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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  November 14, 2021 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock, a san francisco house of worship targeted by vandals. now investigators are looking at whether or not it was an act
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of hate. thanks so much for joining us here on kron, 4 news at 10 o'clock this sunday night. i'm jonathan mccall and i'm justine waldman. a community is rattled after someone threw a beer bottle right through the window. >> of the islamic center of san francisco. san francisco police are saying it happened on friday night and they are still looking for the suspect tonight. kron four's amanda hari has a look now at the damage left behind and also how the community, his reacting. i spoke to one of the leaders here at the mosque and he tells me they're not going to let this situation stop them. they're going to continue. >> prayer as usual. but right here a constant reminder of this incident. this is that window. you can see they've taped over it. underneath. is that hole where the beer bottle went through and cracks are all around >> i was very shocked and shaken. this is not something that's ever happened to our mosque in a very, very long time. people were inside of the islamic center of san around 1145 friday night when
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they heard a loud noise and glass break. >> you can see in the security video. the suspect turns the corner, those the bottle and runs away discovered that there was a window that was shattered whose class on the floor. someone throwing a beer bottle through the window and and then the mosque in sanaa polls also spilled along the glass in the mosque. you can see in this photo, the beer bottle on the ground in a spot someone would use to pray. the islamic center has been a part of the san francisco community since the 1950's and they're one of the oldest mosques in california. resident scholar shabazz shaikh says he's been coming here since he was a child. >> he says they're being transparent with the community and notified the mosque members right away. the community shaken. >> we're trying to restore that sense of safety and security that people feel the mosque. shaikh says the plan to update their security cameras and are working with the san francisco police. we asked the police department to do their due diligence and try
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to apprehend the suspect. and, you know, restore that sense safety. >> security, the, you know, once felt police say officers collected evidence at the scene and the motive is unknown. shake had this message for the suspect. i would like the in the individual who committed this accident. please come to our mosque. please contact me. please contact us. >> we would like to invite him or her here and like to sit down this person answer any questions of and that have a lot of leaders here believe it's going to cost about a $1000 to fix this window behind me. >> they're also trying to raise money for new security cameras. they say in total it will probably cost about $5,000 in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. >> now to the east bay were hateful slurs in messages were found on the walls of an asian owned business in oakland's chinatown neighborhood. they were recently spotted newton's market on 7th street and the president of oakland's
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chinatown chamber of commerce first alerted the business owners about the anti-asian slurs that were written on the walls. now they believe that an active voice in the community as these anti-asian attacks became more frequent during the pandemic is needed. they're saying that the rhetoric surrounding the community is an ongoing problem. >> as you know, the the asian community, especially the pandemic. and then all to people in. and many people, especially it with a tent. not basically some people also being too. just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation is stan. let's just understand and we must find ways to educate everybody. >> that's karl chan. the president, the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce and he's saying the most recent incident as the first in just a few weeks after increased police and community patrols help curtail the attacks in the area. chan
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plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work together and come up with ways to stop this hate and racism. >> tonight in the aac police are looking for a killer in the city's latest homicide this weekend. investigators say just before 11 o'clock last night. they found a 37 year-old man shot on the sidewalk near traverse e away the victim died at the scene. one neighbor told kron 4 that a bullet went through their house. >> yes, it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if he would sleep in here and thankfully he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> detectives say the investigation is in the early stages. so far, details on a suspect have not yet been released. >> we do have some developing news out of oakland tonight with a woman who was shot on thursday near lake merritt has now died from that gunshot wound. police are saying the victim was found right after midnight last thursday in lakeshore avenue. they her to the hospital to be treated for
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that gunshot wound. but the woman was pronounced dead yesterday. investigators are still looking for suspects. anyone with information is asked to call oakland police. >> cal osha. investigators are looking into the death of a worker at the valero refinery plant in the new show. officials identified that worker as 27 year-old luis gutierrez. investigators say the accident happened sometime late friday night. valero officials say the cause of the accident is under investigation. but isha, police say they found no evidence of foul play at that scene. >> we give some heartbreaking news out of houston testers, texas. tonight the astroworld festival tragedy has claimed another life. according to the houston mayor, 9 year-old ezra blount died from his injuries tonight. he is the 10th person killed at the music festival that happened earlier this month and officials are saying as raw was on his dad's shoulders as the festival is getting under way when his dad could not breathe and then passed out the little boy suffered damage to his brain when he was kicked and
