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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  November 14, 2021 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 an incident like this ever taking >> we were shocked. and we're we're all so scared. >> it's good nation is stand. system is dan. >> now with 9 acts of hate across the bay area house of worship and a business both targeted. now investigators are looking for those responsible for the crimes and both locations. that is where we start this sunday here on kron. 4 news at 9 o'clock. welcome and i'm jonathan mccall. and i'm justine waldman. we'll have much more on the san francisco islamic islamic center in just a moment. >> we do want to start though, tonight in oakland's chinatown where some racist messages were found newton's market, which is located on 7th street
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from forced to leave the second getting a chance to talk with oakland leaders today who are now calling for the messages and the hate to stop. >> disturbing hateful messages recently spotted on the walls at newton's market on 7th street in oakland's chinatown neighborhood one of them reading go back to china. yellow f word there to this company. >> and is also telling how dangerous it could be but it's inflaming in trying comey. you know, so hate raleigh on us to go against you know, our community, karl chan is president of the oakland chinatown chamber of commerce. >> he first alerted the business owners about the anti-asian slurs written on their walls and says the owners who didn't want to speak on camera called police to hate. >> the still ongoing this is actually pretty much pandemic. and we must find ways. and
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hopefully some positive to stop his temple for hate not only against our company but again, communities chance been an ongoing active voice for this community, especially since anti-asian attacks increased during the pandemic. you know, i'm a home only ship with the washing 2020. >> you know, when in the rhetoric, you know, talking about the asian community, especially the pandemic. >> and then all to people in. and many people, especially it with a 10 basically some people also being too just because of the rhetoric. i think it's important for us to it's going nation stand racist understand and we must find ways to educate everybody. chan says. >> this most recent incident is the first time in a few weeks after increased police and community patrols to curtail attacks in this area.
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chan plans to make calls to local state and federal authorities this week to work together and come up with ways to stop this hate and racism. i'm taylor reporting kron 4 news. >> now to san francisco were one of the oldest mosques in the state was vandalized. this weekend and leaders there saying it has left the community rattled. >> san francisco police say it happened late friday night and they are still searching for the person responsible for the damage. kron four's amanda hari live for us there tonight with a look at how the members are doing in the cleanup now underway. you can still see the damage that window right behind you, amanda. >> yes, you can. and i spoke to leaders here and they say this incident is not going to impact them. they're still going to continue with their message and still going to continue praying here. but this window is a constant reminder of what happened. you can see it's taped over now. but underneath this tape is that hole where that beer bottle went through and i could still see the cracks all around it.
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>> i'm 30 years old and going to the mosque. and so i was a child. and i can remember. and so like this ever taking place people were inside of the islamic center of san around 1145 friday night when they heard a loud noise and glass break. >> you can see in the security video. the suspect turns the corner, those the bottle and runs away. >> and and then the mosque in sanaa polls also spilled along the glass in the mosque. you can see in this photo, the bottle on the ground in a spot someone would use to pray. >> one of the members saw the suspect flee the scene. he saw the suspect run down the hill. >> so he gave a description to the police. the islamic center has been a part of the san francisco community since the 1950's. and it's one of the oldest mosques in california resident scholar shabazz shaikh says they're being transparent with their community. >> and notified the mosque members immediately the community shaken. >> we're trying to restore
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that sense of safety and security that people feel the mosque. shaikh says they plan to update their security cameras and are working with the san francisco police. we asked the police department to do their due diligence and try to apprehend the suspect. and, you know, restore that sense safety security. you know, once felt police say officers collected evidence at the scene and the motive is unknown. shake had this message for the suspect. >> i would like to be in the individual who committed this accident. please come to our mosque. please contact me. please contact us. we would like to invite you here and they like to sit down. this person answer any questions have been that have about >> police say it's still early in the investigation. the leaders i spoke with here. i don't believe they've ever had any interactions with this suspect before live in san francisco. amanda hari kron 4 news. and the big question, do you know if the folks there have a price tag on just how much it's going to cost them
