact, they're thinking it could start getting bad, maybe about one 45 or so in the afternoon kickoff not to 5.15. so we're going to heading out there. make sure you give yourself plenty of time. >> or avoid the area altogether. other sports, the warriors. they still have the best record in the league. but
7:51 am
they lost to harness last night. they did. and the raiders they hadn't even worst loss in primetime against the chiefs who get kate rooney with the recap. >> we're only about a month into the season. but when you're technically the best, you've got a shout it from the rooftops right. and the warriors entered sunday with the best record in the association. the matchup was with the hornets payback in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. but this wasn't quite the homecoming. he in golden state had in mind. we'll show you what happened. now steps father's dell, of course, played most of his career in charlotte and now he's a tv analyst for the hornets called his son's game 1st quarter. steph. who was slick move to the for the layup. but the dubs down 3 after one quarter warriors in transition. its staff to jonathan kuminga for the dunk. the rookie with 9 points in the 2nd quarter late in the second step houses backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan poole type 5757
7:52 am
at the half love george. well, 3rd quarter its andrew wiggins. from beyond the arc cans. the 3 pointer. he had 28 points in the game end of the quarter. steph from 37 feet out. banks. it in that for the dubs up one going into the 4th curry finished the game with 24 points. maybe not enough 4th quarter. lamelo ball to the rack for a nice floater. he scored 21 in the game now tied at a 102 with 45 seconds left myles bridges makes the shot over draymond green. he had 22 hornets up a deuce. and so possession. so what happens here, steph, this is to come on looney. he gets fouled this is a free throws can't do that. terry rozier went on to knock down both foul shots immediately after so the hornets when one oh, 6.22 warriors now dropped to 11 2 on the season. still the best record. their kevin durant and the next tuesday night in
7:53 am
brooklyn that should be a fun let's talk nfl football. the raiders hoping to bounce back. they hosted patrick mahomes and the chiefs you go to the 2nd quarter, chiefs up by 7 derek carr loves it to hunter renfroe. and just like that, the raiders tie it up. later in the second chiefs up 3 mahomes. finds tyreek hill for the touchdown 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns at 17 7. casey. >> 4th quarter mahomes searching for open man. he airs it out. >> and connect to darrell williams for the 38 yard score. just great grab by williams right on the money from the homes. he looks like his old self again. he threw for 406 yards and 5 touchdowns. but that's bad news for the raiders just get blown out by the chief final score. 41 to 14. all right. a college hoops. we go defending champ stanford ranked number 3 in hosting 25th ranked texas will pick it up in the 3rd sanford up for lacey hall with
7:54 am
the steal and her sister lexie. >> takes it the other way to lay it in 16 points and 11 rebounds alexi 4th quarter. stanford's lead cut to one aliyah gets it to go from beyond the arc 6 in the triple gives texas believe they're under 2 minutes to go. now. texas has a five-point lead drops in another 3 should 17 points off the bench went 4 for 4 from downtown. and with that, texas upset stanford 61 to 56. that was the cards first loss of the season. >> that was kate rooney will be right back. 7.57. is the
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
time. coming up, a major kaiser strike is a verdict today. we'll have details on the tentative agreement between the hospital system and its unions. plus, extra security at a bay area, middle school today after a bomb threat for live with the details and police are investigating a drive-by shooting in oakland. we'll tell you what police know so far.
7:58 am
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>> from the area's local news station. you're watching the kron 00:00am morning news at >> and thanks for joining us on a monday well, thanksgiving week. next week. it's coming up. quick. no doubt that i saw tons of frozen turkeys by the way, grocery outlet case you didn't get one yet. >> and the cost an arm and a leg. martin likely. but in a van on this monday morning. >> what kind of a movie monday morning actually fog and everything kind of a a great vail over everything. they they will look at even though we're seeing the fog. >> in the earlier mornings. for us. it's going to be really nice today. so temperatures are going to be in the 60's and 70's. so that's what we can look forward to what we are still seeing some fog. if you're leaving the house right now. we live in the east bay in the north. they are in the delta. those areas will get a live look outside at the berkeley hills right now and you do


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