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trampled on officials are saying the crowd started surging towards the stage during a performance by rapper travis scott was the headliner for the event. several lawsuits have already been filed in connection to this tragedy kron forcing on top of breaking news tonight. all lanes on interstate 80 in oakland back open tonight after a fatal crash this evening. >> we've been following the details for you since kron. 4 news at 8. the crash happened around 06:30pm, tonight on the 7th street off-ramp a body. according to chp found in the middle of the freeway and may have been hit by as many as 2 cars. we'll continue to monitor the story and bring you updates as we get them on air and online at kron 4 dot com. >> well, switching over to our 4 zone forecast is a lot of people want to know what the weather's going to be like for this upcoming week. let's get you ready to head out thendoor for the start of your monday morning cures kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what you can expect. yeah. cooler cloudier weather with the return of that stubborn to leave fog, making its presence
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known for years. monday morning commute. so sunday night out there right now. looking great for those of you in the east bay starting to notice that low cloud cover inching into the north bay valleys specifically for those of you in napa and santa rosa temperatures out there right now. 62 degrees for pacific up everyone else in the low to mid 50's out there for your sunday night. but we are going to see though, when tracker for seeing the return of that cool sea breeze. so more of a westerly wind pattern and that's what's going to help increase high cloud cover for monday, cooling us down 2 very seasonable averages for most of the bay area. but air quality has been issued not just throughout today but it is going to be an issue throughout tomorrow as well. right now tracking moderate to poor air particles going to see moderate air particles for the start of your workweek monday. but we are also going to see the return of that low fog bang so seeing that high thin cloud cover right now throughout the bay area very dry calm conditions for the
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most part. but it is going to be that to leave fog. that is going to impact those of you. and santa rosa, even into conquered as well. and also making its way along the coast specifically for half moon bay. so you had. >> 2 days in a row of record breaking heat warming up into the 70's once again for your afternoon highs today. you're going to drop 15 degrees tomorrow. thanks to that low cloud cover, with better lifting and clearing wi h that low fog bank by around or noon lunch time hour. but that high cloud cover going to stick around dry outlook. but rain returning on thursday tracking our next storm hour by hour, my full forecast and your full 10 at 10 outlook in just a few minutes. jonathon, just in. back to you. >> thank you so much for reese a former trump adviser and campaign manager steve bannon will turn himself in on monday. he's been indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress charges come after bannon failed to comply with subpoenas from the house committee looking into the january 6th insurrection at the capitol. richard sharpe has a look at what to expect
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this week. >> a federal grand jury indicted steve bannon for refusing to comply with the subpoena from the congressional committee investigating the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol. the 67 year-old former trump adviser was indicted on 2 counts of contempt of congress. one for refusing to appear for a deposition and the other for refusing to produce documents congressional investigators pointing to bannon's own comments on his podcast the day before the riot where he said, quote, all is going to break loose tomorrow and tomorrow is game day. bannon's attorney told the select committee last month he would not cooperate citing president trump's assertion of executive privilege. but bannon was a private citizen at the time of the capitol riot and the committee says his public comments on january 5th suggest he had some knowledge of the violence that would unfold the following day. the
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indictment comes on the same day former trump chief of staff mark meadows refused to show up to give testimony before the january 6 committee and who like then and now faces criminal charges. meadows is believed to have pressured former vice president mike pence to overturn the election. results. as pro trump rioters stormed congress pence was inside carrying out his constitutional duty to certify joe biden's victory outside the mob could be heard chanting, quote, hang mike pence now we're hearing from former president trump who was defending the riders who threatened his former vp in an interview with abc news reporter jonathan karl recorded back in march. >> are you worried about him during we worried he was well protected. and i heard that he was in good shape. >> not was very good shape.
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chance. that was terrible you know, >> he could h ve all the people who are >> that was richard sharp reporting for us tonight in the committee chairman, democrat thompson and vice chair republican liz cheney say that bannon's indictment should send a clear message to anyone who thinks that they can ignore the committee or try to stonewall its investigation coverage for you on this tomorrow right here on kron 4. here's what's coming up. >> tonight at 10, we'll take a look at the latest steps being taken by 2 of the country's largest ports to try and ease the backlog of boats off of california shores. san francisco walgreens. 3 more are set to close will break down the locations shutting its stores this week.