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to repair that damage. >> right now. they're estimating this window here is going to cost about a $1000 for place. but after seeing the security footage that they had of the incident. they also want to replace those security cameras in case anything happens going forward. so we'll have more clear pictures. they believe that could be about $4,000. so they're trying to raise $5,000 from the community in order to make all of these upgrades and keep everyone safe. thank you so much, amanda, for that live report. >> kron 4 is staying on top of breaking news for you this sunday night. we're continuing to follow a fatal crash in oakland tonight, chp on the scene. this is all unfolding on the south lanes of i 8080 near the 7th street off-ramp. this is a from the caltrans camera earlier. we showed you some of the traffic that was backed up as result of a number of lanes being closed. so chp officers could conduct
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their investigation according to chp this accident happened around 06:30pm tonight. a body was found in the middle of the freeway. and one of those lanes, according to chp, the body may have been hit by as many as 2 different cars. again, the scene unfolding tonight on the south lanes of interstate 8.80, and oakland new. the 7th street off-ramp. we'll continue to monitor the story for you and bring you updates on air and online at kron 4 dot com. as soon as we get more information. >> we do have some heartbreaking news out of houston, texas tonight where we have just learned the astroworld festival tragedy has claimed another life. this one even more tragic, according to houston mayor sylvester turner, 9 year-old ezra blount. >> died from his injuries tonight. he is the 10th person killed at the music festival earlier this month. he's also the youngest of the victims killed in this tragedy will as road was sitting on his dad's shoulder at the festival back on november 5th when his dad
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could not breeze and passed out the little boy suffering damage to his brain when he was kicked and trampled on during that event. officials say the crowd started surging toward the stage during a performance by rapper travis scott, who is the headliner for the event. several lawsuits have already been filed connected to this tragedy. >> we go now to the east bay where the victim from the shooting near lake merritt this past week has just passed away. the shooting happened overnight on thursday, november 11th from lakeshore avenue that is where oakland police officers found the woman who had been shot and help get her to a hospital. we have just learned from oakland police, the victim died yesterday. officials have not released any other information including the victim's name or age, but we will continue to update you as soon as more information becomes available and staying in the east bay, a 37 year-old man is dead after being shot last night in antioch. police dispatchers say they started getting calls about gunshots near traverse the way around 1030, police
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say they found the man on the sidewalk with that fatal gunshot and neighbor that we spoke with who lives in the area says a bullet went right through their home. >> yeah, it's it's very nerve wrecking to see the bullet hole right where my brother sleep like that's what his fate would have been if he would sleep in here and thankfully he wasn't homer either of us were home. >> police are saying the investigation is still in the early stages. they do not have a description of a suspect at this time and right now no one is in custody. >> the woman charged with stealing a car with a one year-old toddler inside remains behind bars tonight on a $100,000 bond. this is a surveillance video that investigators say that shows 24 year-old that not only yellow jump in the driver seat of that suv. the abduction setting off an amber alert. that baby was found safe inside of that suv officers found on short time later. tonight, cal osha says it is looking into answers in the death of a contractor at the
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valero refinery plant to shipped. officials have identified that worker is 27 year-old luis gutierrez. investigators say the accident happened sometime late friday night. according to valero officials, the cause is still under investigation. but in 911 recordings first responders say that gutierrez fell 6 stories. but you should police say they have found no evidence of foul play at that scene. >> in the south of the california highway patrol is investigating a deadly head-on crash on state route. one 52 right near gilroy was first reported around 11 o'clock this morning on the road. that's also known as pacheco pass highway near san felipe lake investigators have not released any information on the people involved or possible cause for the crash at this time. >> let's talk about our 4 zone forecast tonight. a live look at san francisco lit up on the sunday night as we get ready for a new work week ahead, our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here. if the fog.
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>> it's going to stick around for our monday. yes, especially for those of you in the north bay east bay, including the delta, you're going to deal with another round of dangerous fog that could negatively impact your monday morning commute because of that poor visibility at or near 0 right now we're noticing pretty clear skies overhead for most of the bay area. but temperatures starting to cool down into the mid to upper 50's. for those of you at half moon bay mild temperatures out there right now. 63 degrees after your record breaking day of 76 degrees for your afternoon high. so finally cooling down into the mid 60's. those of you in san jose in the low 60's right now. san mateo, 56 degrees, as is oakland even downtown san francisco. so we are seeing widespread uniform numbers for those of you in the north bay mid 50's as well with the exception of petaluma currently in the low 50's at 52 degrees. so when tracker for tracking winds out of the north and east. but we're going to see the return of that cool sea breeze with that westerly flow cooler cloudier
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conditions for your monday. a little bit hazy as well. we're tracking moderate to poor air particles right now and that's going to be the same. even for your monday afternoon with those moderate air particle, sticking around radar for seeing that increase in that thin high cloud cover. for but we're all going to notice - that cloud cover on monday, dry for the start of your workweek forecast with rain, returning thursday night through your friday morning. details ahead of 10 time out. our next storm hour by hour in just a few minutes. jonathon, just think. back to you. thank you members. so there are some growing concerns about the upcoming holiday travel season as covid cases begin to rise across the country. >> the new warning from the surgeon general's coming up, more san francisco walgreens stores set to shut down shop this week. the locations closing their doors for good. >> plus people in petaluma got an unexpected guest. that's a bear stuck up tree. it's been
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>> all right. we're going now to the north bay were hours after being first spotted high above a black bear. still right now is up in the street and put a little bit there it is. >> in the center there. that's where the bear has been. >> well, since 2.30 this morning, the area has been under a shelter-in-place order. that's because the bear
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was first sighted around 6th and i streets. >> a few hours later, another advisory issued for folks in the room and heights neighborhood. that's because that's when the bear decided to climb up that tree. and as justin mentioned, that's where he's been ever sense. still that right now, north bay animal services is telling us that there's about 400 to 500 pounds. >> and it's not uncommon for bears to be up in trees. authorities are hoping that the bear is going to climb down, though, on its own. >> so there's been up that river kwai while but it's a little bit high up in the tree. you know, you're there right now. you can see how high it is and so our staff decided it wouldn't really be safe to tranquilize the bear because, you know, the back and fall and the back to get hurt. to circumstances we've decided to kind of back off a little bit and give the bear a little bit of space and given the chance to come down. it's on them and to go back to its habitat. >> so the officers are also saying that the bear is about
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85 feet high. >> on a 150 feet tall redwood tree. it's unclear the bears gender, but it is mesmerizing. the neighborhood. >> i was pretty cars. going out. we don't actually really see there's that often. >> i kind of didn't really believe that there's a bear that know it kind of felt. weird because there and seen a bear in this area. that he had been summer closure that something like that. >> so areas. yes, so once again, officials are hoping the bear will come down. so just give it a little space there hoping that with nightfall will do its thing come down and just scurry off into the woods. we are staying in contact with folks that we've talked to all day who are in once again sheltering in place because of this. we'll let you know when that shelter-in-place is lifted. but. a lot of folks getting some excitement in petaluma to date. >> how much longer to think you could stay up there.
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>> 500 pounds on ranch that may not necessarily be able to hold 500 pounds. >> the bears going to hungry eventually right. >> yeah. but like you said, 500 pounds. he is he hasn't missed >> he's doing all and for good ending. and that what we nre hoping also are hoping for some great weather this weekend or this week as we start a new week. a live look at the city from the mount tam kim. >> monday is tomorrow. >> it is sunday monday haha, how we looking for one on the weather front there are a we're looking great. in fact, cooling down to where we should be for this time of year. but. >> half moon bay certainly didn't feel like fall today. more like summer with temperatures record breaking heat for the second day in a row today warming up to 76 degrees. previous record 73 degrees set back in 1940 and guess what happened. you also
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broke the record from 1940 yesterday as well with your daytime high of 75 degrees. so didn't really notice much of that marine layer presence. but for those of you in downtown san francisco, 10 degree drop today only warming up to 62 degrees after warming up yesterday in the low 70's. but concord, even cooler than that, just 59 degrees when you should be in the mid 60's. so about 8 degrees cooler than average their radar for tracking thin high clouds for those of you in the north bay dry conditions and it's going to stay dry to start out this upcoming workweek forecast. but we are going to see that storm door slightly open by thursday afternoon through thursday night. for those of you in the north bay light scattered showers making its way throughout most of the bay area until we start to see scattered rain drying out and clearing out some by friday morning. don't put away the umbrella just yet for those of you in the north bay, specifically in santa rosa still tracking some light scattered hit or miss showers
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until we finally dry out by this weekend with plenty of sunshine for next weekend's forecast as well. rain totals, though, with this week's storm, unfortunately not looking too impressive. not even an atmospheric river. we're tracking about. about a quarter of an inch of rain or less highest amounts. for those of you in santa rosa. but really everyone in the bay area seeing about a 10th of an inch of rain or really just racism out as you make your way inland and into the south bay. but the one thing that we do have to contend with tonight through your monday morning commute once again, the 2 going to be widespread across the delta. the east bay and north bay inland valleys. and we're even going to see the return of that fog bank. for those of you at half moon bay by around mid morning on monday. so that's what's going to contribute to your 15 degree drop in temperatures today. record breaking heat by tomorrow only warming up into the low 60's until we start to notice, though, that fog bank lift in clear out by around or noon lunch time hour tomorrow.