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>> happening tomorrow. walgreens is going to close 3 more stores in san francisco. one is on clement street. another and goff street prescriptions will be transferred to the location at california street and market street. then on wednesday the location on chavez street is going to be closing as well. prescriptions from that store be found at the mission street location. why the stores are closing is because walgreens is saying there is, quote, an ongoing organized retail crime problem in the area. the company has already closed more than a dozen of its stores in the city due to an
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uptick in organized crime back in june. a man was caught on camera. what became a viral video showing him shoplifting from a san francisco walgreens that suspect was then linked to 8 shoplifting cases happening tomorrow. the ports of la and long beach will begin implementing new fines to try and ease the backlog of cargo ships. the fees will target ocean carriers to linger too long at port terminals ships that failed to off load their cargo on time will face penalties of $100 a day that fee will then increase by another $100 for each day. container sit idle local ports are also starting a new q system to reduce the amount of ships that crowd in waters close to the shore that new system will take effect on tuesday. >> so what our 4 zone forecast tonight. let's get you ready to head out the door for the start of your new monday work when there is a chance of rain later on the week and our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now with details on what we can expect. yeah, i'm going to be tracking
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that storm hour by hour in just a minute. but first we have some record heat that we need to brag about specifically for those of you at half moon bay mid 70's today. so you broke the record set back in 1940 not just today. but yesterday as well. >> tomorrow you're barely going to warm up into the low 60's on account of also low cloud deck and high cloud cover as well. going to cool you down. so not going to going to see as much sun tomorrow as you did today with temperatures, widespread 60's and 70's conquered, though, that to leave fog very stubborn their slow clearing. and that's why you drop to 59 degrees for your afternoon highs today. but radar for we are tracking thin high clouds overhead. very dry conditions. but increase in cloud cover tomorrow going to cool us down going to remain dry monday tuesday, even wednesday. but then by early thursday afternoon, we are going to see some light bands of rain arriving. for those of you in
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the north bay still dry for most of the bay area light scattered showers. so this is going to be a weak storm scattered showers going to linger even through friday morning and afternoon. for those of you in santa rosa dry for everyone else. but we are going to see some pretty gusty offshore winds. luckily thanks to those 2 recent atmospheric rivers not really tracking much of a fire danger threat. so this storm going to be more of a wind maker. then rainmaker. >> and here's why we're seeing just about a 10th of an inch of rain or less for most of the bay area. those of you in santa rosa could see about a quarter of an inch of rain or less. but very dry outlook. even with this 1010, forecast. we're going to remain seasonal. and even as we start out our thanksgiving holiday. we're tracking a very dry forecast. but hopefully the turkey is and dry this year. but it looks like it is going to be a dry thanksgiving outlook. all right. that's a start. but a lot of people are going to be traveling this year. true. >> a lot of folks out and about hopefully. they'll have something great to eat at the table for thanksgiving,
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especially just teens veggies, snow buddies, even my keys. it's clear don't invite me to your apparently people don't even like turkey on he's we know are these people just sort of pete's, i guess. chinese food. yeah, it's true. a thing. >> so it's a big week ahead in washington. the house is set to vote on president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollar social spending package looming over that vote. concerns of rising inflation. raquel martin brings us more. >> last week we saw the highest inflation rate in 31 years driving up the price of goods like food and gas. but democrats insist their latest social spending package addressing everything from green energy to affordable housing to lowering prescription drug prices. what make matters worse and they're moving full steam ahead after a week delay. the house is gearing up to vote president biden's nearly 2 trillion dollars, social spending package this week. we could
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conference that speaker pelosi is going to bring it up and that will pit pass this week on cnn's state of the union and nbc's meet the press top white house economist brian deese touted the plan as transformative for the middle class currently battling high cause housing. >> health care, child care and transportation. but republicans who are unanimously opposed to the bill. >> are sounding the alarm just going to harm american families on abc's this week. republican senator john barrasso warned the bill will make current skyrocketing inflation. worst prices are going to go way up with the holidays right around the corner. president joe biden is vowing to resolve supply chain. bottlenecks. many experts are blaming for the surge in prices very soon. we're going to see the supply chain start catching up with the man on face the nation treasury secretary janet yellen. >> said inflation problems or symptom of the pandemic and not bad policy. the pandemic has been calling the shots for the economy in for inflation.