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but clear sky conditions out there right now. widespread 50's, those of you at half moon bay finally out of the 60's 59 degrees. 60 for san jose. the warmest city in the bay area livermore 10 degrees cooler. >> in the low 50's with widespread upper 40's to low 50's for overnight lows in daytime highs. very seasonable little bit above average for livermore in concord in the low 70's as a san jose. but everyone else in the low to mid 50's with nevado and santa rosa 68 degrees downtown san francisco 62 degrees for your afternoon highs and we're going to remain in the 60's for the next several days. but we are tracking drier weather very seasonal outlook through next weekend as that storm passes as well. a little bit of some offshore winds on friday as that storm going to watch out for that. but fortunately no fire danger threat just because of all the rain we've been getting thanks to those 2 big atmospheric rivers. and this one, though not an atmospheric river. i mean, it's not even really like much of the storm to
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begin with. not drizzle, though, jonathan. so that's good news for you because i know you always get disappointed when it's like a drizzle fest, something you say rain, you know, you want rain. you want. we want active weather eye on drizzle. >> because everything's bigger in texas right jonathan expected mist or drizzle. you just what got have a severe crew for such it's raining. >> that's big does. thanks >> thanks. ariza. happening tomorrow. walgreens is going to close 3 more san francisco stores. one is on clement street in others on goff street and prescriptions from those stores are going to be transferred to the location at california street and market street. but on wednesday the location on chavez street is going to be closed as well. prescriptions can be found at the mission street location there. and these are just the latest closures. walgreens is doing because of quote, ongoing organized retail crime in the area. the company has already closed more than a
9:23 pm
dozen of its stores in the city due to an uptick in organized crime in the area. back in june, a man was caught on camera in what became a viral video brazenly shoplifting from a san francisco walgreens that suspect was then linked to 8 shoplifting cases. more details on the story on our website. kron 4 dot com also happening tomorrow, folks in oakland can begin scheduling appointments to drop off large waste items. >> with waste management of alameda county. the move is aimed at reducing illegal dumping inside of the city leaders are set to discuss details about the program during a news conference tomorrow. we will bring you updates on kron. 4 dot com. and on the kron on app. still to come tonight here on kron. 4 news at 9. a look at the latest steps being taken by 2 of america's largest ports to try and ease the backlog of boats offshore. >> in the golden state. >> and californians continue to leave the state for other parts of the country where they are all going and how many have left.
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>> welcome back, everyone. so we hear plenty of stories all the time about folks leaving the golden state, but where are they all going once they leave california. >> no big surprise with this one at number one, texas based on census information more than 82,000 californians moved to texas in 2019 second place was arizona. nearly 60,000 in
9:27 pm
3rd nevada at 47,000. another nor notable staff there were 24,000 californians that left for new york in 2019 making it number 8 on the west. those 2019 can match what it's going to show for 2020 in 2021 little bias. not bad place to leave. if you're going to go somewhere california is not a bad place to leave. i mean, saying if you're going to leave california to go somewhere else. >> texas you know, you like dropping what are you trying to tell or or love able to win. go. joe, what are you going? i'm not going anywhere. i'm just saying if you are looking to leave for a few wanting to leave. >> want to go somewhere. other people have done so. i want the next story to be how great it is to live in it is great to live in saying you want to go somewhere else. texas is i don't like how you're freezing. i'm not i'm not going anywhere, next up, more and more americans are returning.