10:21 pm
yellin says americans will see prices come down when more workers can return to covid free work environment, continuing to make progress against the pandemic is the most important thing we can do. >> but many americans may not be as confident. new polling numbers from the associated press show only about a 3rd of americans. believe the economy is in good shape. the grim outlook could make it that much more difficult for president biden to get his social spending package passed through the senate where moderates have been clear they're concerned about rising inflation for now in washington, raquel martin, back to you. folks in the petaluma neighborhood. >> free to leave their homes tonight after reports of a they're refusing to come down from a tree well, that there is finally down. will what you know, where things stand tonight and what animal officials are saying.
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>> now to an update on a story we've been following for you tonight right here on kron. 4 news, a black bear spotted up a tree in petaluma has finally come down. we just got this update from petaluma police. the bear has been hanging out and that redwood tree since 2 o'clock in the morning, forcing the surrounding area to shelter in place. that order has now been lifted north bay animal services telling us the bear is
10:25 pm
anywhere from 400 to 500 pounds on shore and the gender. but it's not that uncommon to see bears up in trees and authorities made the decision to leave the bar alone and let it come down on its own. >> so there's been up that river kwai while but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see how high it is and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be safe to tranquilize the bear because, you know, the back and fall and the back to get hurt. to circumstances we've decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and give it the chance to come down. it's on and to go back to its habitat. >> that approach seemed to have worked. the bear was last seen headed towards the petaluma golf and country club got an early tee time tomorrow. but if you spot it, the advice is to stay away. but that had been very interesting to watch tonight. very interesting. it was indeed the only bear upon i
10:26 pm
made. i will time. he didn't hold the act and there are lots of for us to do that. that's crazy. and how long 18 and their approach to not tranquilize it, leave it alone. give it some space work. don't we all need that sometimes just like leave me alone. a figure it out by myself. i feel like we all do. but. >> i was always was wearing nearly 500 pounds hanging on that at any point. you know, the branches are giving away so. but that's the links in the morning. yeah. >> what will the weather be like for the bear. the golf course. reason it's it's going to look great. i have no their ponds. i'm just jealous. the bear got 18 hours of sleep. and i love that camilla's job today was to just watch a bear. she was babysitting a bear just sleeping out in the tree. but redwoods are pretty sturdy know. like no wonder it didn't fall. the branches are really big and sturdy for redwood trees. so no surprise that it landed safely just in time monday morning, though,
10:27 pm
we are going to notice, though, for your bay area forecast clear conditions out there right now. the going to see the return of that fog being temperatures already cooling down for those of you livermore 49 degrees. san jose, though, in the upper 50's at 50 degrees. the nearly 10 degrees warmer. but widespread low to mid 50's santa rosa and concord. >> in the upper 40's. and tomorrow, though, low 70's for conquered livermore and san jose, even redwood city as well with widespread low to mid 60's around the bay area shoreline. so pretty seasonal temperatures there a little bit below average. but we are going to notice widespread 60's returning for this weekend. a dry forecast after thursday's weak storm cooling off. you're going to feel like fall thanks so much of recent thank you for joining us here. during conference in prime time this weekend. don't go anywhere, though. kate is up next with sports night live. >> going have a good week.
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>> to a brand new sports night live. i'm your host kate rooney. we've got you covered for all of your bay area. sports needs for the next 30 minutes. clocking in and there's a lot to get to tonight. but when we're going to kick things off with the best team in the nba. that's of course, where we're starting. we're only about a month in. but when you're technically the best, you've got a shout from the rooftops.