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>> to the office after working from home. but we're also learning some interesting habits and changes people were doing during their work from home. time to do in new study led to this study was revealing some of the things that people are doing that they were telling their bosses, including. >> working from the toilet even working make it. someone on hikes are made means while they were on the clock and some people did some things that were just not to mention because it's just not totally appropriate. but hopefully some of those work from home have us are just going to stay there. >> don't bring those back to the job. keep those at all. don't bring those back to the office. that's where you get a jar involved as well. >> so last year i work from home during covid. >> what you do with greece. uh, i was a lot because in my studio i had the fridge like an arm's length. luckily, you could only see like my desk in off the waist down. so there
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were some covid pounds there. but i'm just saying nothing risque, though. thank goodness because i was on camera. i'll have your they cation forecast coming up for those of you
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>> we're now getting into the heart of the holiday season about 6 weeks to go until christmas. and after nearly 2 years, a lot of families are planning to finally get back together this year. but that,
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of course, is causing some health experts to get a little nervous. and this is all coming as covid cases around the country in the world are already starting to spike once again. >> more than 50 million americans will be heading somewhere away from home for thanksgiving. a lot more of them will be flying and crowded planes. this time around. and with all that travel expected. supposed to be about 80% higher compared to this time last year on a good note, though. vaccination rates are also beginning to rise again, thanks to more people heading back to work and they're being vaccine mandates and the vaccine being available for kids. you know, 5 and up. >> the uptick in travel has some folks feeling a sense of normalcy despite the safety measures still in place. >> it's it's great to see that everyone is getting out there and starting to travel again. things are getting back to normal. feel like things are going next. >> my first my first trip since and how has obviously it's been better than
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expected. everybody is like putting their masks following the as for that. you can process. no problems really saudi al the knife we travel people that they both sides sought to come back. >> a surge in international travel is also expected this holiday season after the united states started allowing vaccinated travelers back into the country. southwest airlines. meanwhile, is offering some perks to its workers to make sure it has a happy holiday. travel season. the parks are aimed at avoiding staffing shortages and flight cancellations during the peak travel period among the perks, 120,000 frequent flyer miles worth more than 1400 bucks. also workers who work the weeks of thanksgiving and christmas could get triple pay southwest, not alone in this incentive game. american airlines recently offered incentives for its workers. with perfect attendance during the holiday season. >> nearly 2 thirds of vaccinated americans plan to
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leave out their unvaccinated relatives from their holiday plans. this according to a new study from one poll. 58% of vaccinated. respondents said they have cut off family members who have refused to get vaccinated. this against covid. many of those saying they just don't feel comfortable inviting unvaccinated relatives to their parties. researchers fear those who do make it to thanksgiving may be in for an even more divisive debate. the u.s. surgeon general is warning americans of a possible uptick in covid-19 cases as the winter season is approaching. he says the best defense is for people to get vaccinated and is urging people to also get a booster shot as soon as you can preferably before you hit the road or the skies are the train tracks before the holidays. california is one of a handful of states that has made boosters available to anyone 18 and over who wants one. >> and you're all street is taking a major step to combat
9:35 pm
the spread of covid-19 as infections rise in that country. the government announcing a new lockdown for all unvaccinated members about 65% of austrians population is fully vaccinated. that's one of the lowest rates in western europe. the unvaccinated there were already banned from restaurants, movie theaters and hairdressers. but now they have to stay at home. those that have not have the vaccine will only be able to leave for limited reasons like work or to buy food. the stay at home order is set to start tomorrow. unvaccinated kids are feeling a surge of new covid-19 cases in the united kingdom. a new report from the new york new york times found that school age children in the u k we're 15 times more likely to have covid than 80 year-olds officials delayed recommending vaccinations for 12 to 15 year-olds until sometime mid until mid september. that's 4 months after they were available for
9:36 pm