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right. and the warriors came into today with the best record in the association. the matchup with the hornets back in steph curry's hometown of charlotte. but this wasn't quite the homecoming. he and golden state had in mind. seth's father dell, of course, played most of his career in charlotte and now he's a tv analyst for the hornets calling his son's game. 1st quarter. steph. >> a slick move to the basket for the layup. but the dems down 3 after once warriors in transition. it step to jonathan coming de. for the dunk. the rookie had 7 points in the 1st half is coming on strong late in the second step. that is backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan want to watch that again. tied 5757 at the half. but we go to the 3rd quarter. andrew wiggins played pretty well lately. >> he cans the 3 pointer 28 points for him. >> in the game to 19 high end of the quarter. steph. just
10:32 pm
makes so many great plays 37 feet out and banks. it in that put the dubs up one going into the 4th curry finished with 24 points 4th quarter. now for worst player kelly oubre junior scores, but also one of the push fell. he end up the tech. then quickly picks up a second for tripping and the rest afterwards cooper rejected after scoring 10 points trying to get the crowd hyped up there we go. to the 4th quarter. it's lamelo ball. going to the rack. floater he scored 21 points in the game tied at one of 2 with 45 seconds left miles bridges making the tough hook shots over draymond green. he had 22 the hornets of the action. step 2 to come on looney who gets fouled. so that's good. right to send luna miss his street pros. you can do that. there. terry rozier would knock down both shots immediately after the ice, the game. when one '06, one '02.
10:33 pm
the warriors dropped to 11 2, still the best record in the nba. but they've got a tough one coming up at kevin durant and the nets tuesday night in brooklyn. >> just got any traction in the game whatsoever is never made a stand to defensively you never get any rhythm offensively. so. they were they just outplayed us a notice to 14 in the 4th quarter. they made 14 so they're they're the better team. i thought our shot selection was really i thought we got really i don't i don't feel like you have the spacing. >> and trust in just in terms moving the ball and have to watch the tape that you know, we just you never really didn't get much of an offensive in the game. but it's especially there in the 4th part of the problem. we're searching for combinations all night. and when you when you never really get that traction. you're you're you're
10:34 pm
left kind of searching and. >> so that's what it felt like to 9 degrees. we're searching for 48 minutes. just didn't have the final. >> they didn't have it. and sometimes in a close game like this one. it could be kind of tough to pinpoint exactly what led to the loss. but kerr talked about it tonight. pretty easy to figure out when you look at the way the dubs shot the 3 the warriors were just 9 for 39 as a team. that's 23.1 percent and even though he leads the league in made threes with 5.3, a game. steph was only 3 for 13 from beyond the arc. tonight that's after a 9 for 1740 point output on friday again chicago. but of course can all be 40 all right. let's go to the grid iron now where the raiders hosted the afc west rival chiefs for some sunday night football las vegas looking to bounce back after a disappointing loss to the giants last week. rich bisaccia seconds leading the
10:35 pm
charge for the raiders. 1st quarter. >> no score. >> patrick mahomes. does this often connected with tyreek hill for the 8 yard or so. the chiefs strike. first, the lead 7 zip on to the 2nd quarter. same score. derek carr, it a hunter renfroe and just like that, the raiders tie it up. later on in the second to step 3. now the homes finds hill again for the touchdown. hill had 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. 17 7 kansas city. now onto the 3rd quarter car. looking. to bryan edwards. really nice catch in coverage completes the 38 yard touchdown that while the crowd up in vegas and car. absolutely fired up as his edwards that put the raiders within 3 later on chiefs going for it on 4th and goal. the homes to noah gray and he is in there. great shot at getting the football. that's a fun one extend their lead to 10 next raiders drive car. red
10:36 pm
was the 2 newest radar dish on jackson. jackson makes the catch. poked out and recovered by kansas city. oh, boy. jackson beside himself and said these terrible play. still a 10 point game. all right. final seconds of the 3rd chiefs up by 13 car under pressure throws it up and he's picked off by daniel sorensen car. can't believe it's. the raiders hope starting to slip away. that's pretty tough. he likes like that when you're running the show here 4th quarter. now the home searching for an open man. skips the pockets, airs it out and connect with darrel williams for the 38 yard score. great grab by williams chiefs. pretty much just poured it on now. later in the 4 3414 chiefs. mahomes. another nice pass. this one to byron pringle a 22 yard touchdown. how many of those
10:37 pm
has he had 5 to be exact in this game and that will be the final nail in the coffin mahomes. i've got to say he's looking like his old self again. he threw for 406 yards and those 5 touchdowns chiefs just roll 4114 raiders lose their second straight game. let's hear from the head coach and derek carr after the game. >> was today and certainly in the 1st half, just not enough place, you know, to get ourselves going in. and we just didn't do a very good job in 3rd down who played from behind most of the game, you know, put ourselves in which some of the penalties to go from some 3536 ers to and longs. so get to clean that up. whether we won this game and i stand here and. >> you know, we have to go to the next thing you know, it doesn't that doesn't change in and we hope to each year wasn't our best for as a we've got go in, you know, as a hard that if we don't, that to fall