kids. those ages here in the u.s. health officials say the data is a reminder about why getting children vaccinated is essential to ending the pandemic right kron 4 dot com. you can stay up to date with the very latest. covid-19 headlines, including where you can find vaccinations for your children just scan the qr code on your screen with your mobile device. and you'll be directed to our website at kron 4 dot com. weather forecast as we take a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. as we get ready for another busy week, son. >> rain, everything else on the way. let's get you ready for it. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what you can expect as you head out the door. yeah. and we're also tracking that fog out there right now throughout golden gate bridge. so please drive safely for your sunday night commute going to be very stubborn with visibility at or near 0 for those of you in the north bay and east bay valleys. >> including the delta. so very similar to what you saw today in and it is going to
9:37 pm
continue for your monday, including those of you at half moon, bay. you're also going to see reduced visibility dropping temperatures into the low 60's thanks to that stubborn marine layer. but we are tracking overall clear skies throughout san francisco international airport. thin high clouds overhead and it's only going to get thicker during the overnight hours. >> thanks to the return of that cool sea breeze. and we're noticing dry conditions out there right now for your sunday night in the sierra, but we are going to see an increase in cloud cover there and some storms making its way throughout the northern portions of this year looking dry for truckee and even for those of you at south lake tahoe that storm track not going to ship that south as unfortunately going to be more of a wind maker. then rainmakers specially for those of you at south lake tahoe going to see gusts at 30 miles per hour. increasing wave heights up to 3 feet and that's going to start early monday morning at 9 o'clock through midnight. so really all day tomorrow. but we are
9:38 pm
going to see cooler temperatures low 60's monday cooling down into the low 50's by the middle of the week. for most of this temperatures out there right now cooling down widespread low to mid and upper 50's for your bay area. forecast 62 degrees for with san jose. also in the low 60's but 10 degrees cooler for livermore in the low 50's and nap up cooling down into the low 50's as well with daytime highs. pretty seasonal around the bay area's shoreline low to mid 60's but low 70's for livermore and san jose and trying to flirt with 70's for those of you in nevado. but instead 68 degrees and we're going to track seasonal weather with the return of rain arriving by thursday thanks to that week storm. back to jonathan just staying thank you. >> about 200 countries working to pass a major deal last night that would help battle combat that would help combat climate change. the compromise deal was the big end of the 2 week climate summit in glasgow, scotland. the deal primarily aims to keep a global warming target, preventing an increase of more
9:39 pm
than 3 degrees fahrenheit, big carbon polluting nations are also expected to submit a plan by the end of the year to reduce emissions. however, at the last minute india swapped out the term phrase out coal power to phase down. coal power. many countries say they're deeply disappointed that the new language, us climate envoy john kerry says that's part of the negotiation. >> the reality is that what has happened here is very significant. is it everything everybody wanted every place know. so i would say you know, paris build the arena. and glasgow starts the race. and tonight the starting gun was fired. >> cole is the biggest source of greenhouse emissions. speaking of global warming. a new report says that keeping the diablo canyon power plant open in san louis obispo could say the golden state more than 2 billion dollars while also
9:40 pm
helping the state achieve its long-term climate goals. a joint team from stanford and mit submitted a 114 page report which claims that keeping california's last remaining power plant open would, quote, significantly reduce california's use of natural gas for electricity while also keeping power costs low for california. residents pg and e is the operator of the plant and still plans to close the facility in 3 years. >> happening tomorrow. the ports of la and long beach will begin implementing new fines to try and ease the backlog of cargo ships. the fees will target ocean carriers to linger too long at port terminals ships that failed to off load their cargo on time will face penalties of $100 a day and the fees will then increase by another $100 a day. 4 containers that sit idle local ports are also starting a new q system to reduce the amount of ships that are crowded in waters too close to the shore that new
9:41 pm
system will take effect on tuesday. as many as 160,000 active duty military members are having trouble feeding their families. that's comes from feeding america which is coordinating the work of more than 200 food banks around the united states. the group aims to say that 29% of troops in the most junior enlisted ranks faced food insecurity during the previous year in response, a robust network of military jason charitable organizations such as the armed services ymc a and blue star families have developed an infrastructure of food banks near major domestic basis. >> happening tomorrow. president joe biden is expected to sign the 1 trillion dollar infrastructure bill into law during a signing ceremony at the white house. the bill includes 550 billion dollars in new funding for transportation utilities and broadband. the infrastructure package. the largest of its kind in more than a decade.