10:38 pm
off and you don't things we did. come to work tomorrow and get ready to go. >> so you can do right. meanwhile, not a great distinction for the raiders to be the team that kind of allowed patrick mahomes to return to his former self. we really got to see all the skills that made him so great in his career, the deep ball the off schedule plays his 406 yards to the air. his highest mark of the season. only 3 games that he hasn't thrown a pick in. and of course those 5 touchdowns tied. his highest mark this season, his week for effort against philadelphia. the raider defense really it just could not get a hand on him. no sacks. only 3 qb hits on the homes tonight. and sure enough that led to the chiefs went. all right. we've got a lot more show for you. still ahead on sports night live, the forty-niners. >> today as they await tomorrow night's contest with the rams. we managed to snag some time with one of the greatest forty-niners of them all. our one on one with joe montana is next. and speaking
10:39 pm
of all time, great san jose earthquakes, stark respond allow ski retired this week. i talked with him about his career and what's coming next for the superstar. that still ahead. (background talking and laughing) ♪ ♪ (child) ...some people just go there immediately... at kaiser permanente, your entire care team is connected. so even a routine appointment can save your life. i am so glad you did this mammogram,
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hi honey! hi mommy! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby...don't say a word... but if slow upload speeds turns your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 1.877.only.att. to sports night live. kate rooney here with you. it has been a pretty wild season in the nfl. so far and today was no exception. a lot of really
10:42 pm
good games this sunday. let's kick things off with a highly anticipated qb matchup. both green bay and seattle getting their star signal callers back today after testing positive for covid-19 admitting he wasn't forthcoming about his vaccination status and missing a game and making a bunch of controversial comments on a podcast. aaron rodgers back under center for the packers today. here he gets picked off. and look at this celebration. just mocking him by jamal, as jamal adams during his signature discount double check celebration. and here we go. the packers getting in the end zone there. aj dillon from 3 yards out to make it 10. nothing green bay wilson coming back from a three-game absence himself threw for only a 161 yards and 2 interceptions. it's the first time in wilson's nfl career. he has suffered a shut out rodgers in the pack and of winning at 17. oh, they are now tied for the best record in the league at 8, 2, rogers like that. on to washington
10:43 pm
hosting tampa bay, not one of tom brady's better performances as he threw 2 crucial interceptions tampa, top off his game today that second pick you saw there directly led to this taylor heinike touchdown pass today. andre carter. bad news for as chase young goes down on this play with what appears to be a torn acl. so looks like last season's defensive rookie of the year is gone for the season. local leaders pay to see that washington. those still pulls off the upset against the defending super bowl champs. they win 29 to 19. don't think many people saw that one coming. but any given sunday right. this was a fun one. cam newton back in carolina making his first start of the 2021 season with the panthers taking on the 81 cardinals 1st quarter. no score newton gets around the arizona defense and takes it himself into the end zone for the touchdown. carolina strikes first in newton yelled to the act.
10:44 pm
>> appears that indeed he is because next drive you find robby anderson in the end zone for the 2 yard. td. >> and carolina never looked back. panthers roll 34 to 10 knocking up a team with the league's best record. welcome back. cam. there's no one more synonymous with the forty-niners than joe montana. but would you believe it if i told you that joe cool is now 65 years old. he's technically a senior citizen and because of that, the niner legend is partnering with well care to help other seniors navigate medicare and we their best lives. i caught up with him to talk about that his life lately at, of course, a little football. >> i just find it hard to believe that you're 65. how are you feeling about that and how are you feeling physically. >> i find it hard to believe o, you know, it's been pretty good physically. i i got some new parts children need. and,
10:45 pm
you know, next big long neck fusion, other than that, you know, things have been great. you know, in trying to stay active in unhealthy in as much as i can trying to enjoy life. >> what do you do to stay active. >> you know, i can't run or or jog or anything like that. so i'm pretty much involved in, you know, stationary things that are, you know, some of the new things that are out that allow you you know, work out with you know, the tv here and there. rather buy have been really good for me. i try to get out walk as much as they can because that people stuck inside and we have 2 new little granddaughters that keep as young as possible and laughing all the time. so. >> oh, that's


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