9:42 pm
house democrats say they will now take up president biden's build back better act. if that is signed into law, it would provide an additional nearly 2 trillion dollars in funding for social services. >> president biden got his massive infrastructure bill over the finish line. but still the majority of americans are not happy with the way the president is doing his job in a new washington post abc news poll biden's job approval rating is at a record low. a 41% 5 months ago. he was at a 50% approval. 53% of americans currently disprove of his performance. the poll found that his approval is slipping among democrats and independents in june. his approval among democrats was 14% higher. the majority of americans were found that to be in support of the one 0.2 trillion dollar infrastructure bill. and republicans. are in congress during the upcoming midterm elections. that's according to the same public just talked about it
9:43 pm
claims of the midterm elections were held right now just over half of all registered voters say they would vote for a republican in their congressional district. the numbers indicate it is the gop is best chance to reclaim the majority in the senate in the past 4 decades. >> still to come in sports. steph curry returns to his hometown in charlotte, north carolina as the warriors take on the hornets. kate rooney has the highlights from the
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>> it's time now to talk about our weather forecast as we take a live look outside here in san francisco on the transamerica pyramid. so pretty nice weekend. overall fog really settled in, though. and that so much along the coast. it was the inland valleys really kind of got is paying painful driving through and yesterday can be dangerous. that kind of fog. it doesn't just roll. and that's where it forms. and just frozen. yeah, not going anywhere. let's get you ready for the start of your monday. here's kron 4 meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what you can expect. yeah. let's take a quick check at your microclimate monday outlook because those of you at half moon, bay your actually spared that low fog bang for the last 2 days that they had record breaking heat. >> in the mid 70's. sorry, weather wall get it first who r- were tracking, though dense low clouds and fog returning for those of you at half moon bay by around mid morning. so
9:47 pm
we're going to notice very dense low clouds and fog at or near 0. so please drive safely leave a lot of space. >> for those of you like in between cars and also just make sure to head out the door a little bit earlier, but his just slow down on the roads because this is very dangerous fog that we're tracking not just for inland valleys in the north and east bay. but now also making its way along the coast at half moon bay. but temperatures for your microclimate monday, low 60's for downtown san francisco and mission district. we are going to get that cool sea breeze pushing in that high cloud cover as well. and that's what's going to contribute to our 5 to 10 degree drop in temperatures for most bay area cities pretty seasonable weather, though in the low 60's daly city, though upper 50's at 58 degrees with south san francisco and brisbane in the low 60's. so winds out of the west-northwest 20 miles per hour less along the peninsula. redwood city, low 70's. but those of you in san mateo in the mid 60's for your
9:48 pm
monday afternoon highs and not a bad way to start your workweek forecast. for those of you at san jose in cupertino 71 degrees. so very pleasant temperatures there. but barely in the low 70's for those of you livermore 70 degrees hayward those 67 with widespread low to mid 60's around the east bay shoreline walnut creek and concord 70 degrees with a run to raga at 67 degrees. so not bad there as well. we're tracking widespread low to mid and upper 60's for most of the north bay pittsburgh 69 degrees antioch low 70's. but napa 65 degrees and those of you nevada in the upper 60's with no valley 66 degrees for your monday afternoon. highs. increase in cloud cover. that fog bank is going to stick around on monday. better lifting though, by tuesday. but then we are going to notice, though. rain, chances increasing thursday night through early friday morning just about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then drying out just in time for next weekend and we'll see if
9:49 pm
that storm door remains open in our 10 at 10 outlook coming up in just a few minutes at 10 o'clock we need to open up a little bit more. yeah. it's just a little crack right now, but we need like the door wide open again, just put a stopper in it. >> just open it and just put a stopper. yeah. when you like a are sometimes and i love that. i think we're ready. i think we thanks, guys. thanks for a reason. age is no obstacle for one very experienced experienced spreader. meet. >> julia hurricane hawkins 105 years young. the louisiana native now stands uncontested as the oldest competitive woman sprinter in the world. >> mary, a good good man that you respect and love and like that and a note. is your best then you'll be happy your life. >> so that was doing in secret for making it to 105. a good
9:50 pm
man. >> mary mary end very best friend as well. so hawkins. ironically has only been doing this for 5 years. she started when she turned a 100 and now already. oldest competitive sprinter in the world. >> and now kron 4 sports. >> well, we're about one month into the nba season and the warriors remain the nba's best just one loss heading into sunday's matchup with charlotte. that is, of course, steph curry's hometown and he's played pretty well against the hometown team. his 5. '07, shooting percentage against charlotte is his best against any team. but this edition wasn't quite the homecoming stuff. hoped for steph's father dell, of course, played most of his career in charlotte. now says he's a tv analyst for the hornets called his son's game 1st quarter. steph. what moved to the basket for the the dubs
9:51 pm
down 3 after one warriors in transition to jonathan coming up for the dunk. the rookie had 7 points in the 1st half late in the second love just one backwards and over his head to a wide open. jordan poole that tied up 5757 at the half what a we got to the 3rd quarter. andrew wiggins been playing well and hear from beyond the arc. >> the 3 pointer he had 28 points in the game ended. the quarter. steph, another great play from 37 feet out. city and puts the dubs. the one going into the 4th curry finished with 24 points on the night. we go to the 4th quarter. lamelo ball to the raft. nice floater. he scored 21 points now tied at one '02 with 45 seconds left myles bridges makes the tough talk shot over draymond green. he had 22 points hornets. a produce is suing possession. look at this year's depositions to come on looney who gets fouled, then loan
9:52 pm
both free throws you can't do that. and terry rozier would not down both in suing shell shock immediately after so the hornets win one of 6. one of 2 warriors now dropped to 11 2, still the league's best record. they are at kevin durant and the nets were shot tuesday it's going to be a good person. meanwhile, in the nfl, the raiders looking to bounce back from their loss to the giants hosting patrick mahomes and the chiefs. >> 2nd quarter chiefs up by 7 derek carr. >> lobster to hunter renfroe just like that. the raiders tie it up. later in the second shoots up 3 now the homes. finds tyreek hill for the easy touchdown. he had 7 receptions 83 yards and 2 touchdowns. 17 7 kansas city. there. >> 4th quarter mahomes. open man escapes the pocket and airs it out next era williams for the 38 yard score. just a great grab by williams and mahomes sure looks like his old self again. he threw for
9:53 pm
406 yards 5 touchdowns. the force that's bad news for the raiders. they end up getting blown out by the chiefs. final score 41 14. >> all right. to college hoops. we go defending champ stanford ranks number 3 and hosting 25th right. texas will pick this one up in the 3rd stanford up for lacey hall with the steal. >> and her sister lexie takes it the other way to lay it in 16 points. 11 boards for hope. go to the 4th quarter. stanford's lead cut to one. now. authority gets it to go from beyond the arc. since i'm the triple there that gave texas the lead under 2 minutes to go texas. a five-point lead now the thorough stops another 3.17 points off the bench and 4 for 4 from downtown in the game as texas upset stanford 61 to 56 handing the card, their first loss of the season and of course, this is only the second game of the season. so not to worry that stanford does have a tough schedule coming up. they've got 3 top 25 opponents in the next month
9:54 pm
alone. but still think they can repeat as defending will do. also love steph curry when it goes on to charlotte. can you imagine? >> no other nba player gets as much love when he goes home and people are learning liaerally cheering for him. the home team, the special anything crazy >> feels like he steps it up. we'll be right back. well,
9:55 pm
9:56 pm
9:57 pm
that's not something you're this is video from the san diego zoo. a baby giant anteater. >> searching for its next meal. the zoo posted the video to facebook and giant anteaters have terrible eyesight. >> but they make up for it with their incredible sense of smell. they can detect odors 40 times better than humans can making it much easier to track down. to snack on and eaters are also surprisingly very good swimmers in the use those. shots is a snorkels. who knew? >> distinct sound. imagine having
9:58 pm
>> well, >> boy, kron 4 news at 10 o'clock you especially you year.
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
>> when fun time from the bay area's local news station. you're watching kron. 4 news. >> now at 10 o'clock, a san francisco house of worship targeted by vandals. now investigators are looking at whether or not it was an act


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